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Research Topics Ideas of High Frequency Circuits and Systems For Imaging

Research Area: High Frequency Circuits and Systems For Imaging

o The design of protection circuitry for high-frequency ultrasound imaging systems
o Beyond 30 MHz [applications of high-frequency ultrasound imaging]
o High-frequency CMUT arrays for high-resolution medical imaging
o A high-frequency, high frame rate duplex ultrasound linear array imaging system for small animal imaging
o A broadband high-frequency electrical impedance tomography system for breast imaging
o High frequency volume coils for clinical NMR imaging and spectroscopy
o Front-end receiver electronics for high-frequency monolithic CMUT-on-CMOS imaging arrays
o An analog integrated circuit beamformer for high-frequency medical ultrasound imaging
o A multifunctional, reconfigurable pulse generator for high-frequency ultrasound imaging
o A CMOS pixelated nanocapacitor biosensor platform for high-frequency impedance spectroscopy and imaging
o A high-frequency, high frame rate duplex ultrasound linear array imaging system for small animal imaging
o High frequency volume coils for clinical NMR imaging and spectroscopy
o CMOS electrochemical imaging arrays for the detection and classification of microorganisms
o A wideband complementary noise and distortion canceling LNA for high-frequency ultrasound imaging applications
o A current reuse wideband LNA with complementary noise and distortion cancellation for ultrasound imaging applications
o Non-linear analysis and optimization techniques for sub-millimiter and therahertz circuits and systems, implemented for imaging and communication systems
o High-frequency CMUT arrays for high-resolution medical imaging
o A broadband high-frequency electrical impedance tomography system for breast imaging
o Live Demonstration: Real-Time and High-Speed Ion Imaging Using CMOS ISFET Arrays
o Devices, Circuits, and Systems
o Evaluation of high frequency piezoelectric micromachined ultrasound transducers for photoacoustic imaging
o A CMOS Pixelated Nanocapacitor Biosensor Platform for High-Frequency Impedance Spectroscopy and Imaging
o On-chip reduced wire transceiver for high frequency CMUT imaging system
o A multifunctional, reconfigurable pulse generator for high-frequency ultrasound imaging
o Automated gain control for medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging
o High-resolution adcs for biomedical imaging systems
o State of the art in 60-GHz integrated circuits and systems for wireless communications
o X-Ray Diffraction Imaging: Technology and Applications
o A CMOS imaging system featuring focal-plane compression based on DPCM and VQ
o High-frequency integrated circuits
o Towards a reduced-wire interface for CMUT-based intravascular ultrasound imaging systems
o High-frequency CMUT arrays for high-resolution medical imaging
o High frequency ultrasonic imaging: System design and performance optimization
o Digital Phase Tightening for Improved Spatial Resolution in Mm-wave Imaging Systems
o Measuring the dielectric properties of materials. Ninety-year development from low-frequency techniques to broadband spectroscopy and high-frequency imaging
o Circuit design and simulation of a transmit beamforming ASIC for high-frequency ultrasonic imaging systems
o Skin imaging with high frequency ultrasound—preliminary results
o Improved high-frequency high frame rate duplex ultrasound linear array imaging system
o 32-Channel transmit beamformer with high timing resolution for high-frequency ultrasound imaging syste
o High-frequency high frame rate ultrasound imaging system for small animal imaging with linear arrays
o High-frequency ultrasound annular array imaging. Part II: Digital beamformer design and imaging
o Terahertz Integrated Circuits and Systems for High-Speed Wireless Communications: Challenges and Design Perspectives
o Radiation detectors for medical imaging
o Integrated electronics design for high-frequency intravascular ultrasound imaging
o In vivo cardiac imaging of adult zebrafish using high frequency ultrasound (45-75 MHz)
o Optimization of pulse transmission in a high-frequency ultrasound imaging system
o Ferroelectrics in microwave devices, circuits and systems: physics, modeling, fabrication and measurements
o Improving and optimizing video contrast for endoscopy imaging
o High-frequency ex vivo ultrasound imaging of the auditory systems
o High frequency ultrasound imaging with optical arrays o
o High-frequency color flow imaging of the microcirculation o
o Fast imaging techniques for sparse data fields o
o High-frequency noise removal on corrupted ECG signal using exponential averagers o
o An all-digital and high-resolution transmit-beamforming asic for high-frequency and portable ultrasound imaging systems o
o Principles and applications of high-frequency medical imaging o
o Integrated circuits for volumetric ultrasound imaging with 2-D CMUT arrays o
o High frequency nonlinear B-scan imaging of microbubble contrast agents o
o Design of a PMMW Imaging system o

