Signal Processing Research Topics Ideas

List of Research Topics and Ideas of signal processing for MS and Ph.D. Thesis.


  1. Multirate signal processing for communication systems
  2. Efficient phase-factor evaluation in quantum signal processing
  3. Modern methods of signal processing applied to gyrokinetic simulations
  4. Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: A signal processing perspective with wireless applications
  5. Improved design debugging architecture using low power serial communication protocols for signal processing applications
  6. Design and comparative analysis of on-chip sigma delta ADC for signal processing applications
  7. Estimating bolt tension from vibrations: Transient features, nonlinearity, and signal processing
  8. DWTLSTM for electronic nose signal processing in beef quality monitoring
  9. Teaching Signal Processing Through Frequent and Diverse Design: A Pedagogical Approach
  10. High bandwidth temporal RF photonic signal processing with Kerr micro-combs: integration, fractional differentiation and Hilbert transforms
  11. Corrosion monitoring in steel bars using Laser ultrasonic guided waves and advanced signal processing
  12. Pay attention to the cough: Early diagnosis of covid-19 using interpretable symptoms embeddings with cough sound signal processing
  13. Coherent Signal Processing for Loosely Coupled Bistatic Radar
  14. A Map Inference Approach Using Signal Processing from Crowd-sourced GPS Data
  15. Optimization of Signal Processing Applications Using Parameterized Error Models for Approximate Adders
  16. Algorithm unrolling: Interpretable, efficient deep learning for signal and image processing
  17. EM Signal Processing in Bio-living System
  18. RF and microwave photonic temporal signal processing with Kerr micro-combs
  19. Comparison and analysis of multiple signal processing methods in steel wire rope defect detection by hall sensor
  20. Peak Ratio Characteristic Value Sequence Based Signal Processing Method for Transit-Time Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter
  21. Prototyping Digital Signal Processing using VHDL and CAD Architectural Tool
  22. Justification of the Choice of Signal Processing Method and Its Implementation in the Digital Part of the Receiver for Radar Stations
  23. Signal processing method based on connection fitting of echo peak point with a large slope for ultrasonic gas flow meter
  24. Hybrid microphone array signal processing approach for faulty wheel identification and ground impedance estimation in wheel/rail system
  25. AIDS Detection Using Genomics Signal Processing Techniques on DNA
  26. Features of Signal Processing in the Study of Defects in Metallic Mediums Using an Electromagnetic Acoustic Wave
  27. Intermodal Fiber Interferometer with Scanning Laser and Correlation Signal Processing: An Experimental Study
  28. Tool Condition Prediction Using Acoustic Signal Processing and Learning-Based Methods
  30. Adaptive Space-Time and Polarisation-Time Signal Processing in Mobile Communication Systems of Next Generations
  31. Analysis of the satellite navigational data in the Baseband signal processing of Galileo E5 AltBOC signal
  32. An optimized depth-resolved dispersion compensation method in optical coherent tomography signal processing
  33. Some Multilinear Algebra Tools for Signal Processing
  34. Welch-Windowed Finite Impulse Response Filter for Electrocardiographic Signal Processing
  35. EE538 Final Exam Fall 1999 Digital Signal Processing I Live: 16 December 1999
  36. Speech Signal Processing Toolkit User and Programmer Manual SPro 3.3.
  37. Human Heart Arrhythmia Identification Using ECG Signals: An Approach Towards Biomedical Signal Processing
  38. … estimation algorithms of linear systems with time-delays based on the frequency responses and harmonic balances under the multi-frequency sinusoidal signal …
  39. Computation of low-rank tensor approximation under existence constraint via a forward-backward algorithm
  40. ECG Signal Processing Using Power Spectrum and Wavelet Transform: A Mathematical and Computing Aproach.
  41. Joint detection, tracking and classification of multiple extended objects based on the JDTC-GIW-MeMBer filter
  42. Cramér-Rao bound for a mixture of real-and integer-valued parameter vectors and its application to the linear regression model
  43. Anticipating Atrial Fibrillation Signal Using Efficient Algorithm
  44. Information-theoretic waveform design for MIMO radar detection in range-spread clutter
  45. Forward-backward filtering and penalized least-squares optimization: A unified framework
  46. Single-pixel compressive imaging based on random DoG filtering
  47. 2-D direction finding using parallel nested arrays with full co-array aperture extension
  48. Performance limits of one-bit compressive classification
  49. Sparse signal reconstruction for nonlinear models via piecewise rational optimization
  50. On the use of short-time fourier transform and synchrosqueezing-based demodulation for the retrieval of the modes of multicomponent signals
  51. RANSAC-Based Signal Denoising Using Compressive Sensing
  52. Multiscale multilevel context and multimodal fusion for RGB-D salient object detection
  53. Extracting cyclo-stationarity of repetitive transients from envelope spectrum based on prior-unknown blind deconvolution technique
  54. Fractional Fourier Transform based Riesz fractional derivative approach for edge detection and its application in image enhancement
  55. Adaptive waveform design for interference mitigation in SAR
  56. Robust spline adaptive filtering based on accelerated gradient learning: Design and performance analysis
  57. Content-adaptive image encryption with partial unwinding decomposition
  58. Off-grid DOA estimation of correlated sources for nonuniform linear array through hierarchical sparse recovery in a Bayesian framework and asymptotic minimum …
  59. A fast ray space transform for wave field processing using acoustic arrays
  60. Stochastic modeling of the CNLMS algorithm applied to adaptive beamforming
  61. Open and closed anatomical surface description via hemispherical area-preserving map
  62. Multiscale hybrid algorithm for pre-processing of ultrasound images
  63. Neural Networks in Signal Prediction
  64. Fast and L2-optimal recovery for periodic nonuniformly sampled bandlimited signal
  65. Collaborative intelligence: Challenges and opportunities
  66. The hopping discrete fractional Fourier transform
  67. Electrooculogram signal identification for elderly disabled using Elman network
  68. A novel fusion method based on dynamic threshold neural P systems and nonsubsampled contourlet transform for multi-modality medical images
  69. Clustering based multiple state–space projections
  70. Transmit beamspace design for FDA–MIMO radar with alternating direction method of multipliers
  71. Fast algorithms for fundamental frequency estimation in autoregressive noise
  72. Boolean decomposition of binary matrices using a post-nonlinear mixture approach
  73. TDOA-based localization with NLOS mitigation via robust model transformation and neurodynamic optimization
  74. A Model of the Cross-correlation Method for Processing Unknown-Form Signals in a Passive Multi-position Radar System
  75. Multi-source feature extraction of rolling bearing compression measurement signal based on independent component analysis
  76. Independent deeply learned matrix analysis with automatic selection of stable microphone-wise update and fast sourcewise update of demixing matrix
  77. A beamformer for multiple packet reception based on blank intervals. Part I: The flat-fading channel case
  78. Adaptive leakage signal cancellation algorithm in heterodyne FMCW system
  79. Efficient FPGA architecture of optimized Haar wavelet transform for image and video processing applications
  80. Extraction of the structural mode shapes utilizing image processing method and data fusion
  81. Blind separation of coherent multipath signals with impulsive interference and Gaussian noise in time-frequency domain
  82. Lifting for non-linear wavelet processing
  83. Learning stacking regression for no-reference super-resolution image quality assessment
  84. Fast secrecy rate optimization for MIMO wiretap channels in the presence of a multiple-antenna eavesdropper
  85. Adaptive detection for passive radars using the structure of interference covariance matrix
  86. Network clustering via kernel-ARMA modeling and the Grassmannian: The brain-network case
  87. Reversible data hiding with automatic contrast enhancement for medical images
