Research Topics Ideas of Epitaxial Growth

Research Area: epitaxial Growth

  1. Mechanisms of epitaxial growth
  2. Epitaxial growth part A
  3. Surfactants in epitaxial growth
  4. Epitaxial growth of hybrid nanostructures
  5. Epitaxial growth of two-dimensional stanene
  6. Epitaxial growth and properties of thin film oxides
  7. Step-controlled epitaxial growth of SiC: High quality homoepitaxy
  8. Graphene’s latest cousin: Plumbene epitaxial growth on a “nano watercube”
  9. Epitaxial growth of a silicene sheet
  10. Epitaxial growth of rare‐earth silicides on (111) Si
  11. New approach to the high quality epitaxial growth of lattice‐mismatched materials
  12. Epitaxial growth of complex metal oxides
  13. Epitaxial growth and structural property of graphene on Pt (111)
  14. Epitaxial growth of ZnO films
  15. Epitaxial growth and electronic structure of films
  16. Nonuniversality in models of epitaxial growth
  17. Epitaxial growth and the art of computer simulations
  18. Lateral epitaxial growth of two-dimensional layered semiconductor heterojunctions
  20. Epitaxial growth of silicon nanowires using an aluminium catalyst
  21. Metalorganic vapor phase epitaxial growth of a high quality GaN film using an AlN buffer layer
  22. Low-temperature epitaxial growth of thin metal films
  23. Stabilization of bcc Co via epitaxial growth on GaAs
  24. Epitaxial growth in large‐lattice‐mismatch systems
  25. Epitaxial growth and properties of semiconducting ScN
  26. Metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxial growth of vertically well-aligned ZnO nanorods
  27. Epitaxial growth of transition-metal silicides on silicon
  28. Epitaxial growth of ZnO films on Si substrates using an epitaxial GaN buffer
  29. Epitaxial growth of CeO2 layers on silicon
  30. Robust epitaxial growth of two-dimensional heterostructures, multiheterostructures, and superlattices
  31. Epitaxial growth and properties of films
  32. Initial stages of epitaxial growth of GaAs on (100) silicon
  33. Epitaxial growth of silicon: A molecular-dynamics simulation
  34. Epitaxial growth of MgO on GaAs(001) for growing epitaxial BaTiO3 thin films by pulsed laser deposition
  35. Heterointerfaces in quantum wells and epitaxial growth processes: Evaluation by luminescence techniques
  36. Au-free epitaxial growth of InAs nanowires
  37. Limiting thickness for epitaxial growth and room-temperature Si growth on Si(100)
  38. Surface morphology during multilayer epitaxial growth of Ge (001)
  39. How sensitive is epitaxial growth to adsorbates?
  40. Modeling of epitaxial growth
  41. Thermodynamic considerations of the epitaxial growth of SiC polytypes
  42. The role of surface stress in reconstruction, epitaxial growth and stabilization of mesoscopic structures
  43. Stability analysis of large time-stepping methods for epitaxial growth models
  44. Control the chirality of carbon nanotubes by epitaxial growth
  45. Molecular beam epitaxial growth of GaP on Si
  46. Critical cluster size: Island morphology and size distribution in submonolayer epitaxial growth
  47. Crystallization of a glass‐ceramic by epitaxial growth
  48. Role of relaxation in epitaxial growth: A molecular-dynamics study
  49. Epitaxial growth and electric characteristics of cubic SiC on silicon
  50. Van der Waals epitaxy—a new epitaxial growth method for a highly lattice-mismatched system
  51. Observation and analysis of epitaxial growth of CoSi2 on (100) Si
  52. Step‐controlled epitaxial growth of high‐quality SiC layers
  53. Formation of extended defects in 4H‐SiC epitaxial growth and development of a fast growth technique
  54. Controlled instability and multiscaling in models of epitaxial growth
  55. Misorientation dependence of epitaxial growth on vicinal GaAs (001)
  56. Epitaxial growth of single-domain graphene on hexagonal boron nitride
  57. Stochastic equations of motion for epitaxial growth
  58. Epitaxial growth and properties of metastable thin films
  59. Epitaxial growth of diamond on iridium
  60. Epitaxial growth of ZnMgSSe on GaAs substrate by molecular beam epitaxy
  61. Epitaxial growth of zinc blende and wurtzitic gallium nitride thin films on (001) silicon
  62. Epitaxial growth of InP nanowires on germanium
  63. Epitaxial growth of ferroelectric oxide films
  64. Epitaxial growth and band structure of Te film on graphene
  65. Bulk and epitaxial growth of silicon carbide
  66. Epitaxial growth of single layer blue phosphorus: a new phase of two-dimensional phosphorus
  67. Epitaxial growth of thin films
  68. Impact of epitaxial growth at the heterointerface of solar cells
  69. Epitaxial growth and properties of doped transition metal and complex oxide films
  70. Low‐loss substrate for epitaxial growth of high‐temperature superconductor thin films
  71. Epitaxial growth of TiN films on (100) silicon substrates by laser physical vapor deposition
  72. Effects of crystalline microstructure on epitaxial growth
  73. Epitaxial growth of ZnMgSSe on GaAs substrate by molecular beam epitaxy
  74. Epitaxial growth of ErAs on (100) GaAs
