Computer vision Research Topics Ideas

List of Computer vision Research Topics Ideas for MS and PH.D.
1. Deep learning-enabled medical computer vision – Research questions
2. Deep learning, computer vision, and entomology – Research questions
3. Exploring human–nature interactions in national parks with social media photographs and computer vision
4. Assessing the potential for deep learning and computer vision to identify bumble bee species from images
6. Duplicate detection of images using computer vision techniques – Research questions
7. Noncontact cable force estimation with unmanned aerial vehicle and computer vision
8. Computer vision based two-stage waste recognition-retrieval algorithm for waste classification
9. A survey on generative adversarial networks for imbalance problems in computer vision tasks
10. Deception in the eyes of deceiver: A computer vision and machine learning based automated deception detection
11. A computer vision approach based on deep learning for the detection of dairy cows in free stall barn
12. Classification of fermented cocoa beans (cut test) using computer vision
13. Real-time water level monitoring using live cameras and computer vision techniques
14. Aeroelastic Vibration Measurement Based on Laser and Computer Vision Technique
15. Individualized SAR calculations using computer vision-based MR segmentation and a fast electromagnetic solver
16. Crop Nutrition and Computer Vision Technology
17. Advancing Eosinophilic Esophagitis Diagnosis and Phenotype Assessment with Deep Learning Computer Vision
18. Computer Vision-Based Bridge Damage Detection Using Deep Convolutional Networks with Expectation Maximum Attention Module
19. Analysis of ultrasonic vocalizations from mice using computer vision and machine learning
20. Developing a mold-free approach for complex glulam production with the assist of computer vision technologies
21. Decoding depressive disorder using computer vision
22. Assessment of Computer Vision Syndrome and Personal Risk Factors among Employees of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
23. One Label, One Billion Faces: Usage and Consistency of Racial Categories in Computer Vision
24. A survey of image labelling for computer vision applications
25. Development of Kid Height Measurement Application based on Image using Computer Vision
26. Computer vision AC-STEM automated image analysis for 2D nanopore applications
27. Displacement Identification by Computer Vision for Condition Monitoring of Rail Vehicle Bearings
28. An Open-Source Computer Vision Tool for Automated Vocal Fold Tracking From Videoendoscopy
29. Computer Vision and Human Behaviour, Emotion and Cognition Detection: A Use Case on Student Engagement
30. Computer vision-based tree trunk and branch identification and shaking points detection in Dense-Foliage canopy for automated harvesting of apples
31. Computer Vision–Based Estimation of Flood Depth in Flooded-Vehicle Images
32. An automated light trap to monitor moths (Lepidoptera) using computer vision-based tracking and deep learning
33. The Use of Saliency in Underwater Computer Vision: A Review
34. Computer vision for liquid samples in hospitals and medical labs using hierarchical image segmentation and relations prediction
35. Computer vision syndrome prevalence according to individual and video display terminal exposure characteristics in Spanish university students
36. Computer vision and unsupervised machine learning for pore-scale structural analysis of fractured porous media
37. Research on computer vision enhancement in intelligent robot based on machine learning and deep learning
38. Deformable Scintillation Dosimeter I: Challenges and Implementation using Computer Vision Techniques
39. Use of Computer Vision to Identify the Frequency and Magnitude of Insulin Syringe Preparation Errors
40. Action recognition of dance video learning based on embedded system and computer vision image
41. Frontiers of computer vision technologies on real estate property photographs and floorplans
