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Research Area/ Research Interest: Power electronics in EE 

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

1. Power electronics-the enabling technology for renewable energy integration
2. MEMS inductor fabrication and emerging applications in power electronics and neurotechnologies
3. Compositionally graded III-nitride alloys: building blocks for efficient ultraviolet optoelectronics and power electronics
4. Power system stability issues, classifications and research prospects in the context of high-penetration of renewables and power electronics
5. Insulation materials and systems for power electronics modules: A review identifying challenges and future research needs
6. Role of wide bandgap materials in power electronics for smart grids applications
7. Machine learning for protection of distribution networks and power electronics-interfaced systems
8. A multiport power electronics converter for hybrid traction applications
9. Symmetries in power electronics
10. A Survey of Modeling and Reduction Techniques of Radiated EMI in Power Electronics
11. A switch-source cell-based cascaded multilevel inverter topology with minimum number of power electronics components
12. Thermal influence coefficients-based electrothermal modeling approach for power electronics
13. Power Electronics in Energy Conversion Systems
14. Cyberattack resilient control for power electronics dominated grid with minimal communication
15. Silicon carbide planar junctionless transistor for low-medium voltage power electronics
16. A Comprehensive Topological Assessment of Power Electronics Converters for Charging of Electric Vehicles
17. Preparation and sintering properties of Cu10Sn3 IMCs nanopaste as die attach material for high temperature power electronics
18. Nodal Admittance Matrix Based Area Partition Method for Small-Signal Stability Analysis of Large-Scale Power Electronics Based Power Systems
19. Development of boost converter training kit as a practical tool in power electronics course
20. A Comparison of the Thermohydraulic Performance of Oil-Cooled Heat Sink Geometries for Power Electronics
21. Investigate, Analyze, and Design of Real-Time Problems in the Domain of Power Electronics and Energy Using MATLAB: Review and Application
22. Multiphysics Optimization of Thermal-Management Designs for Power Electronics Employing Impingement Cooling and Stereolithographic Printing
23. Voltage Transients in the Field Winding of Salient Pole Wound Synchronous Machines: Implications from fast switching power electronics
24. Exploiting dynamic modeling, parameter identification, and power electronics to implement a non-dissipative Li-ion battery hardware emulator
25. Experimental Characterization of Two-Phase Cooling of Power Electronics in Thermosiphon and Forced Convection Modes
26. Effect analysis of small‐problem‐based teaching method for improving students’ problem‐solving ability in the experiment of power electronics course
