Network Security Research Topics for MS PhD

Network Security Research Topic ideas for MS, or Ph.D. Degree

I am sharing with you some of the research topics regarding Network Security that you can choose for your research proposal for the thesis work of MS, or Ph.D. Degree.

  1. CompTIA security+ guide to network security fundamentals
  2. A survey of moving target defenses for network security
  3. Modeling network security: Case study of email system
  4. Programmable In-Network Security for Context-aware {BYOD} Policies
  5. Composite metrics for network security analysis
  6. Network security analysis using big data technology and improved neural network
  7. CPT‐TODIM method for bipolar fuzzy multi‐attribute group decision making and its application to network security service provider selection
  8. Optical network security management: requirements, architecture, and efficient machine learning models for detection of evolving threats
  9. Classifying anomalies for network security
  10. Cloud integrated IoT enabled sensor network security: research issues and solutions
  11. Bio-Inspired Network Security for 5G-Enabled IoT Applications
  12. Computer Network Security and Preventive Measures in the Age of Big Data
  13. Scalable Game-Focused Learning of Adversary Models: Data-to-Decisions in Network Security Games.
  14. Challenges and Novel Solutions for 5G Network Security, Privacy and Trust
  15. A Review in Recent Development of Network Threats and Security Measures
  16. Patterns and Interactions in Network Security
  17. A Study of Network Security Situational Awareness in Internet of Things
  18. Data-driven network layer security detection model and simulation for the Internet of Things based on an artificial immune system
  19. Quantification of distribution network security with high penetration of distributed generators
  20. NSAPs: A novel scheme for network security state assessment and attack prediction
  21. Network security and privacy evaluation scheme for cyber physical systems (CPS)
  22. What to Make of the Huawei Debate? 5G Network Security and Technology Dependency in Europe
  23. An efficient method for network security situation assessment
  24. Application of information communication network security management and control based on big data technology
  25. Augmenting smart home network security using blockchain technology
  26. Sdn/nfv-based security service function tree for cloud
  27. Multiple pattern matching for network security applications: Acceleration through vectorization
  28. Machine Learning, Image Processing, Network Security and Data Sciences: Second International Conference, MIND 2020, Silchar, India, July 30-31, 2020 …
  29. Network intrusion detection combined hybrid sampling with deep hierarchical network
  30. An Assessment of Practical Hands-On Lab Activities in Network Security Management
  31. Cyber Deception for Computer and Network Security: Survey and Challenges
  32. Computer Network System Security Management and Maintenance Strategy
  33. Deep Learning for Security Problems in 5G Heterogeneous Networks
  34. Reference architecture of the telecom network security protection system for cloud network convergence
  35. Fortified Network Security Perception: A Decentralized Multiagent Coordination Perspective
  36. Network security prediction model using neural networks
  37. Machine learning enhanced network security
  38. Prediction of network security based on DS evidence theory
  39. Quantitative Evaluation Model of Network Security Situation Based on DS Evidence Theory
  40. Computer Network Security Based on GABP Neural Network Algorithm
  41. Decision Support for Mission-Centric Network Security Management
  42. Strategy of Enterprise Network Security Protection Based on Cloud Computing
  43. A systematic comparison of mobile Ad-hoc network security attacks
  44. Research on the Quantitative Assessment and Security Measures of Hierarchical Network Security Threat Situation
  45. Computer network security countermeasures based on big data
  46. Network Security-Security Methods in Transnational Corporations (TNC)
  47. Application of Computer Information Management Technology in Network Security
  48. Research on network security protection technology of energy industry based on blockchain
  49. A Comprehensive Study on Machine Learning Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Network Security
  50. Security Technology of Wireless Sensor Network Based on IPSEC
  51. Research on Computer Network Security Analysis Modeling Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology
  52. Network security situation prediction based on grey relational analysis and support vector machine Algorithm
  53. HMMs based masquerade detection for network security on with parallel computing
  54. Analysis of Computer Network Security Threat Defense Measures under the Environment of Internet of Things
  55. Composite Metrics for Network Security Analysis
  56. Exploiting Channel Distortion for Transmitter Identification for In-Vehicle Network Security
  57. Network Security Policy for Higher Education Institutions based on ISO Standards
  58. Implementation of Machine Learning in Network Security
  59. Research on Computer Network Security Problems and Protective Measures under the Background of Big Data
