Physics MCQ’s From Past Papers

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on September 2nd, 2019

Physics MCQ’s From Past Papers

1. What is the relative permittivity  of air

A. 1.0006

B. 7.8

C. 3.7

E. 1

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2.  The working principle of the dielectric in the capacitor is …

A. Electric Polarization

B. No Charge

C. Small Charge

D. Maximum Charge


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3. ERG stand for what…?

A. Electro Retinography

B. Electro Radiography

C. Electrography

D. None of these

E. All of the above


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4. If Air is the dielectric between plates of a capacitor, by doubling the distance between the plates and reducing the area to 1/3 of the original value, its capacitance becomes

A. 6 times

B. 90 times

C. 10 times

D. 1/6 times

E. None of these

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5. NaCl is a …………. dielectric

A. Polar

B. Non-Polar

C. Electric

D. Magnetic


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6. Initially, when the capacitor is uncharged, the potential difference between plates is

A. Infinite

B. Zero

C. Maximum

D. Minimum

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7.The Unit if Resistance Capacitance is … 

A. Ohm Farad

B. Coulomb

C. Both A & C

D. Second

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8. The Unit of the energy density of the capacitor is

A. jm^2


C. J/m^3

D. j/F

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9. The capacitance of two 5µF capacitors in series is …….. µF

A. 25

B. 2.5

C. 10

D. 5


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10. The electric field lines will be uniform when placed …

A. Near a -ve charge

B. Near a +ve charge

C. The Middle between two positively charged plates

D. All of these

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11. Visual representation of the electric field can be obtained by …

A. Electric lines of force

B. Electric flux

C. Both A & B

D. Electric Field Lines

E. None Of These


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12. How is energy stored in the capacitor?

A. Magnetic Field

B.  gravitation Field

C. Electric Field

D. All of These


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