Number Theory Research Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Number Theory

Research Paper Topics ideas for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1.  Transcendental number theory
  2.  Analytical number theory: A topological approach
  3. Entropy and Its Application to Number Theory
  4.  Geometric Number Theory
  5. Non-dense orbits on homogeneous spaces and applications to geometry and number theory
  6. Number theory
  7. Beyond Knuth’s notation for unimaginable numbers within computational number theory
  8.  Number Theory and Dynamical Systems (Preliminary Notes)
  9. Watermarking of Digital Image Based on Complex Number Theory
  10. On a communication complexity problem in combinatorial number theory
  11. Study of Hazards in Underground Mining: Using Fuzzy Cognitive Map and Z-Number Theory for Prioritizing of effective Factors on Occupational Hazards in …
  12. Conjecture: 100% of elliptic surfaces over Q have rank zero
  13. Periods of t-modules as special values
  14. t-Aspect subconvexity for GL (2)× GL (2) L-function
  15. The even parity Goldfeld conjecture: Congruent number elliptic curves
  16. Fragile watermarking scheme in spatial domain based on prime number distribution theory
  17. Efforts to Stop Prosecutions Based on the Regulation of the Prosecutors of the Republic of Indonesia Number 15 of 2020 Perspective of the Theory of Dignity Justice
  18. Five open problems in quantum information theory
  19. On explicit estimates for S (t), S1 (t), and ζ (1/2+ it) under the Riemann hypothesis
  20. Classifying families of orthogonal polynomials having Galois group the alternating group
  21.  A reduction algorithm for Hilbert modular groups
  22.  MacMahon’s partition analysis XIII: Schmidt type partitions and modular forms
  23. Alon–Tarsi numbers of direct products
  24. NNLO positivity bounds on chiral perturbation theory for a general number of flavours
  25. On shuffle-type functional relations of desingularized multiple zeta-functions
  26. Algebraic independence of the Carlitz period and its hyperderivatives
  27. Counting zeros of the Riemann zeta function
  28. Equivariant special L-values of abelian t-modules
  29. Higher genus theory
  30. On the number of zeros of diagonal quartic forms over finite fields
  31. Sequences with almost Poissonian pair correlations
  32. Non-commutative analytic subgroup theorem
  33. The local Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture for U (n+ 1)× U (n): A non-generic case
  34. Anabelian group-theoretic properties of the absolute Galois groups of discrete valuation fields
  35. Multiplicities and Plancherel formula for the space of nondegenerate Hermitian matrices
  36. On Drinfeld modular forms of higher rank IV: Modular forms with level
  37. Class numbers of real quadratic fields
  38. On some applications of GCD sums to Arithmetic Combinatorics
  39. Real quadratic fields admitting universal lattices of rank 7
  40. Fundamental Theory
  41. More exact values of the function Γ⁎(k)
  42. Rogers’ mean value theorem for S-arithmetic Siegel transforms and applications to the geometry of numbers
  43. A consequence of the relative Bogomolov conjecture
  44. Explicit lower bounds on| L (1, χ)|
  45.  Euler: The master of us all
  46. Polynomials Consisting of Quadratic Factors with Roots Modulo Any Positive Integer
  47. On seven conjectures of Kedlaya and Medvedovsky
  48. Frobenius–Perron theory of representations of quivers
  49. Mordell–Weil ranks and Tate–Shafarevich groups of elliptic curves with mixed-reduction type over cyclotomic extensions
