Data Structures Research Topics Areas

Data Structures Research Topics for MS and Ph.D Thesis

  1. Data structures and algorithm analysis
  2. On MATLAB experience in accelerating DIRECT-GLce algorithm for constrained global optimization through dynamic data structures and parallelization
  3. New data structures for orthogonal range reporting and range minima queries
  4. Peeling Close to the Orientability Threshold–Spatial Coupling in Hashing-Based Data Structures
  5. Data Structures to Represent a Set of k-long DNA Sequences
  6. Seaborn: statistical data visualization
  7. Conflict-driven clause learning SAT solvers
  8. Scalable Mesh Partitioning for Large-Scale 3D Finite Element-Multibody Structures
  9. A Multimedia Synchronization Service and Implementation Architecture for Pre-orchestrated Data Communications
  10. Evolution of standardization and dissemination of cryo-EM structures and data jointly by the community, PDB and EMDB
  11. Combined detection and segmentation of archeological structures from LiDAR data using a deep learning approach
  12. Subtropical Countercurrents: Band structures revealed from CSK data
  13. RCSB Protein Data Bank: powerful new tools for exploring 3D structures of biological macromolecules for basic and applied research and education in fundamental …
  14. On the optimal layout of balanced complete multipartite graphs into grids and tree related structures
  15. Further Unifying the Landscape of Cell Probe Lower Bounds
  16. Linkage of deep lithospheric structures to intraplate earthquakes: A perspective from multi-source and multi-scale geophysical data in the South China Block
  17. The impact of uneven temperature distribution on stability of concrete structures using data analysis and numerical approach
  18. Palabos: parallel lattice Boltzmann solver
  19. Reproduction of spatio-temporal structures of traffic flows using various ways of averaging data
  20. A data-driven analysis on bridging techniques for heterogeneous materials and structures
  21. A Corpus Based Approach to the Analysis of Structures in Prepositional Phrase
  22. Minimizing the risk of deducing wrong natural product structures from NMR data
  23. PIPS: Extension of the Internal Representation for C
  24. PIPS: Memory effects of Statements
  25. Designing an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Network Data Envelopment Analysis Model for Efficiency Evaluation of Decision-Making Units with Two-Stage Structures
  26. VIPERdb v3. 0: a structure-based data analytics platform for viral capsids
  27. Data-science based analysis of patient subgroup structures suggest effects of rhinitis on all chemosensory perceptions in the upper airways
  28. Fast and Simple Modular Subset Sum*
  29. Predicting dynamic cellular protein–RNA interactions by deep learning using in vivo RNA structures
  30. Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of Computer Programming using Collaborative Method of Delivery
  31. jl: Ambient Seismic Noise Cross Correlation on the CPU and GPU in Julia
  32. dNEMO: a tool for quantification of mRNA and punctate structures in time-lapse images of single cells
  33. Gauss-Legendre Features for Gaussian Process Regression
  34. Local damage detection based on vibration data analysis in the presence of Gaussian and heavy-tailed impulsive noise
  35. Machine-learning mathematical structures
  36. Machine learning-assisted modeling of composite materials and structures: a review
  37. Performance analysis of distributed storage clusters based on kernel and userspace traces
  38. In defense of decentralized research data management
  39. Technology Bundles in Maintenance: Ambivalences Between Virtuality and Assistance
  40. Adapting to one-and two-way classified structures of hypotheses while controlling the false discovery rate
  41. Legal Mobilization Against the Data Retention Directive—Opportunity Structures, Actors and Strategies
  42. Interpretation of psychiatric genome-wide association studies with multispecies heterogeneous functional genomic data integration
  43. Acoustic emission wireless monitoring of structures
  44. Tight bounds for online graph partitioning
  45. Review of the Hydra Conference on Concurrent and Distributed Computing Hydra 2020
  46. TrackMPNN: A Message Passing Graph Neural Architecture for Multi-Object Tracking
  47. Space-time covariance structures and models
  48. CryoDRGN: reconstruction of heterogeneous cryo-EM structures using neural networks
  49. Isolation and electronic structures of derivatized manganocene, ferrocene and cobaltocene anions
  50. Enumeration Algorithms for Conjunctive Queries with Projection
  51. International Society of Nephrology Global Kidney Health Atlas: structures, organization and services for the management of kidney failure in North and East Asia
  52. The Use of Time to Pregnancy for Estimating and Monitoring Human Fecundity From Demographic and Health Surveys
  53. Improving Cross-Lingual Transfer for Event Argument Extraction with Language-Universal Sentence Structures
  54. Complex structures arising from the self-assembly of a simple organic salt
  55. Identification of Cameroon’s geological structures through a gravity separation and using seismic crustal models
  56. NFDI-Neuro: Building a community for neuroscience research data management in Germany
  57. Predicting Tie Strength with Ego Network Structures
