Wireless Systems Research Topics ideas for MS PhD

Research Topic ideas of Wireless Systems for thesis of MS, or Ph.D. Degree

  1. 6G wireless systems: Vision, requirements, challenges, insights, and opportunities
  2. Wideband four-port MIMO antenna array with high isolation for future wireless systems
  3. Multi-RIS-aided Wireless Systems: Statistical Characterization and Performance Analysis
  4. Deep learning based modulation classification for 5G and beyond wireless systems
  5. Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces for future wireless networks: A channel modeling perspective
  6. 6G Wireless Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
  7. Broadband Microstrip Antenna for 5G Wireless Systems Operating at 28 GHz
  8. Multirate signal processing for communication systems
  9. Convergent communication, sensing and localization in 6G systems: An overview of technologies, opportunities and challenges
  10. Optical wireless communications for in-body and transdermal biomedical applications
  11. Learning to continuously optimize wireless resource in episodically dynamic environment
  12. High-efficiency high-voltage class F amplifier for high-frequency wireless ultrasound systems
  13. Ratio of products of mixture gamma variates with applications to wireless communications systems
  14. A Study on Static Call Admission Control Policies for Wireless Mobile Cellular Networks
  15. Research on term extraction technology in computer field based on wireless network technology
  16. Making use of nanoenergy from human–Nanogenerator and self-powered sensor enabled sustainable wireless IoT sensory systems
  17. Resource allocation for intelligent reflecting surface aided wireless powered mobile edge computing in OFDM systems
  18. Opportunities of Federated Learning in Connected, Cooperative and Automated Industrial Systems
  19. Reconfigurable-intelligent-surface empowered wireless communications: Challenges and opportunities
  20. Terahertz Wireless Communications: Research Issues and Challenges for Active and Passive Systems in Space and on the Ground above 100 GHz
  21. IRS-Empowered Wireless Communications: State-of-the-Art, Key Techniques, and Open Issues
  22. Channel estimation for RIS-empowered multi-user MISO wireless communications
  23. Architecting more than Moore: wireless plasticity for massive heterogeneous computer architectures (WiPLASH)
  24. Online Optimal State Feedback Control of Linear Systems over Wireless MIMO Fading Channels
  25. Multiobjective optimization based on self-organizing Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for massive MIMO 5G wireless network
  26. Towards 6G wireless communication networks: Vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shifts
  27. Unbalanced two-way filtering power splitter for wireless communication systems
  28. Handoff strategies between wireless fidelity to light fidelity systems for improving video streaming in high-speed vehicular networks
  29. Single and multi-agent deep reinforcement learning for AI-enabled wireless networks: A tutorial
  30. SmartCrawler: An In-pipe Robotic System with Novel Low-frequency Wireless Communication Setup in Water Distribution Systems
  31. Interplay between RIS and AI in Wireless Communications: Fundamentals, Architectures, Applications, and Open Research Problems
  32. Organic photovoltaics for simultaneous energy harvesting and high-speed MIMO optical wireless communications
  33. Data-Driven Wireless Communication Using Gaussian Processes
  34. Improved modal identification using wireless continuous dynamic monitoring systems without real time synchronization
  35. Street architecture landscape design based on Wireless Internet of Things and GIS system
  36. Massive wireless energy transfer: Enabling sustainable IoT towards 6G era
  37. Efficient data confidentiality scheme for 5g wireless NOMA communications
  38. A product channel attack to wireless physical layer security
  39. Ultra-sensitive passive wireless sensor exploiting high-order exceptional point for weakly coupling detection
  40. Machine Learning in 5G Wireless Networks
  41. Low-complexity interference cancellation algorithms for detection in media-based modulated uplink massive-MIMO systems
  42. A general 3D non-stationary wireless channel model for 5G and beyond
  43. Photoacoustic and piezo-ultrasound hybrid-induced energy transfer for 3D twining wireless multifunctional implants
  44. Enabling large intelligent surfaces with compressive sensing and deep learning
  45. Modeling and Analysis of Polarized Couplers Under Misalignment for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Systems
  46. End-to-end mutual coupling aware communication model for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: An electromagnetic-compliant approach based on mutual …
  47. Standard Propagation Channel Models for MIMO Communication Systems
  48. Peak age of information distribution for edge computing with wireless links
  49. Hybrid active/passive wireless network aided by intelligent reflecting surface: System modeling and performance analysis
  50. A Modular Design Concept for Shaping Future Wireless TSN Solutions
  51. Revisiting wireless internet connectivity: 5G vs Wi-Fi 6
  52. Energy harvesting in wireless sensor networks: A taxonomic survey
  53. Nature-inspired algorithms for wireless sensor networks: A comprehensive survey
  54. Machine Learning in Wireless Communication: A Survey
  55. Intelligent reflecting surface aided wireless communications: A tutorial
  56. Routing in wireless sensor networks using machine learning techniques: Challenges and opportunities
  57. Study and Implementation of a Packet Video Transmission Wireless Receiver
  58. Performance Evaluation of Underwater Wireless Optical Communication System by Varying the Environmental Parameters
  59. Task offloading for wireless VR-enabled medical treatment with blockchain security using collective reinforcement learning
  60. Wireless edge caching based on content similarity in dynamic environments
  61. A new semi-analytical approach for self and mutual inductance calculation of hexagonal spiral coil used in wireless power transfer systems
  62. Wireless power transfer via topological modes in dimer chains
  63. Comprehensive optimized hybrid energy storage system for long-life solar-powered wireless sensor network nodes
  64. RF Analysis of Double-Gate Junctionless Tunnel FET for Wireless Communication Systems: A Non-quasi Static Approach