  50.  Pairing pythagorean pairs
  51. p-adic heights and Vologodsky integration
  52.  Proof of the Bessenrodt–Ono Inequality by Induction
  53. On an extension of the Landau-Gonek formula
  54. On twisted A-harmonic sums and Carlitz finite zeta values
  55.  p-adic Differential Equations
  56. A t-motivic interpretation of shuffle relations for multizeta values
  57.  Fourier analysis
  58. Rikuna’s generic cyclic polynomial and the monogenity
  59. On the compactification of the Drinfeld modular curve of level Γ1Δ (n)
  60. Weighted partition rank and crank moments. III. A list of Andrews–Beck type congruences modulo , , and
  61.  Some properties of the Catalan numbers
  62. A crank-based approach to the theory of 3-core partitions
  63. Supercongruences concerning truncated hypergeometric series
  64. Counting bounded elements of a number field
  65. Algebraicity of the near central non-critical values of symmetric fourth L-functions for Hilbert modular forms
  66.  Diophantine triples and K3 surfaces
  67. O-minimal invariants for discrete-time dynamical systems
  68. Elliptic curves over the rational numbers with semi-abelian reduction and two-division points
  69. Fitting ideals of class groups in Carlitz–Hayes cyclotomic extensions
  70.  Notes on isocrystals
  71.  Effective arguments in unipotent dynamics
  72. On multi-poly-Bernoulli–Carlitz numbers
  73. Tensor powers of rank 1 Drinfeld modules and periods
  74. Tilted corners in integer grids
  75. Spectrum of a linear differential equation over a field of formal power series
  76. Some finiteness results for algebraic groups and unramified cohomology over higher-dimensional fields
  77. Arithmetic intersections of modular geodesics
  78. Functional equation and zeros on the critical line of the quadrilateral zeta function
  79. Some q-supercongruences from the Bailey transformation
  80. Variétés abéliennes CM et grosse monodromie finie sauvage
  81. Theta correspondence for almost unramified representations of unitary groups
  82. How far is an extension of p-adic fields from having a normal integral basis?
  83. An effective version of Belyĭ’s theorem in positive characteristic
  84. On Drinfeld modular forms of higher rank II
  85. On superspecial abelian surfaces over finite fields III
  86.  Integrality, duality and finiteness in combinatoric topological strings
  87. Unique sums and differences in finite Abelian groups
  88. On the clique number of Paley graphs of prime power order
  89. A finiteness result for p-adic families of Bianchi modular forms
  90. Model theory of adeles I
  91.  Algebraic geometry and commutative algebra
  92. Category of C-motives over finite fields
  93. A reliability analysis method of dynamic irregularity for track–viaduct system with low stiffness
  94.  Twist-minimal trace formula for holomorphic cusp forms
  95. Discrete maximal operators over surfaces of higher codimension
  96. Topological models for stable motivic invariants of regular number rings
  97. A lower bound on the number of inequivalent APN functions
  98. Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: A Roadmap for Matching Theory to Experiment
  99. DSRP Theory: A Primer
  100.  Introduction to the theory of differential inclusions
  101. Capitulation abélienne des groupes de classes de rayons
  102. Probabilistic uncertain linguistic EDAS method based on prospect theory for multiple attribute group decision-making and its application to green finance
  103. Paramodular forms coming from elliptic curves
  104. Metric theory of Weyl sums
  105. On the extension of the theory of Umweganregung with respect to the use of divergent white X-ray radiation
  106. Machine-learning the Sato–Tate conjecture
  107. On the Theory of Free Carrier Electro-Magneto-Optical Phenomena
  108. On the bounds of the perimeter of an ellipse
  109. Convergence to the Plancherel measure of Hecke Eigenvalues
  110. On the theory of electrical domains in hot electron semiconductors
  111. Testing real quantum theory in an optical quantum network
  112. No-go theorems for quantum resource purification: New approach and channel theory
  113.  Infinite Sperner’s theorem
  114. The Theory of the Use of Cloud Technologies in the Implementation of Hierarchical Preparation of Engineers
  115.  A Course in Stochastic Game Theory
  116. Theory of Light Emission by Impurity Centres from Non-Equilibrium Vibrational States
  117.  The Analog of Lehmer Problem on Abelian Varieties with Complex Multiplication
  118. On the theory of the MIS high-frequency capacitance. The effect of degeneration and non-parabolicity
  119. The Choice of Non-Equilibrium Statistical Operator Parameters and the Cross-Relaxation Theory
  120. Triangles and triple products of Laplace eigenfunctions
  121. Resampling and Network Theory
  122. Some q-supercongruences from a quadratic transformation by Rahman
  123. A vortex–wave interaction theory describing the effect of boundary forcing on shear flows
  125. On Elkies’ method for bounding the transitivity degree of Galois groups
  126. Mock modularity and surface defects in topological super Yang-Mills theory
  127. l-class groups of fields in Kummer towers
  128.  Maxima of log-correlated fields: some recent developments
  129. The 4D Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet theory of gravity: a review
  130.  An Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management System for Universities Based on Cluster Analysis Theory
  131. Recurrence relations of poly-Cauchy numbers by the r-Stirling transform
