information visualization Research Topics Ideas [MS PhD]

List of Research Topics and Ideas of information visualization for MS and Ph.D. Thesis.

  1. PRIME: A Personalized Recommender System for Information Visualization Methods via Extended Matrix Completion
  2. Interpreting Information Visualization
  3. Democratizing information visualization. A study to map the value of graphic design to easier knowledge transfer of scientific research
  4. Edgeless Graph: A New Graph-Based Information Visualization Technique
  5. A survey of competitive sports data visualization and visual analysis
  6. Dynamical Analysis of the Dow Jones Index Using Dimensionality Reduction and Visualization
  7. A Shift Towards Visualization in eLearning
  8. Survey on Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Visualization Data
  9. Project in Visualization and Data Analysis: Experiences in Designing and Coordinating the Course
  10. Exploring knowledge visualization in the digital age: an analysis of benefits and risks
  11. Visualization Improvisation
  12. Sirius: A Mutual Information Tool for Exploratory Visualization of Mixed Data
  13. User Knowledge, Data Modelling, and Visualization: Handling through the Fuzzy Logic-Based Approach
  14. Multi-Purpose Ontology-Based Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Data: A Case Study on Silk Heritage
  15. The role of titles in enhancing data visualization
  16. A Geo-Dashboard Concept for the Interactively Linked Visualization of Provenance and Data Quality for Geospatial Datasets
  17. Visualization, digital humanities, and the problem of instrumentalism
  18. Linking unstructured evidence to structured observations
  19. A Bounded Measure for Estimating the Benefit of Visualization: Case Studies and Empirical Evaluation
  20. Three-Dimensional Visualization Algorithm Simulation of Construction Management Based on GIS and VR Technology
  21. VineMap: a metaphor visualization method for public opinion hierarchy from text data
  22. The Unmet Data Visualization Needs of Decision Makers within Organizations
  23. VIS30K: A collection of figures and tables from IEEE visualization conference publications
  24. Theme Evolution of Researches on Knowledge Graphs Based on Visualization Analyses of Data
  25. Dimensional Taxonomy of Data Visualization: A Proposal From Communication Sciences Tackling Complexity
  26. A Unified Framework for Neuroscience Morphological Data Visualization
  27. Visualization of Tensor Fields in Mechanics
  28. Towards a Survey of Visualization Methods for Power Grids
  29. MIRIA: A Mixed Reality Toolkit for the In-Situ Visualization and Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Interaction Data
  30. Analysing ocular parameters for web browsing and graph visualization
  31. ACI: a bar chart index for non-linear visualization of data embedding and aggregation capacity in IoMT multi-source compression
  32. Review of Cartography: Visualization of Geospatial Data
  33. The 2020 Visualization Technical Achievement Award
  34. Visualization and categorization of ecological acoustic events based on discriminant features
  35. Exploring the SenseMaking Process through Interactions and fNIRS in Immersive Visualization
  36. Insight-centric Visualization Recommendation
  37. Social network analysis and data visualization of MIS international collaboration in Taiwan
  38. Does interaction improve bayesian reasoning with visualization?
  39. The Evolution of Hot Topics in the Field of Data Mining in China Based on the Visualization Analysis of CSSCI (2000–2019)
  40. Can visualization alleviate dichotomous thinking Effects of visual representations on the cliff effect
  41. Affective congruence in visualization design: influences on reading categorical maps
  42. A Bounded Measure for Estimating the Benefit of Visualization: Theoretical Discourse and Conceptual Evaluation
  43. OL-HeatMap: Effective Density Visualization of Multiple Overlapping Rectangles
  44. Safety critical visualization of the flight instruments and the environment for pilot cockpit
  45. Dimensional taxonomy of data visualization: a proposal facing the emergent complexity of innovation ecosystems
  46. Identify the effects of urbanization on carbon emissions (EUCE): A global scientometric visualization analysis from 1992 to 2018
  47. Vis Ex Machina: An Analysis of Trust in Human versus Algorithmically Generated Visualization Recommendations
  48. Concept Driven Search and Visualization System for Exploring Scientific Repositories
  49. An Approach on Data Visualization and Data Mining with Regression Analysis
  50. Visualization Modeling of Management Processes in Knowledge-Oriented Systems
  51. UnityMol prototype for FAIR sharing of molecular-visualization experiences: from pictures in the cloud to collaborative virtual reality exploration in immersive 3D …
  52. Linking unstructured evidence to structured observations
  53. Jutils: A visualization toolkit for differential alternative splicing events
  54. Development of Korean Tourist Information Platform Based on Big Data
  55. Ideating and Developing a Visualization Dashboard to Support Teachers Using Educational Games in the Classroom
  56. Telling the Story in a Compelling Way: Improving Data Visualization by Using Metaphors
  57. BIM-Based Tunnel Information Modeling Framework for Visualization, Management, and Simulation of Drill-and-Blast Tunneling Projects
  58. Study On Book Quality Evaluation Based On Neural Network And Data Visualization
  59. A Simple Visualization Method for Three-Dimensional (3D) Network
  60. The next billion users of visualization
  61. Examining interaction techniques in data visualization authoring tools from the perspective of goals and human cognition: a survey
  62. Data Visualization on video games global sales analysis& Predictive analysis on Real Estate pricing in Boston
  63. Advanced Visualization Basics in Medical Imaging
  64. Video Cameras for Lifelogging at Home: Preferred Visualization Modes, Acceptance, and Privacy Perceptions among German and Turkish Participants
  65. Interactive Visualization of Dense and Multi-Scale Data for Science Outreach
  66. A visualization review analysis of the last two decades for environmental Kuznets curve “EKC” based on co-citation analysis theory and pathfinder network scaling …
  67. Policy-makers’ views on translating burden of disease estimates in health policies: bridging the gap through data visualization
  68. Editorial to the Special Issue on Demographic Data Visualization: Getting the point across–Reaching the potential of demographic data visualization
  69. Visualization and application of disease diagnosis codes for population health management using porcine diseases as a model
  70. Dual-Component Ontograph Visualization
  71. Mapping urban tourism issues: analysis of research perspectives through the lens of network visualization
  72. RTVEMVS: Real-time modeling and visualization system for vehicle emissions on an urban road network
  73. Integration of knowledge, visualization and dissemination of spatio-temporal data through geoportal systems
  74. … of mirror world for radioactive working environment by interactive fusion of radiation measurement in real space and radiation visualization in virtual space
  75. A modern approach to supporting program visualization: from a 2D notation to 3D representations using augmented reality
  76. Ideological and political assessment system based on data visualization
  77. Visualization of Data Journalism of China’s Mainstream Media in Public Health Emergences: Taking the Data News Section of Xinhua Net as An Example
  78. An Empirical Study on Darknet Visualization Based on Topological Data Analysis
  79. The Function and Application of 3D Visualization in Power Operation and Maintenance System
  80. Exploration and Visualization of the Hidden Information from the Congestive Heart Failure Patients Data in MIMIC-III Database
  81. Enhancing Public Health Systematic Reviews With Diagram Visualization
  82. Smart Online Korean Language Guiding Effect Evaluation System Based on Spectrum Visualization
  83. Visualization of the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles according to the” master-slave” model
  84. Improving Visualization Capability in Construction Education (Plan Reading)
  85. ResumeVis Interactive Visualization of Resumes Based on Multi-Source Data
  86. rmvp: A memory-efficient, visualization-enhanced, and parallel-accelerated tool for genome-wide association study
  87. VIStory: interactive storyboard for exploring visual information in scientific publications
  88. A multi-level visualization method for IT system structure
  89. Use and Visualization of Electronic Health Record Data to Advance Public Health
  90. Synergy between research on ensemble perception, data visualization, and statistics education: A tutorial review
  91. Using a multimedia semantic graph for web document visualization and summarization
  92. Visualization of Fire Weather Index in Aek Godang Based on the Machine Learning Approach
  93. When text simplification is not enough: could a graph-based visualization facilitate consumers’ comprehension of dietary supplement information?
