Bayesian computation Research Topics Ideas

List of Research Topics and Ideas of Bayesian computation for MS and Ph.D. Thesis.

  1. Inference of brain networks with approximate Bayesian computation–assessing face validity with an example application in Parkinsonism
  2. Adaptive approximate Bayesian computation tolerance selection
  3. Analysis of coronal mass ejection flux rope signatures using 3DCORE and approximate Bayesian Computation
  4. Approximate bayesian computation for discrete spaces
  5. ABC: Outlier-Robust Approximate Bayesian Computation Based on a Robust Divergence Estimator
  6. Approximate Bayesian Computation of B\’ezier Simplices
  7. Selection of Summary Statistics for Network Model Choice with Approximate Bayesian Computation
  8. Approximate Bayesian computation, an introduction
  9. Demographic Inference Using Skyline Plots on Approximate Bayesian Computation
  10. … Arctic salmonid, the northern Dolly Varden (Salvelinus malma malma), via estimates of effective and census population sizes and approximate Bayesian computation
  11. Quantification of the weight of fingerprint evidence using a ROC-based Approximate Bayesian Computation algorithm for model selection
  12. Bayesian Model Updating in Time Domain with Metamodel-Based Reliability Method
  13. Bayesian modeling of the mind: From norms to neurons
  14. Shadow Simulated Annealing: A new algorithm for approximate Bayesian inference of Gibbs point processes
  15. Sketching in Bayesian High Dimensional Regression With Big Data Using Gaussian Scale Mixture Priors
  16. Bayesian uncertainty quantification for data-driven equation learning
  17. Scalable computation for Bayesian hierarchical models
  18. Approximate Bayesian inference for a spatial point process model exhibiting regularity and random aggregation
  19. Nonparametric machine learning and efficient computation with bayesian additive regression trees: the BART R package
  20. Fully Bayesian Analysis of Relevance Vector Machine Classification with Probit Link Function for Imbalanced Data Problem
  21. Bayesian semi-parametric G-computation for causal inference in a cohort study with MNAR dropout and death
  22. Generalized Bayesian likelihood-free inference using scoring rules estimators
  23. Bayesian approaches to cointegratrion
  24. Comparison of Likelihood-Free Inference Approach and a Formal Bayesian Method in Parameter Uncertainty Assessment: Case Study with a Single-Event Rainfall …
  25. Two-stage surrogate model-assisted Bayesian framework for groundwater contaminant source identification
  26. Use of Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods to Model Kuwait Medical Genetic Center Data: An Application to Down Syndrome and Mental Retardation
  27. Bayesian and frequentist approaches to multinomial count models in ecology
  28. Parallel Gaussian process surrogate Bayesian inference with noisy likelihood evaluations
  29. Robust approximate Bayesian inference with synthetic likelihood
  30. bCobaya: code for Bayesian analysis of hierarchical physical models
  31. Bayesian Analysis of Spatial Econometrics Regression Models
  32. Bayesian survival analysis using gamma processes with adaptive time partition
  33. Efficient adaptive MCMC implementation for Pseudo-Bayesian quantum tomography
  34. GPU-Accelerated Hierarchical Bayesian Inference with Application to Modeling Cosmic Populations: CUDAHM
  35. 13 Bayesian Regression for
  36. The Bayesian Method of Tensor Networks
  37. PMBA: A Parallel MCMC Bayesian Computing Accelerator
  38. Estimation of agent-based models using Bayesian deep learning approach of BayesFlow
  39. Resource-efficient adaptive Bayesian tracking of magnetic fields with a quantum sensor
  40. Hierarchical Signal Propagation for Household Level Sales in Bayesian Dynamic Models
  41. Eigenfrequency-Based Bayesian Approach for Damage Identification in Catenary Poles
  42. Four times out of Europe: serial invasions of the winter moth, Operophtera brumata, to North America
  43. Oral steroids for reducing kidney scarring in young children with febrile urinary tract infections: the contribution of Bayesian analysis to a randomized trial not …
  44. Robust Importance Sampling for Bayesian Model Calibration with Spatio-Temporal Data
  45. A novel adaptive resampling for sequential Bayesian filtering to improve frequency estimation of time-varying signals
  46. Spatial dynamics of chinese muntjac related to past and future climate fluctuations
  47. Learning the surface structure of wh-questions in English and French with a non-parametric Bayesian model
  48. Benchmarking Simulation-Based Inference
  49. Bayesian equation selection on sparse data for discovery of stochastic dynamical systems
  50. Empowering Differential Networks Using Bayesian Analysis
  51. Bayesian estimation approach based on modified SCAM algorithm and its application in structural damage identification