  132. Frames over finite fields: Basic theory and equiangular lines in unitary geometry
  133.  Necessary and sufficient conditions for a difference defined by four derivatives of a function containing trigamma function to be completely monotonic
  134. On the ergodic Waring–Goldbach problem
  135. Employing Typicality in Optimal Control Theory
  136. Gallai-Ramsey number of even cycles with chords
  137. Discussion of the heat flux rectification in the solid-solid system in the acoustic-mismatch theory framework
  138. 3-BiHom-Lie superalgebras induced by BiHom-Lie superalgebras
  139. Hermite-Pad\'{e} approximation and integrability
  140.  Graph theory methods: applications in brain networks
  141. A new extension for local composition model–From theory to Equation of State
  142. Comparing Crowdfunding Theory and Practice: The Case of Technology Firms in England
  144. Differential and Integral Calculus for Fuzzy Number-Valued Functions with Interactivity
  145.  Convergence Theory for IETI-DP Solvers for Discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis that is Explicit in ℎ and 𝑝
  146. Coefficient bounds for a new family of bi-univalent functions associated with -Lucas polynomials
  147.  Forecasting: theory and practice
  148. Constructive theory of ordinals
  149. Varieties of mathematical understanding
  150.  Brane Physics Solutions for M-Theory
  151.  Statistical Inference: Theory of Estimation
  152. Archive theory
  153.  Rough statistical convergence for difference sequences
  154. Exact learning and test theory
  155. Estimating power for clinical trials with Patient Reported Outcomes-using Item Response Theory
  156. Nonlocal vibration of functionally graded nanoplates using a layerwise theory
  157. Adopting the Joint Line Theory for Bone Resection in Cruciate‐Retaining Total Knee Arthroplasty to Prevent Flexion Gap Tightness
  158.  Theory-oriented screening and discovery of advanced energy transformation materials in electrocatalysis
  159. Theory of Critical Distances and static/dynamic fracture behaviour of un-reinforced concrete: length scale parameters vs. material meso-structural features
  160. Some explicit expressions for twisted Catalan-Daehee numbers
  161. A new distance-based total uncertainty measure in Dempster-Shafer evidence theory
  162. Semi-supervised Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation: Theory and Algorithms
  163. Perceived behavioral control moderating effects in the theory of planned behavior: A meta-analysis.
  164.  q-Laplace transform on quantum integral
  165.  International Symposium in Approximation Theory Nashville, May 17-21, 2011
  166.  Theory and techniques for “intellicise” wireless networks
  167. On subspace-recurrent operators
  168. Calculus of linear fuzzy-number-valued functions using the generalized derivative and the Riemann integral of fuzzy n-cell-number-valued functions
  169. The operator-splitting method for Cahn-Hilliard is stable
  170. On maximal cliques of Cayley graphs over fields
  171. Effective Field Theory of St\” uckelberg Vector Bosons
  172. Constructing Generic Effective Field Theory for All Masses and Spins
  173. … enhancement and emission reduction of a diesel engine fueled with different biodiesel-diesel blending fuel based on the multi-parameter optimization theory
  174. Using information theory to detect rogue taxa and improve consensus trees
  175. Partial offloading with stable equilibrium in fog-cloud environments using replicator dynamics of evolutionary game theory
  176. Paul Erdos, Sweet Genius
  177. Several determinantal expressions of generalized Tribonacci polynomials and sequences
  178. Two loop mass renormalization in heterotic string theory: NS states
  179. The maximum number of induced ‘s in a planar graph
  180. A mathematical theory of the computational resolution limit in one dimension
  181.  Home: Indian Lattice Gauge Theory Initiative: TIFR
  182. Extremal problems for multigraphs
  183. On the Diophantine Equation dx 2 + p 2 aq 2 b = 4 yp
  184. Quantum q-series identities
  185.  Ample simplicial complexes
  186. On Evaluations of Euler-Type Sums of Hyperharmonic Numbers
  187.  Snowmass White Paper: Bootstrapping String Theory
  188. Hyperbolic functions obtained from -Jacobsthal sequences
  189.  Efficient well placement optimization based on theory-guided convolutional neural network
  190. Experimental validation of inviscid linear stability theory applied to an axisymmetric jet
  191. Cultural Consensus Theory for Two-Dimensional Data: Expertise-Weighted Aggregation of Location Judgments
  192.  Some Cambridge controversies in the theory of capital
  193. Second moment of the Prime Geodesic Theorem for PSL ( 2 , Z [ i ] )
  194.  Philosophical methodology: from data to theory
  195. Non-classical foundations of set theory
  196. A review on a general multi-species BGK model: modelling, theory and numerics
  197. Angular-momentum projection in coupled-cluster theory: structure of Mg
  198.  Least number of n-periodic points of self-maps of PSU ( 2 ) × PSU ( 2 )
  199. Logic Locking-Connecting Theory and Practice
  200. Inflation: Theory and Observations
  201. Poncelet triangles: a theory for locus ellipticity
  202. Theory of Nuclear Quadrupole Relaxation in Liquid Metals
  203.  Integration of Information Theory, Fractal Theory and Statistical Analyses for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping at Regional Scales
  204.  Employment Effects of Restricting Fixed-Term Contracts: Theory and Evidence