  65. Self-sustained autonomous wireless sensing based on a hybridized TENG and PEG vibration mechanism
  66. Modeling Ensembles of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems in Ultrawideband Active Wireless Direct Chaotic Networks
  67. Soft subdermal implant capable of wireless battery charging and programmable controls for applications in optogenetics
  68. Context-Aware Security for 6G Wireless The Role of Physical Layer Security
  69. Large System Achievable Rate Analysis of RIS-Assisted MIMO Wireless Communication with Statistical CSIT
  71. Real-Time Subscriber Session Management on 5G NSA Wireless Network Systems
  72. Modeling of the Schemes for Organizing a Session of Person–System Interactions in the Information System for Critical Use Which Operates in a Wireless …
  73. Power Electronics for Wireless Charging of Future Electric Vehicles
  74. Patchable and implantable 2D nanogenerator
  75. Jamming Attacks and Anti-Jamming Strategies in Wireless Networks: A Comprehensive Survey
  76. Design of slotted patch antenna based on photonic crystal for wireless communication
  77. Statistical Characterization of Wireless MIMO Channels in Mode-Stirred Enclosures
  78. Brain-Inspired Data Transmission in Dense Wireless Network
  79. Stochastic geometry analysis of spatial-temporal performance in wireless networks: a tutorial
  80. Implementation and Design of Wireless IoT Network using Deep Learning
  81. Simulation and Analysis of RF Attacks on Wireless SCADA System
  82. Cascaded stages of parametric optical fiber amplifiers with Raman fiber amplifiers for upgrading of telecommunication networks through optical wireless …
  83. Advanced Spatial Modulation for Underwater Optical Wireless Communication
  84. Wireless Cyber-Physical System Performance Evaluation Through a Graph Database Approach
  85. Development of Wearable Wireless Electrocardiogram Detection System using Bluetooth Low Energy
  86. On the Performance of Self-Concatenated Coding for Wireless Mobile Video Transmission Using DSTS-SP-Assisted Smart Antenna System
  87. An Energy-Efficient Trust Based Secure Data Scheme In Wireless Sensor Networks
  88. A CPW fed two and four element antenna with reduced mutual coupling between the antenna elements for wireless applications
  89. A survey of 5G network systems: challenges and machine learning approaches
  90. IoT-based data logger for weather monitoring using arduino-based wireless sensor networks with remote graphical application and alerts
  91. Capacity and optimal resource allocation for IRS-assisted multi-user communication systems
  92. Millimeter-Wave Double-Directional Channel Sounder using COTS RF Transceivers
  93. Exploiting amplitude control in intelligent reflecting surface aided wireless communication with imperfect CSI
  94. Near optimum random routing of uniformly load balanced nodes in wireless sensor networks using connectivity matrix
  95. Design of Efficient, Dependable SoCs Based on a Cross-Layer-Reliability Approach with Emphasis on Wireless Communication as Application and DRAM …
  96. Physical layer authentication for automotive cyber physical systems based on modified HB protocol
  97. A Low-Complexity MAP–SIC Detector for Massive MIMO Systems
  98. Green computing in IoT: Time slotted simultaneous wireless information and power transfer
  99. Dynamic Resource Optimization for Adaptive Federated Learning at the Wireless Network Edge
  100. BER variation of an optical wireless communication system in underwater turbulent medium with any temperature and salinity concentration
  101. N-doped reduced graphene oxide-PEDOT nanocomposites for implementation of a flexible wideband antenna for wearable wireless communication applications
  102. Random Fourier Feature Based Deep Learning for Wireless Communications
  103. Algorithms for communications systems and their applications
  104. Acoustic emission wireless monitoring of structures
  105. Performance analysis of coded OTFS systems over high-mobility channels
  106. Control communication co-design for wide area cyber-physical systems
  107. A Hierarchical Routing Graph for Supporting Mobile Devices in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
  108. An optimized deep neural network based DoS attack detection in wireless video sensor network
  109. Wireless Infrastructure in the Transportation Market and the Challenges
  110. Wireless sensor networks for continuous structural health monitoring of historic masonry towers
  111. Efficient and high-precision time synchronization for wireless monitoring of civil infrastructure subjected to sudden events
  112. Microwave and wireless synthesizers: theory and design
  113. Securing massive MIMO systems: Secrecy for free with low-complexity architectures
  114. An energy-efficient non-uniform clustering routing protocol based on improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm for wireless sensor networks
  115. Corrections to “Real-Time Vehicular Wireless System-Level Simulation”
  116. A novel heterogeneous clustering protocol for lifetime maximization of wireless sensor network
  117. Integrated Ultra-Low Power RF-DC Converter for Wireless Passive Microdevices
  118. A study of Dual Band Reformed Square Slot DRA for Wireless System
  119. Internet of Things (IoT)-Based Wireless Health: Enabling Technologies and Applications
  120. WON-OCDMA system based on MW-ZCC codes for applications in optical wireless sensor networks
  121. An adaptive low power schedule for wireless sensor network
  122. Two-timescale channel estimation for reconfigurable intelligent surface aided wireless communications
  123. Performance Analysis of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
  124. Wireless sensor applications for building operation and management
  125. A new approach for security of wireless sensor networks based on anti-synchronization of the fractional-order hyper-chaotic system
  126. Design and Experimental Analysis of Multiband Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna for 5G and Sub-6 GHz Wireless Communication
  127. Structure and Circuit Solution of a Bidirectional Wireless Power Transmission System in Applied Robotics.
  128. Optimized Clustering With Data Privacy For Wireless Sensor Network Data Transmission
  129. Stable and Highly Efficient Free-Space Optical Wireless Communication System Based on Polarization Modulation and In-Fiber Diffraction
