Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Research Topics Ideas

List of Research Topics and Ideas of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for MS and Ph.D. Thesis.

  1. Engineering sketch generation for computer-aided design
  2. Quantum computer-aided design of quantum optics hardware
  3. Computer-aided design and additive manufacturing of bone scaffolds for tissue engineering: state of the art
  4. Computer-aided design of PVR mutants with enhanced binding affinity to TIGIT
  5. Implicit-based computer-aided design for additively manufactured functionally graded cellular structures
  6. 2D and 3D patient’s representation of simulated restorative esthetic outcomes using different computer-aided design software programs
  7. The marginal and internal discrepancy of zirconia coping milled by two computer-aided design–computer-aided manufacturing systems
  8. Communicative Image Expression in Teaching of Computer-aided Design for Environmental Art Major
  9. Computer-Aided Design Principles for Anatomic Modeling
  10. … effect of polishing systems on the color and surface texture of different porcelain systems-feldspathic, pressable, and computer-aided design/computer-aided …
  11. Correcting of Calf Atrophy With a Custom-Made Silicone Implant: Contribution of Three-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design Reconstruction: A Pilot Study
  12. Effect of cavity design and material type on fracture resistance and failure pattern of molars restored by computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing …
  13. Technology computer-aided design simulation of phonon heat transport in semiconductor devices
  14. Computer Aided Design Modelling and Finite Element Analysis of Premolar Proximal Cavities Restored with Resin Composites
  15. Standard vs computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing customized self-ligating systems using indirect bonding with both: A comparative study
  16. … catalytic performance of a phenylpyruvate reductase from Lactobacillus plantarum by site-directed and saturation mutagenesis based on the computer-aided design
  17. Computer-aided Design and Diagnosis Method for Cancer Detection
  18. Computer-aided design and manufacturing of bone-and tooth-borne maxillary protraction with miniscrews and Class III elastics: Can we contemporize Class III …
  19. Classifications and Properties of Materials for Chairside Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing Dentistry: A Review
  20. Watermarking in Computer Aided Design-Generated 3D Objects
  21. Data Modeling for the Integrated and Intelligent Computer-Aided Design of Buildings and HVAC systems
  22. The Role of Computer-Aided Design Implant Insertion in Revision Pectus Surgery Revision Pectus Surgery with Implants
  23. Information Technology of Robotic Prosthesis Computer-Aided Design Based on Parametric Modeling
  24. Application of Computer Aided Design Software in Interior Design
  25. MVCNN++: Computer-Aided Design Model Shape Classification and Retrieval Using Multi-View Convolutional Neural Networks
  26. … Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing Integration Using Exchangeable Persistent Identifiers in Neutral Re-imported Computer-Aided Design …
  27. An Assessment of the Role of Computer Aided Design (CAD) in the Fashion Industry
  28. Computer-Aided Design of Active Pseudoknotted Hammerhead Ribozymes
  29. RetroBioCat as a computer-aided synthesis planning tool for biocatalytic reactions and cascades
  30. The problem of applicability of computer-aided design systems in the production of elements of hydraulic units
  31. Fibula Jaw-in-a-Day with Minimal Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing: Maximizing Efficiency, Cost-Effectiveness, Intraoperative Flexibility, and Quality
  33. The use of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing technologies in the treatment of Graves’ orbitopathy
  34. Computer-Aided Design and Pre-validation of Large Batches of DNA Assemblies
  36. Recent applications of computer aided design (CAD) in food processing
  37. Computer-aided design and 3D printing for airway graft carving simulation and the effect on participants performance and confidence
  39. Therapeutic immunization against Helicobacter pylori infection in BALB/c mice induced by a multi-epitope vaccine based on computer-aided design
  40. Fracture strength of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing zirconia fixed dental prostheses with different connector surface areas
  41. Computer Aided Design and Drafting Reengineering on Post-pandemic Heavy-part Industrial Warehouse Layout
  42. Computer-aided intelligent design using deep multi-objective cooperative optimization algorithm
  43. Assessment Of Depression, Anxiety And Stress Among Computer Aided Design Engineers Working In A Multinational Company In Chennai, Tamilnadu
  44. Quantum computer-aided design: digital quantum simulation of quantum processors
  45. Digital Model of Computer-Aided Art Design: From Plane to Space
  46. Integrated computer-aided engineering and design for DNA assemblies
  47. Students training for numerical control machines programming by means of computer-aided manufacturing tools
  48. Application Analysis of Computer-Aided Technology in Visual Aesthetics of Graphic Design
  49. Computer Aided Foundry Mold Design.(Dept. M)
  50. Digital Smile Designed Computer-Aided Surgery versus Traditional Workflow in “All on Four” Rehabilitations: A Randomized Clinical Trial with 4-Years Follow-Up
  51. Advances in applying computer-aided drug design for neurodegenerative diseases
  52. Optimization of Computer-Aided English Translation Teaching Based on Network Teaching Platform
  53. Study on the Performance of Light and Shadow Effect in Computer Aided Interior Design
  54. Computer Aided Drawing Programs in Interior Architecture Education
  55. Computer-aided prediction and design of IL-6 inducing peptides: IL-6 plays a crucial role in COVID-19
  56. Application of artificial neural network techniques in computer aided process planning-a review
  57. Model Optimization of Computer-Aided English Teaching in Local Area Networks
  58. Development of Computer-Aided English Listening System based on BS Architecture
  59. Computer-Aided Sketching in Engineering Schools
  60. Analysis of Computer Aided Teaching Management System for Music Appreciation Course Based on Network Resources
  61. Design and Simulation of Computer Aided Chinese Vocabulary Evaluation System
  62. Virtual facial simulation of prosthetic outcome for static computer-aided implant surgery and CAD-CAM prosthesesFacial simulation for implant surgery and CAD-CAM …
  63. Computer-aided drug design
  64. Optimization of Computer Aided Teaching System for Packaging Design Major
  65. Towards Computer-Aided Graphene Covered TiO2-Cu/(CuxOy) Composite Design for the Purpose of Photoinduced Hydrogen Evolution
  66. Design and Implementation of Computer Aided Equipment Management Information System
  67. The Computer-Aided Rough Patterns of Christopher Alexander
  68. Exploring Online Higher Mathematics Culture Course Examination System Based on Computer Aided Technology
  69. A Computer-Aided Approach for Low-Power LDO Regulator Design
  70. Intelligent Data Mining of Computer-Aided Extension Residential Building Design Based on Algorithm Library
  71. Improvement of Intelligent Computer Aided Chinese Teaching System
  72. Applicability of 3D-factory simulation software for computer-aided participatory design for industrial workplaces and processes
  73. SoK: Computer-aided cryptography
  74. Optimization of Computer-aided Teaching Network Management System for College Physical Education Courses
  75. Optimization of Music Teaching Methods Based on Multimedia Computer-aided Technology
  76. Understanding the effect of hyperparameter optimization on machine learning models for structure design problems
  77. Computer Aided Assembly and Verification of Synthetic Chromosomes
  78. Part-in-whole point cloud registration for aircraft partial scan automated localization
  79. Research on Culture and Creative Product Design Based on Computer-Aided Innovation from One Belt One Road Perspective