  205.  Advanced nursing research: From theory to practice
  206. Theorizing the behavioral state: Resolving the theory-practice paradox of policy sciences
  207.  Development of a theory-informed questionnaire to assess the acceptability of healthcare interventions
  208. Quantitative study on landscape colors of plant communities in urban parks based on natural color system and M‐S theory in Nanjing, China
  209. Reliance on artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning in the Era of industry 4.0
  210. Pure Gauss sums and skew Hadamard difference sets
  211.  Political Settlements and Development: Theory, Evidence, Implications
  212. Representation Theory via Cohomology of Line Bundles
  213. Wall Distance Effects on Transition to Turbulence in Low-Reynolds-Number Separated Flows
  214. On the formalist-structuralist theory of character
  215. Where (and by how much) does a theory break down? With an application to the expectation hypothesis
  216. An enhanced higher order zigzag theory for laminated composite plates under mechanical/thermal loading
  217. Incorporating kinematic wave theory into a deep learning method for high-resolution traffic speed estimation
  218. Gap statistics and higher correlations for geometric progressions modulo one
  219.  The theory and practice of change management
  220.  Advanced topics in quantum field theory: A lecture course
  221. Algorithmically solving the tadpole problem
  222. On the maximum number of odd cycles in graphs without smaller odd cycles
  223. The Study of the Pore Structure Properties of Rocks Based on Complex Network Theory: Taking an Example of the Sandstone in the Tongnan Area in China
  224. Golden Age of Analog
  225. On a class of hypergeometric diagonals
  226. Proton number cumulants and correlation functions in Au-Au collisions at –200 GeV from hydrodynamics
  227. Non-virtually abelian anisotropic linear groups are not boundedly generated
  228. On a Diophantine equation
  229. Research Design: From Theory to Application
  230. Knock Detection in Combustion Engine Time Series Using a Theory-Guided 1D Convolutional Neural Network Approach
  231. Conceptual configuration design of line-foldable deployable space truss structures employing graph theory
  232. Quantitative numerical analysis of micro-thermal transpiration pump using kinetic theory of gases
  233.  Elements of?-Category Theory
  235.  Predicting Acceptance of e–Mental Health Interventions in Patients With Obesity by Using an Extended Unified Theory of Acceptance Model: Cross-sectional …
  236. An energy bound in the affine group
  237.  Integration and Differentiation in the European Union: Theory and Policies
  238. Transfer operators and Hankel transforms between relative trace formulas, I: Character theory
  239. Dichromatic number and forced subdivisions
  240. Analytical method of evaluating nonuniformities in shock tube flows: theory and development
  241. Thermal Sensor Placement for Multi-core Systems based on Low-complex Compressive Sensing Theory
  242. A note on groups with a finite number of pairwise permutable seminormal subgroups
  243. Normal cloud model theory-based comprehensive fuzzy assessment of wooden pagoda safety
  244. Beam theory reformulation to implement various boundary conditions for generalized differential quadrature method
  245. How Schrödinger’s mice weave consciousness
  246.  A Galerkin strategy for tri-hybridized mixture in ethylene glycol comprising variable diffusion and thermal conductivity using non-Fourier’s theory
  247. A classical formulation of quantum theory?
  248. Nanodosimetric calculations of radiation-induced DNA damage in a new nucleus geometrical model based on the isochore theory
  249.  Using theories and frameworks to understand how to reduce low-value healthcare: a scoping review
  250. Inverse Turán numbers
  251. Choice points for a theory of normality
  252. Open for innovation: An improved measurement approach using item response theory
  253. Unitarity Problems for an Effective Field Theory Description of Early Universe Cosmology
  254. A socialist republican theory of freedom and government
  255. Asymptotically most powerful tests for random number generators
  256. The impact of digital marketing strategies on customer’s buying behavior in online shopping using the rough set theory
  257. A novel pipeline leak detection and localization method based on the FBG pipe-fixture sensor array and compressed sensing theory
  258. A new lower bound on graph gonality
  259.  The unreasonable effectiveness of wall-crossing in algebraic geometry
  260.  ABID: Angle Based Intrinsic Dimensionality—Theory and analysis
  261. Putting the theory into ‘burstlet theory’with a biophysical model of burstlets and bursts in the respiratory preBötzinger complex
  262. Limit distribution theory for smooth -Wasserstein distances
  263. Nonparametric estimation and conformal inference of the sufficient forecasting with a diverging number of factors
  264. On two conjectures about the intersection distribution
  265. Transfer operators and Hankel transforms between relative trace formulas, II: Rankin–Selberg theory
  266. Kuroda’s formula and arithmetic statistics
  267. Ground states of Heisenberg spin clusters from projected Hartree-Fock theory
  268. Gravitational Decoupling algorithm modifies the value of the conserved charges and thermodynamics properties in Lovelock Unique Vacuum theory
  269.  Improving the visibility and description of theory in qualitative research: The QUANTUM typology