Numerical Analysis Research Topics Ideas [MS PhD]

List of Research Topics and Ideas of Numerical Analysis for MS and Ph.D. Thesis.

  1. A comprehensive numerical analysis of heat and mass transfer phenomenons during cavitation sono-process
  2. Numerical analysis of mechanical behaviour of lattice and porous structures
  3. ATHENA: Advanced Techniques for High dimensional parameter spaces to Enhance Numerical Analysis
  4. Experimental and numerical analysis on coupled hygro-thermo-chemo-mechanical effect in early-age concrete
  5. Numerical analysis of natural rubber bearing equipped with steel and shape memory alloys dampers
  6. A numerical analysis of the effects of nanofluid and porous media utilization on the performance of parabolic trough solar collectors
  7. Numerical analysis of cross-flow plate type indirect evaporative cooler: Modeling and parametric analysis
  8. Numerical analysis of the effect of fire source configuration on fire-wind enhancement
  9. Numerical analysis
  10. An influence mechanism of shale barrier on heavy oil recovery using SAGD based on theoretical and numerical analysis
  11. Numerical analysis of the stability of arched sill mats made of cemented backfill
  12. Theoretical and numerical analysis of regular one-side oscillations in a single pendulum system driven by a magnetic field
  13. Numerical analysis of performance and emission behavior of CI engine fueled with microalgae biodiesel blend
  14. Numerical analysis of ultrasonic multiple scattering for fine dust number density estimation
  15. Numerical analysis of fractional Volterra integral equations via Bernstein approximation method
  16. Numerical analysis of a highly sensitive surface plasmon resonance sensor for sars-cov-2 detection
  17. Numerical analysis of enhanced conductive deep borehole heat exchangers
  18. Numerical analysis of the robustness of clinching process considering the pre-forming of the parts
  19. Experimental study and numerical analysis on seismic performance of FRP confined high-strength rectangular concrete-filled steel tube columns
  20. Numerical analysis of twin-precipitate interactions in magnesium alloys
  21. A two-step procedure for the numerical analysis of curved masonry structures
  22. Numerical analysis of subsurface deformation induced by groundwater level changes in the Bangkok aquifer system
  23. Numerical analysis and applications of explicit high order maximum principle preserving integrating factor Runge-Kutta schemes for Allen-Cahn equation
  24. Numerical analysis of the cyclic mechanical damage of Li-ion battery electrode and experimental validation
  25. Experimental and numerical analysis of circular concrete-filled double steel tubular stub columns with inner square hollow section
  26. Numerical analysis of sand erosion for a pelton turbine injector at high concentration
  27. Deviations in yield and ultimate tensile strength estimation with the Small Punch Test: Numerical analysis of pre-straining and Bauschinger effect influence
  28. Numerical analysis applied to the study of soil stress and compaction due to mechanised sugarcane harvest
  29. Numerical analysis of combined electroosmotic-pressure driven flow of a viscoelastic fluid over high zeta potential modulated surfaces
  30. Numerical analysis of the flow-induced vibrations in the laminar wake behind a blunt body with rear flexible cavities
  31. Regular perturbation solution of Couette flow (non-Newtonian) between two parallel porous plates: a numerical analysis with irreversibility
  32. Numerical Analysis of the Coupling between Heat Transfer and Deformation in Rotary Air Preheater
  33. Numerical analysis of tiny-focal-spot generation by focusing linearly, circularly, and radially polarized beams through a micro/nanoparticle
  34. An investigation on viscoelastic characteristics of 3D-printed FDM components using RVE numerical analysis
  35. Experimental and static numerical analysis on bumper beam to be proposed for Indian passenger car
  36. Numerical analysis of special concentric braced frames using experimentally-validated fatigue and fracture model under short and long duration earthquakes
  37. Theoretical and numerical analysis of the evaporation of mono-and multicomponent single fuel droplets
  38. Investigation of numerical analysis and seismic performance of underground loess cave with traditional dwellings
  39. Unsteady-state numerical analysis of advanced Savonius wind turbine
  40. Numerical analysis of dynamic compaction using FEM-SPH coupling method
  41. Regular perturbation solution of Couette flow (non-Newtonian) between two parallel porous plates: a numerical analysis with irreversibility
  42. Numerical Analysis of the Coupling between Heat Transfer and Deformation in Rotary Air Preheater
  43. Numerical analysis of tiny-focal-spot generation by focusing linearly, circularly, and radially polarized beams through a micro/nanoparticle
  44. An investigation on viscoelastic characteristics of 3D-printed FDM components using RVE numerical analysis
  45. Experimental and static numerical analysis on bumper beam to be proposed for Indian passenger car
  46. Numerical analysis of special concentric braced frames using experimentally-validated fatigue and fracture model under short and long duration earthquakes
  47. Theoretical and numerical analysis of the evaporation of mono-and multicomponent single fuel droplets
  48. Investigation of numerical analysis and seismic performance of underground loess cave with traditional dwellings
  49. Unsteady-state numerical analysis of advanced Savonius wind turbine
  50. Numerical analysis of dynamic compaction using FEM-SPH coupling method
  51. Numerical Analysis of Macro-fiber Composite Structures
  52. Numerical analysis of a monotube mixed mode magnetorheological damper by using a new rheological approach in CFD
  53. Laboratory and numerical analysis of geogrid encased stone columns
  54. Numerical analysis of thermal-hydraulic characteristics of steam-air condensation in vertical sinusoidal corrugated tubes
  55. Numerical analysis of dynamic characteristics of in-arm type hydropneumatic suspension unit
  56. Numerical Analysis of the Hydrogen Dispersion Behavior in Different Directions in a Naturally Ventilated Space
  57. Material non-linearity in the numerical analysis of SLJ bonded with ductile adhesives: A meshless approach
  58. Numerical analysis of the shear behavior of FRP-strengthened continuous RC beams having web openings
