3D Modeling Research Topics Ideas

List of Research Topics and Ideas of 3D Modeling for MS and Ph.D. Thesis.

  1. Segmentation of point clouds via joint semantic and geometric features for 3D modeling of the built environment
  2. The role of machine intelligence in photogrammetric 3D modeling–an overview and perspectives
  3. 3D modeling of a superconducting dynamo-type flux pump
  4. Evolutive 3D Modeling: A Proposal for a New Generative Design Methodology
  5. Application of particle swarm optimization to 3D Euler deconvolution and 3D modeling of gravity data—a case study from Biga and Çan towns, NW Turkey
  6. The investigation of arc fluctuations in thermal plasma torch using 3D modeling approach
  7. Realization of open software chain for 3D modeling and printing of organs in simulation centers: Example of renal pelvis reconstruction
  8. 3D Modeling and optimization of SiC deposition from CH3SiCl3/H2 in a commercial hot wall reactor
  9. Reservoir characterization and 3D modeling of the Aptian Alamein Formation in North Razzak area (North Western Desert, Egypt)
  10. 3D Printing Signboard Production Using 3D Modeling Design
  11. Basic of 3D Modeling: Assets
  12. Integrating 3D Modeling, Sustainability and Cost Estimating at the Conceptual Design Stage of Bridges
  13. Dam-Break Modeling: LBM as the Way towards Fully 3D, Large-Scale Applications
  14. 3D Simulation and Modeling for Surgeon Education and Patient Engagement
  15. AFRL additive manufacturing modeling series: challenge 4, 3D reconstruction of an IN625 high-energy diffraction microscopy sample using multi-modal serial …
  16. A coupled 3D isogeometric/least-square MPS approach for modeling fluid–structure interactions
  17. Mixed reality and 3D printed models for planning and execution of face transplantation
  18. The Challenges in Modeling Human Performance in 3D Space with Fitts’ Law
  19. A Critical Comparison of 3D Digitization Techniques for Heritage Objects
  20. Fused deposition modeling (FDM) based 3D printing of microelectrodes and multi-electrode probes
  21. 3D Scene Reconstruction from a 2D Photo as a Learning Challenge of PBL in Architectural and Engineering
  22. Quality considerations on the pharmaceutical applications of fused deposition modeling 3D printing
  23. Assessing the contribution of regional sources to urban air pollution by applying 3D-PSCF modeling
  24. Spatiotemporal G-code modeling for secure FDM-based 3D printing
  25. Procedural Modeling-Based BIM Approach for Railway Design
  27. Three-dimensional mass transport modeling of pharmaceuticals adsorption inside ZnAl/biochar composite
  28. Trends and challenges in modeling glioma using 3D human brain organoids
  29. A Cost-Effective 3D Acquisition and Visualization Framework for Cultural Heritage
  30. Modeling and simulation of 3D geometry prediction and dynamic solidification behavior of Fe-based coatings by laser cladding
  31. Mechanical Characterization of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printed Parts
  32. A Class of “Basic Media Design” Based on 3D-CAD for Beginners of Digital Processing
  33. An adaptive inverse-distance weighting interpolation method considering spatial differentiation in 3D geological modeling
  34. Prediction of deep rock mass quality and spatial distribution law of open-pit gold mine based on 3D geological modeling
  35. 3D flow simulation to improve the design and operation of the dam bottom outlets
  36. Performance of existing piled raft and pile group due to adjacent multipropped excavation: 3D centrifuge and numerical modeling
  37. S3: Neural Shape, Skeleton, and Skinning Fields for 3D Human Modeling
  38. Modeling the printability of photocuring and strength adjustable hydrogel bioink during projection-based 3D bioprinting
  39. Modeling of flow characteristics in 3D rough rock fracture with geometry changes under confining stresses
  40. [BOOK][B] Parametric Modeling with SOLIDWORKS 2021
  41. Mathematical modeling and parametric optimization of surface roughness for evaluating the effects of fused deposition modeling process parameters on ABS …
  42. Finite element analysis of hybrid 3D orthogonal woven composite subjected to ballistic impact with multi-scale modeling
  43. Design, Spectroscopic Characterization, Thermal, 3D Molecular Modeling, XRD and in Vitro Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Screening of Novel N2O2 Tetradentate …
  44. Centimeter-resolution topographic modeling and fine-scale analysis of craters and rocks at the Chang’E-4 landing site
  45. Optimization of manufacturing parameters and tensile specimen geometry for fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D-printed PETG
  46. Modeling and Analysis of Disease Microenvironments with 3D Cell Culture Technology
  47. A Novel LOS Decision Technique Reflecting 3D DTED for Modeling an Electronic Warfare Environment
  48. Data-driven deformable 3D-2D registration for guiding neuroelectrode placement in deep brain stimulation
  49. Discrete-Element Modeling of Influence of Void Characteristics on Uniaxial Penetration Strength of Asphalt Mixtures
  50. ReliefNet: Fast Bas-relief Generation from 3D Scenes
  51. Research on Building Measurement Accuracy Verification Based on Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner
  52. [BOOK][B] Applied Multidimensional Geological Modeling
  53. Effect of Infill Percentage on Vibration Characteristic of 3D-Printed Structure
  54. Tools Against Oblivion: 3D Visualization of Sunken Landscapes and Cultural Heritages Applied to a Dam Reservoir in the Gorges de la Loire (France)
  55. 3D Electromagnetic Field Analysis Applied to Evaluate the Accuracy of a Voltage Transformer under Distorted Voltage
  56. Image guidance using two-dimensional illustrations and three-dimensional modeling of donor anatomy during living donor hepatectomy
  57. Extracting three-dimensional (3D) spatial information from sequential oblique unmanned aerial system (UAS) imagery for digital surface modeling
  58. Methodology to create 3D models of COVID-19 pathologies for virtual clinical trials
  59. The Road to Ubiquitous Personal Fabrication: Modeling-Free Instead of Increasingly Simple
  60. Advances in Modeling the Immune Microenvironment of Colorectal Cancer
  61. Pre-classified reservoir computing for the fault diagnosis of 3D printers
  62. Contribution of drone photogrammetry to 3D outcrop modeling of facies, porosity, and permeability heterogeneities in carbonate reservoirs (Paris Basin, Middle …
  63. Effect of printing temperature on microstructure, thermal behavior and tensile properties of 3D printed nylon using fused deposition modeling
  64. Analysis, Modeling, and Visualization of Chromosome Conformation Capture Experiments
  65. The feasibility of shortwave infrared imaging and inverse numerical modeling for rapid estimation of soil hydraulic properties
  66. … bi-directional coupling of 3D computational fluid-particle dynamics and 1D Multiple Path Particle Dosimetry lung models for multiscale modeling of aerosol dosimetry
  67. Investigation of the Shape-Memory Properties of 3D Printed PLA Structures with Different Infills
  68. Study on performance characteristics of fused deposition modeling 3D-printed composites by blending and lamination
