Algorithms Research Topics Ideas MS Ph.D

List of Research Topics and Ideas of algorithms for MS and Ph.D. Thesis.

  1. The role of machine learning algorithms for diagnosing diseases
  2. Noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) algorithms
  3. Parameters Estimation of Photovoltaic Model Using Nonlinear Algorithms
  4. Chromatic Algorithms
  5. Snapshot compressive imaging: Theory, algorithms, and applications
  6. The ethics of algorithms: key problems and solutions
  7. Machine learning: Algorithms, real-world applications and research directions
  8. Classical algorithms for quantum mean values
  9. Task scheduling algorithms in cloud computing: A review
  10. Parallel In-Place Algorithms: Theory and Practice*
  11. Deep learning algorithms for cybersecurity applications: A technological and status review
  12. Algorithms for communications systems and their applications
  13. A Review of Medical Image Segmentation Algorithms
  14. Dynamic fusion module evolves drivable area and road anomaly detection: A benchmark and algorithms
  15. Inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging with MATLAB algorithms
  16. Two Numerical Algorithms for Solving Nonlinear Equation of Solar Cell
  17. A Review of Robot Learning for Manipulation: Challenges, Representations, and Algorithms.
  18. Two Step and Newton-Raphson Algorithms in the Extraction for the Parameters of Solar Cell
  19. A Survey of Low-Energy Parallel Scheduling Algorithms
  20. Evaluation of classification algorithms for intrusion detection system: A review
  21. A dynamical view on optimization algorithms of overparameterized neural networks
  22. A survey of learning-based intelligent optimization algorithms
  23. Measuring racial discrimination in algorithms
  24. Machine learning algorithms in civil structural health monitoring: a systematic review
  25. Principles and algorithms for forecasting groups of time series: Locality and globality
  26. Nature inspired optimization algorithms or simply variations of metaheuristics?
  27. Mostly exploration-free algorithms for contextual bandits
  28. A comparative study of metaheuristic algorithms for reliability-based design optimization problems
  29. Dual Principal Component Pursuit for Learning a Union of Hyperplanes: Theory and Algorithms
  30. Metaheuristic Algorithms on Feature Selection: A Survey of One Decade of Research (2009-2019)
  31. Hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and quantum error mitigation
  32. The impact of using algorithms for managerial decisions on public employees’ procedural justice
  33. A tutorial on distance metric learning: Mathematical foundations, algorithms, experimental analysis, prospects and challenges
  34. Yield prediction with machine learning algorithms and satellite images
  35. Theoretically efficient parallel graph algorithms can be fast and scalable
  36. Modelling of shallow landslides with machine learning algorithms
  37. Nature-inspired algorithms for wireless sensor networks: A comprehensive survey
  38. Warfarin dosing algorithms: A systematic review
  39. Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms in Predicting the Next SQL Query from the Future
  40. Discovering Collective Variables of Molecular Transitions via Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks
  41. Randomized algorithms for scientific computing (RASC)
  42. Graphminesuite: Enabling high-performance and programmable graph mining algorithms with set algebra
  43. Prediction of daily global solar radiation using different machine learning algorithms: Evaluation and comparison
  44. Detecting equipment activities by using machine learning algorithms
  45. Application of artificial neural network to map the performance characteristics of boiler using different algorithms
  46. Data-driven Algorithms for signal processing with rational functions
  47. Statistical properties of sketching algorithms
  48. Estimation of SPEI Meteorological Drought Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  49. Data structures and algorithms: annotated reference with examples
  50. A survey on data-efficient algorithms in big data era
  51. A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms using Quick-Witted Diabetic Prevention
  52. Deep statistical comparison for multi-objective stochastic optimization algorithms
  53. New efficient algorithms for the centroid of an interval type-2 fuzzy set
  54. A topological perspective on distributed network algorithms
  55. Pipejacking clogging detection in soft alluvial deposits using machine learning algorithms
  56. Evaluation of deep learning algorithms for national scale landslide susceptibility mapping of Iran
  57. Algorithms for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with the Kullback–Leibler Divergence
  58. Implementation of Institutional Triaging Algorithms Decreases Head and Neck MDCT Use in Blunt Trauma
  59. Efficient RTM-based training of machine learning regression algorithms to quantify biophysical & biochemical traits of agricultural crops
  60. Regulatory frameworks for development and evaluation of artificial intelligence–based diagnostic imaging algorithms: Summary and recommendations
  61. A comprehensive comparison of recent developed meta-heuristic algorithms for streamflow time series forecasting problem
  62. A performance comparison between genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization applied in constructing equity portfolios
  63. Development of an ensemble of machine learning algorithms to model aerobic granular sludge reactors
  64. A comparative study of social group optimization with a few recent optimization algorithms
  65. A unified form of fuzzy C-means and K-means algorithms and its partitional implementation
  66. Fast algorithms at low temperatures via Markov chains
  67. Ancestral sequence reconstruction: from chemical paleogenetics to maximum likelihood algorithms and beyond
  68. Intelligent algorithms: new avenues for designing nanophotonic devices
  69. DCA-based algorithms for DC fitting
  70. Diagnosis of wind turbine faults with transfer learning algorithms
  71. Deep neural networks algorithms for stochastic control problems on finite horizon: numerical applications
  72. Development of machine learning algorithms for the determination of the centre of mass
  73. Convergence Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of Mean Field Control and Games I: The Ergodic Case
  74. On barren plateaus and cost function locality in variational quantum algorithms
  75. Swarm intelligence algorithms in gene selection profile based on classification of microarray data: A review
  76. Electricity production based forecasting of greenhouse gas emissions in Turkey with deep learning, support vector machine and artificial neural network algorithms
  77. A survey of consensus algorithms in public blockchain systems for crypto-currencies