  88. Multi-exposure image fusion based on linear embeddings and watershed masking
  89. Ambiguity and sensitivity in imprecise dictionaries for compressed sensing
  90. Optimization of microbubble side-scattering signal analysis for efficient cavitation dosimetry
  91. Hybrid sparsity learning for image restoration: An iterative and trainable approach
  92. Coupling chaotic system based on unit transform and its applications in image encryption
  93. Hyperspectral image denoising via global spatial-spectral total variation regularized nonconvex local low-rank tensor approximation
  94. End-to-end speaker diarization as post-processing
  95. Robustness and performance analysis of subspace-based DOA estimation for rectilinear correlated sources in CES data model
  96. Detection of the Number of Signals by Signal Subspace Matching
  97. Design and analysis of improved high-speed adaptive filter architectures for ECG signal denoising
  98. Maximum correlation coefficient estimation (MCORE): A new estimation philosophy for RSS based target localization
  99. An efficient and accurate three-dimensional imaging algorithm for forward-looking linear-array sar with constant acceleration based on FrFT
  100. Target capacity based simultaneous multibeam power allocation scheme for multiple target tracking application
  101. Signal acquisition and analysis of ambulatory electromyographic recordings for the assessment of sleep bruxism: a scoping review
  102. Learning modulation filter networks for weak signal detection in noise
  103. An impedance pneumography signal quality index: Design, assessment and application to respiratory rate monitoring
  104. The Overview of Human Localization and Vital Sign Signal Measurement Using Handheld IR-UWB Through-Wall Radar
  105. Lung mediated auditory contrast enhancement improves the Signal-to-noise ratio for communication in frogs
  106. Snapshot compressive imaging: Theory, algorithms, and applications
  107. Single image dehazing via atmospheric scattering model-based image fusion
  108. Design and fabrication of acousto-optic devices
  109. Variational inference based distributed noise adaptive Bayesian filter
  110. The Pulsar Signal Simulator: A Python package for simulating radio signal data from pulsars
  111. A comprehensive evaluation of the effect of defect size in rolling element bearings on the statistical features of the vibration signal
  112. An Automated Reflector Based Traffic Signal System
  113. The multi-speaker multi-style voice cloning challenge 2021
  114. Algorithms of Multidimensional Signals Processing based on Cubic Basis Splines for Information Systems and Processes
  115. Non-iterative denoising algorithm for mechanical vibration signal using spectral graph wavelet transform and detrended fluctuation analysis
  117. Uplink transceiver design for coded GFDMA systems
  118. Improved Atomic Norm Based Channel Estimation for Time-Varying Narrowband Leaked Channels
  119. Secure image secret sharing over distributed cloud network
  120. High sensitivity sapphire FBG temperature sensors for the signal processing of data communications technology
  121. Implicit hrtf modeling using temporal convolutional networks
  122. Identifying the topology of undirected networks from diffused non-stationary graph signals
  123. Synthetic gene networks recapitulate dynamic signal decoding and differential gene expression
  124. RF and microwave photonic, fractional differentiation, integration, and Hilbert transforms based on Kerr micro-combs
  125. Anti-noise FCM image segmentation method based on quadratic polynomial
  126. A Time-Domain Convolutional Recurrent Network for Packet Loss Concealment
  127. Frequency Band and PCA Feature Comparison for EEG Signal Classification
  128. Reduced order modeling for the dynamics of jointed structures through hyper-reduced interface representation
  129. 6G wireless systems: Vision, requirements, challenges, insights, and opportunities
  130. Numerical analyzes and experimental investigations on the fully-coupled thermo-elasto-gasdynamic behavior of air foil journal bearings
  131. A fingerprint technique for indoor localization using autoencoder based semi-supervised deep extreme learning machine
  132. Bat Algorithm with Applications to Signal, Speech, and Image Processing—A Review
  133. Multichannel adaptive signal detection: Basic theory and literature review
  134. Hi-speed USB signal long-distance communication and test scheme design based on Ethernet communication
  135. Denoispeech: Denoising text to speech with frame-level noise modeling
  136. Stochastic model updating of rotor support parameters using Bayesian approach
  137. Design and implementation of net zero displacement filter for the synthesis of a mechanical shock signal under specified shock response spectrum
  138. Evaluation of classification performance in human lower limb jump phases of signal correlation information and LSTM models
  139. Frequency estimation based on symmetric discrete Fourier transform
  140. Efficient coding of experimental holograms using speckle denoising
  141. 30th anniversary of Digital Signal Processing: a Review Journal
  142. Alternative ways to compare the detrended fluctuation analysis and its variants. Application to visual tunneling detection
  143. Analog circuit implementation based on median filter for salt and pepper noise reduction in image
  144. Ultra-lightweight speech separation via group communication
  145. Mitigation of forced vibrations by semi-active control of local transfer of moments
  146. A polynomial based dynamic expansion and data consistency assessment and modification for cylindrical shell structures
  147. Nonlinear tribo-dynamic model and experimental verification of a spur gear drive under loss-of-lubrication condition
  148. Critical Infrastructure Monitoring System
  149. Reconstruction for Sparse Signal Based on Bidirectional Sparsity Adaptive and Weak Selection of Atoms Matching Pursuit
  150. On the local/nonlocal piezoelectric nanobeams: Vibration, buckling, and energy harvesting
  151. Measure invariance of ergodic symbolic systems for low-delay detection of anomalous events
  152. Upsampling artifacts in neural audio synthesis
  153. Compressed sensing MRI using an interpolation-free nonlinear diffusion model
  154. Appliance Identification Based on Smart Meter Data and Event-Driven Processing in the 5G Framework
  155. Parallel iterated extended and sigma-point Kalman smoothers
  156. … Signal Processing Wavelet Based Waveform Distortion Measures for Assessment of Denoised EEG Quality With Reference to Noise-Free EEG Signal …
  157. Low Voltage CMOS/CCD Circuitry for Mixed Signal Applications
  158. Early detection of children with autism spectrum disorder based on visual exploration of images
  159. Wavelets and seismic processing
  160. Auditory Filterbanks Benefit Universal Sound Source Separation
  161. IEEE Signal Processing Society
  162. Angle measurement method based on speckle affected laser self-mixing interference signal
  163. The NASA langley challenge on optimization under uncertainty
  164. Component matching Chirplet transform via frequency-dependent chirp rate for wind turbine planetary gearbox fault diagnostics under variable speed condition
  165. EEG motor imagery classification using dynamic connectivity patterns and convolutional autoencoder
  166. A smoothed iFEM approach for efficient shape-sensing applications: Numerical and experimental validation on composite structures
  167. Sensitivity of a vehicle lane change control system to disturbances and measurement signal errors–Modeling and numerical investigations
  168. A novel dimensionality reduction approach for ECG signal via convolutional denoising autoencoder with LSTM
  169. Tunable broadband RF photonic fractional Hilbert transformer based on a soliton crystal microcomb
  170. Digital Processing of Seismic Data from Open-Pit Mining Blasts
  171. Exploring Automatic COVID-19 Diagnosis via voice and symptoms from Crowdsourced Data
  172. Novel Octonion Moments for color stereo image analysis
  173. Blind Image Quality Evaluator with Scale Robustness
  174. Realization and Comparative Analysis of Thermometer Code Based 4-Bit Encoder Using 18 nm FinFET Technology for Analog to Digital Converters
  175. Electromechanical energy absorption, resonance frequency, and low-velocity impact analysis of the piezoelectric doubly curved system
  176. Lightweight and interpretable neural modeling of an audio distortion effect using hyperconditioned differentiable biquads
