Stochastic Networks Research Topics Ideas [MS PhD]

List of Research Topics and Ideas of Stochastic Networks for MS and Ph.D. Thesis.

  1. Learning and Information in Stochastic Networks and Queues
  2. An asynchronous distributed gradient algorithm for economic dispatch over stochastic networks
  3. Disturbance-resilient Distributed Resource Allocation over Stochastic Networks using Uncoordinated Stepsizes
  4. A Flexible Distributed Stochastic Optimization Framework for Concurrent Tasks in Processing Networks
  5. Secure synchronization of stochastic complex networks subject to deception attack with nonidentical nodes and internal disturbance
  6. Minimum-Time and Minimum-Triggering Control for the Observability of Stochastic Boolean Networks
  7. Stochastic mutual information gradient estimation for dimensionality reduction networks
  8. Finite-time synchronization of multi-coupling stochastic fuzzy neural networks with mixed delays via feedback control
  9. Evaluating stochastic seeding strategies in networks
  10. Diffusive transport on networks with stochastic resetting to multiple nodes
  11. SIT: Stochastic Input Transformation to Defend Against Adversarial Attacks on Deep Neural Networks
  12. Numerical Modeling of Business Processes Using the Apparatus of GERT Networks
  13. A secure multi-user privacy technique for wireless IoT networks using stochastic privacy optimization
  14. Synchronization of multiplex networks with stochastic perturbations via pinning adaptive control
  15. Recurrent Neural Networks for Stochastic Control Problems with Delay
  16. Stabilisation of multi-weights stochastic complex networks with time-varying delay driven by G-Brownian motion via aperiodically intermittent adaptive control
  17. Deep neural networks algorithms for stochastic control problems on finite horizon: numerical applications
  18. Hierarchical-Bayesian-Based Sparse Stochastic Configuration Networks for Construction of Prediction Intervals
  19. Stochastic Dividers for Low Latency Neural Networks
  20. Stochastic vs. Deterministic Modeling for the Spread of COVID-19 in Small Networks
  21. Output Tracking Control via Neural Networks for High-Order Stochastic Nonlinear Systems with Dynamic Uncertainties
  22. Transients generate memory and break hyperbolicity in stochastic enzymatic networks
  23. Stability analysis of stochastic fractional-order competitive neural networks with leakage delay [J]
  24. Modeling of Resource Allocation Mechanisms in Distributed Computing Systems using Petri Nets and Stochastic Activity Networks (SAN): a Review and Reo-based …
  25. Deep neural networks algorithms for stochastic control problems on finite horizon: convergence analysis
  26. Stochastic Latency Guarantee in Wireless Powered Virtualized Sensor Networks
  27. Stochastic collision model approach to transport phenomena in quantum networks
  28. Distributed stochastic optimization in networks with low informational exchange
  29. Robust Stability Analysis of Delayed Stochastic Neural Networks via Wirtinger-Based Integral Inequality
  30. Exact maximal reduction of stochastic reaction networks by species lumping
  31. Stochastic distributed optimization of shapeable energy resources in low voltage distribution networks under limited communications
  32. State and parameter estimation from exact partial state observation in stochastic reaction networks
  33. Distributed Consensus Filtering of 3D Stochastic Nonlinear Parabolic Systems Over Mobile Sensor Networks
  34. Semi-Supervised Domain Generalization with Stochastic StyleMatch
  35. Mean-Square Stochastic Stability of Delayed Hybrid Stochastic Inertial Neural Networks
  36. Existence-uniqueness and stability of the mild periodic solutions to a class of delayed stochastic partial differential equations and its applications
  37. Stochastic Model of a Sensor Node
  38. Stochastic Spintronic Neuron with Application to Image Binarization
  39. Adaptive control using stochastic approach for unknown but bounded disturbances and its application in balancing control
  40. Stochastic Modeling for Computer Networks Tra c
  41. Efficient Calculation of Adversarial Examples for Bayesian Neural Networks
  42. Collective aggregation of a linearly coupled stochastic Cucker–Smale ensemble on asymmetric networks
  43. Hybrid-Triggered Synchronization of Delayed Complex Dynamical Networks Subject to Stochastic Cyber-Attacks
  44. Stochastic gradient descent with noise of machine learning type. Part II: Continuous time analysis
  46. Stochastic Geometry Analysis of Wireless Backhaul Networks with Beamforming in Roadside Environments
  47. Optimal Randomness for Stochastic Configuration Network (SCN) with Heavy-Tailed Distributions
  48. Deep learning stochastic processes with QCD phase transition
  49. Assortative-constrained stochastic block models
  50. Online stochastic gradient descent on non-convex losses from high-dimensional inference
  51. A simheuristic algorithm for video streaming flows optimisation with QoS threshold modelled as a stochastic single-allocation p-hub median problem