  78. Development of adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system–Evolutionary algorithms hybrid models (ANFIS-EA) for prediction of optimal groundwater exploitation
  79. A review of domain decomposition methods for simulation of fluid flows: Concepts, algorithms, and applications
  80. Optimization of support vector machine through the use of metaheuristic algorithms in forecasting TBM advance rate
  81. Chaos-assisted multi-population salp swarm algorithms: Framework and case studies
  82. Forecasting day-ahead electricity prices: A review of state-of-the-art algorithms, best practices and an open-access benchmark
  83. Making sense of algorithms: Relational perception of contact tracing and risk assessment during COVID-19
  84. Intercomparison of MAX-DOAS vertical profile retrieval algorithms: studies on field data from the CINDI-2 campaign
  85. Low-depth gradient measurements can improve convergence in variational hybrid quantum-classical algorithms
  86. Landslide susceptibility mapping using machine learning algorithms and comparison of their performance at Abha Basin, Asir Region, Saudi Arabia
  87. On the training of a neural network for online path planning with offline path planning algorithms
  88. Using machine learning algorithms to predict immunotherapy response in patients with advanced melanoma
  89. Comparison of Swiss and European risk algorithms for cardiovascular prevention in Switzerland
  90. When Politicization Stops Algorithms in Criminal Justice
  91. Explanation and probabilistic prediction of hydrological signatures with statistical boosting algorithms
  92. Super ensemble learning for daily streamflow forecasting: Large-scale demonstration and comparison with multiple machine learning algorithms
  93. Two quantum Ising algorithms for the shortest-vector problem
  94. A new multi-objective mathematical model for a Citrus supply chain network design: Metaheuristic algorithms
  95. Multi-fidelity Bayesian neural networks: Algorithms and applications
  96. New binary marine predators optimization algorithms for 0–1 knapsack problems
  97. Verification of randomized consensus algorithms under round-rigid adversaries
  98. Discovery of Course Success Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms.
  99. A review on the effectiveness of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for cyber security
  100. Protection algorithms of microgrids with inverter interfaced distributed generation units—A review
  101. On the Optimality of Batch Policy Optimization Algorithms
  102. Quantization algorithms for random fourier features
  103. Machine learning based algorithms for uncertainty quantification in numerical weather prediction models
  104. Practical algorithms for multivariate rational approximation
  105. Robust hybrid zero-order optimization algorithms with acceleration via averaging in time
  106. Transmission line faults in power system and the different algorithms for identification, classification and localization: a brief review of methods
  107. Supramolecular recognition in crystalline nanocavities through Monte Carlo and Voronoi network algorithms
  108. A Review on the Application of Chemometrics and Machine Learning Algorithms to Evaluate Beer Authentication
  109. … performance and emission responses of a CI engine fuelled with different metal-oxide based nanoparticles–diesel blends using different machine learning algorithms
  110. Remember what you want to forget: Algorithms for machine unlearning
  111. Archiving Strategies for Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Algorithms
  112. Improved corruption robust algorithms for episodic reinforcement learning
  113. Strong error analysis for stochastic gradient descent optimization algorithms
  114. Intervention Efficient Algorithms for Approximate Learning of Causal Graphs
  115. Quantum-walk-based search algorithms with multiple marked vertices
  116. Developing a SINTACS-based method to map groundwater multi-pollutant vulnerability using evolutionary algorithms
  117. Development of novel combustion risk index for flammable liquids based on unsupervised clustering algorithms
  118. (Re) deployment of Smart Algorithms in Cyber–Physical Production Systems Using DSL4hDNCS
  119. Prediction of meteorological drought by using hybrid support vector regression optimized with HHO versus PSO algorithms
  120. Long-term mortality risk stratification of liver transplant recipients: real-time application of deep learning algorithms on longitudinal data
  121. Online Learning Algorithms
  122. Image-Based Machine Learning Algorithms for Disease Characterization in the Human Type 1 Diabetes Pancreas
  123. Stochastic oblique impact on composite laminates: a concise review and characterization of the essence of hybrid machine learning algorithms
  124. Investigating the performance of Hadoop and Spark platforms on machine learning algorithms
  125. Rapid soil fertility prediction using X-ray fluorescence data and machine learning algorithms
  126. Sample complexity bounds for two timescale value-based reinforcement learning algorithms
  127. Condition Monitoring Algorithms in MATLAB®
  128. Analyzing the discrepancy principle for kernelized spectral filter learning algorithms
  129. Human gait recognition based on multiple feature combination and parameter optimization algorithms
  130. Improving software effort estimation using bio-inspired algorithms to select relevant features: An empirical study
  131. Fast deterministic algorithms for computing all eccentricities in (hyperbolic) Helly graphs
  132. Post-processing algorithms for distributed optical fiber sensing in structural health monitoring applications
  133. Machine learning algorithms predict clinically significant improvements in satisfaction after hip arthroscopy
  134. Uncertainties in Atmospheric River Lifecycles by Detection Algorithms: Climatology and Variability
  135. The expander hierarchy and its applications to dynamic graph algorithms
  136. Energy Efficiency Optimization for Multi-cell Massive MIMO: Centralized and Distributed Power Allocation Algorithms
  137. Parameterized approximation algorithms for bidirected steiner network problems
  138. Continuous-time distributed Nash equilibrium seeking algorithms for non-cooperative constrained games
  139. Determining importance of many-objective optimisation competitive algorithms evaluation criteria based on a novel fuzzy-weighted zero-inconsistency method
  140. Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to the IoE: A Survey
  141. Evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence methods, and their applications in water resources engineering: a state-of-the-art review
  142. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of topographically derived CVA algorithms using MODIS and Landsat-8 data over Western Himalayas, India
