Research Topics Ideas of Design of Electrical Machine

Research Area: Design of Electrical Machine

1. Multiphysic Design and Modeling of Rotating Electrical Machines
2. Additive Manufacturing and Topology Optimization of Magnetic Materials for Electrical Machines—A Review
3. Opportunities and challenges of utilizing additive manufacturing approaches in thermal management of electrical machines
4. A Review on Additive Manufacturing Possibilities for Electrical Machines
5. To the question of the approach to the aviation modern and advanced electrical machines electronics units design formation
6. AC Magnetic Loss Reduction of SLM Processed Fe-Si for Additive Manufacturing of Electrical Machines
7. Considerations on the Preliminary Sizing of Electrical Machines with Hairpin Windings
8. Reliability-Oriented Design of Inverter-Fed Low-Voltage Electrical Machines: Potential Solutions
9. Design of a calorimeter for modern power electronics and electrical machines
10. Additive Manufacturing of a Conformal Hybrid-Strand Concentrated Winding Topology for Minimal AC Loss in Electrical Machines
11. Heat pipes in thermal management of electrical machines–a review
12. Alternating current loss of superconductors applied to superconducting electrical machines
13. Analysis of Partial Discharges and Failure Mechanism in Electrical Machines with Hairpin Winding
15. Cooling by Peltier Effect and Active Control Systems to Thermally Manage Operating Temperatures of Electrical Machines (Motors and Generators)
16. Effects of Stator Laminations on Acoustic Noise of Electrical Machines
17. Supeprconducting Multiphase Wind Power Generator: Improve the nowadays electrical machines for higher power densities and efficiencies
18. Additive Manufacturing of Prototype Axial Flux Switched Reluctance Electrical Machine
19. Application of Identification Reference Nets for the Preliminary Modeling on the Example of Electrical Machines
20. Selection of Soft Magnetic Composite Material for Electrical Machines using 3D FEA Simulations
21. Trends and Challenges in Intelligent Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machines Using Machine Learning
22. Emerging Electric Machines: Advances, Perspectives and Applications
23. Effect of Pole Shoe Design on Inclination Angle of Different Magnetic Fields in Permanent Magnet Machines
24. Design of Electrical Energy Storage System Produced by Thermoelectric Generator
25. Method of Limiting Shaft Voltages in AC Electric Machines
26. Methods of Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection for Electrical Machines. Energies 2021, 14, 7459
27. Direct Torque Control Strategies of Electrical Machines
28. Electrical Machines with Superconducting Windings at 20 K
29. Design of an asymmetric rotor pole for wound field synchronous machines
30. Two-dimensional hybrid model for magnetic field calculation in electrical machines: exact subdomain technique and magnetic equivalent circuit
31. Development of a Thermal Analysis Tool for Linear Machines
32. Optimised Design of Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Machines for Household Appliances
33. Implementing virtual laboratories: Remote teaching of electrical machines
34. Pre-optimization of hybridization ratio in hybrid excitation synchronous machines using electrical circuits modelling
35. Alloys for magnetic and electrical components of automotive electric machines
36. Materials for Electric Machines Suited for High-Temperature Applications: a Survey
37. The new approach to optimization of synchronous superconducting electric machines with outer inductor
38. Novel design of delta-connected pm synchronous machines considering rotor skewing
39. Influence of the Preformed Coil Design on the Thermal Behavior of Electric Traction Machines
40. Detection of Stator and Rotor Asymmetries Faults in Wound Rotor Induction Machines: Modeling, Test and Real-Time Implementation
41. Novel sizing and modeling techniques for synchronous reluctance machines
42. Design Optimization of Multi-Layer Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Electric Vehicle Applications
43. General Analytical Optimization Model of Surface-Inset Electrical Machines With Even-/Odd-Segment Halbach
44. IoT based Predictive Maintenance of Electrical Machines in Aircraft
46. Novel Liquid Cooling Technology for Modular Consequent-Pole PM Machines
47. Accurate Rotational Speed Measurement for Determining the Mechanical Power and Efficiency of Electrical Machines
48. Review of the Application of Intelligent Optimization Algorithm for Design of Novel Electric Machines
49. Analysis of the Accuracy of the Standard Elements Method when Modeling the Magnetic Field in Parts of Electrical Machines with Narrow Elements, Angular Zones …
51. Power Converter of Electric Machines, Renewable Energy Systems, and Transportation
52. Analytical Design of Sculpted Rotor Interior Permanent Magnet Machines
53. Eccentricity Effects on NVH Performance of Interior Permanent Magnets Machines for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
54. Design of a Rig to Assess the Structural Performance of Rotors for High Speed Electric Machines