  52. Stabilization of stochastic delayed systems: Event-triggered impulsive control
  53. Coalbed methane flow characteristics based on fractal geometry and stochastic rough fracture network
  54. Stochastic 3D rock reconstruction using GANs
  55. Design of stochastic numerical solver for the solution of singular three-point second-order boundary value problems
  56. A five-layer deep convolutional neural network with stochastic pooling for chest CT-based COVID-19 diagnosis
  57. The Cross-Shareholding Network and Risk Contagion from Stochastic Shocks: An Investigation Based on China’s Market
  58. Correlation between external regulators governs the mean-noise relationship in stochastic gene expression
  59. The inverse variance–flatness relation in stochastic gradient descent is critical for finding flat minima
  60. Flexible criteria for assessing EV hosting capacity in stochastic load-flow simulations.
  61. Applications of generating functions to stochastic processes and to the complexity of the knapsack problem
  62. On l2–l8 output-feedback control scheduled by stochastic communication protocol for two-dimensional switched systems
  63. Recursive Equations of Stochastic Event Graphs
  64. Mean field analysis of deep neural networks
  65. Stability analysis of T–S fuzzy coupled oscillator systems influenced by stochastic disturbance
  66. Kalikow decomposition for counting processes with stochastic intensity
  67. Sequencing mixed-model assembly lines with risk-averse stochastic mixed-integer programming
  68. Command-Filter-Based Fixed-Time Bipartite Containment Control for a Class of Stochastic Multiagent Systems
  69. Optimizing communication networks: a layered control architecture
  70. Autapse-induced multiple inverse stochastic resonance in a neural system
  71. Traffic flows analysis in high-speed computer networks using time series
  72. A generalized net model of the stochastic gradient descent and dropout algorithm with intuitionistic fuzzy evaluations
  73. Synchronized stationary distribution for stochastic multi-links systems with Markov jump
  74. Stochastic Gradient-Push for Economic Dispatch on Time-Varying Digraphs
  75. Some New Findings on the Self-similarity Property in Communications Networks and on Statistical End-to-end Delay Guarantee1
  76. Accelerated Distributed Optimization over Digraphs with Stochastic Matrices
  77. Estimation of all-terminal network reliability using press forward GA with stochastic selection method
  78. Bipartite mixed membership stochastic blockmodel
  79. Stochastic approximation method using diagonal positive-definite matrices for convex optimization with fixed point constraints
  80. Correlations versus causality in Stochastic Long-range Forecasting as a Past Value Problem
  81. Hutch++: Optimal Stochastic Trace Estimation
  82. Linear-quadratic stochastic delayed control and deep learning resolution
  83. Deep neural network framework based on backward stochastic differential equations for pricing and hedging american options in high dimensions
  84. Comparison Properties of Stochastic Decision Free Petri Nets
  85. A review on generative Boltzmann networks applied to dynamic systems
  86. Delay compensation-based state estimation for time-varying complex networks with incomplete observations and dynamical bias
  87. Learning and meta-learning of stochastic advection–diffusion–reaction systems from sparse measurements
  88. On the basic reproduction number in semi-Markov switching networks
  89. Stochastic monotonicity approach for a non-Markovian priority retrial queue
  90. The relation between length of lockdown, numbers of infected people and deaths of Covid-19, and economic growth of countries: Lessons learned to cope with future …
  91. Distinguishing chaotic from stochastic dynamics via the complexity of ordinal patterns
  92. Exponential Stability and Stabilization of Stochastic Neural Network Systems via Switching and Impulsive Control
  93. On the eigenvector bias of fourier feature networks: From regression to solving multi-scale pdes with physics-informed neural networks
  94. Characterization of flow and transport in a fracture network at the EGS Collab field experiment through stochastic modeling of tracer recovery
  95. Event-Triggered Sliding Mode Control for Stochastic Markov Jump Systems
  96. Improving the Transient Times for Distributed Stochastic Gradient Methods
  97. A strategic oscillation simheuristic for the Time Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with stochastic demands
  98. Safety-Critical Control of Stochastic Systems using Stochastic Control Barrier Functions
  99. From small-gain theory to compositional construction of barrier certificates for large-scale stochastic systems
  100. Package routing problem with registered couriers and stochastic demand
  101. Topology identification of multi-weighted complex networks based on adaptive synchronization: A graph-theoretic approach