o A High Linearity Low Power 130 nm CMOS LNA for Medical Ultrasound Imaging o
o High frequency interferences in video imaging systems during transurethral resections o
o High-frequency chirp ultrasound imaging with an annular array for ophthalmologic and small-animal imaging o
o Voltage imaging to understand connections and functions of neuronal circuits o
o Imaging conductive materials with high frequency electrical capacitance tomography o
o A 1 MHz miniaturized electrical impedance tomography system for prostate imaging o
o High-resolution imaging with high-frequency 1-D linear CMUT arrays o
o Cryogenic preamplifiers for magnetic resonance imaging o
o A high-frequency pulsed-wave Doppler ultrasound system for the detection and imaging of blood flow in the microcirculation o

o Fully Integrated CMOS Ultrasound Transceiver Chip for High-Frequency High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Systems
o Nonsubsampled contourlet transform combined with genetic algorithms for registration of satellite imaging
o Wideband linear power amplifier for high-frequency ultrasonic coded excitation imaging
o A low-power low-noise ultrasonic receiver front-end IC for medical imaging systems
o High-Throughput Digital Readout System for Real-Time Ion Imaging using CMOS ISFET Arrays
o A high-frame rate high-frequency ultrasonic system for cardiac imaging in mice
o A delayed-excitation data acquisition method for high-frequency ultrasound imaging
o 3G-2 A Novel Ultrasonic Imaging System with Integrated Electronics and High Frequency PZT Transducers
o Stand-alone front-end system for high-frequency, high-frame-rate coded excitation ultrasonic imaging
o o
o o
o o o Design of a 64-channel digital high frequency linear array ultrasound imaging beamformer on a massively parallel processor array
o o o High-frequency, nonlinear flow imaging of microbubble contrast agents
o o o Beamforming and imaging with acoustic lenses in small, high-frequency sonars
o o o High frequency ultrasound imaging using optics
o o o Design of high frequency annular array for medical imaging
o o o Pulse-modulation imaging—Review and performance analysis
o o o Design of a taper slotted low profile Vivaldi antenna for ultra-wideband near field imaging
o o o Maximizing precision over extended unambiguous range for TOF range imaging systems
o o o Performance optimization of a high frequency CMUT probe for medical imaging