  59. Numerical Analysis of Phosphorus Concentration Distribution in a Silicon Crystal during Directional Solidification Process
  60. An improved numerical analysis of the transient oil de-congealing process in a heat exchanger under low temperature conditions
  61. Numerical Analysis and Prediction of FLD For Al Alloy-6063
  62. Improvement of ammonia mixing in an industrial scale selective catalytic reduction De-NOx system of a coal-fired power plant: A numerical analysis
  63. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Water Hammer Phenomenon in Pipeline with Fiber Optic Cable
  64. Numerical analysis of the effect of air pressure and oil flow rate on droplet size and tool temperature in MQL machining
  65. Numerical Analysis of Viscoelastic Rotating Beam with Variable Fractional Order Model Using Shifted Bernstein–Legendre Polynomial Collocation Algorithm
  66. Numerical linear algebra and optimization
  67. Numerical Analysis of Serrated Chip Formation Mechanism with Johnson-Cook Parameters in Micro-Cutting of Ti6Al4V
  68. Numerical Analysis of the Mechanical Response of Anchored Wire Meshes
  69. Numerical Analysis for the Assessment of Factors Influencing the Breakdown of Swirl Flow in a Cylinder Driven by a Rotating End Wall
  70. Numerical analysis of the ultimate compressibility of concrete with indirect reinforcement for plotting a stress-strain diagram
  71. Numerical analysis and prediction of Aero-optical effects
  72. Numerical analysis for stochastic time-space fractional diffusion equation driven by fractional Gaussion noise
  73. Numerical analysis and performance improvement of nanostructured Cu2O/TiO2pn heterojunction solar cells using SCAPS
  74. Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics of Joint Structure of Steel Pipe Sheet Pile Foundation
  75. Numerical Analysis of Rotor Dynamics of Dredge Pump Shafting
  76. A numerical analysis of convection heat transfer and friction factor for oscillating corrugated channel flows
  77. Numerical Analysis on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Slender Body with Asymmetric Double Protuberance
  78. Mixed Finite Element-Second Order Upwind Fractional Step Difference Scheme of Darcy–Forchheimer Miscible Displacement and Its Numerical Analysis
  79. Numerical Analysis of JAXA Standard Model in High Lift Configuration
  80. Numerical Analysis of Shock Speed Attenuation in Expansion Tube
  81. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of a Pretreated Shape Memory Alloy Wire in a Self-Centering Steel Brace
  82. Numerical Analysis of Shallow Foundations Considering Hydraulic Hysteresis and Deformation Dependent Soil-Water Retention
  83. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Laterally Loaded Pile Subjected to Earthquake Loading
  84. Numerical analysis of static behavior of caisson-type quay wall deepened by grouting rubble-mound
  85. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Steel Beam-Column Connections
  86. Numerical Analysis of Shear and Particle Crushing Characteristics in Ring Shear System Using the PFC2D. Materials 2021, 14, 229
  87. Numerical Analysis on a Selection of Horn Material for the Design of Cylindrical Horn in Ultrasonic Machining
  88. A Simplified Francis Turbine for Micro Hydro Application: Design and Numerical Analysis
  89. Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamics Based on Spin-VCSELs with Optical Feedback. Photonics 2021, 8, 10
  90. Numerical analysis of the flow behavior in the throat section of an experimental conical nozzle
  91. Numerical Analysis OF PCM Within a Square Enclosure Having Different Wall Heating Conditions
  92. Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Hysteresis in Tape Springs for Space Applications
  93. Numerical Analysis of Autofrettaged High-Pressure Aluminium Cylinder
  94. Numerical analysis of steel columns subject to eccentric loadings
  95. Numerical Analysis of Flow and Radiative Transfer with Excitation Nonequilibrium in an Arc-jet Facility
  96. Numerical Analysis of Scramjet Intake with Spoon-shaped Isolator
  97. Numerical Analysis on Gas Turbine Blade of a Nickel-Based Alloy with Titanium Alloy
  98. Experimental and Numerical Analysis on the Mechanical Behaviour of Box Beam Cold-Formed Steel Built-up C-Sections
  99. Numerical Analysis of Segmental Tunnel Linings employing a Hybrid Modeling Approach
  100. Numerical Analysis of Long-span Floor Vibration Due to Crowd Synchronized Walking
  101. Numerical analysis of the carbon-containing pellet direct reduction process with central heat transfer enhancement
  102. Numerical analysis of coupled systems of ODEs and applications to enzymatic competitive inhibition by product
  103. Mathematical model of SIR epidemic system (COVID-19) with fractional derivative: stability and numerical analysis
  104. Numerical analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine performance at varied Angle-of-Attack
  105. Numerical analysis of fretting wear in lateral contact of sphere/sphere
  106. Hybrid Algorithms for Numerical Solution of Optoelectronics Applications
  107. Convergence Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of Mean Field Control and Games I: The Ergodic Case
  108. Numerical–Experimental Analysis of Polyethylene Pipe Deformation at Different Load Values
  109. Bending behavior of octet-truss lattice structures: Modelling options, numerical characterization and experimental validation
  110. Numerical Simulation of Photovoltaic Cell
  111. Numerical Solving for Nonlinear Problems Using Iterative Techniques
  112. An introduction to numerical methods and analysis
  113. On Solving Nonlinear Equation Via Numerical Analysis for Photovoltaic Cell (HM-DM)
  114. Application of Numerical Analysis for Solving Nonlinear Equation (AHM-DM)
  115. On the Globalization of ASPIN Employing Trust-Region Control Strategies–Convergence Analysis and Numerical Examples
  116. Numerical modeling of two microwave sensors for biomedical applications
  117. Numerical modeling of solid-liquid phase change under the influence an external electric field
  118. The damage-failure criteria for numerical stability analysis of underground excavations: A review
  119. Numerical and chemical kinetic analysis to evaluate the effect of steam dilution and pressure on combustion of n-dodecane in a swirling flow environment
  120. Numerical simulation and stability analysis for the fractional-order dynamics of COVID-19