  102. Transport pathway identification in fractured aquifers: A stochastic event synchrony-based framework
  103. Stochastic Game Model of Data Clustering.
  104. Performance analysis of cooperative communications at road intersections using stochastic geometry tools
  105. Global asymptotic stability of fractional-order competitive neural networks with multiple time-varying-delay links
  106. Scalable Bayesian inference for self-excitatory stochastic processes applied to big American gunfire data
  107. A resilience enhancement strategy for networked microgrids incorporating electricity and transport and utilizing a stochastic hierarchical control approach
  108. Coherence and Concentration in Tightly-Connected Networks
  109. Convergence properties of stochastic hypergradients
  110. Stochastic local search: a state-of-the-art review
  111. Patterns that persist: Heritable information in stochastic dynamics
  112. Compositional abstraction-based synthesis for continuous-time stochastic hybrid systems
  113. Bistability of somatic pattern memories: stochastic outcomes in bioelectric circuits underlying regeneration
  114. Standardized cargo network revenue management with dual channels under stochastic and time-dependent demand
  115. Stochastic Graphical Bandits with Adversarial Corruptions
  116. Adaptive Strategy for Resetting a Non-stationary Markov Chain during Learning via Joint Stochastic Approximation
  117. A Dynamic Variance-Based Triggering Scheme for Distributed Cooperative State Estimation over Wireless Sensor Networks
  118. Slice-to-voxel stochastic reconstructions on porous media with hybrid deep generative model
  119. Machine learning techniques in nested stochastic simulations for life insurance
  120. Delay feedback stabilisation of stochastic differential equations driven by G-Brownian motion
  121. A Unified Approach to Gated Reactions on Networks
  122. Evaluating the effect of electric vehicle parking lots in transmission-constrained AC unit commitment under a hybrid IGDT-stochastic approach
  123. Stochastic energy management of smart microgrid with intermittent renewable energy resources in electricity market
  124. Deep Learning and Mean-Field Games: A Stochastic Optimal Control Perspective
  125. Polling Systems and Their Application to Telecommunication Networks
  126. Machine Learning Methods for Vehicle Positioning in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
  127. Adaptive Group Testing on Networks with Community Structure
  128. Stochastic processes shape the biogeographic variations in core bacterial communities between aerial and belowground compartments of common bean
  129. Stochastic gene expression revisited
  130. Stochastic enzyme kinetics and the quasi-steady-state reductions: Application of the slow scale linear noise approximation\a la Fenichel
  131. An effective Progressive Hedging algorithm for the two-layers time window assignment vehicle routing problem in a stochastic environment
  132. Global Finite-Time and Fixed-Time Synchronization for Discontinuous Complex Dynamical Networks with Semi-Markovian Switching and Mixed Delays
  133. jl: A Julia Package for Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming
  134. Cluster Synchronization on Derivative Coupled Lur’e Networks: Impulsive Pinning Strategy
  135. Multilevel Decomposition Framework for Reliability Assessment of Assembled Stochastic Linear Structural Systems
  136. Information-Theoretic Generalization Bounds for Stochastic Gradient Descent
  137. Gradient descent on neural networks typically occurs at the edge of stability
  138. Convergence of Stochastic Gradient Descent in Deep Neural Network
  139. Stochastic and deterministic dynamics of intrinsically irregular firing in cortical inhibitory interneurons
  140. Developing optimal energy management of energy hub in the presence of stochastic renewable energy resources
  141. Optimal Control and Numerical Methods for Hybrid Stochastic SIS Models
  142. A hybrid deep meta-ensemble networks with application in electric utility industry load forecasting
  143. Mitigating long transient time in deterministic systems by resetting
  144. Mean-square contractivity of stochastic ?-methods
  145. Polling Systems and Their Application to Telecommunication Networks. Mathematics 2021, 9, 117
  146. Temporal convolutional networks interval prediction model for wind speed forecasting
  147. Reliability-based Topology Optimization using Stochastic Gradients
  148. Two Server Dynamic Coverage Location Model Under Stochastic Travel Time
  149. Reflecting stochastic dynamics of active-passive crowds in a queueing theory model
  150. Stochastic Fluid Model with Jumps: The Bounded Model
  151. Real-Time Pricing Method Based on Lyapunov for Stochastic and Electric Power Demand in Smart Grid
  152. Improving split-step forward methods by ODE solver for stiff stochastic differential equations
  153. Leveraging Machine-Learning for D2D Communications in 5G/Beyond 5G Networks
  154. Effects of resilience-oriented design on distribution networks operation planning
  155. AutoDropout: Learning Dropout Patterns to Regularize Deep Networks
  156. Clinical target volume segmentation for stomach cancer by stochastic width deep neural network
  157. A Survey of Multipath Load Balancing Based on Network Stochastic Model in MANET
  158. Dynamic event-triggered H8 state estimation for delayed complex networks with randomly occurring nonlinearities
  159. Shale digital core image generation based on generative adversarial networks
  160. A Rolling Horizon Approach for a Bilevel Stochastic Pricing Problem for Demand-Side Management
  161. Stochastic model predictive control for remanufacturing system management
  162. Regularisation of neural networks by enforcing lipschitz continuity
  163. Estimation of discrete choice models with hybrid stochastic adaptive batch size algorithms
  164. A Stochastic Composite Augmented Lagrangian Method For Reinforcement Learning
  165. Stochastic Road Side Unit Location Optimization for Information Propagation in the Internet of Vehicles
  166. Stochastic thermodynamics of a finite quantum system coupled to a heat bath
  167. A Stochastic Estimation Framework for Yearly Evolution of Worldwide Electricity Consumption
  168. Stochastic polyak step-size for sgd: An adaptive learning rate for fast convergence
  169. Solving parametric PDE problems with artificial neural networks
