Cloud Computing Research Topics for MS PhD

Cloud Computing Research Topic ideas for MS, or Ph.D. Degree

I am sharing with you some of the research topics regarding cloud computing that you can chose for your research proposal for the thesis work of MS, or Ph.D. Degree.


  1. Resource Allocation in 5G IoV Architecture Based on SDN and Fog-Cloud Computing
  2. Enhancing security of health information using modular encryption standard in mobile cloud computing
  3. Research on recognition of ice and snow athletes based on feature extraction and cloud computing platform
  4. Towards the development of a comprehensive theoretical model for examining the cloud computing adoption at the organizational level
  5. RSEAP2: An enhanced version of RSEAP, an RFID based authentication protocol for vehicular cloud computing
  6. Relevance of Near-Term Quantum Computing in the Cloud: A Humanities Perspective
  7. A cloud computing framework for analysis of agricultural big data based on Dempster Shafer theory
  8. A cloud computing-based approach to mapping mangrove erosion and progradation: Case studies from the Sundarbans and French Guiana
  9. Service-oriented replication strategies for improving quality-of-service in cloud computing: a survey
  10. Perspectives of using Cloud computing in integrative analysis of multi-omics data
  11. An efficient metaheuristic algorithm based feature selection and recurrent neural network for DoS attack detection in cloud computing environment
  12. Hardware-Based Solutions for Trusted Cloud Computing
  13. A novel meta-heuristic approach for load balancing in cloud computing
  14. Towards cloud-native simulations lessons learned from the front-line of cloud computing
  15. Intelligent cloud computing platform for three dimensional sound reproduction
  16. Mobility and marginal gain based content caching and placement for cooperative edge-cloud computing
  17. A multi-objective optimization for resource allocation of emergent demands in cloud computing
  18. Comparison of models for the selection of cloud computing resources
  19. A framework for collaborative and convenient learning on cloud computing platforms
  20. High-performance isolation computing technology for smart IoT healthcare in cloud environments
  21. SEBAP: A secure and efficient biometric assisted authentication protocol using ECC for vehicular cloud computing
  22. Optimized extreme learning machine for detecting DDoS attacks in cloud computing
  23. Validation of Architectural Requirements for Tackling Cloud Computing Barriers: Cloud Provider Perspective
  24. Factors affecting students’ intention toward mobile cloud computing: Mobile Cloud Computing
  25. Security issues in cloud computing
  26. Task Scheduling in cloud computing based on meta-heuristics: review, taxonomy, open challenges, and future trends
  27. Data access control in the cloud computing environment for bioinformatics
  28. Resource provisioning using workload clustering in cloud computing environment: a hybrid approach
  29. IoT enabled cancer prediction system to enhance the authentication and security using cloud computing
  30. Multi-Perspectives of Cloud Computing Service Adoption Quality and Risks in Higher Education
  31. Towards green cloud computing an algorithmic approach for energy minimization in cloud data centers
  32. Assessment of complexity in cloud computing adoption: A case study of local governments in Australia
  33. On-demand routing protocols for vehicular cloud computing
  34. Detecting impersonation attacks in cloud computing environments using a centric user profiling approach
  35. Enhanced multi-verse optimizer for task scheduling in cloud computing environments
  36. Understanding intentions to switch toward cloud computing at firms’ level: A multiple case study in Tunisia
  37. A novel multiclass priority algorithm for task scheduling in cloud computing
  38. Automatic deployment system of computer program application based on cloud computing
  39. A Thing-Edge-Cloud Collaborative Computing Decision-Making Method for Personalized Customization Production
  40. Enterprise adoption of cloud computing with application portfolio profiling and application portfolio assessment
  41. Advances in green cloud computing
  42. CMODLB: an efficient load balancing approach in cloud computing environment
  43. Building intelligent transportation cloud data center based on SOA
  44. Task-scheduling Algorithm based on Improved Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment
  45. DISCERNER: Dynamic selection of resource manager in hyper-scale cloud-computing data centres
  46. A review of different techniques in cloud computing
  47. Setting Up Ad Hoc Computing as a Service in Mobile Ad Hoc Cloud Computing Environment