42. Analysis of UAV-Acquired Wetland Orthomosaics Using GIS, Computer Vision, Computational Topology and Deep Learning
43. Computer vision applied to dual-energy computed tomography images for precise calcinosis cutis quantification in patients with systemic sclerosis
44. Human Motion Gesture Recognition Based on Computer Vision
45. Application of computer vision in fish intelligent feeding system—A review
46. Application of Computer Vision in 3D Film
47. WiCV 2020: The Seventh Women In Computer Vision Workshop
48. Computer vision based obstacle detection and target tracking for autonomous vehicles
49. Evaluating Congou black tea quality using a lab-made computer vision system coupled with morphological features and chemometrics
50. Research on Key Technologies in the Field of Computer Vision Based on Deep Learning
51. Online detection of naturally DON contaminated wheat grains from China using Vis-NIR spectroscopy and computer vision
52. A Computer Vision-Based Occupancy and Equipment Usage Detection Approach for Reducing Building Energy Demand
53. Application of Computer Vision Technology in Agricultural Products and Food Inspection
54. Automatic Evaluation of Wheat Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight Using Dual Mask-RCNN Deep Learning Frameworks in Computer Vision
55. A computer vision algorithm for locating and recognizing traffic signal control light status and countdown time
56. Microplastic abundance quantification via a computer-vision-based chemometrics-assisted approach
57. Computer Vision for Dietary Assessment
58. Determinants of computer vision system’s technology acceptance to improve incoming cargo receiving at Eastern European and Central Asian transportation …
60. Estimating California’s Solar and Wind Energy Production using Computer Vision Deep Learning Techniques on Weather Images
61. Leaf disease segmentation and classification of Jatropha Curcas L. and Pongamia Pinnata L. biofuel plants using computer vision based approaches
62. Automated correlation of petrographic images of sandstones to a textural properties database extracted with computer vision techniques
63. Computer Vision-based Intelligent Bookshelf System
64. Computer Vision Techniques for Crowd Density and Motion Direction Analysis
65. Computer Vision System for Landing Platform State Assessment Onboard of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Case of Input Visual Information Distortion
66. Research on Bridge Deck Health Assessment System Based on BIM and Computer Vision Technology
67. Computer Vision for Dynamic Student Data Management in Higher Education Platform.
68. Tulipp and ClickCV: How the Future Demands of Computer Vision Can Be Met Using FPGAs
69. Stripenn detects architectural stripes from chromatin conformation data using computer vision
70. Having Fun with Computer Vision
71. Application of Computer Vision in Pipeline Inspection Robot
72. Design of Digital Museum Narrative Space Based on Perceptual Experience Data Mining and Computer Vision
73. Study on Pipelined Parallel Processing Architectures for Imaging and Computer Vision
74. Research on fire inspection robot based on computer vision
75. ActiveNet: A computer-vision based approach to determine lethargy
76. Individual Wave Detection and Tracking within a Rotating Detonation Engine through Computer Vision Object Detection applied to High-Speed Images
77. Human Thorax Parametric Reconstruction Using Computer Vision
78. Advancing Eosinophilic Esophagitis Diagnosis and Phenotype Assessment with Deep Learning Computer Vision
80. Automatic Gear Sorting Using Wireless PLC Based on Computer Vision
81. Computer Vision-based Marker-less Real Time Motion Analysis for Rehabilitation–An Interdisciplinary Research Project
82. Computer vision in surgery
83. GUIs for Computer Vision
84. Surgical navigation technology based on computer vision and vr towards iot
85. A web-based survey on various symptoms of computer vision syndrome and the genetic understanding based on a multi-trait genome-wide association study