27. Radio frequency energy harvesting circuits design for the applications of low power electronics
28. Future DC Smart Homes: Key Power Electronics Development
29. A Methodology for Obtaining the References of Voltages and Currents in Power Electronics Devices
30. Advances in Modeling and Reduction of Conducted and Radiated EMI in Non-isolated Power Converters
31. A review of current research trends in power-electronic innovations in cyber-physical systems
32. Integrated boost‐forward‐flyback converter with high step‐up for green energy power‐conversion applications
33. Identifying unequal temperature distributions in SiC MOSFET power modules
34. PowerSynth Design Automation Flow for Hierarchical and Heterogeneous 2.5-D Multichip Power Modules
35. A HEM-Based Sensitivity Analysis Method for Fast Voltage Stability Assessment in Distribution Power Network
36. A universal automatic and self‐powered gate driver power supply for normally‐ON SiC JFETs
37. SiC Research Beyond Power MOSFET: What’s Next?
38. Applications and impacts of nanoscale thermal transport in electronics packaging
39. Computationally-efficient optimal control of cascaded multilevel inverters with power balance for energy storage systems
40. Experimental and simulation studies of radiation‐induced single event burnout in SiC‐based power MOSFETs
41. Power losses comparison between Silicon Carbide and Silicon devices for an isolated DC-DC converter
42. ORTiS solver codegen: C++ code generation tools for high performance, FPGA-based, real-time simulation of power electronic systems
43. Advanced Magnetics for Power and Energy Development-A Multidisciplinary Consortium between the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and North …
44. Extension of ASM HEMT Model with Trapping Effects in GaN Power Devices
45. Power Electronic Technologies for Planetary Science and Astrobiology Missions
46. Emerging Trends in Industrial Electronics: A Cross-Disciplinary View
47. Sliding mode controller for extraction and supply of photovoltaic power using switched series parallel sources reduced switch count multilevel inverter
48. Review of general modeling approaches of power converters
49. Negative sequence current and reactive power comprehensive compensation for freight railway considering the impact of DFIGs
50. A Double-side Cooled SiC MOSFET Power Module with Sintered-silver Interposers: I. Design, Simulation, Fabrication, and Performance Characterization
51. An improved Hybrid Frequency Pacing Modulation for Wireless Power Transfer Systems
52. Power quality improvement with D-STATCOM using combined PR and Comb filter-Controller
53. Classification of Differential Power Processing Architectures Based on VA Area Modeling
54. Adaptive Power Charge using PID Controller on DC Load Application
55. Intrusiveness of power device condition monitoring methods: Introducing figures of merit for condition monitoring
56. Word length selection method for HIL power converter models
57. Guidelines for voltage controller coefficients design to attain prescribed grid current THD and DC link voltage undershoot values in power factor correction front ends
58. Comparison of regular and irregular 32 pulse density modulation patterns for induction heating
59. SoC-based droop coefficients stability region analysis of the battery for stand-alone supply systems with constant power loads
60. Industrial Electronics Education: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives
61. … , linear regulators and switched-mode power processing techniques for biomedical sensors and implants utilizing in-body energy harvesting and external power …
62. Integration of RF rectenna with thin film solar cell to power wearable electronics
64. The role of renewable energy system in reshaping the electrical grid scenario
65. GaN FinFETs and trigate devices for power and RF applications: review and perspective
66. … Titanate-PDMS composites: A multifunctional colossal dielectric material for hybrid piezo-triboelectric nanogenerator to sustainably power portable electronics
67. Model-Predictive Control to Minimize Ground Potentials in Transformerless Grid-Connected 5-Level Power Electronic Converters
68. Balancing of common dc-bus parallel connected modular inductive power transfer systems
69. The Interface between Nanoenergy and Self-Powered Electronics
70. Single Input Relay Charging Switched-Capacitor Topology for High Bandwidth Envelope Tracking Power Supply
71. A new family of boost active neutral point clamped inverter topology with reduced switch count
72. Power conversion efficiency prioritized AC filter inductor design for three-phase PWM inverter
73. Adaptive Power Decoupling Control for Single-Phase Converter with Unbalanced DC-Split-Capacitor Circuit
74. Recent advances in thermal metamaterials and their future applications for electronics packaging
75. Hydrogen-based systems for integration of renewable energy in power systems: Achievements and perspectives
76. An improved permanent‐magnet synchronous machine sensorless drive based on the fuzzy‐PI phase‐locked loop and the adjustable boundary‐layer FOSMO
77. Efficient and Reliable Power Takeoff for Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting
78. Simulation model of single phase PWM inverter by using MATLAB/Simulink
79. In Praise of JESTPE Associate Editors—Part II