  121. Scenarios in the experimental response of a vibro-impact single-degree-of-freedom system and numerical simulations
  122. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of One-Dimensional Infiltration into Unsaturated Soil
  123. Numerical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer during Cryopreservation Using Interval Analysis
  124. Numerical techniques for infrared spectra analysis of organic and inorganic volatile compounds for biomedical applications
  125. Two-Dimensional Numerical Model for Stability Analysis of Tunnel Face Based on Particle Flow Code
  126. Numerical simulation and CFD-based correlations for artificially roughened solar air heater
  127. Numerical study on the thermo-hydraulic performance analysis of fly ash nanofluid
  128. Numerical Modeling and Stability Analysis of Surrounding Rock of Yuanjue Cave
  129. The theoretical performance analysis and numerical simulation of the cylindrical vane pump
  130. Investigation of novel multi-layer sandwich panels under quasi-static indentation loading using experimental and numerical analyses
  131. Numerical approximations for a fully fractional Allen–Cahn equation
  132. Quasi-static numerical modeling of miniature RF circuits based on lumped equivalent circuits
  133. A comparative Analysis of PV Cell Mathematical Model
  134. Experimental, analytical and numerical performance of RC beams with V-shaped reinforcement
  135. Shape and topology optimization. to appear in Handbook of Numerical Analysis, 22
  136. Geotechnical Properties of Stabilized Sedimentary Formation for Numerical Analysis , 14 Chapters of Research Work
  137. Numerical analysis of a distributed control problem with a stochastic parabolic equation
  138. Numerical Analysis of Reinforced Exterior Concrete Beam-Column Joints Retrofitted Using FRP under Cyclic Loads
  139. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Energy Absorption of Hollow and Foam filled thick-wall Aluminum Tubes Considering Different Damage Models
  140. The dynamical model for COVID-19 with asymptotic analysis and numerical implementations
  141. Hyperbolic models for the spread of epidemics on networks: kinetic description and numerical methods
  142. A novel approach for the numerical approximation to the solution of singularly perturbed differential-difference equations with small shifts
  143. Hybrid bistable composite laminates for structural assemblies: A numerical and experimental study
  144. The relative salience of numerical and non-numerical dimensions shifts over development: A re-analysis of
  145. Numerical analyses on geogrid-reinforced cushion in pile-supported composite foundation
  146. On the numerical solution of stochastic oscillators driven by time-varying and random forces
  147. A New Blast Absorbing Sandwich Panel with Unconnected Corrugated Layers—Numerical Study
  148. Combined numerical and experimental study on the use of Gurney flaps for the performance enhancement of NACA0021 airfoil in static and dynamic conditions
  149. Supporting Data: Numerical Simulation of Sleeve Fracturing for In-Situ Stress Measurement using Cohesive Elements
  150. Numerical modeling of post-flood water flow in pavement structures
  151. Fatigue Analysis of Actuators with Teflon Impregnated Coating—Challenges in Numerical Simulation
  152. Seismic assessment of wind turbines: How crucial is rotor-nacelle-assembly numerical modeling?
  153. A Numerical Study on Interference Effects of Closely Spaced Strip Footings on Cohesionless Soils
  154. Numerical Investigation of a Phase Change Material Including Natural Convection Effects
  155. CSCI, MATH 6820 Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Lecture Notes: Spring 1999
  156. A New Technique for Solar Cell Parameters Estimation of The Single-Diode Model
  157. Analysis and numerical simulation of fractional Biswas–Milovic model
  158. Thermal and Hydrodynamic Phenomena in the Stagnation Zone—Impact of the Inlet Turbulence Characteristics on the Numerical Analyses
  159. Elasto-Plastic Numerical Analyses for Predicting Cave-Ins of Tunnels and Caverns
  160. … pass location on thermo-fluidic characteristic on the novel air-cooled branched wavy minichannel heat sink: A comprehensive numerical and experimental analysis
  161. Numerical and experimental analysis of the structural performance of AM components built by fused filament fabrication
  162. Experimental and numerical simulation of the piston engine fueled with alternative fuel blends: CFD approach
  163. Comparison between experimental digital image processing and numerical methods for stress analysis in dental implants with different restorative materials
  164. Numerical investigation for heat transfer enhancement of nanofluid in the solar flat plate collector with insertion of multi-channel twisted tape
  165. A numerical study on energy absorption capability of lateral corrugated composite tube under axial crushing
  166. Parameters Estimation of Photovoltaic Model Using Nonlinear Algorithms
  167. The Influence of the Mesh Element Size on Critical Bending Speeds of a Rotor in the Finite Element Analysis
  168. Numerical simulations of Pelton turbine flow to predict large head variation influence
  169. Use of Vertical and Inclined Walls to Mitigate the Interaction of Reverse Faulting and Shallow Foundations: Centrifuge Tests and Numerical Simulation
  170. Numerical simulation and experimental study on the drilling process of 7075-t6 aerospace aluminum alloy
  171. A numerical study of field strength and clay morphology impact on NMR transverse relaxation in sandstones
  173. Numerical modeling and parametric study of piled rafts foundations
  174. Direct numerical simulation of electroconvection with thin Debye layer matching canonical experiments
  175. A novel numerical approach to time-fractional parabolic equations with nonsmooth solutions
  176. Experimental and numerical investigation of the thermo-mechanical behaviour of an energy sheet pile wall
  177. Experimental and numerical investigation on dynamic responses of the umbrella membrane structure excited by heavy rainfall
  178. A novel Covid-19 model with fractional differential operators with singular and non-singular kernels: Analysis and numerical scheme based on Newton …
  179. Numerical investigation of sloshing in tank with horivert baffles under resonant excitation using CFD code
  180. Parametric investigations of magnetic nanoparticles hyperthermia in ferrofluid using finite element analysis
