Embedded Systems Research Topics Ideas

List of Research Topics and Ideas of Embedded Systems for MS and Ph.D. Thesis.

  1. Embedded system design: embedded systems foundations of cyber-physical systems, and the internet of things
  2. Jetset: Targeted firmware rehosting for embedded systems
  3. Time-Sensitive Networking in automotive embedded systems: State of the art and research opportunities
  4. SoK: Enabling Security Analyses of Embedded Systems via Rehosting
  5. Digital for real: A multicase study on the digital transformation of companies in the embedded systems domain
  6. CondenseNeXt: An Ultra-Efficient Deep Neural Network for Embedded Systems
  7. Towards Tolerating Soft Errors for Embedded Systems
  8. Energy consumption optimization of processor scheduling for real-time embedded systems under the constraints of sequential relationship and reliability
  9. Reliability and availability prediction of embedded systems based on environment modeling and simulation
  10. Exploring the software repositories of embedded systems: An industrial experience
  11. A Generalization Performance Study Using Deep Learning Networks in Embedded Systems
  12. A Service Discovery Solution for Edge Choreography-Based Distributed Embedded Systems
  13. Probabilistic Estimation of Threat Intrusion in Embedded Systems for Runtime Detection
  14. Application of Information Technologies and Programming Methods of Embedded Systems for Complex Intellectual Analysis
  15. Singular Value Decomposition in Embedded Systems Based on ARM Cortex-M Architecture
  16. The Design of a 2D Graphics Accelerator for Embedded Systems
  17. A lightweight virtualization model to enable edge computing in deeply embedded systems
  18. PIERES: A Playground for Network Interrupt Experiments on Real-Time Embedded Systems in the IoT
  19. Analysis of the Capabilities of Embedded Systems in Intra Prediction Video Coding
  20. Smart Car Features using Embedded Systems and IoT
  21. Distributed Virtual Environment Basketball Equipment Embedded Systems’ Research and Development
  22. Recent developments in code compression techniques for embedded systems
  23. Power Clocks: Dynamic Multi-Clock Management for Embedded Systems
  24. Porting and Execution of Anomalies Detection Models on Embedded Systems in IoT: Demo Abstract
  25. Automated Driver Testing for Small Footprint Embedded Systems
  26. Lane Compression: A Lightweight Lossless Compression Method for Machine Learning on Embedded Systems
  27. A Low-Cost Implementation of Sample Entropy in Wearable Embedded Systems: An Example of Online Analysis for Sleep EEG
  28. MOGATS: a multi-objective genetic algorithm-based task scheduling for heterogeneous embedded systems
  29. Automatic identification and hardware implementation of a resource-constrained power model for embedded systems
  30. Prototyping embedded systems for vibrodrivers monitoring
  31. Incorporating On-going Verification & Validation Research to a Reliable Real-Time Embedded Systems Course
  32. Development and Evaluation of Collaborative Embedded Systems using Simulation
  33. Model-Based Engineering in the Embedded Systems Domain
  34. Engineering of Collaborative Embedded Systems
  35. Function Modeling for Collaborative Embedded Systems
  36. An Application on Women Safety Using Embedded Systems and IoT
  37. MPI hardware framework for many-core based embedded systems
  38. Development of An Online PTT Voice Transmission System Between Cell Phones, Computers and Embedded Systems Over the Internet
  39. Handling Uncertainty in Collaborative Embedded Systems Engineering
  40. Dependable Software Generation and Execution on Embedded Systems
  41. Creating Trust in Collaborative Embedded Systems
  42. Language Engineering for Heterogeneous Collaborative Embedded Systems
  43. Systematic Review of Methodologies for the Development of Embedded Systems
  44. Automatic Vulnerability Detection in Embedded Devices and Firmware: Survey and Layered Taxonomies
  45. Technical Foundations of Embedded Systems
  46. Embedded Systems–A look into Optimized Energy Metering Devices