  60. Discussion on the Countermeasures of Network Security in Computer Application
  61. 5G Network Security for IoT Implementation: A Systematic Literature Review
  62. Research on Enterprise Computer Network Security Protection Technology Based on Information Technology
  63. Long Term Evolution Network Security and Real-Time Data Extraction
  64. Computer Network Security Hazards and Preventive Strategies
  65. Research on Wireless Sensor Network Security Location Based on Received Signal Strength Indicator Sybil Attack
  66. Research on Industrial Control Network Security Data Acquisition System
  67. Network Security Issues of Data Link Layer: An Overview
  68. Multi-source and multi-dimensional network security situational awareness model
  69. Security Analysis of Public Security Terminal Network and Its Peripheral Equipment
  70. A novel security model for cooperative virtual networks in the IoT era
  71. Comprehensive fault simulation method in active distribution network with the consideration of cyber security
  72. Research on Network Security Trend Prediction Based on Exponential Smoothing Algorithm
  73. Security monitoring and network management for the power control network
  74. A Research Journey of Full-Duplex at University of California from Self-Interference Cancellation to Wireless Network Security
  75. Identifying the Best Network Security Using EDAS
  76. Improving architectures for automating network security using specification-based protocols
  77. A Logical Controller Architecture for Network Security
  78. Network security situation analysis based on a dynamic Bayesian network and phase space reconstruction
  79. Investigating the Filter Capacity of Linecouplers in KNX regarding network security
  80. of Network Security: An End-to-End Panorama
  82. Improving Network Security through Collaborative Sharing
  83. Information network security construction based on depth learning and modulus algorithm
  84. Communications and Network Security
  85. Construction of network security job service model based on rough set data analysis algorithm
  86. Principles of Adaptive Corporate Network Security Management
  87. Improvement of network security with the help of security key (Yubikey)
  88. Reform of Network Security Technology Practice Teaching System Based on Virtual Simulation Training Platform
  89. Analysis and Evaluation on the Network Security Defense in Power Marketing Industrial Control System
  91. Research on Computer Network Security Vulnerabilities and Preventive Measures Based on Multi-Platform
  93. Research on Ad Hoc Network Security Risk Assessment Method
  94. Research on Network Optimization and Network Security in Power Wireless Private Network
  95. Research on Network Security Active Defense System Oriented to Electric Power Monitoring System
  96. Development of trusted network and challenges it faces
  97. Design of College Network Security Management System Based on SNMP Management Model
  98. High-Performance and Range-Supported Packet Classification Algorithm for Network Security Systems in SDN
  100. Network Security Intelligence Centres for Information Security Incident Management
  101. Study on Experimental Teaching Virtual Simulation for Network Security and Law Enforcement Major
  102. Real-time Network Intrusion Detection System with Supporting Cyber Security Regulations for Nuclear Power Plants
  103. An Analytical Framework for Evaluation of Reliability and Security in Advanced Network Systems
  104. A Review on Security and Privacy Issues and Challenges in Internet of Things
  105. Research on the Security Strategy and Technology of Information Resource Network of Chinese Academy Library
  106. Smart Pillboxes with Network Security
  107. Network Security using Notable Cryptographic Algorithm for IoT Data
  108. Security, Controllability, Manageability and Survivability in Trustworthy Network
  109. A Remote Access Security Model based on Vulnerability Management
  110. Computer and Network Security
  111. Network Security Situation Prediction in Software Defined Networking Data Plane
  112. A Data Fusion Framework of Multi-Source Heterogeneous Network Security Situational Awareness Based on Attack Pattern
  113. Software-Defined Network Security over OpenStack Clouds: A Systematic Analysis.
  114. Research on the Application of Deep Learning in Computer Network Information Security
  115. Research on the game of network security attack‐defense confrontation through the optimal defense strategy
  116. Leveraging Virtual Labs for Personalised Group-based Assessment in a Postgraduate Network Security and Penetration Testing Module
  117. On the Improvement of the Stipulation of the Crime of Refusing to Fulfill the Obligation of Information Network Security Management
  118. The Exploration and Research of the Network Security Offense and Defense Laboratory Cooperated by Schools and Enterprises under the Background of New …
  119. Network Layer Security Detection Model of Internet of Things Based on Immune System
  120. Security Analysis of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Network with the Penetration Testing Method
  121. Network Security Enabled Arduino Devices for Military Communication
  122. Research on Information Security Monitoring and Early Warning Mechanism of Internet Application Network Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