  181. Experimental and numerical investigations on seismic performance of RC bridge piers considering buckling and low-cycle fatigue of high-strength steel bars
  182. Numerical assessment of effective width in steel-concrete composite box girder bridges
  183. Structure-preserving, energy stable numerical schemes for a liquid thin film coarsening model
  184. Stability analysis of thin-walled composite plate in unsymmetrical configuration subjected to axial load
  185. Numerical Simulation of Swelling in Tunnels
  186. Numerical study on the behaviour of AL2O3/water nanofluid at multiple flows and concentration
  187. Weighted finite element method for elasticity problem with a crack
  188. The impact of a multilevel protection column on the propagation of a water wave and pressure distribution during a dam break: Numerical simulation
  189. Analysis and numerical simulation of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) model with Mittag-Leffler Kernel
  190. Numerical study of mist film cooling on a flat plate with various numbers of deposition
  191. Effect of Reinforcing Steel on the Impact Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Panel Subjected to Hard-Projectile Impact
  192. Comparative numerical and experimental analysis of thermal and hydraulic performance of improved plate fin heat sinks
  193. Study of the Effect of Welding Current on Heat Transfer and Melt Pool Geometry on Mild Steel Specimen Through Finite Element Analysis
  194. Sensitivity analysis of design parameters for erythritol melting in a horizontal shell and multi-finned tube system: Numerical investigation
  195. Numerical investigation on a dual loop EGR optimization of a light duty diesel engine based on water condensation analysis
  196. Ducted Fuel Injection: Experimental and numerical investigation on fuel spray characteristics, air/fuel mixing and soot mitigation potential
  197. Numerical simulation and experimental investigation on laser beam welding of Inconel 625
  198. Numerical limit analysis-based modelling of masonry structures subjected to large displacements
  199. Numerical performance of blind-bolted demountable square CFST K-joints
  200. Analysis and development of novel data-driven drag models based on direct numerical simulations of fluidized beds
  201. Experimental and numerical fretting fatigue using a new test fixture
  202. Numerical treatment for dynamics of second law analysis and magnetic induction effects on ciliary induced peristaltic transport of hybrid nanomaterial
  203. Experimental and numerical investigation of Low-Velocity impact on steel wire reinforced foam Core/Composite skin sandwich panels
  204. Laboratory and numerical experimentation for masonry in compression
  205. A radiatively induced neutrino mass model with hidden local U (1) and LFV processes l i? l j ?, µ? eZ’ and µe? ee
  206. Influence of lowering groundwater level on the behavior of pile in soft soil
  207. Crushing of Single-Walled Corrugated Board during Converting: Experimental and Numerical Study
  208. Numerical optimization of key design parameters of a thermoelectric microfluidic sensor for ultrasensitive detection of biochemical analytes
  209. Numerical modeling and analysis of the effect of pressure on the performance of an alkaline water electrolysis system
  210. Numerical Simulation of the Daikai Station Subway Structure Collapse due to Sudden Uplift during Earthquake
  211. Advanced Numerical Modelling of Geogrids and Steel Wire Meshes
  212. Explicit Numerical Model of Solar Cells to Determine Current and Voltage
  213. Numerical Dynamic Programming for Continuous States
  214. A Numerical-Analytical Method for Dynamic Analysis of Piles in Non-homogeneous Transversely Isotropic Media
  215. Failure mode analysis of post-seismic rockfall in shattered mountains exemplified by detailed investigation and numerical modelling
  216. Estimating water balance components in irrigated agriculture using a combined approach of soil moisture and energy balance monitoring, and numerical modelling
  217. Discovery of dynamics using linear multistep methods
  218. A numerical study of arsenic contamination at the Bagnoli bay seabed by a semi-anthropogenic source. Analysis of current regime
  219. Model uncertainty in non-linear numerical analyses of slender reinforced concrete members
  220. Optimal-order error estimates of finite element approximations to variable-order time-fractional diffusion equations without regularity assumptions of the true solutions
  221. Seismic Response of Embankment on Soft Clay Based on Shaking Table Test
  222. Numerical Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Step-Tapered Piles Using PY Curves Analysis
  223. Mitigation of Multipactor Effect in High Power Microwave Systems for SPS
  224. Structure-Preserving Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Fokker–Planck Equations with Nonlocal Interactions by an Energetic Variational Approach
  225. Numerical Investigation of Three-Dimensional and Vortical Flow Phenomena to Enhance the Power Performance of a Wind Turbine Blade
  226. Structural Analysis of a Stress-Laminated-Timber Bridge Deck Using Hardwood
  227. Experimental and Numerical Study on the Pullout Resistance of a Single and Group of Granular Pile Anchor (GPA) in Soft Soils
  228. Nonlinear Vibrations of a Composite Beam in Large Displacements: Analytical, Numerical, and Experimental Approaches
  229. Numerical Investigation of Flow Inside the Collector of a Solar Chimney Power Plant
  230. An integrated approach for the numerical modeling of severely damaged historic structures: Application to a masonry bridge
  231. Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Structural Performance of a Double Composite Wall
  232. The new operational matrix of integration for the numerical solution of integro-differential equations via Hermite wavelet
  233. Numerical Modelling of Heat Transfer
  234. A Narrow-stencil Finite Difference Method for Approximating Viscosity Solutions of Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman Equations
  235. Experimental and numerical investigation on flow characteristics of inter-wrapper channel in LMFBR
  236. Numerical Investigation on Seismic Performance of a Piled-Raft Foundation with Grid-Form DMWs
  237. Global sensitivity analysis on numerical solver parameters of Particle-In-Cell models in particle accelerator systems