  170. Multimodal multi-pedestrian path prediction for autonomous cars
  171. Spatial distribution of the mean peak age of information in wireless networks
  172. Modeling and analysis of multi-class threshold-based queues with hysteresis using Stochastic Petri Nets
  173. B-PINNs: Bayesian physics-informed neural networks for forward and inverse PDE problems with noisy data
  174. Control of Stochastic Quantum Dynamics with Differentiable Programming
  175. Momentum residual neural networks
  176. A hybrid robust-stochastic approach to evaluate the profit of a multi-energy retailer in tri-layer energy markets
  177. A stochastic model explains the periodicity phenomenon of influenza on network
  178. The effect of graph connectivity on metastability in a stochastic system of spiking neurons
  179. Incipient fault prediction based on generalised correntropy filtering for non-Gaussian stochastic systems
  180. Disentangling homophily, community structure and triadic closure in networks
  181. Stochastic Nicholson-type delay differential system
  182. Stochastic rounding and its probabilistic backward error analysis
  183. PhyGeoNet: physics-informed geometry-adaptive convolutional neural networks for solving parameterized steady-state PDEs on irregular domain
  184. Constructing and analysing time-aggregated networks: The role of bootstrapping, permutation and simulation
  185. The stochastic evolution of a rumor spreading model with two distinct spread inhibiting and attitude adjusting mechanisms in a homogeneous social network
  186. Bottom-Up Generation of Peak Demand Scenarios in Water Distribution Networks
  187. Automatic verification of concurrent stochastic systems
  188. Allocation of Temporary Disaster-Response Facilities for Relief-Supplies Distribution: A Stochastic Optimization Approach for Afterdisaster Uncertainty
  189. Optimal regulation of energy network expansion when costs are stochastic
  190. Solving some stochastic differential equation using Dirichlet distributions
  191. Nonnegative periodicity on high-order proportional delayed cellular neural networks involving operator [J]
  192. Cross-correlated sine-Wiener bounded noises-induced logical stochastic resonance
  193. Auto Encoding Explanatory Examples with Stochastic Paths
  194. A novel stochastic programming approach for scheduling of batch processes with decision dependent time of uncertainty realization
  195. Fast Stochastic Bregman Gradient Methods: Sharp Analysis and Variance Reduction
  196. Optimal Stochastic Operation of Integrated Electric Power and Renewable Energy with Vehicle-Based Hydrogen Energy System
  197. Stochastic Parameter Identification Method for Driving Trajectory Simulation Processes Based on Mobile Edge Computing and Self-Organizing Feature …
  198. hp-VPINNs: Variational physics-informed neural networks with domain decomposition
  199. Assessment of a regional physical–biogeochemical stochastic ocean model. Part 1: Ensemble generation
  200. Stochastic energy scheduling of multi-microgrid systems considering independence performance index and energy storage systems
  201. Localization of Scattering Objects Using Neural Networks
  202. Impulsive quasi-containment control in heterogeneous multiplex networks
  203. Gaussian Density Parametrization Flow: Particle and Stochastic Approaches
  204. Optimization of Well Operations in a Carbonate Reservoir Using Stochastic Simplex Approximate Gradient
  205. Coordinated operation of reconfigurable networks with dynamic line rating for optimal utilization of renewable generation
  206. eSPRESSO: a spatial self-organizing-map clustering method for single-cell transcriptomes of various tissue structures using graph-based networks
  207. Optimizing Age of Information in Random-Access Poisson Networks
  208. Symbolic Control for Stochastic Systems via Parity Games
  209. Spatial-spectral Terahertz Networks
  210. Towards Understanding Learning in Neural Networks with Linear Teachers
  211. A Study of Dynamic Traffic Assignment Using Statistical Method for Urban Scenario
  212. Resource allocation for contingency planning: An inexact proximal bundle method for stochastic optimization
  213. Robust passivity and stability analysis of uncertain complex-valued impulsive neural networks with time-varying delays
  214. A Stochastic Multi-Agent Optimization Framework for Interdependent Transportation and Power System Analyses
  215. Layered Stochastic Approximation Monte-Carlo method for tall building and tower fragility in mixed wind load climates
  216. A multi-objective resilience-economic stochastic scheduling method for microgrid
  217. Bunkering policies for a fuel bunker management problem for liner shipping networks
  218. Event-Triggered Finite-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control for Stochastic Nontriangular Structure Nonlinear Systems
  219. An AI-based intelligent system for healthcare analysis using Ridge-Adaline Stochastic Gradient Descent Classifier
  220. Distributed stochastic principal component analysis using stabilized Barzilai-Borwein step-size for data compression with WSN
  221. Hybrid robust-stochastic bidding strategy for integrated power to gas and compressed air energy storage systems coordinated with wind farm
  222. Abstracting the Sampling Behaviour of Stochastic Linear Periodic Event-Triggered Control Systems
  223. Valuation of reactive power support provided by photovoltaic systems in distribution networks
  224. [CITATION][C] Control of Discrete-Time Stochastic Systems With Packet Loss by Event-Triggered Approach….. Z. Hu, P. Shi, J. Zhang, and F. Deng 755 Forward …
  225. On the advantages of stochastic encoders
  226. Fluctuation-dissipation Type Theorem in Stochastic Linear Learning
  227. A bus signal priority model at oversaturated intersection under stochastic demand
  228. Landscape and flux quantify the stochastic transition dynamics for p53 cell fate decision
  229. A Survey on Integrated Access and Backhaul Networks
  230. Stochastic optimal planning scheme of a zero-carbon multi-energy system (ZC-MES) considering the uncertainties of individual energy demand and renewable …
  231. A beginning quantitative taxonomy of cognitive activation systems and application to continuous flow processes
  232. Toward a Digital Twin: Time Series Prediction Based on a Hybrid Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and BO-LSTM Neural Networks
  233. A Stochastic View of Varying Styles in Art Paintings