86. Automated Classification and Detection of Malaria Cell Using Computer Vision
87. Computer-Assisted Self-Training for Kyudo Posture Rectification Using Computer Vision Methods
88. Comparison of Computer Vision Techniques for Drowsiness Detection While Driving
89. A Real-Time Computer Vision System for Workers’ PPE and Posture Detection in Actual Construction Site Environment
90. Embedded Computer Vision System Applied to a Four-Legged Line Follower Robot
91. Computer Vision in Industry, Practice in the Czech Republic
92. Computer vision for microscopic skin cancer diagnosis using handcrafted and non-handcrafted features
93. Deep nets: What have they ever done for vision?
94. Analysis of Traditional Computer Vision Techniques Used for Hemp Leaf Water Stress Detection and Classification
95. Embedded Computer Vision System Applied to a Four-Legged Line Follower Robot
96. Deep Learning and Computer Vision Strategies for Automated Gene Editing with a Single-Cell Electroporation Platform
97. A computer vision-based approach for behavior recognition of gestating sows fed different fiber levels during high ambient temperature
98. Swin transformer: Hierarchical vision transformer using shifted windows
100. Sistem Identifikasi Tingkat Kematangan Buah Nanas Secara Non-Destruktif Berbasis Computer Vision
101. Field-programmable gate arrays in a low power vision system
102. SiT: Self-supervised vIsion Transformer
104. Do we really need explicit position encodings for vision transformers?
105. Cvt: Introducing convolutions to vision transformers
106. Pyramid vision transformer: A versatile backbone for dense prediction without convolutions
107. Training vision transformers for image retrieval
108. Transformers in Vision: A Survey
109. Uncertainty-assisted deep vision structural health monitoring
110. Twins: Revisiting spatial attention design in vision transformers
111. Crossvit: Cross-attention multi-scale vision transformer for image classification
112. Smart Computer Laboratory: IoT Based Smartphone Application
113. A Dense Tensor Accelerator with Data Exchange Mesh for DNN and Vision Workloads
114. Physics-based vision meets deep learning
115. Neural vision-based semantic 3D world modeling
116. Scaling up visual and vision-language representation learning with noisy text supervision
117. Deep Learning–Based Scene Simplification for Bionic Vision
118. Techniques To Improve Machine Vision In Robots
119. Future Vision Exhibition: Artificial Landscapes
120. Enabling energy efficient machine learning on a Ultra-Low-Power vision sensor for IoT
121. Tokens-to-token vit: Training vision transformers from scratch on imagenet
122. Vision-based Sensors for Production Control
123. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Applications-A Vision
124. The quiet revolution in machine vision-a state-of-the-art survey paper, including historical review, perspectives, and future directions
125. Synthesizing Pose Sequences from 3D Assets for Vision-Based Activity Analysis
126. Applying Mobile Intelligent API Vision Kit and Normalized Features for Face Recognition Using Live Cameras
127. A New Approach for Fire Pixel Detection in Building Environment Using Vision Sensor
128. A Vision-Based Parameter Estimation for an Aircraft in Approach Phase
129. ViLT: Vision-and-Language Transformer Without Convolution or Region Supervision
130. Analysis of Target Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vision System
131. Test Automation with Grad-CAM Heatmaps-A Future Pipe Segment in MLOps for Vision AI?
132. Investigating the Vision Transformer Model for Image Retrieval Tasks
133. Vision-based adjusting of a digital model to real-world conditions for wire insertion tasks
134. Combining brief and ad for edge-preserved dense stereo matching
135. Elf: accelerate high-resolution mobile deep vision with content-aware parallel offloading
136. Shallow Convolution Neural Network for an Industrial Robot Real Time Vision System
137. Research Status of Gesture Recognition Based on Vision: A Review
138. Multi-scale vision longformer: A new vision transformer for high-resolution image encoding
139. Road Peculiarities Detection using Deep Learning for Vehicle Vision System
140. Reinforcement learning applied to machine vision: state of the art
141. Vision based inspection system for leather surface defect detection using fast convergence particle swarm optimization ensemble classifier approach