  48. A cloud computing-based approach using the visible near-infrared spectrum to classify greenhouse tomato plants under water stress
  49. Formalization and taxonomy of compute-aggregate problems for cloud computing applications
  50. Efficient verifiable databases with additional insertion and deletion operations in cloud computing
  51. A New Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithm for Enhancing Data Security In Cloud Computing
  52. Distributed Group Coordination of Multiagent Systems in Cloud Computing Systems Using a Model-Free Adaptive Predictive Control Strategy
  53. An efficient digital forensic model for cybercrimes investigation in cloud computing
  54. Intelligent workload allocation in IoT Fog cloud architecture towards mobile edge computing
  55. Privacy-Guarding Optimal Route Finding with Support for Semantic Search on Encrypted Graph in Cloud Computing Scenario
  56. Design and implementation of multi-agent online auction systems in cloud computing
  57. iGateLink: A Gateway Library for Linking IoT, Edge, Fog, and Cloud Computing Environments
  58. Reverse Auction-Based Services Optimization in Cloud Computing Environments
  59. Exploring reliable edge cloud computing for service latency optimization in sustainable cyber   physical systems
  60. A binary Bird Swarm Optimization based load balancing algorithm for cloud computing environment
  61. Comments on œAttribute-Based Data Sharing Scheme Revisited in Cloud Computing 
  62. Multi-objective heuristics algorithm for dynamic resource scheduling in the cloud computing environment
  63. Cloud computing security issues of sensitive data
  64. From cloud computing to fog computing: Platforms for the internet of things (IoT)
  65. A Trust Framework Utilization in Cloud Computing Environment Based on Multi-criteria Decision-Making Methods
  66. Efficient feature selection and classification through ensemble method for network intrusion detection on cloud computing
  67. Hierarchical data replication strategy to improve performance in cloud computing
  68. System integration for predictive process adjustment and cloud computing-based real-time condition monitoring of vibration sensor signals in automated  ¦
  69. Collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm in cloud computing environment
  70. Design of Cloud Computing for Educational Centers Using Private Cloud Computing: A Case Study
  71. Role of Cloud Computing for Big Data: A Review
  72. Factors Affecting the Evolution of Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Networks Based on Cloud Computing and Multiagent Simulation
  73. Challenges of Deploying Cloud Computing in eHealth
  74. SMI attributes: key role in business as a service in cloud computing
  75. A hybrid cryptography technique for data storage on cloud computing
  76. An overview of the different methods for optimizing the virtual resources placement in the Cloud Computing
  77. Design of Russian corpus based on embedded system and cloud computing
  78. vLoad balancing techniques in cloud computing environment: A review
  79. Using cloud computing platform of 6G IoT in e-commerce personalized recommendation
  80. A Novel Method to Enhance Sustainable Systems Security in Cloud Computing Based on the Combination of Encryption and Data Mining
  81. Sufficient Comparison Among Cloud Computing Services: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS: A Review
  82. A Lattice-Based Homomorphic Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme with Strong Anti-Collusion for Cloud Computing
  83. A privacy-preserving and traitor tracking content-based image retrieval scheme in cloud computing
  84. Continuous leakage-resilient certificate-based signcryption scheme and application in cloud computing
  85. An efficient approach to the map-reduce framework and genetic algorithm based whale optimization algorithm for task scheduling in cloud computing environment
  86. A hyper-heuristic selector algorithm for cloud computing scheduling based on workflow features
  87. QRAS: efficient resource allocation for task scheduling in cloud computing
  88. Renewable energy-based resource management in cloud computing: a review
  89. Fog vs. cloud computing architecture
  90. Adaptation and Effects of Cloud Computing on Small Businesses
  91. Object Detection, Distributed Cloud Computing and Parallelization Techniques for Autonomous Driving Systems
  92. Fluent Numerical Study of Lifting Resistance and Wave Impact Height of a Cross-Sea Bridge Based on Cloud Computing
  93. Big Data in Cloud Computing
  94. A Combination Techniques of Intrusion Prevention and Detection for Cloud Computing