  238. Unified analysis of discontinuous Galerkin and C0-interior penalty finite element methods for Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman and Isaacs equations
  239. A velocity-vorticity method for highly viscous 3D flows with application to digital rock physics
  240. Numerical modeling of strain localization
  241. Failure process analysis of frustum windows for deep-sea manned cabin
  242. Numerical Modeling of the Seismically Induced Uplift Behavior of Twin Tunnels
  243. A new numerical method to solve pantograph delay differential equations with convergence analysis
  244. Error Analysis of Finite Element Approximations of Diffusion Coefficient Identification for Elliptic and Parabolic Problems
  245. Numerical Assessment of Laterally Loaded Pile Group Efficiency
  246. Numerical evaluation of high-intensity focused ultrasound-induced thermal lesions in atherosclerotic plaques [J]
  247. Verification of numerical models for seismic fluid-structure interaction analysis of internal components in liquid-filled advanced reactors
  248. Effect of Domain Size in the Modelled Response of Thermally-Activated Piles
  249. Analysis of calendering process of non-isothermal flow of non-Newtonian fluid: A perturbative and numerical study
  250. Pogo analysis for a clustered rocket engine by sophisticated branch-pipe modeling
  251. Numerical simulation of compressive failure of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic laminates with various hole shapes
  252. I-BIM based approach for geotechnical and numerical modelling of a conventional tunnel excavation
  253. Performance analysis of a gas-solid thermochemical energy storage using numerical and experimental methods
  254. CFD analysis for airflow distribution of a conventional building plan for different wind directions
  255. A numerical model to simulate the dynamic performance of Breathing Walls
  256. Adaptive Control of a String-Plate Coupled System
  257. Remarks on numerical simulation of the LEAP-Asia-2019 centrifuge tests
  258. Numerical and Experimental Studies of Ballistic Compression Process in a Soft Recovery System
  259. Numerical study on the behaviour of vertical bolted joints for precast concrete wall-based low-rise buildings
  260. Experimental and numerical investigation of hybrid laser arc welding process and the influence of welding sequence on the manufacture of stiffened flat panels
  261. Numerical investigation of wideband L-shaped metasurface based solar absorber for visible and ultraviolet region
  262. Experimental Testing Conducted in the Course of the GIPIPE Project and Their Numerical Simulation
  263. Williams expansion utilized for assessment of crack behaviour under mixed-mode loading in alkali-activated fine-grained composite
  264. Numerical modelling and optimization of vertical axis wind turbine pairs: A scale up approach
  265. Numerical simulation of strain localization based on Cosserat continuum theory and isogeometric analysis
  266. A Novel Predictor-Corrector Hally Technique for Determining The Parameters for Nonlinear Solar Cell Equation
  267. Numerical Investigation on the Behavior of Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Beams at Elevated Temperature
  268. Optimisation on thermoforming of biodegradable poly (lactic acid)(PLA) by numerical modelling
  269. Norm Error Estimates for HDG Methods Applied to the Poisson Equation with an Application to the Dirichlet Boundary Control Problem
  270. A numerical study on the effects of nanoparticles and stair fins on performance improvement of phase change thermal energy storages
  271. The Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Particle Size Distribution Produced by an Electrical Discharge Process
  272. Numerical and Experimental Evaluation on the Behaviour of Cold-Formed Steel Box Struts and Prediction of Experimental Results Using Artificial Neural Networks
  273. Runtime Abstract Interpretation for Numerical Accuracy and Robustness
  274. Performance Analysis of a Proposed Design of Diverterless Supersonic Inlet at Various Flight Conditions
  275. Novel Approach for Optical Characterization of Thrust Collar Lubricated Area: Experimental and Numerical Results
  276. Numerical Study on Solidification of Phase Change Materials Embedded with Metal Foam
  277. Experimental and numerical investigation of lashing bridge and container stack dynamics using a scaled model test
  278. Contour integrals of analytic functions given on a grid in the complex plane
  279. Dispersion and light loss reduction in photonic crystal fibers using nanoparticles optimization
  280. Extraction and numerical simulation of gas–water flow in low permeability coal reservoirs based on a pore network model
  281. Numerical modeling of the tension stiffening in reinforced concrete members via discontinuum models
  282. Numerical Simulations of Centrifugal Experiments on Seismic Behavior of Shallow Overburden Tunnels with Pre-ground Improvement
  283. A new numerical method to solve the Caputo-Fabrizio fractional differential equation: error analysis and stability
  284. Regularization of algorithms for estimation of errors of differential equations approximate solutions
  285. Study of the Earth Pressure of the Finite Soil Layer
  286. Hailstone-induced dynamic responses of pretensioned umbrella membrane structure
  287. Bearing Characteristics of Surrounding Rock of Deep Mining Roadway with Full and End Bolt Anchorages: A Comparative Numerical and Experimental Study
  288. A Numerical Model of a Perforated Microcantilever Covered with Cardiomyocytes to Improve the Performance of the Microcantilever Sensor
  289. Numerical investigation and experiment on pressure pulsation characteristics in a full tubular pump
  290. Analysis of critical imposed load of plate using variational calculus
  291. Numerical study on the nonlinear behavior of full-scale timber framed joints
  292. Numerical scrutinization of Darcy-Forchheimer relation in convective magnetohydrodynamic nanofluid flow bounded by nonlinear stretching surface in the perspective …
  293. Experimental and Numerical Study of Air Vessel in Quasi-2D Transient Flow Analysis
  294. Storm Tide and Wave Simulations and Assessment
  295. On analytical and numerical solutions of inverse problems of the mechanics of composites
  296. Adjoint-based sensitivity analysis for a numerical storm surge model
  297. Evaluation and Determination of the Parameters of a Photovoltaic Cell by an Iterative Method
