Research Topics Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics, Solid State & Materials Physics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics, Solid State & Materials Physics

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Quantum photonics with layered 2D materials
  2. Infinite bound states and hydrogen atom-like energy spectrum induced by a flat band
  3. Molecular dynamics simulation of organic materials: structure, potentials and the MiCMoS computer platform
  4. An atom passing through a hole in a dielectric membrane: Impact of dispersion forces on mask-based matter-wave lithography
  5. Molecular physics of persistent room temperature phosphorescence and long-lived triplet excitons
  6. Solid state ionics-selected topics and new directions
  7. Light-weight solid-state hydrogen storage materials characterized by neutron scattering
  8. Atomistic simulations on the relationship between solid-phase epitaxial recrystallization and self-diffusion in amorphous silicon
  9. Shock wave induced reversible phase transition from crystalline to semi-crystalline states of lithium sulfate monohydrate
  10. Understanding the solid state luminescence and piezochromic properties in polymorphs of an anthracene derivative
  11.  Observations of ultrafast superfluorescent beatings in a cesium atomic vapor excited by femtosecond laser pulses
  12. Atomic-resolution chemical characterization of (2x) 72-kDa tryptophan synthase via four-and five-dimensional 1H-detected solid-state NMR
  13. Cavity quantum materials
  14. A new universal force-field for the Li2S-P2S5 system
  15. Materials nanoarchitectonics from atom to living cell: A method for everything
  16. Solid-State Pathway Control via Reaction-Directing Heteroatoms: Ordered Pyridazine Nanothreads through Selective Cycloaddition
  17. Ab initio calculations in atoms, molecules, and solids, treating spin–orbit coupling and electron interaction on an equal footing
  18. Introduction to spectral line shape theory
  19.  Intense laser matter interaction in atoms, finite systems and condensed media: recent experiments and theoretical advances
  20. Photoswitching of 5-phenylazopyrimidines in crystalline powders and thin films
  21. Advancing the mechanical performance of glasses: perspectives and challenges
  22. Novel meta-phase arising from large atomic size mismatch
  23. Dynamic Toroidisability as Ubiquitous Property of Atoms and Molecules in Optical Electric Fields
  24. Coordination-Assisted Precise Construction of Metal Oxide Nanofilms for High-Performance Solid-State Batteries
  25.  Liquid crystals
  26. 2022 Roadmap for Materials for Quantum Technologies
  27. Molecular design for organic luminogens with efficient emission in solution and solid-state
  28. Ultra-narrow optical linewidths in rare-earth molecular crystals
  29.  Universality of Dicke superradiance in arrays of quantum emitters
  30. Investigation on growth, structural, DFT and third-order nonlinear optical studies of cyclohexylammonium 4-nitrobenzoate for optical limiting applications
  31. Theoretical Model for a Novel Electronic State in a Dirac Electron System Close to Merging: An Imaginary Element between Sulphur and Selenium
  32. A QM/MM study on through space charge transfer-based thermally activated delayed fluorescence molecules in the solid state
  33. Tuneable colour flexibility in Dy3+ &Eu3+ co-doped lithium fluoride bismuth borate glass system for solid state lighting applications
  34. Electroluminescence of atoms in a graphene nanogap
  35. Synthesis, growth, experimental, and theoretical characterization of 6-amino-1H-pyrimidine-2, 4-dione dimethylacetamide single crystal
  36. Multi-resolution simulation of DNA transport through large synthetic nanostructures
  37. Pure Boric Acid Does Not Show Room‐Temperature Phosphorescence (RTP)
  38. Learning matter: Materials design with machine learning and atomistic simulations
  39. Molecular simulations of oxide and silicate melts and glasses
  40. Inertial measurement with solid-state spins of nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
  41. The evolution of oxygen-functional groups of graphene oxide as a function of oxidation degree
  42. Ferrites without Iron as Potential Quantum Materials
  43. Electron beam radiation induced solid-state synthesis of gold nanoparticles in polyvinyl alcohol films and their Physico-chemical properties