  123. Key Technology Analysis of Malicious Code Emergency Response in Computer Communication Network Security
  124. Network Security Cryptographic Protocols and Lattice Problems
  125. Network Security Situation Prediction based on Combining 3D-CNNs and Bi-GRUs.
  126. Intelligent detection system of asset security vulnerability hidden danger under multiple and heterogeneous Web network
  127. Construction of Compound DDOS Network Security System Based on PKI and CA Authentication
  128. Construction and Research of Comprehensive Management Platform for Network Security of China University Information System
  129. A Quantitative Study: Using the Latin Square Design Model in the Prioritization of Network Security Threats
  130. Topological Data Analysis for Evaluation of Network Security Data
  131. Quadratic Poly Certificateless Inductive Signcryption for Network Security
  132. Research on Network Information Security Issues and Strategies under the Internet Plus Environment
  133. A Review paper on Network Security and Cryptography
  134. Research Productivity of Publications towards IoT in Network Security
  135. Application of target tracking and abnormal target detection algorithm in power network security
  136. A New Experiment Teaching Mode for Network Security & Law Enforcement Major to Meet the Need of New Engineering Talent Training
  137. Analysis of Information Security Protection of Power System Computer Network
  138. A Conceptual Model for the Implementation of Cyber Security Measures in a Process Control Network Environment
  139. Network security defense model based on firewall and IPS
  140. Encryption and Decryption for Network Security Using Reverse Context-Free Grammar Productions
  141. Wireless Sensor Network Security for Smart Home IoT Systems
  142. Security in SDN: A comprehensive survey
  143. Zero Trust Network Security Model in containerized environments
  144. Research on Situation Awareness of Universities’ Network Information Security in the Big Data Environment
  145. Applying network analysis to explore the global scientific literature on food security
  146. ” 5G network security”.
  147. Study on the Training Mode of Network Security Practical Talent in Vocational and Technical College Based on Gamification and Leveling up
  148. Exploring Network Security Using Vigenere Multiplicative Cipher Encryption and Implementation
  149. Adversarial detection games in network security applications with imperfect and incomplete information
  150. Learning to upgrade internet information security and protection strategy in big data era
  151. Computer Network Information Security and Protection Strategy
  152. Information Encryption Algorithm in Power Network Communication Security Model
  153. Research on Campus Network Security Problem and Protection Strategy
  154. Anonymization of Event Logs for Network Security Monitoring
  155. Self-corrected coefficient smoothing method based network security situation prediction
  156. CS 646-102: Network Protocols Security (Revised for Remote Learning)
  157. Special issue on security and privacy in network computing
  158. Security region of natural gas network in electricity-gas integrated energy system
  159. Forecasting Security Alerts Based on Time Series
  160. A composable security treatment of the lightning network
  161. Cloud Security Issues &Network Security in Private Cloud
  162. 5G carrier network data collection and security management evolution ideas
  163. UNSW-NB15 Computer Security Dataset: Analysis through Visualization
  164. 5G network slicing: a security overview
  165. New Security Management Scheme for Software-Defined-Networks
  166. In-vehicle network intrusion detection using deep convolutional neural network
  167. Security for mobile edge cloud
  168. Critical infrastructure under attack: lessons from a honeypot
  169. The Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology And Its Application in Communication Security
  170. Moving Target Defense to set Network Slicing Security as a KPI
  171. Computer Security Vulnerabilities and Preventive Measures
  172. Security-aware virtual network embedding algorithm based on reinforcement learning
  173. A cloud-fog-edge closed-loop feedback security risk prediction method
  174. A Matter of Life and Death: Analyzing the Security of Healthcare Networks
  175. Security Risk Analysis based on Data Criticality
  176. Security and privacy in vehicular ad hoc network and vehicle cloud computing: a survey
  177. Powerless Security
  178. Security design and application of Internet of things based on asymmetric encryption algorithm and neural network for COVID-19
  179. Research on intelligent cyber security protection for electric power dispatching and control system
  180. Machine learning threatens 5G security
  181. Technological Tools for Data Security in the Treatment of Data Reliability in Big Data Environments
  182. Blockchain-Enabled Distributed Security Framework for Next-Generation IoT: An Edge Cloud and Software-Defined Network-Integrated Approach
  183. Real-time task scheduling and network device security for complex embedded systems based on deep learning networks
  184. Management Innovation of Network Society Based on Big Data
  185. Who’s that knocking at the door? The problem of credential abuse
  186. Consumer IoT: Security vulnerability case studies and solutions
  187. New Security System Development Universally Applicable and Enforceable
  188. The state‐of‐the‐art in container technologies: Application, orchestration and security
  189. Network slicing in 5G and the security concerns
  190. Research on Computer Security Protection Technology Based on Information
  191. Research of Security Routing Protocol for UAV Communication Network Based on AODV
  192. Deep learning for cyber security intrusion detection: Approaches, datasets, and comparative study
  193. Hybrid analysis of android apps for security vetting using deep learning
  194. Mobility enabled security for optimizing IoT based intelligent applications
  195. Providing Information Security on the Base of Artificial Immune System for Industrial Internet of Things
  196. A Survey of The Design and Security Mechanisms of The Wireless Networks and Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  197. An enhanced anonymity resilience security protocol for vehicular ad-hoc network with scyther simulation
  198. LSWBVM: A lightweight security without using batch verification method scheme for a vehicle ad hoc network
  199. The limitations in the state-of-the-art counter-measures against the security threats in H-IoT
  200. Deepopf: A deep neural network approach for security-constrained dc optimal power flow
  201. Security and privacy challenges in 5G-enabled vehicular networks
  202. A Zero Trust Network Research Based on Overlay Technology
  203. 6g white paper: Research challenges for trust, security and privacy
  204. Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Contracts Technology: Security Considerations