  58. Identifying latent group structures in nonlinear panels
  59. Quantitative psychology under scrutiny: Measurement requires not result-dependent but traceable data generation
  60. Complementary Libraries to TensorFlow 2. x
  61. On modelling disordered crystal structures through restraints from molecule-in-cluster computations, and distinguishing static and dynamic disorder
  62. Blastocyst-like structures generated from human pluripotent stem cells
  63. Refinement and depth
  64. Structures of the archaerhodopsin-3 transporter reveal that disordering of internal water networks underpins receptor sensitization
  65. Multiscale characterisation of chimneys/pipes: Fluid escape structures within sedimentary basins
  66. Accurate crystal structures and chemical properties from NoSpherA2
  67. Atomically resolved interfacial water structures on crystalline hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces
  68. An O(n5/4) Time ?-Approximation Algorithm for RMS Matching in a Plane
  69. Social contagion on higher-order structures
  70. An effective method for damage assessment based on limited measured locations in skeletal structures
  71. Classifying oceanographic structures in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
  72. A Procedure for 3D Modelling of Very Large Geotechnical Structures: Open Cast Coal Mine Case
  73. RAFTS for basic blocks: A progress report on Forth native code compilation
  74. Near-optimal randomized algorithms for selection in totally monotone matrices
  75. Heat kernel analysis of syntactic structures
  76. Soft Sequence Heaps
  77. A note on a recent algorithm for minimum cut
  78. NewGen: A Language-Independent Program Generator Report ENSMP/CRI/A-191
  79. College of American Pathologists Cancer Protocols: From Optimizing Cancer Patient Care to Facilitating Interoperable Reporting and Downstream Data Use
  80. CoV3D: a database of high resolution coronavirus protein structures
  81. Strategies to Effectively Integrate Visualization with Active Learning in Computer Science Class
  82. Investigating the impacts of three-dimensional spatial structures on CO2 emissions at the urban scale
  83. Pure and efficient functional programming using the “unique” features of Clean
  84. Structures of German emigration and remigration: Historical developments and demographic patterns
  85. A comparative study of Bowman’s layer in some mammals: Relationships with other constituent corneal structures
  86. A fast minimum degree algorithm and matching lower bound
  87. Archiving in Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization: A Short Overview
  88. Piezoelectric adventures: from energy harvesting and bioinspired robotics to programmable metamaterials and wireless data/power transfer
  89. Assessing failure probability of coastal structures based on probabilistic representation of sea conditions at the structures’ location
  90. A comparative study of the Linda model with other alternative models of parallel programming
  91. Investigating the dynamic compression response of elastomeric, additively manufactured fluid-filled structures via experimental and finite element analyses
  92. International Society of Nephrology Global Kidney Health Atlas: structures, organization, and services for the management of kidney failure in Newly Independent …
  93. For geographical imagination systems
  94. Efficient Artificial neural networks based on a hybrid metaheuristic optimization algorithm for damage detection in laminated composite structures
  95. Structures of the glucocorticoid-bound adhesion receptor GPR97–G o complex
  96. Visualization Techniques with Data Cubes: Utilizing Concurrency for Complex Data
  97. Discovering multiscale and self-similar structure with data-driven wavelets
  98. Sample weights determination based on cosine similarity method as an extension to infrared action recognition
  99. The torsional response of civil engineering structures during earthquake from an observational point of view
  100. Modular Subset Sum, Dynamic Strings, and Zero-Sum Sets
  101. Structures of active-state orexin receptor 2 rationalize peptide and small-molecule agonist recognition and receptor activation
  102. Structures of HCMV Trimer reveal the basis for receptor recognition and cell entry
  103. Circadian Regulation of GluA2 mRNA Processing in the Rat Suprachiasmatic Nucleus and Other Brain Structures
  104. A smoothed iFEM approach for efficient shape-sensing applications: Numerical and experimental validation on composite structures
  105. Biomechanical Contributions of Spinal Structures with Different Degrees of Disc Degeneration
  106. BlastFrost: fast querying of 100,000 s of bacterial genomes in Bifrost graphs
  107. For more information about USENIX Association contact
  108. A two-step damage quantitative identification method for beam structures
  109. On the Creation of Quadtrees by Using a Branching Process
  110. A database of flavivirus RNA structures with a search algorithm for pseudoknots and triple base interactions
  111. Intellectual changes after radiation for children with brain tumors: which brain structures are most important?
  112. Community-led, integrated, reproducible multi-omics with anvi’o
  113. Multivariate Series and Diagonals
  114. Psychodynamic Structures in Vietnamese Personality