  69. Three-Dimensional Presentation of Tumor Histopathology: A Model Using Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  70. Preparation and Evaluation of the Tensile Characteristics of Carbon Fiber Rod Reinforced 3D Printed Thermoplastic Composites
  71. 3D DEM analysis of soil excavation test on lunar regolith simulant
  72. A review of multi-scale numerical modeling of three-dimensional woven fabric
  73. Modeling Strategies of Finite Element Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with FRP: A Review
  74. Building a High-Resolution 3D Geotechnical Model of Hanoi City (Vietnam) for Geohazard Assessment and Sustainable Development
  75. Coupling hot melt extrusion and fused deposition modeling: Critical properties for successful performance
  76. 3D-Molecular Modeling, Antibacterial Activity and Molecular Docking Studies of Some Imidazole Derivatives
  77. CAD-Based 3D-FE Modelling of AISI-D3 Turning with Ceramic Tooling. Machines 2021, 9, 4
  78. Automatic 3D building reconstruction from multi-view aerial images with deep learning
  79. Machine learning-based modeling and operation of plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of hafnium oxide thin films
  80. 3D-aCortex: An ultra-compact energy-efficient neurocomputing platform based on commercial 3D-NAND flash memories
  81. Numerical modeling results of vibroseismic monitoring of volcanic structures with different shape of the magma chamber
  82. Photogrammetry and 3D Printing for Marble Statues Replicas: Critical Issues and Assessment
  83. Characteristics of evolution of mining-induced stress field in the longwall panel: insights from physical modeling
  84. Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces for future wireless networks: A channel modeling perspective
  85. Mapping the architecture of single lithium ion electrode particles in 3D, using electron backscatter diffraction and machine learning segmentation
  86. 3D Manipulations with 2D Devices
  87. Bacteriological and mechanical impact of the Sterrad sterilization method on personalized 3D printed guides for mandibular reconstruction
  88. Modification of the wood-plastic composite for enhancement of formaldehyde clearance and the 3D printing application
  89. GPU Parallelization for Accelerating 3D Primitive Equations of Ocean Modeling
  90. 3D city models for urban farming site identification in buildings
  91. Bridge Inspection with Aerial Robots: Automating the Entire Pipeline of Visual Data Capture, 3D Mapping, Defect Detection, Analysis, and Reporting
  92. DeepDist: real-value inter-residue distance prediction with deep residual convolutional network
  93. Resistance Temperature Detectors Fabricated via Dual Fused Deposition Modeling of Polylactic Acid and Polylactic Acid/Carbon Black Composites
  94. Comprehensive 3D numerical study on interaction between structure and dip-slip faulting
  95. Slope Stability Analysis Based on the Limit Equilibrium Method and Strength Reduction Method
  96. Numerical investigation of shedding dynamics of cloud cavitation around 3D hydrofoil using different turbulence models
  97. Developing Metrics for Quantifying Buildings’ 3D Compactness and Visualizing Point Cloud Data on a Web-Based App and Dashboard
  98. Swimming force characterizations of multistaged bi-helical microswimmer and 3D vortex trap manipulation
  99. Dense point cloud quality factor as proxy for accuracy assessment of image-based 3D reconstruction
  100. Insights into the pharmacophore-based 3D-QSAR modeling, molecular dynamics simulation studies of certain dihydroxy pyrrolidine/piperidine and aza-flavanone …
  101. Self-Attention Based Context-Aware 3D Object Detection
  102. Automated 3D solid reconstruction from 2D CAD using OpenCV
  103. Analytical Nonstationary 3D MIMO Channel Model for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication on Slope
  104. Generating digital twins of mesoporous silica by graph-based stochastic microstructure modeling
  105. Supplementary Materials: Comparison of Computer Extended Descriptive Geometry (CeDG) with CAD in the modeling of sheet metal patterns
  106. Static and dynamic analysis of FG plates using a locking free 3D plate bending element
  107. CAD-Based 3D-FE Modelling of AISI-D3 Turning with Ceramic Tooling
  108. Metaheuristic Approaches for Modeling and Optimization of FDM Process
  109. Dendritic needle network modeling of the Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition. Part II: three dimensional formulation, implementation and comparison with experiments
  110. Three-Dimensional Bridge-Ground Liquefaction-Induced Deformations
  111. Historical Earthquake Scenarios for the Middle Strand of the North Anatolian Fault Deduced from Archeo-Damage Inventory and Building Deformation Modeling
  112. Deterministic 3D Seismic Damage Analysis of Guandi Concrete Gravity Dam
  113. 3D Printing of Vascular Disease
  114. Modeling excess shear stress around tandem piers of the longitudinal bridge by computational fluid dynamics
  115. Combining 3D Structured Light Imaging and Spine X-ray Data Improves Visualization of the Spinous Lines in the Scoliotic Spine
  116. The very hard and the very soft: Modeling bio-inspired scaled skins using the discrete element method
  117. An investigation on viscoelastic characteristics of 3D-printed FDM components using RVE numerical analysis
  118. Numerical modeling of diffusion-controlled phase transformation using the Darken method: Application to the dissolution/precipitation processes in materials
  119. Weakly-Supervised Multi-Face 3D Reconstruction
  120. Back-Analysis of Ground Movement Based on Displacement Matching Approach: A Case Study of Landslide at Bridge Abutment Using 3D Finite Element Method
  121. The Methods of Cardiovascular 3D Printing
  122. 3D Prototyping: Technology and Applications for CHD
  123. Modeling and Analysis of Unmanned Remote Guided Vehicle on Rough and Loose Snow Terrain
  124. Refined geometric modeling of laser pulse propagation in airborne LiDAR bathymetry
  125. Analysis of fuel rod behavior during loss-of-coolant accidents using the BISON code: Cladding modeling developments and simulation of separate-effects experiments
  126. 3D CFD Modeling of UFAD Cooling System in a Sample Data Center
  127. Risk Analysis for Earthquake-Damaged Buildings Using Point Cloud and BIM Data: A Case Study of the Daeseong Apartment Complex in Pohang, South Korea
  128. Study on the structural behavior of flush beam for slim concrete floor
  129. Impact of the Application of Computer-Based 3D Simulation on Acquisition of Knowledge of Guidance of Mandibular Movement
  130. Modeling and characterization of shape memory properties and decays for 4D printed parts using stereolithography
  131. Impact of metal additives on particle emission profiles from a fused filament fabrication 3D printer
  132. Use the 3D printer technology to obtain molds for ceramic products
  133. Documentation, Three-Dimensional (3D) Modelling and visualization of cultural heritage by using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry and terrestrial …
  134. Homology Modeling and Probable Active Site Cavity Prediction of Uncharacterized Arsenate Reductase in Bacterial spp.