  52. A new Bayesian discrepancy measure
  53. Bayesian Model Selection for Small Datasets of Measurement Results
  54. Statistical Inference in Behavioral Research: Traditional and Bayesian Approaches
  55. Bayesian analysis of agricultural experiments using PROC MCM
  56. A bivariate two-state Markov modulated Poisson process for failure modeling
  57. Neural surprise in somatosensory Bayesian learning
  58. Chemical Kinetics Bayesian Inference Toolbox (CKBIT)
  59. Direct Sampling in Bayesian Regression Models with Additive Disclosure Avoidance Noise
  60. Assessing the risk of disruption of wind turbine operations in Saudi Arabia using Bayesian spatial extremes
  61. Bayesian inference: the comprehensive approach to analyzing single-molecule experiments
  62. Bayesian inference of species trees using diffusion models
  63. Bayesian Estimation of Epidemiological Models: Methods, Causality, and Policy Trade-Offs
  64. Multiple Merger Genealogies in Outbreaks of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  65. Bayesian criterion-based variable selection
  66. Cluster-Based Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Bayesian Classifier Approach
  67. Parallel Sequential Random Embedding Bayesian Optimization
  68. Laplace approximations for fast Bayesian inference in generalized additive models based on P-splines
  69. Sequential ensemble transform for Bayesian inverse problems
  70. Differences in Quaternary co-divergence reveals community-wide diversification in the mountains of southwest China varied among species
  71. A Bayesian inverse approach to measure the anisotropic plasticity properties of materials using spherical indentation experiment
  72. Bayesian Approaches for Confirmatory Trials in Rare Diseases: Opportunities and Challenges
  73. Estimating the effect of social inequalities on the mitigation of COVID-19 across communities in Santiago de Chile
  74. Partitive Techniques in Bayesian Data Analysis
  75. Adaptive Sampling for Estimating Distributions: A Bayesian Upper Confidence Bound Approach
  76. hIPPYlib: An Extensible Software Framework for Large-Scale Inverse Problems Governed by PDEs: Part I: Deterministic Inversion and Linearized Bayesian Inference
  77. Bayesian Estimation of Correlation Matrices of Longitudinal Data
  78. Modeling German Word Order Acquisition via Bayesian Inference
  79. Bayesian Random Tomography of Particle Systems
  80. Efficient Neural Network Approximation via Bayesian Reasoning
  81. Bayesian Analysis of Intraday Stochastic Volatility Models of High-Frequency Stock Returns with Skew Heavy-Tailed Errors
  82. Reservoir lithofacies modeling using well logs and seismic data based on Sequential Indicator Simulations and Probability Perturbation Method in a Bayesian …
  83. Spatial statistics
  84. Variational Bayesian partially linear mean shift models for high-dimensional Alzheimer’s disease neuroimaging data
  85. Element-wise Bayesian regularization for fast and adaptive force reconstruction
  86. Bias and variance of the Bayesian-mean decoder
  87. A longitudinal Bayesian mixed effects model with hurdle Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution
  88. “This Is What We Don’t Know”: Treating Epistemic Uncertainty in Bayesian Networks for Risk Assessment
  89. A practical introduction to Bayesian estimation of causal effects: Parametric and nonparametric approaches
  90. Bayesian framework for THz-TDS plasma diagnostics
  91. Multivariate/minor fault diagnosis with severity level based on Bayesian decision theory and multidimensional RBC
  92. Bayesian paradigm for analysing count data in longitudina studies using Poisson-generalized log-gamma model
  93. Constraint-Based Learning Bayesian Networks Classifier With Augmented Naive Bayes
  94. Bayesian Multiple Quantile Regression for Linear Models Using a Score Likelihood
  95. A Framework for Instantaneous Driver Drowsiness Detection Based on Improved HOG Features and Naïve Bayesian Classification
  96. Development of Bayesian Approaches for Uncertainty Quantification in In Situ Stress Estimation
  97. Simulation and Analysis Methods for Stochastic Compartmental Epidemic Models
  98. Efficient Precision Dosing Under Estimated Uncertainties via Koopman Expectations of Bayesian Posteriors with Pumas
  99. Bayesian unsupervised learning reveals hidden structure in concentrated electrolytes
  100. Scalable spatio-temporal Bayesian analysis of high-dimensional electroencephalography data
  101. A Bayesian bivariate hierarchical model with correlated parameters for the analysis of road crashes in Italian tunnels
  102. Recognition of splice-junction genetic sequences using random forest and Bayesian optimization
  103. Stochastic Simulation Techniques for Inference and Sensitivity Analysis of Bayesian Attack Graphs