142. Evaluation of visual complications among professional computer users
143. Brain Tumor Segmentation: A Comparative Analysis
144. Detection of Atlantic salmon bone residues using machine vision technology
145. Understanding Perceptual Bias in Machine Vision Systems
146. The MVTec anomaly detection dataset: a comprehensive real-world dataset for unsupervised anomaly detection
147. Scene text detection and recognition: The deep learning era
148. Vision-based continuous sign language recognition using multimodal sensor fusion
149. Egocentric Vision for Dog Behavioral Analysis
150. Vision-based Docking of a Mobile Robot
151. VLGrammar: Grounded Grammar Induction of Vision and Language
152. Mask-aware photorealistic facial attribute manipulation
153. Real-time plant phenomics under robotic farming setup: A vision-based platform for complex plant phenotyping tasks
154. VTGAN: Semi-supervised Retinal Image Synthesis and Disease Prediction using Vision Transformers
155. Deep Vision Based Surveillance System to Prevent Train-Elephant Collisions
156. Boosting High-Level Vision with Joint Compression Artifacts Reduction and Super-Resolution
157. Autonomous, onboard vision-based trash and litter detection in low altitude aerial images collected by an unmanned aerial vehicle
158. Research on the algorithm of painting image style feature extraction based on intelligent vision
159. Fast semantic segmentation method for machine vision inspection based on a fewer-parameters atrous convolution neural network
160. Investigating Bi-Level Optimization for Learning and Vision from a Unified Perspective: A Survey and Beyond
161. Vision-Based Full-Field Sensing for Condition Assessment of Structural Systems
162. New method of traffic flow forecasting based on quantum particle swarm optimization strategy for intelligent transportation system
163. Same-different conceptualization: a machine vision perspective
164. Toward high-quality magnetic data survey using UAV: development of a magnetic-isolated vision-based positioning system
165. Urban landscape ecological design and stereo vision based on 3D mesh simplification algorithm and artificial intelligence
166. Transformer in transformer
167. A Robotic grinding station based on an industrial manipulator and vision system
168. Applications of Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture-The Potential and Challenges in Smart Farm in Uganda
169. Vision-Based Patient Monitoring and Management in Mental Health Settings
170. Mitigating Demographic Bias in Facial Datasets with Style-Based Multi-attribute Transfer
171. Dynamic tree branch tracking for aerial canopy sampling using stereo vision
172. Smart Office Model Based on Internet of Things
173. How to construct low-altitude aerial image datasets for deep learning [J]
174. Pretraining boosts out-of-domain robustness for pose estimation
175. A benchmark and evaluation of non-rigid structure from motion
176. The devil is in the boundary: Exploiting boundary representation for basis-based instance segmentation
177. Vision based collision detection for a safe collaborative industrial manipulator
178. Eden: Multimodal synthetic dataset of enclosed garden scenes
179. Pixel-wise crowd understanding via synthetic data
180. Vision-Based Framework for Automatic Progress Monitoring of Precast Walls by Using Surveillance Videos during the Construction Phase
181. LSPnet: A 2D Localization-oriented Spacecraft Pose Estimation Neural Network
182. Transfer of Learning from Vision to Touch: A Hybrid Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Visuo-Tactile 3D Object Recognition
183. UAV Use Case: Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on Stereo Vision
184. Improving grain size analysis using computer vision techniques and implications for grain growth kinetics
185. Comparison of full-reference image quality models for optimization of image processing systems
186. High Precision Medicine Bottles Vision Online Inspection System and Classification Based on Multi-Features and Ensemble Learning via Independence Test
187. Efficient attention: Attention with linear complexities
188. Fusion Learning Using Semantics and Graph Convolutional Network for Visual Food Recognition
189. The ikea asm dataset: Understanding people assembling furniture through actions, objects and pose
190. DualSR: Zero-Shot Dual Learning for Real-World Super-Resolution
191. Modelling and Analysis of Facial Expressions Using Optical Flow Derived Divergence and Curl Templates