  94. What is Data Visualization? Presenting Data for Decision Making
  95. “Missing/Unspecified”: Demographic Data Visualization During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  96. Visualization of COVID-19 Cases in Sarawak: A preliminary study
  97. Visualization & Prediction of COVID-19 Future Outbreak by Using Machine Learning
  98. Excavating the Memory Palace: Arts of Visualization from the Agora to the Computer
  99. Narrative Scientific Data Visualization in an Immersive Environment
  100. Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) with PCR sequencing for Visualization and Characterization of Microorganisms within the Palatine Tonsil in Recurring Acute …
  101. Leveraging peer review in visualization education: A proposal for a new model
  102. Techniques of 3D Visualization using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Flood Protection
  103. System for dynamic visualization of geomagnetic disturbances according to the data of ground magnetic stations
  104. InDrone: a 2D-based drone flight behavior visualization platform for indoor building inspection
  105. Interpretation of Food Crop Growth Progress Visualization and Prediction of Drone Based Production Estimates Based on Histogram Values in Government Areas …
  106. ETIP: An Enriched Threat Intelligence Platform for improving OSINT correlation, analysis, visualization and sharing capabilities
  107. Augmented Reality Visualization Tool For The Future of Tactical Combat Casualty Care.
  108. NAMS: An Environment for Visualization of Hidden Structures in Neural Activities
  109. mineXpert2: Full-Depth Visualization and Exploration of MSn Mass Spectrometry Data
  110. PredHPI: an integrated web server platform for the detection and visualization of host–pathogen interactions using sequence-based methods
  111. Brand Positioning Visualization System
  112. Automatic method for physical connection configuration and data stream visualization between network devices in system using SNMP
  113. Investigating the use of visualization to improve public participation in infrastructure projects: how are digital approaches used and what value do they bring?
  114. Structural Analysis with Visualization Elements as a Factor in the Development of the Commercial Real Estate Market
  115. Visualization Transfer from 2D Image to 3D Volume
  116. Data mining and data visualization for analysing the rate of bed availability at hospitals due to COVID 19
  117. Participatory Mapping and Visualization of Local Knowledge: An Example from Eberbach, Germany
  118. Comparative Analysis of Data Visualization Libraries Matplotlib and Seaborn in Python
  119. In Situ Analysis and Visualization with CREATE-AVTM Helios
  120. Visualization of endoplasmic reticulum viscosity in the liver of mice with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by a near-infrared fluorescence probe
  121. Object Segmentation and Augmented Visualization Based on Panoramic Image Segmentation
  122. Integrated Visualization Editing via Parameterized Declarative Templates
  123. Improving MR visualization of digital twins using HoloLens 2
  124. Explorative Visualization for Traffic Safety using Adaptive Study Areas
  125. Empathy through data: Loneliness through the lens of data visualization.
  126. Data Visualization: Charts, Maps, and Interactive Graphics. Robert Grant. Boca Raton, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, 2018, xxvi+ 222 pp., $31.95 (P), ISBN: 978-1 …
  127. Efficient Visualization Method and Implementation of Reservoir Model Based on WPF
  128. ServAR-An Augmented Reality System for Visualization and Portion Estimation of Restaurant Food Items
  129. MR and ultrasound cardiac image dynamic visualization and synchronization over Internet for distributed heart function diagnosis
  130. Visualization Method for the Cell-Level Vesicle Transport Using Optical Flow and a Diverging Colormap
  131. Development of virtual reality visualization model (VRVM) with relative spatiotemporality for visual contents in molecular toxicology education
  132. Visualization analysis method of data assets hotspots in power enterprises based on data middle platform
  133. Exploratory User Study on Graph Temporal Encodings
  134. Visualization Analysis of Superficial Thrombophlebitis Treatment Based on CiteSpace
  135. Immersive 5G virtual reality visualization display system based on big-data digital city technology
  136. 3D Structural Visualization from Polymer Nanocomposite Scattering
  137. A scientometric analysis and visualization of the 50 highly cited papers of Eugene Garfield
  138. Construction and visualization of a three-dimensional model of an engineering geological body
  139. Visualization of Weak Interaction Effects on N2O Schiff Base Ligands in Iron(II) Spin Crossover Complexes
  140. IUPred3: prediction of protein disorder enhanced with unambiguous experimental annotation and visualization of evolutionary conservation
  141. Emission inventory point source visualization on Google Earth and integrated with HYSPLIT model
  142. South Africa Crime Visualization, Trends Analysis, and Prediction Using Machine Learning Linear Regression Technique
  143. Bringing transparency into ensemble cluster analysis with the aid of interactive visualization
  144. Power quality monitoring and its visualization application based on graph database
  145. Elements of data visualization
  146. Visualization and quantification of broken wires in steel wire ropes based on induction thermography
  147. Visualization of Radiation-Induced Cell Cycle Kinetics with a Fluorescent Ubiquitination-Based Cell Cycle Indicator (Fucci)
  148. An Empirical Study on Big Data Model and Visualization of Internet+ Teaching
  149. Mental Map-Preserving Visualization through a Genetic Algorithm
  150. Evaluation of Intracorporeal Anastomosis for Colon Cancer With Real-Time Fluorescence Visualization
  151. Visualization and Manipulation of Intracellular Signaling
  152. Real-Time 3D Visualization of Queues with Embedded ML-Based Prediction of Item Processing for a Product Information Management System
  153. Structure synthesis of visualization system for the adaptive training complexes
  154. Research on Application of Construction Model Based on 4D Visualization in Construction of Intelligent Substation
  155. Development and Application of 3D Visualization Platform for Flood Evolution in Le’an River Basin of Wuyuan
  156. 3D Visualization of Immune Cell Populations in HIV-Infected Tissues via Clearing, Immunostaining, Confocal, and Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy.