  44.  Structural evolution of carbon dots during low temperature pyrolysis
  45. The Jaynes-Cummings model and its descendants
  46. Theoretical study of generalized oscillator strengths for the low-lying electronic excitations of CH3Cl and CF3Cl
  47. Nonlinear optical single crystals for terahertz generation and detection
  48. New Dimension in Magnetism and Superconductivity: 3D and Curvilinear Nanoarchitectures
  49. Three-dimensional (3D) velocity map imaging: from technique to application
  50. Pressure dependence of the electronic, optical, thermoelectric, thermodynamic properties of CsVO3: first-principles study
  51. Tetrachiral nanostructured metallic glasses with mechanically tunable performance
  52. Integrated Quantum Nanophotonics with Solution‐Processed Materials
  53. Lanthanides β-diketonate complexes as energy-efficient emissive materials: A review
  55. Monochromatic Blue and Switchable Blue‐Green Carbon Quantum Dots by Room‐Temperature Air Plasma Processing
  56. Water‐Stable Sulfide Solid Electrolyte Membranes Directly Applicable in All‐Solid‐State Batteries Enabled by Superhydrophobic Li+‐Conducting Protection Layer
  57. Effect of graphene on the mechanical properties of metallic glasses: Insight from molecular dynamics simulation
  58. Halide Perovskites: Advanced Photovoltaic Materials Empowered by a Unique Bonding Mechanism
  59.  … TADF emitters: naked TADF free from inhomogeneity caused by donor acceptor bridge bond disorder. Fast rISC and invariant photophysics in solid state …
  60. Influence of oxygen vacancies on the ferromagnetism in Co-doped ZnO: An ab-initio study
  61. The formation of a one-dimensional van der Waals selenium crystal from the three-dimensional amorphous phase: A spectroscopic signature of van der Waals …
  62. Creating and controlling spin qubits through molecular engineering
  63. EPR Study of the Mn-Doped Magnesium Titanate Ceramics
  64. Expanding the Photonic Palette: Exploring High Index Materials
  65.  On the nature of supramolecular colour phenomenon
  66. Thermal conductivity and management in laser gain materials: A nano/microstructural perspective
  67. Molecular Solid Solution for Advanced Materials–Homeomorphic or Heteromorphic
  68. Recent advance of emerging low-dimensional materials for vector soliton generation in fiber lasers
  69. Tin carbide monolayers decorated with alkali metal atoms for hydrogen storage
  70. A hierarchically correlated flow defect model for metallic glass: Universal understanding of stress relaxation and creep
  71. Host‐Dopant Interaction between Organic Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitter and Host Material: Insight into the Excited State
  72. Studies on structural, Optical and electrical properties of K2Ba3 (P2O7) 2
  73. Exploiting the paddle-wheel mechanism for the design of fast ion conductors
  74.  … ] n (I) and [(C7H9NO2) CuCl2](II), Based on 2, 6-Dimethanolpyridine; Elaboration of the Structure and Hirshfeld Surface, Optical, Spectroscopic and Thermal …
  75. Ultrasensitive Pressure-Induced Optical Materials: Europium-Doped Hafnium Silicates with a Khibinskite Structure for Optical Pressure Sensors and WLEDs
  76. … )-active ferrocene conjugated linear π− extended multi donor− π− acceptor (DD′-π-A) chromophores: Synthesis, structural, theoretical, linear and nonlinear optical …
  77.  Challenges for developing photo-induced phase transition (PIPT) systems: From classical (incoherent) to quantum (coherent) control of PIPT dynamics
  78. Optoelectronic, luminescence, and nonlinear properties of a non-centrosymmetric Cd (II)-based complex
  79. Synthesis of nanostructured carbon derived from the solid-state reaction between iron and boron carbide
  80. Prospective theoretical investigations of optical, dielectric, mechanical and third-order NLO property in potassium tri-hydrogen di-succinate single crystal
  81. Photoluminescence spectrum of divacancy in porous and nanocrystalline cubic silicon carbide
  82. Quasi-harmonic theory for phonon thermal boundary conductance at high temperatures
  83. Theoretical design of two-dimensional visible light-driven photocatalysts for overall water splitting
  84.  Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
  85. 2D Heterostructures for ubiquitous electronics and optoelectronics: principles, opportunities, and challenges
