Software Formal Methods Research Topics for MS PhD

Software Formal Methods Research Topic ideas for MS, or Ph.D. Degree

I am sharing with you some of the research topics regarding Software Formal Methods that you can choose for your research proposal for the thesis work of MS, or Ph.D. Degree.

  1. Seven more myths of formal methods
  2. Ten commandments of formal methods
  3. An invitation to formal methods
  4. Applications of formal methods
  5. OO-Method: an OO software production environment combining conventional and formal methods
  6. On the need for practical formal methods
  7. Software engineering and formal methods
  8. Formal methods: Practice and experience
  9. Applying formal methods to software testing
  10. Really rethinking’formal methods’
  11. Formal methods: State of the art and future directions
  12. Safety-critical systems, formal methods and standards
  13. Formal methods in industry: achievements, problems, future
  14. Formal methods application: An empirical tale of software development
  15. Seven myths of formal methods
  16. A formal methods approach to medical device review
  17. Why are formal methods not used more widely?
  18. Applying formal methods to a certifiably secure software system
  19. Application and benefits of formal methods in software development
  20. Formal methods in software product line engineering
  21. An international survey of industrial applications of formal methods
  22. On the use of formal methods in software development
  23. Formal methods: Theory becoming practice.
  24. Why engineers should consider formal methods
  25. New opportunities for integrated formal methods
  26. A tale of two paradigms: Formal methods and software testing
  27. Teaching of Formal Methods for Software Engineering.
  28. Teaching formal methods in the context of software engineering
  29. Formal methods to aid the evolution of software
  30. Integrating formal methods into medical software development: The ASM approach
  31. Using formal methods to enable more secure vehicles: DARPA’s HACMS program
  32. Intelligent systems and formal methods in software engineering
  33. Analyzing the effects of formal methods on the development of industrial control software
  34. Software Specification: A Comparison of Formal Methods
  35. Improving automation software dependability: A role for formal methods?
  36. Using formal methods to construct a software component library
  37. Software engineering with formal methods: The development of a storm surge barrier control system revisiting seven myths of formal methods
  38. Ten commandments of formal methods… ten years later
  39. An introduction to formal methods for the development of safety-critical applications
  40. Formal verification of critical aerospace software
  41. Software mythbusters explore formal methods
  42. Investigating the influence of formal methods
  43. A specifier’s introduction to formal methods
  44. A survey of formal methods in self-adaptive systems
  45. Formal methods in avionic software certification: the DO-178C perspective
  46. Industrial-strength formal methods in practice
  47. Limits of formal methods
  48. ASD case notes: Costs and benefits of applying formal methods to industrial control software
  49. Evidence arguments for using formal methods in software certification
  50. An introduction to formal specification and Z
  51. Formal development of reactive systems: case study production cell
  52. A systematic literature review of the use of formal methods in medical software systems
  53. Seven more myths of formal methods: Dispelling industrial prejudices
  54. Experiences in applying formal methods to the analysis of software and system requirements
  55. Towards formal methods and software engineering for deep learning: security, safety and productivity for dl systems development