55. Design and comparative analysis of three phase, four phase and six phase switched reluctance motor topologies for electrical vehicle propulsion
56. Optimal Rotor Design of Synchronous Reluctance Machines Considering the Effect of Current Angle
57. Flux-Modulated Permanent Magnet Machines: Challenges and Opportunities
58. CES Transactions on Electrical Machines and Systems
59. Two-dimensional steady-state thermal analytical model of permanent-magnet synchronous machines operating in generator mode
60. Multi Three-Phase Hairpin Windings for High-Speed Electrical Machine: Possible Implementations
61. Design and Analysis of E-Core Modular and Complementary Fault Tolerant Field Excited Flux Switching Linear Machines
62. Optimization of Single Pulse Control based on Design of Experiments for Switched Reluctance Machines
63. Algebraic design of symmetrical windings for AC machines
64. Performance Improvement of Synchronous Reluctance Machines–A Review Research
65. Wind Generator Drivetrain Performance and Comparison of PM Flux Switching Machines
66. A Complex Study of Stator Tooth-Coil Winding Thermal Models for PM Synchronous Motors Used in Electric Vehicle Applications
67. The Influence of Magnetic Hysteresis in Magnetic Circuit Sheets on Transient Processes in Electrical Machines
68. Variable reluctance synchronous machines in saturated mode
69. On the design of coreless permanent magnet machines for electric aircraft propulsion
70. Industrial Design of Electric Machines Supported with Knowledge-Based Engineering Systems
71. A systematic design optimization approach for interior permanent magnet machines equipped with novel semi-overlapping windings
72. Electro-Magnetic Bearings with Power Electronic Control for High-Speed Rotating Machines: Review, Analysis and Design Example
73. Fibre optic sensors for the monitoring of rotating electric machines: a review
74. Analytical calculation of the equivalent circuit parameters of non-salient pole‎ large synchronous generators
75. Performance Comparison of Wire-wound and PCB Windings for Passively Levitated Self-Bearing Machines
76. Efficient Calculation of PWM AC Losses in Hairpin Windings for Synchronous BPM Machines
77. A Novel Computational Method to Identify/Analyze Hysteresis Loops of Hard Magnetic Materials
78. Calculation, design and test results of 3 kW fully HTS electric machine
79. Investigate, Analyze, and Design of Real-Time Problems in the Domain of Power Electronics and Energy Using MATLAB: Review and Application
80. Design of high-speed permanent magnet synchronous machines considering thermal demagnetization and mechanical characteristic of permanent magnet
81. Copper Woven Sheet-A Novel Solution to Dissipate Static Charges in Electrical Machines
82. Influence of Dimensional Parameters on Three-Phase Short Circuit and Demagnetization in Surface-Mounted PM Machines
83. Comparative Study of Electric Machines for Stirling Generator Application
84. Design Aspects of a Dual Slot Layer Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with Combined Star-Delta Winding and Thermal Analysis based on Enhanced Lumped …
85. Experimental Determination of Conductor Lay and Impact on AC Loss in Volume Manufactured Machines using X-ray Computed Tomography
86. Parametric lightweight design of a direct-drive wind turbine electrical generator supporting structure for minimising dynamic response
87. Extending Winding Function Theory to Incorporate Secondary Effects in the Design of Induction Machines and Drives
88. PM-assisted Synchronous Reluctance machines for light electric vehicle propulsion system-comparative analysis
89. Refurbishing three-phase synchronous reluctance machines to multiphase machines
90. Analysis and design of four-plate capacitive wireless power transfer system for undersea applications
91. Accelerated Destructive Experiment Design of Motor Stator Winding Insulation Systems
92. Design And Manufacturing Of Filler Wire Rewinding Machine
93. Electrical Curriculum 20-21 Sem
94. Challenges in Winding Design and Thermal Calculations: Physical Model of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
95. Design and Analysis of a Novel Dual-Excitation Flux Modulated PermanentMagnet Electric Machine
96. Design Variants Assessment Of Street LED Device Based On Virtual Prototyping
97. Improved Propulsion Motor Design for a Twelve Passenger All-Electric Aircraft
98. 4MW Class High Power Density Generator for Future Hybrid-Electric Aircraft
100. Vibration and noise generation in electrical machine
101. Design and Optimization of Electromagnetic Torque for a Surface-Mounted PMSM by using Subdomain Model and GA in Electric Vehicle Application
102. Self-Powered Diagnostic System for AC Machines Based on Inhomogeneity of Magnetic Field Distribution in Air Gap
103. Design optimization of permanent magnet clutch with Ārtap framework
104. High-speed, high-power motor design for a four-legged robot actuator optimized using the weighted sum and response surface methods
105. Computationally assisted design and selection of maneuverable biological walking machines