80. An ESR quasi-online identification method for the fractional-order capacitor of forward converters based on variational mode decomposition
81. Load Current and State of Charge Co-Estimation for Current Sensor-Free Lithium-ion Battery
82. A High Step-Up Z-Source DC-DC Converter for Integration of Photovoltaic Panels into DC Microgrid
83. Reduction of power quality issues in micro-grid using GA tuned PI controller based DVR
84. Space Charge Accumulation and Its Impact on High-Voltage Power Module Partial Discharge under DC and PWM Waves: Testing and Modeling
85. A Bipolar Smart Power Synchronous Rectifier
86. Two decades of condition monitoring methods for power devices
87. IoT Assisted Power Electronics for Modern Grids
88. PV integrated universal active power filter for power quality enhancement and effective power management
89. Transient analysis and verification of a magnetic gear integrated permanent magnet brushless machine with Halbach arrays
90. New Issues and Classification of Power System Stability With High Shares of Renewables and Power Electronics
91. Packaged Ga2O3 Schottky Rectifiers With Over 60-A Surge Current Capability
92. Design of Low-Resistance and Area-Efficient GaN-HEMTs for Low-Voltage Power Applications
93. Distributed Application of the Four-Switch Buck-Boost Converter to Maximize Power Extraction in Photovoltaic Modules
94. State-of-the-Art Power Devices and Power Electronics Integration Technology
95. A review: Energy storage system and balancing circuits for electric vehicle application
96. An Active/Reactive Power Control Strategy for Renewable Generation Systems
97. Charging Strategy for Battery Electric Vehicles with a Battery Modular Multilevel Management (BM3) Converter System using a PR controller
98. A novel common‐ground switched‐capacitor five‐level inverter with adaptive hysteresis current control for grid‐connected applications
99. Adaptive Self-Tuned Controller IC for Resonant-Based Wireless Power Transfer Transmitters
100. Slotless-pm machine design for an integrated generator-rectifier architecture for off-shore wind turbines
101. Design and analysis of novel dual stator hybrid operational six-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine for wind power application
102. True Breakdown Voltage and Overvoltage Margin of GaN Power HEMTs in Hard Switching
103. Modelling and control of a power flow controller for dc microgrids
104. DC–DC Series‐resonant converter with multi‐stage current‐driven for balance charger of series‐connected lithium‐ion batteries
105. Modelling and Control of Power Flow from Auxiliary Source in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
106. Switching regulator based on switched‐inductor SEPIC DC‐DC converter with a continuous input current for lithium‐ion batteries
107. A method of partial inductances to evaluate and optimize switching cells
108. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
109. New LED Current Balancing Scheme Using C-Fed Z-Source Converter
110. A review of cyber-physical security for photovoltaic systems
111. Reactive power sharing in microgrid using virtual voltage.
112. The power quality measurements and real time monitoring in distribution feeders
113. Optimizing line-voltage-regulators with regard to power quality
114. Impact of power quality issues in residential systems
115. 4MW Class High Power Density Generator for Future Hybrid-Electric Aircraft
116. A safe commutation strategy based on LRCD snubber circuit for five‐level active neutral point clamped inverter
117. Discrete time model based multiple paths full feedforward control for three‐phase inverter with output transformer
118. Interaction between damping characteristics and the initial‐stage short‐circuit current of MMC‐HVDC transmission systems
119. 1.2-kV Vertical GaN Fin-JFETs: High-Temperature Characteristics and Avalanche Capability
120. A Review of Series-Connected Partial Power Converters for DC–DC Applications
121. A novel single‐phase five‐level hybrid rectifier using two active switches
122. An integrated control algorithm of power distribution for islanded microgrid based on improved virtual synchronous generator
123. A state‐of‐the‐art review on topologies and control techniques of solid‐state transformers for electric vehicle extreme fast charging
124. Adaptive backstepping complementary sliding mode control with parameter estimation and dead‐zone modification for PMLSM servo system
125. Load Characterization in High-Frequency IPT Systems Using Class EF Switching Waveforms
126. Cell voltage static-dynamic modeling of a PEM electrolyzer based on adaptive parameters: Development and experimental validation
127. A single-carrier-based pulse-width modulation template for cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverters
128. Review on high heat flux flow boiling of refrigerants and water for electronics cooling
129. GaN Integrated Bridge Circuits on Bulk Silicon Substrate: Issues and Proposed Solution
130. Fuze Power Supply Systems
131. Fully transient stretchable fruit‐based battery as safe and environmentally friendly power source for wearable electronics
132. Low-cost electronics for online iv tracing at photovoltaic module level: Development of two strategies and comparison between them
