Master thesis topics in renewable energy

Research ideas and Masters  thesis topics in renewable energy

  1. Fault diagnosis of wind turbine bearing using a multi-scale convolutional neural network with bidirectional long short term memory and weighted majority voting for …
  2. How sensitive are optimal fully renewable power systems to technology cost uncertainty?
  3. Utilizing jet impingement on protrusion/dimple heated plate to improve the performance of double pass solar heat collector
  4. Energy Consumption Analysis in Myanmar: the Past, Present and Future
  5. Sea level rise will change estuarine tidal energy: A review
  6. Fatigue load suppression during active power control process in wind farm using dynamic-local-reference DMPC
  7. Coupled thermal–hydraulic–mechanical model for an enhanced geothermal system and numerical analysis of its heat mining performance
  8. A detailed account of calculation of shading and blocking factor of a heliostat field
  9. The quest for the future energy mix in the EU and in Switzerland
  10. Editorial to the BAB Special Issue:“Biofuels Production from Renewable Resources”
  11. An optimized approach for mapping solar irradiance in a mid-low latitude region based on a site-adaptation technique using Himawari-8 satellite imageries
  12. Aqueous phase reforming of biodiesel byproduct glycerol over mesoporous Ni-Cu/CeO2 for renewable hydrogen production
  13. A review of flywheel energy storage systems: state of the art and opportunities
  14. Acetic acid-regulated mesoporous zirconium-furandicarboxylate hybrid with high lewis acidity and lewis basicity for efficient conversion of furfural to furfuryl alcohol
  15. Superheated steam injection as primary measure to improve producer gas quality from biomass air gasification in an autothermal pilot-scale gasifier
  16. Operational state assessment of wind turbine gearbox based on long short-term memory networks and fuzzy synthesis
  18. The effects of globalization, energy consumption and economic growth on carbon dioxide emissions in South Asian countries
  19. Simultaneous saccharification isomerization and Co-fermentation–SSICF: A new process concept for second-generation ethanol biorefineries combining immobilized …
  20. A deep generative model for probabilistic energy forecasting in power systems: normalizing flows
  22. Catalytic co-pyrolysis of food waste digestate and corn husk with CaO catalyst for upgrading bio-oil
  23. Solar energy calculations
  24. Study on optimization of indirect-direct evaporative chiller for producing cold water in hot and dry areas
  25. The transition pathway of energy supply systems towards carbon neutrality based on a multi-regional energy infrastructure planning approach: A case study of China
  26. Challenges of blockchain in new generation energy systems and future outlooks
  27. Energy Economy of the Efficiency
  28. Public discourses on (sectoral) energy policy in Switzerland
  29. Uniqueness technique for introducing high octane environmental gasoline using renewable oxygenates and its formulation on Fuzzy modeling
  30. Energy storage technologies: Past, present and future
  31. Detailed analysis on nonedible waste feedstock as a renewable cutting fluid for a sustainable machining process
  32. Regular development strategy model and algorithm solution of non-renewable resources
  33. Economics of the Li-ion batteries and reversible fuel cells as energy storage systems when coupled with dynamic electricity pricing schemes
  34. Energy crisis in Brazil: Impact of hydropower reservoir level on the river flow
  35. Nanostructured hexaazatrinaphthalene based polymers for advanced energy conversion and storage
  36. Design, simulation and comparison of two novel renewable energy systems consisting of solar, biofuel and incineration plant to generate power and …
  37. Small-scale solar solutions for energy resilience in Bangladesh
  38. Optimal design of passive power filter for enhancing the harmonic-constrained hosting capacity of renewable DG systems
  39. The role of transmission and energy storage in European decarbonization towards 2050
  40. Optimal energy hub development to supply heating, cooling, electricity and freshwater for a coastal urban area taking into account economic and environmental …
  41. Renewable Energy and Future Power Systems. Energy Systems in Electrical Engineering
  42. Nature-Inspired Approach Using Seasonal Comparison of Wind Speed With Spectral and Statistical Analysis
  44. A capability approach for the analysis of renewable electrification
  45. Progress and trends in renewable jet fuels
  46. Weeds as a renewable bioresource: prospects for bioconversion to biofuels and biomaterials through a cascade of approaches