  143. The Democratizing Potential Of Algorithms?
  144. Conceptual and empirical comparison of dimensionality reduction algorithms (PCA, KPCA, LDA, MDS, SVD, LLE, ISOMAP, LE, ICA, t-SNE)
  145. Quantum algorithms for second-order cone programming and support vector machines
  146. Comprehensive comparative evaluation of background subtraction algorithms in open sea environments
  147. Prediction of gully erosion susceptibility mapping using novel ensemble machine learning algorithms
  148. Development of machine learning algorithms for the prediction of financial toxicity in localized breast Cancer following surgical treatment
  149. Counterfactuals and Causability in Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
  150. Short to Long-Term Forecasting of River Flows by Heuristic Optimization Algorithms Hybridized with ANFIS
  151. Remote sensing approach to simulate the land use/land cover and seasonal land surface temperature change using machine learning algorithms in a fastest-growing …
  152. Topology of Parametrized Motion Planning Algorithms
  153. Statistical query algorithms for mean vector estimation and stochastic convex optimization
  154. Measuring activities of daily living in stroke patients with motion machine learning algorithms: A pilot study
  155. Quantum algorithms with local particle-number conservation: Noise effects and error correction
  156. GIS-based landslide susceptibility modeling: A comparison between fuzzy multi-criteria and machine learning algorithms
  157. Performance of swarm intelligence based chaotic meta-heuristic algorithms in civil structural health monitoring
  158. A survey of density based clustering algorithms
  159. Determining the optimum installation of energy storage systems in railway electrical infrastructures by means of swarm and evolutionary optimization algorithms
  160. Algorithms for gerrymandering over graphs
  161. Neuroscience-inspired algorithms for the predictive maintenance of manufacturing systems
  162. Validation of novel identification algorithms for major adverse cardiovascular events in a Japanese claims database
  163. Breaking the rmax Barrier: Enhanced Approximation Algorithms for Partial Set Multicover Problem
  164. Mission-Long Recalibrated Science Quality Suomi NPP VIIRS Radiometric Dataset Using Advanced Algorithms for Time Series Studies
  165. Outlier detection algorithms over fuzzy data with weighted least squares
  166. Machine learning algorithms for predicting coronary artery disease: efforts toward an open source solution
  167. Avoiding local minima in Variational Quantum Algorithms with Neural Networks
  168. An empirical analysis of constraint handling on evolutionary multi-objective algorithms for the environmental/economic load dispatch problem
  169. Improved approximation algorithms for bounded-degree local Hamiltonians
  170. Evolving Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
  171. Strong convergence of self-adaptive inertial algorithms for solving split variational inclusion problems with applications
  172. Quantum HF/DFT-embedding algorithms for electronic structure calculations: Scaling up to complex molecular systems
  173. Adapting Passive Microwave-Based Precipitation Algorithms to Variable Microwave Land Surface Emissivity to Improve Precipitation Estimation from the GPM …
  174. Quadratic Chabauty for modular curves: algorithms and examples
  175. Application of accelerated fixed-point algorithms to hydrodynamic well-fracture coupling
  176. Evaluating online and offline accuracy traversal algorithms for k-complete neural network architectures
  177. Serum Raman spectroscopy combined with multiple algorithms for diagnosing thyroid dysfunction and chronic renal failure
  178. Joint computation offloading and task caching for multi-user and multi-task MEC systems: reinforcement learning-based algorithms
  179. Cluster-based data transmission scheme in wireless sensor networks using black hole and ant colony algorithms
  180. Simultaneous node and link districting in transportation networks: Model, algorithms and railway application
  181. Stability and performance verification of dynamical systems controlled by neural networks: algorithms and complexity
  182. Overview of Randomness Test on Cryptographic Algorithms
  183. Weakly-convex–concave min–max optimization: provable algorithms and applications in machine learning
  184. Real-time release testing of dissolution based on surrogate models developed by machine learning algorithms using NIR spectra, compression force and …
  185. Gaussian-kernel c-means clustering algorithms
  186. Estimating evapotranspiration by coupling Bayesian model averaging methods with machine learning algorithms
  187. Convergence and error estimates for time-discrete consensus-based optimization algorithms
  188. Reliable Time Propagation Algorithms for PMF and RBPMF
  189. Robust heart sound segmentation based on spectral change detection and genetic algorithms
  190. Exact and approximation algorithms for the expanding search problem
  191. … theory and the ERP Reliability Analysis (ERA) Toolbox for assessing test-retest reliability of ERP scores Part 1: Algorithms, framework, and implementation
  192. Comparative analysis of bio-inspired algorithms for underwater wireless sensor networks
  193. Machine Learning Algorithms and Statistical Approaches for Alzheimer’s Disease Analysis Based on Resting-State EEG Recordings: A Systematic Review.