106. Magnetic Gears and Magnetically Geared Machines with Reduced Rare-Earth Elements for Vehicle Applications
107. Design and optimisation of slotted stator tooth switched reluctance motor for torque enhancement for electric vehicle applications
108. Design and analysis of t-shape consequent pole dual PM vernier machines with differential magnetic network method
110. Overview of Permanent Magnet Linear Machines with Primary Excitation

111. Topology Optimization of Synchronous Electric Machines
112. Comparative Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Used in Automotive Compressors
113. Electrical Power Engineering
114. Enhancement of torque density in wound field switched flux machines with partitioned stators using assisted ferrites
115. Design considerations for cost effective Radial Flux Interior Permanent Magnet Motors with increased Demagnetization Robustness
116. Design of Permanent Magnet Vernier Motor Considering Winding Eddy Current Loss
117. Asynchronous Generator with a Switchable Stator Winding for Powering the Electrical Equipment of Sprinkling Machines: Research Results
118. Optimal Design of High Speed Electric Ducted Fan for Private eVTOL Considering Specific Power and Temperature Distribution
119. Design and optimization of a mechanical variable-leakage-flux interior permanent magnet machine with auxiliary rotatable magnetic poles
120. A review on methods of finding losses and cooling methods to increase efficiency of electric machines
122. Design and Analysis of a Novel Primary-Permanent-Magnet Transverse-Flux Linear Generator for Free-Piston Energy Converter
123. Modeling, Investigation, and Minimization of AC Winding Loss in Slotless PM Machines
124. Electrical Conductivity Influence on Eddy-Current Losses: Analytical Study and Experimental Validation
125. Investigation on Winding Theory for Short Primary Linear Machines
126. Field-oriented control strategy for double-stator single-rotor and double-rotor single-stator permanent magnet machine: Design and operation
127. The Multidisciplinary Design of Rotor Geometry in a Permanent Magnet Traction Motor
128. Controlling airgap magnetic flux density harmonics in synchronous machines using field current injection
129. Comparison of Losses in Small Star-and Delta-Connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
130. An Unsupervised Approach to Partial Discharge Monitoring in Rotating Machines: Detection to Diagnosis with Reduced Need of Expert Support
131. Comparative review of disk type and unconventional transverse flux machines: performance analysis.
132. Design Method and Performance Evaluation of Modular Multiphase PMSM with Hybrid Single/Double Layer Fractional-Slot Concentrated Winding
133. Thermal Analysis of Electric Machines for Combined Stirling Engine-Generator Performance
134. Significance of Anisotropic Thermal Expansion in High Speed Electric Machines Employing NdFeB Permanent Magnets
135. Surrogate Assisted Contour Algorithm for Optimal Design of IPMSM
136. Investigation on PMSM for electric vehicle applications using co-simulation of MATLAB and magnet software
137. Permanent Magnet Reduction by Current Harmonics Injection for Surface Permanent Magnet Machines
138. Optimum Design of a High-Temperature Superconducting Induction/Synchronous Motor to Increase Torque Density Using Collective Decision Optimization …
139. Design of an Electric Drive Axle for a Heavy Truck
140. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of different inductance measurement techniques for IPM Synchronous Machines
141. Multi Objective Optimization Design of Permanent Magnet Ring Torque Motor Based on Response Surface Method
142. Introduction to mesh based generated lumped parameter models for electromagnetic problems
143. Model predictive current control with adaptive-adjusting timescales for PMSMs
144. Simulation of iron losses in induction machines using an iron loss model for rotating magnetization loci in no electrical steel
145. Construction of Synchronous Reluctance Machines with Combined Star-Pentagon Configuration Using Standard Three-Phase Stator Frames
146. Thirteenth Annual ECCE Delivers the Latest Innovations in Energy Conversion, Electric Machines and Drives: In a virtual format
147. Enhanced Active Disturbance Rejection Current Controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Operated at Low Sampling Time Ratio
148. Influence of Manufacturing and Drive Effects in High-Speed, High-Power-Density PM Machine for Flooded Pump Application
149. Voltage Transients in the Field Winding of Salient Pole Wound Synchronous Machines: Implications from fast switching power electronics
150. A PSO Based Optimal Design Method of LCL Filter for Single-phase Grid-connected Inverter with Multiple Conditions Constraint
151. Design Optimization of an Outer Rotor PMSM for Electrical fixed-wing UAV Application Considering the Torque/RPM Working Cycle
152. Design and Control of a Fault Tolerant Permanent Magnet Motor with Independently Optimized Phase and Pole Counts
