Research Topics Condensed matters and materials physics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Condensed matters and materials physics

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Investigation of near-surface chemical explosions effects using seismo-acoustic and synthetic aperture radar analyses
  2. Effective theory for matter in non-perturbative cavity QED
  3. Optimized microwave sensing in broad frequency range by a fiber diamond probe
  4.  A-Type Magnetic Semiconductor (Sr, Na)(Zn, Mn) 2Sb2 Isostructural to 122-Type Iron-Based Superconductors
  5. Anomalous Hall antiferromagnets
  6. Infusing equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our physics curriculum:(Re) defining what it means to be a physicist
  7. Muon spin spectroscopy
  8. High Current Density and Long Cycle Life Enabled by Sulfide Solid Electrolyte and Dendrite‐Free Liquid Lithium Anode
  9.  Indexed bibliography of genetic algorithms in physical sciences
  10. First-principles study on the heterostructure of twisted graphene/hexagonal boron nitride/graphene sandwich structure
  11. Reconfigurable perovskite nickelate electronics for artificial intelligence
  12. A spectral element-based phase field method for incompressible two-phase flows
  13. Coarse-grained tight-binding models
  14. Polariton chemistry: Molecules in cavities and plasmonic media
  15. Correlation, superconductivity, and topology in twisted and untwisted layered systems
  16. Diamond quantum sensors: from physics to applications on condensed matter research
  17. High-temperature monolithic SiGe thermoelectric device directly heated by catalytic combustion
  18.  Proceedings of the International Conference on Atomic, Molecular, Optical & Nano Physics with Applications: CAMNP 2019
  19. A Ferrotoroidic Candidate with Well‐separated Spin Chains
  20. Moiré engineering and novel electronic transport at oxide interfaces
  21.  The role of impurities and degradation on the thermal conductivity of carbon fiber and amorphous carbon
  22. Investigation on crystal structure, electrical and magnetic properties of CeAl (Si1-xGex)
  23. Carbon-Carbon Composite Materials Based on Low Modulus Fabrics
  24. Super-resolution acoustic imaging
  25. Dynamics of the threshold model on hypergraphs
  26. Accurate storm surge forecasting using the encoder–decoder long short term memory recurrent neural network
  27. Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Calibrations and backgrounds for dark matter direct detection
  28. Multicolor concentric ultrafast vortex beams with controllable orbital angular momentum
  29. Electrically Controlling the Kondo Effect
  30. How Grain Boundaries and Interfacial Electrostatic Interactions Modulate Water Desalination Via Nanoporous Hexagonal Boron Nitride
  31. Searches for light dark matter using condensed matter systems
  32. Balanced Hodge Laplacians optimize consensus dynamics over simplicial complexes
  33. A physics perspective on collective animal behavior
  34. Moiré Physics of One-Dimensional Related Systems and Their Measurement
  35. Emerging 2D magnetic states in a graphene-based monolayer of EuC6
  37. The Effect of the Cryosurface Materials on the Cryoemission Parameters of Some Gases
  38. Deep learning of deformation-dependent conductance in thin films: Nanobubbles in graphene
  39. Driven quantum harmonic oscillators: A working medium for thermal machines
  40. Critical Thinking in the Physics Curriculum
  41. … on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of As-Cast Mg–Zn–Y Alloys at Room and Elevated Temperatures (Metals and Materials International,(2021), 27, 12 …
  42. A Transistor-Like Device for Light
  43. Band theoretical approaches to topological physics in strongly-correlated f-electron Kondo systems
  44. Axial Higgs Mode Detected by Raman Scattering in RTe3
  45. Multiscale Photonic Emissivity Engineering for Relativistic Lightsail Thermal Regulation
  46. Microwave impedance microscopy and its application to quantum materials
  47. Applicability of coherent x-ray diffractive imaging to ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, and phase change materials
  48. Cubic boron nitride as a material for future electron device applications: A comparative analysis
  49. K-selective percolation: A simple model leading to a rich repertoire of phase transitions
  50. Quantum sensing with solid state spins