  130. CRISPR-Cas12a-driven MXene-PEDOT: PSS piezoresistive wireless biosensor
  131. An ultra-wideband rectangular monopole with circular ring antenna for wireless communication applications
  132. Actively controlled asymmetric edge states for directional wireless power transfer
  133. A Dual-Band Modified Franklin mm-Wave Antenna for 5G Wireless Applications
  134. A systematic review of data aggregation techniques in wireless sensor networks
  135. Radon protection in apartments by wireless radon activity concentration-controlled ventilation
  136. Wireless Sensor Network Aided Assembly Line Monitoring According to Expectations of Industry 4.0
  137. Intelligent reflecting surface assisted multi-cell multi-band wireless networks
  138. A survey on healthcare data security in wireless body area networks
  139. Optical Wireless Communication: A Candidate 6G Technology?
  140. Space-Time Block Coded Cooperative MIMO Systems
  141. Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Cities: Network Design, Implementation and Performance Evaluation
  142. Bidirectional Audio Transmission in Optical Wireless Communication Using PWM and Class D Amplifier
  143. A Survey of Candidate Waveforms for beyond 5G Systems
  144. Energy-Aware System Design for Autonomous Wireless Sensor Nodes: A Comprehensive Review
  145. Cross-Layer Resource Allocation for UAV-Assisted Wireless Caching Networks with NOMA
  146. A survey on machine learning-based performance improvement of wireless networks: PHY, MAC and network layer
  147. Distributed genetic algorithm for lifetime coverage optimisation in wireless sensor networks
  148. Cluster-based data transmission scheme in wireless sensor networks using black hole and ant colony algorithms
  149. Modelling heterogeneous future wireless cellular networks: An analytical study for interaction of 5G femtocells and macro-cells
  150. A QoE adaptive management system for high definition video streaming over wireless networks
  151. One protocol to rule them all: Wireless network-on-chip using deep reinforcement learning
  152. Comparative Study of Energy Efficient Routing Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
  153. An efficient anonymous authentication and confidentiality preservation schemes for secure communications in wireless body area networks
  154. Fuzzy Based Unequal Clustering and Context-Aware Routing Based on Glow-Worm Swarm Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks: Forest Fire Detection
  155. NOMA-enabled wireless powered backscatter communications for secure and green IoT networks
  156. Intelligent secure mobile edge computing for beyond 5G wireless networks
  157. CSI-free Rotary Antenna Beamforming for Massive RF Wireless Energy Transfer
  158. A power waveform design based on OVSF-PPM for stress wave based wireless power transfer
  159. Design of Reconfigurable Tri-Band Antenna for Wireless Communication
  160. A self-powered wearable wireless sensor system powered by a hybrid energy harvester for healthcare applications
  161. System Performance Insights into Design of RIS-assisted Smart Radio Environments for 6G
  162. Hospital system adoption of magnetic seeds for wireless breast and lymph node localization
  163. Meta-Wearable Antennas—A Review of Metamaterial Based Antennas in Wireless Body Area Networks
  164. A Novel Dynamic Routing Approach to Distributed Wireless Sensor Network in Aircraft Environment
  165. A Systematic Review of the State of Cyber-Security in Water Systems
  166. Unsupervised learning for parametric optimization in wireless networks
  167. Wireless processor application in home music teaching based on machine learning
  168. Microwave Wireless Power Transfer System Based on a Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna Array
  169. Wireless Semi-Trucks Global Safety & Monitoring System
  170. Near-Field Communications (NFC) for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT): An Overview
  171. A Survey on Handover Algorithms in Heterogeneous Wireless Network
  172. Learning based signal detection for MIMO systems with unknown noise statistics
  173. Energy-efficient relay node selection scheme for sustainable wireless body area networks
  174. Flexural damage diagnosis in reinforced concrete beams using a wireless admittance monitoring system—Tests and finite element analysis
  175. A deep gated recurrent unit based model for wireless intrusion detection system
  176. Low data regimes in extreme climates: Foliage penetration personnel detection using a wireless network-based device-free sensing approach
  177. Spatial distribution of the mean peak age of information in wireless networks
  178. On the Implementation Complexity of Digital Full-Duplex Self-Interference Cancellation
  180. Communication systems of high-speed railway: A survey
  181. Legitimate Eavesdropping with Wireless Powered Proactive Full-duplex Eavesdroppers
  182. Machine learning based wireless acoustic communication with enhanced performance
  183. Obu (on-board unit) wireless devices in vanet (s) for effective communication—A review
  184. Energy-Efficient and Fast Data Collection in UAV-Aided Wireless Sensor Networks for Hilly Terrains
  185. RF energy modelling using machine learning for energy harvesting communications systems
  186. A Compact FPGA-Based Accelerator for Curve-Based Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks
  187. A chip-less and battery-less subharmonic tag for wireless sensing with parametrically enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range
  188. Formal Proof of Node Level Trust Evaluation in Wireless Sensor Network
  189. Modern Healthcare With Wearable Sensors and Wireless Technology
  190. Wireless Power Transfer for Future Networks: Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Computing, and Sensing
  191. Food Supply Chains as Cyber-Physical Systems: A Path for More Sustainable Personalized Nutrition
  192. Adaptive live video streaming on low-cost wireless multihop networks for road traffic surveillance in smart cities
  193. Joint source and relay beamforming design and time allocation for wireless powered multi-relay multi-user network
  194. Wireless power charging and identification of theft electric vehicle using Block chain technology
  195. Miniature microbial solar cells to power wireless sensor networks
  196. Core Technologies and Harmful Effects of 5G Wireless Technology
  197. Channel Assignment for Hybrid NOMA Systems with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  198. Artificial Neural Network Approach using Mobile Agent for Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
  199. Bandwidth Allocation for Multiple Federated Learning Services in Wireless Edge Networks
  200. Optimal Wireless Sensor Placement in Structural Health Monitoring Emphasizing Information Effectiveness and Network Performance
  201. Achievable rate optimization for MIMO systems with reconfigurable intelligent surfaces
  202. Wireless and mobile device security
  203. Adaptive energy efficient fuzzy: An adaptive and energy efficient fuzzy clustering algorithm for wireless sensor network-based landslide detection system
  204. Blockchain-enabled relay-aided wireless networks for sustainable e-agriculture
  205. Electro-textile wearable antennas in wireless body area networks: Materials, antenna design, manufacturing techniques, and human body consideration—A review
  206. Joint Beamforming and Reflecting Design in Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Aided Multi-User Communication Systems
  207. High-performance class-E power amplifier integrated with a microstrip bandpass-filter for wireless applications
  208. Optimal Relay Selection Scheme with Multiantenna Power Beacon for Wireless-Powered Cooperation Communication Networks
  209. An Adaptive Low Power Schedule for Wireless Sensor Network
  210. Penetration Testing: Wireless Network Attacks Method on Kali Linux OS
  211. Wireless Passive Temperature Measurement for Aero-and Astro-system by Using Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors
  212. Design of low power RF CMOS power amplifier structure with an optimal linear gain controller for future wireless communication
  213. Preliminary Study of Magnetic Resonant Coupling Based Wireless Power Transfer System
  214. Simulative study on the cascaded stages of traveling wave semiconductor optical amplifiers based multiplexing schemes for fiber optic systems improvement