192. Barlow twins: Self-supervised learning via redundancy reduction
193. Facial expression recognition in the wild via deep attentive center loss
194. Facial Beauty Prediction and Analysis Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network: A Review
195. Rodnet: Radar object detection using cross-modal supervision
196. Using open-source computer vision software for identification and tracking of convective storms
197. Improving Robustness and Uncertainty Modelling in Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
198. Vision and Inertial Sensor Fusion for Terrain Relative Navigation
199. Domain-Aware Unsupervised Hyperspectral Reconstruction for Aerial Image Dehazing
200. A method for classifying citrus surface defects based on machine vision
201. Transgan: Two transformers can make one strong gan
202. Improving Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation by Learning 3D Object Detection
203. Information Systems Integration to Enhance Operational Customer Relationship Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry
204. Attentional feature fusion
205. The Isowarp: The Template-Based Visual Geometry of Isometric Surfaces
206. Vision-Based Diagnosis and Location of Insulator Self-Explosion Defects
207. Activity Recognition with Moving Cameras and Few Training Examples: Applications for Detection of Autism-Related Headbanging
208. Development and Validation of an Unsupervised Feature Learning System for Leukocyte Characterization and Classification: A Multi-Hospital Study
209. DualSANet: Dual Spatial Attention Network for Iris Recognition
210. Long-Range Attention Network for Multi-View Stereo
211. Towards visually explaining video understanding networks with perturbation
212. MinkLoc3D: Point Cloud Based Large-Scale Place Recognition
213. p-RT: A Runtime Framework to Enable Energy-Efficient Real-Time Robotic Vision Applications on Heterogeneous Architectures
214. JOLO-GCN: Mining Joint-Centered Light-Weight Information for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
215. Binarized neural architecture search for efficient object recognition
216. Learning transferable visual models from natural language supervision
217. Improved techniques for training single-image gans
218. Machine Vision
219. SSDMNV2: A real time DNN-based face mask detection system using single shot multibox detector and MobileNetV2
220. Pervasive label errors in test sets destabilize machine learning benchmarks
221. MPRNet: Multi-Path Residual Network for Lightweight Image Super Resolution
222. Fuzzy-aided solution for out-of-view challenge in visual tracking under IoT-assisted complex environment
223. Deep Learning in X-ray Testing
224. Tresnet: High performance gpu-dedicated architecture
225. ATM: Attentional Text Matting
226. Classmix: Segmentation-based data augmentation for semi-supervised learning
227. Videossl: Semi-supervised learning for video classification
228. Stratified rule-aware network for abstract visual reasoning
229. A hierarchical privacy-preserving IoT architecture for vision-based hand rehabilitation assessment
230. Adversarial reinforcement learning for unsupervised domain adaptation
231. Visual question answering model based on graph neural network and contextual attention
232. Towards Balanced Learning for Instance Recognition
233. The automatic detection of pedestrians under the high-density conditions by deep learning techniques
234. RGB-D salient object detection: A survey
235. A deep active learning system for species identification and counting in camera trap images
236. Domain Impression: A Source Data Free Domain Adaptation Method
237. Robust feature learning for adversarial defense via hierarchical feature alignment
238. HADEM-MACS: a hybrid approach for detection and extraction of objects in movement by multimedia autonomous computer systems
239. Vision-Based Method Integrating Deep Learning Detection for Tracking Multiple Construction Machines
240. Bottleneck transformers for visual recognition
241. Single Image Human Proxemics Estimation for Visual Social Distancing
242. SoFA: Source-Data-Free Feature Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
243. Contrastive learning of general-purpose audio representations
244. Knowledge distillation: A survey
245. Let’s Get Dirty: GAN Based Data Augmentation for Camera Lens Soiling Detection in Autonomous Driving
246. Video Semantic Analysis: The Sparsity Based Locality-Sensitive Discriminative Dictionary Learning Factor