  56. Formal methods in testing software architectures
  57. Formal Methods and Testing: An Outcome of the FORTEST Network. Revised Selected Papers
  58. A survey on formal methods using in software development
  59. The HACMS program: using formal methods to eliminate exploitable bugs
  60. The natural history of bugs: Using formal methods to analyse software related failures in space missions
  61. Acceptance of formal methods: Lessons from hardware design
  62. Lightweight formal methods
  63. Using formal methods to derive test frames in category-partition testing
  64. Comments on” Formal methods application: an empirical tale of software development”
  65. Overview of formal methods
  66. Formal methods: State of the art and new directions
  67. Formal modeling and verification of safety-critical software
  68. Formal methods in industrial software standards enforcement
  69. Formal methods for component software: The refinement calculus perspective
  70. Formal methods and software safety
  71. Research of agile software development based on formal methods
  72. Formal methods case studies for DO-333
  73. Integration of formal analysis into a model-based software development process
  74. Formal methods for transport systems
  75. Understanding link fabrication attack in software defined network using formal methods
  76. Enriching the software development process by formal methods
  77. Twenty-five years of formal methods and railways: what next?
  78. Formal methods and their role in the certification of critical systems
  79. The role of formal methods in software engineering education and industry
  80. Formal methods in safety-critical standards
  81. One-click formal methods
  82. Robotics and integrated formal methods: Necessity meets opportunity
  83. Human factors of formal methods
  84. Formal methods: Benefits, challenges and future direction
  85. Formal methods for integration of automotive software
  86. Whatever happened to formal methods for security?
  87. The application of formal methods to the assessment of high integrity software
  88. Formal Methods for Software Architectures: Third International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems …
  89. Making formal methods education effective for professional software engineers
  90. Experience with formal methods in critical systems
  91. An empirical research agenda for understanding formal methods productivity
  92. Applying formal methods in automated software development
  93. Topcased combining formal methods with model-driven engineering
  94. Formal methods based development of a PCA infusion pump reference model: Generic infusion pump (GIP) project
  95. Formal methods and digital systems validation for airborne systems
  96. Formal methods for safety critical system specification
  97. Introducing formal methods into industry using Cleanroom and CSP
  98. Teaching formal methods: Lessons to learn
  99. The practice of formal methods in safety-critical systems
  100. Specification slicing in formal methods of software development
  101. Experiences using lightweight formal methods for requirements modeling
  102. Formal methods as a link between software code and legal rules
  103. Formal methods in PLC programming
  104. Formal methods: Use and relevance for the development of safety-critical systems
  105. Model-based development and formal methods in the railway industry
  106. The way of Z: practical programming with formal methods
  107. Automatic testing with formal methods
  108. FORTEST: Formal methods and testing
  109. Software Abstractions: logic, language, and analysis
  110. Formal methods for protocol testing: A detailed study
  111. Realising the Benefits of Formal Methods.
  112. Continuous reasoning: Scaling the impact of formal methods
  113. Formal methods and the certification of critical systems
  114. The industrial use of formal methods
  115. Academia and industry meet: Some experiences of formal methods in practice
  116. How did software get so reliable without proof?
  117. Cooperation of formal methods in an engineering based software development process
  118. Application of lightweight formal methods to software security
  119. Formal verification of avionics software products
  120. Abstract interpretation based formal methods and future challenges
  121. A lightweight approach to formal methods
  122. Response to” Comments on’Formal methods application: an empirical tale of software development”‘
  123. Benefits and problems of formal methods
  124. Practitioners’ views on the use of formal methods: an industrial survey by structured interview
  125. On the role of formal methods in software certification: An experience report
  126. Practically applicable formal methods
  127. Formal methods applied to complex systems: implementation of the B method
  128. Formal methods and critical systems in the real world
  129. Challenges in the utilization of formal methods
  130. Teaching and learning formal methods
  131. The role of formal methods in achieving dependable software
  132. Formal verification methods
  133. Formal methods in agent-oriented software engineering
  134. Formal methods and social context in software development
  135. Cost effective uses of formal methods in verification and validation
  136. Testing or formal verification: Do-178c alternatives and industrial experience
  137. Empirical results of a software engineering curriculum incorporating formal methods
  138. Lessons learned in game development for crowdsourced software formal verification
  139. Realising the benefits of formal methods
  140. On the relevance of formal methods to software development
  141. An overview of formal methods tools and techniques
  142. Formal methods in safety-critical railway systems
  143. Software development based on formal methods
  144. Combining SysML and formal methods for safety requirements verification
  145. Toward a wider use of formal methods for aerospace systems design and verification
  146. Formal methods for aerospace applications
  147. Quality, cleanroom and formal methods
  148. SOFL: A formal engineering methodology for industrial applications
  149. Understanding formal methods
  150. Formal methods for software testing
  151. The use of industrial-strength formal methods
  152. Formal methods for specifying, validating, and verifying requirements.
  153. The affordable application of formal methods to software engineering
  154. Teaching formal methods for the unconquered territory
  155. Power and limitations of formal methods for software fabrication
  156. Technology transfer issues for formal methods of software specification
  157. Formal methods for life-critical software
  158. Formal methods into practice: case studies in the application of the B method
  159. Evaluating context descriptions and property definition patterns for software formal validation
  160. A formal approach to constructing secure air vehicle software
  161. Guest Editor’s Introduction: Applications of Formal Methods-Developing Virtuoso Software
  162. Formal methods for the validation of automotive product configuration data
  163. SLAM and Static Driver Verifier: Technology transfer of formal methods inside Microsoft
  164. Formal engineering for industrial software development: Using the SOFL method
  165. Industrial practice in formal methods: A review
  166. Formal methods reality check: Industrial usage
  167. Formal methods for discrete-time dynamical systems
  168. Formal methods in requirements phase of SDLC
  169. Guest editor’s introduction: formal methods in software engineering
  170. Evaluating the suitability of state‐based formal methods for industrial deployment
  171. Using formal methods to reason about architectural standards
  172. Enabling continuous integration in a formal methods setting
  173. Experience report: Using formal methods for requirements analysis of critical spacecraft software
  174. Formal methods in the aerospace industry: follow the money
  175. Formal methods in software development: A road less travelled
  176. Software technology—formal methods and scientific foundations
  177. Software engineering and formal methods: SEFM 2019 special section
  178. Integrating formal methods in XP—A conceptual solution
  179. How Amazon web services uses formal methods
  180. Formal methods and testing: why the state-of-the art is not the state-of-the practice
  181. Formal Methods for Performance Evaluation: 7th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication, and Software Systems …
  182. Formal methods for the specification and design of real-time safety critical systems
  183. Limitations of formal methods and an approach to improvement
  184. Lessons learned from a successful implementation of formal methods in an industrial project
  185. Modeling NASA swarm-based systems: using agent-oriented software engineering and formal methods
  186. Applying formal software engineering techniques to smart grids
  187. Formal methods in communication protocol design
  188. The KeY system: Integrating object-oriented design and formal methods
  189. Formal methods: Promises and problems
  190. Secret ninja formal methods
  191. Teaching formal methods in context
  192. Applying Practical Formal Methods to the Specification and Analysis of Security Properties
  193. Novel developments in formal methods for human factors engineering
  194. Developing tools for formal methods
  195. Applying formal methods to networking: theory, techniques, and applications
  196. Formal methods for robotic system control software
  197. The KORSO case study for software engineering with formal methods: A medical information system
  198. Specification, detection, and treatment of STRIDE threats for software components: Modeling, formal methods, and tool support