  47. Contention-aware Adaptive Model Selection for Machine Vision in Embedded Systems
  48. Dynamic Safety Certification for Collaborative Embedded Systems at Runtime
  49. Power-Aware Fault-Tolerance for Embedded Systems
  50. Implementazione di Deep Learning su sistemi embedded: The ALOHA experience= Implementation of Deep Learning on embedded systems: The ALOHA experience
  51. An Embedded Systems Remote Course
  52. … of a Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition System Based On Deep Learning Approach with Convolutional Neural Networks and Integrating to The Embedded Systems
  53. Towards Embedded Systems
  54. Second Workshop on Next Generation Real-Time Embedded Systems
  55. Low-cost Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Simulator for Simulation and Analysis of Embedded Systems with non-real-time Applications
  56. Soft Error Handling for Embedded Systems using Compiler-OS Interaction
  57. Capability memory protection for embedded systems
  58. Trusted Verification of Over-the-Air (OTA) Secure Software Updates on COTS Embedded Systems
  59. Evaluation of physical education teaching based on web embedded system and virtual reality
  60. IoT Based Real-Time Monitoring of Phytoremediation of Wastewater using the Mathematical Model Implemented on the Embedded Systems
  61. Modifying Embedded Systems by Very-Fast Modules for Statistical Operations via SIMD
  62. Research on Fintech development issues based on embedded cloud computing and big data analysis
  63. Animal tumor medical image analysis based on image processing techniques and embedded system
  64. A Review of Confidentiality Threats Against Embedded Neural Network Models
  65. Remote embedded devices test framework on the cloud
  66. Gravity: An Artificial Neural Network Compiler for Embedded Applications
  67. Embedded System Learning Platform for Developing Economies
  68. Smart Soldier Health Monitoring System Incorporating Embedded Electronics
  69. Embedded Hardware System and Sensor Robot Used In Goal Tracking Technology Of Sports Football Goalkeeper
  70. Finding Software Bugs in Embedded Devices
  71. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Embedded Trace
  72. A Discreet Wearable Long-Range Emergency System Based on Embedded Machine Learning
  73. Embedded Digital Control with Microcontrollers: Implementation with C and Python
  74. Embedded Deep Learning Prototyping Approach for Cyber-Physical Systems: Smart LIDAR Case Study
  75. Research on the HRM performance assessment model based on FPGA embedded system and bayesian network
  76. Application of web embedded system and machine learning in english corpus vocabulary recognition
  77. Codenet: Efficient deployment of input-adaptive object detection on embedded fpgas
  78. HBONext: An Efficient Dnn for Light Edge Embedded Devices
  79. Modeling cultures of the embedded software industry: feedback from the field
  80. Hospital remote monitoring embedded system and nursing intervention for patients with anxiety and insomnia
  81. Animation virtual reality scene modeling based on complex embedded system and FPGA
  82. Strategy of library information resource construction based on FPGA and embedded system
  83. Real-time systems
  84. Construction of youth public sports service system based on embedded system and wireless IoT
  85. Challenges in the Realm of Embedded Real-Time Image Processing
  86. A Novel Rail-Network Hardware Simulator for Embedded System Programming
  87. Analysis of cross-border E-Commerce logistics model based on embedded system and genetic algorithm
  88. An embedded lightweight SSVEP-BCI electric wheelchair with hybrid stimulator
  89. Applied Soft Computing and Embedded System Applications in Solar Energy
  90. Advanced Systems Engineering
  91. Demo abstract: Porting and execution of anomalies detection models on embedded systems in iot
  92. Design of embedded digital image processing system based on ZYNQ
  93. Action recognition of dance video learning based on embedded system and computer vision image
  94. Research and Implementation of Embedded Database Encryption System based on Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms
  95. Model-Based Programming of Intelligent Embed-ded Systems and a Robotic Messenger to Mercury
  96. A Novel, Model-Based, Specification-Driven Embedded Software Integration Platform
  97. Event-B Hybridation: A Proof and Refinement-based Framework for Modelling Hybrid Systems
  98. Analisi esaustiva di DAG task: soluzioni per moderni sistemi real-time embedded
  99. Lossless Decompression Accelerator for Embedded Processor with GUI. Micromachines 2021, 12, 145
  100. Introduction to the Special Issue on Specification and Design Languages (FDL 2019)
  101. Case Study: ECHONET Lite Applications based on Embedded Component Systems
  102. An interview study of how developers use execution logs in embedded software engineering
  103. Static Allocation of Basic Blocks Based on Runtime and Memory Requirements in Embedded Real-Time Systems with Hierarchical Memory Layout
  104. Magnetoresistive Circuits and Systems: Embedded Non-Volatile Memory to Crossbar Arrays
  105. Intelligent hospital and traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cerebrovascular dementia based on embedded system
  106. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm In Embedded System
  107. A state-of-the-art techno-economic review of distributed and embedded energy storage for energy systems
  108. Intelligent medical diagnosis and misoprostol medical abortion nursing based on embedded system
  109. Design of enterprise financial early warning model based on complex embedded system
  110. SkiffOS: Minimal Cross-compiled Linux for Embedded Containers
  111. Embedded, Edge and Cloud Computing for Gas Turbine Digital Twins
  113. Embedded Web Server for Hospital and Clinical Nursing Analysis of Cataract Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
  114. Design of an Embedded System for Remote Monitoring of Malnutrition for People Living in Rural Areas
  115. 9 Comparison of Sensor-Embedded Closed-Loop Supply Chain Systems with Regular Systems
  116. Time Synchronization Method for ARM-Based Distributed Embedded Linux Systems Using CCNT Register
  117. An Experimental Design Approach to IoT Enabled Smart Parallel Irrigation System Using Embedded Microcontrollers
  118. CNN-based Hand Gesture Recognition Method for Teleoperation Control of Industrial Robot
  119. Efficient ROS-Compliant CPU-iGPU Communication on Embedded Platforms
  120. Compression and Speed-up of Convolutional Neural Networks Through Dimensionality Reduction for Efficient Inference on Embedded Multiprocessor
  121. Art Practice as Policy Practice: Framing the Work of Artists Embedded in Government
  122. Architectures for Dynamically Coupled Systems
  123. Design Space Exploration for Secure IoT Devices and Cyber-Physical Systems
  124. Development of integrated spectral sun-photometer based on embedded Linux OS
  125. Analysis of Risk Priority Number and Functionally Safe Design of Battery Management System
  126. Performance Assessment of Linux Kernels with PREEMPT_RT on ARM-Based Embedded Devices
  127. Exploration of word width and cluster size effects on tree-based embedded FPGA using an automation framework
  128. Hardware acceleration of multibody simulations for real-time embedded applications
  129. Remote music teaching classroom based on embedded system and cloud platform
  130. Deployment of IoT for smart home application and embedded real-time control system
  131. Machine learning and multiresolution decomposition for embedded applications to detect short-circuit in induction motors
  132. Compact Groups of Galaxies in Sloan Digital Sky Survey and LAMOST Spectral Survey. II. Dynamical Properties of Isolated and Embedded Groups
  133. A secure data parallel processing based embedded system for internet of things computer vision using field programmable gate array devices
  134. Development of an Embedded Longitudinal Flight Control based on X-Plane Flight Simulator
  135. Design of embedded acoustic image acquisition system for wireless sensor network
  136. Health systems effects of successive emergency health and nutrition projects: an embedded retrospective case study analysis in Sudan and Pakistan