  177. An all optical photonic crystal half adder suitable for optical processing applications
  178. Matrix coupled model for the vehicle–track interaction analysis featured to the railway crossing
  179. Modal analysis of slow varying non-stationary vibration by model updating with Schur complement
  180. Design and optimisation of regression-type small phase shift FIR filters and FIR-based differentiators with optimal local response in LS-sense
  181. Coupling dynamic behaviors of flexible stretching hub-beam system
  182. Cooperative Multi-Agent Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Network in a Noisy Environment
  183. Observations of modal coupling due to bolted joints in an experimental benchmark structure
  184. End-to-end dereverberation, beamforming, and speech recognition with improved numerical stability and advanced frontend
  185. Skidding dynamic performance of rolling bearing with cage flexibility under accelerating conditions
  186. Reconstructing Speech from CNN Embeddings
  187. Bifocal neural ASR: Exploiting keyword spotting for inference optimization
  188. Do as i mean, not as i say: Sequence loss training for spoken language understanding
  189. Automatic multitrack mixing with a differentiable mixing console of neural audio effects
  190. Metamaterial beam with graded local resonators for broadband vibration suppression
  191. TransMask: A Compact and Fast Speech Separation Model Based on Transformer
  192. A comb-like beam based piezoelectric system for galloping energy harvesting
  193. Aispeech-sjtu asr system for the accented english speech recognition challenge
  194. Wave-Tacotron: Spectrogram-free end-to-end text-to-speech synthesis
  195. New Sets of Quadriphase Cross Z-Complementary Pairs for Preamble Design in Spatial Modulation
  196. Anti-yaw damping monitoring of railway secondary suspension through a nonlinear constrained approach integrated with a randomly variable wheel-rail interaction
  197. Coupled tensor model of atrial fibrillation ECG
  198. A generalized approach to anti-sway control for shipboard cranes
  199. Utilizing Passive Intermodulation Response of Frequency-modulated Continuous-wave Signal for Target Identification and Mapping
  200. Iterml: Iterative machine learning for intelligent parameter pruning and tuning in graphics processing units
  201. Array processing of neural signals recorded from the peripheral nervous system for the classification of action potentials
  202. Full-field FRF estimation from noisy high-speed-camera data using a dynamic substructuring approach
  203. Research on Real Radar Pulse Signal Sorting Technology Based on Machine Learning
  204. Artificially Synthesising Data for Audio Classification and Segmentation to Improve Speech and Music Detection in Radio Broadcast
  205. FastEmit: Low-latency streaming asr with sequence-level emission regularization
  206. Deepnodule: Multi-Task Learning of Segmentation Bootstrap for Pulmonary Nodule Detection
  207. The intrinsic dimensionality of data
  208. In-cylinder pressure reconstruction by engine acoustic emission
  209. Planetary gearbox fault diagnosis via rotary encoder signal analysis
  210. Active learning line sampling for rare event analysis
  211. A single-loop strategy for time-variant system reliability analysis under multiple failure modes
  212. High-speed train wheel set bearing fault diagnosis and prognostics: A new prognostic model based on extendable useful life
  213. SEP-28K: A Dataset for Stuttering Event Detection from Podcasts with People Who Stutter
  214. A fractional model for population dynamics of two interacting species by using spectral and Hermite wavelets methods
  215. Enhanced electromagnetic wrist-worn energy harvester using repulsive magnetic spring
  216. On the stability of graph convolutional neural networks under edge rewiring
  217. Mispronunciation Detection in Non-Native (L2) English with Uncertainty Modeling
  218. An efficient dimensionality reduction method using filter-based feature selection and variational autoencoders on Parkinson’s disease classification
  219. Control of COVID-19 system using a novel nonlinear robust control algorithm
  220. 2 3D Printing
  221. Recent developments on espnet toolkit boosted by conformer
  222. Interpreting glottal flow dynamics for detecting COVID-19 from voice
  223. Blind Modulation Classification via Combined Machine Learning and Signal Feature Extraction
  224. Relaxed Wasserstein with applications to GANs
  225. The effect of lubricant film on the dynamic response and signal transmission of moving load dynamic problems
  226. Hybrid deep neural network using transfer learning for EEG motor imagery decoding
  227. Algorithms for communications systems and their applications
  228. A novel approach based on Three-scale image decomposition and Marine predators algorithm for multi-modal medical image fusion
  229. Effect of Signal Propagation Model Calibration on Localization Performance Limits for Wireless Sensor Networks
  230. On the Detection of Pitch-Shifted Voice: Machines and Human Listeners
  231. Bayesian probabilistic propagation of imprecise probabilities with large epistemic uncertainty
  232. Multi-Stage Speaker Extraction with Utterance and Frame-Level Reference Signals
  233. Low-resource expressive text-to-speech using data augmentation
  234. Investigation on the rotordynamic performance of hybrid bump-metal mesh foil bearings rotor system
  235. Perceptual loss based speech denoising with an ensemble of audio pattern recognition and self-supervised models
  236. Underdetermined direction-of-arrival estimation using sparse circular arrays on a rotating platform
  237. SESQA: semi-supervised learning for speech quality assessment
  238. Fast neural network control of a pseudo-driven wheel on deformable terrain
  239. Heart rate variability feature selection method for automated prediction of sudden cardiac death
  240. New results for the ADF statistic in nonstationary signal analysis with a view towards structural health monitoring
  241. Distributed learning in non-convex environments—part I: Agreement at a linear rate
  242. Hierarchical visual comfort assessment for stereoscopic image retargeting
  243. A comparative study of acoustic and linguistic features classification for alzheimer’s disease detection
  244. Effect of the excitation signal type on the absorption coefficient measurement using the impedance tube
  245. Directional ASR: A new paradigm for E2E multi-speaker speech recognition with source localization
  246. Noise Analysis and Processing Technology for Gyroscope
  247. CDPAM: Contrastive learning for perceptual audio similarity
  248. Consensus-Based Distributed Computation of Link-Based Network Metrics
  249. Design of low-voltage and low-power current-mode DTMOS transistor based full-wave/half-wave rectifier
  250. An Optimality Summary: Secret Key Agreement with Physical Unclonable Functions
  251. Adaptive maximum second-order cyclostationarity blind deconvolution and its application for locomotive bearing fault diagnosis
  252. Joint feature weighting and adaptive graph-based matrix regression for image supervised feature Selection
  253. LPPM-Net: Local-aware point processing module based 3D hand pose estimation for point cloud
  254. Knowledge distillation for improved accuracy in spoken question answering
  255. Robust heart sound segmentation based on spectral change detection and genetic algorithms
  256. Multichannel-based learning for audio object extraction
  257. Structure and Performance Analysis of Signal Acquisition and Doppler Tracking in LEO Augmented GNSS Receiver
  258. Deep learning based characterization of nanoindentation induced acoustic events
  259. Dynamic metasurface antennas for 6G extreme massive MIMO communications
  260. Online Discriminative Graph Learning from Multi-Class Smooth Signals
  261. Deep learning enabled semantic communication systems
  262. Stretchable, Washable, and Ultrathin Triboelectric Nanogenerators as Skin-Like Highly Sensitive Self-Powered Haptic Sensors
  263. Features of Designing Digital Processing Systems for Radiolocation Systems Based on Microprocessor VLSI Sets
  264. Model of the Vibration Signal of the Vibrating Sieving Screen Suspension for Condition Monitoring Purposes
  265. A variable step-size incremental LMS solution for low SNR applications
  266. Multiclass ECG signal analysis using global average-based 2-D convolutional neural network modeling
  267. … Risk Factors and Heart Rate Variability: Impact of the Level of the Threshold-Based Artefact Correction Used to Process the Heart Rate Variability Signal