  51. Phase-field modelling of paramagnetic austenite–ferromagnetic martensite transformation coupled with mechanics and micromagnetics
  52. Pressure-Stabilized High-Energy-Density Material YN10
  53. Doublon production in correlated materials by multiple ion impacts
  54. Direct numerical simulation of flow over a cylinder immersed in the grid-generated turbulence
  55.  Analogous Atomic and Electronic Properties between and Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride
  56. All-optical differentiator in frequency domain
  57. Axionic Band Topology and Beyond in Weyl-Charge-Density Waves: Theory and Material Realization in (TaSe4)2I
  58. Complex energy plane and topological invariant in non-Hermitian systems
  59. Probing attosecond phenomena in solids
  60. An interpretable hybrid Machine learning prediction of dielectric constant of alkali halide crystals
  61.  Computational Condensed Matter
  62.  Festschrift in honour of J. Zittartz on the occasion of his 60th birthday” Current Trends in Condensed Matter Physics
  63. High-Temperature Superconducting Phase in Clathrate Calcium Hydride up to 215 K at a Pressure of 172 GPa
  64. Biphoton entanglement of topologically distinct modes
  65. Quantum materials modelling by Dirac fermions and the emergence of chiral and scale anomalies
  66. Transition metal dichalcogenide thin films for solar hydrogen production
  67.  Quadrupolar magnetic excitations in an isotropic spin-1 antiferromagnet
  68. Condensed matter systems in cavity quantum electrodynamics
  69. Topological Magnetic Hysteresis in Single Crystals of CeAgSb2 Ferromagnet
  70. MaxwellNet: Physics-driven deep neural network training based on Maxwell’s equations
  71.  Classification and Properties of Nanoparticles
  72. Dielectric catastrophe at the Mott and Wigner transitions in a moir\’e superlattice
  73. Condensed Matter Physics I
  74. Soft matter crystallography—Complex, diverse, and new crystal structures in condensed materials on the mesoscale
  75. Meso-scale simulation of energetic materials. I. A method for generating synthetic microstructures using deep feature representations
  76.  Gateway to Condensed Matter Physics and Molecular Biophysics: Concepts and Theoretical Perspectives
  77. Enhancement of optical properties and dielectric nature of Sm+doped NaO-ZnO-TeO Glass materials
  78. Expanding the Photonic Palette: Exploring High Index Materials
  79. Revisiting the acoustics of speaker gender perception: A gender expansive perspective
  80. Topological Magnets: Functions Based on Berry Phase and Multipoles
  81. Calibration of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) stress gauges under high-impact dynamic compression by machine learning
  82. Effect of Joule heating on GMI and magnetic properties of Fe-rich glass-coated microwires
  83. A comprehensive review on Bi2Te3‐based thin films: Thermoelectrics and beyond
  84. Construction of solutions for the nonlinear magnetic Schrödinger equation in
  85. List of Faculty
  86. Charge order and superconductivity in kagome materials
  87. Tunable Topology and Berry Curvature Dipole in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Janus Monolayers
  88. Room Temperature Cmcm Phase of CaxSn1–xSe for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion
  89. The 16th SIAM PHYSICS CONGRESS (SPC2021)
  90. Generalized coupled mode theory in phononic slab waveguides
  91.  Reflectance Spectra Analysis Algorithms for the Characterization of Deposits and Condensed Traces on Surfaces
  92. Indirect to Direct Charge Transfer Transition in Plasmon‐Enabled CO2 Photoreduction
  93. Learning Noise via Dynamical Decoupling of Entangled Qubits
  94. The prediction of energy conversion during the self-propelled jumping of multidroplets based on convolutional neural networks
  95. Cross-relaxation interactions in ZnO:Mn2+: The ground state optical pumping
  96. John Goodenough and the many lives of transition-metal oxides
  97. Investigating momentum and spatially resolved view of two-dimensional material-based systems utilizing focused angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  98. A strange metal emerges from a failed superconductor
  99. Noble–Abel/first-order virial equations of state for gas mixtures resulting from multiple condensed reactive materials combustion
  100. Two-dimensional GeC3: a reversible, high-capacity hydrogen molecule storage material predicted by first-principles calculations.