  157. Enhancing the Visualization of Problems Tracking and Management Integrated BIM Technology for General Contractor in Construction
  158. Open Educational Resources for Improving the Visualization and Reasoning Cognitive Process: A Way to Learn Math
  159. Light-up lipid droplets for the visualization of lipophagy and atherosclerosis by coumarin-derived bioprobe
  160. Intelligent system for agricultural crops defective areas monitoring and visualization based on spectral analysis of satellite high-resolution images
  161. Super-resolution visualization and modeling of human chromosomal regions reveals cohesin-dependent loop structures
  162. Visualization and Visual Analytics in Knowledge Landscapes
  163. Green urban garden landscape design and soil microbial environmental protection based on Virtual Visualization System
  164. Assessment and visualization of performance indicators of reinforced concrete beams by distributed optical fibre sensing
  165. Advanced visualization using image super-resolution method for three-dimensional mobile system
  166. Road Traffic Accident Analysis and Visualization of Accident Prone Areas
  167. Direct Volume Visualization for Deeper Insights on the Physics of 3D Vorticity Dynamics in the Wake of a Hovering Rotor
  168. Quantitative visualization of endocytic trafficking through photoactivation of fluorescent proteins
  169. Visualization of Data Structures with Animation of Code
  170. Visualization of Gene Reciprocity among Lactic Acid Bacteria in Yogurt by RNase H-Assisted Rolling Circle Amplification-Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization
  171. Electrical stimulation overlap visualization for image-guided cochlear implant programming
  172. Textured surfels visualization of multi-frame point cloud data
  173. Data Visualization with Python Libraries
  174. Holistic Web Application Security Visualization for Multi-Project and Multi-Phase Dynamic Application Security Test Results
  175. Data integration and visualization techniques for post-cytometric analysis of complex datasets
  176. Visualization of wrist ligaments with 3D and 2D magnetic resonance imaging at 3 Tesla
  177. Application of machine learning and data visualization techniques for decision support in the insurance sector
  178. Evoking the visualization experience in computer-assisted geographic education
  179. Evaluation Method of Variables and Indicators for Surgery Block Process Using Process Mining and Data Visualization
  180. Personalized Visualization Recommendation
  181. Visualization of the Diffraction Contrast between the Ferrite and Martensitic Phases of Steel by the Method of Neutron Radiography
  182. Three-dimensional visualization and quantification of microporosity in aluminum castings by X-ray micro-computed tomography
  183. Approaching human vision perception to designing visual graph in data visualization
  184. Super-resolved visualization of single DNA-based tension sensors in cell adhesion
  185. Visualization of HIV-1 reservoir: an imaging perspective
  186. Cyanorak v2. 1: a scalable information system dedicated to the visualization and expert curation of marine and brackish picocyanobacteria genomes
  187. ggtreeExtra: Compact visualization of richly annotated phylogenetic data
  188. Multimodal data visualization, denoising and clustering with integrated diffusion
  189. Visualization and Prediction of COVID-19 Using AI and ML
  190. An efficient sampling-based visualization technique for big data clustering with crisp partitions
  191. Crystallization-induced mechanofluorescence for visualization of polymer crystallization
  192. Visualization of the seasonal shift of a variety of airborne pollens in western Tokyo
  193. Highly Stable, Nondestructive, and Simple Visualization of Latent Blood Fingerprints Based on Covalent Bonding Between the Fluorescent Conjugated Polymer and …
  194. Narrative Maps: An Algorithmic Approach to Represent and Extract Information Narratives
  195. Tri-Decadal Visualization Analysis on River Health Studies: A Global Perspective
  196. The Video Game Asset Pipeline A Pattern Approach to Visualization
  197. Multi-modal Summarization
  198. A Cost-Effective 3D Acquisition and Visualization Framework for Cultural Heritage
  199. Quantitative improvement of lymph nodes visualization of breast cancer using 99m Tc-nanocolloid SPECT/CT and updated reconstruction algorithm
  200. 3D volumetric visualization MATLAB toolkit for photoacoustic imaging plus more
  201. Towards Visualization of Unit Test and Source Code Relations
  202. Trifunctional Graphene Quantum Dot@ LDH Integrated Nanoprobes for Visualization Therapy of Gastric Cancer
  203. Virtual Data Cosmos–Information Design in Modern Astronomy
  205. Utility of Geospatial Visualization and Social Vulnerability Index to Inform the Dissemination of School-Based Asthma Initiative
  206. Transfer and Visualization of the Data in Intelligent Environment
  207. ConPlot: web-based application for the visualization of protein contact maps integrated with other data
  208. Multidimensional spatial clustering and visualization of 3D topographic relief data
  209. Visualization Technologies–I Can See Clearly now but the Feel is Gone
  210. In Situ Visualization of the Ammonothermal Crystallization Process by X-ray Technology
  211. Fukushima Abstractions: Sound of a Million Insects, Light of a Thousand Stars as Analog Data Visualization
  212. iLearnPlus: a comprehensive and automated machine-learning platform for nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis, prediction and visualization
  213. Lean Data Visualization: Considering Actionable Metrics for Technical Communication
  214. Graph Drawing and Network Visualization GD2020
  215. Lumina: an adaptive, automated and extensible prototype for exploring, enriching and visualizing data
  216. SurfRiver: Flattening Stream Surfaces for Comparative Visualization
  217. Tools for Architectural Visualization
  218. Full-stack visualization of virtual infrastructure for failure impact analysis using time series data
  219. ReportFlow: an application for EEG visualization and reporting using cloud platform
  220. Editorial comment on “A new method for quantification and 3D visualization of brain tumor adhesion using slip interface imaging in patients with meningiomas”
  221. A Deeper Understanding of Visualization–Text Interplay in Geographic Data-driven Stories
  222. Joint image fusion and super-resolution for enhanced visualization via semi-coupled discriminative dictionary learning and advantage embedding
  223. Data Compression and Visualization Using PCA and T-SNE
  224. Data visualization for Industry 4.0: A stepping-stone toward a digital future, bridging the gap between academia and industry
  225. … analysis and visualization to increase visibility of research impact. In Handbook of Research on Knowledge and Organization Systems in Library and Information …
  226. Book review: Markus Rheindorf, Revisiting the Toolbox of Discourse Studies: New Trajectories in Methodology, Open Data, and Visualization
  227. Developing a BIM and Simulation-Based Hazard Assessment and Visualization Framework for CLT Construction Design
  228. Visual Analysis of Multilayer Networks
  229. TopMSV: A Web-Based Tool for Top-Down Mass Spectrometry Data Visualization
  230. Direct Visualization and Effects of Atomic-Scale Defects on the Optoelectronic Properties of Hexagonal Boron Nitride
  231. Limitations of the Schlieren technique for shielding gas flow visualization in arc welding processes
  232. Highly Emissive Near-Infrared Solid Organic Fluorophores for Visualization of Latent Fingerprints based on Powder Dusting Method
  233. Spring diagrams for the visualization of construction project dynamics
  234. NCBI Genome Workbench: desktop software for comparative genomics, visualization, and GenBank data submission
  235. Seeing is believing: a visualization toolbox to enhance selection efficiency in maize genome editing
  236. Visualization of Joint Spatio-temporal Models via Feature Recognition with an Application to Wildland Fires.
  237. Particle-level visualization of hydrodynamic and frictional couplings in dense suspensions of spherical colloids
  238. Tactile Models for the Visualization, Conceptualization, and Review of Intermolecular Forces in the College Chemistry Classroom
  239. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Using Interactive Data Visualization to Assess Fraud RiskUsing Interactive Data Visualization to Assess Fraud Risk
  240. Marketing Data Visualization
  241. Visualization of brain microvasculature and blood flow in vivo: Feasibility study using confocal laser endomicroscopy
  242. Visualization Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Higher Education Based on SSCI and SCI Journals from 2009 to 2019.