  268. A data-driven normal contact force model based on artificial neural network for complex contacting surfaces
  269. Multidimensional unlimited sampling: A geometrical perspective
  270. A cognitive active anti-jamming method based on frequency diverse array radar phase center
  271. Online dominant generalized eigenvectors extraction via a randomized method
  272. A Novel Microwave Radiometer Using Frequency Scanning Antennas
  273. Vibration distribution in complex dynamical systems: Local topology design for global performance?
  274. Control of noise generated from centrifugal refrigeration compressor
  275. Analysis of MRI Image Compression Using Compressive Sensing
  276. Corrigendum to” Random decrement technique for detection and characterization of nonlinear behavior”[Mech. Syst. Signal Process. 143 (2020) 106841]
  277. Tracking the natural evolution of bearing spall size using cyclic natural frequency perturbations in vibration signals
  278. Modeling and control of probe distance, substrate and probe of AFM using AFSMC in the presence of disturbances
  279. Speech Recognition by Simply Fine-tuning BERT
  280. Creating acoustic topological insulators through topology optimization
  281. A Convolutional Neural Network based on Adaptive Pooling for Classification of Noisy Images
  282. Automatic classification of breast cancer histopathological images based on deep feature fusion and enhanced routing
  283. Reliability analysis of thermal error model based on DBN and Monte Carlo method
  284. High performance IIR filter implementation on FPGA
  285. Image processing effects on the deep face recognition system [J]
  286. EEG Signal Extraction Analysis Techniques
  287. Data augmentation versus noise compensation for x-vector speaker recognition systems in noisy environments
  288. A fixed point framework for recovering signals from nonlinear transformations
  289. An overview of acoustic emission inspection and monitoring technology in the key components of renewable energy systems
  290. Deep importance sampling based on regression for model inversion and emulation
  291. A numerical method for evaluating the torque efficiency of hydraulic orbit motors considering deformation effects and frictional losses
  292. Random vibration of SDOF vibro-impact oscillators with restitution factor related to velocity under wide-band noise excitations
  293. Robust high precision multi-frame motion detection for PMLSMs’ mover based on local upsampling moving least square method
  294. Noise dependent training for deep parallel ensemble denoising in magnetic resonance images
  295. Multichannel CRNN for Speaker Counting: an Analysis of Performance
  296. A time integration method based on the weak form Galerkin method for non-viscous damping systems
  297. Effects of blade’s interconnection on the modal characteristics of a shaft-disk-blade system
  298. Federated Dropout Learning for Hybrid Beamforming With Spatial Path Index Modulation In Multi-User mmWave-MIMO Systems
  299. A Curated Dataset of Urban Scenes for Audio-Visual Scene Analysis
  300. Contrastive learning of general-purpose audio representations
  302. Detection of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease using dual-task gait assessments and machine learning
  303. Computer aided diagnosis system using deep convolutional neural networks for ADHD subtypes
  304. Harmonic wavelets based response evolutionary power spectrum determination of linear and nonlinear structural systems with singular matrices
  305. Semantic segmentation of ECG waves using hybrid channel-mix convolutional and bidirectional LSTM
  306. A pitch and noise robust keyword spotting system using SMAC features with prosody modification
  307. Neural inverse text normalization
  308. Fixed point strategies in data science
  309. Continuous speech separation with conformer
  310. A Method of Speech Signal Analysis Using Multi-level Wavelet Transform
  311. A framework based on sparse representation model for time series prediction in smart city
  312. Multipitch tracking in music signals using echo state networks
  313. D evelopper en SIGNAL
  314. Bearing fault detection and recognition methodology based on weighted multiscale entropy approach
  315. Generalized Orthogonal Discrete W Transform and Its Fast Algorithm
  316. On Open Workflows for Processing of Standardized Electroencephalography Data.
  317. An improved nonlinear dynamic reduction method for complex jointed structures with local hysteresis model
  318. Recursive sliding mode control with adaptive disturbance observer for a linear motor positioner
  319. Streaming end-to-end multi-talker speech recognition
  320. Nonclassicality Used as Quantum Information Processing in Nonlinear Optical Systems
  321. Electrical Control of Surface Acoustic Waves
  322. Causal dilated convolutional neural networks for automatic inspection of ultrasonic signals in non-destructive evaluation and structural health monitoring
  323. Design and implementation of a robust noise removal system in ECG signals using dual-tree complex wavelet transform
  324. A Reconfigurable Architecture to Implement Linear Transforms of Image Processing Applications
  325. Noise attenuation and performance study of a small-sized contra-rotating fan with microperforated casing treatments
  326. Damage localization in plate-like structures using time-varying feature and one-dimensional convolutional neural network