  86. Solid-State Preparation of Metal and Metal Oxides Nanostructures and Their Application in Environmental Remediation
  87. Modeling the Solid Electrolyte Interphase: Machine Learning as a Game Changer?
  88. Preparation and optical investigation of green luminescent ternary terbium complexes with aromatic β-diketone
  89. Resistance of a thermoregulatory coating with silica to electron irradiation
  90. Unconventional materials: the mismatch between electronic charge centers and atomic positions
  91. There is still plenty of room for layer-by-layer assembly for constructing nanoarchitectonics-based materials and devices
  92. Promoting intramolecular charge transfer of graphitic carbon nitride by donor–acceptor modulation for visible‐light photocatalytic H2 evolution
  93. Structural, elastic, and optical properties of silicon carbide nanotubes using DFT
  94. Impact of Solvent–Drug Interactions on the Desolvation of a Pharmaceutical Solvate
  95.  Excellent heat transfer and phase transformation performance of erythritol/graphene composite phase change materials
  96. A Highly Stable 1.3 V Organic Cathode for Aqueous Zinc Batteries Designed In-Situ by Solid-State Electrooxidation
  97. Machine learning in nuclear materials research
  98.  Mineral Physics
  99. Comprehensive study on optical and luminescence properties of Sm3+ doped magnesium borotellurite glasses
  100. Structural, Magnetic, Electronic, Thermoelectric, Optic And Elastic Properties Of Co2Mn1-xTixGe Heusler Alloys
  101. Structure, growth, characterization and anti-microbial activities of L-Isoleucinium-4-methylbenzenesulfonate monohydrate single crystals
  102. 2D colloids in rotating electric fields: A laboratory of strong tunable three-body interactions
  103. Megahertz-rate Ultrafast X-ray Scattering and Holographic Imaging at the European XFEL
  104. Rational design of electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction for a zero-carbon network
  105. A bifunctional fluorinated ether co-solvent for dendrite-free and long-term lithium metal batteries
  106. Searches for light dark matter using condensed matter systems
  107.  Solid-state polymer adsorption for surface modification: The role of molecular weight
  108. Mott insulator of strongly interacting two-dimensional semiconductor excitons
  109. Unveiling the Interplay among End Group, Molecular Packing, Doping Level, and Charge Transport in N‐Doped Small‐Molecule Organic Semiconductors
  110. Raman spectra-based structural classification analysis of quinoidal and derived molecular systems
  111. Influence of solid-state effects on the K beta/K alpha intensity ratios of Ti and V in TiB2, VB2 and VN
  112.  Introductory Quantum Mechanics with MATLAB: For Atoms, Molecules, Clusters, and Nanocrystals
  113.  Direct force measurements on DNA in a solid-state nanopore
  114.  Development and spectroscopic applications of a solid-state vacuum ultraviolet laser system in atomic and molecular physics
  115.  Physics and applications of quantum wells and superlattices
  116. A air-bearing based, random orbital drive system for a longitudinally pumped solid state dye laser
  117. Ionization potential depression in an atomic-solid-plasma picture
  118. Anti-parity–time symmetry with flying atoms
  119. Topical Issue on atomic cluster collisions
  120. Atomistic aspects of crack propagation in brittle materials: Multimillion atom molecular dynamics simulations
  121. Atomic transport during solid-phase epitaxial recrystallization of amorphous germanium
  122. Quantum information processing and quantum simulations with alkaline-earth atoms in an optical lattice
  123. PARTIAL SUPPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF ATOMIC, MOLECULAR, AND OPTICAL SCIENCES Final Report for the period September 30, 2008 to June 30, 2014
  124. Demonstration of attosecond ionization dynamics inside transparent solids
  125. Ion-beam sculpting at nanometre length scales
  126.  Solid-state mid-infrared laser sources
  127.  Solid state theory: an introduction
  128. Rare-earth-doped LiNbO3 and KTiOPO4 (KTP) for waveguide quantum memories
  129. Perturbation-theory method of calculating the energies and excitation energies of atomic, molecular, and solid-state systems
  130.  Introduction to solid-state theory
  131. Wavelength Scaling of Strong-Field Atomic Physics
  132. Local deposition of high-purity Pt nanostructures by combining electron beam induced deposition and atomic layer deposition
  133. The two-dimensional phase of boron nitride: Few-atomic-layer sheets and suspended membranes
  134. Spin–orbit coupling in quantum gases
  135. 2D materials for quantum information science
  136.  Luminescent materials and applications
  137. Cross dipole stacking in the crystal of distyrylbenzene derivative: the approach toward high solid-state luminescence efficiency