o An open-source high-frequency lock-in amplifier
o Real-time artefact filter for intraoperative thermographic imaging
o A system-on-chip solution for point-of-care ultrasound imaging systems: Architecture and ASIC implementation
o Efficient high‐frequency body coil for high‐field MRI
o Computation of electromagnetic fields for high-frequency magnetic resonance imaging applications
o A 128× 128 current-mode ultra-high frame rate ISFET array with in-pixel calibration for real-time ion imaging
o A multi-frequency NDT system for imaging and detection of cracks
o High-frequency near-field microscopy
o High frequency dynamic imaging of domains in thin film heads o
o Fingertip laser diode system enables both time-domain and frequency-domain photoacoustic imaging o
o CMOS-integrated array transducers for high-frequency ultrasonic imaging o
o Toward fiber-based high-frequency 3D ultrasound imaging o
o o o High-frequency scannerless imaging laser radar for industrial inspection and measurement applications o
o o o Terahertz imaging detectors in CMOS technology o
o o o High frequency coded imaging system with RF o
o o o Applied Signal Processing: Concepts, Circuits, and Systems o
o o o Design of a 9-bit 4MS/s Wilkinson ADC for SiPM-based imaging detectors o
o o o Medical high-frequency ultrasound imaging using Golay-coded pulse excitation o
o o o … network activation and analgesic effect induced by low vs. high frequency electrical acupoint stimulation in different subjects: a functional magnetic resonance imaging … o
o o o Breast cancer detection based on an UWB imaging system: Receiver design and simulations o
o o o A high frequency cMUT probe for ultrasound imaging of fingerprints o
o o o A high-frequency transimpedance amplifier for CMOS integrated 2D CMUT array towards 3D ultrasound imaging o
o o o A 13-Channel 1.53-mW 11.28-mm2 Electrical Impedance Tomography SoC Based on Frequency Division Multiplexing for Lung Physiological Imaging o
o o o Design and manufacture of a high-frequency annular array ultrasound system for medical imaging o
o o o Reduced-wire readout systems-on-chip for high-frequency intravascular ultrasound imaging o
o o o A survey on super-resolution imaging o
o o o Measuring and imaging permittivity of insulators using high-frequency eddy-current devices o
o o o Development of a high frequency ultrasound skin imaging system: Optimization utilizing time domain reflectometry and network analysis o
o High-Frequency Ultrasound Imaging of the Auditory System
o High-frequency ultrasound annular-array imaging. Part I: Array design and fabrication
o Ultrasound biomicroscopy: high-frequency ultrasound imaging of the eye at microscopic resolution
o Direct Imaging of High‐Frequency Multimode Spin Wave Propagation in Cobalt‐Iron Waveguides Using X‐Ray Microscopy beyond 10 GHz
o Linear power amplifier for high frequency ultrasound coded excitation imaging
o Scanning electrochemical microscopy imaging by means of high-frequency impedance measurements in feedback mode
o Sensitivity enhanced photoacoustic imaging using a high-frequency PZT transducer with an integrated front-end amplifier
o A 15-V bidirectional ultrasound interface analog front-end IC for medical imaging using standard CMOS technology
o High frequency transducer for vessel imaging based on lead-free Mn-doped (K0.44Na0.56)NbO3 single crystal
o Characterization of the spatial resolution of different high-frequency imaging systems using a novel anechoic-sphere phantom
o Photoacoustic Microscopy Imaging from Acoustic Resolution to Optical Resolution Enhancement with Deep Learning
o Development of a mechanical scanning device with high-frequency ultrasound transducer for ultrasonic capsule endoscopy
o High-frequency imaging for flaw detection of microelectronics elements with high resolution
o Real-time hand-held ultrasound medical-imaging device based on a new digital quadrature demodulation processor
o Design of a broadband high frequency ultrasound transducer for skin imaging
o Enhanced digital synthesized phase locked loop with high frequency compensation and clock generation
o A high-frequency and high-frame-rate ultrasound imaging system design on an FPGA evaluation board for capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer arrays
o High-frequency transducers based on integrated piezoelectric thick films for medical imaging
o Pulse modulation CMOS image sensor for bio-fluorescence imaging applications
o Ultra-high frequency magnetic resonance imaging
o The Impact of the AFE BPF in Ultrasound Harmonic Imaging: An In-Vitro Phantom Study
o Development of a 64 channel ultrasonic high frequency linear array imaging system
o Lossless data hiding using histogram shifting method based on integer wavelets
o o A fractional harmonic excitation (FHE) method for high frequency array imaging o
o o o o A new method of subsurface imaging—The LASI high frequency ellipticity system: Part 1. System design and development o
o o o o High-Frequency Acoustic Imaging Using Adhesive-Free Polymer Transducer o
o o o o A 665 μW silicon photomultiplier-based NIRS/EEG/EIT monitoring ASIC for wearable functional brain imaging o
o o o o Development and evaluation of a high-frequency ultrasound-based system for in vivo strain imaging of the skin o
o o o o Theory of gated multicycle integration (GMCI) for repetitive imaging of focal plane array o
o o o o Post-silicon heat-Source identification and machine-learning-based thermal modeling using infrared thermal imaging o
o o o o Analysis and design of high-frequency 1-D CMUT imaging arrays in noncollapsed mode o
o 5B-5 High-Frequency Duplex Ultrasound Imaging System for Biomedical Applications Using 30 MHz Linear Arrays
o Development of a low-complexity, cost-effective digital beamformer architecture for high-frequency ultrasound imaging
o Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems A 0.36-V 5-MS/s Time-Mode Flash ADC With Dickson-Charge-Pump-Based Comparators in 28-nm CMOS……………………
o High-frequency transducers for medical ultrasonic imaging
o High-frequency ultrasound linear array imaging system using analog beamformer
o Signal transmission for an isolated gate driver using capacitive coupling technique
o Design, fabrication, and testing of high-frequency (> 20 MHz) composite ultrasound imaging arrays
o Detecting, measuring, and imaging the microcirculation with high-frequency Doppler ultrasound
o Transceiver design for CMUT-based super-resolution ultrasound imaging
o Development of a real time digital high frequency annular array ultrasound imaging system
o Miniature polymer transducers for high-frequency medical imaging
o A Programmable Pulser-Receiver Circuit for Single Transducer Medical Ultrasound System
o Circuits-electromagnetics co-design: a new paradigm for silicon-based THz systems-on-chip
o High-speed spiral-scan echo planar NMR imaging-I
o High-frequency EM characterization of through-wall building imaging
o Design of an integrated microelectrode array system for high spatiotemporal resolution chemical imaging
o An integrated biosensor system with a high-density microelectrode array for real-time electrochemical imaging
o High current low frequency eddy current imaging system
o Spectrum sharing radios
o High frequency chirp coded excitation ultrasound imaging system
o Design of High Performance Linear Frequency Modulation Source for Terahertz Imaging
o A low-power gateable Vernier ring oscillator time-to-digital converter for biomedical imaging applications