  75. Thermodynamic study on metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxial growth of group III nitrides
  76. Electrochemical epitaxial growth of a Pt (111) phase on an Au (111) electrode
  77. Morphology of epitaxial growth of GaAs by a molecular beam method: The observation of surface structures
  78. Epitaxial growth of hybrid structures
  79. Epitaxial growth of ultraflat stanene with topological band inversion
  80. Polymorphism in some IV‐VI compounds induced by high pressure and thin‐film epitaxial growth


  1. Epitaxial growth and properties of ferromagnetic co-doped anatase
  2. Molecular beam epitaxial growth and material properties of GaAs and AlGaAs on Si (100)
  3. Surfactant effect on the surface diffusion length in epitaxial growth
  4. Epitaxial growth of a 100-square-centimetre single-crystal hexagonal boron nitride monolayer on copper
  5. Nanoheteroepitaxy: Nanofabrication route to improved epitaxial growth
  6. Epitaxial growth of thin magnetic cobalt films on Au (111) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
  7. Real-time optical diagnostics for epitaxial growth
  8. Defect self-annihilation in surfactant-mediated epitaxial growth
  9. Epitaxial Growth and Characterization of β‐SiC Thin Films
  10. The epitaxial growth of ice on single-crystalline substrates
  11. Epitaxial growth of pentacene films on Cu (110)
  12. Effect of an AlN buffer layer on the epitaxial growth of InN by molecular-beam epitaxy
  13. Kinetic model for a step edge in epitaxial growth
  14. Morphological organization in epitaxial growth and removal
  15. Epitaxial growth and characterization of zinc‐blende gallium nitride on (001) silicon
  16. Metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxial growth and photoluminescent properties of thin films
  17. Epitaxial growth of Cu on Si by magnetron sputtering
  18. Are bare surfaces detrimental in epitaxial growth?
  19. Misfit-related effects in the epitaxial growth of iron on W (110)
  20. Epitaxial growth of CrO2
  21. Epitaxial growth of Al-doped ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
  22. Epitaxial Growth and Air‐Stability of Monolayer Antimonene on PdTe2
  23. The selective epitaxial growth of silicon
  24. Epitaxial growth of Fe on Au (111): a scanning tunneling microscopy investigation
  25. Epitaxial growth of three-dimensionally architectured optoelectronic devices
  26. Effect of one monolayer of surface gold atoms on the epitaxial growth of InAs nanowhiskers
  27. Localized epitaxial growth of MnSi1.7 on silicon
  28. Epitaxial growth of III-V nanowires on group IV substrates
  29. Epitaxial growth of the first five members of the Ruddlesden–Popper homologous series
  30. Microstructures produced during the epitaxial growth of InGaN alloys
  31. Epitaxial growth of AlN thin films on silicon (111) substrates by pulsed laser deposition
  32. Island dynamics and the level set method for epitaxial growth
  33. Optimized epitaxial growth of Fe on Ag (001)
  34. A nucleation site and mechanism leading to epitaxial growth of diamond films
  35. Numerical approximations for the molecular beam epitaxial growth model based on the invariant energy quadratization method
  36. Level-set method for island dynamics in epitaxial growth
  37. Solution-phase epitaxial growth of noble metal nanostructures on dispersible single-layer molybdenum disulfide nanosheets
  38. Ultrafast epitaxial growth of metre-sized single-crystal graphene on industrial Cu foil
  39. Upper bound on the coarsening rate for an epitaxial growth model
  40. Scanning tunneling microscopy study of low‐temperature epitaxial growth of silicon on Si (111)‐(7× 7)
  41. Molecular beam epitaxial growth of topological insulators
  42. Epitaxial growth of hetero-nanostructures based on ultrathin two-dimensional nanosheets
  43. Epitaxial growth and optical investigations of ZnTeO alloys
  44. Epitaxial growth and properties of YBaCuO thin films
  45. Bismuth telluride hexagonal nanoplatelets and their two-step epitaxial growth
  46. Effect of substrate temperature on the epitaxial growth of Au on TiO2 (1 1 0)
  47. Thick GaN epitaxial growth with low dislocation density by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
  48. Epitaxial growth of iron phthalocyanine at the initial stage on Au (111) surface
  49. Epitaxial growth of ultrathin Al2O3 films on Ta (110)
  50. The epitaxial growth of silicon carbide
  51. A stagnant layer model for the epitaxial growth of silicon from silane in a horizontal reactor
  52. p‐type ZnSe by nitrogen atom beam doping during molecular beam epitaxial growth
  53. Solution-phase epitaxial growth of noble metal nanostructures on dispersible single-layer molybdenum disulfide nanosheets
  54. Epitaxial Growth of Centimeter-Scale Single-Crystal MoS2 Monolayer on Au(111)
  55. Challenges in epitaxial growth of SiGe buffers on Si (111),(110), and (112)
  56. Epitaxial growth of titanium thin films
  57. Epitaxial growth and properties of cobalt-doped on single-crystal substrates
  58. Epitaxial Growth on Porous Si for a New Bond and Etchback Silicon‐on‐Insulator