  137. Efficient HLS implementation of fast linear discriminant analysis classifier
  138. A Survey On Door Lock Security System Using IoT
  139. Software Modeling and Analysis
  140. Robust Computing for Machine Learning-Based Systems
  141. DIALED: Data Integrity Attestation for Low-end Embedded Devices
  142. Efficient Flash Indexing for Time Series Data on Memory-constrained Embedded Sensor Devices.
  143. Future smart battery and management: Advanced sensing from external to embedded multi-dimensional measurement
  144. Power System Frequency Adjustment Based on Embedded System and Internet of Things
  145. Automatic Generation of Reconfiguration Blueprints for IMA Systems Using Reinforcement Learning
  146. The design of embedded Operating System for vehicle Internet of Things
  147. Embedded sensing package for temporary bone cement spacers in infected total knee arthroplasty
  148. Social Distance Shopping Using Embedded Based Auto Cart and Android App
  149. Which groups and designs are embedded in a dierence block design?
  150. Embedded Linux Based Smart Secure IoT Intruder Alarm System Implemented on BeagleBone Black
  151. Chapter Two-Hardware accelerator systems for embedded systems.
  152. Benchmarking vision kernels and neural network inference accelerators on embedded platforms
  153. Compositional Verification using Model Checking and Theorem Proving
  154. Performative Practices and States of Play: Exploring the Role of Arts and Culture in the Co-Creation of Anticipatory Governance Dynamics
  155. Design of Efficient Floating-Point Convolution Module for Embedded System
  156. Prediction simulation of sports injury based on embedded system and neural network
  157. Design of embedded system of volleyball training assistant decision support based on association rules
  158. Implementation of a Hierarchical Embedded Cyber Attack Detection system for sUAS Flight Control Systems
  159. IDRA: An In-storage Data Reorganization Accelerator for Multidimensional Databases
  160. TRP: A Foundational Platform for High-Performance Low-Power Embedded Image Processing
  161. A Certificate-Based Authentication for SIP in Embedded Devices
  162. A Quantitative Study of Energy Consumption for Embedded Security
  163. Runtime Monitoring on a Real-Time Embedded System
  164. STHEM: Productive Implementation of High-Performance Embedded Image Processing Applications
  165. Supporting the Creation of Digital Twins for CESs
  166. Cross-level Co-simulation and Verification of an Automatic Transmission Control on Embedded Processor
  167. Resident consumption expenditure forecast based on embedded system and machine learning
  168. Fault Diagnose of DC Drive EV Utilizing a New Series Motor Four Quadrants DC Chopper Using an Expert System and Quadratic Solver Running in Embedded
  169. LEG-PER-LiDAR-enhanced GNSS positioning error reduction
  170. Low Voltage Low Power Output Programmable OCL-LDO with Embedded Voltage Reference
  171. Second nearest-neighbor modified embedded-atom method interatomic potentials for the Mo-M (M= Al, Co, Cr, Fe, Ni, Ti) binary alloy systems
  172. A Survey on Silk supply chain management using blockchain
  173. Employment and Entrepreneurship Education for University Students Based On Improved ACO Algorithm and Embedded Database
  174. Hardware Trojan Attack in Embedded Memory
  175. A Survey on Garbage Management System
  176. Modeling Computational Systems
  177. Real-time, High-resolution Depth Upsampling on Embedded Accelerators
  178. Communication Failure Resilient Improvement of Distributed Neural Network Partitioning and Inference Accuracy
  179. Fiber optic sensor embedded smart helmet for real-time impact sensing and analysis through machine learning
  180. A Novel Modeling-Attack Resilient Arbiter-PUF Design
  181. Uncertainty-Aware Compositional System-Level Reliability Analysis
  182. Optimization and Embedded Implementation of Gesture Recognition Algorithm Based on Convolutional Neural Network
  183. A flexible tool for estimating applications performance and energy consumption through static analysis
  184. Turtle-shell data embedding method with high image fidelity
  185. Study of online learning resource recommendation based on improved BP neural network
  186. Implementing a real-time image captioning service for scene identification using embedded system
  187. Knowledge-Based Verification of Concatenative Programming Patterns Inspired by Natural Language for Resource-Constrained Embedded Devices
  188. Designing of Arbiter PUF for Securing IP and IoT Devices
  189. An embedded atom model for Ga–Pd systems: From intermetallic crystals to liquid alloys
  190. Embedded IoT-based Monitoring Utility for Safety Management and Access Control
  191. Improving saddle stitching line using affordable embedded system
  192. CasCon: Cascaded Thermal And Electrical Current Throttling for Mobile Devices
  193. SMT-based Contention-Free Task Mapping and Scheduling on SMART NoC
  194. S-CNN-ESystem: An end-to-end embedded CNN inference system with low hardware cost and hardware-software time-balancing
  195. Online fault diagnosis for smart machines embedded in Industry 4.0 manufacturing systems: A labeled Petri net-based approach
  196. A Literature Survey on Wildlife Camera Trap Image processing using Machine Learning Techniques
  197. EM Lifetime Constrained Optimization for Multi-Segment Power Grid Networks
  198. Dynamic rocking response of “SDOF-embedded foundation” systems using shake table experiments
  199. Comparing culturally embedded frames of judicial dispassion
  200. Image enhancement in embedded devices for internet of things
  201. A Review on Workload Characteristics for Multi Core Embedded Architectures using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques
  202. SoC-based embedded real-time simulation of mismatched photovoltaic strings
  203. How to model Complex Systems?
  204. Smart metering system data analytics platform using multicore edge computing
  205. Ranking loss: Maximizing the success rate in deep learning side-channel analysis
  206. Multi-Fidelity Digital Twins: a Means for Better Cyber-Physical Systems Testing?
  207. A lightweight motional object behavior prediction system harnessing deep learning technology for embedded adas applications
  208. Virtual simulation design and effect of high jump technology action optimization based on complex embedded system
  209. Online Experiment-Driven Learning and Adaptation
  210. RAP Model—Enabling Cross-Layer Analysis and Optimization for System-on-Chip Resilience
  211. Concrete quantum cryptanalysis of binary elliptic curves
  212. Research on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology Based on Field Communication and Embedded Control Computer Data Exchange Algorithm
  213. Efficient Embedded Cluster Density Approximation Calculations with an Orbital-Free Treatment of Environments
  214. Modeling and Analyzing Context-Sensitive Changes during Runtime
  215. … -sense: the exploration of the craft and material of fiberglass as a medium for tangible user interfaces. Towards the development of embedded circuits in fiberglass …
  216. Development and assessment of a low-cost embedded system for evaluation of animal thermal comfort
  217. Fault-Tolerant Computing with Heterogeneous Hardening Modes
  218. Secure Mutual Authentication and Key-Exchange Protocol Between PUF-Embedded IoT Endpoints
  219. Our Perspectives
  220. A Pilot Study of Smart Agricultural Irrigation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and IoT-Based Cloud System
  221. Tool Support for Co-Simulation-Based Analysis
  222. Optical Waveguide Channel Routing with Reduced Bend-Loss for Photonic Integrated Circuits
  223. ODAS: Open embedded audition system
  224. A modified embedded-atom method interatomic potential for bismuth
  225. ASTEROID and the Replica-Aware Co-scheduling for Mixed-Criticality
  226. Enhancing Performance of Gabriel Graph-Based Classifiers by a Hardware Co-Processor for Embedded System Applications
  227. Fixslicing AES-like Ciphers
  228. CrESt Use Cases
  229. Piezoelectric Sensor-Embedded Smart Rock for Damage Monitoring in a Prestressed Anchorage Zone
  230. Task Sequencing in Frame-Based CPS
  231. Operating Systems for Reconfigurable Computing: Concepts and Survey
  232. Lightweight Software-Defined Error Correction for Memories
  233. Design of Efficient, Dependable SoCs Based on a Cross-Layer-Reliability Approach with Emphasis on Wireless Communication as Application and DRAM …
  234. Cross-Layer Resilience Against Soft Errors: Key Insights
  235. Analysis of Power Adaptation Techniques Over Beaulieu-Xie Fading Model
  236. Reliable CPS Design for Unreliable Hardware Platforms
  237. Designing a high-speed light emitting diode driver circuit for visible light communications
  238. Design, fabrication, and testing of a flexible three-dimensional printed percutaneous needle with embedded actuators
  239. Variant and Product Line Co-Evolution
  240. Convolutional Neural Network based Signal Classification in Real-Time
  241. Increasing Reliability Using Adaptive Cross-Layer Techniques in DRPs: Just-Safe-Enough Responses to Reliability Threats
  242. Using improved RFM model to classify consumer in big data environment
  243. Enterprise financial risk management platform based on 5 G mobile communication and embedded system
  244. Thermal Management and Communication Virtualization for Reliability Optimization in MPSoCs
  245. [PS][PS] New Directions in Symbolic Model Checking for Real-Time Systems
  246. A Wearable Embedded System for Assisting Cognition of Visually Impaired People by Street Scene Description
  247. A 2.44 Tops/W Heterogeneous DCNN Inference/Training Processor For Embedded System
  248. Enhanced parallel CFAR architecture with sharing resources using FPGA
  249. Circularly Polarized E-Shaped Patch Antenna for AWS, FMS and MSS Applications
  250. Information hiding mechanism based on QR code and information sharing algorithm
  251. Hardware/Software Codesign for Energy Efficiency and Robustness: From Error-Tolerant Computing to Approximate Computing
  252. Application of embedded fibre Bragg grating sensors for structural health monitoring of complex composite structures for marine applications
  253. A 5nm Wide Voltage Range Ultra High Density SRAM Design for L2/L3 Cache Applications