  243. A method to produce high contrast vein visualization in active dynamic thermography (ADT)
  244. A data-driven approach for online dynamic security assessment with spatial-temporal dynamic visualization using random bits forest
  245. Visualization of performance assessment research to support education computing in the laboratory
  246. The construction and visualization of the transmission networks for COVID-19: A potential solution for contact tracing and assessments of epidemics
  247. Evaluating surface visualization methods in semi-transparent volume rendering in virtual reality
  248. Visualization of Patterns for Hybrid Learning and Reasoning with Human Involvement
  249. Data Visualization of 5G Speed Test Platform Using Tableau
  250. recoup: flexible and versatile signal visualization from next generation sequencing
  251. Best practices for the visualization, mapping, and manipulation of R-loops
  252. Know-What and Know-Who: Document Searching and Exploration using Topic-Based Two-Mode Networks
  253. GECO: gene expression clustering optimization app for non-linear data visualization of patterns
  254. Patch-Type Vibration Visualization (PVV) Sensor System Based on Triboelectric Effect
  255. SkyFlow: A visual analysis of high-dimensional skylines in time-series
  256. Information on the Impact National N-Power Scheme on Employment Creation
  257. Visualization and Analysis of Mapping Knowledge Domains for Food Waste Studies
  258. … analysis of minerals using laser ablation inductively coupled plasma time of flight mass spectrometry and geochemical data visualization using t-distributed …
  259. A 1, 10-phenanthroline fluorescence probe for real-time visualization of Ni 2+
  260. FaultTracer: interactive visual exploration of fault propagation patterns in power grid simulation data
  261. Bibliometric Analysis And Visualization Of Funding Social Housing: Connection Of Sociological And Economic Research
  262. Real-time environmental forecasts of the Chesapeake Bay: Model setup, improvements, and online visualization
  263. Modified amino-dextrans as carriers of Gd-chelates for retrograde transport and visualization of peripheral nerves by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  264. Molecular Data Visualization with Augmented Reality (AR) on Mobile Devices
  265. Virtual Visualization of Generator Operation Condition through Generator Capability Curve
  266. Usability of Visualization Platform–Based Safety Training and Assessment Modules for Engineering Students and Construction Professionals
  267. TrammelGraph: visual graph abstraction for comparison
  268. Visualization and characterization ofEnterococcus faecalisbiofilm structure in bovine dentin using 2D and 3D microscopic techniques
  269. iviz: A ROS visualization app for mobile devices
  270. Tools Against Oblivion: 3D Visualization of Sunken Landscapes and Cultural Heritages Applied to a Dam Reservoir in the Gorges de la Loire (France)
  271. TCTAP C-103 Echonavigator-Hybrid Visualization Modality for Atrioseptostomia with the Modified Stent in Patient with Severe Pulmonary Hypertension
  272. Design of a Virtual Wind Tunnel for CFD Visualization
  273. Author Correction: Optotracing for selective fluorescence-based detection, visualization and quantification of live S. aureus in real-time
  274. Declutter and Focus: Empirically Evaluating Design Guidelines for Effective Data Communication
  275. Bibliometrics and visualization analysis of EwE model based on CiteSpace.
  276. Three-Dimensional Visualization of Subcellular Dynamics of Cancer Cell Destruction on Therapeutic Nanodrug Treatment
  277. Falx: Synthesis-Powered Visualization Authoring
  278. Conditional generative adversarial network for EEG-based emotion fine-grained estimation and visualization
  279. Visualization of lncRNA and mRNA Structure Models Within the Integrative Genomics Viewer
  280. Interactive Map Using Data Visualization and Machine Learning
  281. Parametric 3D Visualization Modeling of the Human Body Based on 2D Photos
  282. Visualization of the Sustainability Level of Crude Palm Oil Production: A Life Cycle Approach
  283. Web-based 3D visualization system for anatomy online instruction
  284. SBGNview: Data Analysis, Integration and Visualization on All Pathways
  285. Seeing in Context: Traditional Visual Communication Practices in Rural Bangladesh
  286. A Visualization Analysis of Environmental Accounting Research Based on CiteSpace
  287. Data Visualization and Analysis
  288. Correlation diagrams: Graphical visualization of geochemical associations using the EzCorrGraph app
  289. OmicsVolcano: software for intuitive visualization and interactive exploration of high-throughput biological data
  290. The COVID-19 Pandemic Vulnerability Index (PVI) Dashboard: Monitoring county-level vulnerability using visualization, statistical modeling, and machine …
  291. An inexpensive, versatile, compact, programmable temperature controller and thermocycler for simultaneous analysis and visualization within a microscope
  292. Photothermal infrared imaging: identification and visualization of micro-and nanoplastics in environmental matrices
  293. Stapes visualization by ultra-high resolution CT in cadaveric heads: a preliminary study
  294. Hidden Markov Model Enabled Prediction and Visualization of Cyber Agility in IoT era
  295. ProLint: a web-based framework for the automated data analysis and visualization of lipid–protein interactions
  296. Visualization and Control of Chemically Induced Crack Formation in All-Solid-State Lithium-Metal Batteries with Sulfide Electrolyte
  297. … -time RT-PCR and a nested real-time RT-PCR for a genogroup II norovirus reveals differences in sensitivity depending upon assay design and visualization
  298. Data Visualization
  299. Transformer visualization via dictionary learning: contextualized embedding as a linear superposition of transformer factors
  300. Fast Visualization of 3D Massive Data Based on Improved Hilbert R-Tree and Stacked LSTM Models
  301. Research on the visualization method of two dimensions underwater flow simulation
  302. CSynth: an interactive modelling and visualization tool for 3D chromatin structure
  303. Alveolar antral artery in edentulous patients and their visualization through cone beam computed tomography
  304. Nebula: A Coordinating Grammar of Graphics
  305. Utility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Diagnosis of Prenatal Non-Visualization of the Fetal Gallbladder: A Case-Series Study
  306. Intraoperative visualization of nerves using a myelin protein-zero specific fluorescent tracer
  307. A Layered Framework for Virtual Guidance to Network Maintenance Based on Augmented Reality
  308. Visualization system of orthopedic personalized orthosis based on FPGA and sensor
  309. Characterizing Bus Travel Time using Advanced Data Visualization Techniques
  310. Similarity Calculation, Enrichment Analysis, and Ontology Visualization of Biomedical Ontologies using UFO
  311. tidyMicro: a pipeline for microbiome data analysis and visualization using the tidyverse in R
  312. Visualization of Flavonoids in Viola Flower Petals Using Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI)
  313. Effects of motion and retrospective motion correction on the visualization and quantification of perivascular spaces in ultrahigh resolution T2-weighted images at 7T
  314. Donut visualizations for network-level and regional-level overview of Spatial Social Networks
  315. UCSF ChimeraX: Structure visualization for researchers, educators, and developers
  316. Use of computational fluid dynamics for 3D fiber tract visualization on human high-thickness histological slices: histological mesh tractography