  47. 13 Altemative energy supplies (others, including economics)
  48. Application of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Battery Management in Renewable Mini-Grids
  49. Hybrid energy system optimization with battery storage for remote area application considering loss of energy probability and economic analysis
  50. Optimal scheduling of distributed energy resources in microgrid systems based on electricity market pricing strategies by a novel hybrid optimization …
  51. Effect of power-to-gas technology in energy hub optimal operation and gas network congestion reduction
  52. Investigation of Hybrid Fault Ride Through Control Strategies in Grid-Connected Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  53. Deep integration planning of sustainable energies in district energy system and distributed energy station
  54. The key role of aggregators in the energy transition under the latest European regulatory framework
  55. Organosolv pretreated birch sawdust for the production of green hydrogen and renewable chemicals in an integrated biorefinery approach
  56. Synthesis of mesoporous carbon materials from renewable plant polyphenol for environmental and energy application
  57. Incorporating nano-scale material in solar system to reduce domestic hot water energy demand
  58. What can we learn from the experience of European countries in biomethane industry: Taking China as an example?
  59. Silicon-based nanomaterials for energy storage
  60. Investigation and Modeling for Energy Consumption During Conventional Machining: A Case Study
  61. Design of energy use rights trading policy from the perspective of energy vulnerability
  62. Citizen preferences for co-investing in renewable energy: An empirical exploration of the “community-as-investor” acceptance of renewables’ innovation
  63. Multi-agents based optimal energy scheduling technique for electric vehicles aggregator in microgrids
  64. Optimal control and implementation of energy management strategy for a DC microgrid
  65. Reaction kinetics and pathways of crotonic acid conversion in sub-and supercritical water for renewable fuel production
  66. Determining Factors Affecting Customer Intention to Use Rooftop Solar Photovoltaics in Indonesia
  67. The dynamic effect of environmental regulation on firms’ energy consumption behavior-Evidence from China’s industrial firms
  68. Performance analysis and investigation for the development of energy efficient building
  69. Interplay between urbanization and ecological footprints: Differential roles of indigenous and foreign innovations in ASEAN-4
  70. Power-Domain NOMA for Massive Connectivity in Smart Grid Communication Networks
  71. Recent and Planned Improvements to the System Advisor Model (SAM)
  72. Roadmap to carbon emissions neutral industrial parks: Energy, economic and environmental analysis
  73. The impact of clean energy consumption on economic growth in China: is environmental regulation a curse or a blessing?
  74. HPXML Version Translator
  75. Evaluate the adequacy of self-consumption for sizing photovoltaic system
  76. Hybrid Solar Wind Charger
  77. Optimal sizing and energy scheduling of grid-supplemented solar PV systems with battery storage: Sensitivity of reliability and financial constraints
  78. Innovative desalination of geothermal wastewater supported by electricity generated from low-enthalpy geothermal resources
  79. Environmental technology and wastewater treatment: Strategies to achieve environmental sustainability
  80. Climate change policy discontinuity & Australia’s 2016-2021 renewable investment supercycle
  81. A kinetic model for the hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae, sewage sludge and pine wood with product characterisation of renewable crude
  82. Modelling social aspects of the energy transition: What is the current representation of social factors in energy models?
  83. A bibliometric review on the application of fuzzy optimization to sustainable energy technologies
  84. Circular economy is game-changing municipal wastewater treatment technology towards energy and carbon neutrality
  85. Renewable carbon opportunities in the production of succinic acid applying attributional and consequential modelling
  86. Recent advances in modeling and simulation techniques used in analysis of solar air heater having ribs
  87. A fuzzy logic energy management system of on-grid electrical system for residential prosumers
  88. An integrated future approach for the energy security of Pakistan: Replacement of fossil fuels with syngas for better environment and socio-economic development

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