  104. Bayesian estimation of sparse precision matrices in the presence of Gaussian measurement error
  105. Towards fast machine-learning-assisted Bayesian posterior inference of realistic microseismic events
  106. DiBS: Differentiable Bayesian Structure Learning
  107. Bayesian multivariate latent class profile analysis: Exploring the developmental progression of youth depression and substance use
  108. All-at-once formulation meets the Bayesian approach: A study of two prototypical linear inverse problems
  109. Efficient Resource-Aware Convolutional Neural Architecture Search for Edge Computing with Pareto-Bayesian Optimization
  110. Neural-network heuristics for adaptive bayesian quantum estimation
  111. Variational Combinatorial Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference
  112. A Causal Bayesian Network Model for Resolving Complex Wicked Problems
  113. Bayesian network-driven clustering analysis with feature selection for high-dimensional multi-modal molecular data
  114. Likelihood approximation networks (LANs) for fast inference of simulation models in cognitive neuroscience
  115. Bayesian Variational Federated Learning and Unlearning in Decentralized Networks
  116. Active Bayesian Multi-class Mapping from Range and Semantic Segmentation Observation
  117. Gaussian processes meet NeuralODEs: A Bayesian framework for learning the dynamics of partially observed systems from scarce and noisy data
  118. Alpha-divergence minimization with mixed variational posterior for Bayesian neural networks and its robustness against adversarial examples
  119. Fast Variational Bayesian Inference for Temporally Correlated Sparse Signal Recovery
  120. Certification of Iterative Predictions in Bayesian Neural Networks
  121. Causation Entropy Principle and Bayesian Inference to Causal Networks
  122. Horseshoe shrinkage methods for Bayesian fusion estimation
  123. Bayesian inference with certifiable adversarial robustness
  124. Bayesian Estimation of Geometric Morphometric Landmarks for Simultaneous Localization of Multiple Anatomies in Cardiac CT Images
  125. Exploring Bayesian Deep Learning for Urgent Instructor Intervention Need in MOOC Forums
  126. Bayesian Lévy-Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Process: Towards Big Data Analysis
  127. Rapid adaptation to malaria facilitated by admixture in the human population of Cabo Verde
  128. A Bayesian Contiguous Partitioning Method for Learning Clustered Latent Variables.
  129. Source Reconstruction of Atmospheric Releases by Bayesian Inference and the Backward Atmospheric Dispersion Model: An Application to ETEX-I Data
  130. Structural reliability analysis by a Bayesian sparse polynomial chaos expansion
  131. To ban or not to ban: Bayesian attention networks for reliable hate speech detection
  132. Bayesian model selection: Application to adjustment of fundamental physical constants
  133. Approximate Bayesian inference and forecasting in huge-dimensional multi-country VARs
  134. Correlated Data Analysis with Copula Models or Bayesian Nonparametric Methods
  135. A flexible Bayesian non-confounding spatial model for analysis of dispersed count data in clinical studies
  136. On estimation of stress–strength reliability with log-Lindley distribution
  137. Assessment of structural interventions using Bayesian updating and subspace-based fault detection methods: The case study of S. Maria di Collemaggio basilica, L’ …
  138. Quantum circuit representation of bayesian networks
  139. Bayesian estimation-based sentiment word embedding model for sentiment analysis
  140. Bayesian neural network priors revisited
  141. On the contaminated exponential distribution: A theoretical Bayesian approach for modeling positive-valued insurance claim data with outliers
  142. Detection of gravitational waves using Bayesian neural networks
  143. Bayesian Mixture Modelling for Mortality Projection
  144. Dsuite-fast D-statistics and related admixture evidence from VCF files
  145. BORE: Bayesian Optimization by Density-Ratio Estimation
  146. A Bayesian Risk Approach to MDPs with Parameter Uncertainty
  148. Hierarchical Dynamic Modeling for Individualized Bayesian Forecasting
  149. Functional brain response to emotional musical stimuli in depression, using INLA approach for approximate Bayesian inference
  150. Scalable Belief Updating for Urban Air Quality Modeling and Prediction
  151. Potential of Bayesian additive regression trees for predicting daily global and diffuse solar radiation in arid and humid areas
  152. Scaling Up Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems using Deep Neural Networks
  153. Accelerating Bayesian estimation for network Poisson models using frequentist variational estimates
  154. Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification for Geomechanical Models at Micro and Macro Scales