  115. Tertiary lymphoid structures: diversity in their development, composition, and role
  116. Privacy Preserving Anti-forensic Techniques
  117. A Distributed Simulation-to-Flight Framework to Support Investigating Trust/Trustworthiness in Multi-Agent Systems
  118. A comparative analysis of coherent structures around a pile over rigid-bed and scoured-bottom
  119. Introduction to Fail-Safe Technologies for Bonded Unitized Composite Structures
  120. A method of predicting visual detectability of low-velocity impact damage in composite structures based on logistic regression model
  121. Persistency of debris accumulation in tidal estuaries using Lagrangian coherent structures
  122. Towards a definitive measure of repetitiveness
  123. Characterisation of material and connection behaviour in sheathed cold-formed steel wall systems–Part 1: Experimentation and data compilation
  124. Subsurface structures along western Yucatan from integrated geophysical analysis
  125. Thermal Technical Analysis of Lightweight Timber-Based External Wall Structures with Ventilated Air Gap
  126. A regression-based damage detection method for structures subjected to changing environmental and operational conditions
  127. Reconstruction of highly porous structures from FIB-SEM using a deep neural network trained on synthetic images
  128. Small-scale isotropy and ramp-cliff structures in scalar turbulence
  129. Decidable entailments in separation logic with inductive definitions: Beyond establishment
  130. Innovative Approach to Evaluate the Mechanical Performance of Ti–6Al–4V Lattice Structures Produced by Electron Beam Melting Process
  131. An Overview of the Parallel Asynchronous Recursion Model
  132. Introduction to P-TRAP software for designing phosphorus removal structures
  133. Covid-19. bioreproducibility. org: A web resource for SARS-CoV-2-related structural models
  134. Deductive and inductive approaches to qualitative data analysis
  135. FieldView-CREATE: A Unified Multi-disciplinary Post-processing Tool for CREATE Solvers
  136. A CUDA Fast Multipole Method with highly efficient M2L far field evaluation
  137. Proceedings of the 2021 ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA)
  138. Structures spread across our seas
  139. RepeatsDB in 2021: improved data and extended classification for protein tandem repeat structures
  140. Dissipation Effects of Coastal Vegetation on Nearshore Structures under Wave Runup Loading
  141. CRAN task view: Machine learning & statistical learning
  142. Uncertainty handling in structural damage detection via non-probabilistic meta-models and interval mathematics, a data-analytics approach
  143. Benchmark for Ab Initio Prediction of Magnetic Structures Based on Cluster-Multipole Theory
  144. A convex penalty for block-sparse signals with unknown structures
  145. Approximate Distance Oracles Subject to Multiple Vertex Failures
  146. Guided wavefield curvature imaging of invisible damage in composite structures
  147. Semi-supervised deep learning based framework for assessing manufacturability of cellular structures in direct metal laser sintering process
  148. Scalable FastMDP for Pre-departure Airspace Reservation and Strategic De-conflict
  149. Nonlinear kernels, dominance, and envirotyping data increase the accuracy of genome-based prediction in multi-environment trials
  150. Composing qualitative process research
  151. Modeling of Avionics Applications and Performance Evaluation Techniques using the Synchronous Language SIGNAL
  152. 3D Printed Multi-material Medical Phantoms for Needle-tissue Interaction Modelling of Heterogeneous Structures
  153. Architectures for Flexible Collaborative Systems
  154. Krigings over space and time based on latent low-dimensional structures
  155. Interoperable Application Programming Interfaces for Computer Aided Engineering Applications
  156. Magnetic properties and crystal structures of two copper coordination compounds with pentafluorobenzoate ligand
  157. Nearest neighbour distributions: New statistical measures for cosmological clustering
  158. How Jupiter’s unusual magnetospheric topology structures its aurora
  159. Analysis of the influence of different bionic structures on the noise reduction performance of the centrifugal pump
  160. Benchmarking coordination number prediction algorithms on inorganic crystal structures
  161. Collective sensing of evolving urban structures: from activity-based to content-aware social monitoring
  162. Multistable inflatable origami structures at the metre scale
  163. First-Order Error-Adapted Eigen Perturbation for Real-Time Modal Identification of Vibrating Structures
  164. A half-salamo-based pyridine-containing ligand and its novel NiII complexes including different auxiliary ligands: syntheses, structures, fluorescence properties, DFT …
  165. Novel Parallel-Programming Idioms
  166. Reticular exploration of uranium-based metal—organic frameworks with hexacarboxylate building units
  167. PubChem in 2021: new data content and improved web interfaces
  168. New design of composite structures used in automotive engineering
  169. A survey of Blockchain consensus algorithms: mechanism, design and applications
  170. Search on a line by byzantine robots
  171. Flow Structures on a Planar Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Nozzle at Low and Intermediate Reynolds Number