  135. Modeling and simulation of vascular tumors embedded in evolving capillary networks
  136. Geometrical Thinking: Solving a Problem on Graphic Representation
  137. Layered holographic three-dimensional projection using region-partitioned processing
  138. Development of SLM process using 200 W blue diode laser for pure copper additive manufacturing of high density structure
  139. Pseudo 3D seismic using kriging interpolation
  140. Magnetic Resonance Image Based Computational Modeling for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Response at Low Knee Flexion Angle
  141. Creating City Models in ArchiCAD Software Environment
  142. Application and Improvement of Discrete Finite-Element Method for Mesoscale Fracture Analysis of Asphalt Mixtures
  143. Adaptive View Sampling for Efficient Synthesis of 3D View Using Calibrated Array Cameras
  144. Design of 3D Printed Fabric for Fashion and Functional Applications
  145. Kinematic modeling and constraint analysis for robotic excavator operations in piling construction
  146. Analytical Investigation of Failure Behavior of Beam-Column Knee Joint with External Steel Plates Anchorage Using 3D RBSM
  147. Computational Graphics and Immersive Technologies Applied to a Ship Maneuvering Simulator
  148. Laser Cladding of Metals by Additive Manufacturing: Moving Toward 3D Printing
  149. Adaptive View Sampling for Efficient Synthesis of 3D View Using Calibrated Array Cameras. Electronics 2021, 10, 82
  150. Modeling and Testing of Flexible Structures with Selected Planar Patterns Used in Biomedical Applications
  151. Super-resolution visualization and modeling of human chromosomal regions reveals cohesin-dependent loop structures
  152. Workshop Review: Seismic multiples discussed at SEG/KOC workshop
  153. Data-Driven Intelligent 3D Surface Measurement in Smart Manufacturing: Review and Outlook
  154. Review on 3D printing: Fight against COVID-19
  155. Vivarium: an interface and engine for integrative multiscale modeling in computational biology
  156. Ergonomic assessment of a fettling operation in foundry based on digital human modeling and statistical analysis
  157. Effect of multi-faced twin tunneling in different depths on a single pile
  158. Dynamic Analysis of Valve System of Gasoline Engine Based on AVL-Excite
  159. Review on particle emissions during fused deposition modeling of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polylactic acid polymers
  160. Application of 3D scanning as an indirect method to analyze and eliminate errors on the manufactured yoke-type forgings forged in SMED device on modernized …
  161. Machine learning-assisted modeling of composite materials and structures: a review
  162. DeepTracer for fast de novo cryo-EM protein structure modeling and special studies on CoV-related complexes
  163. Mutual Neutralization in Li++ H-/D- and Na++ H-/D- Collisions: Implications of Experimental Results for Non-LTE Modeling of Stellar Spectra
  164. Three-dimensional phase-field modeling of mode I+ II/III failure in solids
  165. Modeling and Simulation of Tsunami Impact: A Short Review of Recent Advances and Future Challenges
  166. A hybrid 3D feature recognition method based on rule and graph
  167. Performance of Industrial and Residential Near-zero Energy Buildings
  168. Integration of 3D large-scale earthquake simulations into the assessment of the seismic risk of Bogota, Colombia
  169. Thermo-Viscoelastic Response of 3D Braided Composites Based on a Novel FsMsFE Method
  170. Extending CityGML for IFC-sourced 3D city models
  171. NURBS Modeling and Curve Interpolation Optimization of 3D Graphics
  172. Quantity Take-Off Process Supported by Building Information Modeling (BIM) Methodology
  173. Petrofacies and taphofacies analyses of coquinas as a tool for the establishment of a stratigraphic evolution model of the Morro do Chaves Formation (Sergipe …
  174. Paleokarst reservoirs: Efficient and flexible characterization using point-spread function-based convolution modeling
  175. Modeling individual preferences reveals that face beauty is not universally perceived across cultures
  176. Making the Third Dimension (3D) Explicit in Hedonic Price Modelling: A Case Study of Xi’an, China
  177. Structure and Properties of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Nanocomposite Specimens Prepared by Fused Deposition Modeling
  178. The impact of interactive learning and digital technology in supporting creativity and improving teaching methods
  179. Analysis of Compressive Strength of 3D Printed PLA Part
  180. A review on machine learning in 3D printing: Applications, potential, and challenges
  181. High resolution electron tomography and segmentation-by-modeling interpretation in Bsoft
  182. Bayesian geological and geophysical data fusion for the construction and uncertainty quantification of 3D geological models
  183. Multiscale Modeling and Analysis of Pressure Drop Contributions in Catalytic Filters
  184. Deep learning in pore scale imaging and modeling
  185. Model Code of Anisotropic Electrical Conduction in Layered 3D-Prints with Fused Deposition Modeling
  186. Virtual Reconstruction the Lost Fortifications of the XIII–XVIII Centuries on the North-Eastern Coast of Black Sea Region
  187. A depth-averaged model for Newtonian fluid flows in shallow microchannels
  188. A 3D View of Colorectal Cancer Models in Predicting Therapeutic Responses and Resistance
  189. DISTEVAL: a web server for evaluating predicted protein distances
  190. 3D Printing of Cardiomyopathy
  191. Three-dimensional edge-based finite element modeling of magnetotelluric data in anisotropic media with a divergence correction
  192. An intuitive parametric model for 3D compressible hydrodynamical and MHD turbulence
  193. Assessment of Mitigation Measures against Benzene Breakthrough into Subsurface Concrete Pipe
  194. Quasi-3D Aerodynamic Analysis Method for Blended-Wing-Body UAV Configurations
  195. 3D Gravity Inversion on Unstructured Grids
  196. Decoration to Demonstration: A New Point Source for 3D Ray Tracing
  197. Diuron degradation using three-dimensional electro-peroxone (3D/E-peroxone) process in the presence of TiO2/GAC: Application for real wastewater and …
  198. AdRem: An Integrated Approach for Adaptive Remediation