  298. Towards stratigraphic-thermo-mechanical numerical modelling: Integrated analysis of asymmetric extensional basins
  299. Numerical Dynamic Analysis of Gearbox Behaviour
  300. Numerical investigation of splitter plate effect on bluff body using finite volume method
  301. The performance of TBM disc cutter in soft strata: A numerical simulation using the three-dimensional RBD-DEM coupled method
  302. Simplified calculation method for supplemental viscous dampers of cable-stayed bridges under near-fault ground motions
  303. Numerical approach to chaotic pattern formation in diffusive predator–prey system with Caputo fractional operator
  304. Numerical and experimental investigation of Y-shaped micromixers with mixing units based on cantor fractal structure for biodiesel applications
  305. Influence of Soil-Structure Interaction on Seismic Response of Multi-Storey Buildings
  306. A two-phase numerical model of well test analysis to characterize formation damage in near-well regions of injection wells
  307. Using pre-failure and post-failure remote sensing data to constrain the three-dimensional numerical model of a large rock slope failure
  308. On the modified circular restricted three-body problem with variable mass
  309. Experimental and Numerical Study on the Mechanical Behavior of Composite Steel Structure under Explosion Load
  310. Dynamics of detonation transmission and propagation in a curved chamber: a numerical and experimental analysis
  311. Determination of PV Model Parameters Using Bisection and Secant Methods
  312. Thermal Buffering Performance of a Propyl Palmitate/Expanded Perlite-Based Form-Stable Composite: Experiment and Numerical Modeling in a Building Model
  313. A numerical solution of the wave–body interactions for a freely floating vertical cylinder in different water depths using OpenFOAM
  314. The Influence of the Window Width on FRA Assessment with Numerical Indices
  315. Numerical modeling of axially loaded circular concrete-filled double-skin steel tubular short columns incorporating a new concrete confinement model
  316. Structural Safety and Stability of the Bridge on the Paraopeba River in Moeda, Minas Gerais, Brazil: Case Study
  317. Modeling and analysis of the coupling in discrete fracture matrix models
  318. An inclusive analysis of inductive dielectric and/or metallic discontinuities in a rectangular waveguide
  319. Numerical study on blast responses of rubberized concrete slabs using the Karagozian and Case concrete model
  320. A decision tree lifted domain for analyzing program families with numerical features
  321. Numerical simulation of nonlinear thermal radiation on the 3D flow of a couple stress Casson nanofluid due to a stretching sheet
  322. Experimental and numerical investigation on compressive and flexural behavior of structural steel tubular beams strengthened with AFRP composites
  323. Horizontal Displacement of Urban Deep Excavated Walls Supported by Multistrands Anchors, Steel Piles, and In Situ Concrete Piles: Case Study
  324. A study on transmission dynamics of the emerging Candida Auris infections in Intensive Care Units: Optimal control analysis and numerical computations
  325. Numerical and Experimental Response of Free-Standing Art Objects Subjected to Ground Motion
  326. A combined convection carreau–yasuda nanofluid model over a convective heated surface near a stagnation point: a numerical study
  327. Numerical study on magneto-acoustic thermal characteristics of micro-speaker for mobile phones
  328. Analysis of the triggering mechanism of landslide in the village Podi, Montenegro
  329. Numerical prediction of temperature distribution and residual stresses on plasma arc welded thin titanium sheets
  330. Significance of Interface Modeling in the Analysis of Laterally Loaded Deep Foundations
  331. Asymptotically compatible reproducing kernel collocation and meshfree integration for nonlocal diffusion
  332. Study of Dynamic Characteristics of Circular Liquid Storage Tanks Using Acoustic Principles
  333. Numerical investigation on flow distortion in a vertical inline pump
  334. A study on rock mass crack propagation and coalescence simulation based on improved numerical manifold method (NMM)
  335. Numerical investigation of the recent Chenhecun landslide (Gansu, China) using the discrete element method
  336. Closure to “Experimental Evaluation and Numerical Modeling of Wide-Flange Steel Columns Subjected to Constant and Variable Axial Load Coupled with Lateral Drift …
  337. A coupled numerical approach to simulate the effect of earthquake frequency content on seismic behavior of submarine tunnel
  338. Numerical simulation and experimental analysis on the performance of a modified shower cooling tower
  339. A coupled 3D wear and fatigue numerical procedure: Application to fretting problems in ultra-high strength steel wires
  340. Finding the Sequence of Largest Small n-Polygons by Numerical Optimization
  341. Application of stress-strength interference theory in butt welds
  342. Finite element error analysis of wave equations with dynamic boundary conditions: L2 estimates
  343. Bearing Capacity of Soft Clays Improved by Stone Columns: A Parametric Analysis
  344. On strong stability of explicit Runge–Kutta methods for nonlinear semibounded operators
  345. Numerical investigation of the fatigue performance of elastic rail clips considering rail corrugation and dynamic axle load
  346. Convergence analysis of the product integration method for solving the fourth kind integral equations with weakly singular kernels
  347. Numerical modeling to determine the limits on photovoltaic capacity when operating in a microgrid with solid-oxide fuel cell triple combined-cycle plants
  348. Space-time finite element discretization of parabolic optimal control problems with energy regularization
  349. Linear stability analysis of heterogeneous traffic flow considering degradations of connected automated vehicles and reaction time
  350. Stability of Galerkin discretizations of a mixed space–time variational formulation of parabolic evolution equations
  351. Convergence of a finite-volume scheme for a degenerate-singular cross-diffusion system for biofilms
  352. Numerical reconstruction of paleolithic fires in the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave (Ardèche, France)
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  355. Influence of Broken Twisted Tape on Heat Transfer Performance in Novel Axial Corrugated Tubes: Experimental and Numerical Study
