Pitot Tube MCQs Physics


Solved MCQs on Pitot Tube in aerodynamics Physics.

With flat faces, the Pitot tube is more sensitive.
(A). True
(B). False
MCQ Answer: b

From hypersonic to incompressible the dynamic pressure is used in all flows.
(A). True
(B). False
(E). Partially True
MCQ Answer: a

Dynamic pressure is given by the _____
(A). The static and total pressure difference
(B). Static and total pressure sum
(C). Static and total pressure product
(D). Static and total pressure doublet
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: a

The pitot-static tube is generally covered when the aircraft is grounded.
(A). True
(B). False
MCQ Answer: a

Due to location in the pitot tube, what are the errors called that are generated? __________
(A). position errors
(B). normal errors
(C). negligible errors
(D). positive errors
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: a

In measuring the airspeed, the pitot tube help by using?
(A). Temperature
(B). Velocity
(C). Match number
(D). The pressure difference
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: d

The kinetic energy is converted into ______ in a pitot tube
(A). potential energy
(B). total energy
(C). pressure energy
(D). internal energy
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

The pitot tube’s lower end is bet at an angle of _________
(A). 120 degrees
(B). 360 degrees
(C). 90 degrees
(D). 45 degrees
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

What is the instrument that combines both the total and static pressure?
(A). Dynamic probe
(B). Static probe
(C). Pitot static probe
(D). Stagnation probe
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

Only for incompressible flow, the difference of pressure (p0-p1) holds good.
(A). True
(B). False
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: a

When the velocity of the local flow itself is zero then Static pressure is?
(A).  not equal to the total pressure
(B).  equal to the total pressure
(C). 0
(D). infinity
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

If an aircraft is flying at cruise level with a 110m/s velocity at 10 km altitude and 5.43kN/m2 is dynamic pressure. Now assume that the aircraft flying is at sea level with 65m/s speed and the same dynamic pressure. In the above data, the 65m/s velocity refers to _______
(A). true airspeed
(B). equivalent airspeed
(C). free stream velocity
(D). cruising speed
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

Relative to vacuum the pressure measured is called ______
(A). total pressure
(B). static pressure
(C). dynamic pressure
(D). absolute pressure
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: d

To measure airspeed what is the most common device that is used?
(A). altimeter
(B). thermometer
(C). pressure gauge
(D). pitot tube
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: d

Pressure ______ is given us by the randomness of the molecules.
(A). Stagnation
(B). Static
(C). Dynamic
(D). Absolute
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

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