Research Topics on Complex Harmonic Analysis

Research Area/ Research Interest: Complex Harmonic Analysis

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. Real Harmonic Analysis on the Special Orthogonal Group
  2. Harmonic analysis of the arctangent function regarding the angular error introduced by superimposed Fourier series for application in sine/cosine angle encoders
  3.  Harmonic analysis in distributed power system based on IoT and dynamic compressed sensing
  4.  Modeling and open source implementation of balanced and unbalanced harmonic analysis in radial distribution networks
  5. funCode—Versatile Syntax and Semantics for Functional Harmonic Analysis Labels
  6. Tidal characteristics and a numerical model for the M2 tide at the Estuarine Complex of the Bay of Paranaguá, Paraná, Brazil
  7.  Harmonic analysis of temperature profiles of active caloric regenerators
  8. Study of the Harmonic Analysis and Energy Transmission Mechanism of the Frequency Conversion Transformer
  9. Review of AI applications in harmonic analysis in power systems
  10. Accuracy assessment of frequency-domain models for harmonic analysis of residential type photovoltaic-distributed generation units
  11. Harmonic analysis of isotropic fields on the sphere with arbitrary masks
  12. Interval current injection method for harmonic analysis in distribution systems: An approach using the Krawczyk operator
  13. Higher order transversality in harmonic analysis
  14. Harmonic analysis of short-term tidal level prediction model for tidal reaches
  15. Harmonic analysis of boxed hyperoctahedral Hall-Littlewood polynomials
  16. A data-driven harmonic approach to constructing anisotropic damage models with a minimum number of internal variables
  17. Mathematical Morphology Operators for Harmonic Analysis
  18. A Magnetic Network Model and Harmonic Analysis of a Canned Switched Reluctance Machine
  19. Two-wavelet theory and two-wavelet localization operators on the -Dunkl harmonic analysis
  20. Twisted B-splines in the complex plane
  21. Application of Harmonic Analysis and Principal Component Analysis for Discrimination of Adsorbates in Gas-Sensitive ITO/Nanostructured TiO2 Heterojunction
  22. Analysis of Inter Converter Interactions using Harmonic State Space Modeling
  23. Harmonic analysis of VHF resonant converter based on equivalent nonlinear controlled model
  24. Modern Analysis for Complex and Nonlinear Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery
  25.  Research on Virtual Color Restoration of Complex Building System Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
  26. Electrical Harmonic Energy Measurement Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition and Reconstruction Algorithm
  27. Complex geodesics in tube domains and their role in the study of harmonic mappings in the disc
  28. A spatio-temporal processing Padé approach for visualizing harmonic distortion propagation on electrical networks
  29. Zeros of a Family of Complex-Valued Harmonic Trinomials
  30. Advantages of Utilizing Higher-order Response for a Harmonic Radar
  31. Effects of Psychoacoustic Training on the Pre-Attentive Processing of Harmonic Sounds and Syllables
  32. Overview of the Topical Collection: Harmonic Analysis on Combinatorial Graphs
  33.  Intelligent spectrogram–A tool for analysis of complex non-stationary signals
  34. Detection and Measurement of Harmonic Signal Frequency using Autoregressive Model
  35. Harmonic forms on the Kodaira-Thurston manifold
  36. A group sparse Bayesian learning algorithm for harmonic state estimation in power systems
  37. Wearable Harmonic Transponder for IoT Applications
  38. Detection of Harmonic Components using the FFT and Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory
  39. An equivalent mechanism model for kinematic accuracy analysis of harmonic drive
  40. Current Harmonic Aggregation Cases for Contemporary Loads
  41. Multi-harmonic phase demodulation method for instantaneous angular speed estimation using harmonic weighting
  42. Application of the 2.5 D Harmonic Balance Method to Calculate the Propagation of Unsteady Disturbances Through a Duct of a Turbofan
  43. Solving phase retrieval with random initial guess is nearly as good as by spectral initialization
  44. Axially harmonic functions and the harmonic functional calculus on the S-spectrum
  45. Revealing Coulomb time shifts in high-order harmonic generation by frequency-dependent streaking
  46. Accurate monitoring of submerged aquatic vegetation in a macrophytic lake using time-series sentinel-2 images
  47.  Current Harmonic Aggregation Cases for Contemporary Loads. Energies 2022, 15, 437
  48. Error analysis for denoising smooth modulo signals on a graph