  80. Computer-aided indirect bonding versus traditional direct bonding of orthodontic brackets: bonding time, immediate bonding failures, and cost-minimization. A …
  81. Computer Aided Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
  82. Identification of potential inhibitors of Trichomonas vaginalis iron-containing superoxide dismutase by computer-aided drug design approach
  83. Machine Translation and Computer Aided English Translation
  84. Computer-aided dental manufacturing technologies used in fabrication of metal frameworks
  85. Herbal plants from Riau Province as inhibitors of COVID-19 binding to ACE2 receptor by computer aided molecular design an in-silico method
  86. Computer-Aided Drug Designing–Modality of Diagnostic System
  87. Two-Colour Topology Finding of Quad-Mesh Patterns
  88. Using Computer Aided Technology to Design Performance Evaluation System of E-commerce Park A
  89. Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Risers.(Dept. M)
  90. Multiphysics Modeling and Numerical Simulation in Computer-Aided Manufacturing Processes
  91. Accurate Real-time CNC Curve Interpolators Based Upon Richardson Extrapolation
  92. The Construction of Conforming-to-shape Truss Lattice Structures via 3D Sphere Packing
  93. Design and analysis of RC corbel based on SNI 2847: 2019 and analysed using computer aided strut-and-tie model
  94. Computer-Aided Prediction and Identification of Phytochemicals as Potential Drug Candidates against MERS-CoV
  95. Integrated machine learning framework for computer-aided chemical product design
  96. Computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation for the robust gating system design: Improved process for investment casting defects of 316L stainless steel …
  97. Geometric stability classification: datasets, metamodels, and adversarial attacks
  98. Clamping force integrated computer aided tolerancing in composite assembly
  99. Computer-aided prediction of inhibitors against STAT3 for managing COVID-19 associate cytokine storm
  100. Computer-Aided Fit, Tolerances and Limit Gauges Design Using Expert System (EXCAT).(Dept. M)
  101. Status, issues, and future of computer-aided part orientation for additive manufacturing
  102. Graphical Modelling with Computer Extended Descriptive Geometry (CeDG): Description and Comparison with CAD
  103. Real-Time Topology Optimization in 3D via Deep Transfer Learning
  104. Improved Dixon Resultant for Generating Signed Algebraic Level Sets and Algebraic Boolean Operations on Closed Parametric Surfaces
  105. Machine Learning Aided Design and Prediction of Environmentally Friendly Rubberised Concrete
  106. Computer-Aided Tolerancing Analysis of a High-Performance Car Engine Assembly
  107. Recognition of features in sheet metal parts manufactured using progressive dies
  108. Design Analysis of Natural Lighting and Ventilation of Underground Garage with the Computer-aided Technology
  109. Spectral mesh-free quadrature for planar regions bounded by rational parametric curves
  110. Computer-aided rational design for optimally Gantrez® S-97 and hyaluronic acid-based dissolving microneedles as a potential ocular delivery system
  111. Computer aided medical system design and clinical nursing intervention for infantile pancreatitis
  112. Computer-Aided Teaching Using SimMechanics and Matlab for Project-Based Learning in a Robotics Course
  113. Computer-aided skin cancer diagnosis based on a New meta-heuristic algorithm combined with support vector method
  114. Computer-Aided Epitope Identification and Design of Epitope Mimetics
  115. Application and Future Development of Computer Aided Writing Software in Chinese Language and Literature
  116. Integrative design and fabrication methodology for bio-inspired folding mechanisms for architectural applications
  117. Identification of ACK1 inhibitors as anticancer agents by using computer-aided drug designing
  118. Interacting with self-similarity
  119. … biorefinery approach via material recycle/reuse networks for the extraction of value-added components from shrimp: Computer-aided simulation and environmental …
  120. Impact of Original and Artificially Improved Artificial Intelligence–based Computer-aided Diagnosis on Breast US Interpretation
  121. An Automated Approach for Execution Sequence-Driven Software and Physical Co-Design of Mechatronic Systems Based on Hybrid Functional Ontology
  122. On the Vertex-oriented Triangle Propagation (VTP) Algorithm: Parallelization and Approximation
  123. Taskflow: A General-purpose Parallel and Heterogeneous Task Programming System
  124. Novel computer-aided lung cancer detection based on convolutional neural network-based and feature-based classifiers using metaheuristics
  125. A new single-view 3D pantograph reconstruction aided by prior CAD model
  126. Real-time use of a computer-aided system for polyp detection during colonoscopy, an ambispective study
  127. Two-Stage Sector Partition Path Planning Method for Automated Fiber Placement on Complex Surfaces
  128. Multimedia Interaction-Based Computer-Aided Translation Technology in Applied English Teaching
  129. Aircraft Seam Feature Extraction from 3D Raw Point Cloud via Hierarchical Multi-structure Fitting
  130. Computer-aided superimposition of the frontal sinus via 3D reconstruction for comparative forensic identification
  131. ReliefNet: Fast Bas-relief Generation from 3D Scenes
  132. A computer-aided system for ocular myasthenia gravis diagnosis
  133. Deep Learning for Computer-Aided Medical Diagnosis
  134. Augmented Reality Aided Inspection of Gears
  135. Image-Based Multiresolution Topology Optimization Using Deep Disjunctive Normal Shape Model
  136. Computer-aided Research on the Translation Ability Cultivation Model of Chinese College English Interdisciplinary Talents
  137. Computer Aided HR in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
  138. Computer Aided Management System of Sports Horse Registration Based on Distributed Storage System and Deep Fusion Learning
  139. Computer-Aided Biodesign Across Scales
  140. Least Degree G1-Refinable Multi-Sided Surfaces Suitable For Inclusion Into C1 Bi-2 Splines
  141. Prediction of shrinkage ratio of ZA 27 die casting alloy with artificial neural network, computer aided simulation and comparison with experimental studies
  142. Design and fabrication of acousto-optic devices
  143. Computer-aided Validation of Fluorobenzimidazole as Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Inhibitor: An In-Silico Study
  144. 3D reconstruction of structural magnetic resonance neuroimaging based on computer aided detection
  145. Research on the Construction of Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center Based on Computer-aided Civil Engineering in Colleges and Universities
  147. Singularity Structure Simplification of Hexahedral Meshes via Weighted Ranking
  148. Development of Computer-Aided System to Generate Tool Path for Single Point Incremental Forming Process Using MATLAB
  149. Fusing Medical Image Features and Clinical Features with Deep Learning for Computer-Aided Diagnosis
  150. A computer-aided strategy for preoperative simulation of autologous ear reconstruction procedure
  151. CADdy &# x2014; Colposcopy learning machine for computer aided diagnosis
  152. Neuropharmacological insights of African oil palm leaf through experimental assessment in rodent behavioral model and computer-aided mechanism
  153. … )-Based Deep Learning Method for Extracting Evidences in Chinese Radiology Reports: Development of a Computer-Aided Liver Cancer Diagnosis …
  154. Computer-Aided Diagnostic System for Digital Mammography
  155. Computer-aided identification of a series of novel ligands showing high potency as hepatitis C virus NS3/4A protease inhibitors
  156. Depinar, a drug that potentially inhibits the binding and entry of COVID-19 into host cells based on computer-aided studies
  157. Control and synchronization of hyperchaos in digital manufacturing supply chain
  158. Reed-Muller Subcodes: Machine Learning-Aided Design of Efficient Soft Recursive Decoding
  159. Multicycle Tests with Fault Detection Test Data for Improved Logic Diagnosis
  160. Accuro ultrasound-based system with computer-aided image interpretation compared to traditional palpation technique for neuraxial anesthesia placement in obese …