  172. Juice: A julia package for logic and probabilistic circuits
  173. First-principles study of electronic structures and elasticity of Al2Fe3Si3
  174. Margin of Safety Assessment for Composite StructureS using the Onset Method
  175. Finite element modeling for the progressive collapse analysis of steel stiffened-plate structures in fires
  176. Nanoscale hyperspectral imaging of amyloid secondary structures in liquid
  177. Phylogenetics of Indo-European language families via an algebro-geometric analysis of their syntactic structures
  178. Seismic interaction of adjacent structures on liquefiable soils: insight from centrifuge and numerical modeling
  179. Review of Wind Effects on Structures: Modern Structural Design for Wind, 4th Edition by Emil Simiu and DongHun Yeo
  180. Preparation and characterization of novel cellular/nonporous foam structures derived from tannin furanic resin
  181. Quasi-static and dynamic compressive behaviour of sheet TPMS cellular structures
  182. A survey on deep learning in medicine: Why, how and when?
  183. A new model for the growth of normal faults developed above pre-existing structures
  184. Facile tailoring of structures for controlled release of paracetamol from sustainable lignin derived platforms
  185. Continuous-time system identification with neural networks: model structures and fitting criteria
  186. Nonstationary panel models with latent group structures and cross-section dependence
  187. Multi-objective optimum design of truss structures using differential evolution algorithms
  188. Bat and pangolin coronavirus spike glycoprotein structures provide insights into SARS-CoV-2 evolution
  189. Crowdsourced behavior-driven development
  190. Learning low-rank latent mesoscale structures in networks
  191. Oscillatory Entrainment of the Frequency-following Response in Auditory Cortical and Subcortical Structures
  192. Determining target reliability index of structures based on cost optimization and acceptance criteria for fatality risk
  193. Geographic data science
  194. Preliminary Documented Recovery Patterns and Observations from Video Cataloged Data of the 2011 Joplin, Missouri, Tornado
  195. Kirigami Engineering—Nanoscale Structures Exhibiting a Range of Controllable 3D Configurations
  196. Application of Thermoelectric Technology in Sustainable Pavement Structures
  197. Cryo-EM structures of engineered active bc 1-cbb 3 type CIII 2 CIV super-complexes and electronic communication between the complexes
  198. RASP: an atlas of transcriptome-wide RNA secondary structure probing data
  199. Massively parallel transport sweeps on meshes with cyclic dependencies
  200. Planning brain tumor resection using a probabilistic atlas of cortical and subcortical structures critical for functional processing: a proof of concept
  201. Tracking areas with increased likelihood of surface particle aggregation in the Gulf of Finland: A first look at persistent Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCS)
  202. Load balancing and neural dynamic model to optimize replicator dynamics controllers for vibration reduction of highway bridge structures
  203. Ensuring transparency and traceability of food local products: A blockchain application to a Smart Tourism Region
  204. Local HI filaments driven by a small-scale dynamo. Unraveling velocities and tangling of dusty magnetized structures
  205. Corporate environmental disclosure and earnings management—The moderating role of corporate governance structures
  206. Distinct structures and dynamics of chromatosomes with different human linker histone isoforms
  207. On Locating Paths in Compressed Tries
  208. Development and evaluation of deep learning–based segmentation of histologic structures in the kidney cortex with multiple histologic stains
  209. Identification of Transient Modes During Formation and Detachment of a Laminar Separation Bubble using Kernel Mode Decomposition
  210. Microglia perform local protein synthesis at perisynaptic and phagocytic structures
  211. A time domain approach for shock noise prediction with decomposition analyses of large-scale coherent turbulent structures in jets
  212. Synthesis, characterization, crystal structures, DFT, TD-DFT, molecular docking and DNA binding studies of novel copper (II) and zinc (II) complexes bearing …
  213. … coordination polymers constructed from benzene-1, 2, 4, 5-tetracarboxylic acid and flexible dicarboxylate acid ligands: syntheses, structures and spectroscopic and …
  214. On the effect of velvet structures on trailing edge noise: experimental investigation and theoretical analysis
  215. Electromagnetic wave absorption performance of NiCo2X4 (X= O, S, Se, Te) spinel structures
  216. Identifying Global Buckling Modes: A Statistical Approach using Python
  217. Reliability analysis of mooring lines for floating structures using ANN-BN inference
  218. An efficient optimal neural network based on gravitational search algorithm in predicting the deformation of geogrid-reinforced soil structures
  219. Proinflammatory IgG Fc structures in patients with severe COVID-19
  220. Damage localization in plate-like structures using time-varying feature and one-dimensional convolutional neural network
  221. Micro data and macro technology
  222. PEPPSI type Pd (II) NHC complexes bearing chloro-/fluorobenzyl group: Synthesis, characterization, crystal structures, a-glycosidase and acetylcholinesterase …
  223. Statistical Shape Analysis of Anatomical Structures from Medical Images
  224. MagGene: A genetic evolution program for magnetic structure prediction
  225. [BOOK][B] Professional C++
  226. Applications of shapelet transform to time series classification of earthquake, wind and wave data
  227. Hypergraph convolution and hypergraph attention
  228. Classification of fatigue crack damage in polycrystalline alloy structures using convolutional neural networks
  229. eSPRESSO: a spatial self-organizing-map clustering method for single-cell transcriptomes of various tissue structures using graph-based networks
  230. Topological Study of Carbon Nanotube and Polycyclic Aromatic Nanostar Molecular Structures
  231. Machine learning for impact detection on composite structures
  232. Modulating optical and electrochemical properties of perylene dyes by twisting aromatic p-system structures
  233. Mechanical characterization and properties of laser-based powder bed–fused lattice structures: a review
  234. Using networked general-purpose workstations to improve the performance of software clustering algorithms
  235. Some robust approaches based on copula for monitoring bivariate processes and component-wise assessment
  236. Defining spatial agents
  237. Suspect screening based on market data of polar halogenated micropollutants in river water affected by wastewater