  194. Quantum-optimal-control-inspired ansatz for variational quantum algorithms
  195. … and in vivo performance modelling and optimisation of different dry powder inhalers: A complementary study of neural networks, genetic algorithms and decision trees
  196. A Reduction Theorem for Randomized Distributed Algorithms Under Weak Adversaries
  197. Predicting Election Results from Twitter Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  198. A non-parametric binarization method based on ensemble of clustering algorithms
  199. Formal multiplicative root series and algorithms of their evaluation
  200. Nowcasting GDP using machine-learning algorithms: A real-time assessment
  201. Performance guarantees of forward and reverse greedy algorithms for minimizing nonsupermodular nonsubmodular functions on a matroid
  202. Use of Neural Network Based Prediction Algorithms for Powering Up Smart Portable Accessories
  203. Approximation Algorithms for Socially Fair Clustering
  204. Towards Secure Fitness Framework Based on IoT-Enabled Blockchain Network Integrated with Machine Learning Algorithms
  205. Strong algorithms for the ordinal matroid secretary problem
  206. Large-scale empirical validation of Bayesian Network structure learning algorithms with noisy data
  207. Average sensitivity of graph algorithms
  208. Bio-Inspired Algorithms and Its Applications for Optimization in Fuzzy Clustering
  209. Improved algorithms for edge colouring in the w-streaming model
  210. Segmentation and genome annotation algorithms
  211. Verification of FPA and PSO algorithms for rule curve extraction and optimization of single-and multi-reservoir systems’ operations considering their specific purposes
  212. On the advancements of digital signal processing hardware and algorithms enabling the Origins Space Telescope
  213. Solving smooth min-min and min-max problems by mixed oracle algorithms
  214. Extraction of decision rules using genetic algorithms and simulated annealing for prediction of severity of traffic accidents by motorcyclists
  215. Parameter estimation algorithms of linear systems with time-delays based on the frequency responses and harmonic balances under the multi-frequency sinusoidal …
  216. Solving high-order portfolios via successive convex approximation algorithms
  217. Automatic Design of Spiking Neural P Systems Based on Genetic Algorithms.
  218. Fast Factoring Integers by SVP Algorithms.
  219. Solving a split feasibility problem by the strong convergence of two projection algorithms in Hilbert spaces
  220. Frontiers: Algorithmic Collusion: Supra-competitive Prices via Independent Algorithms
  221. Near-optimal randomized algorithms for selection in totally monotone matrices
  222. Use of structure-from-motion algorithms for geomorphological analyses of simple volcanic structures: A case study of Chilcayoc Chico and four other volcanoes of the …
  223. Deep neural networks algorithms for stochastic control problems on finite horizon: convergence analysis
  224. Federated learning over wireless device-to-device networks: Algorithms and convergence analysis
  225. Context-Based Evaluation of Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms—Experiments and Statistical Significance Analysis
  226. Mortality prediction in cerebral hemorrhage patients using machine learning algorithms in intensive care units
  227. An effective method of systems requirement optimization based on genetic algorithms
  228. Comparison of Masking Algorithms for Sentinel-2 Imagery
  229. A review of applications of animal-inspired evolutionary algorithms in reservoir operation modelling
  230. A practical surface irrigation system design based on volume balance model and multi-objective evolutionary optimization algorithms
  231. A benchmark for point clouds registration algorithms
  232. Dynamic graph algorithms with batch updates in the massively parallel computation model
  233. Personalized treatment selection in routine care: Integrating machine learning and statistical algorithms to recommend cognitive behavioral or psychodynamic therapy
  234. An Approach Toward Information Retrieval Through Machine Learning and Its Algorithms: A Review
  235. Two modified inertial projection algorithms for bilevel pseudomonotone variational inequalities with applications to optimal control problems
  236. Artificial Neural Network Algorithms for 3D Printing
  237. Algorithms for linear time reconstruction by discrete tomography II
  238. Threat Level Detection in Android Platform Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  239. Adaptive traffic signal control algorithms based on probe vehicle data
  240. Uncertainties and errors in algorithms for elevation gradients
  241. Hybrid quantum-classical algorithms for solving quantum chemistry in Hamiltonian–wave-function space
  242. Unified Polynomial Dynamic Programming Algorithms for P-Center Variants in a 2D Pareto Front
  243. Robust nonlinear adaptation algorithms for multitask prediction networks
  244. Forecasting Plant and Crop Disease: An Explorative Study on Current Algorithms
  245. Measuring the technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) of in-service teachers of computer science who teach algorithms and programming in upper …
  246. A hybrid deep learning method for optimal insurance strategies: Algorithms and convergence analysis
  247. Estimating the optimal mixture design of concrete pavements using a numerical method and meta-heuristic algorithms
  248. Instance-wise minimax-optimal algorithms for logistic bandits
  249. Comparative Intrepretation Of Machine Learning Algorithms In Predicting The Cardiovascular Death Rate For Covid-19 Data
  250. Accelerated learning algorithms of general fuzzy min-max neural network using a novel hyperbox selection rule
  251. Performance analysis of greedy algorithms for minimising a Maximum Mean Discrepancy
  252. Algorithms for the testing of tissue donors for human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis C virus
  253. scikit-activeml: A library and toolbox for active learning algorithms
  254. Evaluation of quantitative structure property relationship algorithms for predicting plasma protein binding in humans
  255. Survey of recent multi-agent reinforcement learning algorithms utilizing centralized training