133. Physical Unclonable Anticounterfeiting Electrodes Enabled by Spontaneously Formed Plasmonic Core–Shell Nanoparticles for Traceable Electronics
134. Synchronization of low voltage grids fed by smart and conventional transformers
135. Power quality problems associated with electric vehicle charging infrastructure
136. Efficient Technique for Analyzing Non-Uniform Transformer Windings
137. A Novel Three phase Three Wire UPQC (Unified Power Quality Conditioner) Configuration using Ten Switch Topology for linear RL loads
138. Power converters dominated power systems
139. Monolithic Integrated AlGaN/GaN Power Converter Topologies on High‐Voltage AlN/GaN Superlattice Buffer
140. Finite-control-set model predictive control for magnetically coupled wireless power transfer systems
141. Identification of Gate Turn-off Thyristor Switching Patterns Using Acoustic Emission Sensors
142. Embedded readout electronics R&D for the large PMTs in the JUNO experiment
143. Investigation of variable switching frequency in finite control set model predictive control on grid-connected inverters
144. Partial power processing based converter for electric vehicle fast charging stations
145. Blockchain-based firmware security check and recovery for smart inverters
146. A New Design of Z-Source Capacitors to Ensure SCR’s Turn-Off for the Practical Applications of ZCBs in Realistic DC Network Protection
147. Staircase selective harmonic elimination in multilevel inverters to achieve wide output voltage range
148. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of High Voltage High Pulse Power Supply Performance on Various Loads
149. A comprehensive review of improving power quality using active power filters
150. Power Quality Problems in Grid-Connected Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charging Stations
151. Design and control of grid-connected solar-wind integrated conversion system with DFIG supplying three-phase four-wire loads
152. Model and Load Predictive Control for Design and Energy Management of Shipboard Power Systems
153. Low-complexity multi-vector-based model predictive torque control for PMSM with voltage pre-selection
154. Optimal Design Method of LLC Half-bridge Resonant Converter Considering Backflow Power Analysis
155. Electrical power unit of the transformer oil centrifugal cleaning unit
156. Characterization and evaluation of current transport properties of power SiC Schottky diode
157. Minimization of Network Power Losses in the AC-DC Hybrid Distribution Network through Network Reconfiguration Using Soft Open Point
158. Designing a Dual Active Transformer DC-DC Forward Converter for DC Micro-Grid Applications Using LTSPICE
159. A Concept for Detection of Humidity Driven Degradation of IGBT Modules
160. Design and Simulation of Front-End Converter Based Power Conditioning Unit
161. Mechanical DC Breakers and Hybrid MMC Based Coordinated Strategy for MMC-HVDC DC Fault Riding Through
162. Pulse Width Modulation’s Impact
163. Direct power control with NSTSM algorithm for DFIG using SVPWM technique
164. GaN-HEMT based very-high-frequency ac power supply for electrosurgery
165. Controller design for DFIG‐based WT using gravitational search algorithm for wind power generation
166. Analysis of Interleaved DC-DC Converter using ANFIS Control for EV Charging Applications
167. Transient liquid phase bonding of silicon and direct bond copper via electroplating of tin-copper interlayers for power device applications
168. Design of three-level flying-capacitor commutation cells with four paralleled 650 V/60 A GaN HEMTs
169. Analysis and Optimization of Modulation Transitions in Medium-Voltage High-Power Converters
170. An impact study of COVID‐19 on six different industries: Automobile, energy and power, agriculture, education, travel and tourism and consumer electronics
171. Bearing Fault Analysis of BLDC Motor Intended for Electric Scooter Application
172. Understanding Electrical Parameter Degradations of p-GaN HEMT under Repetitive Short-Circuit Stresses
173. Power magnetic devices: a multi-objective design approach
174. High-frequency MnZn soft magnetic ferrite by engineering grain boundaries with multiple-ion doping
175. A novel hybrid downsampling and optimized random forest approach for islanding detection and non‐islanding power quality events classification in distributed …
176. Investigation on load harmonic reduction through solar-power utilization in intermittent SSFI using particle swarm, genetic, and modified firefly optimization algorithms
177. Design and Testing of a Medium Frequency Transformer
178. A novel adaptive cascade controller design on a buck–boost DC–DC converter with a fractional‐order PID voltage controller and a self‐tuning regulator adaptive …
179. A Technical Review on Self-Healing Control Strategy for Smart Grid Power Systems
180. An improved asymmetrical multi‐level inverter topology with boosted output voltage and reduced components count
181. An SMES-Based Current-Fed Transformerless Series Voltage Restorer for DC-Load Protection
182. Degradation of SiC MOSFETs under High-Bias Switching Events
183. Design of sensors for real-time active electromagnetic-emission control in SiC traction inverters
184. Robust Back-stepping Based Higher Order Sliding Mode Control of Non-Inverted Buck-Boost Converter for a Photovoltaic System