  138.  Special Issue Morphology and dynamics of nanostructures and disordered systems via atomic-scale modelling
  139. Atomic data needs for understanding x-ray astrophysical plasmas
  140. Two-orbital SU (N) magnetism with ultracold alkaline-earth atoms
  141. Nonclassical light generation from iii–v and group-iv solid-state cavity quantum systems
  142.  The physics of the interstellar medium
  143. Soft x-ray spectral analysis of samarium plasmas produced by solid-state laser pulses
  144. How to represent crystal structures for machine learning: Towards fast prediction of electronic properties
  145.  Solid state chemistry: synthesis, structure, and properties of selected oxides and sulfides
  146. Nanocrystalline materials
  147. GaN based nanorods for solid state lighting
  148. High-pressure synthesis, characterization, and tuning of solid state materials
  149. The design and operation of solid-state Raman lasers
  150. DFT study of the electronic structure of anthracene derivatives in their neutral, anion and cation forms
  151. Semiconductor crystallites: a class of large molecules
  152.  Low-dimensional molecular metals
  153. High-harmonic generation from solids
  154. Linac coherent light source: The first five years
  155. Quantum simulations of lattice models with alkaline-earth atoms
  156.  Roadmap on STIRAP applications
  157. Review of third and next generation synchrotron light sources
  158. Effect of Al2O3 Recombination Barrier Layers Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition in Solid-State CdS Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells
  159. Self-probing of metal nanotips by rescattered electrons reveals the nano-optical near-field
  160.  Heat transfer physics
  161. Introduction to the physics of organic semiconductors
  162. Electronic excitations in nanostructures: an empirical pseudopotential based approach
  163. … π-electron system electro-optic chromophores: synthesis, solid-state and solution-phase structural characteristics, electronic structures, linear and nonlinear optical …
  164. Designer Dirac fermions and topological phases in molecular graphene
  165.  Atom, Molecule, and Cluster Beams I: Basic Theory, Production and Detection of Thermal Energy Beams
  166. Colloidal quantum dots. From scaling laws to biological applications
  167.  Physics and chemistry of small clusters
  168. Electronic structure of 3d transition-atom impurities in semiconductors
  169.  Solid-state laser engineering
  170.  Nonlinear optical borate crystals: Principals and applications
  171. Attosecond synchronization of extreme ultraviolet high harmonics from crystals
  172. Techniques for studying magnetic materials with NV-diamond
  173.  Roadmap on photonic, electronic and atomic collision physics: I. Light–matter interaction
  174.  An introduction to solid state diffusion
  175. Diamond in solid state electronics
  176. Solid state-based searches for violation of parity and time-reversal symmetries
  177.  Solid-state lasers: a graduate text
  178. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of three-coordinate organoboron compounds
  179. Note: Free energy calculations for atomic solids through the Einstein crystal/molecule methodology using GROMACS and LAMMPS
  180. Single molecule sensing with solid-state nanopores: novel materials, methods, and applications
  181.  The physics and chemistry of materials
  182.  Physics of quantum rings
  183. Nanoparticles and nanotechnology research
  184. Studies on effective atomic numbers and electron densities in different solid state track detectors in the energy range 1 keV–100 GeV
  185. Accelerator-and laser-based sources of high-field terahertz pulses
  186.  Physics of atoms and molecules
  187.  Solid state physics
  188. Spectroscopy of the solid-state analogues of the hydrogen atom: donors and acceptors in semiconductors
  189.  Optical properties of crystalline and amorphous semiconductors: Materials and fundamental principles
  190.  Computer simulation of materials at atomic level
  191.  Molecular electronics: an introduction to theory and experiment
  192. Gas diffusion barriers on polymers using atomic layer deposition
  193. Caloric effects in ferroic materials: new concepts for cooling
  194. Spectra in the vacuum ultraviolet region of CO in gaseous and solid phases and dispersed in solid argon at 10 K
  195. Ultrafast electron microscopy in materials science, biology, and chemistry
  196. Review on carbon-derived, solid-state, micro and nano sensors for electrochemical sensing applications
  197. Scanning Cryogenic Magnetometry with a Bose-Einstein Condensate
  198. New frontiers in quantum simulation enabled by precision laser spectroscopy
  199. Density functional theory studies of the electronic structure of solid state actinide oxides
