Presentation Topics of Design of Electrical Machine

Presentation Topic: Design of Electrical Machine

1. Comparative Study of Consequent-Pole Switched-Flux Machines with Different U-Shaped PM Structures
2. System Level Reliability Assessment of Short Duty Electric Drives for Aerospace
3. Design Methodologies for Variable-Flux Machines with Extra Torque-Speed Range
4. Graphical predetermination of optimal machine designs by iso-performance configuration modeling
5. An optimization approach of rotor contour for variable reluctance resolver
6. HyperStudy Optimization of Induction Motors Finite Element Assisted Design
7. Optimization of a 3d-printed permanent magnet coupling using genetic algorithm and taguchi method
8. Voltage Stress Calculation and Measurement for Hairpin Winding of EV Traction Machines Driven by SiC MOSFET
9. Optimum Design of FSPM Motor for Small Water Pump Application Considering Irreversible Demagnetization
10. Liquid metal sliding contacts for electric machines
11. Design and Implementation of Hybrid Self-Control Scheme for PM Synchronous Motor Drive
12. Machine Design Modern Techniques and Innovative Technologies
13. syreDrive: Automated Sensorless Control Code Generation for Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drives
14. Design and Analysis of Hybrid-Excited Flux Modulated Linear Machines with Zero-Sequence Current Excitation
15. Additively manufactured hollow conductors integrated with heat pipes: design tradeoffs and hardware demonstration
16. Flux Weakening Method at DC-Link Variation of IPMSM for Electric Scooter
17. Analytical Model and Experimental Verification of Permanent Magnet Eddy Current Loss in Permanent Magnet Machines with Non-Concentric Magnetic Poles
18. Analysis of safety for Lithium-Ion battery with Risk assessment of thermal runaway according to SOC
19. A Load-Independent Output Voltage Operation of a Multi-Receiver WPT System
20. Reduction of cogging torque and electromagnetic vibration based on different combination of pole arc coefficient for interior permanent magnet synchronous machine
21. Design and performance analysis of a dual stator multiphase induction motor using finite element method
22. Analysis and Design of a Fault-Tolerant Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine With Improved Power Factor
23. Analysis of Open-Circuit Performances in Flux-Reversal Permanent Magnet Machines by Superposition Methods
24. Design Space Method for Conceptual Design Exploration of High Speed Slitted Solid Induction Motor
25. A Semi-Analytical Approach to Noise and Vibration Performance Optimization in Electric Machines
26. Design, Control and Implementation of Interleaved Buck-Boost Converter for Electric Vehicle with Fuel Cell System
27. Characteristic Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Using the 2D Equivalent Analysis Model
28. Decoupled Vector Control Scheme for Dual-Armature Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machines
29. Urban light electric vehicle real-time model architecture using VeriStand Software
30. Robust Design of BLDC Motor for Jetboard Application
31. Design of a single-phase flux radial generator with opposite poles (US) using permanent Neodymium magnet (NdFeB)
32. Ferrofluid Brake Electromagnetic Modeling
33. Design and Analysis of 5-Phase Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor for Fault Tolerant Drive. Energies 2021, 14, 514
34. Magnetic field and electromagnetic performance analysis of permanent magnet machines with segmented Halbach array
35. Comprehensive design analysis of a 3D printed sensor for readiness assessment applications
36. Analytical optimization of new style semi-inserted machines with Halbach magnets
37. Coupled Electromagnetic-Fluidic-Thermal Analysis and Air-Gap Research of the Rim-Driven Generator
38. Synchronous Reluctance Machines for Automotive Cooling Fan Systems: Numerical and Experimental Study of Different Slot-Pole Combinations and Winding Types
39. Robust Design Optimization of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Systems Based on System-Level Sequential Taguchi Method
40. Thermal Design and Development of a Inverter Considering the Switch Characteristics of Wide Band Gap Powersemiconductor
41. Numerical Computation of the Eddy Current Problem in Ferromagnetic Sheets by the Multiscale Finite Element Method Using the Vector Preisach Model
42. Optimized design of permanent magnet brushless DC motor for ceiling fan applications
43. Analysis and design optimization of permanent magnet motor with external rotor for direct driven mixer
44. Characteristic Analysis of Small-Scale Wind Power Generator Using Magnetic Equivalent Circuit
45. Optimized Design for Improving the Performance of Stator Three-Phase Induction Motor for Industrial Applications Using HHO Algorithm
46. Optimization of a Consequent-Pole PMSM with a Sobol Sequence Based Multi-Objective Hybrid Optimization Algorithm
47. Mitigating Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Induction Machines using Active Control Method
48. An Improved Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Model for Electromagnetic Modeling of Electric Machines
49. Design and analysis of a two-phase brushless DC motor with hybrid permanent magnet material for only-pull drive technique
50. Low Vibrations and Improved NVH in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines due to Injection of Flux-Linkage Harmonics

Research Area: Design of Electrical Machine