  238. Intermediary resources and export venture performance under different export channel structures
  239. Syntheses, crystal structures and photocatalytic properties of homometallic and heterometallic titanium-oxo clusters
  240. Hierarchical tensile structures with ultralow mechanical dissipation
  241. Analysis of Factors Affecting the Environmental Impact of Concrete Structures
  242. Organizational structures and early mobilization practices in South African public sector intensive care units—A cross-sectional study
  243. Functionalized construction of biochar with hierarchical pore structures and surface O-/N-containing groups for phenol adsorption
  244. Performance evaluation of two-stage network structures with fixed-sum outputs: An application to the 2018winter Olympic Games
  245. Data Storage Based on DNA
  246. Considerations on computational modeling of concrete structures in fire
  247. Enhancement of thermoelectric properties of p-type BiCuSO through strain-induced electronic structures modification
  248. Assessment of Design and Constraints of Physical Soil and Water Conservation Structures in respect to the standard in the case of Gidabo sub-basin, Ethiopia
  249. The acquisition of post-verbal subjects in heritage Italian: How timing of L1-acquisition modulates the acquisition of syntax-discourse interface structures
  250. Scalable Shared-Memory Hypergraph Partitioning*
  251. Ultralow Thermal Conductivity in Diamondoid Structures and High Thermoelectric Performance in (Cu1–xAgx)(In1–yGay)Te2
  252. Optimization of Infrared Thermography for Damage Detection in Concrete Structures Using Finite Element Modelling
  253. GPU-Accelerated Soft Error Rate Analysis of Large-Scale Integrated Circuits
  254. Implicit Thermochemical Nonequilibrium Flow Simulations on Unstructured Grids using GPUs
  255. Multiscale DIC applied to pantographic structures
  256. Efficiently Building, Maintaining and Deploying Complex Multidisciplinary Physics Models in Heterogeneous Environments
  257. An octree-based immersogeometric approach for modeling inertial migration of particles in channels
  258. Incremental Single Source Shortest Paths in Sparse Digraphs
  259. Systematic Review on Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme and Its Application
  260. A framework for probabilistic fire loss estimation in concrete building structures
  261. Foundations of Population-based SHM, Part II: Heterogeneous populations–Graphs, networks, and communities
  262. Reliability, availability, maintainability data review for the identification of trends in offshore wind energy applications
  263. Incomplete Cell Sorting Creates Engineerable Structures with Long-Term Stability
  264. Model-informed precision dosing: background, requirements, validation, implementation, and forward trajectory of individualizing drug therapy
  265. Deterministic algorithms for decremental shortest paths via layered core decomposition
  266. On spin structures and orientations for gauge-theoretic moduli spaces
  267. Open Chemistry, JupyterLab, REST, and quantum chemistry
  268. Social meaning and the obsolescence of traditional local structures: Loss of h-dropping in Maryport, West Cumbria
  269. Multiscale simulation of deployable composite structures
  270. Quantum mechanical calculations of different monomeric structures with the same electroactive group to clarify the relationship between structure and ultimate optical …
  271. Real-time hysteresis identification in structures based on restoring force reconstruction and Kalman filter
  272. Numerical modeling of post-flood water flow in pavement structures
  273. Discovering latent structures with integrated propagation algorithms in geographical information networks
  274. Cryo-EM structures of the SARS-CoV-2 endoribonuclease Nsp15 reveal insight into nuclease specificity and dynamics
  275. Bending behavior of octet-truss lattice structures: Modelling options, numerical characterization and experimental validation
  276. In-house digital image correlation technique for large structures
  277. An unprecedented insight into the catalytic mechanism of copper nitrite reductase from atomic-resolution and damage-free structures
  278. Nonlinear modelling of the seismic response of masonry structures: Calibration strategies
  279. Deterioration of the Mechanical Properties of FFF 3D-Printed PLA Structures
  280. Damage limitation and structural behaviour factor for masonry structures
  281. Harnessing electrospun nanofibers to recapitulate hierarchical fibrous structures of meniscus
  282. Mixed-cell cellular automata: A new approach for simulating the spatio-temporal dynamics of mixed land use structures
  283. How firms undertake organizational changes to shift to more-exploratory strategies: A process perspective
  284. FEM based robust design optimization with Agros and Artap
  285. SetSketch: Filling the Gap between MinHash and HyperLogLog
  286. Numerical analysis of geotechnical problems of historic masonry structures
  287. Deformations and stresses prediction of cantilever structures fabricated by selective laser melting process
  288. A non-linear implicit approach for modelling the dynamics of porous tensile structures interacting with fluids
  289. The Nucleome Data Bank: web-based resources to simulate and analyze the three-dimensional genome
  290. FuSTM: ProM plugin for fuzzy similar tasks mining based on entropy measure
  291. Efficient PSLG Triangulation for Surface Rendering
  292. Stretch-activated ion channels identified in the touch-sensitive structures of carnivorous Droseraceae plants
  293. pHLA3D: Updating the database of predicted three-dimensional structures of HLA with HLA-DR, HLA-DQ and HLA-DP molecules
  294. A review of vibration-based damage detection in civil structures: From traditional methods to Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications
  295. Convolutional sparse coding for noise attenuation in seismic data
  296. Differential weathering of diagenetic concretions and the formation of Neoproterozoic annulated discoidal structures
  297. A hybrid transmission-line model for the resolution of the heat equation in stratified structures under non-linear regime and periodic excitation: its applications to …
  298. 13 Statistical Problems with Planted Structures: Information-Theoretical and Computational Limits
  299. Disaster City Digital Twin: A vision for integrating artificial and human intelligence for disaster management
  300. Inferring pore radius and density from ultrasonic attenuation using physics-based modeling
  301. Molecular dynamics simulation of docking structures of SARS-CoV-2 main protease and HIV protease inhibitors
  302. Potential of natural fiber reinforced polymer composites in sandwich structures: A review on its mechanical properties
  303. Robust topology optimization for harmonic displacement minimization of structures subjected to uncertainty in the excitation frequency
