Today my topic for the presentation is Android, it will be defined in simple words that everybody can understand it.


In the dictionary, it means Automaton or Robot like a human. It is one of the most commonly used for mobile, many Operating Systems that run these devices. To know history, usability, how to securing and manifest it from malicious data & its performance. Largest no. of apps and powerful Op Sys support large no of apps.

  1. The kernel of android is based on Linux which was later developed. There are more than 15,0,000 apps are available for android, the upcoming version of android is “Ice Cream Sandwich”. Google developers have been very good about listening to community and users about “what is good/bad or what they would do in the future.
  2. Google. It may verify when you download something from apps, it may ask for a pin/password. Newer versions have encryption meaning that promoted to enter your key in a startup. It sort of works like a Sand Toy i.e. Once the sand is in the toy unless the child allows the sand to come out the sand that will never leave sandboxes walls. This is the scene when users first download their apps from the play store, it can edit it from there. Simple apps like photo editing should not be accessing your phone but however, it needs to access your camera. Due to apps like sandboxed, Ops Sys memory corruption does not occur, Linux Kernel is just secure as “virtual machine” the code operating.
  3. Android uses “Users-authentication-gated” cryptographic keys. On initial startup authenticator tokens are available to receive information from users when the user wants to change password/pin, it allows to provide previous codes, if it not match, the hidden information stored in it may be lost/damaged.

Every advantage has its disadvantage, here we will discuss some merits and demerits of android in short.

Pros of Android Phones

Some pros are given below;

  1. In the present century, it overcomes the long distance to short, that everybody can communicate with each other shortly.
  2. The collection of information becomes very simple, everyone can search for any topic.
  3. Easy to carry and less expensive that everyone can afford it.
  4. Many apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, etc. are used for video chatting. Long-distance places are converted to very short, so you can chat everywhere.
  5. Important messages are delivered in a very short time through interned media, in past, this facility was not available. People used handwritten material like letter writing to deliver their message

Cons of Android Phones

Some cons are given below;

  1. It increases the connectivity both in personal and business, like that introduce to the risk of data theft/access to personal data.
  2. It translates to problems far from infrastructure and exposure registered loss of data/damage.
  3. It seems a large no of apps using multimedia, location / private information suspiciously.
  4. About 30 x random Markets were tested of which more than half of them are found suspicious.
  5. Certified companies providing apps are also delivering / stooling important data from user apps.
  6. Every person who is using the internet facility is not secure and in threat of data theft at any time, everything on android is not secure. It can be detectable and coverable without the access of the user.
  7. I a person does not use android, then also his / her location can be traceable.


Some important suggestion regarding android is as below:-

  1. Always used certified antivirus and do not open unnecessary websites.
  2. Always use trusted website /apps and download from the play store only.
  3. Do not give unnecessary access to any app like asking for permission to access photos/contacts.
  4. Do not open free links in FB or any other app in android, also not to install a large no of apps.
  5. Open website by typing http/s, if s is green then it is safe.
  6. Google apps have a license for verification and protect them from unauthorized apps.
  7. Always buy good androids from the registered dealers of registered companies, which not contains malicious software that can hack your data easily. It is most common in Chines / Indian androids because in order to get detail of important personal information regarding his work.


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