  215. Wireless sensors application in smart English classroom design based on artificial intelligent system
  216. A Novel Hybrid Optimization for Cluster-Based Routing Protocol in Information-Centric Wireless Sensor Networks for IoT Based Mobile Edge Computing
  217. A novel Dual-Blockchained structure for contract-theoretic LoRa-based information systems
  218. Dynamic oversampling for 1-bit adcs in large-scale multiple-antenna systems
  219. Application of integrated binocular stereo vision measurement and wireless sensor system in athlete displacement test
  220. Performance Analysis for Massive MIMO Systems Based on Quadriga Channel Model
  221. Implementation of a Fast Link Rate Adaptation Algorithm for WLAN Systems
  222. A Triple-U Triple-Domain Antenna Designed For Mobile Generations Supporting Up-To 5GH
  223. Resource Management in Wireless IoT Using Gray Wolf Optimisation Framework
  224. Design of SWB Antenna with Triple Band Notch Characteristics for Multipurpose Wireless Applications
  225. Performance enhancement in wireless body area networks with secure communication
  227. A provably secure and lightweight patient-healthcare authentication protocol in wireless body area networks
  228. Performance analysis of two-way wireless-powered Amplify-and-Forward relaying in the presence of co-channel interference
  229. Review of Secure Distributed Range-Free Hop-Based Localization Algorithms in the Wireless Sensor Networks
  230. WPT, Recent Techniques for Improving System Efficiency
  231. Fault diagnosis based on extremely randomized trees in wireless sensor networks
  232. A non-linear mathematical model-based routing protocol for WBAN-based health-care systems
  233. Energy-Efficient Routing Protocols for Cluster-Based Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network (HetWSN)—Strategies and Challenges: A Review
  234. Waveform and Beamforming Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Wireless Power Transfer: Single-User and Multi-User Solutions
  235. Source redundancy management and host intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks
  236. Computing Research Challenges in Next Generation Wireless Networking
  237. Diagnosis of Intelligent Reflecting Surface in Millimeter-wave Communication Systems
  238. Performance evaluation of range-free localization algorithms for wireless sensor networks
  239. Flexible Five-in-One Microsensor for Real-Time Wireless Microscopic Diagnosis inside Electric Motorcycle Fuel Cell Stack Range Extender
  240. Equalization and CFO Compensation for SISO-OFDM Communication Systems with Chaotic Interleaving
  241. Predictive Trajectory-Based Mobile Data Gathering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
  242. Decentralized Blockchain-Based Dynamic Spectrum Acquisition for Wireless Downlink Communications
  243. ICI Cancellation Techniques Based on Data Repetition for OFDM Systems
  244. A Secure Clock Synchronization Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Against Malicious Attacks
  245. Heterogeneous wireless networks with mobile devices of multiple interfaces for simultaneous connections using Fuzzy System
  246. Design and analysis of magnetostrictive sensors for wireless temperature sensing
  248. GAFOR: Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Optimized Re-Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks
  249. Comprehensive survey of big data mining approaches in cloud systems
  250. Analysis of multi-pulse modulation techniques for visible light communication systems
  251. Wireless Passive LC Temperature and Strain Dual-Parameter Sensor
  252. A Real-Time Audio Transmission and Reception Over Wireless Channel Using PXI System
  253. A Novel Epidemic Model for Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Network Security
  254. Wireless Wi-Fi module Testing Procedure in Gigabyte Passive Optical Network to Optical Network Terminal of Equipment
  255. Wireless Networks Between Security and Efficiency
  256. Modified Erlang loss system for cognitive wireless networks
  257. Backscattering and RF Sensing for Future Wireless Communication
  258. Adversarial Machine Learning for 5G Communications Security
  259. Attacks and Security Measures in Wireless Sensor Network
  260. Implementation and comparative analysis of evolutionary algorithms for energy optimization in wireless sensor networks
  261. Social networking in crop plants: Wired and wireless cross-plant communications
  262. eHDDP: Enhanced Hybrid Domain Discovery Protocol for network topologies with both wired/wireless and SDN/non-SDN devices
  263. MAFCA: Mobility-Aware Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
  264. Reinforcement Learning for Rate Adaptation in CSMA/CA Wireless Networks
  265. Development of a nanosensor-integrated stent for wireless, continuous monitoring of restenosis progression
  266. Deep Learning Assisted Calibrated Beam Training for Millimeter-Wave Communication Systems
  267. PAFF: predictive analytics on forest fire using compressed sensing based localized Ad Hoc wireless sensor networks
  268. Time-Varying Analysis of Channel Estimation in OFDM
  269. Indoor Optical Wireless Communication System Using Wavelet Transform and Neural Network Based on Pulse Position Modulation Intended for Optical Wireless …
  270. Optical Wireless Channel Characterization Based on OOK Modulation for Indoor Optical Wireless Communication System Using WT-ANN
  271. Distributed non-fragile set-membership filtering for nonlinear systems under fading channels and bias injection attacks
  272. Energy-Efficient Superframe Scheduling in Industrial Wireless Networked Control System
  273. Wireless Powered Uplink of NOMA Using Poisson Cluster Process with Two Orthogonal Signal Sets
  274. Disrupting Continuity of Apple’s Wireless Ecosystem Security: New Tracking, DoS, and MitM Attacks on iOS and macOS Through Bluetooth Low Energy,{AWDL}, and …
  275. Mobile Charger Planning for Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Network Based on Ant Colony Optimization
  276. Smart Guidance System for Blind with Wireless Voice Playback
  277. Case Study: Mobile Java RMI Support over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  278. Cybersecurity of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems: A Review
  279. Dynamic directional routing for mobile wireless sensor networks
  280. Evidence for a Connection Between COVID-19 and Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation from Wireless Telecommunications Including Microwaves and …
  281. A Novel Baseband Generation Method for Modeling RF Power Amplifiers for Bit Error Rate Computations
  282. Fuzzy Control-Based Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks
  283. Enhancement Of Clustering Algorithm Using 3D Euclidean Distance To Improve Network Connectivity In Wireless Sensor Networks For Correlated Node Behaviours
  284. Implementation of a Fast Link Rate Adaptation Algorithm for WLAN Systems. Electronics 2021, 10, 91
  285. A Survey of Cooperative Jamming-Based Secure Transmission for Energy-Limited Systems
  286. Deep Unsupervised Learning for Generalized Assignment Problems: A Case-Study of User-Association in Wireless Networks
  287. Mastering Wireless Multi-Tone Testing
  288. Synchronization scheme of photon-counting underwater optical wireless communication based on PPM
  289. Energy management for internet of things via distributed systems
  290. Equivalent Two-Coil Model for a Four-Coil Wireless Power Transfer System
  291. A Comprehensive Survey on Effective Spectrum Sensing in 5G Wireless Networks through Cognitive Radio Networks
  292. Tomlinson-Harashima Precoded Rate-Splitting with Stream Combiners for MU-MIMO Systems
  293. The key management of direct/external modulation semiconductor laser response systems for relative intensity noise control
  294. Detect the Replication Attack on Wireless sensor network by Using Intrusion Detection System
  295. Trajectory Optimization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Wireless Communication with Ground Terminals
  296. A pulse amplitude modulation scheme based on in-line semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) for optical soliton systems
  297. EERP: Intelligent Cluster based Energy Enhanced Routing Protocol Design over Wireless Sensor Network Environment
  298. Robust Cryptographical Applications for a Secure Wireless Network Protocol