  155. Automated design of synthetic microbial communities
  156. sparta: Sparse Tables and their Algebra for use in High Dimensional Bayesian Networks
  157. Discriminatory Capacity of Prenatal Ultrasound Measures for Large-for-Gestational-Age Birth: A Bayesian Approach to ROC Analysis Using Placement Values
  158. Bayesian statistics and modelling
  159. Source term estimation in complex urban environments based on Bayesian inference and unsteady adjoint equations simulated via large eddy simulation
  160. Estimation Parameters Of The Multiple Regression Using Bayesian Approach Based On The Normal Conjugate Function
  161. Nonlinear full waveform inversion of wide-aperture OBS data for Moho structure using a trans-dimensional Bayesian method
  162. Explainable ML: Augmenting the interpretability of numerical simulation using Bayesian networks
  163. Azimuthal anisotropy in Bayesian surface wave tomography: application to northern Cascadia and Haida Gwaii, British Columbia
  164. Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling: Application Towards Production Results in the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas
  165. Bayesian group sequential enrichment designs based on adaptive regression of response and survival time on baseline biomarkers
  166. The Effect of Prior Lipschitz Continuity on the Adversarial Robustness of Bayesian Neural Networks
  167. From data to causes III: Bayesian priors for general cross-lagged panel models (GCLM)
  168. Bayesian optimization of a TDLAS array for mass capture measurement
  169. Variational autoencoder Bayesian matrix factorization (VABMF) for collaborative filtering
  170. Bayesian subgroup analysis in regression using mixture models
  171. Fault detection based on Bayesian network and missing data imputation for building energy systems
  172. Linear Bayesian estimators for linear models with constraints
  173. Bayesian spectral density estimation using P-splines with quantile-based knot placement
  174. Robust Bayesian estimator in a normal model with uncertain hierarchical priors
  175. Density of States Estimation for Out of Distribution Detection
  176. Multinomial Bayesian extreme learning machine for sparse and accurate classification model
  177. Bayesian inference-driven model parameterization and model selection for 2CLJQ fluid models
  178. Improving Bayesian inference efficiency for sensory anomaly detection and recovery in mobile robots
  179. Bayesian analysis of the inverse generalized gamma distribution using objective priors
  180. Multivariate Bayesian hierarchical Gaussian copula modeling of the non-stationary traffic conflict extremes for crash estimation
  181. Latent Derivative Bayesian Last Layer Networks
  182. Bayesian estimation of instantaneous frequency reduction on cracked concrete railway bridges under high-speed train passage
  183. Bayesian tensorized neural networks with automatic rank selection
  184. Parallel Bayesian Optimization of Multiple Noisy Objectives with Expected Hypervolume Improvement
  185. ML-Based Analysis of Particle Distributions in High-Intensity Laser Experiments: Role of Binning Strategy
  186. On the Effects of Quantisation on Model Uncertainty in Bayesian Neural Networks
  187. Radar Jamming Effect Analysis Based on Bayesian Inference Network with Adaptive Clustering
  188. COBALT: COnstrained Bayesian optimizAtion of computationaLly expensive grey-box models exploiting derivaTive information
  189. Computationally Efficient Bayesian Optimization for Multi-objective Industrial Applications
  190. Energetic upscaling strategy for grain growth. II: Probabilistic macroscopic model identified by Bayesian techniques
  191. Robust and Fast Super-Resolution SAR Tomography of Forests Based on Covariance Vector Sparse Bayesian Learning
  192. Teaching data science and Bayesian statistics for physical sciences
  193. Robust Bayesian joint inversion of gravimetric and muographic data for the density imaging of the Puy de Dôme volcano (France)
  194. A review on COVID-19 forecasting models
  195. Bayesian negative binomial logit hurdle and zero-inflated model for characterizing smoking intensity
  196. Bayesian analysis of heavy ion collisions with the heavy ion computational framework Trajectum
  197. A review of hydrologic signatures and their applications
  198. Fine-Tuning the Odds in Bayesian Networks
  200. A Decision-Tree-Based Bayesian Approach for Chance-Constrained Health Prevention Budget Rationing
  201. Robust and Fast Super-Resolution SAR Tomography of Forests Based on Covariance Vector Sparse Bayesian Learning
  202. Teaching data science and Bayesian statistics for physical sciences
  203. Robust Bayesian joint inversion of gravimetric and muographic data for the density imaging of the Puy de Dôme volcano (France)