  161. COVID-19 pneumonia on chest X-rays: Performance of a deep learning-based computer-aided detection system
  162. Don’t Care Computation and De Morgan Transformation for Threshold Logic Network Optimization
  163. Clinically inspired computer aided diagnosis of melanoma using convolutional neural networks.
  164. Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Computer-Aided Detection of Breast Cancer Using Histopathology Images
  165. Model-Aided Design of a Rear-Impact Collision Testing System for In Vivo Investigations
  166. Innovative Application of Quality Management Method in Le Engineering Construction Process with the Computer-Aided
  167. Toward the Design of Fault-Tolerance-and Peak-Power-Aware Multi-Core Mixed-Criticality Systems
  168. Interoperable Application Programming Interfaces for Computer Aided Engineering Applications
  169. Exploring CAQDAS-How to Support a Novice User of Computer Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software
  170. Diagnostic performance evaluation of different TI-RADS using ultrasound computer-aided diagnosis of thyroid nodules: An experience with adjusted settings
  171. CAD Special Issue Editorial: Process Planning for Additive and Hybrid Manufacturing
  172. Accuracy assessment of dynamic computer–aided implant placement: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  173. Computer-aided approaches reveal trihydroxychroman and pyrazolone derivatives as potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 virus main protease
  174. Machine learning-aided design of aluminum alloys with high performance
  175. Information Leakage Analysis using a Co-design-Based Fault Injection Technique on a RISC-V Microprocessor
  176. Improved Classification Techniques for the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Cancer
  177. Extraction of Formal Manufacturing Rules from Unstructured English Text
  178. Concerted wire lifting: Enabling secure and cost-effective split manufacturing
  179. Computer aided fencing sports wearable equipment based on FPGA microprocessor and sensors
  180. Selection of a workpiece clamping system for computer-aided subtractive manufacturing of geometrically complex medical models
  181. Object Synthesis by Learning Part Geometry with Surface and Volumetric Representations
  182. Online Rare Category Identification and Data Diversification for Edge Computing
  183. Cascaded deep learning classifiers for computer-aided diagnosis of COVID-19 and pneumonia diseases in X-ray scans
  184. Computer-Aided Planning for the Verification of Large Batches of DNA Constructs
  185. Towards Secure and Intelligent Diagnosis: Deep Learning and Blockchain Technology for Computer-Aided Diagnosis Systems
  186. Full-Chip Power Density and Thermal Map Characterization for Commercial Microprocessors under Heat Sink Cooling
  187. Three-dimensional Neuromorphic Computing System with Two-layer and Low-variation Memristive Synapses
  188. Imitating functional operations for mitigating side-channel leakage
  189. Development Of Computer-Aided Courseware To Teach Programming In Python Technology Secondary School Grade 2, Sichomphusuksa School Khon Kaen …
  190. DEVoT: Dynamic Delay Modeling of Functional Units under Voltage and Temperature Variations
  191. On Improving Hotspot Detection Through Synthetic Pattern-Based Database Enhancement
  192. Deep learning-based computer-aided diagnosis in screening breast ultrasound to reduce false-positive diagnoses
  193. Throughput-Conscious Energy Allocation and Reliability-Aware Task Assignment for Renewable Powered In-Situ Server Systems
  194. A Class of “Basic Media Design” Based on 3D-CAD for Beginners of Digital Processing
  195. Sleep Stage Classification Using DWT and Dispersion Entropy Applied on EEG Signals
  196. Algorithm Selection Framework for Legalization Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning
  197. The Use of Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Prototyping to Surgically Assist in Tooth Autotransplantation
  198. Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease and SWEDD Using SMOTE and Ensemble Classifier
  199. Product Function Redesign Based on Extension Theory
  200. Territories made by measure: The parametric as a way of teaching urban design theory
  201. An Efficient Hardware Design for Accelerating Sparse CNNs with NAS-based Models
  202. LeGO: A Learning-Guided Obfuscation Framework for Hardware IP Protection
  203. New shape control tools for rational Bézier curve design
  204. High-Throughput Training of Deep CNNs on ReRAM-based Heterogeneous Architectures via Optimized Normalization Layers
  205. Efficient Non-Monte-Carlo Yield Estimation
  206. Comparative Study of Tribological Parameters of 3D Printed ABS and PLA Materials
  207. Use the 3D printer technology to obtain molds for ceramic products
  208. Retraction Note to: Computer-aided prediction of the Al 2 O 3 nanoparticles’ effects on tensile strength and percentage of water absorption of concrete …
  209. A dataset and a methodology for intraoperative computer-aided diagnosis of a metastatic colon cancer in a liver
  210. ForASec: Formal Analysis of Hardware Trojan-based Security Vulnerabilities in Sequential Circuits
  211. Grasshopper program to application of the parametric design trend in creating designs for women printed fabrics
  212. A Baffled Inflatable Wing made from High Performance Textile Materials: Design, Analysis, and Experiments
  214. Generating bicubic B-spline surfaces by a sixth order PDE [J]
  215. The Impact of using 3D Printing on developing the Architectural Ceramic Design
  216. A Survey of Dentists’ Perception of Chair-Side CAD/CAM Technology
  217. The Production of kilim fabrics in mass production on shuttle-less looms, and giving them the appearance of handcraft.
  218. Design and Fabrication of Low-Cost Detachable Power Unit for a Wheelchair
  219. A Beneficial Role of Computer-aided Diagnosis System for Less Experienced Physicians in the Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodule on Ultrasound
  220. HERO: Pbit High-Radix Optical Switch based on Integrated Silicon Photonics for Data Center
  221. Automated COVID-19 Detection from CT Images Using Deep Learning
  222. Mechanical behavior of endocrowns fabricated with different CAD-CAM ceramic systems
  223. Visual design and on-line verification of tabular rule-based systems with xtt
  224. LOOPLock 2.0: An Enhanced Cyclic Logic Locking Approach
  225. An ontology-based knowledge management approach supporting simulation-aided design for car crash simulation in the development phase
  226. Fast and Efficient High-Sigma Yield Analysis and Optimization using Kernel Density Estimation on a Bayesian Optimized Failure Rate Model
  227. Converting Flip-Flop to Clock-Gated 3-Phase Latch-Based Designs using Graph-Based Retiming
  229. Static Test Compaction using Independent Suffixes of a Transparent-Scan Sequence
  230. Towards Annotation-Efficient Deep Learning for Computer-Aided Diagnosis
  231. CRT-Net: A Generalized and Scalable Framework for the Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Electrocardiogram Signals
  232. Agglomerative Memory and Thread Scheduling for High Performance Ray Tracing on GPUs
  233. Application of Computer-aided Image Reconstruction and Image Guild in Parasagittal Meningioma Resection
  234. A hybrid 3D feature recognition method based on rule and graph
  235. Multiscale Persistent Topological Descriptor for Porous Structure Retrieval
  236. Machine learning associated with respiratory oscillometry: a computer-aided diagnosis system for the detection of respiratory abnormalities in systemic …
  237. ORACALL: An Oracle-Based Attack on Cellular Automata Guided Logic Locking
  238. Quantification of Railway Ballast Degradation by Abrasion Testing and Computer-Aided Morphology Analysis
  239. A case study on computer-aided diagnosis of nonerosive reflux disease using deep learning techniques
  240. A novel diagnostic map for computer-aided diagnosis of skin cancer
  241. The key management of direct/external modulation semiconductor laser response systems for relative intensity noise control
  242. Computer-aided resectability assessment of pancreatic tumors on CT scans with contrast
  243. Key Technology Algorithm of Computer Aided Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Based on Ultrasound Image
  244. Assessment of CAD-CAM polymers for digitally fabricated complete dentures
  245. A Practical Highly Paralleled ReRAM-based DNN Accelerator by Reusing Weight Pattern Repetitions
  246. History of Cardiovascular 3D Printing
  247. Computer-aided automatic transfer learning based approach for analysing the effect of high-frequency EMF radiation on brain
