Topics of Presentation – Space systems

Topics of Presentation: Space systems

1. A space-efficient flash translation layer for compactflash systems
2. Parameter space design of robust control systems

3. New results in 2-D systems theory, part II: 2-D state-space models—realization and the notions of controllability, observability, and minimality
4. Recent progress and perspectives of space electric propulsion systems based on smart nanomaterials
5. Spectra and space-time correlations of the fluctuating pressures at a wall beneath a supersonic turbulent boundary layer perturbed by steps and shock …
6. Modelling accessibility using space-time prism concepts within geographical information systems
7. The kinematics and dynamics of space manipulators: The virtual manipulator approach
8. Compressible fluid flow and systems of conservation laws in several space variables
9. Linear systems and operators in Hilbert space
10. Independent modal space control with positive position feedback
11. Space-frequency coded broadband OFDM systems
12. Cluster space framework for multi-robot formation control

13. An integrated in-space construction facility for the 21st century
14. Adventures in inner space: Microflow systems for practical organic synthesis
15. Doubly-indexed dynamical systems: State-space models and structural properties
16. The robonaut hand: A dexterous robot hand for space
17. The relaxation schemes for systems of conservation laws in arbitrary space dimensions
18. Space photovoltaics
19. One is not enough: Multiple views in a media space
20. Stochastic systems in merging phase space
21. Risks in space from orbiting debris
22. Dynamics analysis and GNC design of flexible systems for space debris active removal

23. Deep space telecommunications systems engineering
24. Quantum cascade lasers and the Kruse model in free space optical communication
25. A very simple solar tracker for space and terrestrial applications
26. … Florida, on 27-30 October 1963 under the Auspices of the Institute for Space Biosciences, the Florida State University and the National Aeronautics and Space …
27. A design space for multimodal systems: concurrent processing and data fusion
28. Exchange holes in inhomogeneous systems: A coordinate-space model
29. An empirical investigation of fault types in space mission system software
30. Options for staging orbits in cislunar space
31. Novel methods of sampling phase space in the simulation of biological systems
32. Admittance space stability analysis of power electronic systems

33. Rapid trajectory optimization using computational intelligence for guidance and conceptual design of multistage space launch vehicles
34. Solar thermal engineering: space heating and hot water systems
35. Training the Hubble space telescope flight team
36. Statistics of extreme geomagnetically induced current events
37. Space weather: physics and effects
38. STARS: Space-time analysis of regional systems
39. Making space for stories: ambiguity in the design of personal communication systems
40. Gene expression systems in Drosophila: a synthesis of time and space
41. Space and geometry in the light of physiological, psychological and physical inquiry
42. Development of space database for automated building design review systems

43. Hybrid state-space fuzzy model-based controller with dual-rate sampling for digital control of chaotic systems
44. Dynamic space-sharing in computer systems
45. Space–bandwidth product of optical signals and systems
46. Granger causality for state-space models
47. Natural variations in the geomagnetically trapped electron population
48. Dynamical systems, the three-body problem and space mission design
49. On point-to-point motion planning for underactuated space manipulator systems
50. Time and space partitioning in spacecraft avionics
51. Off the planet: Surviving five perilous months aboard the space station Mir
52. Sensor placement for on-orbit modal identification and correlation of large space structures


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