  304. Alternative RNA structures formed during transcription depend on elongation rate and modify RNA processing
  305. Damage Identification of Bridge Structures Considering Temperature Variations-Based SVM and MFO
  306. Damage quantification in truss structures by limited sensor-based surrogate model
  307. Integrating digital nomads in corporate structures: Managerial contemplations
  308. Improvement of the method for comparing subsidence of structures using the Fischer’s F-test and the Foster-Stuart test
  309. Organization change failure, deep structures and temporality: Appreciating Wonderland
  310. Protecting Big Data Privacy Using Randomized Tensor Network Decomposition and Dispersed Tensor Computation
  311. Support vector machines for automated modelling of nonlinear structures using health monitoring results
  312. Finite representation of reaction kinetics in unbounded biopolymer structures
  313. Analysis of Fractal Structures in Dehydrated Films of Protein Solutions
  314. Quantitative Spectral Data Analysis Using Extreme Learning Machines Algorithm Incorporated with PCA
  315. Modelling multi-scale state-switching functional data with hidden Markov models
  316. Seeding Structures for a Community of Practice Focused on Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA): Implementing Across Disciplines and Waves
  317. Damage detection in lightweight structures using artificial intelligence techniques
  318. Secondary Currents with Scour Hole at Grade Control Structures
  319. High dielectric polymer composites from thermal-induced in-situ formation of conjugated structures and reduced graphene oxide
  320. An improved approach for detecting the locations of the maxima in interpreting potential field data
  321. The demand query model for bipartite matching
  322. Research on Array Structures of Acoustic Directional Transducer
  323. A system of quantities from software metrology
  324. MMS Observations of the Multiscale Wave Structures and Parallel Electron Heating in the Vicinity of the Southern Exterior Cusp
  325. EXTENDED ABSTRACT Remote Procedure Call Implementations Of Micro-kernel Virtual
  326. Effects of SARS-CoV-2 mutations on protein structures and intraviral protein–protein interactions
  327. Process monitoring and control strategies in extrusion-based bioprinting to fabricate spatially graded structures
  328. Serial correlation structures in latent linear mixed models for analysis of multivariate longitudinal ordinal responses
  329. LES Simulation of Wind-Driven Wildfire Interaction with Idealized Structures in the Wildland-Urban Interface
  330. Majorana correlations in the Kitaev model with ordered-flux structures
  331. Microclimate structures communities, predation and herbivory in the High Arctic
  332. Structural diversity and phylogenetic distribution of valyl tRNA-like structures in viruses
  333. The biomechanical role of extra-axonemal structures in shaping the flagellar beat of Euglena gracilis
  334. Data Management
  335. People, Places, and Ties: Landscape of social places and their social network structures
  336. Descriptive Data Analysis Basics
  337. An Overview of O ine Software for AMANDA
  338. The topology of electronic band structures
  339. Compilation by Program Transformation
  340. General design method for three-dimensional displays with horizontally asymmetric pixel structures
  341. Raman and density functional theory studies of lutecium fluoride and oxyfluoride structures in molten FLiNaK
  342. Tree phylogenetic diversity structures multitrophic communities
  343. Efficient Bayesian FFT method for damage detection using ambient vibration data with consideration of uncertainty
  344. Boosting Data Reduction for the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem Using Increasing Transformations*
  345. Time-dependent reliability-based redundancy assessment of deteriorated RC structures against progressive collapse considering corrosion effect
  346. Energy-Loss Near-Edge Structures and Low-Loss Structures of Polymers in a Solid Electrolyte Interface Formed from Fluoroethylene Carbonate on a Si Anode …
  347. Automatic operational modal analysis of structures based on image recognition of stabilization diagrams with uncertainty quantification
  348. The European Union as an opportunity: structures and uses of European soft law in French, Austrian and Irish eHealth policies
  349. Enantioselective Total Syntheses of the Proposed and Revised Structures of Methoxystemofoline: A Stereochemical Revision
  350. Renets: Statically-optimal demand-aware networks
  351. Shaping graphene with optical forging: from a single blister to complex 3D structures
  352. Additively manufactured continuous carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic for topology optimized unmanned aerial vehicle structures
  353. The influence of experimental studies on the stability of hydraulic structures
  354. Multiaxial notch fatigue life prediction based on the dominated loading control mode under variable amplitude loading
  355. Gigantic vortical differential scattering as a monochromatic probe for multiscale chiral structures
  356. Modal Analysis of Beam Structures with Random Field Models at Multiple Scales
  357. Difficulties in differentiating coronaviruses from subcellular structures in human tissues by electron microscopy
  358. 2D/3D Numerical Analyses of Corrosion Initiation in RC Structures Accounting Fluctuations of Chloride Ions by External Actions
  359. 3DIV update for 2021: a comprehensive resource of 3D genome and 3D cancer genome
  360. Internal network structures as opportunity structures: Control and effectiveness in the European competition network
  361. The impact of line-of-sight structures on measuring H0 with strong lensing time delays
  362. A global analysis of complexity–biodiversity relationships on marine artificial structures
  363. Individual differences in causal structures inferred during feature negative learning
  364. Long-term converse magnetoelectric response of actuated 1-3 multiferroic composite structures
  365. Limitations of Sa (T 1) as an intensity measure when assessing non-ductile infilled RC frame structures
  366. A new average wave overtopping prediction formula with improved accuracy for smooth steep low-crested structures
  367. Optimal vertex fault-tolerant spanners in polynomial time
  368. Multi-keyword Search for Multiple Data Owners Over Encrypted CloudData
  369. Hydrogel-based bioinks for cell electrowriting of well-organized living structures with micrometer-scale resolution
  370. Hierarchy of coherent structures and real-space energy transfer in turbulent channel flow
  371. Investigation of the Shape-Memory Properties of 3D Printed PLA Structures with Different Infills