  327. What’s all the fuss about free universal sound separation data?
  328. Dispersion curve regression–assisted wideband local wavenumber analysis for characterizing three-dimensional (3D) profile of hidden corrosion damage
  329. Robust detection and motion parameter estimation for weak maneuvering target in the alpha-stable noise environment
  330. Still-camera multiview Spectral Optical Flow Imaging for 3D operating-deflection-shape identification
  331. The Far-Field Equatorial Array for Binaural Rendering
  332. Forward-Backward Hankel Matrix Fitting for Spectral Super-Resolution
  333. A relaxed projection method using a new linesearch for the split feasibility problem [J]
  334. Prediction of sound radiation from an unbaffled long enclosure with the ground
  335. Approximate and exact stability analysis of 1-DOF and 2-DOF single-actuator real-time hybrid substructuring
  336. Justification of Ways Increasing the Immunity of Special Purpose Radio Communications
  337. Direction finding via acoustic vector sensor array with non-orthogonal factors
  338. Online proximal gradient for learning graphs from streaming signals
  339. Diagonal-kernel convolutional neural networks for image classification
  340. Uncertainty principles for the short-time linear canonical transform of complex signals
  341. Weak magnetic anomaly signal detection based on the entropy of mixed differential signal
  342. A one-step algorithm for mixed far-field and near-field sources localization
  343. Reliable damage localization in cantilever beams using an image similarity assessment method applied to wavelet-enhanced modal analysis
  344. Application of Lamb wave and its coda waves to disbond detection in an aeronautical honeycomb composite sandwich
  345. A control approach for alternating current disturbance signal of fuel cells based on MOSFET high-speed switch
  346. OQPSK Synchronization Parameter Estimation Based on Burst Signal Detection
  347. Compressed sensing regularized calibrationless parallel magnetic resonance imaging via deep learning
  348. Unsupervised contrastive learning of sound event representations
  349. Robust IIR digital filter sharpening
  350. A high-accuracy non-contact online measurement method of the rotor-stator axial gap based on the microwave heterodyne structure
  351. Coupled longitudinal and transverse vibrations of tensioned Euler-Bernoulli beams with general linear boundary conditions
  352. Advancing RNN transducer technology for speech recognition
  353. Beamform processing for sonic imaging using monopole and dipole sources
  354. The Vedic Design-Carry Look Ahead (VD-CLA): A Smart and Hardware-Friendly Implementation of the FIR Filter for ECG Signal Denoising
  355. An EEMD-SVD-LWT algorithm for denoising a lidar signal
  356. Comparison of various fractal analysis methods for retinal images
  357. DENS-ECG: A deep learning approach for ECG signal delineation
  358. Monostatic MIMO radar with nested L-shaped array: Configuration design, DOF and DOA estimation
  359. ADL-MVDR: All deep learning MVDR beamformer for target speech separation
  360. A new target localization method for bistatic FDA radar
  361. Switching position-torque control system for increasing servo PMDC positioning precision in presence of intense external disturbance loading
  362. Method using L-kurtosis and enhanced clustering-based segmentation to detect faults in axial piston pumps
  363. Guided wavefield curvature imaging of invisible damage in composite structures
  364. Crack detection and localization in a fluid pipeline based on acoustic emission signals
  365. Class-Conditional Defense GAN Against End-To-End Speech Attacks
  366. Inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging with MATLAB algorithms
  367. Stability and free vibration analysis of compound column with piezoelectric rod
  368. Minimizing electrodes for effective brain computer interface
  369. Using Deep learning for image watermarking attack
  370. LiNbO3 films–A low-cost alternative lead-free piezoelectric material for vibrational energy harvesters
  371. 7 GHz 4-Bit PIN Diode Reflection Type Phase Shifter for Radiometer Phased Array Antenna
  372. An adaptive weak light image enhancement method
  373. The measurement of Lamb wave phase velocity using analytic cross-correlation method
  374. Gridless DOD and DOA estimation in bistatic MIMO radar using 2D-ANM and its low complexity algorithms
  375. Research on Feature Extraction Technology of Weld Defect Signal based on Wavelet Packet Transform
  376. An attention-based bi-LSTM method for visual object classification via EEG
  377. Friction induced pattern formations and modal transitions in a mass-spring chain model of sliding interface
  378. Regularity of heart rate fluctuations analysis in obstructive sleep apnea patients using information-based similarity
  379. Application of adaptive wavelet transform based multiple analytical mode decomposition for damage progression identification of Cable-Stayed bridge via shake table …
  380. Intelligent Diagnosis of Subway Traction Motor Bearing Fault Based on Improved Stacked Denoising Autoencoder
  381. The accented english speech recognition challenge 2020: open datasets, tracks, baselines, results and methods
  382. High-Intelligibility Speech Synthesis for Dysarthric Speakers with LPCNet-Based TTS and CycleVAE-Based VC
  383. Application of deep learning techniques for detection of COVID-19 cases using chest X-ray images: A comprehensive study
  384. gpuRIR: A python library for room impulse response simulation with GPU acceleration
  385. Responses of functional brain networks while watching 2D and 3D videos: An EEG study
  386. The Generalized Bayes Method for High-Dimensional Data Recognition with Applications to Audio Signal Recognition
  387. Use of cyclostationary properties of vibration signals to identify gear wear mechanisms and track wear evolution
  388. Robust 3-D autonomous navigation of submersible ship using averaged sub-gradient version of integral sliding mode
  389. Computational analysis for scallop seals with sickle grooves, part II: Rotordynamic characteristics
  390. Toward the wave digital real-time emulation of audio circuits with multiple nonlinearities
  391. Detecting Cognitive Features of Videos Using EEG Signal
  392. Processing of noise contaminated magnetotelluric data using digital filters based on MATLAB
  393. Sapaugment: Learning a sample adaptive policy for data augmentation
  394. Security of Cloud-Based Vehicular Ad-Hoc Communication Networks, Challenges and Solutions
  395. Fast Randomized-MUSIC for mm-Wave Massive MIMO Radars
  396. Blockchain-enabled traceable, transparent transportation system for blood bank
  397. Streaming multi-speaker asr with rnn-t
  398. Investigations of microwave integrated detector and its processing circuit
  399. On the assembly of Archimedean spiral cavities for sound absorption applications: Design, optimization and experimental validation
  400. A new stable nonlinear textural feature extraction method based EEG signal classification method using substitution Box of the Hamsi hash function: Hamsi pattern
  401. A time series model-based method for gear tooth crack detection and severity assessment under random speed variation
  402. Uncertainty quantification and propagation based on hybrid experimental, theoretical, and computational treatment
  403. Graphspeech: Syntax-aware graph attention network for neural speech synthesis
  404. Novel CDDITA-Based-Grounded Inductance Simulation Circuits
  405. Perceptual coding scheme for ultra-high definition video based on perceptual noise channel model
  406. Adaptive bit Modulation equalizer
  407. EEG based dementia diagnosis using multi-class support vector machine with motor speed cognitive test
  408. Icassp 2021 deep noise suppression challenge
  409. Block coordinate descent based algorithm for computational complexity reduction in multichannel active noise control system
  410. Deep Joint Source Channel Coding for WirelessImage Transmission with OFDM
  411. A wave solution for energy dissipation and exchange at nonclassical boundaries of a traveling string
  412. Gauss–Jordan elimination-based image tampering detection and self-recovery
  413. A multi-stage semi-supervised learning approach for intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearing using data augmentation and metric learning