185. A New High Step-Up DC-DC Converter Based on Impedance Network
186. Design method of multi-sine signal for broadband impedance measurement
187. A new topology of resonant inverter including a piezoelectric component
188. Can We Break the Landauer Bound in Spin-Based Electronics?
189. A DCM high frequency high step up SEPIC-based converter with extended ZVS range
190. Model predictive torque control for multilevel inverter fed induction machines using sorting networks
191. Research on Modeling of Power Grid Information System Based on Knowledge Graph
192. Development of Alternative Energy Harvesting Storage Device for Wearable Electronics
193. Synergetic control theory scheme for asynchronous generator based dual-rotor wind power
194. Over-Voltage and Oscillation Suppression Circuit with Switching Losses Optimization and Clamping Energy Feedback for SiC MOSFET
195. … Power Supply) Power Scale 200 kVA Terminal Bandara PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero): Analysis Of The 200 Kva Power In UPS (Unintrruptible Power Scale) …
196. Review and analysis of coaxial magnetic gear pole pair count selection effects
197. Current sensor fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control for single-phase PWM rectifier based on a hybrid model-based and data-driven method
198. Indirect Power Control of a Cascaded Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Operating with Unbalanced Power Grid.
199. Quad-Active-Bridge Converter with Current Balancing Coupled Inductor for SST Application
200. Origin of Red Emission in β‐Ga2O3 Analyzed by Cathodoluminescence and Photoluminescence Spectroscopy
201. A Multiport Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Renewable Energy System Integration
202. Layout Based Ultra-Fast Short-Circuit Protection Technique for Parallel Connected GaN HEMTs
203. Reduction of Parasitic Inductance and Thermal Management in a Multichip SiC Half-Bridge Module
204. Sliding mode control of photovoltaic based power generation systems for microgrid applications
205. Minimal switching of multiple input multilevel output DC-DC converter
206. On the Equilibrium Points in Three-Phase PLL Based on the D-Axis Voltage Normalization
207. Adaptive dead time in high frequency GaN-inverters with LC output filter
208. Linear-Nonlinear Optimal Step Control for 1-kV SiC LLC Converters with Pulse Loads
209. Review and Comparative Analysis of Topologies and Control Methods in Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles
210. A novel FCS-MPC method of multi-level APF is proposed to improve the power quality in renewable energy generation connected to the grid
211. Free‐Fixed Rotational Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Self‐Powered Real‐Time Wheel Monitoring
212. Characterizations of Resonant Converters Based DC Transformers for Microgrid Application
213. Effective utilization of limited channel PMUs for Islanding detection in a solar PV integrated distribution system
214. Performance analysis of a rewound multiphase synchronous reluctance machine
215. Single-Phase Two-Stage Transformerless Grid-Connected Inverter For Photovoltaic Applications
216. Seamless Switching and Grid Reconnection of Microgrid Using Petri Recurrent Wavelet Fuzzy Neural Network
217. A Study for Mutual Interference of LCL Filter Under Parallel Operation of Grid-Connected Inverters
218. Decentralized coordinated cyber-attack detection and mitigation strategy in DC microgrids based on artificial neural networks
219. Fault diagnosis of power capacitors using a convolutional neural network combined with the chaotic synchronisation method and the empirical mode decomposition …
220. DC-Link Voltage Ripple Analysis of Minimum Loss Discontinuous PWM Strategy in Two-Level Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverters
221. Switched capacitor based cascaded half-bridge multilevel inverter with voltage boosting feature
222. Electric Power Quantities in the Presence of Harmonics-A Case Study