  248. Optimization and fabrication of customized scaffold using additive manufacturing to match the property of human bone
  249. Deep learning-driven simultaneous layout decomposition and mask optimization
  250. Block convolution: Towards memory-efficient inference of large-scale CNNs on FPGA
  251. Does Printing Orientation Matter? In-Vitro Fracture Strength of Temporary Fixed Dental Prostheses after a 1-Year Simulation in the Artificial Mouth
  252. Computer-aided detection of subsolid nodules at chest CT: improved performance with deep learning–based CT section thickness reduction
  253. Design and Development of Sheet-Metal Elbows Using Programming with Visual Basic for Applications in CATIA
  254. Computer aided decision support system for mitral valve diagnosis and classification using depthwise separable convolution neural network
  255. HESAM: A Human cEntered Sustainable Additive Manufacturing Tool for Early Design Stages
  256. Deep learning-based computer-aided diagnosis tool for brain tumor classification
  257. The value of deep learning-based computer aided diagnostic system in improving diagnostic performance of rib fractures in acute blunt trauma
  258. Deep Reinforcement Learning Guided Backup for Energy Harvesting Powered Systems
  259. Computer aided breast cancer detection using ensembling of texture and statistical image features
  260. Design Procedure of A Permanent Magnet DC Commutator Motor
  261. Evaluation of the accuracy (trueness and precision) of a maxillary trial denture according to the layer thickness: an in vitro study
  262. Modeling the Dependency of Analog Circuit Performance Parameters on Manufacturing Process Variations with Applications in Sensitivity Analysis and Yield …
  263. Semi-supervised Learning in Computer-aided Diagnosis
  264. Design and Thermal Analysis of High Power LED Light
  265. Synthetic Gene Circuits
  266. ChordMap: Automated Mapping of Streaming Applications onto CGRA
  267. Development of additive manufacturing technology
  268. Mixing Models as Integer Factorization: A Key to Sample Preparation with Microfluidic Biochips
  269. Digital prosthetic workflow during COVID-19 pandemic to limit infection risk in dental practice
  270. Thermodynamic modeling and rational design of ionic liquids for pre-combustion carbon capture
  271. Timing and resource-aware mapping of quantum circuits to superconducting processors
  272. Development of a computer-aided detection system for colonoscopy and a publicly accessible large colonoscopy video database (with video)
  273. Computer aided diagnosis of obesity based on thermal imaging using various convolutional neural networks
  274. Path-Oriented, Derivative-Free Approach for Safety Falsification of Nonlinear and Nondeterministic CPS
  275. Randomized clinical trial of a conventional and a digital workflow for the fabrication of interim crowns: an evaluation of treatment efficiency, fit, and the effect of clinician …
  276. Computer-Aided Rapid Establishment of Fingerprint of Xiaojin Capsule by HPLC
  277. Improving the quality of tomographic images by the methods of the computer-aided measuring systems
  278. Majority Logic Circuit Minimization Using Node Addition and Removal
  279. Slope Stability Analysis Based on the Limit Equilibrium Method and Strength Reduction Method
  280. Run-time Malware Detection Using Embedded Trace Buffers
  281. Robotic Automated Skull-Base Drilling
  282. Does Printing Orientation Matter
  283. Research on SWOT Matrix and Selection Model of New Mode of Tourism and Vacation Project Development based on Computer Aided Analysis
  284. Assessment of the Level of Awareness of Robotics and Construction Automation in South African
  285. Evaluation of dimensional accuracy and degree of polymerization of stereolithography photopolymer resin under different postpolymerization conditions: an in vitro …
  286. Logic synthesis of binarized neural networks for efficient circuit implementation
  287. Mechanical Design of a Modular Underwater Rov for Surveillance and Cleaning Purpose
  288. 3D printing microactuators for soft microrobots
  289. Computer-Aided Detection Breast Cancer in Whole Slide Image
  290. Single-event transient characteristics of vertical gate-all-around junctionless field-effect transistor on bulk substrate
  291. A sufficient condition for 3D typical curves
  292. Towards a computer aided diagnosis (CAD) for brain MRI glioblastomas tumor exploration based on a deep convolutional neuronal networks (D-CNN) architectures
  293. Theoretical modelling and analysis of a four-wheeler crank shaft by different aluminum alloys
  294. The Impact of Emerging Technology for “Industry 4.0” in Egyptian Packaging Industry
  295. Tolerancing Informatics: Towards Automatic Tolerancing Information Processing in Geometrical Variations Management
  296. Impact of the Application of Computer-Based 3D Simulation on Acquisition of Knowledge of Guidance of Mandibular Movement
  297. A Kinematics Framing Methodology for Computing Sweep Surfaces Using N-Dimensional NURBS Curves
  298. Unsupervised Detection of Pulmonary Opacities for Computer-Aided Diagnosis of COVID-19 on CT Images
  299. Increasing the Accuracy of Free-Form Surface Multiaxis Milling
  300. A DVFS-Weakly-Dependent Energy-Efficient Scheduling Approach for Deadline-Constrained Parallel Applications on Heterogeneous Systems
  301. Using Generative Adversarial Networks and Parameter Optimization of Convolutional Neural Networks for Lung Tumor Classification
  302. LTPS TFTs with an Amorphous Silicon Buffer Layer and Source/Drain Extension
  303. Current Digital Workflow for Implant Therapy: Advantages and Limitations
  304. aS feRRamentaS do deSIgn no PRoJeto
  305. Impact of artificial aging by thermocycling on edge chipping resistance and Martens hardness of different dental CAD-CAM restorative materials
  306. Computer-guided implant placement associated with computer-aided bone regeneration in the treatment of atrophied partially edentulous alveolar ridges: A …
  307. 3D computer-aided simulation of SHS macrokinetics in the Ni-Al porous medium with the closest packing of “mesocells”
  308. Heterogeneous parametric trivariate fillets
  309. Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease through Weak Supervision Deep Learning Framework with Attention Mechanism
  310. Building transparency and trustworthiness in inductive research through computer-aided qualitative data analysis software
  311. Digitalization in Prosthodontics: Changing Needs Based on Modern Demands
  312. Cd Hermite interpolations with spatial Pythagorean hodograph B-splines
  313. Design formulas for liquid crystal phase shifter based on microstrip transmission line
  314. Fast deep learning computer-aided diagnosis of COVID-19 based on digital chest x-ray images
  315. The Pure Gases’ Thermophysical Data Computer Aided Analysis
  316. In-Hospital 3D Printed Scaphoid Prosthesis Using Medical-Grade Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Biomaterial
  317. Polytope-based tolerance analysis with consideration of form defects and surface deformations
  318. Parametric Design, Manufacturing and Simulation of On-Demand Fixed Wing UAVs
  319. A Theoretical Study of Design Rewiring Using ATPG
  320. Multi-objective Optimization in the Build Orientation of a 3D CAD Model
  321. Design optimization of sub-5 nm node nanosheet field effect transistors to minimize self-heating effects
  322. Design of high gain Vivaldi antenna with a compound optical lens inspired by metamaterials
  323. Silicon-on-nothing electrostatically doped junctionless tunnel field effect transistor (son-ed-jltfet): A short channel effect resilient design
  324. Application Value of CTA in the Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage of Different Origins
  325. The Tonnetz Environment: A Web Platform for Computer-aided “Mathemusical” Learning and Research (versión preprint)
  326. A deep reinforcement learning approach to mountain railway alignment optimization
  327. An integrated topology optimization framework for three-dimensional domains using shell elements
  328. Kinematic Modeling of Walking Mechanism
  329. Divide-by-16/17 dual modulus prescaler design with enhanced speed in a 180nm CMOS technology
  330. Parametric stitching for smooth coupling of subdomains with non-matching discretizations
  331. 3D Modelling of Human Joints Using Reverse Engineering for Biomedical Applications
  332. Representation of Curvilinear Forms in the 21st Century Public Buildings: Comparison of the Examples by Frank O. Gehry and Sir Norman Foster
  333. Decreasing Surface Roughness of Microchannels CO2 Laser Cut into Polystyrene (PS) to Produce Microfluidic Chips by Optimizing Operating Parameters.