  256. Perturbation techniques for convergence analysis of proximal gradient method and other first-order algorithms via variational analysis
  257. Beyond social media news use algorithms: how political discussion and network heterogeneity clarify incidental news exposure
  258. An ensemble of fingerprint matching algorithms based on cylinder codes and mtriplets for latent fingerprint identification
  259. Comparative evaluation of supervised machine learning algorithms in the prediction of the relative density of 316L stainless steel fabricated by selective laser melting
  260. Use of Triaging Algorithms to Decrease CT Use Following Blunt Head and Neck Trauma
  261. Execution cost minimization scheduling algorithms for deadline-constrained parallel applications on heterogeneous clouds
  262. Integration of machine learning algorithms with Gompertz Curves and Kriging to estimate resources in gold deposits
  263. Compressive sensing chaotic encryption algorithms for OFDM-PON data transmission
  264. Randomized algorithms for the low multilinear rank approximations of tensors
  265. A comparative assessment of different interpolation algorithms for prediction of GNSS/levelling geoid surface using scattered control data
  266. On Evaluating Correctness of Explainable AI Algorithms: an Empirical Study on Local Explanations for Classification
  267. On affine tropical F5 algorithms
  268. Algorithms, Reductions and Equivalences for Small Weight Variants of All-Pairs Shortest Paths
  269. Performance of different hybrid algorithms for prediction of wind speed behavior
  270. Application of machine learning algorithms in lane-changing model for intelligent vehicles exiting to off-ramp
  271. Optimization of Reservoir Dam Operation Using Gray Wolf, Crow Search and Whale Algorithms Based on the Solution of the Nonlinear Programming Model
  272. Clinical Utility of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Enhance Wide-Field Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Images
  273. Optimal Streaming Algorithms for Graph Matching
  274. Field comparison of electrochemical gas sensor data correction algorithms for ambient air measurements
  275. Comparative analysis of phenology algorithms of the spring barley model in APSIM 7.9 and APSIM next generation: a case study for high latitudes
  276. Berry–Esseen Bounds for Multivariate Nonlinear Statistics with Applications to M-estimators and Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms
  277. Effect of shrinking projection and CQ-methods on two inertial forward–backward algorithms for solving variational inclusion problems
  278. A family of parallel quasi-Newton algorithms for unconstrained minimization
  279. A hybrid of firefly and biogeography-based optimization algorithms for optimal design of steel frames
  280. Development and Validation of a Data-Driven Fault Detection and Diagnosis System for Chillers Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  281. Distributed storage algorithms with optimal tradeoffs
  282. Dynamic network flow location models and algorithms for quickest evacuation planning
  283. Examining the forecasting movement of palm oil price using RBFNN-2SATRA Metaheuristic algorithms for logic mining
  284. An Analysis of Ontological Entities to represent Knowledge on Quantum Computing Algorithms and Implementations.
  285. Sparse harmonic transforms: A new class of sublinear-time algorithms for learning functions of many variables
  286. Performance evaluation of flow routing algorithms in different topographic characteristics
  287. An active control for hydrostatic journal bearing using optimization algorithms
  288. A survey of motion planning algorithms for intelligent robotics
  289. Hyperspectral reflectance sensing for quantifying leaf chlorophyll content in wasabi leaves using spectral pre-processing techniques and machine learning algorithms
  290. Comment on “Comparison of Cloud Cover Detection Algorithms on Sentinel-2 Images of the Amazon Tropical Forest”
  291. Unifying Matrix Data Structures: Simplifying and Speeding up Iterative Algorithms*
  292. Robo-Advisory: From Investing Principles and Algorithms to Future Developments
  293. Multi-objective optimization based algorithms for solving mixed integer linear minimum multiplicative programs
  294. Robust encryption system based watermarking theory by using chaotic algorithms: A reviewer paper
  295. Predicting elastic strain fields in defective microstructures using image colorization algorithms
  296. Proceedings of the 2021 ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA)
  297. Large-scale zone-based evacuation planning—Part I: Models and algorithms
  298. Socially Responsible AI Algorithms: Issues, Purposes, and Challenges
  299. Quantum algorithms for graph problems with cut queries
  300. Machine-learning algorithms for predicting hospital re-admissions in sickle cell disease
  301. … structural characterization of the nucleic acids from circular dichroism spectra using extreme gradient boosting decision-tree, neural network and kohonen algorithms
  302. Iterated greedy algorithms enhanced by hyper-heuristic based learning for hybrid flexible flowshop scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times: a case …
  303. Machine Learning Algorithms for Prediction of the Quality of Transmission in Optical Networks
  304. Bézier curves-based optimal trajectory design for multirotor UAVs with any-angle pathfinding algorithms
  305. Metaheuristic algorithms for one-dimensional bin-packing problems: A survey of recent advances and applications
  306. Improving the Accuracy of Multiple Algorithms for Crop Classification by Integrating Sentinel-1 Observations with Sentinel-2 Data
  307. Algorithms for complex interval-valued q-rung orthopair fuzzy sets in decision making based on aggregation operators, AHP, and TOPSIS
  308. Heuristic Computation Offloading Algorithms for Mobile Users in Fog Computing
  309. Heart disease prediction using machine learning algorithms
  310. Using deep learning artificial intelligence algorithms to verify N-nitroso-N-methylurea and urethane positive control proliferative changes in Tg-RasH2 mouse …
  311. Data Security System for A Bank Based on Two Different Asymmetric Algorithms Cryptography
  312. Comparative performance of recent advanced optimization algorithms for minimum energy requirement solutions in water pump switching network
