Pathlines, Streamlines, Streaklines Physics MCQs

Solved MCQs on Pathlines, Streamlines, Streaklines in aerodynamics Physics.

What is the equation of pathline?
(A). y = xt
(B). 2ln y = (ln x)2
(C). x = y
(D). x = -1 + y
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

What will be the result if Seeta used a closed curve as her start point?
(A). plane
(B). stream surface
(C). streamline
(D). stream plane
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

What are the imaginary lines in the following?
(A). Streamline and pathline
(B). Pathline and streakline
(C). Streamline and streakline
(D). Only streamline
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: a

Streakline, pathline, streamline are the same in steady flow.
(A). True
(B). False
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: a

What is not associated with the streamlines in the following?
(A). Mass
(B). Velocity
(C). Fluid flow
(D). Fluid domain
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: a

The particles of smoke coming out of the chimney are under ______
(A). Streamline
(B). Streakline
(C). Path line
(D). Position vector
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

Streamlines depend on the frame of reference.
(A). true
(B). false

What is the equation of streamline in an unsteady flow?
(A). x=y
(B). y=0
(C). y=0
(D). y=xt
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: d

What are these lines called, If Ram was on the bank of the river and observing the flow of the river? After some time he got an idea and he started thinking of certain points in the fluid and when he drew tangent to the points, he got the direction of flow.
(A). Streakline
(B). Pathline
(C). Streamline
(D). Velocity vector
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

What is the equation for streamline in steady-state flow?
(A). x=0
(B). y=0
(C). x=y
(D). x=-1
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

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