  334. Multiple-targets directed screening of flavonoid compounds from Citrus species to find out antimalarial lead with predicted mode of action: An in silico and whole cell …
  335. Predicting Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Using a Reinforcement Sample Learning Strategy Using Deep Learning
  337. Design of wideband high-efficiency power amplifier based on continuous inverse modes
  338. A Novel Computational Approach for Biomarker Detection for Gene Expression-Based Computer-Aided Diagnostic Systems for Breast Cancer
  339. We gain a lot… but what are we losing?: A critical exploration of the implications of digital design technologies on sustainable architecture
  340. Design of a bio-inspired contact-aided compliant wrist
  341. High-throughput screening platforms in the discovery of novel drugs for neurodegenerative diseases
  342. Subgrid-scale modeling sensitivities in wall-modeled large-eddy simulations of a high-lift aircraft configuration
  343. Self-intersection computation for freeform surfaces based on a regional representation scheme for miter points
  344. Channel Shape Effects on Device Instability of Amorphous Indium–Gallium–Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistors
  345. 3-D IC: An Overview of Technologies, Design Methodology, and Test Strategies
  346. Design of compact broadband dual-polarized antenna for 5G applications
  347. Topology generated non-fungible tokens: blockchain as infrastructure for a circular economy in architectural design.
  348. Non-conforming interface coupling and symmetric iterative solution in isogeometric FE–BE analysis
  1. Design and implementation of a 3D printed RF power transceiver clamp to measure the water level in PVC water pipes
  2. Analog and Radio-Frequency Performance of Hetero-Gate-Dielectric FD SOI MOSFET in Re-S/D Technology
  4. Micromotion Analysis of Various Tibial Constructs in Moderate Tibial Defects in Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty
  5. Comparison of conventional, photogrammetry, and intraoral scanning accuracy of complete-arch implant impression procedures evaluated with a coordinate …
  6. Biomimetic Boundary-Based Scaffold Design for Tissue Engineering Applications
  7. A variational toolbox for quantum multi-parameter estimation
  8. The Transformation of the Innovation Process: How Digital Tools are Changing Work, Collaboration, and Organizations in New Product Development
  9. Design and assembly automation of the Robotic Reversible Timber Beam
  10. Ship construction
  11. Design of half-mode substrate integrated cavity inspired dual-band antenna
  12. Additive Manufacturing Process Selection Using MCDM
  13. Generalized design of a versatile tri-frequency Wilkinson power divider
  14. Bioprinting of Complex Vascularized Tissues
  15. Machine Learning-Aided Crystal Facet Rational Design with Ionic Liquid Controllable Synthesis
  16. Influence of the compensation method of machining errors of Bspline and Cspline
  17. Design of multiband fractal antenna loaded with parasitic elements for gain enhancement
  18. 3D Bioprinted cancer models: Revolutionizing personalized cancer therapy
  19. Application of Kubelka-Munk model on the optical characterization of translucent dental zirconia
  20. Machine Learning for Ionic Liquid Toxicity Prediction
  21. Proposal and design of an end-fire slot antenna with low back-lobe and improved front-to-back ratio
  22. Binary segmentation of medical images using implicit spline representations and deep learning
  23. A hip–knee–ankle exoskeleton emulator for studying gait assistance
  24. Assessment of the reproducibility and precision of milling and 3D printing surgical guides
  25. Synthesis, In vitro, and Docking Analysis of C-3 Substituted Coumarin Analogues as Anticancer Agents
  26. A compact multimode broadband dual-polarized base station antenna for LTE and 5G applications
  27. Eight-element self-decoupled MIMO antenna design for 5G smartphones
  28. [BOOK][B] Encyclopedia of management
  29. Accuracy of Full-Guided and Half-Guided Surgical Templates in Anterior Immediate and Delayed Implantation: A Retrospective Study
  30. Indoor Air Quality and Air Flow Regimes in Surgical Operating Theatres
  31. Computer-Generated Three-Dimensional Airway Models as a Decision-Support Tool for Preoperative Evaluation and Procedure-Planning in Pediatric …
  32. Characteristic mode analysis of harmonic suppressed stepped impedance strip dipole antenna
  33. Ferroelectric Polarization Aided Low Voltage Operation of 3D NAND Flash Memories
  34. Exploration of Diosmin to Control Diabetes and Its Complications-an In Vitro and In Silico Approach
  35. General musculoskeletal biomechanics
  36. New Computer Simulation Method for First-Order Design of Geodetic Network: Aiming for Low Cost
  37. Metantenna design with one-dimensional holographic concept
  38. Effect of probe geometry during measurement of >100 A Ga2O3 vertical rectifiers
  39. Isogeometric boundary element method for steady-state heat transfer with concentrated/surface heat sources
  40. Multi-behaviors coordination controller design with enzymatic numerical P systems for robots
  41. There and back again: A circuit extraction tale
  42. Molecular Diversity Assessment using Chemotypes.
  43. A novel control strategy of the seamless transitions between grid-connected and islanding operation modes for the multiple complementary power microgrid
  44. A folded higher-mode slot antenna with enhanced bandwidth and radiation pattern reshaping
  45. Application of artificial intelligence in dentistry
  46. Computer-Aided Ergonomic Analysis for Rubber Tapping Workers
  47. Virtual element methods for the spatial discretisation of the multigroup neutron diffusion equation on polygonal meshes with applications to nuclear reactor physics
  48. Step-by-Step Design and Construction of Virtual Planned Orthognathic Occlusal Repositioning Wafer
  49. Introduction and basic principles
  50. On Investigation of Liquid Sloshing in Cylindrical Tanks With Single and Multiply Connected Domains Using Isogeometric Boundary Element Method
  51. Mathematical Tools for Building Setup-Maps to Optimally Locate Each Casting in a Machining Fixture: Case Study With Minimum Wall Thickness
  52. DNA Computing and Circuits
  53. WADE: A Web-based Automated electronic Design Environment
  54. Design of printed UWB antenna with CPW and microstrip-line-fed for DCS/PCS/bluetooth/WLAN wireless applications
  55. Approximation of functions by a new construction of Bernstein-Chlodowsky operators: Theory and applications
  56. A metallic 3D printed miniaturized circularly polarized log periodic Koch-dipole array antenna
  57. A Framework for Integrating Ergonomics Into Architectural Design
  58. Complete analysis and design for a Q/V band (46-52 GHz) wideband analog predistorter
  59. Synthesis design of equal-length phase shifter based on substrate integrated waveguide and microstrip line
  60. Optimization of quadcopter frame using generative design and comparison with DJI F450 drone frame
  61. Technology-Aided Instruction and Intervention in Teaching Students With Autism to Make Inferences
  62. Design of wideband bandpass filter using short-circuited circular patch resonator loaded with slots
  63. Nitric oxide inhibition assay and the respective target identification of an aptamer designed to control atherosclerosis.