o Signal processing in high-frequency broadband imaging systems for dermatologic application
o CMUT array design and fabrication for high frequency ultrasound imaging
o A commercialized high frequency CMUT probe for medical ultrasound imaging
o Reduction of stent artifacts using high-frequency harmonic ultrasound imaging
o Development of small aperture polymer transducers for high frequency imaging
o A 3-D High-Frequency Array Based 16 Channel Photoacoustic Microscopy System for In Vivo Micro-Vascular Imaging
o No-reference transform-based quality assessment for imaging applications
o Improved layout for a resonant 2D micro scanning mirror with low operation voltages
o A 128× 128 current-mode ultra-high frame rate ISFET array for ion imaging
o Real time adaptive imaging with 1.75 D, high frequency arrays
o High-frequency subharmonic pulsed-wave Doppler and color flow imaging of microbubble contrast agents
o Super-resolution imaging with occlusion removal using a camera array
o Asymmetric dielectric trilayer cantilever probe for calorimetric high-frequency field imaging
o W-band scalable phased arrays for imaging and communications
o A 76GHz PLL for mm-wave imaging applications
o Final Report for Supplemental Award Wireless Optical Sensors for High Resolution Imaging of Biological Structures
o An annular CMUT array beamforming system for high-frequency side looking IVUS imaging
o Integrated transceivers for UWB breast cancer imaging: Architecture and circuit constraints
o Development of a multi-modal tissue diagnostic system combining high frequency ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging with lifetime fluorescence spectroscopy
o Eco-friendly highly sensitive transducers based on a new KNN–NTK–FM lead-free piezoelectric ceramic for high-frequency biomedical ultrasonic imaging applications
o Energy-Efficient Analog Frond-End Design for Ultrasound Imaging Applications
o A cryo-cooled scanning SQUID microscope for imaging high-frequency magnetic fields.

Presentation Topic: High Frequency Circuits and Systems For Imaging

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