  234. Solving optimal power flow problem with stochastic wind–solar–small hydro power using barnacles mating optimizer
  235. A robust stochastic stability analysis approach for power system considering wind speed prediction error based on Markov model
  236. Convergence and Stability of the Truncated Euler-Maruyama Method for Stochastic Differential Equations with Piecewise Continuous Arguments
  237. Tobit Kalman filtering for fractional-order systems with stochastic nonlinearities under Round-Robin protocol
  238. PowerEvaluationBALD: Efficient Evaluation-Oriented Deep (Bayesian) Active Learning with Stochastic Acquisition Functions
  239. Dynamic User Allocation in Stochastic Edge Computing Systems
  240. Recurrent neural networks for time series forecasting: Current status and future directions
  241. Delay-dependent stability analysis of stochastic time-delay systems involving Poisson process
  242. Application of information fusion techniques and satellite products in the optimal redesign of rain gauge networks
  243. Partial-neurons-based state estimation for delayed neural networks with state-dependent noises under redundant channels
  244. Modeling RIS Empowered Outdoor-to-Indoor Communication in mmWave Cellular Networks
  245. Featured Hybrid Recommendation System Using Stochastic Gradient Descent
  246. Dynamics and synchronization of boundary coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo neural networks
  247. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Challenges, Solutions, and Future Directions
  248. Bayesian Networks for Online Cybersecurity Threat Detection
  249. TERA: Optimizing Stochastic Regression Tests in Machine Learning Projects
  250. Machine learning assisted stochastic progressive failure analysis of composite laminates in a meso-macro framework
  251. Hydrological drought forecasting using multi-scalar streamflow drought index, stochastic models and machine learning approaches, in northern Iran
  252. The impact of congestion on protection decisions in supply networks under disruptions
  253. Complex networks identification using Bayesian model with independent Laplace prior
  254. Going deeper with image transformers
  255. Structure-preserving neural networks
  256. Foundations and modelling of dynamic networks using dynamic graph neural networks: A survey
  257. Efficient presolving methods for influence maximization problem in social networks
  258. Outer Synchronization Between Complex Delayed Networks with Both Uncertain Parameters and Unknown Topological Structure
  259. Mlp-mixer: An all-mlp architecture for vision
  260. Neural networks behave as hash encoders: An empirical study
  261. Memory-event-triggering H8 reliable control for networked jacket platforms against earthquakes and stochastic actuator faults
  263. Functional Priors for Bayesian Neural Networks through Wasserstein Distance Minimization to Gaussian Processes
  264. CryoDRGN: reconstruction of heterogeneous cryo-EM structures using neural networks
  265. Outlier-resistant l 2-l 8 state estimation for discrete-time memristive neural networks with time-delays
  266. Combinatorial approach to spreading processes on networks
  267. Consensus Protocol Design for Leader-Following Multi-Agent Systems With Stochastic Sampling Information
  268. [CITATION][C] Hyperparameter-free Regularization by Sampling from an Infinite Space of Neural Networks
  269. Neuroevolution in deep neural networks: Current trends and future challenges
  270. Adaptive fuzzy finite-time control of stochastic nonlinear systems with actuator faults
  271. Novel extended dissipativity criteria for generalized neural networks with interval discrete and distributed time-varying delays
  272. A stochastic geospatial epidemic model and simulation using an event modulated Gillespie algorithm
  273. Model Reduction Captures Stochastic Gamma Oscillations on Low-Dimensional Manifolds
  274. Towards 6G wireless communication networks: Vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shifts
  275. Linearized two-layers neural networks in high dimension
  276. Simulation and Analysis Methods for Stochastic Compartmental Epidemic Models
  277. Untangling the Small Intestine in 4D MRI using Deep Stochastic Tracking
  278. A novel fuzzy cloud stochastic framework for energy management of renewable microgrids based on maximum deployment of electric vehicles
  279. A hybrid stochastic optimization framework for composite nonconvex optimization
  280. Parametron on magnetic dot: Stable and stochastic operation
  281. Avoidance, antipathy, and aggression: A three-wave longitudinal network study on negative networks, status, and heteromisos
  282. Exact Recovery of Stochastic Block Model by Ising Model
  283. Stochastic modelling of 3D fiber structures imaged with X-ray microtomography
  284. Deep Learning and Neural Networks Overview
  285. Stochastic Analysis of Network-Level Bridge Maintenance Needs Using Latin Hypercube Sampling
  286. Training Deep Architectures Without End-to-End Backpropagation: A Brief Survey
  287. Classification of olive leaf diseases using deep convolutional neural networks
  288. Distributed genetic algorithm for lifetime coverage optimisation in wireless sensor networks
  289. Optimizing Information Freshness for Cooperative IoT Systems with Stochastic Arrivals
  290. Highly Complex Resource Scheduling for Stochastic Demands in Heterogeneous Clouds
  291. Stochastic multi-objective optimization to design optimal transactive pricing for dynamic demand response programs: A bi-level fuzzy approach
  292. Growth moment, stability and asymptotic behaviours of solution to a class of time-fractal-fractional stochastic differential equation
  293. Non-invasive inference of thrombus material properties with physics-informed neural networks
  294. Convex Smoothed Autoencoder-Optimal Transport model
  295. Neural-network-based control for discrete-time nonlinear systems with input saturation under stochastic communication protocol
  296. New Results on Stability of Coupled Impulsive Fractional-Order Systems on Networks
  297. Master–slave synchronization of neural networks via event-triggered dynamic controller
  298. The Rise of Platform-Based Networks: Outlook for the Real Estate Brokerage Industry
  299. Robust learning with implicit residual networks
  300. Assortativity measures for weighted and directed networks
  301. Multiple improved residual networks for medical image super-resolution