  205. Security information transmission algorithms for IoT based on cloud computing
  206. The four biggest malware threats to UK businesses
  207. Are your IT staff ready for the pandemic-driven insider threat?
  208. Smart security audit: Reinforcement learning with a deep neural network approximator
  209. Analysis and Research of Enterprise Information System Security Based on e-Commerce
  211. Anomaly Detection for Network Flow Using Immune Network and Density Peak.
  212. Routing, Wavelength and Time-Slot Assignment Approaches with Security Level in QKD-Enabled Optical Networks
  213. An intelligent cross layer security based fuzzy trust calculation mechanism (CLS-FTCM) for securing wireless sensor network (WSN)
  214. A review on IoT security architecture: attacks, protocols, trust management issues, and elliptic curve cryptography
  215. New Model and Application of Security Region for Metering Device Status Estimation
  216. Cyber-Physical Security of Powertrain Systems in Modern Electric Vehicles: Vulnerabilities, Challenges and Future Visions
  217. Accounting Informationization in Computer Network Environment
  219. Research on Security Protection Technology Based on Terminal Information Jump
  220. Through the lens of code granularity: A unified approach to security policy enforcement
  221. Discussion and Analysis of Computer Information Data Security and Encryption Technology
  222. ZSM security: Threat surface and best practices
  223. Optimal network defense strategy selection based on Bayesian game
  224. Architecture of Security Protection technology for Aviation Cyberspace
  225. Selection of intermediate routes for secure data communication systems using graph theory application and grey wolf optimisation algorithm in MANETs
  226. Hybrid intrusion detection system using machine learning
  227. Cyber-security on smart grid: Threats and potential solutions
  228. Information Security Applications
  229. Comparative analysis of ML classifiers for network intrusion detection
  230. A Network Traffic Classification Method Based on Hierarchical Clustering
  231. Security architecture for defining and enforcing security profiles in dlt/sdn-based iot systems
  232. Exploring the Storj Network: a Security Analysis
  233. Designing a cyber-security culture assessment survey targeting critical infrastructures during covid-19 crisis
  234. Security and trust in blockchains: Architecture, key technologies, and open issues
  235. Efficient signal and protocol level security for network communication
  236. Intrudtree: a machine learning based cyber security intrusion detection model
  237. Self-aware networks that optimize security, QoS, and energy
  238. Network Traffic Control Using AI
  239. Predicting the adoption of a mobile government security response system from the user’s perspective: An application of the artificial neural network approach
  240. A Hybrid Framework for Security in Cloud Computing Based on Different Algorithms
  241. Modeling the impact of network connectivity on consensus security of Proof-of-Work blockchain
  242. Software-defined network (SDN) data plane security: issues, solutions, and future directions
  243. Intelligent security and optimization in Edge/Fog Computing
  244. 5G network slicing with QKD and quantum-safe security
  245. Safety Situation Assessment of Underwater Nodes Based on BP Neural Network
  246. Security and Privacy Concerns in Wireless Networks-A Survey
  247. Federating Tactical Edge Networks: Ways to Improve Connectivity, Security, and Network Efficiency in Tactical Heterogeneous Networks
  248. Critical analysis of security and privacy challenges for the Internet of drones: a survey
  249. Towards a Security Enhanced Virtualised Network Infrastructure for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  250. Robust detection for network intrusion of industrial IoT based on multi-CNN fusion
  251. Smart city-based e-commerce security technology with improvement of SET network protocol
  252. Security issues in cloud computing
  253. New Ways of Implementing Cyber Security to Help in Protecting America
  254. Spacechain: a three-dimensional blockchain architecture for IoT security
  255. Effective attack detection in internet of medical things smart environment using a deep belief neural network
  256. Innovation and risk walk hand-in-hand with 5G and IoT
  257. A Comprehensive Mechanism of MANET Network Layer Based Security Attack Prevention
  258. Managing endpoints, the weakest link in the security chain
  259. Power system reserve scheduling with wind farm integration considering robust security constraints
  260. IoT Security: Simulation and Analysis of TCP SYN Flooded DDOS Attack using WireShark
  261. Machine learning based solutions for security of Internet of Things (IoT): A survey
  262. An efficient Lightweight integrated Blockchain (ELIB) model for IoT security and privacy
  263. Targeted cyber attacks: how to mitigate the increasing risk
  264. Data Security Risk and Preventive Measures of Virtual Cloud Server Based on Cloud Computing
  265. Attacks and Security Measures in Wireless Sensor Network
  266. The Exploration of the Training Mode in the Major of Information Security in University
  267. Towards {HTTPS} Everywhere on Android: We Are Not There Yet
  268. Comprehensive analysis of MQTT 5.0 susceptibility to network covert channels