  254. Real time medical data monitoring and iodine 131 treatment of thyroid cancer nursing analysis based on embedded system
  255. Modified embedded-atom method interatomic potentials for Mg–Al–Ca and Mg–Al–Zn ternary systems
  256. Online Test Strategies and Optimizations for Reliable Reconfigurable Architectures
  257. A sol-gel pretreatment combined strategy for constructing cobalt-embedded and nitrogen-doped carbon matrix with high-density active sites as bifunctional oxygen …
  258. Architectures for Flexible Collaborative Systems
  259. A model of architecture for estimating GPU processing performance and power
  260. Switch based High Cardinality Node Detection
  261. Research on electric vehicle charging scheduling algorithms based on a’fractional knapsack’
  262. Polymer optical fiber-embedded force sensor system for assistive devices with dynamic compensation
  263. A Compact FPGA-Based Accelerator for Curve-Based Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks
  264. M2OS-Mc: An RTOS for Many-Core Processors
  265. Truth Embedded in Form: Towards a New Literary Realism of Fields of Sense
  266. Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Embedded Machine Learning
  267. Investigating the Interaction between Energy Consumption, Quality of Service, Reliability, Security, and Maintainability of Computer Systems and Networks
  268. Gain-Cell Embedded DRAM Under Cryogenic Operation–A First Study
  269. A 3–7 GHz CMOS Power Amplifier Design for Ultra-Wide-Band Applications
  270. Energy-aware automatic tuning on many-core platform via adaptive evolution
  271. Real-time implementation of a parameterized Model Predictive Control for Attitude Control Systems of rigid-flexible satellite
  272. … CARESSES Randomised Controlled Trial: Exploring the Health-Related Impact of Culturally Competent Artificial Intelligence Embedded Into Socially Assistive …
  273. Side Channel Assessment Platforms and Tools for Ubiquitous Systems
  274. Variability Analysis of On-Chip Interconnect System Using Prospective Neural Network
  275. Impact of Multi-Metal Gate Stacks on the Performance of ß-Ga2O3 MOS Structure
  276. Transformer-based Machine Translation for Low-resourced Languages embedded with Language Identification
  277. Second-nearest-neighbor modified embedded-atom method interatomic potential for VM (M= Cu, Mo, Ti) binary systems
  278. Incremental Few-shot Learning via Vector Quantization in Deep Embedded Space
  279. Heart Rate Monitoring System
  280. Nonlinear vibration suppression of composite laminated beam embedded with NiTiNOL-steel wire ropes
  281. Mutation Analysis for Cyber-Physical Systems: Scalable Solutions and Results in the Space Domain
  282. Based on machine learning scheme to develop a smart robot embedded with GMM-UBM
  283. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of parallel-prefix adders
  284. FPGA-Based Implementation of Artifact Suppression and Feature Extraction
  285. Embedded System Hardware
  286. [PS][PS] An Application for Extending the ARTES Project
  287. A Study on the Efficiency of Deep Learning on Embedded Boards
  288. Improved NSGA-II for the minimum constraint removal problem
  289. DC-DC Converter for Powering Micro-system Load in Energy Harvesting Front-ends
  290. Underwater Marine Life and Plastic Waste Detection Using Deep Learning and Raspberry Pi
  291. Reliability Analysis and Mitigation of Near-Threshold Voltage (NTC) Caches
  292. Graphitic carbon nitride embedded-Ag nanoparticle decorated-ZnWO 4 nanocomposite-based photoluminescence sensing of Hg 2+
  293. DeepSpectrumLite: A Power-Efficient Transfer Learning Framework for Embedded Speech and Audio Processing from Decentralised Data
  294. Systematising troubleshooting of disputes in network
  295. Novel Census Transform Hardware IP
  296. Research on fuzzy clustering method for working status of mineral flotation process
  297. The Tulipp Hardware Platform
  298. Pickering emulsion-embedded hierarchical solid-liquid hydrogel spheres for static and flow photocatalysis
  299. Dealing with Aging and Yield in Scaled Technologies
  300. Manipulating Hubbard-type Coulomb blockade effect of metallic wires embedded in an insulator
  301. Deterministic Digital Calibration of 1.5 bits/stage Pipelined ADCs by Direct Extraction of Calibration Coefficients
  302. Effects of Pt and Au adsorption on the gas sensing performance of SnS2 monolayers: A DFT study
  303. An Efficient Low Power MEMS-Based Microfluidic Device for the Segregation of Different Blood Components