  302. Modeling bursting in neuronal networks using facilitation-depression and afterhyperpolarization
  303. Neural networks-based backward scheme for fully nonlinear PDEs
  304. Optimal sampling and scheduling for timely status updates in multi-source networks
  305. Delay-coupled fractional order complex Cohen-Grossberg neural networks under parameter uncertainty: Synchronization stability criteria [J]
  306. Inequity-averse stochastic decision processes
  307. Integration of designing price-based demand response models into a stochastic bi-level scheduling of multiple energy carrier microgrids considering energy storage …
  308. Simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation of the quantum fisher information
  309. RS-DCNN: A novel distributed convolutional-neural-networks based-approach for big remote-sensing image classification
  310. A three-stage stochastic planning model for enhancing the resilience of distribution systems with microgrid formation strategy
  311. Identification of linear and nonlinear flutter derivatives of bridge decks by unscented Kalman filter approach from free vibration or stochastic buffeting response
  312. An augmented delays-dependent region partitioning approach for recurrent neural networks with multiple time-varying delays
  313. Fuzzy stochastic differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motion
  314. Adaptive Synchronization of Fractional-Order Delayed Memristive Neural Networks
  315. Observability Analysis of a Power System Stochastic Dynamical Model Using a Derivative-Free Approach
  316. Machine Learning for User Partitioning and Phase Shifters Design in RIS-Aided NOMA Networks
  317. A stochastic semi-non-parametric analysis of regional efficiency in the European Union
  318. Dynamic Spectrum Access using Stochastic Multi-User Bandits
  319. A pathwise stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation with application to large deviations
  320. An Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Driven Stochastic Active Contour Model with Uncertainty Analysis
  321. Vivit: A video vision transformer
  322. Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization via Primal-Dual Decomposition and Deep Unrolling
  323. Why over-parameterization of deep neural networks does not overfit?
  324. Accepted Sessions
  325. Uniformly optimal multi-sensor design in pipe networks for transient-based leakage localization
  326. Master equation analysis of mesoscopic localization in contagion dynamics on higher-order networks
  327. Cost-Sensitive Variable Selection for Multi-Class Imbalanced Datasets Using Bayesian Networks
  328. On dynamic scheduling of a call center with complete resource pooling in heavy tra c
  329. Application of complex networks for monthly rainfall dynamics over central Vietnam
  330. Stochastic switched sampled-data control for uncertain fuzzy systems with packet dropout
  332. Stochastic Binning and Coded Demixing for Unsourced Random Access
  333. Minimax rates in network analysis: Graphon estimation, community detection and hypothesis testing
  334. Scaling Up Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems using Deep Neural Networks
  335. Emergency Detection with Environment Sound Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  336. Stochastic optimal dispatching strategy of electricity-hydrogen-gas-heat integrated energy system based on improved spectral clustering method
  337. A simplified multifractal model for self-similar traffic flows in high-speed computer networks revisited
  338. Performance Enhancement for Microgrids Under the Demand Uncertainties with the Presence of Multiple DGs Through Stochastic Ranking Algorithm
  339. Input-output networks considering graphlet-based analysis for production optimization: Application in ethylene plants
  340. Extended dissipativity of semi-Markov jump neural networks with partly unknown transition rates
  341. Formation Control of Stochastic Multivehicle Systems
  342. Non-rigid registration of point clouds using landmarks and stochastic neighbor embedding
  343. Swin transformer: Hierarchical vision transformer using shifted windows
  344. Modelling and prediction of the dynamic responses of large-scale brain networks during direct electrical stimulation
  345. Event-triggered online energy flow control strategy for regional integrated energy system using Lyapunov optimization
  346. Implementation of Recommender System Using Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  347. A covariance matrix-based spectrum sensing technology exploiting stochastic resonance and filters
  348. Resilience toward supply disruptions: A stochastic inventory control model with partial backordering under the base stock policy
  349. A fuzzy adaptive fractional order-PID controller for frequency control of an islanded microgrid under stochastic wind/solar uncertainties
  350. Deep Learning in Science: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
  351. Optimization on data offloading ratio of designed caching in heterogeneous mobile wireless networks
  352. Coexistence, dispersal and spatial structure in metacommunities: a stochastic model approach
  353. Local Competition and Stochasticity for Adversarial Robustness in Deep Learning
  354. Benefit of PARMA Modeling for Long-Term Hydroelectric Scheduling Using Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming
  355. A deep collocation method for the bending analysis of Kirchhoff plate
  356. Poisson approximation with applications to stochastic geometry
  357. A component mode synthesis method for reduced-order modeling of cable networks in cable-stayed bridges
  358. Stochastic modelling and analysis of harvesting model: Application to” summer fishing moratorium” by intermittent control
  359. Bayesian neural networks for weak solution of PDEs with uncertainty quantification
  360. Adaptive dynamic surface full state constraints control for stochastic Markov jump systems based on event-triggered strategy
  361. Input-to-state stability of impulsive stochastic infinite dimensional systems with Poisson jumps
  362. Analysis of storm surge characteristics based on stochastic process [J]
  363. Stochastic faulty estimator-based non-fragile tracking controller for multi-agent systems with communication delay
  364. Periodic solutions of Cohen-Grossberg-type Bi-directional associative memory neural networks with neutral delays and impulses [J]