  64. An investigation into a digital strategy for industrial design education
  65. EM Lifetime Constrained Optimization for Multi-Segment Power Grid Networks
  66. Frequency and port reconfigurable MIMO antenna for UWB/5G/WLAN band IoT applications
  67. A single-ended differentially fed filtering patch antenna for base station application
  68. [BOOK][B] Vibrations of Linear Piezostructures
  69. Compact low-loss millimeter-wave shielded asymmetrical coplanar stripline to unilateral and antipodal finline transitions
  70. A stable gain periodic microstrip leaky-wave antenna with the open-stopband eliminated
  71. Millimeter-wave wide-band high-efficiency single-layer reflectarray antenna with ability of phase-response restructuration
  72. Geometric interpolation of ER frames with G2 Pythagorean-hodograph curves of degree 7
  73. In vitro study on the influence of postpolymerization and aging on the Martens parameters of 3D-printed occlusal devices
  74. Electric discharge machining using rapid manufactured complex shape copper electrode with cryogenic cooling channel
  75. A design of 210 to 235 GHz fixed tuned mixer using planar Schottky diode
  76. Adapting the DeepSARM approach for dual-target ligand design
  77. Fracture Strength of Interim CAD/CAM and Conventional Partial Fixed Dental Prostheses
  78. Accuracy of intraoral scanning in completely and partially edentulous maxillary and mandibular jaws: an in vitro analysis
  79. The Influence of Raster Angle and Moisture Content on the Mechanical Properties of PLA Parts Produced by Fused Deposition Modeling
  80. A flexible and compact tri-band antenna for vehicular wireless video transmission systems
  82. New Work, Transformational and Virtual Leadership
  83. Design of Potential IKK-ß Inhibitors using Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Techniques for their Anti-cancer Potential
  84. A new nonexpandable surface mapping for the design of spherically conformal metamaterial absorbers
  85. Machine learning for electronic design automation: A survey
  86. Convergence Characteristics of Geometrically Accurate Spatial Finite Elements
  87. Four element three-dimensional SIW horn antenna array for high-frequency applications
  88. Verification Method to Optimize Multiple Functions of Valve Train in a Short Time Using Multi-objective Design Exploration
  89. Part-Aware Product Design Agent Using Deep Generative Network and Local Linear Embedding
  90. Multi-derivative physical and geometric convolutional embedding networks for skeleton-based action recognition
  91. A miniaturized three-dimensional log periodic Koch-dipole array antenna using T-shaped top loading
  92. Testing automatic methods to predict free binding energy of host–guest complexes in SAMPL7 Challenge
  93. Accuracy evaluation of computer-guided implant surgery associated with prototyped surgical guides
  94. Hardware implementation of a modified SSD LDPC decoder
  95. A broadband dual circularly polarized shared-aperture antenna array using characteristic mode analysis for 5G applications
  96. Biological Implications of Polyethylene Glycol and PEGylation: Therapeutic Approaches Based on Biophysical Studies and Protein Structure-Based Drug Design …
  97. An Integrated Framework for Optimal Design of Complex Mechanical Products
  98. 3D printing of functional microrobots
  99. Promoting Effective Student Teamwork Through Deliberate Instruction, Documentation, Accountability, and Assessment
  100. A narrow-band circularly polarized leaky-wave antenna with open stopband suppressed
  101. Mechanical properties and translucency of a multi-layered zirconia with color gradient for dental applications
  102. Guided Endodontic Access in a Calcified Central Incisor: A Conservative Alternative for Endodontic Therapy
  103. Cross-coupled dielectric waveguide filter
  104. Nearly omni-directional compressed multiband flexible and conformal dipole antenna
  105. Development of Real-Time Transendothelial Electrical Resistance Monitoring for an In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier System
  106. Modification of denture teeth for improved occlusal stability of a maxillary removable complete denture opposed by a mandibular implant-supported fixed complete …
  107. Comparison of artificial tooth position in dentures fabricated by heat-curing and additive manufacturing
  108. Satisfaction with ankle foot orthoses in individuals with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
  109. The Effect of Different Acid Treatments on Shear Bond Strength Between Monolithic Zirconia and Dentin Surface
  110. Design and implementation of construction prediction and management platform based on building information modelling and three-dimensional simulation …
  111. Development of an ultra-wide band and low cross-polarization reflectarray antenna using novel unit cells with wide-range linear phase
  112. Confocal 3D Optical Intraoral Scanners and Comparison of Image Capturing Accuracy
  113. Monotonic torsional resistance and fatigue resistance of novel SCOPE RS instruments
  114. Registration in oral and maxillofacial surgery
  115. Self-learning Agents for Spatial Synthesis
  116. Memory-Efficient Modeling and Slicing of Large-Scale Adaptive Lattice Structures
  117. Design for additive manufacturing
  118. A wideband subharmonic passive image rejection mixer
  119. Design and Analysis of Feature Primitive Scaffold Manufactured Using 3D-Printer—Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
  120. A quasi-elliptical bandpass frequency selective surface with low-profile and miniaturization characteristics
  121. Broadband high gain coupled and cascaded circular ring antenna
  122. A Novel Design for a Compliant Mechanism Based Variable Stiffness Grasper Through Structure Modulation
  123. Computational Robot Design and Customization
  124. Inversion, degree, reparametrization and implicitization of improperly parametrized planar curves using µ-basis
  125. High performance bandpass filters using printed circuit board packaging technique
  126. Precise Hausdorff distance computation for freeform surfaces based on computations with osculating toroidal patches
  127. SCN: Dilated silhouette convolutional network for video action recognition
  128. An accelerated boundary element method via cross approximation of integral kernels for large-scale cathodic protection problems
  129. A new resource on artificial intelligence powered computer automated detection software products for tuberculosis programmes and implementers
  130. Pattern-driven color pattern recognition for printed fabric motif design
  131. Mathematically Developing Building Facades: An Algorithmic Framework
  132. Influence of operator experience, scanner type, and scan size on 3D scans
  133. Comparison of feasibility, time consumption and costs of three virtual planning systems for surgical correction of midfacial deficiency
  134. A novel offset feed flared monopole quasi-Yagi high directional UWB antenna
  135. A threshold for quantum advantage in derivative pricing
  136. Approximation of monotone clothoid segments by degree 7 Pythagorean–hodograph curves
  137. Selection of Parameterization Method for Fitting of Freeform Curves Using Uniformly Spaced Data
  138. Binding thermodynamics and interaction patterns of human purine nucleoside phosphorylase-inhibitor complexes from extensive free energy calculations
  139. Zenneck surface wave interconnect with encircle routing for effective inter chip communication
  140. Broadband folded reflectarray based on single-layer subwavelength elements using discrete phase control