  356. Numerical study of oblique droplet impact on a liquid film
  357. Experimental and numerical modelling of group of geosynthetic-encased stone columns
  358. Low-velocity drop weight impact behavior of Twaron® fabric investigated using experimental and numerical simulations
  359. Numerical simulation to determine the fracture aperture in a typical basin of China
  360. Experimental and numerical thermal analysis for direct microwave heating of silicon carbide
  361. A Thermal Deformation Test Technique Robust to Change in Room Temperature Using Multiple Periodic Heating
  362. Applicability assessment of a stent-retriever thrombectomy finite-element model
  363. Plastic Hinge Model for Performance-Based Design of Beam-Column Joints
  364. Thermoelastic Investigation of Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Composites Using a Drop-Weight Impact Test
  365. Numerical Modeling and Optimization of an Air Handling Unit
  366. The effect of a hot-wire in the tandem GMAW process ascertained by developing a multiphysics simulation model
  367. Numerical Study on CO2 Injection in Indian Geothermal Reservoirs Using COMSOL Multiphysics 5.2a
  368. Thermal–electrical–structural performances of hot heat exchanger with different internal fins of thermoelectric generator for low power generation application
  369. Numerical investigation on subcooled pool film boiling of liquid hydrogen in different gravities
  370. Dimensional Analysis of Shell-like Buckling in IsoTruss® Structures using Numerical Methods
  371. Study of Tilt on Adjacent Strip Footings
  372. Experimental and numerical investigation in the series arrangement square cyclone separator
  373. Strong error analysis for stochastic gradient descent optimization algorithms
  374. Numerical investigation of time-fractional equivalent width equations that describe hydromagnetic waves
  375. Reliability of Chaotic Vibrations of Euler-Bernoulli Beams with Clearance
  376. MAP123-EPF: A mechanistic-based data-driven approach for numerical elastoplastic modeling at finite strain
  377. On the Construction and Analysis of Finite Volume Element Schemes with Optimal L 2 Convergence Rate
  378. Numerical Study of Single-Hole and Multi-Holes Orifice Flow Parameters
  379. Theoretical, Numerical, and Experimental Study on an Unsteady Venturi Flowmeter for Incompressible Flows
  380. Numerical Modelling and Thermohydraulic Analysis of Circular Pipe Having Internal Vortex Generators
  381. Variational analysis of the discontinuous Galerkin time-stepping method for parabolic equations
  382. New Exact Operational Shifted Pell Matrices and Their Application in Astrophysics
  383. Laboratory and Numerical Studies on the Performance of Geocell Reinforced Base Layer Overlying Soft Subgrade
  385. A smoothed iFEM approach for efficient shape-sensing applications: Numerical and experimental validation on composite structures
  386. New analysis and application of fractional order Schrödinger equation using with Atangana–Batogna numerical scheme
  387. Experimental and Numerical Study of Low-Velocity Impact and Tensile after Impact for CFRP Laminates Single-Lap Joints Adhesively Bonded Structure
  388. Basalt Fibre Reinforcement of Bent Heterogeneous Glued Laminated Beams
  389. Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in a low-loss germanium-on-silicon waveguide
  390. Mapping sequence to feature vector using numerical representation of codons targeted to amino acids for alignment-free sequence analysis
  391. Ultra-Lean Gaseous Flames in Terrestrial Gravity Conditions. Fluids 2021, 6, 21
  392. Finite Element Analysis of Ballistic Impact on Monolithic and Multi-layered Target Plate with and Without Air Gap
  393. Quantitative Acoustic Emissions Source Mechanisms Analysis of Soft and Competent Rocks through Micromechanics-Seismicity Coupled Modeling
  394. Numerical investigation of free convection through a horizontal open-ended axisymmetric cavity
  395. Spectral monic chebyshev approximation for higher order differential equations
  396. Dynamic Characteristics of Woven Flax/Epoxy Laminated Composite Plate. Polymers 2021, 13, 209
  397. Numerical Solution of Interval Volterra-Fredholm-Hammerstein Integral Equations via Interval Legendre Wavelets? Method?
  398. Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Rectangular Liquid-Containing Structures under Seismic Excitation
  399. Natural Convection from Two Cylinders in an Enclosure with Sinusoidal Bottom Wall: A Numerical Study
  400. Numerical investigation on a multi-channel micro combustor fueled with hydrogen for a micro-thermophotovoltaic system
  401. Mesoscopic models and numerical simulations of the temperature field and hydration degree in early-age concrete
  402. Blown Wing Aerodynamic Coefficient Predictions Using Traditional Machine Learning and Data Science Approaches
  403. Study on pure annihilation type B to V gamma decays
  404. Resistor–capacitor modeling of the cell membrane: A multiphysics analysis
  405. Two Step and Newton-Raphson Algorithms in the Extraction for the Parameters of Solar Cell
  406. A two loop induced neutrino mass model with modular A4 symmetry
  407. Some Step Iterative Method for Finding Roots of a Nonlinear Equation
  408. Analysis on Movement of Conducting Particle by Varying the Particle Dimensions in Gas Insulated Busduct Using Numerical Methods
  409. A numerical method for magneto-hygro-thermal dynamic stability analysis of defective quadrilateral graphene sheets using higher order nonlocal strain gradient …
  410. Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer in Aircraft Engine Blade Using k-? and SST k- ? Model
  411. Advanced complex analysis of the thermal softening of nitrided layers in tools during hot die forging
  412. Prediction of Restrained Expansion and Shrinkage Strains of Reinforced Concrete Specimens by Using Finite Element Analysis
  413. Analytical and numerical study of the influence of different support types in the nonlinear vibrations of beams
  414. Optimal-rate finite-element solution of Dirichlet problems in curved domains with straight-edged tetrahedra
  415. Stability Analysis of Hill Slopes in The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
  416. An experimental and numerical investigation of novel solution for energy management enhancement in data centers using underfloor plenum porous obstructions