  304. Prospects of Two-dimensional Material-based Field-Effect Transistors for Analog/RF Applications
  305. Low Power Extended Range Multi-Modulus Divider Using True-Single-Phase-Clock Logic
  306. Towards complex dynamic fog network orchestration using embedded neural switch
  307. Operationalisation of the Randomized Embedded Multifactorial Adaptive Platform for COVID-19 trials in a low and lower-middle income critical care learning …
  308. Mining constant information for readable test data generation
  309. Printed Structural Temperature Monitoring Embedded in Multi-Process Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
  310. Design of a single phase switched boost inverter with important potential of conversion in variable conditions
  311. Damage Detection in Multiple RC Structures Based on Embedded Ultrasonic Sensors and Wavelet Transform
  312. Investigation of structural and optical properties of Pb1-xCoxS nanocrystals embedded in chalcogenide glass
  313. Stochastic Model of a Sensor Node
  314. SPD-Safe: Secure Administration of Railway Intelligent Transportation Systems
  315. Ordered level spacing distribution in embedded random matrix ensembles
  316. Exploiting Memory Resilience for Emerging Technologies: An Energy-Aware Resilience Exemplar for STT-RAM Memories
  317. Crop pest recognition using attention-embedded lightweight network under field conditions
  318. Selective Flip-Flop Optimization for Circuit Reliability
  319. Data Acquisition Technique for Temperature Measurement Through DHT11 Sensor
  320. Compact Dilithium Implementations on Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4
  321. A compact hardware implementation of CCA-secure key exchange mechanism CRYSTALS-KYBER on FPGA
  322. The making of data commodities: data analytics as an embedded process
  323. Compiler-Assisted Software Fault Tolerance for Bare Metal and RTOS Applications on Embedded Platforms
  324. A Parallel Jacobi-Embedded Gauss-Seidel Method
  325. Efficiency and safety assessment of suburban highway access management
  326. Parameters extraction of single diode model for degraded photovoltaic modules
  327. Ab initio molecular dynamics and materials design for embedded phase-change memory
  328. LIS-Net: An end-to-end light interior search network for speech command recognition
  329. Fault injection as an oscilloscope: fault correlation analysis
  330. Abstract PR-01: Real-time, point-of-care pathology diagnosis via embedded deep learning
  331. Monitor Circuits for Cross-Layer Resiliency
  332. Design and development of embedded system of portable bicycle exerciser
  333. Embedded Computer Vision System Applied to a Four-Legged Line Follower Robot
  334. Implications of embedded artificial intelligence-machine learning on safety of machinery
  335. In-Database Embedded Analytics A Major Qualifying Project report to be submitted to the faculty of
  336. ISAMod: A Tool for Designing ASIPs by Comparing Different ISAs
  337. Detection of mycobacteria in paraffin-embedded Ziehl–Neelsen-Stained tissues using digital pathology
  338. Physical Constraint Embedded Neural Networks for inference and noise regulation
  339. Self-Templated Hierarchically Porous Carbon Nanorods Embedded with Atomic Fe-N4 Active Sites as Efficient Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts in Zn-Air Batteries
  340. IoT: Security Attacks and Countermeasures
  341. Redundant code-based masking revisited
  342. Security and Privacy Techniques in IoT Environment
  343. Variational Method for Hydrogen Atom Embedded in Non-ideal Classical Plasmas
  344. Training Neural Network for Machine Intelligence in Automatic Test Pattern Generator
  345. Improving the quality of service of real-time database systems through a semantics-based scheduling strategy
  346. Inter-Urban Analysis of Pedestrian and Drivers through a Vehicular Network Based on Hybrid Communications Embedded in a Portable Car System and Advanced …
  347. Kannada Text-to-Speech System using MATLAB
  348. Design of Electronic Instrumentation for Isotope Processing
  349. Reliability tracking method of power system equipment based on Embedded Internet of things technology
  350. An efficient algorithm for multiple-pursuer-multiple-evader pursuit/evasion game
  351. Introduction to the Linux Environment
  352. Simulation Analysis of Electro-Mechanical Property of Piezoelectric Fiber Composite with Embedded Interdigital Electrode
  353. The design of scalar AES Instruction Set Extensions for RISC-V