  299. Time-energy tradeoffs for evacuation by two robots in the wireless model
  300. The role of Internet of Things for adaptive traffic prioritization in wireless body area networks
  301. Hardware impaired ambient backscatter NOMA systems: Reliability and security
  302. Effect of Impurities on Charging Track in the Performance of Wireless Capacitive Charging Technique
  303. Design of a Wireless Charging System for Online Battery Spectroscopy
  304. Fifth-generation new radio fiber-wireless system for long-reach and enhanced mobile broadband scenarios
  305. Collaborative machine learning at the wireless edge with blind transmitters
  306. Data Imputation in Wireless Sensor Network Using Deep Learning Techniques
  307. Wireless sensor networks and machine learning meet climate change prediction
  308. Low-energy dynamic clustering scheme for multi-layer wireless sensor networks
  309. Early EEG Alterations Correlate with CTP Hypoperfused Volumes and Neurological Deficit: A Wireless EEG Study in Hyper-Acute Ischemic Stroke
  310. A comprehensive study on key management, authentication and trust management techniques in wireless sensor networks
  311. Soil Medium Electromagnetic Scattering Model for the Study of Wireless Underground Sensor Networks
  312. Effective Delay and Energy Conservation Strategies for Query-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks
  313. Error-Controlling Technique in Wireless Communication
  314. An intelligent based healthcare security monitoring schemes for detection of node replication attack in wireless sensor networks
  315. Extending Underground Wireless Communications for the Warfighter
  316. An Architecture for Creating Slices to Experiment on Wireless Networks
  317. A Framed Slotted ALOHA-Based MAC for Eliminating Vain Wireless Power Transfer in Wireless Powered IoT Networks
  318. Comparative Study on Random Traveling Wave Pulse-Coupled Oscillator Algorithm of Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
  319. On the Implementation Complexity of Digital Full-Duplex Self-Interference Cancellation
  320. Joint impacts of relaying scheme and wireless power transfer in multiple access of cellular networks
  321. RF Co-designed Bandpass Filter/Circulator (BPFC) with Tunable Center Frequency, Bandwidth, and Out-of-Band Isolation
  322. Comparative study of wireless sensors for measuring the energy consumption of human running
  323. Critical Analysis of Localization and Time Synchronization Algorithms in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues and Challenges
  324. Research on Practical Wireless Sensor Network Query Processing Technology
  325. Machine learning-assisted beam alignment for mmWave systems
  326. The road to 6G: Ten physical layer challenges for communications engineers
  327. Analysis of Precoding-Based Pilot Decontamination Methods in Massive MIMO Systems
  328. Enhanced Dragonfly Algorithm Adapted for Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime Optimization
  329. A Seamless Handover Mechanism for IEEE 802.16 a Broadband Wireless Access Networks
  330. Dynamic metasurface antennas for 6G extreme massive MIMO communications
  331. Distributed Generative Adversarial Networks for mmWaveChannel Modeling in Wireless UAV Networks
  332. New closed-loop insulin systems
  333. Trusted node selection in clusters for underwater wireless acoustic sensor networks using fuzzy logic
  334. Low Latency 5G Distributed Wireless Network Architecture: A Techno-Economic Comparison. Inventions 2021, 6, 11
  335. Significance of Route Discovery Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
  336. Wireless Monitoring–Based Real-Time Analysis and Early-Warning Safety System for Deep and Large Underground Caverns
  337. Outlier Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Neighbourhood
  338. EC Model for WPT and NFC Systems Interoperability Analysis
  339. ARIOR: Adaptive Ranking Based Improved Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
  340. A Comparative Study on Coverage-Hole Detection Improvement with Inner Empty Circle over Delaunay Triangulation Method in Wireless Sensor Networks
  341. The Analysis of Dual-Polarized Antenna in Polarized Wireless Channels
  343. IoT Based Automatic Irrigation System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
  344. Research and Realization on Smart City Applications Based on eMTC wireless communication technology
  345. Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: Principles and opportunities
  346. Jellyfish dynamic routing protocol with mobile sink for location privacy and congestion avoidance in wireless sensor networks
  347. Finding location of fake and phantom source for source location privacy in wireless sensor network
  348. Optimal Wireless Scheduling for Remote Sensing through Brownian Approximation
  349. Enhanced Handshake based Multiple Access Broadcast Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
  350. Virtual Private Networks, Authentication, and Wireless Security
  351. Estimating Energy Consumption for Various Sensor Node Distributions in Wireless Sensor Networks
  352. Materials, Devices, and Systems of On-Skin Electrodes for Electrophysiological Monitoring and Human–Machine Interfaces
  353. Information-Measuring System of Polygon Based on Wireless Sensor Infocommunication Network
  354. Electromagnetic Navigation Systems and Intraoperative Neuromonitoring: Reliability and Feasibility Study
  355. Investigations of Free Space Optical Communications under Real-World Atmospheric Conditions
  356. Performance analysis of millimeter wave wireless power transfer with imperfect beam alignment
  357. Improved binary gray wolf optimizer and SVM for intrusion detection system in wireless sensor networks
  358. An Adaptive Multi-Agent Physical Layer Security Framework for Cognitive Cyber-Physical Systems
  359. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems: A Review
  360. ESS-IBAA: Efficient, short, and secure ID-based authentication algorithm for wireless sensor network
  361. On the Design of a Secure Anonymous User Authentication Scheme for Multiple Base Stations Based Wireless Sensor Networks
  362. Low-Complexity Joint Weighted Neumann Series and Gauss–Seidel Soft-Output Detection for Massive MIMO Systems
  363. Two-Stage Precoding Based on Overlapping User Grouping Approach in IoT-Oriented 5G MU-MIMO Systems
  364. WSN-SES/MB: System Entity Structure and Model Base Framework for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
  365. Charging path planning algorithm based on multi-parameters in underwater wireless rechargeable sensor network
  366. Mobile Radio Communications and 5G Networks
  367. A Brief Survey And Investigation Of Hybrid Beamforming For Millimeter Waves In 5G Massive MIMO Systems
  368. Bit error rate reduction for wireless communication system using adaptive channel equalization
  369. A Novel Wireless-Netted UWB Life-Detection Radar System for Quasi-Static Person Sensing
  370. An Energy Efficient Multi-hop Cluster-Head Election Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks
  371. Distributed detection in wireless sensor networks under multiplicative fading via generalized score-tests
  372. Interference Reduction in Directional Wireless Networks
  373. Power Consumption Analysis Model in Wireless Sensor Network for Different Topology Protocols and Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms
  374. Adaptive memory-event-triggered control for network-based T-S fuzzy systems with asynchronous premise constraints
  375. Efficient and secure routing protocol based on artificial intelligence algorithms with UAV-assisted for vehicular Ad Hoc networks in intelligent transportation systems
  376. Design of printed UWB antenna with CPW and microstrip-line-fed for DCS/PCS/bluetooth/WLAN wireless applications
  377. A Bioinspired Wireless Epidermal Photoreceptor for Smart UV Protection and Physiological Monitoring
  378. Exact Coverage Analysis of Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces with Nakagami-{m} Channels
  379. The Architectural Optimizations of a Low-Complexity and Low-Latency FFT Processor for MIMO-OFDM Communication Systems
  380. Intelligent underwater wireless communications
  381. Compact Quad Band Radiator for Wireless Applications
  382. An Improved Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for Increasing the Life Time of Wireless Sensor Networks
  383. Federated Learning for 6G: Applications, Challenges, and Opportunities