  204. A review on COVID-19 forecasting models
  205. Bayesian negative binomial logit hurdle and zero-inflated model for characterizing smoking intensity
  206. Bayesian analysis of heavy ion collisions with the heavy ion computational framework Trajectum
  207. A review of hydrologic signatures and their applications
  208. Fine-Tuning the Odds in Bayesian Networks
  210. A Decision-Tree-Based Bayesian Approach for Chance-Constrained Health Prevention Budget Rationing
  211. Cycles of trans-Arctic dispersal and vicariance, and diversification of the amphi-boreal marine fauna
  212. Design of Trustworthy Cyber-Physical-Social Systems With Discrete Bayesian Optimization
  213. The initial properties of young star clusters in M83
  214. A co-culture microplate for real-time measurement of microbial interactions
  215. Bayesian testing of scientific expectations under multivariate normal linear models
  216. Bias-Robust Bayesian Optimization via Dueling Bandit
  217. A Metropolized adaptive subspace algorithm for high-dimensional Bayesian variable selection
  218. An automatic robust Bayesian approach to principal component regression
  219. Lookahead Acquisition Functions for Finite-Horizon Time-Dependent Bayesian Optimization and Application to Quantum Optimal Control
  220. A Bayesian Factor Model for Spatial Panel Data with a Separable Covariance Approach
  221. Automatic tempered posterior distributions for Bayesian inversion problems
  222. Modelling Animal-Vehicle Collision Counts across Large Networks Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model with Time-Varying Parameters
  223. Shallow Bayesian Meta Learning for Real-World Few-Shot Recognition
  224. Bayesian networks: with examples in R
  225. Performance-driven cascade controller tuning with Bayesian optimization
  226. A Latent Variable Model for Relational Events with Multiple Receivers
  227. Bayesian Estimation Based on Sequential Order Statistics for Heterogeneous Baseline Gompertz Distributions
  228. The Generalized Bayes Method for High-Dimensional Data Recognition with Applications to Audio Signal Recognition
  229. Inferences for Weibull Fréchet Distribution Using a Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Methods on Gastric Cancer Survival Times
  230. Distributed Bayesian Inference in Linear Mixed-Effects Models
  231. Bayesian Experimental Design of Cyber-Physical Tests for Hydrodynamic Model Calibration
  232. Bayesian tests for circular uniformity
  233. Bayesian optimization for estimating the maximum tolerated dose in Phase I clinical trials
  234. Bayesian Fusion: Scalable unification of distributed statistical analyses
  235. Bayesian inference based learning automaton scheme in Q-model environments
  236. Bayesian inference for big spatial data using non-stationary spectral simulation
  237. Marginalised Spectral Mixture Kernels with Nested Sampling
  238. Bayesian Damage Recognition in Document Images Based on a Joint Global and Local Homogeneity Model
  239. Bayesian Multiple Index Models for Environmental Mixtures
  240. Deep compositional spatial models
  241. Bayesian Multiple Index Models for Environmental Mixtures
  242. Deep compositional spatial models
  243. A model for port throughput forecasting using Bayesian estimation
  244. Bayesian matrix completion with a spectral scaled Student prior: theoretical guarantee and efficient sampling
  245. Bayesian AGN Decomposition Analysis for SDSS spectra: a correlation analysis of [O iii] ?5007 outflow kinematics with AGN and host galaxy properties
  246. State estimation of CPSs with deception attacks: Stability analysis and approximate computation
  247. Bayesian latent variable model for the analysis of the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
  248. On Default Priors for Robust Bayesian Estimation with Divergences
  249. An autonomous computation offloading strategy in Mobile Edge Computing: A deep learning-based hybrid approach
  250. An Extended Lindley Distribution with Application to Lifetime Data with Bayesian Estimation
  251. State estimation of CPSs with deception attacks: Stability analysis and approximate computation
  252. Bayesian latent variable model for the analysis of the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
  253. On Default Priors for Robust Bayesian Estimation with Divergences
  254. An autonomous computation offloading strategy in Mobile Edge Computing: A deep learning-based hybrid approach
  255. An Extended Lindley Distribution with Application to Lifetime Data with Bayesian Estimation
  256. Bayesian metrology in metabolomics
  257. Bayesian inference on M/M/1 queue under asymmetric loss function using Markov Chain Monte Carlo method
  258. Novel Deep neural networks for solving Bayesian statistical inverse
  259. The use of local and nonlocal priors in Bayesian test-based monitoring for single-arm phase II clinical trials