247. Vision-Based Tactile Sensor Mechanism for the Estimation of Contact Position and Force Distribution Using Deep Learning
248. A Discriminative Model for Multiple People Detection
249. Generative adversarial networks and their application to 3D face generation: A survey
250. Semantic hierarchy emerges in deep generative representations for scene synthesis
251. Fake face detection via adaptive manipulation traces extraction network
252. Accuracy of smartphone video for contactless measurement of hand tremor frequency
253. Video Captioning of Future Frames
254. Disentangled Contour Learning for Quadrilateral Text Detection
255. Visual Structure Constraint for Transductive Zero-Shot Learning in the Wild
256. CNN features with bi-directional LSTM for real-time anomaly detection in surveillance networks
257. CityFlow-NL: Tracking and Retrieval of Vehicles at City Scaleby Natural Language Descriptions
258. 3D Head Pose Estimation through Facial Features and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
259. Rescuenet: Joint building segmentation and damage assessment from satellite imagery
260. Alleviating over-segmentation errors by detecting action boundaries
261. Multiresolution Adaptive Threshold Based Segmentation of Real-Time Vision-Based Database for Human Motion Estimation
262. Simplifying dependent reductions in the polyhedral model
263. Multi-camera traffic scene mosaic based on camera calibration
264. Novel View Synthesis via Depth-guided Skip Connections
265. Self-Supervised Pretraining Improves Self-Supervised Pretraining
266. Weakly Supervised Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation
267. Proposal learning for semi-supervised object detection
268. You only look yourself: Unsupervised and untrained single image dehazing neural network
269. Algorithm for epipolar geometry and correcting monocular stereo vision based on a plane mirror
270. Mutual Information Maximization on Disentangled Representations for Differential Morph Detection
271. Route planning methods in indoor navigation tools for vision impaired persons: a systematic review
272. Subject Guided Eye Image Synthesis with Application to Gaze Redirection
273. Roles of artificial intelligence in construction engineering and management: A critical review and future trends
274. PI-Net: Pose Interacting Network for Multi-Person Monocular 3D Pose Estimation
275. Swag: Superpixels weighted by average gradients for explanations of cnns
276. Impact diagnosis in stiffened structural panels using a deep learning approach
277. X-ray Testing
278. Computer Assisted Classification Framework for Detection of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Peripheral Blood Smear Images
279. IGSSTRCF: Importance Guided Sparse Spatio-Temporal Regularized Correlation Filters for Tracking
280. A Unified Learning Approach for Hand Gesture Recognition and Fingertip Detection
281. EventAnchor: Reducing Human Interactions in Event Annotation of Racket Sports Videos
282. An Evolution of CNN Object Classifiers on Low-Resolution Images
283. A vector-based representation to enhance head pose estimation
284. Automatic Defect Detection of Print Fabric Using Convolutional Neural Network
285. Multi-Scale Voxel Class Balanced ASPP for LIDAR Pointcloud Semantic Segmentation
286. Non-Destructive Quality Inspection of Potato Tubers Using Automated Vision System
287. Layering Defects Detection in Laser Powder Bed Fusion using Embedded Vision System
288. Label-Free Robustness Estimation of Object Detection CNNs for Autonomous Driving Applications
289. Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning for Quality Inspection of Different Sugarcane Varieties
290. Vision-Based Suture Tensile Force Estimation in Robotic Surgery
291. FEANet: Foreground-edge-aware network with DenseASPOC for human parsing
292. Application of a convolutional neural network for detection of ignition sources and smoke
293. Image matching across wide baselines: From paper to practice
294. Towards Annotation-free Instance Segmentation and Tracking with Adversarial Simulations
295. Self-Supervised Learning for Domain Adaptation on Point Clouds
296. Ontology-driven event type classification in images
297. Apple Ripeness Identification Using Deep Learning
298. Deep sparse transfer learning for remote smart tongue diagnosis [J]
300. RICORD: A Precedent for Open AI in COVID-19 Image Analytics
301. CapGen: A Neural Image Caption Generator with Speech Synthesis
302. Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease through Weak Supervision Deep Learning Framework with Attention Mechanism
303. A novel and intelligent vision-based tutor for Yogasana: e-YogaGuru
304. Plant Trait Estimation and Classification Studies in Plant Phenotyping Using Machine Vision-A Review
305. Iranis: A Large-scale Dataset of Farsi License Plate Characters
306. A numerical framework for elastic surface matching, comparison, and interpolation
307. Sign language recognition from digital videos using deep learning methods
308. Enhanced Information Fusion Network for Crowd Counting
309. This Face Does Not Exist… But It Might Be Yours! Identity Leakage in Generative Models
310. Defense-friendly Images in Adversarial Attacks: Dataset and Metrics for Perturbation Difficulty
311. Guided attentive feature fusion for multispectral pedestrian detection
312. Vision-Based Guidance for Tracking Dynamic Objects
313. Single-shot fringe projection profilometry based on Deep Learning and Computer Graphics
314. Improving Video Captioning with Temporal Composition of a Visual-Syntactic Embedding
315. Adversarial deepfakes: Evaluating vulnerability of deepfake detectors to adversarial examples
316. Vision-Aided 6G Wireless Communications: Blockage Prediction and Proactive Handoff
317. FACEGAN: Facial Attribute Controllable rEenactment GAN
318. Benchmarking the robustness of semantic segmentation models with respect to common corruptions
319. Vision-based egg quality prediction in Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) by deep neural network
320. Diagnosing colorectal abnormalities using scattering coefficient maps acquired from optical coherence tomography
321. Recovering Trajectories of Unmarked Joints in 3D Human Actions Using Latent Space Optimization
322. Only time can tell: Discovering temporal data for temporal modeling
323. Deep Learning applications for COVID-19
324. PointCutMix: Regularization Strategy for Point Cloud Classification
325. A Survey on the Usage of Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis Methods for the Lifestyle Improvement on Low Vision and Visually Impaired People
326. Mechanical System Control by RGB-D Device
327. DACS: Domain Adaptation via Cross-domain Mixed Sampling
328. Vision-Based Vibration Monitoring of Structures and Infrastructures: An Overview of Recent Applications
329. CycleSegNet: Object Co-segmentation with Cycle Refinement and Region Correspondence
330. Explainable Fingerprint ROI Segmentation Using Monte Carlo Dropout
331. Self-supervised pretraining of visual features in the wild
332. Optimized Z-Buffer Using Divide and Conquer
333. Efficient and robust unsupervised inverse intensity compensation for stereo image registration under radiometric changes
334. Zero-shot text-to-image generation
335. PoseRBPF: A Rao–Blackwellized Particle Filter for 6-D Object Pose Tracking
336. MobiSamadhaan—Intelligent Vision-Based Smart City Solution
337. A Training Method for Low Rank Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Alternating Tensor Compose-Decompose Method
338. Individual Sick Fir Tree (Abies mariesii) Identification in Insect Infested Forests by Means of UAV Images and Deep Learning
339. Fighting against COVID-19: A novel deep learning model based on YOLO-v2 with ResNet-50 for medical face mask detection
340. 3D Image Conversion of a Scene from Multiple 2D Images with Background Depth Profile
341. Falsification of a Vision-based Automatic Landing System
342. Generating Physically Sound Training Data for Image Recognition of Additively Manufactured Parts
343. Shelf Auditing Based on Image Classification Using Semi-Supervised Deep Learning to Increase On-Shelf Availability in Grocery Stores
344. Continuous 3D Multi-Channel Sign Language Production via Progressive Transformers and Mixture Density Networks
345. Research on Detection Method of Sheet Surface Defects Based on Machine Vision
346. Low-Resolution LiDAR Upsampling Using Weighted Median Filter
347. RGB-D Human Action Recognition of Deep Feature Enhancement and Fusion Using Two-Stream ConvNet
348. Breaking Shortcuts by Masking for Robust Visual Reasoning
349. Correlation filter tracking based on superpixel and multifeature fusion
350. Segmentation of body parts of cows in RGB-depth images based on template matching
351. Electric Scooter and Its Rider Detection Framework Based on Deep Learning for Supporting Scooter-Related Injury Emergency Services
