Presentation topics on Robust and Secure System Design

Robust and Secure System Design [Presentation topics]

1. Synthesis of supervisors robust against sensor deception attacks
2. Diverse Analysis of Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms to Secure Computer Network
3. Multi-objective optimization for information-energy transfer trade-offs in full-duplex multi-user MIMO cognitive networks
4. A Robust Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Detection of Non-technical Losses to Secure Smart Grids
5. Efficient chaos-based image encryption approach for secure communication
6. A Secure and reliable RFID authentication protocol using digital schnorr cryptosystem for IoT-enabled healthcare in COVID-19 scenario
7. A new robust tilt-PID controller based upon an automatic selection of adjustable fractional weights for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive control
8. RHAS: robust hybrid auto-scaling for web applications in cloud computing
9. FPGA Realization of Spherical Chaotic System with Application in Image Transmission
10. Game theory-based renewable multi-energy system design and subsidy strategy optimization
11. Design of Secure Biometric System Using Cancelable Techniques
12. Machine learning-based security-aware spatial modulation for heterogeneous radio-optical networks
13. A Novel Blockchain Secure to Routing Protocol in WSN
14. Tracer: Peer-to-Peer Finance
15. A novel secure communications scheme based on chaotic modulation, recursive encryption and chaotic masking
16. Reconfigurable-intelligent-surface empowered wireless communications: Challenges and opportunities
17. Deep-Learning Based Phase-Only Robust Massive MU-MIMO Hybrid Beamforming
18. Pravuil: Global Consensus for a United World
19. Computing research challenges in next generation wireless networking
20. Deep learning adoption blockchain secure framework for cyber physical system
21. An Improved Approach to Secure Digital Audio Using Hybrid Decomposition
22. Transmission of frequency balance instructions and secure data sharing based on chaos encryption in smart grid-based energy systems applications
23. A survey of data mining implementation in smart city applications
24. Secure identity based proxy re-encryption techniques for healthcare system
25. Diversity-By-Design for Dependable and Secure Cyber-Physical Systems: A Survey
26. Robust prescribed-time stabilization for fuzzy sliding mode synchronization for uncertain chaotic systems
27. The optimization efficient energy cooperative communication image transmission over WSN
28. A Secure Data Transfer in Cloud Environment Using Double-Layer Security for Internet of Medical Things
29. Robust corrective control against a class of actuator attacks in input/state asynchronous sequential machines
30. PJ-Sec: secure node joining in mobile P2P networks
31. Cyber–Physical Production Systems for Data-Driven, Decentralized, and Secure Manufacturing—A Perspective
32. Secure, Privacy Preserving and Verifiable Federating Learning using Blockchain for Internet of Vehicles
33. Robust digital watermarking techniques for copyright protection of digital data: A survey
34. A Secure Live Virtual Machine Job Migration Framework for Cloud Systems Integrity
35. Robust and Accurate Self-Localization Method under Varying Lighting Conditions
36. Trajectory Design and Communication Resources Allocation for Wireless Powered Secure UAV Communication Systems
37. A Review of Cyber Securities in Smart Grid Technology
38. Efficient receive beamformers for secure spatial modulation against a malicious full-duplex attacker with eavesdropping ability
39. Secure exchange of information using artificial intelligence and chaotic system guided neural synchronization
40. Coexisting Behaviors Analysis and Chaos-Based Secure Communication Scheme by a Novel High-Order Nonlinear Autonomous System
41. A survey of machine learning techniques in adversarial image forensics
42. BSI: Blockchain to secure routing protocol in Internet of Things
43. Track Conventions, Not Attack Signatures: Fortifying X86 ABI and System Call Interfaces to Mitigate Code Reuse Attacks
44. Efficient mobile security for E health care application in cloud for secure payment using key distribution
45. Robust synchronization of class chaotic systems using novel time-varying gain disturbance observer-based sliding mode control
46. A multi-party secure encryption-sharing hybrid scheme for image data base on compressed sensing
47. Blockchain-based secure delivery of medical supplies using drones
48. Robust and fast image hashing with two-dimensional PCA
49. A Technical Support to Enrich Existing Software Development Courses, with the Additional Topic of Secure Coding
50. A double-blockchain solution for agricultural sampled data security in Internet of Things network
51. Provably secure authentication approach for data security in the cloud using hashing, encryption, and Chebyshev-based authentication
52. Secure Dual-Functional Radar-Communication Transmission: Exploiting Interference for Resilience Against Target Eavesdropping
53. Evolution-strategies-driven optimization on secure and reconfigurable interconnection puf networks
54. Robust membranes with tunable functionalities for sustainable oil/water separation
55. An anonymous key agreement protocol with robust authentication for smart grid infrastructure
56. An IoT-Based School Bus and Vehicle Tracking System Using RFID Technology and Mobile Data Networks
57. Integration of Cloud and IoT for smart e-healthcare
58. Secure Transmission of EEG Data Using Watermarking Algorithm for the Detection of Epileptical Seizures.
59. A formally verified authentication protocol in secure framework for mobile healthcare during COVID-19-like pandemic
60. A Secure Sensor Fusion Framework for Connected and Automated Vehicles under Sensor Attacks
61. Secure multigroup multicast communication systems via intelligent reflecting surface
62. Neural Network Based Adaptive Flight Control of UAVs
63. An extensive survey on finger and palm vein recognition system
64. BERT-ADLOC: A secure crowdsourced indoor localization system based on BLE fingerprints
65. Demilitarized network to secure the data stored in industrial networks
66. A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Mutual Authentication System for Global Roaming in Mobile Networks
67. CODIC: A Low-Cost Substrate for Enabling Custom In-DRAM Functionalities and Optimizations
68. Secure Real-time Data Access Using Two-Factor Authentication Scheme for the Internet of Drones
69. Miniaturized pervasive sensors for indoor health monitoring in smart cities

Robust and Secure System Design Research Topics Ideas