  199. Twenty years of formal methods
  200. Formal methods for legacy systems
  201. Education in formal methods for software engineering
  202. Formal methods in describing architectures
  203. Ten commandments revisited: a ten-year perspective on the industrial application of formal methods
  204. Formal methods and object technology
  205. Formal Methods.
  206. Integrating formal methods into a professional master of software engineering program
  207. Study on the barriers to the industrial adoption of formal methods
  208. Formal methods for verification and validation of partial specifications: A case study
  209. Using formal methods to develop an ATC information system
  210. Experiences with the application of discrete formal methods to the development of engine control software
  211. Adopting formal methods in an industrial setting: the railways case
  212. The meaning of “formal”: from weak to strong formal methods
  213. The mystery of formal methods disuse
  214. Formal methods technology transfer: Impediments and innovation
  215. Formal Methods for Computational Systems Biology: 8th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication, and Software …
  216. Towards classification of lightweight formal methods
  217. Formal techniques in the safety analysis of software components of a new dialysis machine
  218. Applying formal methods to the analysis of a key management protocol
  219. Formal Methods in Collaborative Projects.
  220. Spacecraft early design validation using formal methods
  221. Integrating formal methods into the development process
  222. What top-level software engineers tackle after learning formal methods: Experiences from the top se project
  223. On the industrial uptake of formal methods in the railway domain
  224. Formal methods—support or scientific decoration in software development?
  225. Selective integration of formal methods in the development of electronic control units
  226. An industrial case: Pitfalls and benefits of applying formal methods to the development of a network-centric rtos
  227. Esterel: A formal method applied to avionic software development
  228. Formal methods integration in software engineering
  229. Formal methods for specification and analysis of communication protocols
  230. Formal methods in the railways signalling industry
  231. Formal methods and safety certification: challenges in the railways domain
  232. Formal methods and finite element analysis of hurricane storm surge: A case study in software verification
  233. Using formal methods and agent-oriented software engineering for modeling NASA swarm-based systems
  234. Trustable formal specification for software certification
  235. Formal methods for the certification of autonomous unmanned aircraft systems
  236. Software engineering standards: The ‘formal methods debate’in the UK
  237. Software/hardware engineering with the parallel object-oriented specification language
  238. Pinnacles of software engineering: 25 years of formal methods
  239. Mural: a formal development support system
  240. Integrating formal methods by unifying abstractions
  241. Ransomware steals your phone. formal methods rescue it
  242. Unmanned aircraft systems in the national airspace system: a formal methods perspective
  243. Are Formal Methods Ready for Agility? A Reality Check.
  244. Using formal methods to model hybrid manufacturing processes
  245. Formal Methods for Hardware Verification: 6th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication, and Software Systems …
  246. Formal methods versus software engineering: Is there a conflict
  247. A formal methods approach to the analysis of mode confusion
  248. Software engineering with formal methods: Experiences with the development of a storm surge barrier control system
  249. Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation: Discussion, Dissemination, Applications: 7th International Symposium, ISoLA 2016 …
  250. Formal methods: industrial use from model to the code
  251. Formal versus agile: Survival of the fittest
  252. Liability issues in software engineering: the use of formal methods to reduce legal uncertainties
  253. Developing safety-critical systems: the role of formal methods and tools
  254. Verification of reactive systems: formal methods and algorithms
  255. Software tools to support formal methods.
  256. Formal methods for interactive systems
  257. Specification of e-Health system using Z: A motivation to formal methods
  258. On the heroism of really pursuing formal methods
  259. Formal methods in the production and assessment of safety critical software
  260. Modern formal methods and applications
  261. Observations on industrial practice using formal methods
  262. The role of formal methods in software development for railway applications
  263. Formal methods: the very idea: Some thoughts about why they work when they work
  264. Formal methods in the development of safety critical software systems
  265. Formal methods versus engineering
  266. Scrum goes formal: Agile methods for safety-critical systems
  267. π-method: a model-driven formal method for architecture-centric software engineering