  365. Stochastic Optimization Methods for Modern Machine Learning Problems
  366. Has NANOGrav found first evidence for cosmic strings?
  367. Auxiliary model multiinnovation stochastic gradient parameter estimation methods for nonlinear sandwich systems
  368. Determinants of allocative and technical inefficiency in stochastic frontier models: An analysis of Norwegian electricity distribution firms
  369. Layerwise learning for quantum neural networks
  370. Barlow twins: Self-supervised learning via redundancy reduction
  371. Deep learning for mining protein data
  372. Stochastic filtering based transmissibility estimation of novel coronavirus
  373. Improving siamese networks for one-shot learning using kernel-based activation functions
  374. Surrogate-Based Stochastic Multiobjective Optimization for Coastal Aquifer Management under Parameter Uncertainty
  375. Swarm-based optimization as stochastic training strategy for estimation of reference evapotranspiration using extreme learning machine
  376. Learning earth system models from observations: machine learning or data assimilation?
  377. Dynamic neural networks: A survey
  378. Associated Learning: Decomposing End-to-End Backpropagation Based on Autoencoders and Target Propagation
  379. Similarity preserving overlapping community detection in signed networks
  380. Augmented two-side-looped Lyapunov functional for sampled-data-based synchronization of chaotic neural networks with actuator saturation
  381. Robust early-learning: Hindering the memorization of noisy labels
  382. Topological properties of the set of functions generated by neural networks of fixed size
  383. Stochastic optimization for price-based unit commitment in renewable energy-based personal rapid transit systems in sustainable smart cities
  384. Scaling local self-attention for parameter efficient visual backbones
  385. Simulation-based optimisation for stochastic maintenance routing in an offshore wind farm
  386. Tools for time-course simulation in systems biology: a brief overview
  387. Competition for medical supplies under stochastic demand in the Covid-19 pandemic: A Generalized Nash Equilibrium framework
  388. Revisiting resnets: Improved training and scaling strategies
  389. Co-scale conv-attentional image transformers
  390. Comparative Analysis of Edge Information and Polarization on SAR-to-Optical Translation Based on Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
  391. Non-Stochastic Information Theory
  393. Traffic Characterisation for Telecommunication Networks
  394. Process screening framework for the synthesis of process networks from a circular economy perspective
  395. A structural model of homophily and clustering in social networks
  396. High-performance large-scale image recognition without normalization
  397. Development of Hybrid Neural Networks
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  418. PFNN: A penalty-free neural network method for solving a class of second-order boundary-value problems on complex geometries
  419. Controlling the schedule risk in green building projects: Buffer management framework with activity dependence
  420. Wireless sensor networks for continuous structural health monitoring of historic masonry towers
  421. Synchronization and metabolic energy consumption in stochastic Hodgkin-Huxley neurons: Patch size and drug blockers
  422. Fixed-time bipartite synchronization with a pre-appointed settling time over directed cooperative–antagonistic networks
  423. Dynamic Hidden-Variable Network Models
  424. 3D multi-scale deep convolutional neural networks for pulmonary nodule detection
  425. MultiLevel Composite Stochastic Optimization via Nested Variance Reduction
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  501. Transfer Learning and Augmentation for Word Sense Disambiguation
  502. Passivity Analysis of CDNs With Multiple Time-Varying Delays
  503. Spatial capacity planning
  504. PNPDet: Efficient Few-Shot Detection Without Forgetting via Plug-and-Play Sub-Networks
  505. Coupled Gradient Estimators for Discrete Latent Variables
  506. An accelerated directional derivative method for smooth stochastic convex optimization
  507. Node2Seq: Towards Trainable Convolutions in Graph Neural Networks
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  510. Improved ACD-based financial trade durations prediction leveraging LSTM networks and Attention Mechanism
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  524. Robust overfitting may be mitigated by properly learned smoothening
  525. Hyperbolic node embedding for signed networks
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  527. Applied Machine Learning in Social Sciences: Neural Networks and Crime Prediction
  528. Passivity Analysis and Pinning Control of Multi-weighted CDNs
  529. Fitting a reversible Markov chain by maximum likelihood: Converting an awkwardly constrained optimization problem to an unconstrained one
  530. Using wasserstein generative adversarial networks for the design of monte carlo simulations
  531. Nash equilibria on (un) stable networks
  532. Robust optimization of renewable-based multi-energy micro-grid integrated with flexible energy conversion and storage devices
  533. Learning interpretable deep state space model for probabilistic time series forecasting
  534. Duplex adversarial networks for multiple-source domain adaptation
  535. Asymptotic entropy of the Gibbs state of complex networks
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  543. A Mixed-Integer Convex Model for the Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generators in Power Distribution Networks