  414. On Excesses and Duality in Woven Frames
  415. Cross-wavelet assisted convolution neural network (AlexNet) approach for phonocardiogram signals classification
  416. Disturbance rejection based on iterative learning control with extended state observer for a four-degree-of-freedom hybrid magnetic bearing system
  417. A convex variational method for super resolution of SAR image with speckle noise
  418. CNN spatiotemporal features and fusion for surveillance video forgery detection
  419. Real-Time Lossy Audio Signal Reconstruction Using Novel Sliding Based Multi-instance Linear Regression/Random Forest and Enhanced CGPANN
  420. Radar Signal Sorting in Small Sample Environment
  421. Application of Electromagnetic Signal Shielding Processing Technology in Microwave Remote Sensing Satellite
  422. Deep learning for LiDAR waveforms with multiple returns
  423. Coarse-to-fine speech emotion recognition based on multi-task learning
  424. A Noise Robust Speech Processing and Recognition Development System
  425. Learning audio-visual correlations from variational cross-modal generation
  426. Serial-in-Parallel-out FFT
  427. A wavelet based numerical scheme for fractional order SEIR epidemic of measles by using Genocchi polynomials
  428. Frequency energy shift method for bearing fault prognosis using microphone sensor
  429. Detection of Pre-term Delivery by the Analysis of Fetal ECG Signals
  430. Modal assurance distribution of multivariate signals for modal identification of time-varying dynamic systems
  431. Reconfigurable Carry Look-Ahead Adder Trading Accuracy for Energy Efficiency
  432. Applications of IIoT-Based Systems in Detection Leakage in Pipeline Custody Transfer of Hydrocarbon Products
  433. Experimental Study of Ultrasonic Guided Waves Propagation for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Multi-layer Composite Plates
  434. Computational analysis for scallop seals with sickle grooves, part I: Leakage performance
  435. Robust and baseline-free full-field defect detection in complex composite parts through weighted broadband energy mapping of mode-removed guided waves
  436. D-Dot Sensor Response Improvement in the Evaluation of High-Power Microwave Pulses. Electronics 2021, 10, 123
  437. The acoustic inverse problem in the framework of alternating direction method of multipliers
  438. Flexible electro-optical neuromorphic transistors with tunable synaptic plasticity and nociceptive behavior
  439. Nonlinear energy sink with limited vibration amplitude
  440. Distributed Learning with Non-Smooth Objective Functions
  441. Automated Atrial Fibrillation Detection using a Hybrid CNN-LSTM Network on Imbalanced ECG Datasets
  442. A structural health monitoring Python code to detect small changes in frequencies
  443. Three waveguide coupled sagnac loop reflectors for advanced spectral engineering
  444. Ultrasonic inspection of grouted splice sleeves in precast concrete structures using elastic reverse time migration method
  445. Bayesian model identification of higher-order frequency response functions for structures assembled by bolted joints
  446. Decision-directed CPR-assisted IQ imbalance-multiplexing for coherent PON downlink system with access-span length difference
  447. Fault Diagnosis in Belt Transmission Using Wavelet Enveloped Spectrum
  448. An Improved Event-Independent Network for Polyphonic Sound Event Localization and Detection
  449. Dual-graph regularized discriminative transfer sparse coding for facial expression recognition
  450. Beamforming and Spatial Multiplexing Performance Evaluation in 5G Ultra-Dense Networks
  451. A hybrid classification autoencoder for semi-supervised fault diagnosis in rotating machinery
  452. Neural Network-based Virtual Microphone Estimator
  453. Detection of Fricative Landmarks Using Spectral Weighting: A Temporal Approach
  454. Introduction to Model Compression Knowledge Distillation
  455. Effects of slow dynamics and conditioning on non-linear hysteretic material assessment using impact resonance acoustic spectroscopy
  456. Electromechanical impedance-based damage localization with novel signatures extraction methodology and modified probability-weighted algorithm
  457. Wavelet Variance Maximization: A contactless respiration rate estimation method based on remote photoplethysmography
  458. Research on Loss of Uplink Ranging Signal of the TT&C Transponder
  459. 1D convolutional neural networks and applications: A survey
  460. Robust corner detection with fractional calculus for magnetic resonance imaging
  461. Multiple subglacial water bodies below the south pole of Mars unveiled by new MARSIS data
  462. A novel electroencephalography based approach for Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment detection
  463. Fault diagnosis of high-speed train bogie based on LSTM neural network
  464. Developing real-time streaming transformer transducer for speech recognition on large-scale dataset
  465. Cluster analysis based fringe-activity range detector
  466. Fast greedy optimization of sensor selection in measurement with correlated noise
  467. A hybrid intelligent model for acute hypotensive episode prediction with large-scale data
  468. Hybrid composite meta-porous structure for improving and broadening sound absorption
  469. An active noise control method of non-stationary noise under time-variant secondary path
  470. PAPR Reduction in OFDM for VLC System
  471. Implementing CUDA Streams into AstroAccelerate–A Case Study
  472. Effect of linear electromechanical coupling in nonlinear implanted human middle ear
  473. Biosignal Analysis Using Independent Components with Intelligent Systems
  474. A Low Power Approach for Designing 12-Bit Current Steering DAC
  475. A DSC signal for studying kinetics of moisture evaporation from lignocellulosic fuels
  476. A comprehensive review on blade tip timing-based health monitoring: status and future
  477. Autocorrelated Envelopes for early fault detection of rolling bearings
  478. An Adaptive All-Pass Filter for Time-Varying Delay Estimation
  479. Feasibility of human spinal cord perfusion mapping using dynamic susceptibility contrast imaging at 7T: Preliminary results and identified guidelines
  480. Improved Noise Margin and Reduced Power Consumption in Subthreshold Adiabatic Logic Using Dual Rail Power Supply
  481. A noise reduction method based on adaptive weighted symplectic geometry decomposition and its application in early gear fault diagnosis
  482. Memory-augmented cognitive radar for obstacle avoidance using nearest steering vector search
  483. Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Using Photoplethysmography Techniques
  484. Improved Store-Carry-Forward Scheme for Information Dissemination in Unfavorable Vehicular Distribution
  485. Autokws: Keyword spotting with differentiable architecture search
  486. Basic principles of machine learning
  487. Self-training and pre-training are complementary for speech recognition
  488. Definition of Damage Indices for Railway Axle Bearings: Results of Long-Lasting Tests
  489. BiGCN: A Bi-directional Low-Pass Filtering Graph Neural Network
  490. Analyze the FMCW Waveform Skin Return of Moving Objects in the Presence of Stationary Hidden Objects Using Numerical Models
  491. Radial Basis Function Neural Network Based Speech Enhancement System Using SLANTLET Transform Through Hybrid Vector Wiener Filter
  492. Performance of Data-Rate Analysis of Massive MIMO System Using User Grouping
  493. a -order universal filter realization based on single input multi-output differential voltage current conveyor
  494. Effect of boundary conditions in the experimental determination of structural damping
  495. Virtual sensor fusion for high precision control
  496. A Survey on Proactive and Reactive Channel Switching Techniques in Cognitive Radios
  497. Fault Detection and Health Condition Analysis of Single Stage Gear Box System
  498. SVM-based channel estimation and data detection for one-bit massive MIMO systems
  499. Controlling GIDL Using Core–Shell Technique in Conventional Nano-Wire
  500. Wavelet analysis of static deflections for multiple damage identification in beams
  501. Automated inter-patient seizure detection using multichannel Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