  49. Multivariate Vandermonde matrices with separated nodes on the unit circle are stable
  50.  Determining geometrical deviations of crankshafts with limited detection possibilities due to support conditions
  51. Computer Simulation of Physical Processes in an Electric Circuit with Nonlinear Inductance
  52. A class of harmonic univalent functions defined by the q-derivative operator
  53. Characterizing the propagation pathway of neuropathological events of Alzheimer’s disease using harmonic wavelet analysis
  54. Beyond chord vocabularies: Exploiting pitch-relationships in a chord estimation metric
  55. Dynamic analysis of optical imaging electro-system
  56. Harmonic Decomposition Models of Flapping-Wing Flight for Stability Analysis and Control Design
  57. Design of High-Efficiency Broadband Rectifier With Harmonic Control for Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting
  58. Harmonic Schwarzian derivative and methods of approximation of zeros
  59. Coupled Harmonic Oscillator in a System of Free Particles
  60. GICharm: A System level Analysis tool for Geomagnetic Disturbance related harmonics
  61.  Coupled Harmonic Oscillator in a System of Free Particles. Mathematics 2022, 10, 294
  62. Improved Sparse Component Analysis for Multi-Point Harmonic Contribution Evaluation under Incomplete Measurements
  63.  Metric entropy limits on recurrent neural network learning of linear dynamical systems
  64.  Comparison of lock-in correlation and a novel periodogram method for experimental multi-harmonic thermoelastic analysis
  65.  Analysis of electrical response, gas evolution and coating morphology during transition to soft sparking PEO of Al
  66.  Waves in complex media
  67. Image restoration: Structured low rank matrix framework for piecewise smooth functions and beyond
  68. Construction of Diagnostic Algorithms for Complex Systems
  69. Spherical Harmonic based Anisotropic Point Scatterer Models for Radar Applications using Inverse Optimization
  70. A novel approach of random packing generation of complex-shaped 3D particles with controllable sizes and shapes
  71. Efficient Super-Resolution Two-Dimensional Harmonic Retrieval With Multiple Measurement Vectors
  72. Design and analysis of cementless hip-joint system using functionally graded material
  73. Wigner analysis of operators. Part I: Pseudodifferential operators and wave fronts
  74. A robust and efficient stability analysis of periodic solutions based on harmonic balance method and Floquet-Hill formulation
  75. Hard edge statistics of products of Pólya ensembles and shifted GUE’s
  76.  A novel quasi-type-1 PLL based on frequency-fixed complex filter for three phase grid synchronization
  77. Computation of Nonlinear Load Harmonic Currents in the Presence of External Distortions
  78. Image Watermarking with Polar Harmonic Moments
  79. Analysis of harmonic influence of improved PFC circuit on SS4G electric locomotive
  80. Effect of Twin Gasket and Internal Fluid on the Dynamic Behavior of Pipeline with Flange Joint
  81. Structure-function relationships of TMJ lateral capsule-ligament complex
  82. Schur multipliers in Schatten-von Neumann classes
  83. Long Latency Auditory Evoked Potentials and Object-Related Negativity Based on Harmonicity in Hearing-Impaired Children
  84. Sparse signal recovery from phaseless measurements via hard thresholding pursuit
  85. Graph signal interpolation with positive definite graph basis functions
  86.  Complex methods detect anomalies in real time based on time series analysis
  87. Loss landscapes and optimization in over-parameterized non-linear systems and neural networks
  88. First principle analysis of structural, electronic, optical, and thermoelectric characteristics of Ba3CaTa2O9 complex perovskite
  89.  Analysis and Risk Assessment of Corporate Financial Leverage Using Mobile Payment in the Era of Digital Technology in a Complex Environment
  90. A Multi-step Interpolated-FFT procedure for full-field nonlinear modal testing of turbomachinery components
  91. Implications and Consequences of SL (2R) as Invariance Group in the Description of Complex Systems Dynamics from a Multifractal Perspective of Motion
  92.  Fourier Analysis
  93. Study on Harmonic Function Theory and One Radius Theorem
  94. Nonstandard Analysis of Almost Periodicity
  95. Measurement-Based Black-Box Harmonic Stability Assessment of Single-Phase Power Electronic Devices Based on Air Coils
  96. Optoelectronic, luminescence, and nonlinear properties of a non-centrosymmetric Cd (II)-based complex
  97. Third-order optical nonlinearity of DNA‐CTMA complex doped with different aromatic moieties