  544. Distributed Kalman filtering for uncertain dynamic systems with state constraints
  545. Enhancement of phase synchronization by an infinite variance noise in a small-world network
  546. Deep neural networks for estimation and inference
  547. Dynamic spatio-temporal patterns of metapopulation occupancy in patchy habitats
  548. Resilient controller synthesis for Markovian jump systems with probabilistic faults and gain fluctuations under stochastic sampling operational mechanism
  549. Random vector functional link neural network based ensemble deep learning
  550. STiDi-BP: Spike time displacement based error backpropagation in multilayer spiking neural networks
  551. Hybrid Random Networks Mixing Preferential Attachment with Uniform Attachment Mechanisms
  552. LOW: Training deep neural networks by learning optimal sample weights
  553. Stone–Wales defects preserve hyperuniformity in amorphous two-dimensional networks
  554. Count and duration time series with equal conditional stochastic and mean orders
  555. The effectiveness of backward contact tracing in networks
  556. Physics informed neural networks for simulating radiative transfer
  557. Stochastic analysis and validation under aleatory and epistemic uncertainties
  558. Convergence and Dynamical Behavior of the ADAM Algorithm for Nonconvex Stochastic Optimization
  559. Distributed Computational Framework for Large-Scale Stochastic Convex Optimization
  560. Compositional abstraction-based synthesis of general MDPs via approximate probabilistic relations
  561. Passivity of DRDNs with Application to a Food Web Model
  562. Character-based handwritten text transcription with attention networks
  563. Wind turbine power curve modeling using radial basis function neural networks and tabu search
  564. A Benders-Decomposition and Meta-Heuristic Algorithm for a Bi-Objective Stochastic Reliable Capacitated Facility Location Problem Not Dealing with Benders …
  565. Uncertainty Estimation in Deep Neural Networks for Point Cloud Segmentation in Factory Planning
  566. Statistics of nascent and mature rna fluctuations in a stochastic model of transcriptional initiation, elongation, pausing, and termination
  567. Neural Networks for Estimating Speculative Attacks Models
  568. Efficient uncertainty quantification for dynamic subsurface flow with surrogate by Theory-guided Neural Network
  569. Global dynamic analysis of periodic solution for discrete-time inertial neural networks with delays [J]
  570. Weighted pseudo almost periodicity of multi-proportional delayed shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks with D operator
  571. The economic case for global vaccinations: An epidemiological model with international production networks
  572. Sparse Nonlinear System Identification for Hypersonic Aerothermoelastic Analysis with Stochastic Loads
  573. Universal discriminative quantum neural networks
  574. Motifs in Biological Networks
  575. Target Control of Asynchronous Boolean Networks
  576. Linear Convergence for Constrained Optimization Over Time-Varying Digraphs
  577. Reduced-order modeling of advection-dominated systems with recurrent neural networks and convolutional autoencoders
  578. Asynchronous fault detection filtering for piecewise homogenous Markov jump linear systems via a dual hidden Markov model
  579. A generalized cauchy method for remaining useful life prediction of wind turbine gearboxes
  580. The role of investor attention in predicting stock prices: The long short-term memory networks perspective
  581. Extended gradient-based iterative algorithm for bilinear state-space systems with moving average noises by using the filtering technique
  582. A Practical Step-by-Step Guide for Quantifying Retroactivity in Gene Networks
  583. Algorithmic Approaches to Inventory Management Optimization
  584. FTP and FTS of CDNs with State and Derivative Coupling
  585. Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation as a Tool for Multiclass Face Analysis in Thermal Infrared
  586. Intelligent Agents in Co Evolving Knowledge Networks. Mathematics 2021, 9, 103
  587. Hyperbolic Deep Neural Networks: A Survey
  588. Escape and absorption probabilities for obliquely reflected Brownian motion in a quadrant
  589. DiPSeN: Differentially Private Self-normalizing Neural Networks For Adversarial Robustness in Federated Learning
  590. A Regularized Convex Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Model for signed network analysis
  591. Detection resource allocation scheme for two-layer cooperative IDSs in smart grids
  592. Optimization of water distribution networks using a deterministic approach
  593. Incremental approach for multi-modal face expression recognition system using deep neural networks
  594. Study on intelligent anti–electricity stealing early-warning technology based on convolutional neural networks
  595. Distributed Data Fusion for Multirate Sensor Networks
  596. Layer reconstruction and missing link prediction of multilayer network with Maximum A Posteriori estimation
  597. A case study of conditional deep convolutional generative adversarial networks in machine fault diagnosis
  598. Generating digital twins of mesoporous silica by graph-based stochastic microstructure modeling
  599. Prescribed-time cluster synchronization of uncertain complex dynamical networks with switching via pinning control
  600. A Comparative Analysis of AlexNet and GoogLeNet with a Simple DCNN for Face Recognition

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