Work And Energy MCQs

Work And Energy Mcq’s
1. The 60w bulb may consume energy?
A. 15J
B. 40J
C. 60J
D. 30J
Ans: C
2. Earth receive large Amount of energy directly from,
A. sun
B. water
C. moon
D. wind
3. 25000 watt power is equal to,
A. 40hp
B. 38.5hp
C. 33hp
D. 33.5hp
Ans: D
4. When the angle between force and displacement is, the maximum work done within?
A. 90 degree
B. 40 degree
C. 0 degree
D. 100 degree
Ans: C
5. One joule per second is called?
A. Joule
B. watt
C. degree
D. Mass
Ans: B
6. When the velocity of a 5000-kg truck whose K.E is 360 KJ the truck maximum distance covered,
A. 156km/h
B. 43km/h
C. 35km/h
D. 40km/h
Ans: B
7. Powered can be expressed in
A. kg-m/s
B. Nm/s
C. N-m
D. none of these
Ans: B
8. one kilowatt hour of work is equal to:
A. 36.0MJ
B. 33MJ
C. 3.6MJ
D. 6.3MJ
Ans: C
9. The dimension of power is:
A. [ML-1]
B. [MLT-2]
C. [ML2T-2]
D. none of these
Ans: C
10. An example of conservative force is:
A. centripetal force
B. elastic force
C. electric force
D. gravitational force
Ans: A
11. 1 hours power is equal to
A. 746J
Ans: B
12. A moving a body may not have:
A. K.E
B. Speed
C. potential
D. P.E
Ans: D
13. Ratio of dimension of power and K.E is:
A. T:2
B. T:1
C. 1:T
D. none of these
Ans: B
14. K.E of a body of mass 2KG and momentum 2Ns is:
A. 4J
B. 6J
C. 1J
D. 3J
Ans: C
15. Slope of work time graph is equal to:
A. force
B. dencity
C. speed
D. power
Ans: D
16. slope of work time graph is equal to:
A. Energy
B. Speed
C. Acceleration
D. Power
Ans: D
17. If a body a mass of 2kg is raised vertically through 2m, then the work done will be?
A. 38.2kg
B. 39.2J
C. 39J
D. 40J
Ans: B
18. If velocity is doubled then:
A. momentum increase 2 times and K.E increase 4time
B. momentum increase 4 time and K.E increase 2time
C. monetum and K.E remain same
D. none of these
Ans: A
19. The highest value of escape velocity in solar system planet is:
A. Moon
B. Sun
C. Earth
D. Jupiter
Ans: D
20. Propulsion force of a rocket is:
A. Radioactive force
B. None conservative force
C. Conservative force
D. Both A and B
Ans: B
21. The source of tidal energy is:
A. Moon
B. Sun
C. Earth
D. mars
Ans: A
22. Gravitational P.E of a body has:
A. no general formula
B. no formula
C. A formula mgh only
D. none of these
Ans: A
23. The relation between horse power and watt is:
A. 1 hp = 544 watts
B. 1 hp = 546 KW
C. 1 hp = 546 watts
D. 1 hp = 948 watts
Ans: C