  199. Seismic interaction of adjacent structures on liquefiable soils: insight from centrifuge and numerical modeling
  200. Designing Biomaterial Platforms for Cardiac Tissue and Disease Modeling
  201. Robustness Assessment of a Low Poly Modeling Strategy for Performance Simulation of Double-Skin Green Facades
  202. Progress and Prospects of Cardiovascular 3D Printing
  203. How Augmented Reality Could Improve the Student’s Attraction to Learn Mechanisms
  204. Memory-Efficient Modeling and Slicing of Large-Scale Adaptive Lattice Structures
  205. Immersive 3-Dimensional Virtual Reality Modeling for Case-Specific Presurgical Discussions in Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery
  206. Mathematical modeling and simulation of electrochemical reactors: A critical review
  207. 3D Printing Materials for Soft Robotics
  208. Analytic formulas for complete and incomplete first-order TEM moments below ground in a conductive half-space
  209. Chemo-mechanical modeling of stress evolution in all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries using synchrotron transmission X-ray microscopy tomography
  210. Bending and stress responses of the hybrid axisymmetric system via state-space method and 3D-elasticity theory
  211. Load Transfer Efficiency Based on Structural Deflection Assessment of the Precast Floating Track
  212. Thermo-Viscoelastic Response of 3D Braided Composites Based on a Novel FsMsFE Method. Materials 2021, 14, 271
  213. Investigation of the Shape-Memory Properties of 3D Printed PLA Structures with Different Infills. Polymers 2021, 13, 164
  214. Stroke-Hover Intent Recognition for Mid-Air Curve Drawing Using Multi-Point Skeletal Trajectories
  215. MHCII3D—Robust Structure Based Prediction of MHC II Binding Peptides
  216. Introduction to 3D Microelectronic Packaging
  217. Calvin & Hobbes: An Interactive 3D Gallery
  218. 3D printing of PEEK–cHAp scaffold for medical bone implant
  219. ËÓÐ Ö Ö ÓÒ ÑÓÒÓÜ ÔÓ× Ø Ö Ð ÓÖ¿«Ø×
  220. Development and characterization of a PLGA-HA composite material to fabricate 3D-printed scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
  221. Research on Graphics Teaching Mode
  222. Three-Dimensional (3D)–Printed Zero-Order Released Platform: a Novel Method of Personalized Dosage Form Design and Manufacturing
  223. Effect of Dam Reservoir Interaction on Response of Dam Subjected to Dynamic Load
  224. Damage Detection Based on 3D Point Cloud Data Processing from Laser Scanning of Conveyor Belt Surface
  225. … on performance of particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm based fuzzy inference system (PSOFIS) in a combination of CFD modeling for prediction of …
  226. Quasi-3D Aerodynamic Analysis Method for Blended-Wing-Body UAV Configurations. Aerospace 2021, 8, 13
  227. Tools for the Co-designing of Housing Transformations: A Study on Interaction and Visualization Modes
  228. Transfer of Learning from Vision to Touch: A Hybrid Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Visuo-Tactile 3D Object Recognition
  229. The Influence of Raster Angle and Moisture Content on the Mechanical Properties of PLA Parts Produced by Fused Deposition Modeling
  231. Performance Evaluation of the Screw Nailed Walls in Tabriz Marl
  232. CALR-ETdb, the database of calreticulin variants diversity in essential thrombocythemia
  233. A novel method for 3D reconstruction of blood vessels
  234. Molecular modelling of quinoline derivatives as telomerase inhibitors through 3D-QSAR, molecular dynamics simulation, and molecular docking techniques
  235. 3D Reconstruction of Polymer Phase in Polymer-Modified Asphalt Using Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
  236. TopoKnit: A Process-Oriented Representation for Modeling the Topology of Yarns in Weft-Knitted Textiles
  237. BIM-Based Tunnel Information Modeling Framework for Visualization, Management, and Simulation of Drill-and-Blast Tunneling Projects
  238. Modeling the Complexity of the Metastatic Niche Ex Vivo
  239. Additive Manufacturing Processes in Medical Applications
  240. Impact of the Level of Homogenization in 3D Thermal Simulation on the Internal Temperature Distribution of Li-Ion Battery Cells
  241. Cerebral Hemorrhage Recognition Based on Mask R-CNN Network
  242. Modeling the interplay between solvent evaporation and phase separation dynamics during membrane
  243. Biomedical Image Processing and Classification
  244. Fused deposition modeling fabricated PLA dielectric substrate for microstrip patch antenna
  245. End-to-End Learnt Image Compression via Non-Local Attention Optimization and Improved Context Modeling
  246. Virtual Surgical Planning and Digital Workflow for Concomitant Temporomandibular Replacement and Maxillomandibular Advancement Surgery
  247. 3D Self-Organized Human Blood–Brain Barrier in a Microfluidic Chip
  248. Implementation of the Pipeline Network Virtual Reality System
  249. Earthquake ground motion modeling of induced seismicity in the Groningen gas field
  250. Generating 3D texture models of vessel pipes using 2D texture transferred by object recognition
  251. Comprehensive binding analysis of polybrominated diphenyl ethers and aryl hydrocarbon receptor via an integrated molecular modeling approach
  252. Biomaterial-guided stem cell organoid engineering for modeling development and diseases
  253. Monolithic 3D stacked multiply-accumulate units
  254. Modeling Seismic Wave Propagation and Interaction: Recent Advances and Future Challenges
  255. Modeling Two-Person Segmentation and Locomotion for Stereoscopic Action Identification: A Sustainable Video Surveillance System
  256. Photocatalytic Properties of Eco-Friendly ZnO Nanostructures on 3D-Printed Polylactic Acid Scaffolds
  257. Dendritic needle network modeling of the Columnar-to-Equiaxed transition. Part I: two dimensional formulation and comparison with theory
  258. Quantitative analysis and visual presentation of segregation in asphalt mixture based on image processing and BIM
  259. Computational Robot Design and Customization
  260. Situated AR Simulations of a Lantern Festival Using a Smartphone and LiDAR-Based 3D Models
  261. Process-to-Performance Simulation of 3D Woven Composite T-Joints
  262. Implicit hrtf modeling using temporal convolutional networks
  263. Computer-Generated Three-Dimensional Airway Models as a Decision-Support Tool for Preoperative Evaluation and Procedure-Planning in Pediatric …