  384. A survey on mobile agent itinerary planning for information fusion in wireless sensor networks
  385. Pruning the pilots: Deep learning-based pilot design and channel estimation for MIMO-OFDM systems
  386. Transaction Management in Mobile Computing Systems
  387. Design of a Wireless Charging System for Online Battery Spectroscopy. Energies 2021, 14, 218
  388. Experimental Analysis of Measuring Neighbourhood Change in the Presence of Wormhole in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
  389. Caching Optimization in Distributed MIMO Systems
  390. Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection for Wireless Sensor Network Using Fuzzy Logic
  391. Security of Short-Range Wireless Technologies and an Authentication Protocol for IoT
  392. Inter and Intra Fusion Schemes for Energy Efficient CB-CSS in Cognitive Wireless Networks
  393. A Blockchain-Based Scheme for Sybil Attack Detection in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
  394. A line-of-sight channel model for the 100–450 gigahertz frequency band
  395. Robust Multi-class Signaling Overload Control for Wireless Switches
  396. Chirped Gaussian pulse propagation with various data rates transmission in the presence of group velocity dispersion (GVD)
  397. Iterative Regression Based Hybrid Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks
  398. An energy-efficient fuzzy-based scheme for unequal multihop clustering in wireless sensor networks
  399. Energy Efficient Intra Cluster Gateway Optimal Placement in Wireless Sensor Network
  400. A 28 GHz Corporate Series-Fed Taper Antenna Array for Fifth-Generation Wireless Communication
  401. Time and energy-efficient hybrid job scheduling scheme for mobile cloud computing empowered wireless sensor networks
  402. A Survey on Architecture and Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
  403. Design and Simulation of Multiband Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna with CSRR for WLAN and WiMAX Applications
  404. Enhancing Network Coverage Using Sensing Models in Wireless Sensor Network
  405. Reliable and Energy-Efficient Data Transfer Routing in Wireless Body Area Networks
  406. Fiber optic propagation problems and signal bandwidth measurements under high temperature and high dopant germanium ratios
  407. Soft Wireless Bioelectronics and Differential Electrodermal Activity for Home Sleep Monitoring
  408. Localization in mobile wireless sensor networks using drones
  409. Opt-ACM: An Optimized load balancing based Admission Control Mechanism for Software Defined Hybrid Wireless based IoT (SDHW-IoT) network
  410. Wireless Sensor Network Path Optimization Using Sensor Node Coverage Area Calculation Approach
  411. Deep convolutional neural networks for human movement detection using wireless signals
  412. A High Conversion Gain Envelope Detector with Wide Input Range for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer System
  413. Blockchain Integrated Secured Scenarios in Advanced Wireless Networks
  414. Energy saving algorithm and simulation test in wireless sensor networks
  415. Energy-Spectral Efficiency Optimization in Wireless Underground Sensor Networks Using Salp Swarm Algorithm
  416. A simple chaotic map model for fractal traffic generation in high-speed computer networks
  417. High-speed fiber system capacity with bidirectional Er-Yb CDFs based on differential phase shift keying (DPSK) modulation technique
  418. Guest Editorial: Special Section on the Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems
  419. Design and Analysis of Hands-Free Wireless Charging System
  420. Emotion Recognition Based on Skin Potential Signals with a Portable Wireless Device
  421. Comparative Study of Routing Protocols in Vanets on Realistic Scenario
  422. Intelligent Resource Identification Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
  423. Human machine interaction systems encounters convergence
  424. Switched-Biasing Techniques for CMOS Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
  425. An Efficient Clustering Technique for Wireless Body Area Networks Based on Dragonfly Optimization
  426. Assessment of Performance of Tesla Turbine in Water Distribution Systems for Energy Harvesting
  427. RK-Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks
  428. A Review to Forest Fires and Its Detection Techniques Using Wireless Sensor Network
  429. Eco-driving control for connected and automated electric vehicles at signalized intersections with wireless charging
  430. A Novel Authentication Scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks with Anonymity
  431. Anchor-Based Effective Node Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
  432. Enhanced Lightweight Algorithm to Secure Data Transmission in IoT Systems
  433. SEEDS: Simulation and Emulation Environment for Deeply Distributed Systems
  434. Turn-On Surge [Enigmas, etc.]
  435. Model of Integrated Radio Access and Wireless Backhaul for 5th Generation Network
  436. Generic Framework for Privacy Preservation in Cyber-Physical Systems
  437. Age of information: An introduction and survey
  438. A discrete-time sliding mode congestion controller for wireless sensor networks
  439. Multi-agent deep reinforcement learning multiple access for heterogeneous wireless networks with imperfect channels
  440. M-ary nonlinear sine chirp spread spectrum for underwater acoustic communication based on virtual time-reversal mirror method
  441. Assessing the Potential of LPWAN Communication Technologies for Near Real-Time Leak Detection in Water Distribution Systems
  442. A High Isolation Co-Existing Dual 4× 4 MIMO LTE-A and 4× 4 Wi-Fi Modified Patch Antenna Structure for Multi-Radio Low Power Indoor Wireless Base Stations
  443. A Dynamic Variance-Based Triggering Scheme for Distributed Cooperative State Estimation over Wireless Sensor Networks
  444. A Robust Self-Organizing Tree-Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
  445. A High-End IoT Devices Framework to Foster Beyond-Connectivity Capabilities in 5G/B5G Architecture
  446. Data Security Storage Method for Power Distribution Internet of Things in Cyber-Physical Energy Systems
  447. User Clustering and Power Allocation for Energy Efficiency Maximization in Downlink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Systems
  448. A Routing Protocol for Cancer Cell Detection Using Wireless Nano-sensors Network (WNSN)
  449. EEDCHS-PSO: Energy-Efficient Dynamic Cluster Head Selection with Differential Evolution and Particle Swarm Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNS)
  450. Enhanced Efficiency of Asymmetric Wireless Power Transmission Using Defects in 2D Magnetic Metamaterials
  451. Wearable wireless real-time cerebral oximeter for measuring regional cerebral oxygen saturation
  452. Energy-efficient cluster-based unmanned aerial vehicle networks with deep learning-based scene classification model
  453. A vision and framework for the high altitude platform station (HAPS) networks of the future
  454. SPD-Safe: Secure Administration of Railway Intelligent Transportation Systems
  455. Medium-distance affordable, flexible and wireless epidermal sensor for pH monitoring in sweat
  456. Security Analysis and Improvement of User Authentication Scheme for Wireless Body Area Network
  457. An Abstracted Survey on 6G: Drivers, Requirements, Efforts, and Enablers
  458. Sparse Channel and Antenna Array Performance of Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave Systems
  459. Spectral efficiency analysis for massive MIMO system under QoS constraint: an effective capacity perspective
  460. Time–Frequency-Analysis-Based Blind Modulation Classification for Multiple-Antenna Systems
  461. A friendly interference game in wireless secret communication networks
  462. Efficient Learning-based Scheduling for Information Freshness in Wireless Networks
  463. Double-IRS assisted multi-user MIMO: Cooperative passive beamforming design
  464. Toward a Compact Wireless Surface Acoustic Wave Pirani Microsensor with Extended Range and Sensitivity
  465. Performance Modelling of a Wireless Cell with Multiple Service Classes
  466. Three-Dimensional Localization Algorithm Based on Improved A* and DV-Hop Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Network
  467. Totally implantable enzymatic biofuel cell and brain stimulator operating in bird through wireless communication