  269. Analysing and forecasting the security in supply-demand management of Chinese forestry enterprises by linear weighted method and artificial neural network
  270. Image transformation network for privacy-preserving deep neural networks and its security evaluation
  271. TLS-level security for low power industrial IoT network infrastructures
  272. A comprehensive report on security and privacy challenges in Software as a Service
  273. Big data analytics in cyber security: Network traffic and attacks
  274. Security of HyperLogLog (HLL) cardinality estimation: Vulnerabilities and protection
  275. Security Clustering Algorithm Based on Integrated Trust Value for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Network
  276. Solving the security problem of intelligent transportation system with deep learning
  277. Analysis of security and energy efficiency for shortest route discovery in low‐energy adaptive clustering hierarchy protocol using Levenberg‐Marquardt neural network …
  278. Topological analysis of bitcoin’s lightning network
  279. Modeling network architecture: a cloud case study
  280. Security architectures in wireless sensor network
  281. Physical layer security of a two way relay based mixed FSO/RF network in the presence of multiple eavesdroppers
  282. Research on Model of Assessing Security Situation for Industrial IoT
  283. Physical Layer Security for UAV Communications
  284. Methods and Techniques for Dynamic Deployability of Software-Defined Security Services
  285. Security Analysis of Two Unbalancing Pairing-free Identity-based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols
  286. Research on Ideological and Political Education of College Students Based on Network Information Security
  287. Security and privacy challenges in vehicular ad hoc networks
  288. Security of RPL based 6LoWPAN Networks in the Internet of Things: A Review
  289. ATTDC: An active and trace-able trust data collection scheme for industrial security in smart cities
  290. TD²SecIoT: Temporal, Data-Driven and Dynamic Network Layer Based Security Architecture for Industrial IoT.
  291. A review of machine learning approaches to power system security and stability
  292. Review on the security threats of internet of things
  293. Internet of Things: A Secure Cloud-Based MANET Mobility Model
  294. Research on the technology of artificial intelligence in computer network under the background of big data
  295. IoT security: Advances in authentication
  296. Open source and security: why transparency now equals strength
  297. Exploration on the Diversified Cultivation of Cyber Space Security Talent in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of the Fusion of Production and …
  298. Deep recurrent neural network for IoT intrusion detection system
  299. Social network analysis and mining: privacy and security on Twitter
  300. An efficient XGBoost–DNN-based classification model for network intrusion detection system
  301. Modified zone based intrusion detection system for security enhancement in mobile ad hoc networks
  302. How data can be the lingua franca for security and IT
  303. A comprehensive survey: Benefits, services, recent works, challenges, security, and use cases for sdn-vanet
  304. Securing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) against security threats using human immune system
  305. TNSR security networking software: Basic configuration of a security solution
  306. A support system for civil aviation navigation equipment security management
  307. Unmanned Systems Security: Models, Challenges, and Future Directions
  308. Study of artificial neural networks in information security risk assessment
  309. Identifying and mitigating security risks for secure and robust NGI networks
  310. Wireless Sensor Network in Agriculture: Model of Cyber Security
  311. Automated Deployment of a Security Operations Center
  312. Deep Q-Network for Enhanced Data Privacy and Security of IoT Traffic
  313. 12th International Symposium on Foundations and Practice of Security, Toulouse, 05/11/19-07/11/19
  314. Security challenges of Internet of Underwater Things: A systematic literature review
  315. Methodology for complex security
  316. Security and channel noise management in cognitive radio networks
  317. Review of Physical Layer Security Technology in Battlefield Network
  318. Survey on the internet of vehicles: Network architectures and applications
  319. iOS, Your {OS}, Everybody’s {OS}: Vetting and Analyzing Network Services of iOS Applications
  320. Demystifying internet of things security: successful iot device/edge and platform security deployment
  321. Research on Index System Construction and Assessment Methods of Distribution Network CPS Security Against Cyber Attack
  322. Stochastic two-stage reliability-based Security Constrained Unit Commitment in smart grid environment
  323. Integrating complex event processing and machine learning: An intelligent architecture for detecting IoT security attacks
  324. Optimising storage processes to reduce the risk of ransomware
  325. An ANP-GRA-based evaluation model for security features of IoT systems
  326. SDARP: Security based Data Aware Routing Protocol for ad hoc sensor networks
  327. Convolutional neural network-based feature extraction using multimodal for high security application
  328. Security offloading network system for expanded security coverage in IPv6-based resource constrained data service networks