  260. Predicting regional COVID-19 hospital admissions in Sweden using mobility data
  261. Predicting regional COVID-19 hospital admissions in Sweden using mobility data
  262. Making inference of British household’s happiness efficiency: A Bayesian latent model
  263. Conjunction Time and Collision Probability Calculation Based on Bayesian Optimization
  264. Multi-Task Bayesian compressive sensing exploiting signal structures
  265. Shut and re-open: the role of schools in the spread of COVID-19 in Europe
  266. BETS: The dangers of selection bias in early analyses of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic
  267. Implementing Adaptive Quadrature for Bayesian Inference: the aghq Package
  268. Abstraction and Symbolic Execution of Deep Neural Networks with Bayesian Approximation of Hidden Features
  269. Bayesian Monitoring of Seismo-Volcanic Dynamics
  270. Implementing version control with Git and GitHub as a learning objective in statistics and data science courses
  271. Using Bayesian statistics to detect trends in Alaskan precipitation
  272. Bayesian model identification of higher-order frequency response functions for structures assembled by bolted joints
  273. Fokker–Planck Particle Systems for Bayesian Inference: Computational Approaches
  274. A practical analysis of sample complexity for structure learning of discrete dynamic Bayesian networks
  275. Probabilistic morphisms and Bayesian nonparametrics
  276. A Bayesian cohort component projection model to estimate adult populations at the subnational level in data-sparse settings
  278. Bayesian adversarial multi-node bandit for optimal smart grid protection against cyber attacks
  279. Incorporating K-mers Highly Correlated to Epigenetic Modifications for Bayesian Inference of Gene Interactions
  280. Bayesian zero-inflated regression model with application to under-five child mortality
  281. Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) management using Bayesian inference
  282. A review of uncertainty quantification in deep learning: Techniques, applications and challenges
  283. Gaia Early Data Release 3-Structure and properties of the Magellanic Clouds
  284. A New Knowledge Gradient-based Method for Constrained Bayesian Optimization
  285. On the design of Bayesian principled algorithms for imbalanced classification
  286. Parameter Estimation of Generalized Inverted Exponential Distribution via Bayesian Approach
  287. Inference from Non-Random Samples Using Bayesian Machine Learning
  288. Bayesian degradation modelling for spare parts inventory management
  289. A New Framework for Inference on Markov Population Models
  290. Bayesian Learning of Thermodynamic Integration and Numerical Convergence for Accurate Phase Diagrams
  291. Deep Interactive Bayesian Reinforcement Learning via Meta-Learning
  292. Bayesian analysis of Juno/JIRAM’s NIR observations of Europa
  293. A Bayesian neural network predicts the dissolution of compact planetary systems
  294. Bayesian non-linear quantile effects on modelling realized kernels
  295. An Approach to Bayesian Optimization for Design Feasibility Check on Discontinuous Black-Box Functions
  296. Bayesian hierarchical modeling of operating room times for surgeries with few or no historic data
  297. Constraining the primordial black hole scenario with Bayesian inference and machine learning: the GWTC-2 gravitational wave catalog
  298. Bayesian network based general correspondence retrieval method for depth sensing with single-shot structured light
  299. A Bayesian semiparametric vector Multiplicative Error Model
  300. Imprecise global sensitivity analysis using bayesian multimodel inference and importance sampling
  301. Scalable Bayesian inference for self-excitatory stochastic processes applied to big American gunfire data
  302. Semiparametric Bayesian Inference for Local Extrema of Functions in the Presence of Noise
  303. Predictive 3D Sonar Mapping of Underwater Environments via Object-specific Bayesian Inference
  304. Hierarchical Bayesian modelling of disease progression to inform clinical trial design in centronuclear myopathy
  305. The acoustic inverse problem in the framework of alternating direction method of multipliers
  306. Patterns of de novo tandem repeat mutations and their role in autism
  307. Channel estimation using variational Bayesian learning for multi-user mmWave MIMO systems
  308. Bayesian Spatiotemporal Modeling on Complex-Valued fMRI Signals via Kernel Convolutions
  309. Reinforcement learning and Bayesian data assimilation for model-informed precision dosing in oncology
  310. Automatic tuning of hyperparameters using Bayesian optimization
  311. Likelihoods and parameter priors for Bayesian networks
  312. Numeral terms and the predictive potential of Bayesian updating1