  200.  High-resolution electron microscopy
  201. Accurate solid-state band gaps via screened hybrid electronic structure calculations
  202.  Accelerated atomistic modeling of solid-state battery materials with machine learning
  203. From a quantum-electrodynamical light–matter description to novel spectroscopies
  204. Effects of electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions on the one-electron states of solids
  205.  Dynamical Processes in Atomic and Molecular Physics
  206.  Optical physics
  207. The use of nanocrystals in biological detection
  208. Optical properties of oligothiophene substituted diketopyrrolopyrrole derivatives in the solid phase: joint J-and H-type aggregation
  209. Floquet engineering of quantum materials
  210. Comparison of B2O3 and BN deposited by atomic layer deposition for forming ultrashallow dopant regions by solid state diffusion
  211. Tunable solid-state lasers
  212. Quantum criticality in cold atoms
  213. Solid‐state polymerization of diacetylenes
  214. Formation of water soluble complexes of: solid-state reaction between tertiary amines and
  215. Band-gap engineering: from physics and materials to new semiconductor devices
  216. Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse nanocrystals and close-packed nanocrystal assemblies
  217.  Semiconductor physics
  218.  Solid state physics of finite systems: metal clusters, fullerenes, atomic wires
  219. Electronic structure from the point of view of the local atomic environment
  220. Thermally stable luminescence of phosphor for white light UV light-emitting diodes
  221.  Physics of amorphous semiconductors
  222. Continuous slowing of a gadolinium atomic beam
  223. Discrete optics in femtosecond-laser-written photonic structures
  224. Transport dynamics in quantum lattice models and the discrete truncated Wigner approximation
  225. Pseudopotentials and total energy calculations
  226.  Polarized electrons in surface physics
  227. Computational model of solid-state, molecular, or atomic media for FDTD simulation based on a multi-level multi-electron system governed by Pauli exclusion and …
  228.  Electronic and optical properties of d-band perovskites
  229. Lorentz meets Fano in spectral line shapes: a universal phase and its laser control
  230.  Solid-state electronic spin coherence time approaching one second
  231. Designing a deep-ultraviolet nonlinear optical material with a large second harmonic generation response
  232. Plasmonic hot carrier dynamics in solid-state and chemical systems for energy conversion
  233.  Epitaxially self-assembled quantum dots
  234. Attosecond technology (ies) and science
  235. Solid state 17O NMR—an introduction to the background principles and applications to inorganic materials
  236. Mechanical properties of graphene under shear deformation
  237.  Research Article Neighboring Atom Collisions in Solid-State High Harmonic Generation
  238. Ferromagnetic nanotubes by atomic layer deposition in anodic alumina membranes
  239.  Density functional theory
  240. Atomic-like high-harmonic generation from two-dimensional materials
  241. Improved solid stability from a screened range-separated hybrid functional by satisfying semiclassical atom theory and local density linear response
  242.  Science of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes: their properties and applications
  243. Coupling a single trapped atom to a nanoscale optical cavity
  244. Quantum Gas Microscope for Fermionic Atoms
  245. Attosecond physics
  246. Phonon dispersion measured directly from molecular dynamics simulations
  247. Recent developments in semiconductor thermoelectric physics and materials
  248. One-dimensional nanostructures: chemistry, physics & applications
  249. Acetone and ethanol solid-state gas sensors based on TiO2 nanoparticles thin film deposited by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation
  250. Towards quantum simulation of spin dynamics in frustrated systems
  251.  Physics and chemistry of finite systems: from clusters to crystals
  252. Organic solid‐state integrated amplifiers and lasers
  253. Indistinguishability, coherence and entanglement of atom-like systems in nanophotonic devices
  254. Nanocrystals: building blocks for modern materials design
  255. Ultracold Quantum Gases in Hexagonal Optical Lattices
  256. Tailored semiconductors for high-harmonic optoelectronics
  257. Influence of Ge atoms on mobility and junction properties of thin-film transistors fabricated on solid-phase crystallized poly-SiGe
  258.  Optical spectroscopy of inorganic solids
  259. Probing periodic potential of crystals via strong-field re-scattering
  260. Superluminal and slow light propagation in a room-temperature solid

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