  502. Fast and Accurate Edge Computing Energy Modeling and DVFS Implementation in GEM5 Using System Call Emulation Mode
  503. A simple skew angle detection and suppression method for bit-patterned magnetic recording
  504. Respiratory sound denoising using Empirical Mode Decomposition, Hurst analysis and Spectral Subtraction
  505. Quantifying local stiffness loss in beams using rotation rate sensors
  506. Enhancing underwater image via color correction and Bi-interval contrast enhancement
  507. Structural health monitoring with non-linear sensor measurements robust to unknown non-stationary input forcing
  508. Computing One-bit Compressive Sensing via Double-Sparsity Constrained Optimization
  509. Monitoring of leaf nitrogen content in a citrus orchard by Landsat 8 OLI imagery
  510. Enhancing Redundant Content Elimination Algorithm Using Processing Power of Multi-Core Architecture
  511. Sparse identification of time-space coupled distributed dynamic load
  512. Spectrally sparse signal recovery via hankel matrix completion with prior information
  513. Investigation on the dynamic performance of a new semi-active hydro-pneumatic inerter-based suspension system with MPC control strategy
  514. Generalized convolution quadrature based boundary element method for uncoupled thermoelasticity
  515. Deep learning for motor imagery EEG-based classification: A review
  516. Mobile Radio Communications and 5G Networks
  517. Prediction of cardiac arrhythmia using deterministic automata
  518. ECFFNet: effective and consistent feature fusion network for RGB-T salient object detection
  519. Transitioning Broadcast to Cloud
  520. Uniformly optimal multi-sensor design in pipe networks for transient-based leakage localization
  521. Removal of EOG artifacts and separation of different cerebral activity components from single channel EEG—An efficient approach combining SSA–ICA with wavelet …
  522. Time Reversal and Fractional Fourier Transform-Based Method for LFM Signal Detection in Underwater Multi-Path Channel
  523. Deep task-based quantization
  525. Theoretical Analysis of Defected Ground Multiband Rectangular Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna
  526. Human Action Recognition Using a New Hybrid Descriptor
  527. Identification of structural parameters from free vibration data using Gabor wavelet transform
  528. Detection mechanisms for processing delays in simulated vented hearing devices
  529. Unified Gradient Reweighting for Model Biasing with Applications to Source Separation
  530. Design principles for a single-process 3d-printed accelerometer–theory and experiment
  531. Design and Performance Evaluation of Highly Efficient Adders in Nanometer Technology
  532. A distributed-parameter electromechanical coupling model for a segmented arc-shaped piezoelectric energy harvester
  533. Robust performance of virtual sensing methods for active noise control
  534. Development and analysis of a dynamic model for parasitic motion principle piezoelectric actuator
  535. Factorized wave propagation model in tree-type pipe networks and its application to leak localization
  536. Sound source localization of non-synchronous measurements beamforming with block Hermitian matrix completion
  537. A two-stage approach to device-robust acoustic scene classification
  538. Estimating higher-order spectra via filtering-averaging
  539. Novel Convolutional Neural Network with Variational Information Bottleneck for P300 Detection
  540. Smart crawfish: a concept of underwater multi-bolt looseness identification using entropy-enhanced active sensing and ensemble learning
  541. General Cauchy Conjugate Gradient Algorithms Based on Multiple Random Fourier Features
  542. Anti-disturbance dynamic surface trajectory stabilization for the towed aerial recovery drogue under unknown airflow disturbances
  543. Pattern retrieval on the game of go
  544. Structural and Optical Analysis of Bulk-Hetero Interface Between MoS2: Pentacene
  545. Deep audio-visual learning: A survey
  546. A new approach for automatic detection of focal EEG signals using wavelet packet decomposition and quad binary pattern method
  547. Bandgap properties in metamaterial sandwich plate with periodically embedded plate-type resonators
  548. Performance enhancement of phase-demodulation ?-OTDR using improved two-path DCM algorithm
  549. Intelligent secured two-way image transmission using corvus corone module over WSN
  550. Coherence analysis to detect unsteady rotating stall phenomenon based on pressure pulsation signals of a centrifugal pump
  551. Filters with MATLAB
  552. Copy–Move Forgery Detection by Using Key-Point-Based Harris Features and CLA Clustering
  553. Surface roughness prediction using kernel locality preserving projection and Bayesian linear regression
  554. A Robust Approach of Estimating Voice Disorder Due to Thyroid Disease
  555. Embedding, Modeling and Verification of SPW Descriptions in a Theorem Proving Environment
  556. Absolute transmission error: A simple new tool for assessing gear wear
  557. Wavelet feature selection of audio and imagined/vocalized EEG signals for ANN based multimodal ASR system
  558. A deep convolutional neural network for the detection of polyps in colonoscopy images
  559. An ultrasonic visualization system using a fiber-optic Bragg grating sensor and its application to damage detection at a temperature of 1000° C
  560. Multimodal dispersive waves in a free rail: Numerical modeling and experimental investigation
  561. Label-preserving data augmentation for mobile sensor data
  562. Vibration-based condition monitoring: industrial, automotive and aerospace applications
  563. Parallel convolutional processing using an integrated photonic tensor core
  564. Wireless Powered Uplink of NOMA Using Poisson Cluster Process with Two Orthogonal Signal Sets
  565. Zero-watermarking method for resisting rotation attacks in 3D models
  566. Maximum likelihood-based adaptive iteration algorithm design for joint CFO and channel estimation in MIMO-OFDM systems
  567. Development of U-Health Care Systems Using Big Data
  568. Maximum average kurtosis deconvolution and its application for the impulsive fault feature enhancement of rotating machinery
  569. Effect of broad-band phase-based motion magnification on modal parameter estimation
  570. Towards a high bias voltage MEMS filter using electrostatic levitation
  571. Knee pathology diagnosis based on muscle activation intervals detection and the relationship between knee flexion and surface EMG
  572. Reduced Complexity Frequency Ambiguity Resolution and Synchronization Signal Detection for 5G NR-V2X Communication Systems
  573. Development of a two-DOF inertial rotary motor using a piezoelectric actuator constructed on four bimorphs
  574. Direct inverse linearization of piezoelectric actuator’s initial loading curve and its applications in full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT)
  575. Dynamic Impedance Estimation: Challenges and Considerations
  576. Method for improving the neural network model of the magnetorheological damper
  577. Ambisonic Coding with Spatial Image Correction
  579. Zoran Nenadic
  580. Hierarchical multiscale permutation entropy-based feature extraction and fuzzy support tensor machine with pinball loss for bearing fault identification
  581. Deep edge map guided depth super resolution
  582. Leakage-Tolerant Low-Power Wide Fan-in OR Logic Domino Circuit
  583. Dynamic analysis of uncertain spur gear systems
  584. An EMD-based principal frequency analysis with applications to nonlinear mechanics
  585. Antiforensics of Speech Resampling Using Dual-Path Strategy
  586. Ú ÐÓÔÑ ÒØ× Ó È ¹× Ø Ð ¹ Ò× ÓÖ ÐÓÛ Ö ÕÙ Ò Ý ÒØ ÒÒ ÖÖ Ý× Ø Å Ò Ö Ó Ø Ð× ÓÔ×
  587. Fractional Interpolation and Multirate Technique Based Design of Optimum IIR Integrators and Differentiators
  588. RODNet: A Real-Time Radar Object Detection Network Cross-Supervised by Camera-Radar Fused Object 3D Localization
  589. Cognitive Hearing Science: Three Memory Systems, Two Approaches, and the Ease of Language Understanding Model
  590. Knowledge mapping-based adversarial domain adaptation: A novel fault diagnosis method with high generalizability under variable working conditions