  313. Whale optimization and sine–cosine optimization algorithms with cellular topology for parameter identification of chaotic systems and Schottky barrier diode models
  314. Advances in Meta-Heuristic Optimization Algorithms in Big Data Text Clustering
  315. Land subsidence susceptibility mapping using persistent scatterer SAR interferometry technique and optimized hybrid machine learning algorithms
  316. Ambulance routing in disaster response considering variable patient condition: NSGA-II and MOPSO algorithms
  317. Identifying Pine Wood Nematode Disease Using UAV Images and Deep Learning Algorithms
  318. Approximate first-order primal-dual algorithms for saddle point problems
  319. Late acceptance-based heuristic algorithms for identifying critical nodes of weighted graphs
  320. CT image reconstruction algorithms: A comprehensive survey
  321. Rethinking the gold standard with multi-armed bandits: Machine learning allocation algorithms for experiments
  322. Local improvement algorithms for a path packing problem: a performance analysis based on linear programming
  323. Hybrid models based on genetic algorithm and deep learning algorithms for nutritional Anemia disease classification
  324. A modified feature selection method based on metaheuristic algorithms for speech emotion recognition
  325. Algorithms for weighted independent transversals and strong colouring
  326. News Agenda Guided by Algorithms: Content and Format in Estadão Infográficos
  327. Block coordinate descent algorithms for auxiliary-function-based independent vector extraction
  328. Discrete and combinatorial gravitational search algorithms for test case prioritization and minimization
  329. Application of probabilistic assessment for optimal prediction in active noise control algorithms
  330. Dosimetric impact of commercial CT metal artifact reduction algorithms and a novel in-house algorithm for proton therapy of head and neck cancer
  331. A novel landslide susceptibility mapping portrayed by OA-HD and K-medoids clustering algorithms
  332. Self-adaptive inertial extragradient algorithms for solving variational inequality problems
  333. Numerical reconstruction of turbid slab optical properties using global optimization algorithms
  334. Security analysis and modified attack algorithms for a nonlinear optical cryptosystem based on DRPE
  335. Remote measurement of building usable floor area–Algorithms fusion
  336. Algorithms for simultaneous Hermite–Padé approximations
  337. Finding Your Way Back: Comparing Path Odometry Algorithms for Assisted Return
  338. Improved multi-pass streaming algorithms for submodular maximization with matroid constraints
  339. Venous thromboembolism in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: review of literature and practical algorithms
  340. Recent progress on cluster and meron algorithms for strongly correlated systems
  341. Generalizability of HFA-PEFF and H2FPEF Diagnostic Algorithms and Associations With Heart Failure Indices and Proteomic Biomarkers: Insights From …
  342. Using sensor-fusion and machine-learning algorithms to assess acute pain in non-verbal infants: a study protocol
  343. Classification of Hepatic Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  344. Trading-Off Machine Learning Algorithms towards Data-Driven Administrative-Socio-Economic Population Health Management
  345. A Review of Local Outlier Factor Algorithms for Outlier Detection in Big Data Streams
  346. Optimization Algorithms in Control Systems
  347. Optical soliton solutions for the generalized Kudryashov equation of propagation pulse in optical fiber with power nonlinearities by three integration algorithms
  348. Approximation algorithms for some min–max postmen cover problems
  349. Obstacle Avoidance Algorithms: A Review
  350. SIGACT News Online Algorithms Column 36: 2020 in review
  351. Faster algorithms for quantitative verification in bounded treewidth graphs
  352. Comparative analysis and application of LBP face image recognition algorithms
  353. Optimization of Slope Critical Surfaces Considering Seepage and Seismic Effects Using Finite Element Method and Five Meta-Heuristic Algorithms
  354. Plug-and-Play Algorithms for Video Snapshot Compressive Imaging
  355. Algorithms for cable-suspended payload sway damping by vertical motion of the pivot base
  356. Clenshaw–Curtis algorithms for an efficient numerical approximation of singular and highly oscillatory Fourier transform integrals
  357. Iterative Reweighted Algorithms for Joint User Identification and Channel Estimation in Spatially Correlated Massive MTC
  358. Global-best leading artificial bee Colony algorithms
  359. Comparison of algorithms for identification of IIR systems from binary measurements on the output
  360. Optimization techniques using DWT-differentiation algorithms for fault detection and relay coordination in microgrid
  361. Algorithms for Persuasion with Limited Communication
  362. ICESat-2/ATLAS Onboard Flight Science Receiver Algorithms: Purpose, Process, and Performance
  363. Top-k overlapping densest subgraphs: approximation algorithms and computational complexity
  364. Wasserstein Proximal Algorithms for the Schr\”{o} dinger Bridge Problem: Density Control with Nonlinear Drift
  365. Performance Comparison of Data Mining Algorithms Which Occupy the Top: C4. 5 and SVM
  366. Approximation algorithms for spherical k-means problem using local search scheme
  367. An Open System for Collection and Automatic Recognition of Pottery through Neural Network Algorithms
  368. Maximum Power Point Tracking Based on Reinforcement Learning Using Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms
  369. Deterministic algorithms for decremental shortest paths via layered core decomposition
  370. Day-Ahead Electric Load Forecast for a Ghanaian Health Facility Using Different Algorithms
  371. Entropy-Based Approach in Selection Exact String-Matching Algorithms
  372. Validating International Classification of Disease 10th Revision algorithms for identifying influenza and respiratory syncytial virus hospitalizations
  373. Optimal Designs by Means of Genetic Algorithms
  374. Including dynamic adaptative topology to particle swarm optimization algorithms
  375. Improved streaming algorithms for maximizing monotone submodular functions under a knapsack constraint