  59. Real-time analysis of III–V-semiconductor epitaxial growth
  60. Epitaxial growth of CrSi2 on (111)Si
  61. Liquid Phase Epitaxial Growth of InAs1− x Sb x
  62. Local dimer exchange in surfactant-mediated epitaxial growth
  63. Silicon vapor phase epitaxial growth catalysis by the presence of germane
  64. Epitaxial growth of Co3O4 on CoO(100)
  65. Epitaxial growth of hexagonal boron nitride on Ag (111)
  66. Molecular beam epitaxial growth of single‐crystal Fe films on GaAs
  67. Impurity distribution in epitaxial growth
  68. Epitaxial growth of high mobility thin films and application to -channel thin film transistor
  69. Epitaxial growth and applications of oriented metal–organic framework thin films
  70. Atomistic mechanism of surfactant-assisted epitaxial growth
  71. Epitaxial growth and integration of insulating metal–organic frameworks in electrochemistry
  72. Epitaxial growth processes of graphene on silicon substrates
  73. Epitaxial growth of 3, 4, 9, 10-perylene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride on Au (111): A STM and RHEED study
  74. 3C-SiC hetero-epitaxial growth on undulant Si (0 0 1) substrate
  75. Quasi‐epitaxial growth of organic multiple quantum well structures by organic molecular beam deposition
  76. Epitaxial growth of group III-nitride films by pulsed laser deposition and their use in the development of LED devices
  77. Epitaxial growth of transparent p-type conducting thin films on sapphire (001) substrates by pulsed laser deposition
  78. Epitaxial growth of heterogeneous metal nanocrystals: from gold nano-octahedra to palladium and silver nanocubes
  79. Epitaxial growth mechanism of diamond crystal in methane-hydrogen plasma
  80. Epitaxial growth and layer-transfer techniques for heterogeneous integration of materials for electronic and photonic devices
  81. Universal description of III-V/Si epitaxial growth processes
  82. Epitaxial growth of highly luminescent CdSe/CdS core/shell nanocrystals with photostability and electronic accessibility
  83. A level set method for thin film epitaxial growth
  84. Epitaxial growth of wafer-scale molybdenum disulfide semiconductor single crystals on sapphire
  85. First-principles studies of kinetics in epitaxial growth of III–V semiconductors
  86. Epitaxial growth of YBa2Cu3O7−x thin films by a laser evaporation process
  87. Epitaxial growth of two-dimensional layered transition-metal dichalcogenides: growth mechanism, controllability, and scalability
  88. Importance of the additional step-edge barrier in determining film morphology during epitaxial growth
  89. Epitaxial growth of spinel by reaction in the solid state
  90. Epitaxial growth and characterization of CaF2 on Si
  91. Epitaxial Growth of High Dielectric Contrast Three‐Dimensional Photonic Crystals
  92. Epitaxial growth of hexagonal boron nitride on Ir (111)
  93. Epitaxial growth and optical transitions of cubic GaN films
  94. Epitaxial growth of continuous CeO2 (111) ultra-thin films on Cu (111)
  95. Modeling elastic effects in epitaxial growth
  96. Epitaxial growth of granular single crystals
  97. Properties of aluminum epitaxial growth on GaAs
  98. Epitaxial growth and magnetic properties of Fe16N2 films with high saturation magnetic flux density
  99. Defect-induced epitaxial growth for efficient solar hydrogen production
  100. Mechanisms of epitaxial growth and magnetic properties of films on
  101. A ferromagnetic insulating substrate for the epitaxial growth of topological insulators
  102. Localized epitaxial growth of C54 and C49 TiSi2 on (111)Si
  103. Chemical process of silicon epitaxial growth in a SiHCl3–H2 system
  104. On the theory of epitaxial growth
  105. Repair of tooth enamel by a biomimetic mineralization frontier ensuring epitaxial growth
  106. Molecular beam epitaxial growth of organic thin films
  107. Rate equation modelling of epitaxial growth
  108. Reflection high-energy electron diffraction oscillations during epitaxial growth of high-temperature superconducting oxides
  109. Epitaxial growth of on GaAs(110)
  110. From epitaxial growth of ferrite thin films to spin-polarized tunnelling
  111. Interface structures during solid‐phase‐epitaxial growth in ion implanted semiconductors and a crystallization model
  112. Epitaxial growth of a monolayer WSe2-MoS2 lateral pn junction with an atomically sharp interface
  113. Communication: Stable carbon nanoarches in the initial stages of epitaxial growth of graphene on Cu (111)
  114. Epitaxial growth with light irradiation
  115. Modeling silicon epitaxial growth with SiH2Cl2
  116. Epitaxial growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes
  117. Hetero-epitaxial growth of ZnO thin films by atmospheric pressure CVD method
  118. 4H SiC epitaxial growth with chlorine addition
  119. van der Waals epitaxial growth of graphene on sapphire by chemical vapor deposition without a metal catalyst
  120. Epitaxial growth and characterization of crystallographic polytypes

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