  101. High temperature superconductivity in the candidate phases of solid hydrogen
  102.  Curvature without metric: the Penrose construction for half-flat pp-waves
  103. Stabilizations and field-driven core reversals of magnetic vortices in Fe3Sn2 disks
  104. Multiple mobile excitons manifested as sidebands in quasi-one-dimensional metallic TaSe3
  105. Developing Graphene‐Based Moiré Heterostructures for Twistronics
  106.  Intense laser matter interaction in atoms, finite systems and condensed media: recent experiments and theoretical advances
  107. Interpolation Methods Applied on Biomolecules and Condensed Matter Brownian Motion
  108. Experimental observations of marginal criticality in granular materials
  109. High‐Efficiency Phase and Polarization Modulation Metasurfaces
  110. Comparison of Ferromagnetic Materials: Past Work, Recent Trends, and Applications
  111. Advancing the mechanical performance of glasses: perspectives and challenges
  112. Descriptors for Machine Learning Model of Generalized Force Field in Condensed Matter Systems
  113. Sea urchins-like WO3 as a material for resistive acetone gas sensors
  114. Machine Learning as a Tool for Specific Capacity Prediction of Prospective Potassium Battery Electrodes
  115. Measurement and modeling of the mechanical impedance of human mastoid and condyle
  116. Nanoscale imaging of low energy electronic excitations by fast electrons
  117. AdS/CFT Duality and Condensed Matter System: a Brief Overview
  118. Nonlinear Quantum Electrodynamics in Dirac Materials
  119. Shape Matters in Magnetic-Field-Assisted Assembly of Prolate Colloids
  120. Theoretical simulation of the closed currents near non-uniformly strongly heated surface of tungsten due to thermo-emf
  121. Nonequilibrium dynamics of deconfined quantum critical point in imaginary time
  122. Relativistic horizon of interacting Weyl fermions in condensed matter systems
  123. Cr‐Doped Pd Metallene Endows a Practical Formaldehyde Sensor New Limit and High Selectivity
  124. Self-powered multi-color display based on stretchable self-healing alternating current electroluminescent devices
  125. Diffraction and spectroscopic assessment of crystallographic phase stability of potassium dihydrogen phosphate at shocked conditions
  126. Combining Bulk Charge Transport and Surface Charge Transfer to Design Titanium-Doped Hematite Homojunction Photoanodes
  127. Limit cycles in Filippov systems having a circle as switching manifold
  128.  Computational materials discovery for lanthanide hydrides at high pressure for high temperature superconductivity
  129.  Quantum science and technology based on color centers with accessible spin
  130. Manifold curvature and Ehrenfest forces with a moving basis
  131. Transient Nature of Fast Relaxation in Metallic Glass
  132. A robust three-parameter reference curve for condensed phase materials
  133. Suspended carbon nanotubes for quantum hybrid electronics
  134. Cavity quantum materials
  135. Laser driven dynamic compression of materials
  136. Red InGaN micro-light-emitting diodes (> 620 nm) with a peak external quantum efficiency of 4.5% using an epitaxial tunnel junction contact
  137.  Neuromuscular recruitment strategies of the vastus lateralis according to sex
  138. Artificial synapse arrays based on SiOx/TiOx memristive crossbar with high uniformity for neuromorphic computing
  139. Predicting and machine learning structural instabilities in 2D materials
  140. Steady Floquet–Andreev states in graphene Josephson junctions
  141. Evolutionary multigame with conformists and profiteers based on dynamic complex networks
  142. A journey across excitations in functional quantum materials using resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
  143. Humans of AI3SD: Dr James Cumby
  144. Superconductivity Dome Rises from Damped Phonons
  145. CrTe as a versatile thermoelectromagnetic multi-functional material
  146. Topological active matter
  147. Fishtail effect and the vortex phase diagram of high-entropy alloy superconductor
  148.  Nodal lines in momentum space: topological invariants and recent realizations in photonic and other systems
  149. Observation of Fermi Arc Surface States in a Topological Metal: A New Type of 2D Electron Gas beyond Z2 Topological Insulators
  150.  In this issue: February 2022
  151. Spin glass and exchange bias phenomena in NdSrNiMnO6 nanoparticles: Role of antiferromagnetic antisite disorders
  152. Passive Silicon Photonics Devices
  153. Engineered ultraviolet InGaN/AlGaN multiple-quantum-well structures for maximizing cathodoluminescence efficiency
  154. Reproducibility in the fabrication and physics of moiré materials
  155. Motile dislocations knead odd crystals into whorls
  156. Reflection, transmission and surface susceptibility tensor in two-dimensional materials