  264. Salinity Distribution in River Network of a Partially Mixed Estuary
  265. Substrate Selectivity of Coumarin Derivatives by Human CYP1 Enzymes: In Vitro Enzyme Kinetics and In Silico Modeling
  266. Prediction of thermal stress in a concrete gravity dam
  267. Three-Dimensional Modeling of Laterally Loaded Pile Embedded in Unsaturated Sandy Soil
  268. Characterization of a New Structured Packing by Computational Fluid Dynamics
  269. Simulation and Verification of Hydraulic Performance and Energy Dissipation Mechanism of Perforated Drip Irrigation Emitters
  270. Manufacturing and Characterization of Hybrid Bulk Voxelated Biomaterials Printed by Digital Anatomy 3D Printing
  271. Mesoscale modeling of epoxy polymer concrete under tension or bending
  272. Modeling the self-penetration process of a bio-inspired probe in granular soils
  273. Numerical Study on Stress Relief and Fracture Distribution Law of Floor in Short-Distance Coal Seams Mining: A Case Study
  274. Multiscale Modeling of a Modified Blalock-Taussig Surgery in a Patient-Specific Tetralogy of Fallot
  275. Estimating Exposure Roughness Based on Google Earth
  276. Study of Microchannels Fabricated Using Desktop Fused Deposition Modeling Systems
  277. Additive Manufacturing Processes in Medical Applications. Materials 2021, 14, 191
  278. A persistent invasive phenotype in post-hypoxic tumor cells is revealed by novel fate-mapping and computational modeling
  279. Accuracy of Portable Face-Scanning Devices for Obtaining Three-Dimensional Face Models: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  280. Artificial Neural Network Algorithms for 3D Printing
  281. 3D Printing of Flexible and Stretchable Parts using Multiwall Carbon Nanotube/Polyester-based Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  282. Synthesis of Schiff’s base magnetic crosslinked chitosan-glyoxal/ZnO/Fe3O4 nanoparticles for enhanced adsorption of organic dye: Modeling and mechanism study
  283. Lightweight Chassis Design of Hybrid Trucks Considering Multiple Road Conditions and Constraints
  284. Forecasting on Additive Manufacturing in Spain: How 3D Printing Would Be in 2030
  285. 3D CFD Modeling of UFAD Cooling System in a Sample Data Center
  286. Automated Reconstruction of Parametric BIM for Bridge Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
  287. 3D structure of the lowermost mantle: forward and in-verse approaches
  288. Solid Modeling and Artistic Sticker of Sphere-Cone Tangential Combination in Equal Circle Views
  289. Construction of a virtual opioid bioprofile: a data-driven QSAR modeling study to identify new analgesic opioids
  290. Single-Leg Structural Design and Foot Trajectory Planning for a Novel Bioinspired Quadruped Robot
  291. ; Jayaprakasha, G.; S.; Patil, B. Anti-Inflammatory, antidiabetic properties and in silico modeling of cucurbitane-type triterpene glycosides from fruits of an indian …
  292. 3D Modelling of Human Joints Using Reverse Engineering for Biomedical Applications
  293. Evolution in E-Commerce with Augmented Reality
  294. Dip-coating of MXene and transition metal dichalcogenides on 3D-printed nanocarbon electrodes for the hydrogen evolution reaction
  295. Lidar sheds new light on plant phenomics for plant breeding and management: Recent advances and future prospects
  297. Modeling the Human Body on Microfluidic Chips
  298. Information Technology of Robotic Prosthesis Computer-Aided Design Based on Parametric Modeling
  299. Molecular Docking and 3D-QSAR Studies on a Series of Benzenesulfonamide Derivatives as a Hepatitis B Virus Capsid Assembly Inhibitor
  300. Structure-aware 3D reconstruction for cable-stayed bridges: A learning-based method
  301. Estimating particulate organic carbon flux in a highly dynamic estuary using satellite data and numerical modeling
  302. 3D printing of grinding and milling fractions of rice husk
  303. SMA constitutive modeling and analysis of plates and composite laminates
  304. The concept of 3D ECT system with increased border area sensitivity for crystallization processes diagnosis
  305. Assessment of Embodied Carbon Footprint of an Educational Building in Pakistan Using Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  306. Influence of lowering groundwater level on the behavior of pile in soft soil
  307. Spin-polarised DFT modeling of electronic, magnetic, thermal and optical properties of silicene doped with transition metals
  308. Seismic attenuation during magma vesiculation: a combination of laboratory constraints and modeling
  309. 3D numerical simulation of real-time temperature field in a hyperthermia cancer treatment using OcTree meshes
  310. The Centrality of Interdisciplinarity for Overcoming Design and Development Constraints of a Multi-user Virtual Reality Intervention for Adults with Autism: A Design …
  311. 3D printing of copper particles and poly (methyl methacrylate) beads containing poly (lactic acid) composites for enhancing thermomechanical properties
  312. Evolution and stability of tile detachment–Experiments and modeling
  313. 3D-printing of segregated carbon nanotube/polylactic acid composite with enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding and mechanical performance
  314. Dimensional accuracy of extrusion-and photopolymerization-based 3D printers: In vitro study comparing printed casts
  315. An RBF-Based h-Adaptive Cartesian Grid Refinement Method for Arbitrary Single/Multi-Body Hull Modeling and Reconstruction
  316. Establishment of intestinal organoid cultures modeling injury-associated epithelial regeneration
  317. Comparison of Depth Camera and Terrestrial Laser Scanner in Monitoring Structural Deflections
  318. The connotation of digital twin, and the construction and application method of shop-floor digital twin
  319. GAN-Control: Explicitly Controllable GANs
  320. Research on Application of Construction Model Based on 4D Visualization in Construction of Intelligent Substation
  321. 3D stem model construction with geometry consistency using terrestrial laser scanning data
  322. Towards Applying Virtual Reality Techniques in Fostering Blended Learning of the Construction Technology
  323. Imaging for Native Mitral Valve Surgical and Transcatheter Interventions