  372. Characterisation of material and connection behaviour in sheathed cold-formed steel wall systems–Part 2: Analytical modelling
  373. Two-step structural damage detection method for shear frame structures using FRF and Neumann series expansion
  374. Resurrecting anti-virtualization and anti-debugging: Unhooking your hooks
  375. Dose-dependent volume loss in subcortical deep grey matter structures after cranial radiotherapy
  376. Adaptive thermodynamic topology optimization
  377. Characterization of Coherent Flow Structures in a Swirl-Stabilized Spray Combustor
  378. Increased efficiency gyroid structures by tailored material distribution
  379. Spatializing Symbolic Structures for the Gap
  380. Numerical Investigation of Effective Thermal Conductivity of Strut-Based Cellular Structures Designed by Spatial Voronoi Tessellation
  381. Crystal structures and thermodynamic properties of lanthanide complexes with 2, 6-dimethylbenzoic acid and 2, 2′: 6′, 2”-terpyridine
  382. Design, simulation and robotic assembly of reversible timber structures
  383. Microcrystal Electron Diffraction for Molecular Design of Functional Non-Fullerene Acceptor Structures
  384. Excited state electronic structures and photochemistry of different oxidation states of 2, 2′-azino-bis-(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid)(ABTS)
  385. Benign Structures Mimicking Right Atrial Masses on Prenatal Ultrasound
  386. Assessments of Structural Health Monitoring for Fatigue Cracks in Metallic Structures by Using Lamb Waves Driven by Piezoelectric Transducers
  387. Updating the Reliability of Existing RC Structures in a Marine Environment Incorporating Spatial Variations
  388. Modeling and Testing of Flexible Structures with Selected Planar Patterns Used in Biomedical Applications
  389. Structural Diversity of Peptoids: Tube-Like Structures of Macrocycles
  390. Topology Optimization of Fail-Safe Structures via Geometry Projection
  391. Î× ÁÎÇ
  392. Far-sided defect recognition of FRP sandwich structures based on local defect resonance
  393. Data Integration Using Advances in Machine Learning in Drug Discovery and Molecular Biology
  394. A comparison between the structures of reconstituted salivary pellicles and oral mucin (MUC5B) films
  395. Physical Design
  396. New Adsorption Models for Entirely Describing the Adsorption Isotherm and Heat of Methane in Heterogeneous Nanopore Structures of Coal
  397. Virtual hybrid simulation method for underground structures subjected to seismic loadings
  398. Modal Analysis on Hydrodynamic Coherent Structures of Liquid Fuel jet in Crossflow
  399. Detailed modeling of sorptive and textural properties of CaO-based sorbents with various porous structures
  400. Seismic behavior of an innovative hybrid beam-column connection for precast concrete structures
  401. Parametric Analysis of Rotational Effects in Seismic Design of Tall Structures
  402. Polymeric Iodoargentate Hybrids Incorporating Octakis-or Heptakis-Solvated Lanthanide Complexes: Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and Photocatalysis
  403. Energy Dissipation in Frame Structures using Sliding Lever Mechanism Technique
  404. Meningeal lymphoid structures are activated under acute and chronic spinal cord pathologies
  405. Uncertainty modeling in reliability analysis of floating wind turbine support structures
  406. Introduction to meta-analysis
  407. Guidance for treatment of high-temperature creep in fire resistance analysis of concrete structures
  408. Topographic anatomy of structures liable to compress the median nerve at the elbow and proximal forearm
  409. Effect of rotating magnetic field on ferromagnetic structures used in hyperthermia
  410. Printability and performance of 3D conductive graphite structures
  411. Investigation of the variation of dielectric properties by applying frequency and voltage to Al/(CdS-PVA)/p-Si structures
  412. A Practical Finite Element Modeling Strategy to Capture Cracking and Crushing Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Structures
  413. Regulating Catalytic Activity of DNA-Templated Silver Nanoclusters Based on their Differential Interactions with DNA Structures and Stimuli-Responsive Structural …
  414. Tectonic evolution of the Karakoram metamorphic complex (NW Himalayas) reflected in the 3D structures of spiral garnets: Insights from X-ray computed micro …
  415. Degree structures of conjunctive reducibility
  416. Team reflexivity and employee innovative behavior: the mediating role of knowledge sharing and moderating role of leadership
  417. Mechanism-based inhibitors of SIRT2: structure–activity relationship, X-ray structures, target engagement, regulation of a-tubulin acetylation and inhibition of …
  418. Learning Global Network Topology Using Local Information for Multi-Agent Coordination
  419. Serial femtosecond and serial synchrotron crystallography can yield data of equivalent quality: A systematic comparison
  420. Time integration schemes for fluid-structure interaction problems: non fitted FEMs for immersed thin structures
  421. Long-Term Concrete Shrinkage Influence on the Performance of Reinforced Concrete Structures
  422. Method of Singular Integral Equations for Analysis of Strip Structures and Experimental Confirmation
  423. Stock Market Speculation System Development Based on Technico Temporal Indicators and Data Mining Tools
  424. Astaxanthin as a new Raman probe for biosensing of specific subcellular lipidic structures: can we detect lipids in cells under resonance conditions?
  425. Factors affecting corporate environmental disclosure in emerging markets: The role of corporate governance structures
  426. A review of multi-source feedback focusing on psychometrics, pitfalls and some possible solutions
  427. Synthetic Bone-Like Structures Through Omnidirectional Ceramic Bioprinting in Cell Suspensions
  428. Fast and Scalable Range and Keyword Query Processing Over Encrypted Data with Provable Adaptive Security
  429. GPCRdb in 2021: integrating GPCR sequence, structure and function
  430. Designable Al32-Oxo Clusters with Hydrotalcite-like Structures: Snapshots of Boundary Hydrolysis and Optical Limiting
  431. Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue and tertiary lymphoid structures of the eye and ear in laboratory animals
  432. A systematic review of convolutional neural network-based structural condition assessment techniques
  433. Dynamic maintenance of low-stretch probabilistic tree embeddings with applications
  434. Multiscale mechanics of cardiovascular materials and structures
  435. Connectedness structures of sovereign bond markets in Central and Eastern Europe
  436. Elastic and failure characteristics of additive manufactured thin wall lattice structures with defects
  437. Structures and colours of the oldest galaxies out to redshift 2.5
  438. Damping mechanisms in cable-harnessed structures for space applications: Experimental validation