  329. Security-Aware Carrier Network Planning
  330. Addressing security and privacy issues of IoT using blockchain technology
  331. Ensuring security framework for WBANs
  332. Network information theoretic security
  333. Improving CAN bus security by assigning dynamic arbitration IDs
  334. A Canvass of 5G Network Slicing: Architecture and Security Concern
  335. Operational technology security–a data perspective
  336. Towards security-Aware 5G slice embedding
  337. Review of security challenges in healthcare internet of things
  338. Mobile Payment Security in the Context of Big Data: Certificateless Public Key Cryptography
  339. Practical Security for Cooperative Ad Hoc Systems
  340. Improving the Security and Reliability of Embedded Networks With TTMAC-CAN
  341. A Voice Signal Interpreter using Machine Learning Techniques
  342. The 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report–a CSO’s perspective
  343. Security and Privacy for Mobile Edge Caching: Challenges and Solutions
  344. On Development of a Game‐Theoretic Model for Deception‐Based Security
  345. Advanced malicious beaconing detection through AI
  346. What does ‘secure by design’actually mean?
  347. Advanced metering infrastructures: security risks and mitigation
  348. Sdn-based vanets, security attacks, applications, and challenges
  349. On the Security of a Practical Constant-Size Ring Signature Scheme.
  350. DecChain: A decentralized security approach in Edge Computing based on Blockchain
  351. Evaluating the performance of the OSCORE security protocol in constrained IoT environments
  352. LoRaWAN protocol: specifications, security, and capabilities
  353. Security Approaches in Machine Learning for Satellite Communication
  354. Keyloggers: silent cyber security weapons
  355. Security of Cryptocurrencies in blockchain technology: State-of-art, challenges and future prospects
  356. INSPIRE-5Gplus: Intelligent security and pervasive trust for 5G and beyond networks
  357. The future of blockchain technology in healthcare internet of things security
  358. Security and privacy in 6G networks: New areas and new challenges
  359. Security and Privacy of Lightning Network Payments with Uncertain Channel Balances
  360. Security and Communication Network Automatic Analysis Architecture of IoT Malware Samples
  361. Optimized image processing and clustering to mitigate security threats in mobile ad hoc network.
  362. A survey on boosting IoT security and privacy through blockchain
  363. Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training System for Network Information Security Talents
  364. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in the Network and Web Security
  366. Discussion on the Application of 5G Network UAV in Public Security of Smart Cities
  367. Security Architecture and Protocols for Secure MQTT-SN
  368. Internet of Things (IoT) enabling technologies, requirements, and security challenges
  369. Sustainable Infrastructure Monitoring for Security-Oriented Purposes
  370. Modbus Protocol Based on the Characteristics of the Transmission of Industrial Data Packet Forgery Tampering and Industrial Security Products Testing
  371. HELAD: A novel network anomaly detection model based on heterogeneous ensemble learning
  372. Research on term extraction technology in computer field based on wireless network technology
  373. A Proposed Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks Security
  374. Network and System Security
  375. Sports and health big data system based on 5G network and Internet of Things system
  376. Cloud Computing Security Challenges and Threats
  377. A Security Protection Method for In-Vehicle Millimeter Wave Radar Network Based on Digital Watermarking Technology
  378. A security policy model transformation and verification approach for software defined networking
  379. Data presentation in security operations centres: exploring the potential for sonification to enhance existing practice
  380. BAT: deep learning methods on network intrusion detection using NSL-KDD dataset
  381. Secure data storage and recovery in industrial blockchain network environments
  382. Internet of Things: Evolution and technologies from a security perspective
  383. Bot mitigation–how gapsin understanding and ownership are exposingbusinesses to greater threats
  384. Truck platoon security: State-of-the-art and road ahead
  385. Expansion of {ICS} testbed for security validation based on {MITRE} atT&Ck techniques
  386. Research and implementation of information security for intelligent distribution network