  313. Variational Bayesian Methods for Inferring Spatial Statistics and Nonlinear Dynamics
  314. and Jesper Møller: Bayesian Analysis of Markov Point Processes
  315. Probabilistic Framework with Bayesian Optimization for Predicting Typhoon-Induced Dynamic Responses of a Long-Span Bridge
  317. … Diagnosis Scheme for Distinguishing Between Benign and Malignant Masses on Breast DCE-MRI Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network with Bayesian …
  318. Modeling crash severity by considering risk indicators of driver and roadway: a Bayesian network approach
  319. Estimation of partially occluded 2D human joints with a Bayesian approach
  320. Fast exact Bayesian inference for sparse signals in the normal sequence model
  321. Shotgun: A Bayesian seamless phase I-II design to accelerate the development of targeted therapies and immunotherapy
  322. A Bayesian approach to the mean flow in a channel with small but arbitrarily directional system rotation
  323. Bayesian calibration of the mixing length parameter aML and of the helium-to-metal enrichment ratio ?Y/?Z with open clusters: the Hyades test-bed
  324. Cost-Sensitive Variable Selection for Multi-Class Imbalanced Datasets Using Bayesian Networks
  325. BAYES-LOSVD: A Bayesian framework for non-parametric extraction of the line-of-sight velocity distribution of galaxies
  326. Photovoltaic Power Forecasting Using Recurrent Neural Network Based On Bayesian Regularization Algorithm
  327. Reliability assessment of engine electronic controllers based on Bayesian deep learning and cloud computing
  328. A Bayesian Approach to Estimating Reciprocal Effects with the Bivariate STARTS Model using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
  329. Refugia within refugium of Geranium yesoense (Geraniaceae) in Japan were driven by recolonization into the southern interglacial refugium
  330. Bayesian inference, model selection and likelihood estimation using fast rejection sampling: the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution
  331. Understanding rating movements in euro area countries
  332. A simplified method for holistic value of information computation for informed structural integrity management under uncertainty
  333. A Bayesian level set method for an inverse medium scattering problem in acoustics
  334. Subspecies divergence and pronounced phylogenetic incongruence in the East-Asia-endemic shrub Magnolia sieboldii
  335. Robust Bayesian inference in proxy SVARs
  336. Bayesian inference of a multivariate model in a phase change situation around a cylinder in staggered arrangement
  337. Origins of modern human ancestry
  338. Bayesian Calibration of Expensive Computer Experiments
  339. Application of Bayesian network and artificial intelligence to reduce accident/incident rates in oil & gas companies
  340. Identification, Mitigation, and Adaptation to Salinization on Working Lands in the US Southeast
  341. Introduction to Population Genomics Methods
  342. Efficient and accurate structural fusion of Bayesian networks
  343. Uncertainty quantification of percolating electrical conductance for wavy carbon nanotube-filled polymer nanocomposites using Bayesian inference
  344. Dropconnect is effective in modeling uncertainty of bayesian deep networks
  345. Sequential sparse Bayesian learning with applications to system identification for damage assessment and recursive reconstruction of image sequences
  346. A Critical Evaluation of the FBST ev for Bayesian Hypothesis Testing
  347. Online remaining-useful-life estimation with a Bayesian-updated expectation-conditional-maximization algorithm and a modified Bayesian-model-averaging method
  348. Expert opinion as priors for random effects in Bayesian prediction models: Subclinical ketosis in dairy cows as an example
  349. Bayesian Learning and Model Class Selection for Complex Dynamic Systems
  350. Empirical Decision Rules for Improving the Uncertainty Reporting of Small Sample System Usability Scale Scores
  351. How to Interpret Belief Hierarchies in Bayesian Game Theory: A Dilemma for the Epistemic Program
  352. Conceptual Bayesian networks for contaminated site ecological risk assessment and remediation support
  353. Bayesian Surrogate Analysis and Uncertainty Propagation with Explicit Surrogate Uncertainties and Implicit Spatio-temporal Correlations
  354. Design of Optimal Bayesian Reliability Test Plans for a Parallel System Based on Type-II Censoring
  355. Posterior contraction in sparse generalized linear models
  356. Greed is good: Exploration and exploitation trade-offs in Bayesian optimisation
  357. Hybrid Random Networks Mixing Preferential Attachment with Uniform Attachment Mechanisms
  358. Can we trust Bayesian uncertainty quantification from Gaussian process priors with squared exponential covariance kernel?
