Difference between Primary growth and Secondary growth



Let me share with you a difference between Primary growth and Secondary growth.

Aspect Primary Growth Secondary Growth
Introduction A type of growth that occurs at the apical meristems (tips) of roots and shoots. A type of growth that occurs at the lateral meristems (cambium) in stems and roots.
Tissues involved ·        Primary meristems (protoderm

·        Ground meristem

·        Cambium and its derivatives

·        Secondary meristems (vascular cambium and cork cambium)

Tissues produced ·        Primary tissues: epidermis, ground tissue

·        Primary vascular tissues

·        Secondary tissues: secondary xylem (wood) and secondary phloem

·        Cork and secondary cortex

Significance Lengthens the plant in height and depth. Increases the plant’s girth or diameter.
Cell division pattern Cell division is primarily longitudinal, resulting in elongation. Cell division is predominantly radial, leading to an increase in girth.
Timing Active in the early stages of plant development. Becomes prominent in woody plants after the completion of primary growth.
Examples ·        Elongation of stems and roots in young plants ·        Thickening of tree trunks

·        Branches and roots in mature plants