Physics MCQ’s From Past Papers

Physics MCQ’s From Past Papers

1. What is the relative permittivity  of air

A. 1.0006

B. 7.8

C. 3.7

E. 1

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2.  The working principle of the dielectric in the capacitor is …

A. Electric Polarization

B. No Charge

C. Small Charge

D. Maximum Charge


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3. ERG stand for what…?

A. Electro Retinography

B. Electro Radiography

C. Electrography

D. None of these

E. All of the above


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4. If Air is the dielectric between plates of a capacitor, by doubling the distance between the plates and reducing the area to 1/3 of the original value, its capacitance becomes

A. 6 times

B. 90 times

C. 10 times

D. 1/6 times

E. None of these

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5. NaCl is a …………. dielectric

A. Polar

B. Non-Polar

C. Electric

D. Magnetic


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6. Initially, when the capacitor is uncharged, the potential difference between plates is

A. Infinite

B. Zero

C. Maximum

D. Minimum

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7.The Unit if Resistance Capacitance is … 

A. Ohm Farad

B. Coulomb

C. Both A & C

D. Second

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8. The Unit of the energy density of the capacitor is

A. jm^2


C. J/m^3

D. j/F

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9. The capacitance of two 5µF capacitors in series is …….. µF

A. 25

B. 2.5

C. 10

D. 5


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10. The electric field lines will be uniform when placed …

A. Near a -ve charge

B. Near a +ve charge

C. The Middle between two positively charged plates

D. All of these

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11. Visual representation of the electric field can be obtained by …

A. Electric lines of force

B. Electric flux

C. Both A & B

D. Electric Field Lines

E. None Of These


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12. How is energy stored in the capacitor?

A. Magnetic Field

B.  gravitation Field

C. Electric Field

D. All of These


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