Presentation Topics of High Frequency Circuits and Systems For Imaging

Presentation Topic: High Frequency Circuits and Systems For Imaging

o Underground resource characterization using tomographic imaging
o Optimization of capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducers (CMUTs) for a high-frequency medical ultrasonic imaging system
o A low cost open source high frame-rate high-frequency imaging system
o High-frequency ultrasound imaging system with Doppler features for biomedical applications using 30∼ 35 MHz linear arrays and an analog beamformer
o A high dynamic range CMOS image sensor using programmable linear-logarithmic counter for low light imaging applications
o P2B-8 Design of a Digital High Frequency Linear Array Ultrasound Imaging System with High Frame Rate
o A Temperature-Aware Fully-Wireless mm-Scale Optically-Enhanced Optogenetic Neuro-Stimulator
o CMOS vision sensors: embedding computer vision at imaging front-ends
 A high-resolution multi-channel time-to-digital converter (TDC) for high-energy physics and biomedical imaging applications
o High frequency integrated ultrasound arrays
o Time-lapse imaging of human heartbeats using UWB radar
o Volumetric Xenon-CT Imaging of Conventional and High-frequency Oscillatory Ventilation1

o A Survey on Analog-to-Digital Converter Integrated Circuits for Miniaturized High Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging System
o High-density microelectrode arrays for electrophysiological activity imaging of neuronal networks
o Development of a wireless and near real-time 3D ultrasound strain imaging system
o Microfabrication of high-frequency vacuum electron devices
o Accumulated source imaging of brain activity with both low and high-frequency neuromagnetic signals
o Activity-driven, event-based vision sensors
o Image super-resolution: Historical overview and future challenges
o In vivo imaging of blood flow in the mouse Achilles tendon using high-frequency ultrasound
o Low power wideband receiver and transmitter chipset for mm-wave imaging in SiGe bipolar technology
o Components for focused integrated pMUTs for high-resolution medical imaging
o Non-invasive circuit and material imaging using the electric potential sensor
o Amorphous silicon active pixel sensor readout circuit for digital imaging
o Coded Signals for High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging
o Assess image blur in photoelectric imaging system
o F4: Scientific imaging
o Magnetoresistive Biosensor Circuits and Systems for Ultrasensitive Point-of-Care Diagnostics
o High-resolution 160-GHz imaging MIMO radar using MMICs with on-chip frequency synthesizers
o Millimeter-wave imaging using 1-bit programmable metasurface: Simulation model, design, and experiment
o Design, fabrication, and evaluation of high frequency, single-element transducers incorporating different materials
o Fabrication of MEMS ZnO dome-shaped-diaphragm transducers for high-frequency ultrasonic imaging
o Limited-angle spatial compound imaging of skin with high-frequency ultrasound (20 MHz)
o A multitaper, causal decomposition for stochastic, multivariate time series: Application to high-frequency calcium imaging data
o High-frequency ultrasonic imaging of the anterior segment using an annular array transducer

o Wearable electromagnetic head imaging system using flexible wideband antenna array based on polymer technology for brain stroke diagnosis
o Super-resolution imaging
o PVdF array characterisation for high frequency ultrasonic imaging
o A flexible uwb transmitter for breast cancer detection imaging systems
o MEMS-based Scanner Dedicated for Ultrasound Medical Imaging
o Multiple frequency range imaging to remove measurement ambiguity
o Accelerated frame-free time-encoded multi-step imaging
o Miniature High Frequency Focused Ultrasonic Transducers for Minimally Invasive Imaging Procedures
o Front-end of a non-invasive wireless real-time brain imaging system based on near-infrared spectroreflectometry
o A low-power high-dynamic-range receiver system for in-probe 3-D ultrasonic imaging

Research Area: High Frequency Circuits and Systems For Imaging

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