  376. Developing algorithms for identifying major structural birth defects using automated electronic health data
  377. Condition-based maintenance for multi-component systems: Modeling, structural properties, and algorithms
  378. Edge algorithms for wearables: an overview of a truly multi-disciplinary problem
  379. Algorithms for Linearly Recurrent Sequences of Truncated Polynomials
  380. Optimizing the seismic response of base-isolated liquid storage tanks using swarm intelligence algorithms
  381. Feature Selection Algorithms and Student Academic Performance: A Study
  382. Complex Machine-Learning Algorithms and Multivariable Logistic Regression on Par in the Prediction of Insufficient Clinical Response to Methotrexate in Rheumatoid …
  383. Impact of recommender algorithms on the sales of e-commerce websites
  384. An Experimental Study of Algorithms for Computing the Edge Connectivity of a Directed Graph*
  385. Simple dynamic algorithms for Maximal Independent Set, Maximum Flow and Maximum Matching
  386. Slow manifolds of classical Pauli particle enable structure-preserving geometric algorithms for guiding center dynamics
  387. Double vertex-edge domination in graphs: complexity and algorithms
  388. Machine Learning Algorithms Applied to Identify Microbial Species by Their Motility
  389. To” See” is to Stereotype: Image Tagging Algorithms, Gender Recognition, and the Accuracy-Fairness Trade-off
  390. Fast algorithms for single and multiple pattern Cartesian tree matching
  391. Algorithms and Hardness for Multidimensional Range Updates and Queries
  392. Evaluation of Automated Multiclass Fluid Segmentation in Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using the Pegasus Fluid Segmentation Algorithms
  393. Numerical schemes and genetic algorithms for the optimal control of a continuous model of supply chains
  394. Hidden in Plain Sight—Reconsidering the Use of Race Correction in Clinical Algorithms
  395. A survey of Blockchain consensus algorithms: mechanism, design and applications
  396. Crop growth stage estimation prior to canopy closure using deep learning algorithms
  397. Clustering Algorithms for MANETs: A Review on Design and Development
  398. Recent Advances and Application of Metaheuristic Algorithms: A Survey (2014–2020)
  399. Review of Secure Distributed Range-Free Hop-Based Localization Algorithms in the Wireless Sensor Networks
  400. Round-Competitive Algorithms for Uncertainty Problems with Parallel Queries
  401. Fast algorithms for the multi-dimensional Jacobi polynomial transform
  402. Online Edge Coloring Algorithms via the Nibble Method
  403. Scenario grouping and decomposition algorithms for chance-constrained programs
  404. Comparison of bioinspired algorithms applied to the timetabling problem
  405. Preliminary study on development of practicum module for algorithms and computer programming course
  406. Power Consumption Analysis Model in Wireless Sensor Network for Different Topology Protocols and Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms
  407. Rendezvous algorithms for large-scale modeling and simulation
  408. Enumeration Algorithms for Conjunctive Queries with Projection
  409. Novel methodology for identifying the weight of moving vehicles on bridges using structural response pattern extraction and deep learning algorithms
  410. A preliminary assessment of machine learning algorithms for predicting CFD-simulated wind flow patterns over idealised foredunes
  411. New Algorithms for Computing Field of Vision over 2D Grids
  412. Machine Learning Algorithms to Classify and Quantify Multiple Behaviours in Dairy Calves Using a Sensor: Moving beyond Classification in Precision Livestock
  413. Energy-Efficient Distributed Learning Algorithms for Coarsely Quantized Signals
  414. A Clustering TDMA and code block binding algorithms to enhance the node energy and security of the network
  415. GPU-based efficient join algorithms on Hadoop
  416. Competitive algorithms for demand response management in a smart grid
  417. Implementation of A Load Sensitizing Bridge Spherical Bearing Based on Low-Coherent Fiber-Optic Sensors Combined with Neural Network Algorithms
  418. Algorithms as a Basis of Modern Applied Mathematics
  419. Runtime analysis of evolutionary algorithms via symmetry arguments
  420. Model Checking Algorithms for Hyperproperties
  421. Comparative Analysis of Prediction Algorithms for Heart Diseases
  422. … High-Precision Mountain Vertex Extraction Method Based on Hotspot Analysis Clustering and Improved Eight-Connected Extraction Algorithms for Digital Elevation …
  423. Multi-objective optimization of bioethanol reactive dehydration processes using genetic algorithms
  424. On Algorithms Related to Expressibility of Functions of Diagonalizable Algebras
  425. Distributed Resource Allocation Algorithms for Multi-Operator Cognitive Communication Systems
  426. Experimental investigation and optimization of abrasive waterjet machining parameters for GFRP composites using metaphor-less algorithms
  427. Predicting soil water content using support vector machines improved by meta-heuristic algorithms and remotely sensed data
  428. Fluid Meniscus Algorithms for Dynamic Pore-Network Modeling of Immiscible Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media
  429. Consistent coupling algorithms for coupled core-edge simulations of plasma turbulence
  430. A modified hybrid algorithm based on black hole and differential evolution algorithms to search for the critical probabilistic slip surface of slopes
  431. Truncated normal forms for solving polynomial systems: Generalized and efficient algorithms
  432. Convergence Analysis of Gradient Algorithms on Riemannian Manifolds Without Curvature Constraints and Application to Riemannian Mass
  433. Examples and Applications on Genetic Algorithms
  434. Novel identification algorithms for Hammerstein systems in ill-conditioned situations
  435. Fast algorithms for the electromagnetic scattering by partly covered cavities
  436. Absolute bounds of list algorithms for parallel machines scheduling with unavailability periods
  437. Modeling the Settling Velocity of a Sphere in Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluids with Machine-learning Algorithms
  438. Sparktope: linear programs from algorithms