  468. Energy efficient adaptive clustering hierarchy approach for wireless sensor networks
  469. Energy-Efficient Hybrid Routing Protocol for IoT Communication Systems in 5G and Beyond
  470. Fuzzy-Based DBSCAN Algorithm to Elect Master Cluster Head and Enhance the Network Lifetime and Avoid Redundancy in Wireless Sensor Network
  471. A novel framework for energy-efficient compressive data gathering in heterogeneous wireless sensor network
  472. Design and Evaluate Low-Cost Wireless Sensor Network Infrastructure to Monitor the Jetty Docking Area in Rural Areas
  473. Maximum likelihood-based adaptive iteration algorithm design for joint CFO and channel estimation in MIMO-OFDM systems
  474. Utilizing Private LTE to Increase Grid Resiliency
  475. Multiple input and multiple output ofdm for visible light communication
  476. Optimal Nodes Communication Coverage Approach for Wireless Sensor Network Path Planning
  477. Performance Improvement Using Spline LS and MMSE DFT Channel Estimation Technique in MIMO OFDM Using Block-Type Pilot Structure
  478. Backscatter-enabled NOMA for future 6G systems: A new optimization framework under imperfect SIC
  479. Detection of stealthy false data injection attacks against networked control systems via active data modification
  480. Automatic Gear Sorting Using Wireless PLC Based on Computer Vision
  481. Functional Hemodynamic Monitoring With a Wireless Ultrasound Patch
  482. Windowed OFDM for Mixed-Numerology 5G and Beyond Systems
  483. Physical layer security: Authentication, integrity, and confidentiality
  484. CDMA-Based Security Against Wormhole Attack in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
  485. Prioritized Congestion for Detection and Avoidance by Tadr Algorithm Toalemorite Throughput in Wireless Sensor Networks
  486. Multi-point Data Transmission and Control-Data Separation in Ultra-Dense Cellular Networks
  487. Increasing fault tolerance ability and network lifetime with clustered pollination in wireless sensor networks
  488. Unification of Blockchain and Internet of Things (BIoT): requirements, working model, challenges and future directions
  489. A control scheme for voltage unbalance mitigation in distribution network with rooftop PV systems based on distributed batteries
  490. Secure Communication with Two-Stage Beamforming for Wireless Energy and Jamming Signal Based on Power Beacon
  491. Sustainable Cyber-Physical Production Systems in Big Data-Driven Smart Urban Economy: A Systematic Literature Review
  492. Antennas and Antenna Devices for Radar Location and Radio Communication
  493. Toward Environment-Aware 6G Communications via Channel Knowledge Map
  494. An Investigation of Different Methodology Used for Achieving Compact Multiband Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Application
  495. Extending Wireless Sensor Networks’ Lifetimes Using Deep Reinforcement Learning in a Software-Defined Network Architecture
  496. Systematic Observation on Non-orthogonal Multiple Access for 5th Generation Communication Technology
  497. A Green 6G Network Era: Architecture and Propitious Technologies
  498. Empirical Characterization of Air-to-ground Propagation at mm-Wave Frequencies in Dense Urban Environment
  499. 6G Access Network for Intelligent Internet of Healthcare Things: Opportunity, Challenges, and Research Directions
  500. Multi-band Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Local Area Network
  501. Optimization for connectivity and coverage issue in target-based wireless sensor networks using an effective multiobjective hybrid tunicate and salp swarm optimizer
  502. A Survey on Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
  503. Integration of IEEE 802.1 AS-based Time Synchronization in IEEE 802.11 as an Enabler for Novel Industrial Use Cases
  504. Adaptive Space-Time and Polarisation-Time Signal Processing in Mobile Communication Systems of Next Generations
  505. Time-Multiplexed Self-Powered Wireless Current Sensor for Power Transmission Lines
  506. Stochastic Latency Guarantee in Wireless Powered Virtualized Sensor Networks
  507. Application of Knowledge and Data Mining to Build Intelligent Systems
  508. Analysis of efficiency characteristics of compensation topology structure in magnetic coupled resonance wireless power transfer.
  509. Distributed set-membership filtering for discrete-time systems subject to denial-of-service attacks and fading measurements: A zonotopic approach
  510. Dynamic Transmit Profile Selection in Dense Wireless Networks
  511. An energy and coverage sensitive approach to hierarchical data collection for mobile sink based wireless sensor networks
  512. GAPSO-H: A hybrid approach towards optimizing the cluster based routing in wireless sensor network
  513. Innovative multi-layered architecture for heterogeneous automation and monitoring systems: Application case of a photovoltaic smart microgrid
  514. Information and Communication Infrastructures in Modern Wide-Area Systems
  515. Energy efficient cluster based multilevel hierarchical routing for multi-hop wireless sensor network
  516. Single-carrier with index modulation for underwater acoustic communications
  517. Modeling and minimization of FWM effects in DWDM-based long-haul optical communication systems
  518. An Improved Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation Under Narrowband Interference in OFDM Cognitive Radio
  519. Extended gradient-based iterative algorithm for bilinear state-space systems with moving average noises by using the filtering technique
  520. Performance analysis of circularly polarized dual annular ring patch antenna for MIMO satellite application
  521. Spectrum Aware Dynamic Slots Computation in Wireless Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
  522. Compact 2× 2/4× 4 tapered microstrip feed MIMO antenna configuration for high-speed wireless applications with band stop filters
  523. Three-Dimensional Distance-Error-Correction-Based Hop Localization Algorithm for IoT Devices
  524. A new method for acoustic priority vehicle detection based on a self-powering triboelectric acoustic sensor suitable for low-power wireless sensor networks
  525. A companding approach for PAPR suppression in OFDM based massive MIMO system
  526. A wireless network detection and control system for intelligent agricultural greenhouses based on NB-IOT technology
  527. Memory-event-trigger-based secure control of cloud-aided active suspension systems against deception attacks
  528. Event-Triggered Distributed Fusion Estimation for WSN Systems
  529. Fiber-Based Sensors and Energy Systems for Wearable Electronics
  530. On the Interference of the Randomly Placed Wireless Stations
  531. Analysis and Simulation of a Content Delivery Application for Vehicular Wireless Networks
  532. Improving the security of internet of things using cryptographic algorithms: A case of smart irrigation systems
  533. Implementation of an optical wireless communication system deploying a novel post-equalization circuit for indoor application
  534. Architecture and security of SCADA systems: A review
  535. Information Fusion-Based Intruder Detection Techniques in Surveillance Wireless Sensor Network
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  538. Hybrid salp swarm–firefly algorithm-based routing protocol in wireless multimedia sensor networks
  539. LIFI-Based Radiation-Free Monitoring and Transmission Device for Hospitals/Public Places
  540. Migration of existing software systems to mobile computing platforms: a systematic mapping study
  541. Modified Triangular Microstrip Monopole Design Employing Meandered Edge-Cut and Partial Ground Configuration for UWB Applications
  542. Off-grid Channel Estimation with Sparse Bayesian Learning for OTFS Systems
  543. RGB-based VLC system using 5G NR standard
  544. Norm-based user selection algorithm for single-RF space modulation techniques with geometric mean decomposition based precoding scheme
  545. Location-based and multipath routing performance analysis for energy consumption in wireless sensor networks
  546. Resource management in wireless networks via multi-agent deep reinforcement learning
  547. An adaptive packets hopping mechanism for transmission line monitoring systems with a long chain topology
  548. Design a U-slot Microstrip Patch Antenna at 37 GHz mm Wave for 5G Cellular Communication
  549. Analysis of energy consumption of energy models in wireless sensor networks
