Network model Research Topics Ideas in DBMS

Network model Research Topics Ideas in DBMS

1. Predicting potential sars-cov-2 drugs-in depth drug database screening using deep neural network framework ssnet, classical virtual screening and docking
2. Diseases on complex networks. Modeling from a database and a protection strategy proposal
3. Database Storage Design for Model Serving Workloads
4. Smart detection of fire source in tunnel based on the numerical database and artificial intelligence
5. Prediction of Ground‐Motion Parameters for the NGA‐West2 Database Using Refined Second‐Order Deep Neural Networks
6. An integrative multiomic network model links lipid metabolism to glucose regulation in coronary artery disease
7. Comparative Analysis Between Two Convolutional Neural Networks Structures Applied to a Small Steel Surface Defects Database
8. A Network Parameter Database False Data Injection Correction Physics-Based Model: A Machine Learning Synthetic Measurement-Based Approach
9. Intever Public Database for Arcing Event Detection: Feature Analysis, Benchmark Test and Multi-Scale CNN Application
10. A novel lightweight PUF based authentication protocol for IoT without explicit CRPs in verifier database
11. A convolutional neural-network model of human cochlear mechanics and filter tuning for real-time applications
12. Using a material database and data fusion method to accelerate the process model development of high shear wet granulation
13. Meta-learning baselines and database for few-shot classification in agriculture
14. Scalable Service-Driven Database-Enabled Wireless Network Virtualization for Robust RF Sharing
16. Reviewer Recommendations Using Document Vector Embeddings and a Publisher Database: Implementation and Evaluation
17. Sentiment analysis for stock market predection with deep neural network: A case study for international corporate stock database
18. Research and Application of Electric Topology Model Based on Graph Database
19. Efficient Model Store and Reuse in an OLML Database System
20. Establishment and extension of digital aggregate database using auxiliary classifier Wasserstein GAN with gradient penalty
21. Berkeley Open MOS dataBase (BOMB): A Dataset for Silicon Technology Representation Learning
22. IOT and context‐aware learning‐based optimal neural network model for real‐time health monitoring
23. Machine Learning Prediction Models for Mechanically Ventilated Patients: Analyses of the MIMIC-III Database
24. Multitask Multi-database Emotion Recognition
25. Quantifying restoration time of power and telecommunication lifelines after earthquakes using Bayesian belief network model
26. RMVar: an updated database of functional variants involved in RNA modifications
27. Model-Database-Interface: a study of the redesign of the ArtBase, and the role of user agency in born-digital archives
28. CIPM: Common Identification Process Model for Database Forensics Field
29. The DBSAV Database: Predicting Deleteriousness of Single Amino Acid Variations in the Human Proteome

30. Automated Detection of Voice Disorder in the Saarbrücken Voice Database: Effects of Pathology Subset and Audio Materials}}
31. Building an Ecologically Valid Facial Expression Database–Behind the Scenes
32. Materials Parameters Prediction from Microstructure by Machine Learning: Database Generation
33. Model for Estimation of Building Structure and Built Year Using Building Facade Images and Attributes Obtained from a Real Estate Database
34. VECTOR: An Integrated Correlation Network Database for the Identification of CeRNA Axes in Uveal Melanoma
35. The BioGRID database: A comprehensive biomedical resource of curated protein, genetic, and chemical interactions
36. A Multi-omic Huntington’s Disease Transgenic Sheep-Model Database for Investigating Disease Pathogenesis
37. Personalized k-fold Cross-Validation Analysis with Transfer from Phasic to Tonic Pain Recognition on X-ITE Pain Database
38. Applying Database for Constructing Artificial Intelligence Institutional Evaluation Model of Senior High Schools
39. A new deep convolutional neural network model for classifying breast cancer histopathological images and the hyperparameter optimisation of the proposed model