  417. Gauss-Legendre Features for Gaussian Process Regression
  418. Can the Hyperfine Mass Splitting Formula in Heavy Quarkonia be Applied to the B c System?
  419. Numerical solution of the multiterm time-fractional diffusion equation based on reproducing kernel theory
  420. Numerical Investigation of Fabricated MWCNTs/Polystyrene Nanofibrous Membrane for DCMD. Polymers 2021, 13, 160
  421. [PS][PS] 1 Numerical Integration with a Singular Integrand
  422. Highly sensitive nonlinear photonic crystal fiber based sensor for chemical sensing applications
  423. Numerical investigation of a central fuel property hypothesis under boosted spark-ignition conditions
  424. Numerical Simulation Analysis of Cutter Head of Large Diameter Metro Shield with Soft Upper and Hard Bottom
  425. Numerical modelling of a segmented annular seal with enhanced lift effects
  426. Surface tension-mediated trapping and propulsion of small objects at liquid interfaces by using line-spot lasers
  427. Numerical Investigation of an Efficient Blade Design for a Flow Driven Horizontal Axis Marine Current Turbine
  428. Numerical and analytical investigations for solving the inverse tempered fractional diffusion equation via interpolating element-free Galerkin (IEFG) method
  429. Numerical and experimental investigation on the forward osmosis (FO) process for the operational conditions and spacer configuration optimization in microalgae …
  430. Study on effects of wind velocity on thermal efficiency and heat dynamics of pavement solar collectors: An experimental and numerical study
  431. Experimental and numerical investigations of steel fiber reinforced concrete dapped-end purlins
  432. Numerical investigation of Maxwell-Vlasov equations. Part I: basic physics and algoritms
  433. Equivalence of pth moment stability between stochastic differential delay equations and their numerical methods
  434. Performance Study of Cross Flow Hybrid Hydrokinetic Turbine
  435. A problem-based learning proposal to teach numerical and analytical nonlinear root searching methods
  436. Experimental and numerical investigation on the complex behaviour of the localised seismic response in a multi-storey plan-asymmetric structure
  437. Numerical investigation of nanoparticle deposition location and pattern on a sharp-bent tube wall
  438. Numerical study of rockfall impact on bridge piers and its effect on the safe operation of high-speed trains
  439. Numerical investigation of distributed-order fractional optimal control problems via Bernstein wavelets
  440. Fast parallel solution of fully implicit Runge-Kutta and discontinuous Galerkin in time for numerical PDEs, Part II: nonlinearities and DAEs
  441. Optimization of the Clinical Setting Using Numerical Simulations of the Electromagnetic Field in an Obese Patient Model for Deep Regional Hyperthermia of an 8 MHz …
  442. Vibrations of multilayer composite viscoelastic curved pipe under internal pressure
  443. Numerical and experimental investigation of tool geometry effect on residual stresses in orthogonal machining of Inconel 718
  444. Chaotic or hyper-chaotic oscillator? Numerical solution, circuit design, MATLAB HDL-coder implementation, VHDL code, security analysis, and FPGA realization
  445. Numerical simulations of a Cu–water nanofluid-based parabolic-trough solar collector
  446. Numerical Investigation of Fabricated MWCNTs/Polystyrene Nanofibrous Membrane for DCMD
  447. The incentive effects of different government subsidy policies on green buildings
  448. Numerical study of the effects of CO2 gas in geothermal water on the fluid-flow characteristics in production wells
  449. Numerical evaluation of built-in temperature distribution effects on stress development in concrete pavements
  450. Numerical simulations of perforated plate liners: Analysis of the visco-thermal dissipation mechanisms
  451. Effects of variable transport properties on heat and mass transfer in MHD bioconvective nanofluid rheology with gyrotactic microorganisms: numerical approach
  452. Evaluation of modified Cam-Clay constitutive model in FLAC and its development by FISH programming
  453. Comprehensive 3D numerical study on interaction between structure and dip-slip faulting
  454. Analysis of different combustion chamber geometries using hydrogen/diesel fuel in a diesel engine
  455. Analysis of Influencing Factors of the Ice Shedding Vibration on Iced Transmission Lines
  456. A numerical approach for 2-D Sutterby fluid-flow bounded at a stagnation point with an inclined magnetic field and thermal radiation impacts
  457. Analysis of a two-grid method for semiconductor device problem
  458. The behavior of concrete-encased steel composite column-beam joints under cyclic loading
  459. Variability and plant communities’ diversity of acidophilous dwarf-heath mountain tundra (the class Loiseleurio-Vaccinietea) in Romanian Carpathians
  460. A numerical study on rutting behaviour of direct coal liquefaction residue modified asphalt mixture
  461. Convergence analysis of a second-order semi-implicit projection method for Landau-Lifshitz equation
  462. Design and Analysis of an Air-Purifier Using Cyclone Separator for Industries
  463. Numerical investigation of a novel single-pass all-glass receiver for parabolic trough collector
  464. Analysis and optimization of the performance parameters of non cooperative target location detection system
  465. Improving accuracy of the fifth-order WENO scheme by using the exponential approximation space
  466. How to Transform B-Matrix Chains into Markov Chains and Vice Versa
  467. A series representation of the discrete fractional Laplace operator of arbitrary order
  468. Energy and exergy analysis of solar photovoltaic thermal system: experimental and numerical verification
  469. Optimal Control of Acoustic Radiation Power for a Triple-Walled Structure
  470. Strong convergence analysis for Volterra integro-differential equations with fractional Brownian motions
  471. Numerical Modeling of Water-Vapor Migration and Phase Transformation in Unsaturated Freezing Soils
  472. Experimental and Numerical Study on Cooling System Waste Heat Recovery for Engine Air Preheating by Ternary Hybrid Nanofluid
  473. Synchronization characteristics of an array of coupled MEMS limit cycle oscillators
  474. Field measurements for identification of modal parameters for high-rise buildings under construction or in use
  475. Comparative thermal hydraulic performance analysis on helical screw insert in tube with different number of strips in transition flow regime
  476. A neural network constitutive model for hyperelasticity based on molecular dynamics simulations
  477. Numerical Procedures for Simulation of Wave Propagation in Plates
  478. Optimization of pipe-and-spike discharge electrode shape for improving electrostatic precipitator collection efficiency
  479. Hypocoercivity-compatible finite element methods for the long-time computation of Kolmogorov’s equation
  480. Proposal of a stage-by-stage design method and its application on a multi-stage multiphase pump based on numerical simulations
  481. … of the 3rd Dimension within the Representative Volume Element (RVE) on Damage Initiation and Propagation during Full-Phase Numerical Simulations of Single and …
  482. Numerical and Experimental Study on Combined Seals With the Consideration of Stretching Effects
  483. Thermal Upheaval Buckling of Buried Pipelines: Experimental Behavior and Numerical Modeling
  484. A numerical study on the effects of spatial and temporal discretization in cardiac electrophysiology
  485. On a multiscale a posteriori error estimator for the stokes and Brinkman equations
  486. Flow analyses of diffuser augmented wind turbines
  487. Parameters Extraction of a Single-Diode Model of Photovoltaic Cell Using False Position Iterative Method
  488. Vibration Behavior Analysis of Anchor Cables in Submerged Floating Tunnel and Its Application
  489. Numerical solutions of hypersingular integral equations for interface circular crack under axisymmetric loadings
  490. Evaluation of the soil–pile interface properties in the lateral direction for seismic analysis in sand

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