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Physics Multiple Choices Question form Books Chapter

Physics Multiple Choices Question form Books Chapter

1. When we brought to proton close together

A. Potential energy between them increase

B. Kinetic energy increase

C. Potential energy between them does not change

D. Potential energy between them decrease

and: A

2. What is the direction of wind flows from areas of

A. Low pressure to areas of low altitudes

B. High pressure to areas of low pressure

C. High altitudes to areas of low altitudes

D. Low temperature to areas of high temperature

Ans: B

3. Which of the following is an example of non-conservation force

A. Magnetic force

B. Electric force

C. Gravitational force

D. None of these

E. Frictional force

Ans: E

4. What will be the temperature of Hot igneous rock is

A. Cold regions

B. Hot regions

C. Normal regions

D. Volcanic regions

E. All of the above

ans: D

5. When a motor can lift a weight of 3000N through a height of 20 min 30 sec.
what is power the motion?

A. 2000 w

B. 3000 w

C. 100 w

D. 4000w

Ans: A

6. If a body is moving in a circular path, it covers certain angle on the given intervals of time. such type of motion is called

A. Rotatory motion

B. Linear motion

C. Angular motion

D. Vibratory motion

Ans: C

7. What is the SI unit of angular acceleration

A. Radan /second

B. Radian

C. M/s

D. None of these

Ans: D

8. Which of the following is correct in case of centripetal force

A. Towards the centre along the radius

B. Opposite to the motion of the body

C. Away from the centre along the radius

D. along the direction of motion

Ans: A



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