PPSC Test mcqs of physics SET 2

PPSC Test MCQs of physics SET 2

In this tutorial, we will try to answer the MCQs of physics for PPSC Test. 

1. What will be the resultant color if we add all the colors of the rainbow?

(A) Red
(B) Dark Blue
(C) White
(D) Black

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2. An instrument used to measure gas pressure is called

(A) Thermometer
(B) galvanometer
(C) manometer
(D) ammeter

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3. If we add salt to the pure water, its boiling point will

(A) remain same
(B) increase
(C) decrease
(D) All of above

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4. The boiling point of alcohol is

(A) 79 °C
(B) 65 °C
(C) 80 °C
(D) 70 °C

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5. Which color is formed when we combine red, green and blue?

(A) Dark Blue
(B) Maroon
(C) Red
(D) White

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6. The heating elements in electric kettles and irons are made up of

(A) fire-clay
(B) nichrome

(C) chromel
(D) tungsten

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7. The air temperature is lower as compared to sea level at high altitude, so what is the boiling temperature of the water?

(A) higher
(B) lower
(C) absolute
(D) None of above

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8. What type of process is Evaporation?

(A) condensation
(B) cooling
(C) convection
(D) liquefying

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9. What two processes on which refrigerator works?

(A) radiation and evaporation
(B) condensation and evaporation
(C) convection and radiation
(D) condensation and evaporation

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10. The melting point of ice becomes low if pressure.

(A) doubles
(B) consistency
(C) decrease
(D) increase

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