  439. Polarized observations for advanced atmosphere-ocean algorithms using airborne multi-spectral hyper-angular polarimetric imager
  440. Efficacy of oversampling over machine learning algorithms in case of sentiment analysis
  441. Application of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Planning Healthy and Balanced School Lunches
  442. Algorithms for Management Recommendations
  443. Performance Evaluation of VLSI Implemented WSN Algorithms
  444. Optimization of heat transfer in a grooved pipe model by Stochastic Algorithms and DOE based RSM
  445. Online algorithms for the mixed ring loading problem with two nodes
  446. PRCMLA: Product Review Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  447. Optimization of load-follow operations of a 1300MW pressurized water reactor using evolutionnary algorithms
  448. Study on algorithms for solving depletion sparse matrix based on DESCAR module
  449. Low-regret algorithms for strategic buyers with unknown valuations in repeated posted-price auctions
  450. Randomized Cup Game Algorithms Against Strong Adversaries
  451. … of data collection in a fingerprinting-based VLP system using a hybrid of improved co-training semi-supervised regression and adaptive boosting algorithms
  452. Development of supervised machine learning algorithms for prediction of satisfaction at 2 years following total shoulder arthroplasty
  453. Autotuning based on frequency scaling toward energy efficiency of blockchain algorithms on graphics processing units
  454. Efficient pilot reuse algorithms for massive MIMO cellular system
  455. Context-Based News Headlines Analysis: A Comparative Study of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms
  456. Automated essay scoring using deep learning algorithms
  457. Exact algorithms for semidefinite programs with degenerate feasible set
  458. Optimization of NARX Neural Models Using PSO and GA Algorithms Applied to Identification of Photovoltaic Systems
  459. Comprehensive Evaluation of Machine Learning MPPT Algorithms for a PV System Under Different Weather Conditions
  460. Use of Evolutionary Algorithms for Detection of Fatal Diseases via DNA Micro-array Classification: A Review
  461. Assessing the effectiveness of (parallel) branch-and-bound algorithms
  462. Gridless DOD and DOA estimation in bistatic MIMO radar using 2D-ANM and its low complexity algorithms
  463. Algorithms for Decomposition and Technological Mapping
  464. Blockchain for steganography: advantages, new algorithms and open challenges
  465. Strictly In-Place Algorithms for Permuting and Inverting Permutations
  466. Comparative analysis of Machine Learning algorithms for Intrusion Detection
  467. Fixed-point proximity algorithms solving an incomplete Fourier transform model for seismic wavefield modeling
  468. Tight bounds on the convergence rate of generalized ratio consensus algorithms
  469. Algorithms for stochastically rounded elementary arithmetic operations in IEEE 754 floating-point arithmetic
  470. Detecting Abusive Comments Using Ensemble Deep Learning Algorithms
  471. Comparative analysis of intelligence optimization algorithms in the thermo-economic performance of an energy recovery system based on Organic Rankine Cycle
  472. Machine Learning Algorithms for the Detection of Diabetes
  473. Performance Comparison of Population-Based Meta-Heuristic Algorithms in Affine Template Matching
  474. The Dual Strategic Persona: Emotional Connection, Algorithms and the Transformation of Contemporary Online Reviewers
  475. A structural theorem for local algorithms with applications to coding, testing, and privacy
  476. Interface modeling algorithms for dispatch control
  477. Graphical Elastic Net and Target Matrices: Fast Algorithms and Software for Sparse Precision Matrix Estimation
  478. The Braga Method: Extracting Certified Algorithms from Complex Recursive Schemes in Coq
  479. New optimization methods for designing rain stations network using new neural network, election, and whale optimization algorithms by combining the Kriging method
  480. Exact algorithms for budgeted prize-collecting covering subgraph problems
  481. Hybrid dynamical control based on consensus algorithms for current sharing in DC-bus microgrids
  482. Algorithms for optimal control of hybrid systems with sliding motion
  483. Benchmark evaluation of tomographic algorithms for simultaneous reconstruction of temperature and volume fraction fields of soot and metal-oxide nanoparticles in …
  484. Monitoring of lateral and cross level track geometry irregularities through onboard vehicle dynamics measurements using machine learning classification algorithms
  485. Practical school algorithms for symptomatic or SARS-CoV-2-exposed students are essential for returning children to in-person learning
  486. The Invisible Force–How Algorithms Shape Society
  487. Stochastic methods defeat regular RSA exponentiation algorithms with combined blinding methods
  488. Applications and efficient algorithms for integer programming problems on monotone constraints
  489. Model-Free Deep Reinforcement Learning—Algorithms and Applications
  490. Projection extragradient algorithms for solving nonmonotone and non-Lipschitzian equilibrium problems in Hilbert spaces
  491. Methodological Framework of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Generation of the Dataset
  492. Analysis and computation of continuous data assimilation algorithms for Lorenz 63 system based on nonlinear nudging techniques
  493. Rapid and robust radioisotopes identification algorithms of X-Ray and gamma spectra
  494. Improved Algorithms for Population Recovery from the Deletion Channel
  495. Coordinated process scheduling algorithms for coupled earth system models
  496. during generation algorithms
  497. Critical Analysis of Localization and Time Synchronization Algorithms in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues and Challenges
  498. A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Prediction of Heart Disease
  499. Conventional and Non-Conventional ANNs in Medical Diagnostics: A Tutorial Survey of Architectures, Algorithms, and Application
  500. Abusive Advertising: Scrutinizing socially relevant algorithms in a black box analysis to examine their impact on vulnerable patient groups in the health sector

Computer Science Research Topics – MS PhD