Important Physics MCQs-2

Important Physics MCQs-2

1 ._________ is the SI unit of solid angle.

A. candela

B. steradian

C. degree

D. radian

E. revolution

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2. Unit of the amount of substance is

A.  mole

B. joule

D. amount of substance

E. intensity of light

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3. How can we reduce random errors

A. comparing the instrument with another more accurate one

B. taking mean of several measurements

C. taking zero correction

D. all A, B, and C are correct

E. none of the above

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4. The solid angle is represented by

A. cd

B. rad

C. sr

D. none of the above

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5. scalar physical quantity is completely specified by 

A. a number with proper units

B. a direction only

C. a number only

D. a number with a direction

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6. which of the following is an example of the scalar quantity

A. velocity

B. torque

C. acceleration

D. energy

E. speed

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7. which of the following is the vector quantity

A. charge

B. impulse

C. density

D. power

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8. There are two forces 5N and 12N making an angle 90° with each other is,

A. 14N

B. 15N

C. 7N

D. 17N

E. 13N

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9. What is the angle between two rectangular components of any vector?.

A. 90°

B. 180°

C. 50°

D. 30°

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10. Torque is also defined as

A. moment of inertia

B. moment of force

C. angular velocity

D. moment of arm

E. none of the above

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11. what will be the angle___ when the Dot product of two non-zero vectors is zero.

A. 180°

B. 90°

C. 30°

D. 40°

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12. Two vectors is negative when the Scalar product is

A. an anti-parallel vector

B. a parallel vector

C. parallel with some magnitude

D. a perpendicular vector

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