  268. Improving Software Requirements through Formal Methods: A Review
  269. Report on the NSF workshop on formal methods for security
  270. Formal verification of safety PLC based control software
  271. Managerial issues for the consideration and use of formal methods
  272. Indirect use of formal methods in software engineering
  273. Formal methods in human-computer interaction
  274. Formal methods light
  275. Why software fails [software failure]
  276. An overview of some formal methods for program design
  277. Formal methods for embedded distributed systems: how to master the complexity
  278. Clone detection in model-based development using formal methods to enhance performance in software development
  279. Formal software development
  280. Model checking of safety-critical software in the nuclear engineering domain
  281. Formal techniques for effective co-verification of hardware/software co-designs
  282. Experiences in the industrial use of formal methods
  283. Applying formal specification in industry
  284. Mathematical notation in formal specification: Too difficult for the masses?
  285. What are formal methods?
  286. Towards formal methods diversity in railways: an experience report with seven frameworks
  287. Formal Methods in Computer Science
  288. Introduction to the special issue on software architecture
  289. PAR: A Practicable Formal Method and Its Supporting Platform
  290. Design of formal languages and interfaces:“formal” does not mean “unreadable”
  291. Stochastic formal methods: an application to accuracy of numeric software
  292. Introduction to formal methods
  293. Epistemology, software engineering and formal methods
  294. Software Engineering and Formal Methods: SEFM 2014 Collocated Workshops: HOFM, SAFOME, OpenCert, MoKMaSD, WS-FMDS, Grenoble, France …
  295. Lightweight formal methods for scenario-based software engineering
  296. Formal Methods and Software Engineering: 12th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2010, Shanghai, China, November 17-19 …
  297. Incorporating Formal Methods in the Open Source Software Development Process
  298. Formal specification and documentation using Z: A case study approach
  299. Some trends in formal methods applications to railway signaling
  300. Proof patterns for formal methods
  301. The role of formal methods in software procurement for the railway transportation industry
  302. Experiments with formal methods in software engineering.
  303. … Methods for Eternal Networked Software Systems: 11th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software …
  304. Talos: no more ransomware victims with formal methods
  305. Formal methods for the railway sector
  306. Formal and informal software specifications
  307. Formal verification of the AAMP5 microprocessor: A case study in the industrial use of formal methods
  308. Survey on formal methods and tools in railways: the ASTRail approach
  309. Formal Development of a Network-Centric RTOS: software engineering for reliable embedded systems
  310. Quantitative models for reverse logistics
  311. Software Engineering and Formal Methods: 9th International Conference, SEFM 2011, Montevideo, Uruguay, November 14-18, 2011, Proceedings
  312. Generating supportive hypotheses in introducing formal methods using a software processes improvement model
  313. The usage of formal methods in Quran search system
  314. Incremental formal methods based design approach demonstrated on a coupled tanks control system
  315. Industrial use of formal methods: formal verification
  316. Guidance for using formal methods in a certification context
  317. A case study in software safety assurance using formal methods
  318. Verification and validation of behavior models using lightweight formal methods
  319. An introduction to software architecture
  320. Formal methods and software development
  321. Formal verification of automotive embedded software
  322. Teaching formal methods and discrete mathematics
  323. Getting the best from formal methods
  324. Formal methods applied to a floating-point number system
  325. Recommendations for improving the usability of formal methods for product lines
  326. An integrating approach for developing distributed software systems-combining formal methods, software reuse, and the experience base
  327. Integrated Formal Methods: Second International Conference, IFM 2000, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, November 1-3, 2000 Proceedings
  328. Cyber-physical systems design: formal foundations, methods and integrated tool chains
  329. Formal Methods and Software Engineering: 17th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2015, Paris, France, November 3-5, 2015 …
  330. Support for teaching formal methods
  331. Engineering CASE tools to support formal methods for real-time software development
  332. Formal verification of SystemC by automatic hardware/software partitioning
  333. Formal methods applied to high‐performance computing software design: a case study of MPI one‐sided communication‐based locking
  334. Formal methods in software product lines: concepts, survey, and guidelines
  335. Formal methods for railway control systems
  336. Formal software verification: Model checking and theorem proving
  337. A grand challenge proposal for formal methods: A verified stack
  338. “Formal methods” technology transfer will fail
  339. Formal methods in software development requirements for a CASE
  340. 40 years of formal methods
  341. Safety patterns—the key to formal specification of safety requirements
  342. Applied formal methods for hardware Trojan detection
  343. Formal methods for software engineers: Tradeoffs in curriculum design
  344. Validating voice communication requirements using lightweight formal methods
  345. Using formal methods to support testing
  346. Safe reinforcement learning via formal methods: Toward safe control through proof and learning
  347. Formal Methods in Software and Systems Modeling: Essays Dedicated to Hartmut Ehrig on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday
  348. Applying formal specifications to real-world software development
  349. Software development with Z: a practical approach to formal methods in software engineering
  350. A story about formal methods adoption by a railway signaling manufacturer
  351. Download malware? no, thanks: how formal methods can block update attacks
  352. Formal methods@ runtime
  353. Formal methods for aerospace systems
  354. Formal Methods in the Development of Safety-Critical Knowledge-Based Components
  355. From formal models to formal methods
  356. Incorporating formal methods and measures obtained through analysis, simulation testing for dependable self-adaptive software in avionics systems
  357. Formal methods software engineering for the CARA system
  358. Formal methods: a practical tool for OS implementors
  359. Formal Methods for the Design of Real-Time Systems: International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication, and Software …
  360. Formal methods meet mobile code obfuscation identification of code reordering technique
  361. Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification, and Validation: 4th International Symposium on Leveraging Applications, ISoLA 2010, Heraklion …
