Past Papers of Power Generation and important Questions

Power Generation Past Papers

Paper: Power Generation

Time Allowed: 3 hours


Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q1.      Do as directed.

  1. Fill in the Blank

(1)        The major heat losses in a steam power station occurs in__________.

(2)        The thermal efficiency of a steam power station is about_________

(3)        The most simple and clean plant is ________________plant

  1. True False

(1)        Power house is also called Generating Station                                               (True/False)

(2)        The nuclear reactor is important component of Nuclear Power Plant.           (True/False)

(3)        The primary source of energy is solar.                                                            (True/False)

  1. MCQ’s

(1)        The main purpose of a ______ is to store water which may be used to generate power and for irrigation purposes.                      ( penstock  /  dam  /  reservoir)

(2)        Impulse Turbines are used for _____loads.       ( Low   /  medium  /High)

(3)        Efficiency of a motor having input power as 90 Watt  and output power as 72 J/Sec is__________   (88%   /  80 %  / 18 %  / 125 %)

(4)        The wet steam is converted into dry steam in the _______.

(  turbine    /    boiler    /    super heater)

(5)        The ____is a barrier which creates water head and store water.

(     Fore bay     /     Reservoir    /    Dam)

(6)        CUSIC is the unit of__________.         (    length    / discharge    / volume    / energy)

(7)        Calorie is the unit of _______ energy.  (   Electrical        /    Mechanical   /    Heat)

(8)        Alternator converts ______ energy to electrical energy.

(   Solar      /    Mechanical   /    Heat)


Q2.      Draw a schematic labeled diagram of steam power plant and what factors are taken into account while selecting the site for steam power plant?

Q3       Compare the thermal power plant with the hydro power plant.

Q4.      (a) Draw the schematic diagram for hydro electric power plant.

            (b) Explain the function of Turbine, Spillways, Surge Tank.

Q5.      Define radiant heating. Discuss in detail the advantages of ARC furnaces.

Q6.      Write down the elements of nuclear power station. And a reaction is controlled in the nuclear reactor?

Q7.      What are advantages of nuclear power plant and compare few aspects of nuclear with a

hydro-electric power plant.


Q8.     Write short Notes on any TWO.

  1. Types of Turbines
  2. Power to Progress
  3. Eddy Current Heating