  157. Spectroscopic characterization of singlet-triplet doorway states of aluminum monofluoride
  158. Complex and yet predictable: The message of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics
  159. Acoustic Probes of Soft Condensed Matter Systems
  160.  Novel SCCmec type XV (7A) and two pseudo-SCCmec variants in foodborne MRSA in China
  161. Memristor-type chaotic mapping
  162. A Perspective on Collective Properties of Atoms on 2D Materials
  163. Uncovering footprints of dipolar-octupolar quantum spin ice from neutron scattering signatures
  165. On the deformation and failure mechanisms of hydrogen alloyed metallic glasses
  166. Toward exotic layered materials: 2D cuprous iodide
  167. Construction of moiré superlattice on the MoO2 (010) surfaces
  168. Quantum anomalous Hall and magnetic insulating states in semiconductor moiré material
  169. The role of Ga supersaturation on facet formation in the epitaxial lateral overgrowth of GaN
  170. Electronic Raman scattering in the 2D antiferromagnet NiPS3
  171. Numerical study of the boundary layer flow past two wall mounted finite-length square cylinders in staggered arrangement
  172.  A new twist on graphene: An Interview with Pablo Jarillo-Herrero and Allan MacDonald
  173. A neural network enhanced weighted essentially non-oscillatory method for nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations
  174. 不同价态的 Mn 和点空位对 ZnO 体系光学性能的影响
  175. The dynamics of an axisymmetric turbulent jet in ambient turbulence interpreted from the passive scalar field statistics
  176. The rise of topologically non-trivial materials for hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts
  177. Megahertz-rate Ultrafast X-ray Scattering and Holographic Imaging at the European XFEL
  178. Superconducting hydrides on a quantum landscape
  179. Spin-group symmetry in magnetic materials with negligible spin-orbit coupling
  180. Hyperbolic phonon polaritons with positive and negative phase velocities in suspended α-MoO3
  181. Enhanced structural and magnetic properties of Al–Cr-substituted SrFe12O19 hexaferrite system
  182. Numerical investigation of a high-speed train underbody flows: Studying flow structures through large-eddy simulation and assessment of steady and unsteady …
  183. Large eddy simulations and modal decomposition analysis of flow past a cylinder subject to flow-induced vibration
  184. Molecular polaritonics: Chemical dynamics under strong light–matter coupling
  185. Cavity dynamics in the oblique water entry of a cylinder at constant velocity
  186. Surface forward and backward discharges and corresponding residual charge accumulation characteristics under positive impulse
  187. A Review on DFT+ U Scheme for Structural, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Copper Doped ZnO Wurtzite Structure
  188. Information Seeking Behaviors, Attitudes, and Choices of Academic Physicists
  189. Catastrophic Optical Damage in Semiconductor Lasers: Physics and New Results on InGaN High‐Power Diode Lasers
  190. Ceramic nuclear fuel performance and the role of atomic scale simulations
  191. Full automation of research systems for materials science may be on the horizon
  192. Stable Hard-Sphere Packings with Arbitrarily Low Density
  193. Acoustic streaming in water induced by an asymmetric dielectric-barrier-discharge plasma actuator at the initiation stage
  194. Hybrid machine learning/physics-based approach for predicting oxide glass-forming ability
  195. Topological phase transition associated with structural phase transition in ternary half Heusler compound LiAuBi.
  196. Effects of viscoelasticity on the onset of vortex shedding and forces applied on a cylinder in unsteady flow regime
  197. Providing context for identifying effective introductory mechanics courses
  198. Transport phenomena in complex systems (part 2)
  199. A high-mobility hole bilayer in a germanium double quantum well
  200. Effect of electronegativity on electron surface scattering in thin metal layers
  201. Temperature‐Reliable Low‐Dimensional Perovskites Passivated Black‐Phase CsPbI3 toward Stable and Efficient Photovoltaics
  203. Anyon braiding and the renormalization group
  204. Ultrafast Multidimensional Spectroscopy with Field Resolution and Noncollinear Geometry at Mid-Infrared Frequencies
  205. Minimal non-abelian nodal braiding in ideal metamaterials
  206. Machine learning symbolic equations for diffusion with physics-based descriptions
  207. Low-Field Magnetic Anisotropy of Sr2IrO4
  208. Physical properties of Condensed Matter 2
  209. Possible quantum nematic phase in a colossal magnetoresistance material
  210. Temporal decay of strong solutions for generalized Newtonian fluids with variable power-law index
  211. The phase diagrams of beryllium and magnesium oxide at megabar pressures
  212. Phononic linear and quadratic nodal points in monolayer XH (X= Si, Ge, Sn)