  324. Image-based multiscale modeling with spatially varying microstructures from experiments: Demonstration with additively manufactured metal in fatigue and fracture
  325. Coupling of FEM and ordinary state-based peridynamics for brittle failure analysis in 3D
  326. Monotonic Tension-Torsion Experiments and FE Modeling on Notched Specimens Produced by SLM Technology from SS316L
  327. Validation and Reliability of Sizestream 3D Scanner for Human Body Measurement
  328. Numerical Investigation of Erosive Wear of a Centrifugal Slurry Pump due to Solid-Liquid Flow
  329. Multicomponent Stress-Sensing Composites Fabricated by 3D-Printing Methodologies
  330. A potential type-II L-asparaginase from marine isolate Bacillus australimaris NJB19: statistical optimization, in silico analysis and structural modeling
  331. Microseismic monitoring for reliable CO2 injection and storage — Geophysical modeling challenges and opportunities
  332. Mass Transport in Osmotically Driven Membrane Processes
  333. Recent progress in extrusion 3D bioprinting of hydrogel biomaterials for tissue regeneration: a comprehensive review with focus on advanced fabrication …
  334. Analytical modeling of the steady state ablation of a 3D C/C composite (vol 51, pg 2614, 2008)
  335. Characterization of multilayer delaminations in composites using wavenumber analysis: numerical and experimental studies
  336. Implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Using Hybrid Z-DEMATEL-ISM Approach
  337. A Survey of Modeling and Optimization Methods for Multi-Scale Heterogeneous Lattice Structures
  338. Utilizing concrete pillars as an environmental mining practice in underground mines
  339. Compact Matrix-Exponential-Based FDTD with Second-Order PML and Direct Z-Transform for Modeling Complex Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Problems
  340. Deep Generative Model for Efficient 3D Airfoil Parameterization and Generation
  341. Numerical Simulation to Assess Floating Instability of Small Passenger Vehicle Under Sub-critical Flow
  342. Quantification of Railway Ballast Degradation by Abrasion Testing and Computer-Aided Morphology Analysis
  343. Sterilization of 3D Printed Parts Used as Medical Devices in the COVID-19 Pandemic
  344. Applicability of Building Information Modeling Integrated Augmented Reality in Building Facility Management
  345. Development model and experimental characterization of residual stress of 3D printing PLA parts with porous structure
  346. De novo variant in AMOTL1 in infant with cleft lip and palate, imperforate anus and dysmorphic features
  347. Long-period ground motion simulation using centroid moment tensor inversion solutions based on the regional three-dimensional model in the Kanto region …
  348. ModFlex: Towards Function Focused Protein Modeling
  349. Modeling and analysis of a magnetoelastic annular membrane placed in an azimuthal magnetic field
  350. Modeling microsolvation clusters with electronic-structure calculations guided by analytical potentials and predictive machine learning techniques
  351. Biomechanical behavior of mandibular overdenture retained by two standard implants or 2 mini implants: A 3-dimensional finite element analysis
  352. Anatomical modeling of brain vasculature in two-photon microscopy by generalizable deep learning
  353. HBIM (Heritage building information modell) of the Wang Stave Church in Karpacz–Case study
  354. Computational modeling to predict the micromechanical environment in tissue engineering scaffolds
  355. High strength porous PLA gyroid scaffolds manufactured via fused deposition modeling for tissue-engineering applications
  356. Quantification of Thermoset Composite Microstructures for Process Modeling
  357. Modeling the angular effect of MODIS LST in urban areas: A case study of Toulouse, France
  358. 3D Printing: A Review of Material, Properties and Application
  359. A method for modeling multiscale geomechanical effects in the stimulated rock volume
  360. DEM Modeling of Crushable Grain Material under Different Loading Conditions
  361. Additive Manufacturing of Fibrous Sound Absorbers
  362. Analysis of EVI parameters in the 3d states of Cu+ ions in MgS phosphor
  363. Curriculum system design for intelligent construction based on VR technology
  364. MAP123-EPF: A mechanistic-based data-driven approach for numerical elastoplastic modeling at finite strain
  365. Damage evolution of 3D woven carbon/epoxy composites under tension-tension fatigue loading based on synchrotron radiation computed tomography (SRCT)
  366. Semi-analytical model development for preliminary study of 3D woven Composite/Metallic flange bolted assemblies
  367. Accelerating geostatistical modeling using geostatistics-informed machine Learning
  368. Customer experience in the B2B area: The impact of age-related impressions
  369. Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
  370. On the problem of modeling the acoustic radiation pattern of source for the 2D first-order system of hyperbolic equations
  371. Design and Analysis of Feature Primitive Scaffold Manufactured Using 3D-Printer—Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
  372. Biomedical Image Processing and Classification. Electronics 2021, 10, 66
  373. Model and learning-based computational 3D phase microscopy with intensity diffraction tomography
  374. Modeling atomic layer deposition process parameters to achieve dense nanocrystal-based nanocomposites
  375. Thermoelectric generation in bifurcating channels and efficient modeling by using hybrid CFD and artificial neural networks
  376. Reliability Parameter Optimization of Electromagnetic Relay for Aerospace Products Based on 3D Thermal Stress Field
  377. The architectural acoustic design for a circus: The case study of Rigas Cirks
  378. Finite element study of cyclic plasticity near a subsurface inclusion under rolling contact and macro-residual stresses
  379. Mass-independent fractionation of oxygen isotopes in the atmosphere
  380. High density bioprocessing of human pluripotent stem cells by metabolic control and in silico modeling
  381. Fused Deposition Modeling of an Aircraft Wing using Industrial Robot with Non-linear Tool Path Generation
  382. A Kind of FM-BEM Penalty Function Method for a 3D Elastic Frictional Contact Nonlinear System