  317. Towards Scalable Spectral Embedding and Data Visualization via Spectral Coarsening
  318. Real-time visualization of profiling metadata upon data insertions.
  319. Groundwater Level Analytics for Effective Water Level Predictions and Visualization of the Patterns
  320. Spatial visualization of comprehensive brain neurotransmitter systems and neuroactive substances by selective in situ chemical derivatization mass spectrometry …
  321. Imaging the Subsurface: How Different Visualizations of Cross-sections Affect the Sense of Uncertainty
  322. Battery Lifecycle Framework: A Flexible Repository and Visualization Tool for Battery Data from Materials Development to Field Implementation
  324. Prediction, Analysis, Visualization, and Storage of Protein–Protein Interactions Using Computational Approaches
  325. Visualization of neural network activity in the human brain based on fractal analysis
  326. Visualization and evaluation of the spatial kinematic rotation error of a five-axis abrasive water jet cutting head
  327. KeywordMap: Attention-based Visual Exploration for Keyword Analysis
  328. Visualization and quantification of pancreatic tumor stroma in fresh tissue via ultraviolet surface excitation
  329. Light-weighted ensemble network with multilevel activation visualization for robust diagnosis of COVID19 pneumonia from large-scale chest radiographic database
  330. Seaborn: statistical data visualization
  331. Stabilized Longitudinal In Vivo Cellular-Level Visualization of the Pancreas in a Murine Model with a Pancreatic Intravital Imaging Window.
  332. The Insulator–Insulator and the Insulator–Mixed-Metal–Insulator Transitions in Self-Heated AlxV1-xO2 Single Crystals and Their Visualization
  333. Crystallographic Visualization of a Double Water Molecule Addition on a Pt1-MOF during the Low-temperature Water-Gas Shift Reaction
  334. Digital modelling of underground volumes, including the visualization of confidence levels for the positioning of subsurface objects
  335. The Related Technologies for the Pipeline Network Virtual Reality System
  336. The biomechanical influence of facet joint parameters on corresponding segment in the lumbar spine: A new visualization method
  337. Scientometric Analysis and Visualization of Astrovirus based on R-packages
  338. Real-time visualization of metastable charge regulation pathways in molecularly confined slit geometries
  339. Direct visualization of superselective colloid-surface binding mediated by multivalent interactions
  340. Ship Detection and Feature Visualization Analysis Based on Lightweight CNN in VH and VV Polarization Images
  341. Visual Model Fit Estimation in Scatterplots: Influence of Amount and Decentering of Noise
  342. SV2-The Collaborative Scientific Data Visualization Framework
  343. Endoscopic visualization-assisted corneal bee sting removal
  344. Forestland Rehabilitation Impact Indicators and Spatiotemporal Visualization
  345. Lux: Always-on Visualization Recommendations for Exploratory Data Science
  346. Combining Multi-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) With Visualization Method for Detection of Aphis gossypii Glover Infection in Cotton …
  347. Physics of aeration in slug: Flow visualization analysis in horizontal pipes
  348. A Deep Learning Neural Network Techniques in Visualization, Imaging Data Acquisition And Diagnosis for Covid-19
  349. Development of Informal Learning Channels for Visualization of Cellular and Molecular Images
  350. Net2Vis–A Visual Grammar for Automatically Generating Publication-Tailored CNN Architecture Visualizations
  351. Visualization of stem cell activity in pancreatic cancer expansion by direct lineage tracing with live imaging
  352. Risk-of-bias VISualization (robvis): An R package and Shiny web app for visualizing risk-of-bias assessments
  353. Self-Supervised Learning of Satellite-Derived Vegetation Indices for Clustering and Visualization of Vegetation Types
  354. Visualization of quantitative lipid distribution in mouse liver through near-infrared hyperspectral imaging
  355. Visualization of EEG Data to Detect ADHD in Children and Adults
  356. A comparative study of glottis visualization according to the method of lifting the epiglottis in video laryngoscopy: indirect and direct lifting methods
  357. Visualization, Modeling, And Graphics For Engineering Design
  358. A data science framework for movement
  359. Flow Visualization in Centrifugal Pumps: A Review of Methods and Experimental Studies
  360. Gene Family Abundance Visualization based on Feature Selection Combined Deep Learning to Improve Disease Diagnosis.
  361. Treatment and Visualization of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma through Actively Targeted Copper 64 Nanoparticles
  362. Acoustic Scene Classification and Visualization of Beehive Sounds Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Grad-CAM
  363. Visualization of 14C-labeled Gas Fixation in a Plant
  364. Noninvasive visualization of electrical conductivity in tissues at the micrometer scale
  365. Strategies to Effectively Integrate Visualization with Active Learning in Computer Science Class
  366. XlinkCyNET: A Cytoscape Application for Visualization of Protein Interaction Networks Based on Cross-Linking Mass Spectrometry Identifications
  367. Data Visualization with Leather
  368. VisualSPHysics: advanced fluid visualization for SPH models
  369. HiVision: Rapid visualization of large-scale spatial vector data
  370. Skeleton-based visualization of poor body movements in a child’s gross-motor assessment using convolutional auto-encoder
  371. Direct Visualization of Chiral Amplification of Chiral Aggregation Induced Emission Molecules in Nematic Liquid Crystals
  372. SparseTrajAnalytics: an Interactive Visual Analytics System for Sparse Trajectory Data
  373. MACHINE LEARNING: Concepts, Tools and Data Visualization
  374. AnalysisFMO Toolkit: A PyMOL Plugin for 3D-Visualization of Interaction Energies in Proteins (3D-VIEP) Calculated by the FMO Method
  375. Information on the Prevalence and Extent of Alcohol Abuse Among Commercial Tricycle Operators in Calabar
  376. The Effect of Exploration Mode and Frame of Reference in Immersive Analytics
  377. Building an open source classifier for the neonatal EEG background: a systematic feature-based approach from expert scoring to clinical visualization
  378. Visualization of Stress Field and Damage Propagation in Hypervelocity-Impacted Transparent Materials
  379. Diagnostic accuracy of clinical visualization and light-based tests in precancerous and cancerous lesions of the oral cavity and oropharynx: a systematic review and …
  380. SemanticAxis: exploring multi-attribute data by semantic construction and ranking analysis
  381. Toward green cartography & visualization: a semantically-enriched method of generating energy-aware color schemes for digital maps
  382. The Effect of Dry-Cleaning and Laundering on the Visualization and Enhancement of Blood Spatter and Transfer Stains on Clothing.