  213. Mechanistic modeling of flow and heat transfer in vertical upward two-phase slug flows
  214. Waves and Particles in Matter
  215. Observation of one-dimensional Dirac fermions in silicon nanoribbons
  216. Intermittent swimming of two self-propelled flapping plates in tandem configuration
  217.  Mineral Physics
  218. Accurate demonstrating of the interactions of two long waves with different dispersion relations: Generalized Hirota–Satsuma couple KdV equation
  219.  Bridging pico-to-nanonewtons with a ratiometric force probe for monitoring nanoscale polymer physics before damage
  220.  Computational Condensed Matter
  221. Nanostructured materials for biomedical applications
  222. Observation of Photonic Topological Floquet Time Crystals
  223. Influence of tandem fluttering membranes on flow dynamics and heat transfer in turbulent channel flow
  224. Effect of varying frequency of a synthetic jet on flow separation over an airfoil
  225. Charge doping to flat AgF2 monolayers in a chemical capacitor setup
  226. Nanoparticle Size Distribution and Surface Effects on the Thermal Dependence of Magnetic Anisotropy
  227. GGA-SIC Calculations for Electronic and Magnetic Study of CdS Alloys
  228. Recent progress in matter in extreme states created by laser
  229. Materials and devices for fundamental quantum science and quantum technologies
  230. Steering light with magnetic textures
  231. Modeling defect mediated color-tunability in LEDs with Eu-doped GaN-based active layers
  232. Saved to My library
  233. Generation of achromatic auto-focusing Airy beam for visible light by an all-dielectric metasurface
  234.  Soft Matter Systems for Biomedical Applications
  235. Anisotropic large diamagnetism in Dirac semimetals ZrTe5 and HfTe5
  236. Hybrid Warfare: The Continuation of Ambiguity by Other Means
  237. Universal criteria for single femtosecond pulse ultrafast magnetization switching in ferrimagnets
  238. Ferroelectric Proximity Effect and Topological Hall Effect in SrRuO3/BiFeO3 Multilayers
  239.  Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B
  240. Topological phonons and electronic structure of Li2BaSi class of semimetals
  241. Hydrodynamic benefits of pectoral fins in a self-propelled flexible plate
  242. Sagnac interferometer for time-resolved magneto-optical measurements
  243. Production and transport of vorticity in two-dimensional Rayleigh–Bénard convection cell
  244. Electronic structures of magnetic topological insulator
  245. Cavity Quantum Electrodynamic Control of Quantum Materials
  246. Self-organized lasers of reconfigurable colloidal assemblies
  247. Loop-free tensor networks for high-energy physics
  248.  Light People: Professor Jianhua Jiang
  249. Simulation of three-dimensional forced compressible isotropic turbulence by a redesigned discrete unified gas kinetic scheme
  250. Detecting low-energy interactions and the effects of energy accumulation in materials
  251.  Toppling the Pyramids: Physics Without Physical State Monism
  252. Influences of serrated trailing edge on the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance of a flapping wing during hovering flight
  253. Simulating lightning strikes to improve aircraft safety
  254. Case Study of Equation of State in Several Structured Fluids
  255. 3D velocity map imaging of electrons with TPX3CAM
  256. Turbulent flow around circular arcs
  257. Breakdown of topological protection by cavity vacuum fields in the integer quantum Hall effect
  258.  A CaAl 2 Si 2-Type Magnetic Semiconductor (Sr, Na)(Zn, Mn) 2Sb2 Isostructural to 122-Type Iron-Based Superconductors
  259. Impact of operation parameters on the degradation of 233 nm AlGaN-based far-UVC LEDs
  260. Mott insulator of strongly interacting two-dimensional semiconductor excitons
  261.  Topological triple phase transition in non-Hermitian Floquet quasicrystals
  262. Signature of quantum magnetism in thick rhombohedral graphite
  263.  Dynamics of optical vortices in 2D materials
  264. Comparison of the hydrodynamic performance of front and rear-stator pump-jet propulsors in an oblique wake under the cavitation condition
  265. Evidence for a delocalization quantum phase transition without symmetry breaking in CeCoIn5
  266. Corrigendum to ‘Understanding and modelling wear rates and mechanisms in fretting via the concept of rate-determining processes-Contact oxygenation, debris …
  267. Uniform supersonic flow sampling for detection by chirped-pulse rotational spectroscopy
  268. Do-it-yourself rheometry
  269. Oxygen Vacancy Injection as a Pathway to Enhancing Electromechanical Response in Ferroelectrics
  270. Reduced-order modeling for turbulent wake of a finite wall-mounted square cylinder based on artificial neural network
  271. Progress, Advantages, and Challenges of Topological Material Catalysts

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