  359. How influential factors affect aviation networks: A Bayesian network analysis
  360. A Comprehensive Survey on Effective Spectrum Sensing in 5G Wireless Networks through Cognitive Radio Networks
  361. A Constrained Semi-parametric Gaussian Process Using Bayesian-Entropy Regression
  362. Sparse Bayesian mass-mapping with uncertainties: Full sky observations on the celestial sphere
  363. Computation of time probability distributions for the occurrence of uncertain future events
  364. How to extend Elo: a Bayesian perspective
  365. Simplified Analysis of Incomplete Data on Risk
  366. Computation of Photoacoustic Absorber Size from Deconvolved Photoacoustic Signal Using Estimated System Impulse Response
  367. Bayesian Update with Importance Sampling: Required Sample Size
  368. STA 640—Causal Inference
  369. Bayesian Monte Carlo Simulation–Driven Approach for Construction Schedule Risk Inference
  370. Dimensionality Reduction for Multi-Fidelity Gaussian Processes using Bayesian Adaptation
  371. Bayesian estimation of a competing risk model based on Weibull and exponential distributions under right censored data
  372. Bayesian hierarchical and measurement uncertainty model building for liquefaction triggering assessment
  373. Active learning Bayesian support vector regression model for global approximation
  374. Arithmetic operation signs elicit spatial associations: A confirmatory Bayesian analysis
  375. Rank-normalization, folding, and localization: An improved R for assessing convergence of MCMC
  376. Do school closures reduce community transmission of COVID-19? A systematic review of observational studies
  377. One-shot cluster-based approach for the detection of COVID–19 from chest X–ray images
  378. ASFGNN: Automated separated-federated graph neural network
  379. Functional Priors for Bayesian Neural Networks through Wasserstein Distance Minimization to Gaussian Processes
  380. Bayesian personalized ranking based on multiple-layer neighborhoods
  381. Integrative Learning for Population of Dynamic Networks with Covariates
  382. Bayesian Optimization
  383. Use of Bayesian Model Averaging to Estimate Model Uncertainty for Predicting Strain in a Four-Layered Flexible Pavement
  384. On the founder effect in COVID-19 outbreaks: how many infected travelers may have started them all?
  385. Bayesian Multivariate Mixed-Effects Location Scale Modeling of Longitudinal Relations among Affective Traits, States, and Physical Activity
  386. Learning optimal Bayesian prior probabilities from data
  387. Online estimation of DSGE models
  388. Objective Bayesian analysis for the differential entropy of the Weibull distribution
  389. Bayesian optimization of variable-size design space problems
  390. Bayesian probabilistic propagation of imprecise probabilities with large epistemic uncertainty
  391. Retrospective Analysis and Bayesian Model Averaging of CMIP6 Precipitation in the Nile River Basin
  392. Modal Analysis of Beam Structures with Random Field Models at Multiple Scales
  393. Impact of different restoration methods on coastal wetland loss in Louisiana: Bayesian analysis
  394. Recent hybrid speciation at the origin of the narrow endemic Pulmonaria helvetica
  395. Fast hybrid tempered ensemble transform filter formulation for Bayesian elliptical problems via Sinkhorn approximation
  396. General framework for cosmological dark matter bounds using -body simulations
  397. Influence of data acquisition on the Bayesian calibration of urban building energy models
  398. Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification for Low-rank Matrix Completion
  399. A Bayesian approach for assessing the boundary between desirable and undesirable environmental status–An example from a coastal fish indicator in the …
  400. Application of probabilistic assessment for optimal prediction in active noise control algorithms

Research Topics Computer Science

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