153. Optimal electromagnetic-thermal design of a seven-phase induction motor for high-power variable-speed applications
154. Design and testing of CFRP sleeve for a high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor with surface-mounted rotor
155. Determination of the Characteristic Points of Approximation for Traction Electric Machines of Electric Rolling Stock
156. Design of PV Network Integrated to Traction Supply System of Single-Phase AC Railway System for improved harmonic mitigation
157. Characteristics and Design Methods of New Inverter Output Double-Trap LCL Filter for HS-PMSM Drives
158. Machine Learning for Design Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices: Recent Developments and Future Directions
159. Mechanisms of a 3-axis CNC machine design and experiment
160. Comparison of theoretical approaches to determine the stresses in surface mounted permanent magnet rotors for high speed electric machines
161. Analytical analysis and performance characterization of brushless doubly fed induction machines based on general air-gap field modulation theory
162. Determination of heat transfer coefficient of finned housing of a TEFC variable speed motor
163. Design and Torque Optimization of Single-phase Hybrid Switched Reluctance Motors
164. Derivation of optimal rotor topologies for consequent-pole PMSM by ON/OFF method
165. Magneto-mechanical Design and Development of a Coaxial Magnetic Coupling with Optimization of Torque to Mass Ratio
166. Transient Analysis of Line-Start Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motors
167. Design and Optimization of a High-Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine for Gas Compressors
168. Design of the Propulsion System for a Formula SAE racing car based on a Brushless Motor
169. 3D Lumped Parameter Thermal Network for Wound-Field Synchronous Generators
170. Direct oil cooling of end-windings in torus-type axial-flux permanent-magnet machines
171. Study on noise and disturbance issues of generalized predictive speed control for permanent magnet synchronous machines
172. HTS generator, cable and rectifier as a system for hybrid propulsion system
173. Comparative study of dual PM vernier machines
174. Analytical Model for the Design of Axial Flux Induction Motors with Maximum Torque Density
175. The Effects of Cogging Torque Reduction in Axial Flux Machines
176. Fuzzy Logic Control Design Based on the Genetic Algorithm for a Modular Servo System
177. Effect of pole shaping on torque characteristics of consequent pole PM machines
178. Design and test of high precision dynamic power supply
179. Design and Comparison of Different Rotor Topologies at Liquid-Cooled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Electric Vehicles
180. Equivalent thermal conductivity prediction of form-wound windings with litz wire including transposition effects
181. Analytical Modeling of No-Load Air-Gap Field Distributions in Spoke-V Type Interior Permanent-Magnet Machines
182. Comparative Analysis of the Steady-State Model Including Non-Linear Flux Linkage Surfaces and the Simplified Linearized Model when Applied to a Highly-Saturated …
183. Design and implementation of a single phase to three phase rotary converter
184. Manufacturing deformation impact on the performance of electrical generator for the wind turbine application
185. Effects of innovative pedagogy integration in electrical installation and maintenance works in Enugu and Lagos states technical colleges
186. Control Strategy for a High-Speed Dual Three-Phase Electrical Excitation Synchronous Motor
187. Influence of Powertrain Topology and Electric Machine Design on Efficiency of Battery Electric Trucks—A Simulative Case-Study
188. Application of Ultrasonic Atomization in a Combined Circulation System of Spray Evaporative Cooling and Air Cooling for Electric Machines
189. Design and Comparison of Three Surface-Mounted PM Motors for a Light Electric Vehicle
190. BLDC Motor Design and Application for Light Electric Vehicle
191. Optimum Slot and Pole Design for Vibration Reduction in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
192. Experimental Evaluation of Conductor Insulations Used in E-mobility Traction Motors
193. Analytical Magnetic Field Calculation for Flat Permanent-Magnet Linear Machines with Dual-Rotor by using Improved 2-D Hybrid Analytical Method
194. Optimal design of Axial-Flux Induction Motors based on an improved analytical model
195. Performance analysis of brushless motors with segmented cores considering manufacturing constraints
196. Design of asymmetry converter to control SRM machine speed and torque ripple for electric vehicle applications
197. Analytical Modelling of Harmonics in an Exciterless Synchronous Generator
198. Rapid control prototyping for PMSM drives using DSPs and PLECS
199. Segmented Hairpin Topology for Reduced Losses at High Frequency Operations
200. Design modification in single-tooth winding double-stator switched reluctance motor for torque ripple mitigation

Presentation Topic: Design of Electrical Machine

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