Presentation Topics of Micro Electromechanical System(MEMS)

Presentation Topics: Micro Electromechanical System(MEMS)

  1. Implantable Brain Computer Interface Devices Based on Mems Technology
  2. Field-emission electron gun for a MEMS electron microscope
  3. Biaxial Angular Acceleration Sensor with Rotational-Symmetric Spiral Channels and MEMS Piezoresistive Cantilevers
  4. Design and Application of MEMS-Based Hall Sensor Array for Magnetic Field Mapping. Micromachines 2021, 12, 299
  5. Two-axis crosstalk analysis of gimbal-less MEMS scanners with consideration of rotational alignment
  6. MEMS-based polarized FTIR spectrometer for polymer quality control
  7. A Study of MEMS-Based Micro-Electro-Discharge Machining and Application to Micromanufacturing
  8. Design and fabrication of MEMS reflectors for THz reflect-arrays
  9. Photolithographically-patterned C-MEMS graphene by carbon diffusion through nickel
  10. Design and optimization of MEMS piezoelectric energy harvester for low frequency applications
  11. A Mems Vibrating Beam Accelerometer for High Resolution Seismometry and Gravimetry
  12. Design and Fabrication of a MEMS Electromagnetic Swing-Type Actuator for Optical Switch. Micromachines 2021, 12, 221
  13. Dual-Transduction Electromechanical Receiver for Near-Field Wireless Power Transmission
  14. A Bidirectional CMOS MEMS Thermal Wall Shear Stress Sensor with Improved Sensitivity and Low Power Consumption
  15. A Deep Learning-Based Approach to Uncertainty Quantification for Polysilicon MEMS
  16. Switchable transduction in GaN MEMS with off-state shunt
  17. Development of algorithms in open-source Elmer FEM for frequency response and biased modal analysis of MEMS cantilever
  18. Low-Cost and Efficient Thermal Calibration Scheme for MEMS Triaxial Accelerometer
  19. Exploring deposition pattern characteristics of aerosols and bioaerosols by inertial impaction for the development of real-time silicon MEMS mass detection systems
  20. Nonlinear Performance of MEMS Vibratory Ring Gyroscope
  21. Design and implementation of an open-source MATLAB code for GNSS/MEMS-INS deep integrated navigation
  22. Evaluation of Measurement Accuracy of the MEMS Accelerometer for Long Period and Large Amplitude Vibration
  23. CMOS-MEMS accelerometer with stepped suspended gate FET array: Design & analysis
  24. Characterization of MEMS Acoustic Sensors and Amplifiers in Cryogenic Fluids for Quench Detection Applications in HTS CICC
  25. MEMS Devices and Thin Film-Based Sensor Applications
  26. A Study on Recent Trends in IC-Mems Integration. Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology. 2021; 8 (1): 1–5p
  27. Large-scale Silicon Photonics Focal Plane Switch Array for Optical Beam Steering
  28. Nanophotonic Crystal Waveguide with Embedded Piezoresistor on MEMS Cantilever for Sensing Application
  29. Lateral Flexure Contact on CMOS MEMS Electrothermal Metal-Metal Contact Switch by Platinum ALD Sidewall Patterning
  30. Implantable aptamer–field-effect transistor neuroprobes for in vivo neurotransmitter monitoring
  31. A Fast and Implantation-Free Sample Production Method for Large Scale Electron-Transparent Metallic Samples Destined for MEMS-Based In Situ S/TEM …
  32. Overview of residual stress in MEMS structures: Its origin, measurement, and control
  33. A Near Zero TCF Acoustic Resonator with High Electromechanical Coupling of 13.5% at 3.5 GHz
  34. Frequency and bandwidth tunable reliable MEMS bandpass filter for 24 GHz radar applications
  35. MEMS shutter based variable optical attenuator integrated with large core multimode rectangular waveguides
  36. Bandwidth and noise analysis of high-Q MEMS gyroscope under force rebalance closed-loop control
  37. Concrete Delamination Depth Estimation Using a Noncontact MEMS Ultrasonic Sensor Array and an Optimization Approach
  38. High speed external cavity diode laser concept based on a resonantly driven MEMS scanner for the mid-infrared region
  39. An Improved Large-Field Microscopic Speckle Interferometry System for Dynamic Displacement Measurement of MEMS
  40. Design and Simulation of Low Actuation Voltage RF MEMS Ohmic Switch with Different Flexures
  41. A Combined Method for MEMS Gyroscope Error Compensation Using a Long Short-Term Memory Network and Kalman Filter in Random Vibration Environments
  42. Active Temperature compensation for MEMS capacitive sensor
  43. Electrostatic Circular Membrane MEMS: An Approach to the Optimal Control
  44. Sub-Orbital Flight Demonstration of a 183/540–600 GHz Hybrid CMOS-InP and CMOS-Schottky-MEMS Limb-Sounder
  45. A dynamical approach to generate chaos in a micromechanical resonator
  46. A Hybrid Fuzzy Decision Model for Evaluating MEMS and IC Integration Technologies
  47. Magnetic Levitation Systems and Microelectromechanical Systems
  48. MEMS scanning mirrors for optical coherence tomography
  49. Dual-Axis Resonant Scanning MEMS Mirror with Pulsed-Laser-Deposited Barium-Doped PZT

Research Area: Micro Electromechanical System(MEMS)

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