  141. Evaluation of Virtual Surgical Planning and CAD/CAM techniques in Treatment of Mandibular Fractures via Three-Dimensional Patient-Specific Titanium Plates: A …
  142. Gain bandwidth enhancement of microstrip antenna fed half wavelength Fabry Perot cavity antenna
  143. Design of a broadband dielectric resonator antenna and its application in low sensitivity frequency beam-scanning array with wide scanning angle and suppressed …
  144. A DC to 25 GHz 6-bit digital attenuator based on 0.18 µm SiGe BiCMOS technology
  145. Magnitude and Advancements of CADD in Identifying Therapeutic Intervention against Flaviviruses
  146. 3D Printing Signboard Production Using 3D Modeling Design
  147. Process Design and Sustainable Development—A European Perspective
  148. Online estimation model for passenger flow state in urban rail transit using multi-source data
  149. Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Potential Superalloys: A Review
  150. Investigation of the acute toxicity of new xanthine xenobiotics with noticeable antioxidant activity
  151. Optimum distribution of seismic energy dissipation devices using neural network and fuzzy inference system
  152. Modeling of antenna resonant frequency based on co-training of semi-supervised Gaussian process with different kernel functions
  153. Investigations on Process Parameters of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM): A Review
  154. Motivation: The Cavity Problem
  155. Head-only 21 MHz radiofrequency exposure system design and implementation
  156. Assessing the capabilities of computing features in addressing the most common issues in the AEC industry
  157. Artificial intelligence applied to breast MRI for improved diagnosis
  158. Noncontact planar microwave sensor for liquid interface detection by a pixelated CSRR-loaded microstrip line
  159. Optimization of bearing capital of structural roof slab
  160. High-performance vibration isolation technique using passive negative stiffness and semiactive damping
  161. High-isolation dual-port antenna with self-decoupling characteristics for 5G smartphone applications
  162. A planar CPW fed UWB antenna with dual rectangular notch band characteristics incorporating U-slot, SRRs, and EBGs
  163. A high efficiency dual-band outphasing power amplifier design
  164. Digital Twin Aided Vulnerability Assessment and Risk-Based Maintenance Planning of Bridge Infrastructures Exposed to Extreme Conditions
  165. Finite Element Modelling of a Parabolic Trough Collector for Concentrated Solar Power. Energies 2021, 14, 209
  166. Design of 3D Additively Manufactured Hybrid Structures for Cranioplasty
  167. 2-mm-gate-periphery GaN high electron mobility transistor s on SiC and Si substrates: A comparative analysis from a small-signal standpoint
  168. Finite Element Modelling of a Parabolic Trough Collector for Concentrated Solar Power
  169. Evaluating the accuracy of resection planes in mandibular surgery using a preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative approach
  170. A Full Digital Workflow to Design and Mill a Splint for a Patient with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  171. A broadband GaN HEMT power amplifier based on feeding capacitance compensation method
  172. Management of the design and construction process of a thermal power plant under conditions of permafrost instability
  173. Use of Network Pharmacology to Investigate the Mechanism by Which Allicin Ameliorates Lipid Metabolism Disorder in HepG2 Cells
  174. Dealing with Aging and Yield in Scaled Technologies
  175. A novel Ku/K band reflectarray antenna with reduced phase slope and phase sensitivity
  176. CAVIAR: a method for automatic cavity detection, description and decomposition into subcavities
  177. Additive manufacturing technology and its application in die manufacturing
  178. The effect of computational thinking skill program design developed according to interest driven creator theory on prospective teachers
  179. Reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures with composite materials
  180. A novel low-profile planar microstrip transmitarray antenna with high efficiency
  181. Comparison of 3D scanning versus traditional methods of capturing foot and ankle morphology for the fabrication of orthoses: a systematic review
  182. A Minimally Invasive Technique for Short Spiral Implant Insertion with Contextual Crestal Sinus Lifting in the Atrophic Maxilla: A Preliminary Report
  183. Biomolecular Talks—Part 2: Applications and Challenges of Molecular Docking Approaches
  184. Reliable CPS Design for Unreliable Hardware Platforms
  185. Modeling and analysis of microstrip annular ring antenna with capacitive coupling matching network
  186. A single-feed circularly polarized loop antenna using characteristic mode analysis
  187. Virtual Screening: Practical Application of Docking, Consensus Scoring and Rescoring Using Binding Free Energy
  188. A sampling type discernment approach towards reconstruction of a point set in r2
  189. Resources for Docking-Based Virtual Screening
  190. Broadband linear-cross and circular-circular polarizers with minimal bandwidth reduction at higher oblique angles for RCS applications
  191. Glycyrrhizic acid exerts inhibitory activity against the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2
  192. Effect of Crack Angle on Stress Shielding in Bone and Orthopedic Fixing Plate Implant: Design and Simulation
  194. A State-of-the-Art Review on Fused Deposition Modelling Process
  195. Broadband circularly polarized dielectric resonator antenna with L-shaped dielectric resonator strips
  196. Improved small-signal hybrid parameter-extraction technique for AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors
  197. Constructionist Learning in School Mathematics: Implications for Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  198. B ezier curves and surfaces
  199. Accuracy of Miniscrew Insertion Using a Customized Printed Three-Dimensional Surgical Guide (A Comparative Split Mouth Study)
  200. Towards optimal mixtures of working fluids: Integrated design of processes and mixtures for Organic Rankine Cycles
  201. Miniaturization of dual-polarized crossed dipole antenna using dielectric loading
  202. Broadband substrate-integrated waveguide-fed endfire metasurface antenna array with gain enhancement
  203. Machine-Learning Based Design of Near-Spherical Shells under External Pressure
  204. Binary Decision Diagrams
  205. Modified quarter-mode substrate integrated waveguides cavities: Performance study and application to filters
  206. Experimental investigation on improving the deposition rate of gas metal arc-based additive manufacturing by auxiliary wire feeding method
  207. Design of 3D Additively Manufactured Hybrid Structures for Cranioplasty. Materials 2021, 14, 181
  208. Early damage detection by an innovative unsupervised learning method based on kernel null space and peak-over-threshold
  209. Computer vision for microscopic skin cancer diagnosis using handcrafted and non-handcrafted features
  210. 3D-printing of metallic honeycomb monoliths as a doorway to a new generation of catalytic devices: the Ni-based catalysts in methane dry reforming …
  211. Optimal V-Plane Robust Stabilization Method for Interval Uncertain Fractional Order PID Control Systems
  212. Optimization of electric bus scheduling considering stochastic volatilities in trip travel time and energy consumption
  213. Screening possible drug molecules for Covid-19. The example of vanadium (III/IV/V) complex molecules with computational chemistry and molecular docking