  550. Utilizing Game Theory to Optimize In-motion Wireless Charging Service Efficiency for Electric Vehicles
  551. Optimal Distribution in Wireless Mesh Network with Enhanced Connectivity and Coverage
  552. Distributed Backup K-Placement and Applications to Virtual Memory in Wireless Networks
  553. Operating Systems for Reconfigurable Computing: Concepts and Survey
  554. Exploiting Deep Learning for Secure Transmission in an Underlay Cognitive Radio Network
  555. A Review of V2-X Solutions by Investigating Different Vehicle Energy Storage Solutions for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
  556. Priority-Centered Virtual Groups and Mobile Sink for Wireless Sensor Networks
  557. Convergence of update aware device scheduling for federated learning at the wireless edge
  558. Wireless Power Transmission
  559. A Realistic Sensing Model for Event Area Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
  560. Smartphone-Based NFC Potentiostat for Wireless Electrochemical Sensing
  561. Secure Data Transmission in Mobile Networks Using Modified S-ACK Mechanism
  562. Feasibility Study on Virtual Process Controllers as Basis for Future Industrial Automation Systems
  563. EEPMS: Energy Efficient Path Planning for Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach
  565. A Byzantine Sensing Network Based on Majority-Consensus Data Aggregation Mechanism
  566. User-Cell Association for Security and Energy Efficiency in Ultra-Dense Heterogeneous Networks
  567. Development of a MST sensor probe, based on a SP3T switch, for biomedical applications
  568. Massive Distributed MIMO and Cell-Free Network-Assisted Full Duplex
  569. Survey on aerial radio access networks: Toward a comprehensive 6G access infrastructure
  570. Error probability in polarization sensitive communication systems in terms of moments of the channel’s rotation angle
  571. Throughput and resource optimization for adaptive coding-based random access networks with correlated sources
  572. Fundamentals of Distributed MIMO and Cell-Free Mobile Communications
  573. Intelligent Transportation Systems and Its Necessity in Various Traffic Conditions in Indian Scenarios
  574. A secure three factor based authentication scheme for health care systems using IoT enabled devices
  575. 6G communication technology: A vision on intelligent healthcare
  576. Bit Error Rate Analysis for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces with Phase Errors
  577. Performance Evaluation of Power-Line Communication Systems for LIN-Bus Based Data Transmission
  578. Call Admission Control Decision Maker Based on Optimized Fuzzy Inference System for 5G Cloud Radio Access Networks
  579. Analysis of Automatic Access Monitoring and Control Systems and Anti-Hacking Systems
  580. A scheduling algorithm for networked control systems
  581. Outer Weighted Graph Coloring Strategy to Mitigate the Problem of Pilot Contamination in Massive MIMO Systems
  582. Magneto: Covert channel between air-gapped systems and nearby smartphones via cpu-generated magnetic fields
  583. Microwave circuit design using linear and nonlinear techniques
  584. Blockchain-assisted secure UAV communication in 6G environment: Architecture, opportunities, and challenges
  585. An Efficient Clustering Protocol for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
  586. Dynamic event-triggered fault estimation and sliding mode fault-tolerant control for networked control systems with sensor faults
  587. A novel ultra-wide band wearable antenna under different bending conditions for electronic-textile applications
  588. Implementation of Branch and Bound Method for Maximizing Network Capacity of Cognitive Radio Networks
  589. Mutual Coupling Reduction between Finite Spaced Planar Antenna Elements Using Modified Ground Structure
  590. A Wireless Passive Vibration Sensor Based on High-Temperature Ceramic for Harsh Environment
  591. Spatial Concentration of Caching in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks
  592. CAnet: Uplink-aided Downlink Channel Acquisition in FDD Massive MIMO using Deep Learning
  593. QoE in IoT: a vision, survey and future directions
  594. Asymptotic Analysis of Finite-Source M/GI/1 Retrial Queueing Systems with Collisions and Server Subject to Breakdowns and Repairs
  595. 2020 Retrospective
  596. Polling Systems and Their Application to Telecommunication Networks
  597. Bio-compatible wireless inductive thin-film strain sensor for monitoring the growth and strain response of bone in osseointegrated prostheses
  598. An analytical method with numerical results to be used in the design of optical slab waveguides for optical communication system applications
  599. On the joint design of compressed sensing and network coding for wireless communications
  600. Development of U-Health Care Systems Using Big Data
  601. An overview on fault diagnosis, prognosis and resilient control for wind turbine systems
  602. DOA and polarization estimation for non-circular signals in 3-D millimeter wave polarized massive MIMO systems
  603. QoS-Oriented Optimal Relay Selection in Cognitive Radio Networks
  604. … micro-supercapacitor arrays based on 3D laser-induced graphene foams decorated with mesoporous ZnP nanosheets for self-powered stretchable systems
  605. Constant Transmission Efficiency Dimming Control Scheme for VLC Systems
  606. 5G mobile communication convergence protocol architecture and key technologies in satellite internet of things system
  607. Uplink transceiver design for coded GFDMA systems
  608. Minimal Tissue Reaction after Chronic Subdural Electrode Implantation for Fully Implantable Brain–Machine Interfaces
  609. Performance analysis of mixed MISO RF/SIMO FSO relaying systems
  610. Evaluation of AOMDV Routing Protocol for Optimum Transmitted Power in a Designed Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Network
  611. A Primer on HIBS–High Altitude Platform Stations as IMT Base Stations
  612. A Comparative Study on Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems in Agriculture
  613. Bio-inspired photonics–marine hatchetfish camouflage strategies for RF steganography
  614. Dynamical attitude configuration with wearable wireless body sensor networks through beetle antennae search strategy
  615. Cyber-physical systems architectures for industrial internet of things applications in Industry 4.0: A literature review
  616. Maximum Target Coverage Problem in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
  617. Swarm intelligence and cyber-physical systems: concepts, challenges and future trends
  618. Federated learning for task and resource allocation in wireless high altitude balloon networks
  619. Performance analysis of index modulation based link-selection mechanism for hybrid FSO-mmWave systems
  620. LoRa-based traffic flow detection for smart-road
  621. A Systematic Survey on IoT Security Issues, Vulnerability and Open Challenges
  622. Computing µ-values for LTI Systems
  623. Design of a dynamic key management plan for intelligent building energy management system based on wireless sensor network and blockchain technology
  624. End-to-End Learning for Uplink MU-SIMO Joint Transmitter and Non-Coherent Receiver Design in Fading Channels
  625. A Wireless High-Sensitivity Fetal Heart Sound Monitoring System
  626. Denial of Chain: Evaluation and prediction of a novel cyberattack in Blockchain-supported systems
  627. AI-Enabled Sensing and Decision-Making for IoT Systems
  628. Hybridized 1T/2H-MoS 2/graphene fishnet tube for high-performance on-chip integrated micro-systems comprising supercapacitors and gas sensors
  629. Study on the adaptability of 5G and wireless private network applied to the protection of medium voltage distribution network
  630. Federated learning meets blockchain in edge computing: Opportunities and challenges
  631. Priority-Based Optimal Resource Reservation Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Grid
  632. Integrating sensor ontologies with global and local alignment extractions
  633. SSDA: Sleep-Scheduled Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network-Based Internet of Things
  634. Resiliency-based restoration optimization for dependent network systems against cascading failures
  635. Polling Systems and Their Application to Telecommunication Networks. Mathematics 2021, 9, 117

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