223. GaN-based power devices: Physics, reliability, and perspectives
224. Model-Free Finite Set Predictive Voltage Control of Induction Motor
225. Recent contributions, future prospects and limitations of interlinking converter control in hybrid AC/DC microgrids
226. GaN Outperforms Silicon, Enters Mainstream
227. An electrically conductive silver–polyacrylamide–alginate hydrogel composite for soft electronics
228. Performance Comparison of Common-Mode Voltage Reduction PWM Methods in Terms of Modulation Index
229. Feedforward modulation technique for more accurate operation of modular multilevel converters
230. Ultra‐short‐term multi‐step wind power forecasting based on CNN‐LSTM
231. Multi Open/Short Circuit Fault-Tolerance using Modified SVM Technique for Three-Level HANPC Converters
233. A 9-Switch 3-Level VSI-Based MPSC of PMSM Without Weighting Factors
234. A general analytical model and optimization for leakage inductances of medium-frequency transformers
235. An enhanced electro-thermal model for EV battery packs considering current distribution in parallel branches
236. Genetic Algorithm Optimized Direct Torque Control of Mathematically Modeled Induction Motor Drive Using PI and Sliding Mode Controller
237. Generalized predictive power control for grid-connected converter
238. Navigation, Estimation, and Sensing Testbed (NEST) for Laboratory Validation of Algorithms
239. Multiarea power system performance measurement using optimized PID controller
240. A 50-kW Three-Channel Wireless Power Transfer System With Low Stray Magnetic Field
241. Modeling of wind turbine generators for power system stability studies: A review
242. Virtual Inertia Synthesis and Control
243. On the Lifetime Estimation of SiC Power MOSFETs for Motor Drive Applications
244. Low-scale HV Amplifier for driving thin-film DE Transducers
245. Current-balancing strategy for multileg interleaved DC/DC converters of electric-vehicle chargers
246. Receding‐horizon based optimal dispatch of virtual power plant considering stochastic dynamic of photovoltaic generation
247. Performance evaluation of constant current and constant voltage charge control modes of an inductive power transfer circuit with double-sided inductor-capacitor …
248. A new and generalized structure of MLI topology with half-bridge cell with minimum number of power electronic devices
249. Investigation of Permanent Magnet Vernier Machines from Armature Field Perspective
250. A Six-level Flying Capacitor Multi-level Converter for Single Phase Buck-type Power Factor Correction
251. Adaptation of slip gain for modified transient vector estimator based speed control of induction machine drive
252. High output direct-current power fabrics based on the air breakdown effect
253. Generalized DFT-Based Synchronous Reference Frame Phase-locked Loop Applicable to Distorted Grid Conditions
254. Intelligent Paradigms for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Systems
255. Hybrid Sliding Mode Position Tracking Control for Servo System with External Disturbance
256. Design and Validation of an Unconventional 39-Slot PM Synchronous Motor with Asymmetric and Unbalanced AC Windings
257. Passivity Enhancement of Voltage-Controlled Inverters in Grid-Connected Microgrids Considering Negative Aspects of Control Delay and Grid Impedance Variations
258. Modeling and Analysis of Current Mode and V2 Controls with Adaptive Voltage Positioning (AVP) Design
259. Comprehensive Review to Analyze the Islanding in Distributed Generation System
260. Grid Impact of Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations: Trends, Standards, Issues and Mitigation Measures-An Overview
261. Modulated Model Predictive Control for Reliability Improvement of Extremely Low Frequency Power Amplifier via Junction Temperature Swing Reduction
262. High-Frequency Voltage Injection-Based Fault Detection of a Rotating Rectifier for a Wound-Rotor Synchronous Starter/Generator in the Stationary State
