Topics of Presentation for Structural Design Analysis

Structural Design Analysis [Topics of Presentation]


  1. Structural, Evolutionary, and Functional Analysis of the Protein O-Mannosyltransferase Family in Pathogenic Fungi
  2. Structural Analysis of an Antigen Chemically Coupled on Virus‐Like Particles in Vaccine Formulation
  3. Enhanced Seismic Structural Reliability on Reinforced Concrete Buildings by Using Buckling Restrained Braces
  4. Structural improvement study of streamline design method, conical hub, and auxiliary blades for axial blood pump
  5. … valve fracture for valve‐in‐valve transcatheter aortic valve implantation in patients with structural valve degeneration: Systematic review with meta‐analysis
  6. Structural Domain of Learning and Teaching Strategies in The Academic Performance of Students
  7. Structural optimization of a steel arch bridge with genetic algorithm
  8. Aero-structural optimization of supersonic wing under thermal environment using adjoint-based optimization algorithm
  9. Development and Performance analysis of Novel Cast AA7076-Graphene Amine-Carbon Fiber Hybrid Nanocomposites for Structural Applications
  10. Power analysis for parameter estimation in structural equation modeling: A discussion and tutorial


  1. Advanced structural material design based on simulation and data-driven method
  2. Structural design enables highly-efficient green emission with preferable blue light excitation from zero-dimensional manganese (II) hybrids
  3. Structural Response of a Stitched Composite Hybrid Wing Body Center Section
  4. Structural response analysis of explosions in hydrogen-air mixtures in tunnel-like geometries
  5. Structural validation of a thermoplastic composite wind turbine blade with comparison to a thermoset composite blade
  6. Alteration of brain structural connectivity in progression of Parkinson’s disease: a connectome-wide network analysis
  7. Brain Structural Changes in Focal Dystonia—What About Task Specificity? A Multimodal MRI Study
  8. Immunoinformatic approach to design a multiepitope vaccine targeting non-mutational hotspot regions of structural and non-structural proteins of the SARS …
  9. Implementing Performance Based Design in the Structural Engineering Industry
  10. The Structural Design of the Threaded Part of the Premium Connection Tubing


  1. Structural Performance of Subway Aluminum Alloy Car Body Analyzed by Abaqus Software
  2. Structural integrity assessment for ITER lower VS coil feedthrough
  3. Deep super-resolution neural network for structural topology optimization
  4. Multidisciplinary design for structural integrity using a collaborative optimization method based on adaptive surrogate modelling
  5. Structural analysis of historical infrastructures: the case of the bridge on the Furore Fiord
  6. Analysis of the structural framework for schools affected by the Sunda Strait Tsunami in Pandeglang Regency
  7. Optimal design of wooden pavilion gridshell structures in the context of architectural and structural collaboration
  8. Micro-structural analysis of recycled concretes made with recycled coarse concrete aggregates
  9. An analysis of the relationship between religiosity and psychological well-being in Chilean older people using structural equation modeling
  10. A Structural Grammar Approach for the Generative Design of Diagrid‐Like Structures


  1. Application of systemic-structural activity theory to the design of BOTs and AI software
  2. Shape optimization and buckling analysis of novel two-way aluminum alloy latticed shells
  3. Cutting Waste Minimization of Rebar for Sustainable Structural Work: A Systematic Literature Review
  4. Structural and Thermal Analysis on Cylinder Head of VCR Diesel Engine Using ANSYS
  5. Thermal-hydraulic-structural evaluation of S–CO2 cooling wall tubes: A thermal stress evaluating criterion and optimization
  6. Multi-objective Structural Analysis of Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite
  7. Assessing Antigen Structural Integrity through Glycosylation Analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 Viral Spike
  8. Structural design and performance evaluation of industrial-scale C2H2 reactor by partial oxidation of natural gas
  9. A holistic framework for designing for structural robustness in tall timber buildings

Research Topics Ideas for Structural Design Analysis  for MS PhD Thesis