  95. Ab initio structure solution of proteins at atomic resolution using charge-flipping techniques and cloud computing
  96. Challenges of Implementing Cloud Computing in the Arab Libraries Environment
  97. ID-based key-insulated signcryption with equality test in cloud computing
  98. The role of value facilitation regarding cloud service provider profitability in the cloud ecosystem
  99. Quantifying COVID-19 enforced global changes in atmospheric pollutants using cloud computing based remote sensing
  100. Supply Chain Inventory Collaborative Management and Information Sharing Mechanism Based on Cloud Computing and 5G Internet of Things
  101. Virtual Machine Placement for Edge and Cloud Computing
  102. Brief Study to Explore Trust and Security Challenges in Cloud Computing
  103. A feedback-based combinatorial fair economical double auction resource allocation model for cloud computing
  104. Development of a Model and Algorithms for Servicing Traffic in a Cloud Computing System
  105. Equality test with an anonymous authorization in cloud computing
  106. Behavioral modeling based on cloud computing and target user recommendation for English cloud classroom
  107. Visualization Technology Framework of Industrial Cloud Computing
  108. An Efficient Dynamic Load Balancing Mechanism for Cloud Computing Environment
  109. Research on Information Security System of Ship Platform Based on Cloud Computing
  110. Enabling scalable and fault-tolerant multi-agent systems by utilizing cloud-native computing
  111. Cloud Computing: Security Issues and Challenges
  112. Quality of service (QoS): measurements of image formats in social cloud computing
  113. Energy-Efficient System-Based Algorithm for Maximal Resource Utilization in Cloud Computing
  114. Cloud Computing Security: Hardware-Based Attacks and Countermeasures
  115. HeporCloud: An energy and performance efficient resource orchestrator for hybrid heterogeneous cloud computing environments
  116. Task scheduling to reduce energy consumption and makespan of cloud computing using NSGA-II
  117. Embedded Gpsgsm based on cloud computing data processing in soldiers’ physical fitness training
  118. Internet of things and cloud computing based energy management system for demand side management in smart grid
  119.  ¦ , Strategy, Challenges, Methodology, Categories, Risks, Uses with Cloud Computing, and Improvements in Its Using with Cloud Using Suggested Proposed  ¦
  120. Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Using Hybrid Meta-Heuristic: A Review
  121. Cloud Computing based Intelligent Bank Locker System
  122. Mobile and Cloud Computing Security
  123. DAVmS: Distance Aware Virtual Machine Scheduling approach for reducing the response time in cloud computing
  124. Study on Cloud Computing
  125. EdgeCloud: A Distributed Management System for Resource Continuity in Edge to Cloud Computing Environment
  126. Cloud Computing: The New World of Technology
  127. Analysis of security issues in cloud computing
  128. On the conceptualization of elastic service evaluation in cloud computing
  129. A Review on Efficient Scheduling Techniques for Cloud Computing
  130. Threshold secret sharing and multi-authority based data access control in cloud computing
  131. Integrating Business Intelligence With Cloud Computing
  132. Collaborative and Social Media SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud Computing Services’ Adoption and Acceptance Model on the Millennials: Conceptual Model
  133. Involvement of Cloud Computing and IoT in the Field of Health Care
  134. cloudEMAPS: A Cloud Computing Environment for Electron Microscopy Application Simulations
  135. Optimization of Queries in Database of Cloud Computing
  136. An Investigation into Contemporary Developments in the Cloud Computing Related to Effectiveness in Data Storages, Service Providers and Technologies: A Review
  137. Reservation of Critical Cloud Computing Resources
  138. Personalized recommendation mechanism based on collaborative filtering in cloud computing environment
  139. Cloud Computing in the World and Czech Republic – A Comparative Study
  140. Research on parallel data processing of data mining platform in the background of cloud computing
  141. QoS-DPSO: QoS-aware Task Scheduling for Cloud Computing System
  142. Experimental cryptographic verification for near-term quantum cloud computing
  143. AI-based cloud computing application for smart earthmoving operations
  144. Awareness and Adoption of Cloud Computing in Nigerian Libraries: An Aid to Library Services
  145. Anomaly Detection in Smart Environments using AI over Fog and Cloud Computing
  146. A fault tolerant workflow management system with Quality    of   Service   aware scheduling for scientific workflows in cloud computing