  383. Classification and Visualization of Poverty Status: Analyzing the Need for Poverty Assistance Using SVM
  384. Visualization of the flat electronic band in twisted bilayer graphene near the magic angle twist
  385. Sensing and sensitive visualization of latent fingerprints on various surfaces using a versatile fluorescent aggregation-induced emission-based coumarin derivative
  386. Ten Years of the Cohort Biobank: Bibliometric Outcomes
  387. Visualization and performance measure to determine number of topics in twitter data clustering using hybrid topic modeling
  388. … convolutional neural network-based active feature extraction for fault detection and diagnosis of industrial processes and its understanding via visualization
  389. Experimental investigation and CFD simulation of cavity flow effects on liquids mixing in vortex-based microfluidic chips: Quantitative visualization and optimization by …
  390. Integrating adaptive optics-SLO and OCT for multimodal visualization of the human retinal pigment epithelial mosaic
  391. Direct visualization of anionic electrons in an electride reveals inhomogeneities
  392. An ultrasonic visualization system using a fiber-optic Bragg grating sensor and its application to damage detection at a temperature of 1000° C
  393. Precise guiding and visualization of balloon catheter using photoacoustic imaging
  394. Practitioner experiences and requirements for rule translation used for Building Information Model-based Model Checking
  395. Defect Visualization and Depth Quantification in Scanning Induction Thermography
  396. Evaluation of visualization performance of CNN models using driver model
  397. Reproducible Academic Writing and Interactive Data Visualization Using R Markdown (R Programming Flex-Dashboard: Flex_Dashboard Packages)
  398. Temporal visualization of femtosecond laser pulses with single-edge transport in turbid media via Monte Carlo simulation
  399. Analysis, Visualization and Forecasting of COVID-19 Outbreak Using LSTM Model
  400. Application of Cryo-EM for Visualization of Mitoribosomes
  401. Swan: a library for the analysis and visualization of long-read transcriptomes
  402. Visualization of Driver and Pedestrian Visibility in Virtual Reality Environments
  403. BrainPainter v2: Mouse Brain Visualization Software
  404. In Operando Visualization of Cation Disorder Unravels Voltage Decay in Ni-Rich Cathodes
  405. A review of enterprise social media: visualization of landscape and evolution
  406. COVID-19 detection and disease progression visualization: Deep learning on chest X-rays for classification and coarse localization
  407. Upconversion Nanoparticles Decorated with Polysialic Acid for Solid Tumors Visualization In Vivo
  408. Head Up Visualization of Spatial Sound Sources in Virtual Reality for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People
  409. A Dual Fluorescence-Spin Label Probe for Visualization and Quantification of Target Molecules in Tissue by Multiplexed FLIM–EPR Spectroscopy
  410. A rapid and dual-mode visualization of latent and bloody fingermarks using Cr-and Sb-codoped titanium dioxide nanoparticles
  411. BIDEAL: A Toolbox for Bicluster Analysis—Generation, Visualization and Validation
  412. The qBED track: a novel genome browser visualization for point processes
  413. VISmaF: Synthetic Tree for Immersive Virtual Visualization in Smart Farming
  414. Architectural Visualization Using Virtual Reality: A User Experience in Simulating Buildings of a Community College in Bukidnon, Philippines
  415. Interactive Visual Exploration of Longitudinal Historical Career Mobility Data
  416. Visualization Insights From Sabine Devins and Sebastian Vollnhals’“Heatscore”
  417. Near-infrared hyperspectral imaging for detection and visualization of offal adulteration in ground pork
  418. Spherical Images: Capture and Visualization Devices. Icons of a Computational Paradigm
  419. Design, Development, and Evaluation of the AgMIP Impacts Explorer: Applying a User-Centered Approach in an Interactive Visualization Tool
  420. Spatial information and the legibility of urban form: Big data in urban morphology
  422. Analysis, identification and visualization of subgroups in genomics
  423. Operative imaging and visualization: cutting edge techniques and future directions
  424. Bubble storytelling with automated animation: a Brexit hashtag activism case study
  425. Native contrast visualization and tissue characterization of myocardial radiofrequency ablation and acetic acid chemoablation lesions at 0.55 T
  426. Developing and Implementing Cloud-Based Tutorials That Combine Bioinformatics Software, Interactive Coding, and Visualization Exercises for Distance Learning on …
  427. Analysis of scientific production on the new coronavirus (COVID-19): a bibliometric analysis
  428. Data Visualization with NumPy and Matplotlib
  429. Atomic-Scale Visualization of the Cooper-Pair Density Wave State in NbSe2
  430. Direct visualization of orbital electron occupancy
  431. Anxiety: How Was the Process of the Undergraduate Students Who Were in Visualization Level in Constructing the Definition?