  214. Evaluating AI Clinically—It’s Not Just ROC AUC!
  215. Optimization Algorithms for Antenna Design, Array Thinning, and Radiation Pattern Synthesis
  216. On the Optimal Synthesis of a Finger Rehabilitation Slider-Crank-Based Device with a Prescribed Real Trajectory: Motion Specifications and Design Process
  217. Digital twins for collaborative robots: A case study in human-robot interaction
  218. Syntax-Guided Synthesis for Lemma Generation in Hardware Model Checking
  219. Microstructural homogeneity and mechanical behavior of a selective laser melted Ti-35Nb alloy produced from an elemental powder mixture
  220. Transistor-Level Static Timing Analysis by Piecewise Quadratic Waveform Matching and SC Method
  221. Digital dentures: A protocol based on intraoral scans
  222. Complications Associated with Rehabilitation of a Unilateral Partially Edentulous Mandible with Inferior Alveolar Nerve Transposition and Implant Placement: A …
  223. A wideband transmitarray antenna based on the substrate integrated waveguide polarization twister
  224. Studies on Frequency Response Optimized Integrators Considering Second Order Derivative
  225. BIM-enabled computerized design and digital fabrication of industrialized buildings: A case study
  226. A low-profile dual-band circularly polarized antenna based on artificial magnetic conductor
  227. Solver-Aided Constant-Time Circuit Verification
  228. Research on GMAW based non-supporting thin-wall structure manufacturing
  229. Accuracy of guided surgery using the silicon impression and digital impression method for the mandibular free end: a comparative study
  230. Cast-free digital workflow for implant-supported rehabilitation in a completely edentulous patient: a clinical report
  231. Boundary viscoelasticity theory at finite deformations and computational implementation using isogeometric analysis
  232. Attention-based VGG-16 model for COVID-19 chest X-ray image classification
  233. Personalized learning and online instruction
  234. Impact of Additive Manufacturing in Value Creation, Methods, Applications and Challenges
  235. Discovery of novel IDO1 inhibitors via structure-based virtual screening and biological assays
  236. In silico Studies, Synthesis and Antitubercular Activity of Some Novel Quinoline-Azitidinone Derivatives
  237. Virtual Surgical Planning and Digital Workflow for Concomitant Temporomandibular Replacement and Maxillomandibular Advancement Surgery
  238. Sensitivity Analysis of Biosensors Based on a Dielectric-Modulated L-Shaped Gate Field-Effect Transistor
  239. A design failure pre-alarming system using score-and vote-based associative classification
  240. Developing an autonomous psychological behaviour of virtual user to atypical architectural geometry
  241. Design of a High Reliability Compact CubeSat Propulsion System
  242. High-precision dielectric sensor system based on balanced CSRR-SIW resonators
  243. Deep learning framework based on integration of S-Mask R-CNN and Inception-v3 for ultrasound image-aided diagnosis of prostate cancer
  244. LIG-Doctor: Efficient patient trajectory prediction using bidirectional minimal gated-recurrent networks
  245. Four-port MIMO dual-loop antennas for 5G C-band access point applications
  246. A magnetic-free in-band full-duplex RF front-end with antenna balancing structure
  247. Challenging detection of hard-to-find gastric cancers with artificial intelligence-assisted endoscopy
  248. Assuring Learning-Enabled Components in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  249. Investigation of boiling heat transfer of titania nanofluid flowing through horizontal tube and optimization of results utilizing the desirability function approach
  250. Frequency and bandwidth tunable reliable MEMS bandpass filter for 24 GHz radar applications
  251. Learning To Select Prototypes and Reformulations for Design
  252. Single-feed slotted-patch antenna loaded with metasurface for CubeSat applications
  253. Product disassembly sequence planning: state-of-the-art, challenges, opportunities and future directions
  254. Designing Novel Teduglutide Analogues with Improved Binding Affinity: An In Silico Peptide Engineering Approach
  255. Specificity of Molecular Fragments Binding to S100B versus S100A1 as Identified by NMR and Site Identification by Ligand Competitive Saturation (SILCS)
  256. Modified window shape-based crossover with enhanced bandwidth
  257. Optimisation of the nozzle diameter of a nebuliser for salbutamol
  258. A power amplifier with bandwidth expansion and linearity enhancement in 130 nm complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process
  259. Automated shape and pose updating of building information model elements from 3D point clouds
  260. Trueness and Precision of Three Different Scanners for Digitizing a Completely Edentulous Gypsum Model
  261. In pursuit of design vision through design practice
  262. A capsule-based collision detection approach of irregular objects in virtual maintenance
  263. Drug Repositioning: Principles, Resources, and Application of Structure-Based Virtual Screening for the Identification of Anticancer Agents
  264. Virtual Reality: Definitions, Characteristics and Applications in the Workplace
  265. Composite technology: prepregs and monolithic part fabrication technologies
  266. Effect of Die Clearance on Peak Punching Force During Cryogenic Micropunching of Polycaprolactone
  267. Development and Modeling of Remote Laboratory Works for Engineering Education
  268. Patrons of the (Space) Arts
  269. Automatic modeling of prefabricated components with laser-scanned data for virtual trial assembly
  270. Hardware Verification: Theory and Practice
  271. Current Status, Applications, and Factors Affecting Implementation of Additive Manufacturing in Indian Healthcare Sector: A Literature-Based Review
  272. Medical knowledge-guided deep curriculum learning for elbow fracture diagnosis from x-ray images
  273. Large Displacement Analysis of Pinned-Fixed Circular Arches with Different Rise-to-Span Ratios Using an Isogeometric Approach
  274. Effect of Phase Transformation on Stress Corrosion Behavior of Additively Manufactured Austenitic Stainless Steel Produced by Directed Energy Deposition
  275. Basics fashion design 10: Jewellery design: From fashion to fine jewellery
  276. Coaxial probe-fed open-ended waveguide antenna based on sand casting process with filtering characteristics and all-in-one structure
  277. A novel fuzzy expert system design to assist with peptic ulcer disease diagnosis
  278. A single fed wideband mode-reconfigurable OAM metasurface CP antenna array with simple feeding scheme
  279. A high-efficiency 50 WX-band GaN power amplifier in hybrid MIC technology
  280. A performance evaluation method suitable for characterizing wide types of analog filters
  281. Two-GHz hybrid coaxial bandpass filter fabricated by stereolithography 3-D printing
  282. A compact dual-band superconducting filter with fine-tuning coupling structure
  283. A wideband four-port multiple-input-multiple-output slot antenna for WLAN/WiFi/5G below 6 GHz applications
  284. Wearable near-field communication bracelet based on highly conductive graphene-assembled films
  285. Theoretical Basis of Decomposition
  286. Design approaches and typologies of adaptive facades: A review
  287. Compact monopole antenna for wireless body area network, wireless local area network, and ultrawideband applications
  288. Design to Experiment—Experiment to Design: Tool-(User, Breaker, Designer)
  289. Recognition of small molecule-RNA binding sites using RNA sequence and structure
  290. Three-dimensionally printed patient-specific surgical plates increase accuracy of oncologic head and neck reconstruction versus conventional surgical plates …
  291. Using deep learning for dermatologist-level detection of suspicious pigmented skin lesions from wide-field images
  292. Methodology for the Computation of RCS using Parallelized NEC and Finite Element Pre-processor
  293. Engineering Shape-Controlled Microtissues on Compliant Hydrogels with Tunable Rigidity and Extracellular Matrix Ligands
  294. Design, Analysis, and Manufacture of an Axial Length-Saving Disk-Oriented Engine
  295. TAAL: tampering attack on any key-based logic locked circuits
  296. Role of standard and soft tissue chest radiography images in COVID-19 diagnosis using deep learning
  297. A novel method of bead modeling and control for wire and arc additive manufacturing
  298. Dental 3D-Printing: Transferring Art from the Laboratories to the Clinics
  299. TAN modelling of HH-shape microstrip interconnect tree
  300. What is at the Root of Construction 4.0: A systematic review of the recent research effort
  301. A compact double-layer wideband circularly polarized microstrip antenna with parasitic elements
  302. Development trend and challenges of sustainable urban design in the digital age
  303. Design Tool for Topology Optimization of Self Supporting Variable Density Lattice Structures for Additive Manufacturing
  304. Modelling the creep behavior of an AlSi10Mg alloy produced by additive manufacturing
  305. Effect of substitutions on the electronic properties of acetylsalicylic acid
  306. A compact and ultra-wideband three-element quasi-Yagi MIMO antenna system for wireless applications
  307. Effects of solution-aging treatments on microstructure features, mechanical properties and damage behaviors of additive manufactured Ti–6Al–4V alloy
  308. The Effect of Perioral Scan and Artificial Skin Markers on the Accuracy of Virtual Dentofacial Integration: Stereophotogrammetry Versus Smartphone Three …
  309. SphereWalker: A Hexapod Walking Machine
  310. Targeting SARS-CoV-2 main protease: A computational drug repurposing study
  311. Stop band blocking window modeling with energy absorber in 5G mid-band cellular communications

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