IAF Physics MCQs

Vortex Flow MCQs for IAF Physics.

Solved MCQs of Vortex Flow in Physics for IAF jobs.

On the X-axis the circles with their center are ________
(A). eccentric circles
(B). concentric circles
(C). potential lines
(D). equal circles
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

______ is formed by the free vortex flow
(A). straight lines
(B). concentric circles
(C). parabola
(D). hyperbola
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

Source flow and uniform flow combination gives flow past a _____
(A). Cylinder
(B). Half body
(C). Full body
(D). Wedge
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

On the surface a body floats when _______
(A). Metacenter is above gravity
(B). Metacenter is below gravity
(C). Metacenter is equal to gravity
(D). Gravity is above the metacenter
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: a

Vortex flow is ________ except at the origin where r=0.
(A). rotational
(B). laminar
(C). irrotational
(D). turbulent
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

By using ______the center of pressure can be calculated.
(A). Principle of moments
(B). Principle of energy
(C). Mass conservation
(D). Rayleigh’s principle
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: a

Vortex flow’ strength can be given by _________
(A). G=2*pi*C
(B). G=2*pi
(C). G=-2*pi*C
(D). G=0
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

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