  387. Enhancing medical data security via combining elliptic curve cryptography and image steganography
  388. Security analysis of an automobile controller area network bus
  389. Towards blockchain-based software-defined networking: security challenges and solutions
  390. Security Analysis of Hybrid Multi-Carrier Energy Systems
  391. IoT-KEEPER: Detecting malicious IoT network activity using online traffic analysis at the edge
  392. Source-Grid-Load Combined Security Assessment of PV-Penetrated Distribution Network
  393. Fast key-frame image retrieval of intelligent city security video based on deep feature coding in high concurrent network environment
  394. Enhancing the Robustness and Security Against Various Attacks in a Scale: Free Network
  395. 5G network-based Internet of Things for demand response in smart grid: A survey on application potential
  396. Security/stability-based Pareto optimal solution for distribution networks planning implementing NSGAII/FDMT
  397. POSTER: A Survey of Security Challenges with 5G-IoT
  398. Computer Network Information Security in the Big Data Era
  399. Blockchain technology in the future of business cyber security and accounting
  400. A secure fuzzy extractor based biometric key authentication scheme for body sensor network in Internet of Medical Things
  401. Identifying the attack surface for IoT network
  402. Cyber security threats and vulnerabilities: a systematic mapping study
  403. Security and privacy in social networks: data and structural anonymity
  404. Nozomi Networks: OT/IoT Security Report
  405. Analysis of wireless sensor network multi-sensor data fusion security method
  406. Overview of the mobility related security challenges in LPWANs
  407. Behavioral and game-theoretic security investments in interdependent systems modeled by attack graphs
  408. Security provision for vehicular fog computing
  409. Towards a reliable comparison and evaluation of network intrusion detection systems based on machine learning approaches
  410. Deep reinforcement learning approach for autonomous vehicle systems for maintaining security and safety using LSTM-GAN
  411. Security Issues in Fog Environment: A Systematic Literature Review
  412. A taxonomy of network threats and the effect of current datasets on intrusion detection systems
  413. Overview and prospect of 5G security
  414. Ensuring information security as an ideological problem
  415. A Review on the Security of the Internet of Things: Challenges and Solutions
  416. Ddosnet: A deep-learning model for detecting network attacks
  417. Security implications of underlying network technologies on industrial internet of things
  418. SecONet: A Security Framework for a Photonic Network-on-Chip
  419. Towards an Insightful Computer Security Seminar
  420. Bitcoin and blockchain: Security and privacy
  421. Multidomain security authentication for the Internet of things
  422. Computer Network Information Security Protection Based on Virtual Private Network
  423. Addressing cyber security skills: the spectrum, not the silo
  424. Data Security in Mobile Cloud Computing: A State of the Art Review.
  425. Security of Wi-Fi as a Key Factor for IoT
  426. Blockchain technology, improvement suggestions, security challenges on smart grid and its application in healthcare for sustainable development
  427. What Email Servers Can Tell to Johnny: An Empirical Study of Provider-to-Provider Email Security
  428. On the security of networked control systems in smart vehicle and its adaptive cruise control
  429. Smart city development in Taiwan: From the perspective of the information security policy
  430. Conditional Privacy-Preserving Anonymous Authentication Scheme With Forward Security in Vehicle-to-Grid Networks
  431. Adhering to privacy by design with identity-as-a-service
  432. Intelligence, security, and vehicular sensor networks in internet of things (IoT)-enabled smart-cities: An overview
  433. A survey of DDoS attacking techniques and defence mechanisms in the IoT network
  434. Overcoming the Security Shortcomings Between Open vSwitch and Network
  435. Software-Defined Network (SDN) Architecture and Security Considerations for 5G Communications
  436. Significant Role of Security in IOT Development and IOT Architecture
  437. Design of a Security Service Orchestration Framework for NFV
  438. Distb-sdoindustry: Enhancing security in industry 4.0 services based on distributed blockchain through software defined networking-iot enabled architecture
  439. A Lightweight Internet Sharing Scheme for Sectional Medical Images according to Existing Hospital Network Facilities and Basic Information Security Rules