40. COG database update: focus on microbial diversity, model organisms, and widespread pathogens
41. Artificial neural network model of hardness, porosity and cavitation erosion wear of APS deposited Al2O3-13 wt% TiO2 coatings
42. opengauss: An autonomous database system
43. The ModelSEED Biochemistry Database for the integration of metabolic annotations and the reconstruction, comparison and analysis of metabolic models for plants …
44. SEcure Similar Image Matching (SESIM): An Improved Privacy Preserving Image Retrieval Protocol over Encrypted Cloud Database
45. … validation of prognostic models to predict stillbirth using the International Prediction of Pregnancy Complications (IPPIC) Network database: an individual participant …
46. A Common Information Model Integration in a Graph Database for LV Terminal Distribution Networks with PLC-based Smart Meters
47. Machine learning versus regression modelling in predicting individual healthcare costs from a representative sample of the nationwide claims database in France
48. Prediction of Short Fiber Composite Properties by an Artificial Neural Network Trained on an RVE Database. Fibers 2021, 9, 8
49. Application of embedded network system and distributed database in children’s psychological education
50. Enterprise Analytics using Graph Database and Graph-based Deep Learning
51. … of lncRNA-associated ceRNA Network Identifies Prognostic lncRNAs in Bladder Cancer Based on Whole Transcriptome Sequencing and TCGA Database
52. Toward a complete and comprehensive cross section database for electron scattering from NO using machine learning
53. An isotropic EPI database and analytical pipelines for rat brain resting-state fMRI
54. Data Mining in the Era of Big Data: The BrainMap Database as a Resource for Characterizing Brain Networks in Psychiatric Illness
55. Blind quality assessment for in-the-wild images via hierarchical feature fusion and iterative mixed database training
56. Role-Based Profiling Using Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory for Securing Database Systems
57. Geospatial Database
58. Classification of Database Technology Problems on Stack Overflow
59. TREND database: Retinal images of healthy young subjects visualized by a portable digital non-mydriatic fundus camera
60. Uncertain database retrieval with measure–Based belief function attribute values under intuitionistic fuzzy set
61. pdm_utils: a SEA-PHAGES MySQL phage database management toolkit
62. A novel hybrid deep neural network model for short‐term electricity price forecasting
63. An Review of Student Sentimental Analysis For Educational Database Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Approaches
64. Database “Childfree (antinatalist) communities in the social network VKontakte”
65. Continuous Prediction of Mortality in the PICU: A Recurrent Neural Network Model in a Single-Center Dataset
66. Annotated image database of cracked/uncracked concrete-Enabling AI to recognize cracks in concrete structures
67. An implementation of a fault-tolerant database system using the actor model
68. Face recognition framework based on effective computing and adversarial neural network and its implementation in machine vision for social robots
69. Mysql Database Syncronization Using Restful Webservice Api PT. Minori
70. Dynamic Environment Simulation for Database Performance Evaluation

71. Experimental Evaluation of Deep Learning Methods for an Intelligent Pathological Voice Detection System Using the Saarbruecken Voice Database
72. … Use and Baseline Health Status of Women with Live Birth Deliveries in a National Data Network: The Sentinel Distributed Database Mother-Infant Linkage …
73. What database do you choose for heterogeneous security log events analysis?
74. ADDRESS: A Database of Disease-associated Human Variants Incorporating Protein Structure and Folding Stabilities
75. DeepSeqPanII: an interpretable recurrent neural network model with attention mechanism for peptide-HLA class II binding prediction
76. Assimilation of remote sensing based surface soil moisture to develop a spatially varying vertical soil moisture profile database for entire Indian mainland
77. Database Incident Response and Forensic Preparation Through the Performance Features
78. Automatization and self-maintenance of the O-GlcNAcome catalog: a smart scientific database
79. NHSS: A speech and singing parallel database
80. Database and Expert Systems

81. A Neural Database for Differentially Private Spatial Range Queries
82. Software Database Design and Management Method
83. Prediction of chloride diffusivity in concrete using artificial neural network: Modelling and performance evaluation
84. Improving Accuracy and Latency in Image Re-identification by Gallery Database Cleansing
85. A hierarchical bayesian network model for flood resilience quantification of housing infrastructure systems
86. Research on Distributed Storage Technology of Database Big Data Based on Cloud Computing
87. Forging an optimized bayesian network model with selected parameters for detection of the coronavirus in Delta State of Nigeria
88. Development of deep learning model for the recognition of cracks on concrete surfaces
89. Are emotional objects visually salient? The Emotional Maps Database


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