  98. Supercritical nonlinear transverse vibration of a hyperelastic beam under harmonic axial loading
  99. Approximation in Weighted Analytic Besov Spaces and in Generalized Fock Spaces
  100. The valence of harmonic polynomials viewed through the probabilistic lens
  101. Theory-experiment partnership applied to the spectroscopic analysis of a promising conditioning-free electrolyte for Mg batteries
  102. Harmonic response analysis of an impeller of a gas turbine engine which modelled by using high entropy alloy materials
  103. Structural and Vibration Analysis of Barge Ship Hull
  104. A Riesz-Fejér type inequality for harmonic functions
  105. A New Algorithm for Harmonic Impacts with Renewable DG and Non-linear Loads in Smart Distribution Networks
  106. Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space, Representer Theorem
  107. High-order approximation rates for shallow neural networks with cosine and ReLUk activation functions
  108. Multiple Current Harmonics Suppression for Low-Inductance PMSM Drives with Deadbeat Predictive Current Control
  109. Sisal fiber-reinforced polymer composite-based small horizontal axis wind turbine suited for urban applications—a numerical study
  110. Dynamic mode decomposition and its variants
  111.  Deep microlocal reconstruction for limited-angle tomography
  112.  An E ective Transition State for a Complex Cluster Isomerization Process: comparison between anharmonic and harmonic models for Mg+Ar12
  113.  Spatio-spectral decomposition of complex eigenmodes in subwavelength nanostructures through transmission matrix analysis
  114. Investigating the mechanotransduction of transient shear stress mediated by Piezo1 ion channel using a 3D printed dynamic gravity pump
  115. Structural modeling of Omicron spike protein and its complex with human ACE-2 receptor: Molecular basis for high transmissibility of the virus
  116.  Analysis of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) on Simple Harmonic Motion Concept Using Virtual Laboratory Based on VBA Excel Study in Physics Education …
  117. Influence of higher-order nonlinear effects on optical solitons of the complex Swift-Hohenberg model in the mode-locked fiber laser
  118. The regularity properties and blow-up of the solutions for nonlocal general wave equations
  119. Deferasirox pyridine solvate and its Cu (II) complex: Synthesis, crystal structure, Hirshfeld surface analysis, antimicrobial assays and antioxidant activity
  120. Parameters influencing PZT sensing in structural health monitoring
  121. Signal recovery from a few linear measurements of its high-order spectra
  122. Detection of crack-closure during fatigue loading by means of Second Harmonic Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
  123.  Groups and geometric analysis: integral geometry, invariant differential operators, and spherical functions
  124. Hirschman–Widder densities
  125. Electroresistive method for monitoring the technical condition, quality, reliability and safety the supports of rolling of electrical machines
  126. Polarization-resolved analysis to solid high-order harmonic generation
  127. Machine Learning Application to Estimation of Magnetospheric Contributions for Geomagnetic-based Navigation
  128. Analysis of the Full-Size Russian Corpus of Internet Drug Reviews with Complex NER Labeling Using Deep Learning Neural Networks and Language Models
  129. Analysis and Reduction of Slot Frequency Vibration of PMSMs With the Force-Harmonic Coupling Model Considering Phase Angle Characteristic
  130. Probing subcycle spectral structures and dynamics of high-order harmonic generation in crystals
  131. Compact wideband and harmonic suppressed quadrature coupler using susceptance loaded coupled lines
  132. Extension on IEC 61000 3 6’s General Summation Law to Estimate harmonic current at PCC based on Probability Distribution
  133. Spectral multiplier theorems for abstract harmonic oscillators on UMD lattices
  134. Study on the Nonlinear Dynamic Characteristics of Spherical Rubber Isolators by Experiments and Simulations Based on Harmonic Balance Method
  135. A new harmonic tuned class E power amplifier based on waveform analysis
  136. Scattering of harmonic P1 and SV waves by a shallow lined circular tunnel in a poroelastic half-plane
  137. One phase problem for two positive harmonic function: below the codimension threshold
  138.  Analytical optimization of the filtration efficiency of a group of single branch filters
  139. Möbius-invariant harmonic function spaces on the unit disc
  140. Quaternion, harmonic oscillator, and high-dimensional topological states
  141. Analysis and Implementation of Harmonic Injection Locking in Cross-Coupled Oscillators Exploiting Inter-Harmonic Translations