  440. Orchestrating SDN Control Plane towards Enhanced IoT Security
  441. Secure D2D communication for 5G IoT network based on lightweight cryptography
  442. Security on Blockchain Technology
  443. Research on security situation assessment algorithm under virtual technology of cloud platform
  444. A survey on security challenges in cloud computing: issues, threats, and solutions
  445. An efficient approach for enhancing security in Internet of Things using the optimum authentication key
  446. Technology Architecture of Smart Grid Information Security Defense System
  447. Design and implementation of automated IoT security testbed
  448. DMASK-BAN: Improving the security of body area networks
  449. A Deep Learning Approach for Detecting Security Attacks on Blockchain.
  450. Network slicing: Recent advances, taxonomy, requirements, and open research challenges
  451. Security monitoring of heterogeneous networks for big data based on distributed association algorithm
  452. When wireless security meets machine learning: Motivation, challenges, and research directions
  453. Salsa20 based lightweight security scheme for smart meter communication in smart grid
  454. Security Analysis of Power System Network Based on Complex Network
  455. A blockchain-enabled deduplicatable data auditing mechanism for network storage services
  456. A Mobile Crowdsensing Data Security Delivery Model Based on Tangle Network
  457. Research on Information Security Evaluation Based on Artificial Neural Network
  458. A study on a security model for the establishment of a non-face-to-face smart work working environment in a physical network separation environment of public …
  459. Borders of Digital Network Freedom in Public Security Space
  460. Multilevel Security Framework for NFV Based on Software Defined Perimeter
  461. Security in low-power wide-area networks: state-of-the-art and development toward the 5G
  462. Artificial intelligence models in power system analysis
  463. Random linear network coding based physical layer security for relay-aided device-to-device communication
  464. Dynamic patterns of terrorist networks: Efficiency and security in the evolution of eleven islamic extremist attack networks
  465. Comments on “Dropping Activation Outputs with Localized First-Layer Deep Network for Enhancing User Privacy and Data Security”
  466. Security Method for Internet of Things Using Machine Learning Against Cyber Attacks
  467. A Study on Wireless Network Management for Security Enhancement
  468. Convolutional Neural Network Based Sound Recognition Methods for Detecting Presence of Amateur Drones in Unauthorized Zones
  469. The Security Issues in IoT-Cloud: A Review
  470. Data Security System for A Bank Based on Two Different Asymmetric Algorithms Cryptography
  471. Keeping a secure hold on data through modern electronic content management
  472. Trustworthy image security via involving binary and chaotic gravitational searching within PRNG selections
  473. Security Concerns during Photo Sharing in Social Network Platforms
  474. Security schemes based conditional privacy-preserving in vehicular ad hoc networks
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  489. A study of ensemble methods for cyber security
  490. Security problems of 5G voice communication
  491. Security and privacy issues in fog computing for healthcare 4.0
  492. Applying Smart Security Model to Protect Client Services From the Threats of the Optical Network
  493. A crowdsourcing method for online social networks security assessment based on human-centric computing
  494. Security mechanism building for big data based on Trusted Computing
  495. A stacking ensemble for network intrusion detection using heterogeneous datasets
  496. Security in a mobile learning environment
  497. Using the security triad to assess blockchain technology in public sector applications
  498. Cognitive Radio Network-Based Design and Security Challenges in 5G Communication
  499. A real-time and ubiquitous network attack detection based on deep belief network and support vector machine
  500. Entity identification and security solutions in IoT based on PKI and Blockchain technology
  501. SEPAD–Security Evaluation Platform for Autonomous Driving
  502. Security of Distributed Machine Learning
  503. Key business drivers for IoT development and security principles
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  507. Physical layer security for massive access in cellular Internet of Things
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  566. … network modeling to estimate upscaled parameters for the Topopah Spring, lava flow, and Tiva Canyon Aquifers at Pahute Mesa, Nevada National Security …
  567. Regulation and Security Modelling of Essential Services in Network of Information Systems
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  574. Feature Selection for Deep Neural Networks in Cyber Security Applications
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  577. Security Threats in 5G Edge Computing Environments
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  596. Understanding the role of incentives in security behavior
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  651. Bobtail: improved blockchain security with low-variance mining
  652. Moving from blocker to enabler: cloud security and the modern CISO
  653. Work-in-Progress: Compromising Security of Real-time Ethernet Devices by means of Selective Queue Saturation Attack
  654. Robust Transmission Network Expansion Planning with Nk Security Criterion and Uncertainty Factors
  656. The method of Internet of Things access and network communication based on MQTT
  657. An Intrusion Detection Model for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Information Gain Ratio and Bagging Algorithm.
  658. A survey on smart agriculture: Development modes, technologies, and security and privacy challenges
  659. A decentralized scalable security framework for end‐to‐end authentication of future IoT communication
  661. Security Challenges in Software Engineering for the Cloud: A Systematic Review
  662. Packet analysis for network forensics: A comprehensive survey
  663. Security Information Sharing in Smart Grids: Persisting Security Audits to the Blockchain
  664. Automation of information security audit in the Information System on the example of a standard “CIS Palo Alto 8 Firewall Benchmark”
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  666. A Survey on Security Mechanisms in IoT
  667. A survey on internet of things: Applications, recent issues, attacks, and security mechanisms
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  669. Cyber security analysis on a production environment featuring software defined networks.
  670. Pathways toward a decarbonized future—Impact on security of supply and system stability in a sustainable German energy system
  671. OREA for improving data packet transmission in wireless sensor networks with cloud security mechanism
  672. New Frontiers in IoT: Networking, Systems, Reliability, and Security Challenges
  673. AFLNet: a greybox fuzzer for network protocols
  674. SADM-SDNC: security anomaly detection and mitigation in software-defined networking using C-support vector classification
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  703. Vulnerability Analysis and Security Research of Docker Container
  704. Security and privacy issues in fog computing
  705. TBM: A trust-based monitoring security scheme to improve the service authentication in the Internet of Things communications

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