  362. Formal methods: mathematics, computer science or software engineering?
  363. A survey: Applying formal methods to a software intensive system
  364. Information flow in operating systems: Eager formal methods
  365. Formal methods: Point-counterpoint
  366. When formal systems kill: Computer ethics and formal methods
  367. Assessing the practical benefits of formal methods for software development
  368. Formal Methods and Software Engineering: 10th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods ICFEM 2008, Kitakyushu-City, Japan, October 27 …
  369. Integrated virtual preparation and commissioning: supporting formal methods during automation systems development
  370. Formal Methods for Components and Objects: 5th International Symposium, FMCO 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 7-10, 2006, Revised Lectures
  371. Selling formal methods to industry
  372. Overview of the ptolemy project
  373. Multidisciplinary design optimisation-some formal methods, framework requirements, and application to vehicle design
  374. From formal techniques to well-founded software development methods
  375. Application of formal methods to biological regulatory networks: extending Thomas’ asynchronous logical approach with temporal logic
  376. Formal methods for components and objects
  377. Formal methods and testing: Hypotheses, and correctness approximations
  378. The state-of-the-art in formal methods
  379. Formal methods for developing high assurance computer systems: Working group report
  380. Applications of formal methods to specification and safety of avionics software
  381. Formal methods and models for system design: a system level perspective
  382. Mechanized formal methods: progress and prospects
  383. Verification of decision making software in an autonomous vehicle: An industrial case study
  384. Adapting the personal software process (PSP) to formal methods
  385. Applying formal methods to specify security requirements in multi-agent systems
  386. Formal Methods Specification and Analysis Guidebook for the Verification of Software and Computer Systems Volume II: A Practitioner’s Companion
  387. Security and privacy of protocols and software with formal methods
  388. Integrating Software Safety and Product Line Engineering using Formal Methods: Challenges and Opportunities.
  389. Integrating formal methods with model-driven engineering
  390. Towards usage of formal methods within embedded systems co-design
  391. Formal methods in object oriented business modelling
  392. Experiences with formal engineering: Model-based specification, implementation and testing of a software bus at Neopost
  393. Formal methods for conformance testing: Theory can be practical
  394. HATS-a formal software product line engineering methodology
  395. Formal methods in Human-computer interaction
  396. Threat modeling using formal methods: A new approach to develop secure web applications
  397. Formal Methods and Software Engineering: 6th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2004, Seattle, WA, USA, November 8-12 …
  398. A formal approach for identifying assurance deficits in unmanned aerial vehicle software
  399. Applying formal methods to software reuse.
  400. A symbiotic relationship between formal methods and security
  401. A toolset for support of teaching formal software development
  402. An analysis of two formal methods: VDM and Z
  403. Formal specification languages in knowledge and software engineering
  404. Formal methods in LARGE-SCALE computing systems
  405. Specification: The biggest bottleneck in formal methods and autonomy
  406. Ten commandments of formal methods… Ten years on
  407. Integrating UML and formal methods
  408. Web service composition approaches: From industrial standards to formal methods
  409. Applying formal methods and object-oriented analysis to existing flight software
  410. The VerCors tool set: verification of parallel and concurrent software
  411. Effective formal methods education for professional software engineers
  412. Uml in action: Integrating formal methods in industrial design education
  413. Improving medical protocols by formal methods
  414. Software measurement and formal methods: a case study centered on TRIO+ Specifications
  415. Teaching formal methods for software engineering-ten principles
  416. Automated Formal Methods Enter the Mainstream.
  417. A survey on network verification and testing with formal methods: Approaches and challenges
  418. Using formal methods for teaching software engineering: a tool-based approach
  419. A tutorial introduction to formal methods
  420. The industrial take-up of formal methods in safety-critical and other areas: A perspective
  421. The handbook of formal methods in human-computer interaction
  422. Based on formal methods in trustable software requirements engineering
  423. A candid industrial evaluation of formal software verification using model checking
  424. Best of both worlds [formal and semi-formal software engineering]
  425. Combining formal methods and MDE techniques for model-driven system design and analysis
  426. The PERF approach for formal verification
  427. De novo reconstruction of gene regulatory networks from time series data, an approach based on formal methods
  428. Teaching formal methods: Lessons learnt from using event-B
  429. Applying a formal method in industry: a 25-year trajectory
  430. Strategies for incorporating formal specifications in software development
  431. Making formal methods more relevant to software engineering students via automated test generation
  432. A survey of formal methods for determining the centre of rotation of ball joints
  433. Formal methods based acceptance testing for AUTOSAR exchangeability
  434. “Boring formal methods” or “Sherlock Holmes deduction methods”?