  439. Tutorial on Biostatistics: Longitudinal Analysis of Correlated Continuous Eye Data
  440. Dynamic impact testing of cellular solids and lattice structures: Application of two-sided direct impact Hopkinson bar
  441. An enhanced substructure-based response sensitivity method for finite element model updating of large-scale structures
  442. 3D-Printed Flexible Structures with Embedded Deformation/Displacement Sensing for the Creative Industries
  443. Correlations between standardised and real impact sound sources in lightweight wooden structures
  444. The diversification of national football teams: Using the idea of migration corridors to explore the underlying structures of nationality changes amongst foreign-born …
  445. Load Limiters on Temporary Shoring Structures: Tests on a Full-Scale Building Structure under Construction
  446. Characterisation and modeling of additively-manufactured polymeric hybrid lattice structures for energy absorption
  447. From representation to mediation: a new agenda for conceptual modeling research in a digital world
  448. Experimental and Nonlinear Analytical Studies on Prefabricated Timber–Concrete Composite Structures with Crossed Inclined Coach Screw Connections
  449. A new iteration regularization method for dynamic load identification of stochastic structures
  450. Repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting of reinforced concrete structures by using non-destructive testing methods
  451. The D1-V185N mutation alters substrate water exchange by stabilizing alternative structures of the Mn4Ca-cluster in photosystem II
  452. Structures of ISCth4 transpososomes reveal the role of asymmetry in copy-out/paste-in DNA transposition
  453. Sparse Spatial Sampling: A mesh sampling algorithm for efficient processing of big simulation data
  454. High-resolution real-time 360° 3D surface defect inspection with fringe projection profilometry
  455. GeantV
  456. Excitonic optical spectra and energy structures in a one-dimensional Mott insulator demonstrated by applying a many-body Wannier functions method to a charge …
  457. FaVAD: A software workflow for characterization and visualizing of defects in crystalline structures
  458. A unified framework for declarative debugging and testing
  459. First-principles insights into the role of edges in the binding mechanisms of Au4 clusters on MoSe2 nanoflakes
  460. Effect of NiOx’s film thickness on the electrical properties of Ni/p–NiOx/n-Si structures
  461. Synthesis, crystal structures and properties of carbazole-based [6] helicenes fused with an azine ring
  462. Cryo-EM structures reveal the molecular basis of receptor-initiated coxsackievirus uncoating
  463. RNA Secondary Structures with Limited Base Pair Span: Exact Backtracking and an Application
  464. Dynamic representations of sparse distributed networks: A locality-sensitive approach
  465. The relationship between crystal structures and thermochromism in CoMoO 4
  466. Shear capacity prediction of slender reinforced concrete structures with steel fibers using machine learning
  467. Multi-responsive luminescent sensors of two water-stable polynuclear Cd organic frameworks: Synthesis, structures and sensing of tetracycline, Cr2O72- and Fe3+ …
  468. Playing the synthesizer with Canadian data: Adding polls to a structural forecasting model
  469. Few Percent Efficient Polarization-Sensitive Conversion in Nonlinear Plasmonic Interactions Inside Oligomeric Gold Structures
  470. Modal identification of concrete arch dam by fully automated operational modal identification
  471. Damage detection in large composite stiffened panels based on a novel SHM building block philosophy
  472. Investigation of Flexible Panel Dynamic Response Induced by Coherent Turbulent Vortical Structures
  473. Crystal structures of hydroxymethylbilane synthase complexed with a substrate analog: a single substrate-binding site for four consecutive condensation steps
  474. Lamb wave imaging with actuator network for damage quantification in aluminum plate structures
  475. Strong tough hydrogels via the synergy of freeze-casting and salting out
  476. Periodic open cellular structures (POCS) as enhanced catalyst supports: Optimization of the coating procedure and analysis of mass transport
  477. Characterizing the polycentric spatial structure of Beijing Metropolitan Region using carpooling big data
  478. Controllable surface morphology transition from inter-connected pores to flower-like structures for super-hydrophobic poly (L-lactic acid) films
  479. Tandem Structures Semiconductors Based on TiO2_SnO2 and ZnO_SnO2 for Photocatalytic Organic Pollutant Removal
  480. Status of Telemonitoring Services in Diabetes Care in Germany: A Narrative Review
  481. Synthesis, electrochemistry, in-situ spectroelectrochemistry and molecular structures of 1, 4-naphthoquinone derivatives
  482. Hybrid Recommender System Using Artificial Bee Colony Based on Graph Database
  483. The augmented synthetic control method
  484. Principal-agent theory-based cost and reimbursement structures of isavuconazole treatment in German hospitals
  485. Interconnecting Components and Structures
  486. Bayesian regional flood frequency analysis with GEV hierarchical models under spatial dependency structures
  488. Numerical modeling results of vibroseismic monitoring of volcanic structures with different shape of the magma chamber
  489. Kriging metamodeling-based monte carlo simulation for improved seismic fragility analysis of structures
  490. Three Dimensional mapping of the root apex: distances between apexes and anatomical structures and external cortical plates
  491. The mechanical performance of concrete shear key for prefabricated structures
  492. MAPK Signaling Is Required for Generation of Tunneling Nanotube-Like Structures in Ovarian Cancer Cells
  493. Corroborating evidence refutes batch effect as explanation for fetal bacteria
  494. Randomized Cup Game Algorithms Against Strong Adversaries
  495. On the convergence of the power flow methods for DC networks with mesh and radial structures
  496. Variations in the canopy shock structures of massive extraterrestrial plumes: Parametric DSMC simulation of 2007 Tvashtar observations
  497. Optimal defense theory in an ant–plant mutualism: extrafloral nectar as an induced defence is maximized in the most valuable plant structures
  498. Exploration of nontrivial topological domain structures in the equilibrium state of magnetic nanodisks
  499. Controls of pre-existing structures on clinoform architecture and the associated progradational system elements
  500. The fragmentation of belief
  501. Triangular expanded hemiporphyrazines: electronic structures and nanoscale characterization of their adlayers on Au (111).

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