  383. Design and Dynamic Simulation Analysis of Floating Cup Axial Piston Pump Variable Displacement Mechanism
  384. Stratigraphic modeling and hydraulic characterization of a typical basaltic aquifer system in the Kadva river basin, Nashik, India
  385. Resolving Dilemmas Arising during Design and Implementation of Digital Repository of Heterogenic Scientific Resources
  386. Modeling NO3–N leaching during establishment of turfgrasses irrigated with tailored reclaimed water
  387. Architectural Ornament: Timescapes
  388. Quantification of hyperelastic material parameters for a 3D-Printed thermoplastic elastomer with different infill percentages
  389. Modeling of groundwater level changes in an urban area
  390. Forward Modeling Helioseismic Signatures of One-and Two-cell Meridional Circulation
  391. The Related Technologies for the Pipeline Network Virtual Reality System
  392. Numerical simulation of mixed convective 3D flow of a chemically reactive nanofluid subject to convective Nield’s conditions with a nonuniform heat source/sink
  393. Classification of Street Tree Species Using UAV Tilt Photogrammetry
  394. Numerical Modeling of the Motion and Interaction of a Droplet of an Inkjet Printing Process with a Flat Surface
  395. Analytical Transport Network Theory for Onsager, Coupled Flows: Part 2—Network-Scale Modeling of Linear, Electrokinetic Flow
  396. On the calibration of the transitional k-?-?-Re?t turbulence model
  397. Research on the Application of Augmented Reality Technology in Spacecraft Assembly
  398. 3D Finite Element Analysis of Seismic Behavior of Soil-Piled Raft-Structural System
  399. Fiber-based modeling and simulation of skeletal muscles
  400. Modeling the directional anisotropy of fine-scale TIR emissions over tree and crop canopies based on UAV measurements
  401. Evaluation and modeling of electrical conductivity in conductive polymer nanocomposite foams with multiwalled carbon nanotube networks
  402. Three-Dimensional Simulation of Scalar Transport in Large Shallow Water Systems Using Flux-Form Eulerian–Lagrangian Method
  403. A novel method of bead modeling and control for wire and arc additive manufacturing
  404. 3D Image Conversion of a Scene from Multiple 2D Images with Background Depth Profile
  405. Modeling better in vitro models for the prediction of nanoparticle toxicity: a review
  406. Globularization and recrystallization of a Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo alloy under forging in the (a+ ß) region: Experiment, phenomenological modeling and machine learning
  407. Novel approach for neuronal stem cell differentiation using aqueous two-phase systems in 3D cultures
  408. Chromium Transport Modeling in Tannery Effluent from a Surface Water Body to Groundwater Regime: Case Study in Kodaganar Basin
  409. Longboard Braking System
  410. A general framework of kernel-driven modeling in the thermal infrared domain
  411. Multimodal dispersive waves in a free rail: Numerical modeling and experimental investigation
  412. An Additive Manufacturing Method Using Large-Scale Wood Inspired by Laminated Object Manufacturing and Plywood Technology
  413. In-Hospital 3D Printed Scaphoid Prosthesis Using Medical-Grade Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Biomaterial
  414. Digital Art: A Sourcebook of Ideas for Conceptualizing New Practices, Networks and Modes of Self-Expression
  415. Yersel Lazer Tarama Yöntemi ile Farkli Geometrik Yapidaki Özelliklerin Modellenmesi
  416. Finite-Element Limit Analysis for Solid Modeling of Reinforced Concrete
  417. Online Resident Space-Object Shape Modeling through Implicit Scene Understanding
  418. Fabrication, characterisation and properties of polyvinyl alcohol/graphene nanocomposite for fused filament fabrication processing
  419. Proposal of Methodology for Evaluation of a Vertical Shanty Building in Beira, Mozambique
  420. Peptide Blocking CTLA-4 and B7-1 Interaction
  421. Effect of augmented reality on school journalism: A tool for developing communication competencies in virtual environments
  422. … characterization for pharmaceutical models from Co (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II)-thiophene complexes; apoptosis, various theoretical studies and pharmacophore modeling
  423. Benefiting From The Diversity Of The Islamic Arts To Create 3 Dimensional Models That Serve The Field Of Glass Design Second axis; heritage “Identity & …
  424. Three-dimensional modeling of performance degradation of planar SOFC with phosphine exposure
  425. Multi-Layer Wear and Tool Life Calculation for Forging Applications Considering Dynamical Hardness Modeling and Nitrided Layer Degradation
  426. Automatic fish species classification using deep convolutional neural networks
  427. Current Trends in In Vitro Modeling to Mimic Cellular Crosstalk in Periodontal Tissue
  428. Time-of-flight sensor for getting shape model of automobiles toward digital 3D imaging approach of autonomous driving
  429. Protein structure analysis of the interactions between SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and the human ACE2 receptor: from conformational changes to novel …
  430. Comparison of different degenerated approaches for the modeling of composite shell structures
  431. Design optimization of a novel bio-inspired 3D porous structure for crashworthiness
  432. The 3D-CFD Virtual Test Bench
  433. A Novel Approach of Generating Toolpath for Performing Additive Manufacturing on CNC Machining Center
  434. Hardware Art: Space Art Meets Rocket Science
  435. The Role of Remote Sensing and GIS in Military Strategy to Prevent Terror Attacks
  436. Mesoscale computational modeling of the mechanical behavior of cement composite materials
  437. Progressive Failure Analysis of 3D Woven Composites via Multiscale Recursive Micromechanics
  438. Impact of Tropical Cyclones on Inhabited Areas of the SWIO Basin at Present and Future Horizons. Part 2: Modeling Component of the Research Program …
  439. Modeling and Box-Behnken design optimization of photocatalytic parameters for efficient removal of dye by lanthanum-doped mesoporous TiO2
  440. Effects of high oil compositions and printing parameters on food paste properties and printability in a 3D printing food processing model
  441. Bayesian MSTBurr mixture model in the construction of 3D-MRI brain tumor images