  432. Synchrotron radiation X-ray microtomography for the visualization of intra-cochlear anatomy in human temporal bones implanted with a perimodiolar cochlear implant …
  433. Real-time in situ visualization of internal relative humidity in fluorescence embedded cement-based materials
  434. Design and Application of a Digital System for Information Management and Synchronous Analysis in a Foundation Pit Group
  435. Visualizing Academic Experts on a Subject Domain Map of Cartographic-Alike
  436. Documentation, Three-Dimensional (3D) Modelling and visualization of cultural heritage by using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry and terrestrial …
  437. Visual Drift Detection for Sequence Data Analysis of Business Processes
  438. Visualization of Vibrations of Protons and Oxygens and Proton Transport in the Melted Ice Lattice of Pure Liquid Water Using Blender Animation
  439. Learning to Automate Chart Layout Configurations Using Crowdsourced Paired Comparison
  440. TISCH: a comprehensive web resource enabling interactive single-cell transcriptome visualization of tumor microenvironment
  441. US LI-RADS visualization score: diagnostic outcome of ultrasound-guided focal hepatic lesion biopsy in patients at risk for hepatocellular carcinoma
  442. Visualization of flow dynamics in the portal circulation using 320-detector-row computed tomography: a feasibility study
  443. Performance Evaluation of a THz Pulsed Imaging System: Point Spread Function, Broadband THz Beam Visualization and Image Reconstruction
  444. Un Gran Viaje A Data Visualization of Latin American Immigration
  445. The interactive relationship between those interested in design in the field of product displayand visualization (Designer-Implementer-Seller-Consumer)
  446. Exploring recommendations for circular supply chain management through interactive visualisation
  447. On Flow Visualization Experiments in a Massively Arrayed Microfluidic Production System
  448. A comparison study of wavelet transforms for the visualization of differentially methylated regions in DNA samples
  449. Visualization and Quantification of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps
  450. AutoDS: Towards Human-Centered Automation of Data Science
  451. Scientometric Analysis of Safety Sign Research: 1990–2019
  452. Tools for the Co-designing of Housing Transformations: A Study on Interaction and Visualization Modes
  453. Flow visualization and skin friction determination in transitional channel flow
  454. A Photogrammetry-Based Workflow for the Accurate 3D Construction and Visualization of Museums Assets
  455. Forming Cognitive Maps of Ontologies Using Interactive Visualizations
  456. Visualization of Flow in Scroll Compressor by Radiography
  457. Geographic data science
  458. Visualization of valved pulsejet combustors and evidence of compression ignition
  459. Visualization of Necroptotic Cell Death through Transmission Electron Microscopy
  460. Ensemble Bagging Approach for IoT Sensor Based Anomaly Detection
  461. Mitigating design fixation: A visualization tool for enhancing situation awareness
  463. Recursive Sub-Division Technique for Higher-Order Pyramid and Prism Isosurface Visualization
  464. Nondestructive Visualization of Interfacial Conducting Inhomogeneities in Memristive Oxides by Electroluminescence
  465. A prospective randomized controlled trial comparing simethicone, N-acetylcysteine, sodium bicarbonate and peppermint for visualization in upper gastrointestinal …
  466. Finite-state model extraction and visualization from Java program execution
  467. Visualization and characterization of thermals in a heated turbulent boundary layer
  468. Evolutionary Sequence Analysis and Visualization with Wasabi
  469. The methodology of using information technology and visualisations to optimize and improve management in the effectiveness of a student’s work in the laboratory
  470. Visualization and analysis of wheel camber angle effect for slope traversability using an in-wheel camera
  471. Quantitative visualization of photosynthetic pigments in tea leaves based on Raman spectroscopy and calibration model transfer
  472. Analysis of global positioning system based bus travel time data and its use for advanced public transportation system applications
  473. Red cell genotyping of rare blood donors: donation behaviour and data visualization
  474. Exploratory geovisualization of the character and distribution of American climate change beliefs
  475. A quick and versatile protocol for the 3D visualization of transgene expression across the whole body of larval Drosophila
  476. Combining 3D Structured Light Imaging and Spine X-ray Data Improves Visualization of the Spinous Lines in the Scoliotic Spine
  477. Quantitative analysis and visualization of moisture and anthocyanins content in purple sweet potato by Vis–NIR hyperspectral imaging
  478. Asynchronous and Load-Balanced Union-Find for Distributed and Parallel Scientific Data Visualization and Analysis
  479. 11509 Data visualization of scholarly productivity data to evaluate the KL2 training programs
  480. Aerial perspective for shaded relief
  481. Open-Source Visualization of Reusable Rockets Motion: Approaching Simulink-FlightGear Co-simulation
  482. Development and accuracy evaluation of a degree of occlusion visualization system for roller pumps used in cardiopulmonary bypass
  483. Visualization of multi-dimensional seismic datasets with CM-AVS
  484. Accuracy of a high-intensity focused ultrasound device with and without real-time visualization system in face and neck treatment of skin laxity
  485. Visualization and Analysis of the REACH-chemical Space with Generative Topographic Mapping
  486. The Racial Gap in Employment and Layoffs during COVID-19 in the United States: A Visualization
  487. Flow Visualization inside a Rotating Detonation Engine near Injection Nozzles Using Point-Diffraction Interferometry
  488. Robustness Assessment of a Low Poly Modeling Strategy for Performance Simulation of Double-Skin Green Facades
  489. Three-dimensional visualization of the evolution of pores and fractures in reservoir rocks under triaxial stress
  490. Critical quality attribute assessment of big brand traditional Chinese medicine: visualization of blending process for rare medicines in Tongren Niuhuang Qingxin Pills …
  491. Direct visualization of antiferroelectric switching dynamics via electrocaloric imaging
  492. Red light imaging for programmed cell death visualization and quantification in plant–pathogen interactions
  493. Denoising and Multiple Tissue Compartment Visualization of Multi-b-Valued Breast Diffusion MRI
  494. Applicability of Building Information Modeling Integrated Augmented Reality in Building Facility Management
  495. Drug perturbation gene set enrichment analysis (dpGSEA): a new transcriptomic drug screening approach
  496. RECAST: Enabling User Recourse and Interpretability of Toxicity Detection Models with Interactive Visualization
  497. Efficacy of 3D digital visualization in minimizing coaxial illumination and phototoxic potential in cataract surgery: pilot study
  498. Python for Automating Machine Learning Tasks
  499. Visualization of Three-Dimensional Light Bullets Propagation in Nanotubes Taking into Account the Mechanical Tension and Magnetic Field Using Graphics …
  500. Analysis, Modeling, and Visualization of Chromosome Conformation Capture Experiments
  501. Transition Metals in Catalysis: The Functional Relationship of Fe–S Clusters and Molybdenum or Tungsten Cofactor-Containing Enzyme Systems
  502. Use of Geographic Information Systems by American Evaluation Association Members in their Professional Practice
  503. 3D Visualization Monitoring and Early Warning of Surface Deformation in Subsidence Area Based on GIS
  504. Roles of artificial intelligence in construction engineering and management: A critical review and future trends
  505. An application of data visualization technique in Arabic literature and linguistics
  506. Introducing the Time Series Change Visualization and Interpretation (TSCVI) method for the interpretation of global NDVI changes
  507. Into the Blue. The Visualization of Building Walls and Transgressing Borders in Scandorama by Hannele MikaelaTaivassalo and Catherine Anyango …
  508. Introduction to Machine Learning for Chemists: An Undergraduate Course Using Python Notebooks for Visualization, Data Processing, Data Analysis, and Data …
  509. Cartographic scale in immersive virtual environments
  510. TSETA: A Third-Generation Sequencing-Based Computational Tool for Mapping and Visualization of SNPs, Meiotic Recombination Products, and RIP Mutations
  511. Profile Information Analysis of Twitter Social Network
  512. ProThermDB: thermodynamic database for proteins and mutants revisited after 15 years