263. Study and Assessment of Defect and Trap Effects on the Current Capabilities of a 4H-SiC-based Power MOSFET
264. Artificial Ant Colony Optimized Direct Torque Control of Mathematically Modeled Induction Motor Drive Using PI and Sliding Mode Controller
265. A High-Resolution In-Situ Condition Monitoring Circuit for SiC Gate Turn-Off Thyristor in Grid Applications
266. Steady-State Analysis of Modular Multi-Parallel Rectifiers (MMR) with Lossy Elements
267. Circulating Current Mitigation and Harmonic Current Compensation for Multi-Function Parallel Three-Level Four-leg Converters
268. A Modified Control Method for Grid Connected Multiple Rooftop Solar Power Plants
269. Voltage control of AC hybrid microgrid
270. 3.4-kV AlGaN/GaN Schottky Barrier Diode on Silicon Substrate With Engineered Anode Structure
271. DC fault protection algorithms of MMC HVDC grids: fault analysis, methodologies, experimental validations and future trends
272. A Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Wide Voltage Conversion Ratio and Soft-Switching Capability
273. Modular Multilevel Converters: Recent Achievements and Challenges
274. Analysis of Impedance Tuning Control and Synchronous Switching Technique for a Semibridgeless Active Rectifier in Inductive Power Transfer Systems for Electric …
275. An Analog Voltage Similarity Circuit with a Bell-Shaped Power Consumption. Electronics 2021, 10, 1141
276. A New High Performance Step-Down Quadratic Converter
277. Design of new fractional order PI–fractional order PD cascade controller through dragonfly search algorithm for advanced load frequency control of power systems
278. Power quality and its characteristics
279. Design and implementation of an improved power‐electronic system for feeding loads of smart homes in remote areas using renewable energy sources
280. Gain-Scheduled State Feedback Speed Control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor
281. Direct Thrust Force Control (DTFC) of Optimized Linear Induction Motor with Super Twisting Sliding Mode Controller (STSMC)
282. A Generic Two-Vector Model Predictive Control for Hybrid Multilevel Converters
283. A Hybrid Scheme for Fault Locating in Transmission Lines Compensated by the Thyristor-Controlled Series Capacitors
284. A high efficiency and high speed charge of Li-Ion battery charger interface using switching-based technique in 180 nm CMOS technology
285. Deep learning-based series AC arc detection algorithms
286. Modeling Power GaN-HEMTs Using Standard MOSFET Equations and Parameters in SPICE
287. Performance improvement of single-phase PLLs under adverse grid conditions: An FIR filtering-based approach
288. Optimization of integrated compressor drives for electrically powered high-lift systems
289. Compatibility of Present 3 kV DC and 2× 25 kV AC High-Speed Railway Power Supply Systems Towards Future MVDC System
290. The Transient Regime of a DC Relay Supplied a Charged Condenser
291. Design of a High-Power High-Efficiency Multi-Receiver Wireless Power Transfer System
293. Impedance-based harmonics compensation with accurate harmonic power sharing in distorted microgrids
294. PRBS-based loop gain identification and output impedance shaping in DC microgrid power converters
295. Enhancement of fault ride-through capability of grid-connected wind farm
296. Capacitor-Voltage Self-Balance Multilevel Inverter with Unequal Amplitude Carrier-Based APODPWM
297. Accurate Torque Estimation for Induction Motors by Utilizing a Hybrid Machine Learning Approach
298. A Single-Switch High Step-Up DC–DC Converter Based on Three-Winding Coupled Inductor and Pump Capacitor Unit
299. Full-bridge resonant converter with hybrid control for wide input voltage range applications
300. Robust Continuous Model Predictive Speed and Current Control for PMSM with Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Approach.

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