  442. A pickering emulsion stabilized by chlorella microalgae as an eco-friendly extrusion-based 3D printing ink processable under ambient conditions
  443. Strain rate sensitive microstructural evolution in a TRIP assisted high entropy alloy: Experiments, microstructure and modeling
  444. Kinesthetic Metaphors for Precise Spatial Manipulation: A Study of Object Rotation
  445. Machine learning modeling and genetic algorithm-based optimization of a novel pilot-scale thermosyphon-assisted falling film distillation unit
  446. Modeling Pluto’s minimum pressure: Implications for haze production
  447. A Study on the Largest Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Earthquake in Canada: Numerical Modeling and Triggering Mechanism
  448. Microscopic contact pressure and material removal modeling in rail grinding using abrasive belt
  449. Electrochemical study of ephedrine at the polarized liquid-liquid interface supported with a 3D printed cell
  450. Modeling of InP DHBTs in a Transferred-Substrate Technology with Diamond Heat Spreader
  451. Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Sandwich Composite Cylinders with Geometric Imperfections
  452. Modeling of Cutting Rock: From PDC Cutter to PDC Bit—Modeling of PDC Cutter
  453. Ultrasonic Guided Wave Field Modeling in a One-Side Water-Immersed Steel Plate
  454. Three-dimensional analysis of injury conditions of single muscle fibers in small animals using phase-contrast X-ray imaging
  455. Quantitative Assessment of Proximity Risks Associated with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Construction
  456. Modeling of full-length Piezo1 suggests importance of the proximal N-terminus for dome structure
  457. PDAUG-a Galaxy based toolset for peptide library analysis, visualization, and machine learning modeling
  458. Deep Learning-Based Generation of Building Stock Data from Remote Sensing for Urban Heat Demand Modeling
  459. Efficient Computation Of Surface Sunlit Fractions In Urban-Scale Building Modeling Using Ray-Tracing Techniques
  460. Design and Optimization of an Encased Drone for Underground Mining Applications
  461. A Bidirectional Knudsen Pump with a 3D-Printed Thermal Management Platform
  462. The assessment of water pollution by chemical reaction products from the activities of industrial facilities: Numerical study
  463. Hysteresis Modeling of Robotic Catheters based on Long Short-Term Memory Network for Improved Environment Reconstruction
  464. An efficient multi-threaded Newton–Raphson algorithm for strong coupling modeling of multi-physics problems
  465. The proto-Nucleic Acid Builder: a software tool for constructing nucleic acid analogs
  466. Urban Green Infrastructure Monitoring Using Remote Sensing from Integrated Visible and Thermal Infrared Cameras Mounted on a Moving Vehicle
  467. Manufacturing of 3 D Shrouded Impeller of a Centrifugal Compressor on 3D-Printing machine using FDM Technology
  468. Peptoid-directed assembly of CdSe nanoparticles
  469. 3D Nanomagnetic Logic
  470. Modeling of microstructural effects on the creep of hardened cement paste using an experimentally informed lattice model
  471. Review on particle emissions during fused deposition modeling of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polylactic acid polymers
  472. In vivo intervertebral disc deformation: intratissue strain patterns within adjacent discs during flexion–extension
  473. Multi-scale damage analysis and fatigue behavior of PLA manufactured by fused deposition modeling (FDM)
  474. A Perspective on Natural and Nature-Inspired Small Molecules Targeting Phosphodiesterase 9 (PDE9): Chances and Challenges against Neurodegeneration
  475. Nonlinear Seismic Response of Ground-Structure Systems: Developments and Challenges
  476. Additive manufacturing of dense zirconia ceramics by fused deposition modeling via screw extrusion
  477. Coronal Heating Law Constrained by Microwave Gyroresonant Emission
  478. Molecular Recognition and Self-Organization in Life Phenomena Studied by a Statistical Mechanics of Molecular Liquids, the RISM/3D-RISM Theory
  479. Optimization of fused deposition modeling process using a virus-evolutionary genetic algorithm
  480. A Crown Contour Envelope Model of Chinese Fir Based on Random Forest and Mathematical Modeling
  481. Multiple local 3D CNNs for region-based prediction in smart cities
  482. SARS-CoV-2 infection of primary human lung epithelium for COVID-19 modeling and drug discovery
  483. Integrating CityFFD and WRF for modeling urban microclimate under heatwaves
  484. In-vivo lung biomechanical modeling for effective tumor motion tracking in external beam radiation therapy
  485. Three-Dimensional Characterization and Evaluation of Aggregate Skeleton of Asphalt Mixture Based on Force-Chain Analysis
  486. Enhancement of High-Resolution 3D Inkjet-Printing of Optical Freeform Surfaces Using Digital Twins
  487. Numerical Investigation on Molten Pool Dynamics During Multi-laser Array Powder Bed Fusion Process
  488. Utility of forward and inverse modeling in 2D electric tomography for Hydrogeologic studies
  489. Phase Modeling of the TRAPPIST-1 Planetary Atmospheres
  490. Only time can tell: Discovering temporal data for temporal modeling
  491. Multi-task learning for data-efficient spatiotemporal modeling of tool surface progression in ultrasonic metal welding
  492. A computational framework for modeling cell-matrix interactions in soft biological tissues
  493. ?-Graphyne-1 band structure modeling and simulation
  494. Geomechanical modeling using the depth-of-damage approach to achieve successful underbalanced drilling in the Gulf of Suez Rift Basin
  495. Mechanical properties of CF-reinforced PLA parts manufactured by fused deposition modeling
  496. Additive manufacturing technology and its application in die manufacturing
  497. Three-Dimensional and Dynamic Endovaginal Ultrasonography for Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Levator Ani Damage
  498. 3D Knee Loading during Stationary Cycling: A Comprehensive Model Development and Reliability Analysis
  499. Computational Study on the Effects of Unsteady Freestream on an Airfoil Performance at Low Reynolds Numbers
  500. Roles of artificial intelligence in construction engineering and management: A critical review and future trends

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