  142. Analysis of spatial coherence length of high harmonic generated in argon
  143.  Magneto-mechanical system to reproduce and quantify complex strain patterns in biological materials
  144. Localized Fourier analysis for graph signal processing
  145. Time-domain analysis of framed structures based on “exact” structural-property matrices for nonprismatic Timoshenko’s elements
  146. Imaging-based harmonic frequency analysis of a bluff-body premixed flame under acoustic excitations
  147. Removal of non-stationary harmonics for operational modal analysis in time and frequency domain
  148.  Compactness interpolation results for bilinear operators of convolution type and for operators of product type
  149. Stress and displacement fields around an arbitrary shape tunnel surrounded by a multilayered elastic medium subjected to harmonic waves under plane strain …
  150.  Comparison between economic growth and satellite-based measurements of NO2 pollution over northern Italy
  151. New Results on the Equivalence of-Functionals and Modulus of Continuity of Functions Defined on the Sobolev Space Constructed by the Generalized Jacobi-Dunkl …
  152. On the Location of Zeros of Polynomials
  153. Bifurcation tracking of geared systems with parameter-dependent internal excitation
  154. New tools for taming complex reaction networks: the unimolecular decomposition of indole revisited
  155. An optimal design of the broadcast ephemeris for LEO navigation augmentation systems
  156. Numerical study of sediment transport in Thu-Bon estuary and coastal areas of Hoi-An City
  157. Analysis of a bio-inspired multistage nonlinear vibration isolator: an elliptic harmonic balance approach
  159. On the evaluation of the eigendecomposition of the Airy integral operator
  160. Enhancement of time-frequency post-processing readability for nonstationary signal analysis of rotating machinery: Principle and validation
  161. Computation of periodic orbits for piecewise linear oscillator by Harmonic Balance Methods
  162. Characterization of high harmonic frequencies in reactor noise experiments within the CORTEX project
  163. Multilevel Inverters Operating with Improved Harmonic Performance Using SVPWM
  164. Accuracy analysis of generalized discrete Fourier transform-based harmonics extraction in presence of background harmonics
  165.  Harmonic-Balance-Based parameter estimation of nonlinear structures in the presence of Multi-Harmonic response and force
  166. Analysis on Influences of Squeeze Film Damper on Vibrations of Rotor System in Aeroengine
  167. Commutation Formulas
  168.  Harmonic Compensation and Micro-Grid Voltage and Frequency Control based on Power Proportional Distribution with Adaptive Virtual Impedance …
  169. Design of a High-Q Diamond-Loaded Cavity for a Third-Harmonic Subterahertz Gyrotron Driven by a Low-Power Electron Beam
  170. Harmonic Disturbance Observer-Based Composite Controller of Gimbal Servo System under Multiple Disturbances
  171. Low-frequency room acoustical simulation of a small room with BEM and complex-valued surface impedances
  172. A Comparative Study of Conventional and FEM-Based Approach for Dynamic Analysis of Large Reciprocating Compressor Foundation Including Soil-Foundation …
  173. The restricted isometry property of block diagonal matrices for group-sparse signal recovery
  174. Conformations and structures of 1, 4-pentadien-3-ol and its water complex characterized by rotational spectroscopy
  175. A Frequency-Locked Oscillator Using Complex RC Impedance IQ-Balancing
  176. A metamaterial ultrasound mode convertor for complete transformation of Lamb waves into shear horizontal waves
  177.  Extended ensemble simulations of a SARS-CoV-2 nsp1–5′-UTR complex
  178. Learnable Wavelet Packet Transform for Data-Adapted Spectrograms
  179. Bochner–Riesz Means and K-Functional on Triebel–Lizorkin Spaces
  180.  Diagram statistically displaying model performance for tides or quasi-periodic oscillations
  181. Potential optical molecular switch: Lithium@ cyclo [18] carbon complex transforming between two stable configurations
  182. Active noise control of higher modes in a duct using near field compensation and a ring of harmonic acoustic pneumatic sources
  183.  Compositional effects on the mechanical and thermal properties of MoNbTaTi refractory complex concentrated alloys
  184. An artificial intelligence method for improving upscaling in complex reservoirs
  185. Structural investigations, Hirsfeld surface analyses, and molecular docking studies of a phenoxo-bridged binuclear Zinc (II) complex
  186. Some sharp Schwarz-Pick type estimates and their applications of harmonic and pluriharmonic functions