  435. Introduction to formal methods of software design
  436. Formal Methods: Foundations and Applications: 13th Brazilian Symposium on Formal Methods, SBMF 2010, Natal, Brazil, November 8-11, 2010, Revised …
  437. A survey of static formal methods for building dependable industrial automation systems
  438. Experience report on developing the front-end client unit under the control of formal methods
  439. Wolf–bug hunter for concurrent software using formal methods
  440. Hyperprogramming: A formal approach to software environments
  441. A compositional model for the formal specification of user interface software
  442. Making formal methods practical
  443. New results and trends in formal techniques and tools for the development of software for transportation systems–a review
  444. The need for usable formal methods in verification and validation
  445. UML automatic verification tool with formal methods
  446. A course on formal methods in software engineering: Matching requirements with design
  447. VDM’91. Formal Software Development Methods. 4th International Symposium of VDM Europe, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, October 21-25, 1991 …
  448. Quantitative analysis of an application of formal methods
  449. Formal methods meet domain specific languages
  450. Rapid application of lightweight formal methods for consistency analyses
  451. Formal methods: A panacea or academic poppycock?
  452. Practical application of formal methods in modeling and simulation
  453. NASA Langley’s research and technology-transfer program in formal methods
  454. A survey of formal concept analysis support for software engineering activities
  455. Providing user-oriented support for software development by formal methods
  456. Formal analysis of the remote agent before and after flight
  457. A framework for using formal methods in object-oriented software development
  458. A survey of formal methods
  459. Formal methods in embedded design
  460. Introducing formal methods to software engineers through OMG’s CORBA environment and interface definition language
  461. Using analogy and formal methods for software reuse
  462. Stages in teaching formal methods
  463. Formal methods for component description, coordination and adaptation
  464. Formal methods for cryptographic protocol analysis: Emerging issues and trends
  465. How to select the suitable formal method for an industrial application: a survey
  466. Formal methods for performance evaluation
  467. A panacea or academic poppycock: Formal methods revisited
  468. Protocol conformance testing a SIP registrar: An industrial application of formal methods
  469. Formal software techniques for railway systems
  470. Whither Formal Methods: Some Thoughts on the Application of Formal Methods to the Problems of Software Engineering
  471. Formal methods for service composition
  472. Formal methods
  473. A rigorous approach to formal methods
  474. From a Community of Practice to a Body of Knowledge: A case study of the formal methods community
  475. Automatic Domain-Oriented Software Design using Formal Methods
  476. A formal specifications maturity model
  477. Formal methods for web security
  478. Software Engineering with Formal Methods: The Development of a Storm Surge Barrier Control System: Seven Myths of Formal Methods Revisited
  479. Formal methods in DAI: Logic-based representation and reasoning
  480. Using formal methods and testability concepts in the avionics systems validation and verification (v&v) process
  481. Computing with words in formal methods
  482. The role of abstract interpretation in formal methods
  483. Keys and Roles of Formal Methods Education for Industry: 10 Year Experience with Top SE Program.
  484. Formal modeling and verification of smart contracts
  485. Formal Methods and Software Maintenance Some Experience with the REFORM Project
  486. The Insufficiency of Formal Design Methods—The Necessity of an Experimental Approach-for the Understanding and Control of Complex MAS
  487. Formal methods for the re-engineering of computing systems: a comparison
  488. Application of formal methods to the railway signalling systems
  489. Introduction to algebraic specification. Part 1: Formal methods for software development
  490. Formal methods and their role in developing safe systems
  491. Invited talk: Weaving formal methods into the undergraduate computer science curriculum
  492. Combining formal methods and functional strategies regarding the reverse engineering of interactive applications
  493. Can formal methods improve the efficiency of code reviews?
  494. Formal analysis and design for engineering security automated derivation of formal software security specifications from goal-oriented security requirements
  495. Formal methods for networks on chips
  496. Protocure: supporting the development of medical protocols through formal methods
  497. Formal Methods: Oversold? Underused? A Survey
  498. Formal methods
  499. A survey of formal methods courses in european higher education
  500. Safety analysis of a radio-based crossing control system using formal methods
  501. Formal methods for robotics: Robochart, robosim, and more
  502. Formal Methods for the Quantitative Evaluation of Collective Adaptive Systems: 16th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer …
  503. Formal methods for high-performance linear algebra libraries
  504. Experimental evaluation of verification and validation tools on martian rover software
  505. The role of formal methods in software development
  506. Formal methods integration for software development: some locks and outlines
  507. LaQuSo: using formal methods for analysis, verification and improvement of safety critical software
  508. A comparative study of formal methods for safety critical software in nuclear power plant
  509. Software bugs seen from an industrial perspective or can formal methods help on automotive software development?
  510. Formal foundations for software engineering methods
  511. A logic for the statistical model checking of dynamic software architectures
  512. Applying formal software synthesis
  513. Integrating formal methods into computer science curricula at a university of applied sciences
  514. Formal Methods for Developing Software Specifications: Paths to Wider Usage.
  515. Formal Methods: Why Should I Care? The Development of the T800 Transputer Floating− Point Unit
  516. Formal specification techniques
  517. Formal methods in development and testing of safety-critical systems: railway interlocking system
  518. BLESS: Formal specification and verification of behaviors for embedded systems with software
  519. State-based formal methods in scientific computation
  520. Formal Approaches to Software Testing: Third International Workshop on Formal Approaches to Testing of Software, FATES 2003, Montreal, Quebec, Canada …
  521. Formal engineering for industrial software development–an introduction to the SOFL specification language and method
  522. An undergraduate course in formal methods: “description is our business”
  523. A strategy and tool support to motivate the study of formal methods in undergraduate software design and modeling courses
  524. Verification of Air Data Computer Software using Formal Methods
  525. Experience with formal methods in protocol development
  526. Do you speak Z? Formal methods under the perspective of a cross-cultural adaptation problem
  527. Formal methods for design and verification of embedded control systems: application to an autonomous vehicle
  528. Extending standards with formal methods: Open document architecture
  529. Formal methods and modeling in context
  530. Formal methods going mainstream: costs, benefits, experiences
  531. Formal foundations for pragmatic software engineering methods
  532. Attitudes toward the teaching of formal methods of software development in the undergraduate computer science curriculum: a survey
  533. The use of formal methods in the analysis of trust (position paper)
  534. A survey of automated techniques for formal software verification
  535. Formal specification: a roadmap
  536. Concise guide to formal methods
  537. Formal methods and intelligent software engineering environments
  538. Formal synthesis and code generation of embedded real-time software
  539. Programming: the derivation of algorithms
  540. Formal Aspects of Component Software (FACS 2010 selected and extended papers)
  541. Working together: Formal methods and testing
  542. Industrial deployment of formal methods: Trends and challenges
  543. Application of formal methods to railway signalling—a case study
  544. Formal Methods for specifying and analyzing complex software systems
  545. Formal Methods for Web Services: 9th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems, SFM 2009 …
  546. Formal specifications in software maintenance: From code to Z++ and back again
  547. Introducing formal methods through rôle-playing
  548. Integrating formal methods with model-driven engineering
  549. Testing concurrent systems: A formal approach
  550. A two-phase approach to reverse engineering using formal methods
  551. Refactoring of legacy software using model learning and equivalence checking: an industrial experience report
  552. Embedding formal development in software engineering
  553. A formal approach to pre-market review for medical device software
  554. Proving the value of formal methods
  555. Formal Methods at the Crossroads. From Panacea to Foundational Support: 10th Anniversary Colloquium of UNU/IIST, the International Institute for Software …
  556. Using model checking to generate tests from requirements specifications
  557. Application of formal methods to the development of a software maintenance tool
  558. Formal System Verification
  559. UML-based design and formal analysis of a safety-critical railway control software module
  560. A survey of recent advances in SAT-based formal verification
  561. GRAPHIT-Graphical Support and Integration of Formal and Semi-Formal Methods for Software Specification and Development
  562. Formal Methods in Standards: A Report from the BCS Working Group
  563. Formal verification of hardware/software power management strategies
  564. Proof transformations for evolutionary formal software development
  565. HATS: highly adaptable and trustworthy software using formal methods
  566. Guest editorial: special issue on formal methods in control
  567. Formal methods at AT&T-an industrial usage report
  568. Overview of Formal Methods in Software Reengineering [J]
  569. Using Penelope to assess the correctness of NASA ada software: A demonstration of formal methods as a counterpart to testing
  570. Formal methods in designing critical cyber-physical systems
  571. The Rodin formal modelling tool
  572. Run-time assurance and formal methods analysis nonlinear system applied to nonlinear system control
  573. Formal methods for the masses
  574. Managing the introduction of formal methods
  575. An empirical study on teaching formal methods to millennials
  576. The UniForM workbench a universal development environment for formal methods
  577. HOLON/CADSE: integrating open software standards and formal methods to generate guideline-based decision support agents.
  578. The architecture of Specware, a formal software development system
  579. Industrial use of formal methods for a high-level security evaluation
  580. Formal Methods applied to Object-Oriented Programming
  581. Making Formal Methods popular through Automated Verification
  582. Specifications are necessarily informal or: Some more myths of formal methods
  583. Model checking programs
  584. Introduction to special section on formal methods in pervasive computing
  585. Combining formal methods and safety analysis–the ForMoSA approach
  586. Combining semi-formal and formal methods for the development of distributed reconfigurable control systems
  587. Security protocols over open networks and distributed systems: Formal methods for their analysis, design, and verification
  588. Isabelle/SACM: computer-assisted assurance cases with integrated formal methods
  589. Agent-oriented software engineering: The state of the art
  590. An experience teaching formal methods in discrete mathematics
  591. Formal methods in the classroom: The logic of real-time software design
  592. Formal methods pilot project
  593. Using formal methods with SysML in aerospace design and engineering
  594. Formal methods for generating protocol conformance test sequences
  595. BMotionWeb: A tool for rapid creation of formal prototypes
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  598. VSE: Formal methods meet industrial needs