  148. An Approach to Cloud Computing for Medical Image Analysis
  149. Intelligent Strategies for Cloud Computing Risk Management and Testing
  150. Perspectives of the Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Tourism Sector
  151. A Review of Trust and Security Concerns in Cloud Computing Adoption Intention in the Higher Education Sector: Research in Progress
  152. Resource utilization prediction with multipath traffic routing for congestion-aware VM migration in cloud computing
  153. Effective Pre-Migration Mechanism for Dynamic Load Balancing In Cloud Computing Environment
  154. Virtual Machine Replication in the Cloud Computing System Using Fuzzy Inference System
  155. Domain knowledge embedding regularization neural networks for workload prediction and analysis in cloud computing
  156. Impacts of Cloud Computing in India on E-Commerce Businesses
  157. Big Data and Cloud Computing: A Technological and Literary Background
  158. Network resource optimization in cloud computing environments
  159. Performance Investigation of Cloud Computing Applications Using Steady-State Queuing Models
  160. Integrated deep learning method for workload and resource prediction in cloud systems
  161. Analyzing Data Security Issues and Solutions in Cloud Computing
  162. Towards Optimizing Cloud Computing Using Residue Number System
  163. Teaching with cloud computing in schools: an affordance analysis of Hong Kong teacher perceptions
  164. Research on the Construction of Enterprise Financial Shared Service Center Based on Cloud Computing
  165. Cloud Computing: Needs Enabling Data Mining and Business Intelligent Applications
  167. An Efficient Approach for Multiple User Data Security in Cloud Computing
  168. Capacity expansions with bundled supplies of attributes: An application to server procurement in cloud computing
  169. Fog computing based secured mobile cloud for cumulative integrity in smart environment and Internet of Things
  170. An Efficient Approach for Multiple User Data Security in Cloud Computing
  172. Capacity expansions with bundled supplies of attributes: An application to server procurement in cloud computing
  173. Research on the Construction of Enterprise Financial Shared Service Center Based on Cloud Computing
  174. A Novel Intelligent Approach for Dynamic Data Replication in Cloud Environment
  175. Virtual machine placement in cloud data centers using a hybrid multi-verse optimization algorithm
  176. Fog-Integrated Cloud Architecture enabled multi-attribute combinatorial reverse auctioning framework
  177. Fingerprint Based Authentication Architecture for Accessing Multiple Cloud Computing Services using Single User Credential in IOT Environments
  178. Definition of a methodology to analyze the Product Portfolio Management: Example analysis of the cloud computing market PPM
  179. Software-Defined Cloud Infrastructure
  180. Enterprise based data deployment inference methods in cloud infrastructure
  181. Biosensor and Healthcare Vis-à-Vis Cloud Computing and IoT: Towards Sophisticated Healthcare Development An Overview
  182. Analysis of credit-based scheduling algorithms in the cloud computing framework
  183. Design & Implementation of Enhanced Security Architecture to Improve Performance of Cloud Computing
  184. A Brief Analysis of Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  185. Confluence of 4G LTE, 5G, Fog, and Cloud Computing and Understanding Security Issues
  186. Software-Defined Cloud Infrastructure
  187. Healthcare 4.0: A voyage of fog computing with iot, cloud computing, big data, and machine learning
  188. Data Mining in Cloud Computing: Survey
  189. Security Issues in Cloud Computing: A Review
  190. A Survey on Cloud Computing Security Issues, Attacks and Countermeasures
  191. Security in Cloud Computing for Sensitive Data: Challenges and Propositions
  192. Readiness Exercises: Are Risk Assessment Methodologies Ready for the Cloud?
  193. Energy Consumption Analysis and Proposed Power-Aware Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing
  194. OPSA: an optimized prediction based scheduling approach for scientific applications in cloud environment
  195. Forensic Acquisition Methods for Cloud Computing Environments
  197. Light-Edge: A Lightweight Authentication Protocol for IoT Devices in an Edge-Cloud Environment
  198. Decision Support System for Cloud Computing Service Selection Using the Weighted Product Method (Case Study: PT. Deptech Digital Indonesia)
  199. Big Data Analytics in Cloud Computing: An overview
  200. Correction to œA Profit Maximization Scheme in Cloud Computing With Deadline Constraints 

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