  187. Relentless and complex transits from a planetesimal debris disc
  188. Nonlinear vibration analysis of the nanobeams subjected to magneto-electro-thermal loading based on a novel HSDT
  189. Development and preliminary application of deterministic code NECP-FISH for neutronics analysis of fusion-reactor blanket
  190.  HarmonicBalance. jl: A Julia suite for nonlinear dynamics using harmonic balance
  191.  Superoscillating sequences and supershifts for families of generalized functions
  192.  Full scale structural, mechanical and dynamical properties of HIV-1 liposomes
  193. Non-selfadjoint perturbation of the semiclassical magnetic Laplacian
  194. Rabbits use both spectral and temporal cues to discriminate the fundamental frequency of harmonic complexes with missing fundamentals
  195. Nonlinear dynamics of dry friction oscillator subjected to combined harmonic and random excitations
  196.  Empirical formulation of broadband complex refractive index spectra of single-chirality carbon nanotube assembly
  197. Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy with Multivariate Analysis on Photoinduced Proton Transfer in Aromatic Urea–Acetate Anion Complexes
  198. Analytical solution for doubly-periodic harmonic problems with circular inhomogeneities and superconducting or membrane-type interfaces
  199. Harmonic maps with free boundary from degenerating bordered Riemann surfaces
  200. Optical second harmonic generation studies of pure and glycine-doped bisthiourea copper/cadmium adipates
  201. Boundedness of the orthogonal projection on Harmonic Fock spaces
  202. On the L2-Hodge theory of Landau-Ginzburg models
  203. On the scattering of focused wave by a finite surface-piercing circular cylinder: A numerical investigation
  204. Operational modal analysis based dynamic parameters identification in milling of thin-walled workpiece
  205. Hybrid-Modulation Hysteresis Scheme Based Decoupled Power Control of Grid-Connected Inverter
  206. New Diagnostic and Severity Estimation Method for Inter-Turn Short Fault for Dual Star Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
  207.  Superrigidity of maximal measurable cocycles of complex hyperbolic lattices
  208. Investigation of [CHCl3-CH3OH] complex using matrix-isolation IR spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculation: Evidence of hydrogen-and halogen-bonding …
  209. Relaxation dynamics in the energy landscape of glass-forming liquids
  210. Calculating the Load Distribution and Contact Stress of the Disposable Harmonic Drive under Full Load
  211.  Dynamic analysis of a fractional-order nonlinear 2-DOF vehicle system by incremental harmonic balance method
  212. Generation mechanism of the 26 s and 28 s tremors in the Gulf of Guinea from statistical analysis of magnitudes and event intervals
  213. Current Sensor Fault-Tolerant Control for Five-Phase PMSM Drives Based on Third-Harmonic Space
  214.  Complex pythagorean fuzzy aggregation operators based on confidence levels and their applications
  215. Factors controlling the formation of complex fracture networks in naturally fractured geothermal reservoirs
  216.  Convex optimization in sums of Banach spaces
  217.  Tidal current classification insights for search, rescue and recovery operations in the yellow and east China seas and Korea Strait
  218.  Harmonic Investigation and mitigation of Multiple Grid-tied Inverters with LCL filter
  219.  Gradient symbolic representations in Harmonic Grammar
  220. Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, optical, second harmonic generation and DFT analysis of 4-isopropylbenzaldehyde derived hydrazone
  221. Synthesis, biological and theoretical properties of crystal zinc complex with thiosemicarbazone of glyoxylic acid
  222. Networks with complex weights: Green function and power series
  223. Power quality and stability assessment of hybrid microgrid and electric vehicle through a novel transformation technique
  224. On the harmonic Möbius transformations
  225. Fast Computation of Highly Oscillatory ODE Problems: Applications in High-Frequency Communication Circuits
  226. On the use of complex stretching coordinates in generalized finite difference method with applications in inhomogeneous visco-elasto dynamics
  227. … aggregation phenomenon for spectrophotometric and SIA-LAV determination of bismuth (III) as a specific ion association complex between tetraiodobismuthate and …
  228. Variational Autoencoders: A Harmonic Perspective
  229. Feasibility of non-imaging, random-sampling second harmonic generation measurements to distinguish colon cancer


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