Presentation Topics of Expitaxial Growth

Presentation Topics: Expitaxial Growth

  1. Contrasting behavior of carbon nucleation in the initial stages of graphene epitaxial growth on stepped metal surfaces
  2. Epitaxial growth writ large
  3. Interfacial coarsening in epitaxial growth models without slope selection
  4. Surface preparation of Si substrates for epitaxial growth
  5. Hydride vapor phase epitaxial growth of a high quality GaN film using a ZnO buffer layer
  6. Organometallic vapor phase epitaxial growth and characterization of InAsBi and InAsSbBi
  7. Molecular beam epitaxial growth and properties of CoFe2O4 on MgO (0 0 1)
  8. Epitaxial growth of metals on rocksalt faces cleaved in vacuum. II. Orientation and structure of gold particles formed in ultrahigh vacuum
  9. Development of 4H–SiC epitaxial growth technique achieving high growth rate and large-area uniformity
  10. Epitaxial growth of cobalt films on Cu (100): a crystallographic LEED determination
  11. Epitaxial growth of ZnO nanowires on a-and c-plane sapphire
  12. Epitaxial growth of size-quantized cadmium sulfide crystals under arachidic acid monolayers
  13. Epitaxial growth of MnO/Ag (001) films
  14. Epitaxial growth of CO on NaCl (100) studied by infrared spectroscopy
  15. Interfacial coarsening dynamics in epitaxial growth with slope selection
  16. Epitaxial growth of metastable SnGe alloys
  17. Rotor-like ZnO by epitaxial growth under hydrothermal conditions
  18. Epitaxial growth of indium nitride
  19. Epitaxial growth of silicon on Si (001) by scanning tunneling microscopy
  20. Role of surface states for the epitaxial growth on metal surfaces
  21. Model on transport phenomena and epitaxial growth of silicon thin film in SiHCl3 H2 system under atmospheric pressure
  22. Epitaxial growth of silicene on ultra-thin Ag (111) films
  23. Epitaxial growth of large-area single-layer graphene over Cu (1 1 1)/sapphire by atmospheric pressure CVD
  24. Liquid‐Phase Epitaxial Growth of Two‐Dimensional Semiconductor Hetero‐nanostructures
  25. Epitaxial growth of transition metal dichalcogenides on cleaved faces of mica
  26. Crystal phase-based epitaxial growth of hybrid noble metal nanostructures on 4H/fcc Au nanowires
  27. Epitaxial growth of zinc-blende CrAs/GaAs multilayer
  28. Epitaxial growth of GaN/AlN heterostructures
  29. 2D phosphorene: epitaxial growth and interface engineering for electronic devices
  30. Controlling the structural transition at the Néel point of CrN epitaxial thin films using epitaxial growth

Research Area: Expitaxial Growth