  599. VSE: Controlling the complexity in formal software developments
  600. A personal view of Formal Methods
  601. An engineering approach to formal methods
  602. Working with formal methods
  603. A survey on software architecture analysis methods
  604. Reliable yet flexible software through formal model transformation (rule definition)
  605. VerifAI: A Toolkit for the Formal Design and Analysis of Artificial Intelligence-Based Systems
  606. A Formal Approach to Software Architecture.
  607. Formal description techniques and software engineering: some reflections after 2 decades of research
  608. The complete guide to software testing
  609. Software verification and system assurance
  610. Consistent integration of formal methods
  611. Formal methods reality check: Industrial usage
  612. Smart contracts and opportunities for formal methods
  613. Combining formal methods and aspects for specifying and enforcing architectural invariants
  614. Analysing industrial protocols with formal methods.
  615. Automated synthesis of crossbars for nanoscale computing using formal methods
  616. Virtual start–up of plants using formal methods
  617. Applying formal methods to an information security device: An experience report
  618. Formal Methods for V&V of partial specifications: An experience report
  619. Applying formal methods informally
  620. Dealing with faults during operations: beyond classical use of formal methods
  621. Comparing formal tools for system design: a judgment study
  622. Motivating study of formal methods in the classroom
  623. Using alloy in introductory courses of formal methods
  624. Improving formal methods’ tools usability
  625. Using Esterel and formal methods to increase the confidence in the functional validation of a commercial DSP
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  627. A survey of challenges for runtime verification from advanced application domains (beyond software)
  628. Formal methods for systems engineering behavior models
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  632. A survey of formal software development methods
  633. Some observations on formal methods of qualitative analysis
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  640. … of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation: Verification Principles: 9th International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, ISoLA …
  641. The use of formal methods for safety-critical systems
  642. Evidence-based software engineering
  643. A brief introduction to formal methods [hardware design]
  644. EMFtoCSP: A tool for the lightweight verification of EMF models
  645. Teaching formal methods with perfect developer
  646. Formal specifications of software design methods
  647. Formal Methods & Testing
  648. Specware: Formal support for composing software
  649. Formal fault tree semantics
  650. The State of the Art in Formal Methods: A Survey [J]
  651. Specification of an automatic manufacturing system: A case study in using integrated formal methods
  652. Formal methods for architecture model assessment in systems engineering
  653. AI meets Formal Software Development (Dagstuhl Seminar 12271)
  654. Finite state machine based formal methods in protocol conformance testing: from theory to implementation
  655. The embedded software of an electricity meter: An experience in using Formal Methods in an industrial project
  656. Using software specification methods for measurement instrument systems: Part 2: Formal methods
  657. Tools for formal specification, verification, and validation of requirements
  658. Will this be formal?
  659. Experience integrating a formal method into a software engineering course
  660. A formal method for building concurrent real-time software
  661. Feature-oriented description, formal methods, and DFC
  662. Towards an evolutionary formal software development
  663. Formal verification of static software models in MDE: A systematic review
  664. Formal methods for intelligent transportation systems
  665. An introduction to practical formal methods using temporal logic
  666. Using formal methods to mechanize category-partition testing
  667. Tutorial: Automated formal methods with PVS, SAL, and Yices
  668. Introduction to use of formal methods in software and hardware
  669. Derivation of ontological relations using formal methods in a situation awareness scenario
  670. Extending the application of formal methods to analyse human error and system failure during accident investigations
  671. Formal certification of a compiler back-end or: programming a compiler with a proof assistant
  672. Formal methods and automation for system verification
  673. Exploring the role of logic and formal methods in information systems education
  674. Formal methods for prostate cancer gleason score and treatment prediction using radiomic biomarkers
  675. Algebraic methods for specification and formal development of programs
  676. Theorem and algorithm checking for courses on logic and formal methods
  677. Extending the useful application domain for formal methods
  678. Open questions in formal methods
  679. Open issues in formal methods for cryptographic protocol analysis
  680. Combining software and hardware verification techniques
  681. SCR3: towards usability of formal methods
  682. Hardware/software co-verification of cryptographic algorithms using cryptol
  683. Counting votes with formal methods
  684. Formal methods for control synthesis: An optimization perspective
  685. A formal methods approach to interpretable reinforcement learning for robotic planning
  686. Property specification patterns for finite-state verification
  687. Survey of existing tools for formal verification
  688. From formal models to formally based methods: An industrial experience
  689. Raise: a product supporting industrial use of formal methods
  690. Specification-driven design with Eiffel and agents for teaching lightweight formal methods
  691. An undergraduate requirements engineering curriculum with formal methods
  692. Research on Formal Verification Technique for Aircraft Safety-Critical Software.
  693. Release the beasts: When formal methods meet real world data
  694. Formal verification workbench for Airbus avionics software
  695. Improving access of the commercial software developer to formal methods: Integrating MERISE with Z
  696. Weaving a formal methods education with problem-based learning
  697. From formal methods to algorithmic implementation of human inspired control on bipedal robots
  698. Validation of decentralised smart contracts through game theory and formal methods
  699. Formal methods and the development of dependable systems
  700. Formal methods for security in the Xenon hypervisor
  701. Modeling, analysis, and verification-the formal methods manifesto 2010 (dagstuhl perspectives workshop 10482)
  702. Results of a formal methods demonstration project
  703. Negotiating the take-up of formal methods
  704. Enhancing telecommunications service engineering with mobile agent technology and formal methods
  705. Chemical reaction engineering
  706. Formal methods for semi-autonomous driving
  707. Design of signal control structures using formal methods for railway interlocking systems
  708. Formal Methods: Use and relevance for the development of safety-critical systems
  709. Formal verification of complex robotic systems on resource-constrained platforms
  710. Toward easy inspection and effective use of formal methods in NPP software fields
  711. What is formal methods?
  712. Formal methods for android banking malware analysis and detection
  713. Applying software metrics to formal specifications: A cognitive approach
  714. Foundations of algebraic specification and formal software development
  715. Requirements interaction detection using semi-formal methods
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