  591. Towards accurate estimation of cuffless and continuous blood pressure using multi-order derivative and multivariate photoplethysmogram features
  592. A fault diagnosis method for loose slipper failure of piston pump in construction machinery under changing load
  593. A fully automated deep learning-based network for detecting covid-19 from a new and large lung ct scan dataset
  594. Intermittent slug flow identification and characterization from pressure signature
  595. Design and test of an adjustable quasi-zero stiffness device and its use to suspend masses on a multi-modal structure
  596. Real-time hysteresis identification in structures based on restoring force reconstruction and Kalman filter
  597. Acceleration self-compensation mechanism and experimental research on shock wave piezoelectric pressure sensor
  598. Applying polynomial decoupling methods to the polynomial NARX model
  599. MG-CMF: A Multi-granularity Capture Matching Features Model for Text Matching
  600. Online kernel-based graph topology identification with partial-derivative-imposed sparsity
  601. Robust M-estimation based Bayesian cluster enumeration for real elliptically symmetric distributions
  602. Achievable precision of close modes in operational modal analysis: Wide band theory
  603. Identification of region of interest for assessment of knee osteoarthritis in radiographic images
  604. Shape sensing and damage identification with iFEM on a composite structure subjected to impact damage and non-trivial boundary conditions
  605. Analysis of four-wave mixing in silicon nitride waveguides integrated with 2D layered graphene oxide films
  606. Smart dampers-based vibration control–Part 2: Fractional-order sliding control for vehicle suspension system
  607. EMG hand gesture classification using handcrafted and deep features
  608. Lightweight heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe based on particle damping materials
  609. Analytical and experimental investigation of vibration characteristics induced by tribofilm-asperity interactions in hydrodynamic journal bearings
  610. A device capable of customizing nonlinear forces for vibration energy harvesting, vibration isolation, and nonlinear energy sink
  611. Estimating the spectrum of leak noise in buried plastic water distribution pipes using acoustic or vibration measurements remote from the leak
  612. The folded space of machine listening
  613. Identification of Mode Shapes Based on Ambient Signals and the IA-VMD Method
  614. A generalized class of uniaxial rate-independent models for simulating asymmetric mechanical hysteresis phenomena
  615. A novel DSP scheme for eliminating the interaction between dispersion and transient frequency offset in optical burst-mode coherent systems
  616. Ultrasonic investigation of the pressure profile on the faying surface of fastened aluminum plates
  617. Efficient and robust unsupervised inverse intensity compensation for stereo image registration under radiometric changes
  618. Information Theory-Based Defense Mechanism Against DDOS Attacks for WSAN
  619. Special Issue on Deep Learning for Applications in Acoustics: Modeling, Synthesis, and Listening
  620. Performance results of National Array of Neutron Detectors (NAND) facility at IUAC
  621. Application of Bio Sensor in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  622. Efficient knowledge distillation for rnn-transducer models
  623. Uncertainty quantification in data-driven stochastic subspace identification
  624. Feature fusion via dual-resolution compressive measurement matrix analysis for spectral image classification
  625. Subwavelength confinement of propagating surface acoustic waves
  626. DeepFilter: an ECG baseline wander removal filter using deep learning techniques
  627. Uncertainty quantification for the Modal Phase Collinearity of complex mode shapes
  628. Information Hiding in Color Images Utilizing Multi-bit Substitution Patterns
  629. An Efficient Implementation and Analysis of Tail-Biting Convolution Coding Algorithm for OFDM Based System in Terms of Speed, Memory and Peak-to-Average …
  630. Orthogonally polarized RF optical single sideband generation with integrated ring resonators
  631. Theoretical and experimental investigation on the influences of misalignment on the lubrication performances and lubrication regimes transition of water lubricated …
  632. Restricted Structural Random Matrix for compressive sensing
  633. Acoustic Classification of Bird Species
  634. Development of a resonant piezoelectric micro-jet for high-viscosity liquid using a longitudinal transducer
  635. Hybrid Forecasting Model Based on Nonlinear Auto-Regressive Exogenous Network, Fourier Transform, Self-organizing Map and Pattern Recognition Model for Hour …
  636. Defeating Super-Reactive Jammers With Deception Strategy: Modeling, Signal Detection, and Performance Analysis
  637. Design and Simulation of information processing system based on digital PCR
  638. An equivalent exchange based data forwarding incentive scheme for socially aware networks
  639. Development of Gas-Liquid Slug Flow Measurement Using Continuous-Wave Doppler Ultrasound and Bandpass Power Spectral Density
  640. A new and efficient constitutive model based on fractional time derivatives for transient analyses of viscoelastic systems
  641. A Fault Feature Extraction Method for Rolling Bearing Based on Intrinsic Time-Scale Decomposition and AR Minimum Entropy Deconvolution
  642. Crowd Counting Via Multi-Level Regression With Latent Gaussian Maps
  643. A self-positioning linear actuator based on a piezoelectric slab with multiple pads
  644. Distributed scheduling using graph neural networks
  645. Designing a hysteresis band in a boost flyback converter
  646. Optimization of continuous sensor placement for modal analysis: Application to an optical backscatter reflectometry strain sensor
  647. Active disturbance rejection control of test sample in electrostatic suspension system
  648. Microwave and wireless synthesizers: theory and design
  649. Remaining useful life prediction of induction motors using nonlinear degradation of health index
  650. MedSecureChain: Applying Blockchain for Delegated Access in Health Care
  651. Protecting Big Data Privacy Using Randomized Tensor Network Decomposition and Dispersed Tensor Computation
  652. Algorithms for cable-suspended payload sway damping by vertical motion of the pivot base
  653. Oversampling adversarial network for class-imbalanced fault diagnosis
  654. Virtually Doped Silicon-on-Insulator Junctionless Transistor for Reduced OFF-State Leakage Current
  655. Frequency locking in the internal resonance of two electrostatically coupled micro-resonators with frequency ratio 1: 3
  656. Multi-stage distributionally robust optimization with risk aversion
  657. Design and experimental verification of a bolt-clamped piezoelectric actuator based on clamping and driving mechanism
  658. A probabilistic risk-based decision framework for structural health monitoring
  659. Online Discriminative Graph Learning from Multi-Class Smooth Signals
  660. EEG-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs): a survey of recent studies on signal sensing technologies and computational intelligence approaches and their …
  661. Smart healthcare-oriented online prediction of lower-limb kinematics and kinetics based on data-driven neural signal decoding
  662. FRF-based transient wave analysis for the viscoelastic parameters identification and leak detection in water-filled plastic pipes
  663. A robust lateral tracking control strategy for autonomous driving vehicles
  664. Constant speed tip deflection determination using the instantaneous phase of blade tip timing data
  665. SESC: A new subset simulation method for rare-events estimation
  666. Adaptive control for a motion mechanism with pneumatic artificial muscles subject to dead-zones
  667. A non-intrusive model-order reduction of geometrically nonlinear structural dynamics using modal derivatives
  668. RGB-D salient object detection: A survey
  669. Study on 3-D modification for reducing vibration of helical gear based on TCA technology, LTCA technology and system dynamics
  670. An Open Source Power System Simulator in Python for Efficient Prototyping of WAMPAC Applications

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