  513. A Method for Organoid Transplantation and Whole-Mount Visualization of Post-Engraftment Vascularization
  514. Learning Tools with SAVI Participation (Somatic, Auditory, Visualization, Intellectual) in Improving Mathematical Communication Skills in the Industrial Revolution Era …
  515. Visualization Analysis of Nano-Flame Retardant Materials Based on Citespace
  516. Real-time switching and visualization of logging attributes based on subspace learning
  517. Design Space for Voice-Based Professional Reporting
  518. Towards Applying Virtual Reality Techniques in Fostering Blended Learning of the Construction Technology
  519. pyGenomeTracks: reproducible plots for multivariate genomic datasets
  520. Quantitative image analysis of microbial communities with BiofilmQ
  521. MethHC 2.0: information repository of DNA methylation and gene expression in human cancer
  522. Classifying Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Database Using Text Mining and Graph Theoretical Analysis
  523. Analysis of temporal patterns in animal movement networks
  524. Incorporating New Technologies to Overcome the Limitations of Endoscopic Spine Surgery: Navigation, Robotics, and Visualization
  525. Measurement and visualization of strains and cracks in CFRP post-tensioned fiber reinforced concrete beams using distributed fiber optic sensors
  526. Cross-Link/Proximity Ligation Assay for Visualization of Lipid and Protein Complexes in Lipid Rafts
  527. Turning chemistry into information for heterogeneous catalysis
  528. Poseidon: A Distributed Information System for Ocean Processes
  529. Data Analysis from Two-choice Decision Tasks in Visual Information Processing
  530. The Use of Information Systems for Regulation of Gas Engine Operating Parameters
  531. Visualization of Chromatin Dynamics by Live Cell Microscopy Using CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing and ANCHOR Labeling
  532. X-Ray Flow Visualization in Multiphase Flows
  533. Summary of the SciTech 2020 Technical Panel on In Situ/In Transit Computational Environments for Visualization and Data Analytics
  534. User Ex Machina: Simulation as a Design Probe in Human-in-the-Loop Text Analytics
  535. Visualization-Guided Classification of Carbonized Seeds from Early Human Civilizations
  536. Space-filling curves for numerical approximation and visualization of solutions to systems of nonlinear inequalities with applications in robotics
  537. Horizontal vs. Vertical Recommendation Zones Evaluation Using Behavior Tracking
  538. Visualization of loop extrusion by DNA nanoscale tracing in single cells
  539. Single cell epigenetic visualization assay
  540. A benefit-to-cost ratio based approach for portfolio selection under multiple criteria with incomplete preference information
  541. Integrating Building Information Model and Augmented Reality for Drone-Based Building Inspection
  542. Visualization Techniques with Data Cubes: Utilizing Concurrency for Complex Data
  543. High-resolution visualization and quantification of nucleic acid–based therapeutics in cells and tissues using Nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry (NanoSIMS …
  544. Awareness of National Health Insurance Scheme Activities and Service utilization Among Enrolled Employees in Government Institutions in Nigeria
  545. Evaluating Sprinkler Irrigation System of Hasanlo Dam Irrigation network
  547. BubbleUp: Supporting DevOps With Data Visualization
  548. How Structural Engineers Find Errors in Analysis and Design Results. Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction
  549. Elevation models for reproducible evaluation of terrain representation
  550. Scientific globalism during a global crisis: research collaboration and open access publications on COVID-19
  551. Risk Analysis for Earthquake-Damaged Buildings Using Point Cloud and BIM Data: A Case Study of the Daeseong Apartment Complex in Pohang, South Korea
  552. DNA modification and visualization on an origami-based enzyme nano-factory
  553. Misrepresenting COVID-19: Lying With Charts During the Second Golden Age of Data Design
  554. Identification, classification, and quantification of three physical mechanisms in oil-in-water emulsions using AlexNet with transfer learning
  555. PLncDB V2. 0: a comprehensive encyclopedia of plant long noncoding RNAs
  556. Information Construction and Prospect of EAST Collaborative Experimental Platform
  557. Visualization of the oxygen partial pressure in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell during cell operation with low oxygen concentrations
  558. DenovoProfiling: a webserver for de novo generated molecule library profiling
  559. Space-time computation and visualization of the electromagnetic fields and potentials generated by moving point charges
  560. Design and Applications of GLANCE: GLanceable Alarm Notification for a User Centered Experience
  561. Implementing Virtual Reality technology for safety training in the precast/prestressed concrete industry
  562. Analysis of the approach of the scientific outputs measurement areas in Iran
  563. Design for Creative and Immersive Technology
  564. Toward Clarifying Human Information Processing by Analyzing Big Data: Comparing Response Time to Questionnaires Included Heteronym Word for Problem Solving …
  565. Determining Real-Time Patterns of Lightning Strikes from Sensor Observations
  566. Evaluating Sprinkler Irrigation System of Hasanlo Dam Irrigation network
  567. Visual dimension analysis based on dimension subdivision
  568. Enhancement of one-and two-photon absorption and visualization of intramolecular charge transfer of pyrenyl-contained derivatives
  569. Determining the Location of The Urban Transport Interchanges Based on the Geographic Information System: the Case Study for Istanbul
  570. Visualization of Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Long Noncoding RNAs at Single-Cell Level by RNA-FISH
  571. ProteomeExpert: a docker image based web-server for exploring, modeling, visualizing, and mining quantitative proteomic data sets
  572. Database resources of the national center for biotechnology information
  573. TransCirc: an interactive database for translatable circular RNAs based on multi-omics evidence
  574. Socio-Spatial Comfort: Using Vision-based Analysis to Inform User-Centred Human-Building Interactions
  575. Impact of different visualization devices on accuracy, efficiency, and dexterity in neurosurgery: a laboratory investigation
  576. Speculative Data Work & Dashboards: Designing Alternative Data Visions
  577. A systematic review on comprehensive sloping farmland utilization based on a perspective of scientometrics analysis
  578. Single-shot common-path off-axis digital holography: applications in bioimaging and optical metrology
  579. SEEDS: Simulation and Emulation Environment for Deeply Distributed Systems
  580. Computation and Visualization Thought Experiments after Lakatos’s Heuristic Guessing Method (Semantics of Thought Experiments–Pt. Mathematical Thought …
  581. EagleMine: Vision-guided Micro-clusters recognition and collective anomaly detection
  582. [BOOK][B] Information and communication technologies in tourism
  583. How Much Automation Does a Data Scientist Want?
  584. Visualising Roman Institutional Environments for Exchange as a Complex System
  585. Operator action log based monitoring and control and its verification of nuclear power plants
  586. Inventory Optimization for Cognitive Demand Scheduler Using Data Analytics
  587. A scoping review on the use, processing and fusion of geographic data in virtual assistants
  588. Formalization of Occupant Feedback and Integration with BIM in Office Buildings
  589. The Application and Embodiment of MBE Design Style in the Guidance-Orientated Sign System Design in Zoos
  590. Modern industrial statistics: With applications in R, MINITAB, and JMP
  591. CovalentInDB: a comprehensive database facilitating the discovery of covalent inhibitors
  592. Seeing (Movement) is believing: The effect of motion on perception of automatic systems performance
  593. Visualizations to Aid Decision-Making in the ACCP Value Framework
  594. Extracting three-dimensional (3D) spatial information from sequential oblique unmanned aerial system (UAS) imagery for digital surface modeling
  595. Spearheading agile: the role of the scrum master in agile projects
  596. A Methodological Approach to Determining the Competitive Positions of the Labor Potential in Regional Consumer Cooperation
  597. PROMISCUOUS 2.0: a resource for drug-repositioning
  598. Reweighting and information-guidance networks for Few-Shot Learning
  599. A Web-Based Approach for Visualizing Interactive Decision Maps
  600. net: A Rapid Deployment Platform for Smart Territories

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