  354. Implementation of a Pet Care Robot Based on Webcam and Smartphone and its Power Management
  355. TinyRadarNN: Combining spatial and temporal convolutional neural networks for embedded gesture recognition with short range radars
  356. Visual management of sports training based on embedded wearable devices and machine vision
  357. Forecasting Air Temperature on Edge Devices with Embedded AI
  358. Development of a Portable, Reliable and Low-Cost Electrical Impedance Tomography System Using an Embedded System
  359. Embedded Vision for Self-Driving on Forest Roads
  360. A study on the dynamic behavior of a vertical tunnel shaft embedded in liquefiable ground during earthquakes
  361. Graph-Embedded Convolutional Neural Network for Image-based EEG Emotion Recognition
  362. Enhancing Air Quality for Embedded Hospital Germicidal Lamps. Sustainability 2021, 13, 2389
  363. Fuzzy decision trees embedded with evolutionary fuzzy clustering for locating users using wireless signal strength in an indoor environment
  364. Sustainable detection and capturing of cerium (III) using ligand embedded solid-state conjugate adsorbent
  365. -block elemental-atom-embedded monolayers: Large magnetic moment, high-temperature ferromagnetism, and huge magnetic anisotropy energy
  366. Lung carcinoma spheroids embedded in a microfluidic platform
  367. Embedded solitons in second-harmonic-generating lattices
  368. Design Considerations for Edge Neural Network Accelerators: An Industry Perspective
  369. A study of embedded star clusters in reflection nebulae
  370. A Systematic Review on an Embedded Web Server Architecture
  371. Linear electromagnetic energy harvester system embedded on a vehicle suspension: From modeling to performance analysis
  372. A review of regional distributed energy system planning and design
  373. Up and Running with WebGL
  374. A utility-aware multi-task scheduling method in cloud manufacturing using extended NSGA-II embedded with game theory
  375. A methodology for detection and classification of power quality disturbances using a real-time operating system in the context of home energy management systems
  376. A SnOx Quantum Dots Embedded Carbon Nanocage Network with Ultrahigh Li Storage Capacity
  377. Fault Attacks on CCA-secure Lattice KEMs
  378. Real-time instance segmentation of traffic videos for embedded devices
  379. Design of embedded data analyzer based mitigation model for traffic congestion and its challenges
  380. Fabrication and embedded sensors characterization of a micromachined water-propellant vaporizing liquid microthruster
  381. The architecture of computer hardware, systems software, and networking: An information technology approach
  382. ROS on ARM Processor Embedded with FPGA for Improvement of Robotic Computing
  383. Design and Evaluation of a New Machine Learning Framework for IoT and Embedded Devices
  384. Optimal parameter estimation of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells model with chaos embedded particle swarm optimization
  385. Real-time anomaly detection in gas sensor streaming data
  386. NTT Multiplication for NTT-unfriendly Rings
  387. Early-Stage Neural Network Hardware Performance Analysis
  388. Rationally embedded zinc oxide nanospheres serving as electron transport channels in bismuth vanadate/zinc oxide heterostructures for improved …
  389. IOT: The Theoretical Fundamentals and Practical Applications
  390. Real-time single image depth perception in the wild with handheld devices
  391. Gellan-Based Composite System as a Potential Tool for the Treatment of Nervous Tissue Injuries: Cross-Linked Electrospun Nanofibers Embedded in a RC-33 …
  392. A new weak curve fault attack on ECIES: embedded point validation is not enough during decryption.
  393. Embedded Wireless Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring Based on Internet of Things Platform
  395. A Microvalve Module with High Chemical Inertness and Embedded Flow Heating for Microscale Gas Chromatography
  396. Embedded fuzzy-based models in hydraulic jump prediction
  397. Hardware-aware, context-scalable processing for embedded visual navigation
  398. SHARKS: Smart Hacking Approaches for RisK Scanning in Internet-of-Things and Cyber-Physical Systems based on Machine Learning
  399. Issues on Applying One-and Multi-Step Numerical Methods to Chaotic Oscillators for FPGA Implementation
  400. On blockchain integration into mobile crowdsensing via smart embedded devices: A comprehensive survey

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