352. A Model of Diameter Measurement Based on the Machine Vision
353. Transreid: Transformer-based object re-identification
354. LightLayers: Parameter Efficient Dense and Convolutional Layers for Image Classification
355. Residual Dual Scale Scene Text Spotting by Fusing Bottom-Up and Top-Down Processing
356. Pedestrian Detection on Multispectral Images in Different Lighting Conditions
357. CovidSens: a vision on reliable social sensing for COVID-19
358. An Improved Approach for Face Detection
359. Classification and Measuring Accuracy of Lenses Using Inception Model V3
360. Nighttime image dehazing based on Retinex and dark channel prior using Taylor series expansion
361. Multiple Object Tracking Using Convolutional Neural Network on Aerial Imagery Sequences
362. Piano Skills Assessment
363. Automatic recognition of surface cracks in bridges based on 2D-APES and mobile machine vision
364. Real-time Navigation for Drogue-Type Autonomous Aerial Refueling Using Vision-Based Deep Learning Detection
365. Robust 3D Reconstruction Through Noise Reduction of Ultra-Fast Images
366. Survey of Occluded and Unoccluded Face Recognition
367. Cell tracking in time-lapse microscopy image sequences
368. Depth Estimation Using Blob Detection for Stereo Vision Images
369. Fast human activity recognition
370. Single Shot Multitask Pedestrian Detection and Behavior Prediction
371. The Vision of Digital Surgery
372. Modeling of Potato Slice Drying Process in a Microwave Dryer using Artificial Neural Network and Machine Vision
373. VinVL: Making Visual Representations Matter in Vision-Language Models
374. Quality safety monitoring of LED chips using deep learning-based vision inspection methods
375. Machine Vision Based Phenotype Recognition of Plant and Animal
376. Towards manufacturing robotics accuracy degradation assessment: A vision-based data-driven implementation
377. Attention guided low-light image enhancement with a large scale low-light simulation dataset
378. Human action identification by a quality-guided fusion of multi-model feature
379. Optimal quantization using scaled codebook
380. A Robust Illumination-Invariant Camera System for Agricultural Applications
381. Real-Time Gait-Based Age Estimation and Gender Classification From a Single Image
382. Counting and Tracking of Vehicles and Pedestrians in Real Time Using You Only Look Once V3
383. Style Normalization and Restitution for DomainGeneralization and Adaptation
384. A Machine Vision-Based Method Optimized for Restoring Broiler Chicken Images Occluded by Feeding and Drinking Equipment
385. Face Recognition for Surveillance Systems using SRGAN
387. Deep Preset: Blending and Retouching Photos with Color Style Transfer
388. Transunet: Transformers make strong encoders for medical image segmentation
389. List-wise learning-to-rank with convolutional neural networks for person re-identification
390. Intra-Camera Supervised Person Re-Identification
391. Generating Masks from Boxes by Mining Spatio-Temporal Consistencies in Videos
392. A Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Architecture Approach for Sheep Weight Estimation
393. Automatic Borescope Damage Assessments for Gas Turbine Blades via Deep Learning
394. Foreground-aware Semantic Representations for Image Harmonization
395. A Learning-Based Approach to Parametric Rotoscoping of Multi-Shape Systems
396. Energy-efficient cluster-based unmanned aerial vehicle networks with deep learning-based scene classification model
397. Mobile-Aware Deep Learning Algorithms for Malaria Parasites and White Blood Cells Localization in Thick Blood Smears
398. SChISM: Semantic Clustering via Image Sequence Merging for Images of Human-Decomposition
399. Multilingual Multimodal Pre-training for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer of Vision-Language Models
400. Locate Globally, Segment Locally: A Progressive Architecture With Knowledge Review Network for Salient Object Detection
401. Using Feature Selection Based on Multi-view for Rice Seed Images Classification
402. Road images augmentation with synthetic traffic signs using neural networks
403. Java Tools For Image Understanding The Java Imaging and Vision Environment (JIVE)
404. Improved ECO Algorithm Based on Residual Neural Network
405. Viewpoint and Scale Consistency Reinforcement for UAV Vehicle Re-Identification
406. Automated Surveillance Model for Video-Based Anomalous Activity Detection Using Deep Learning Architecture
407. Real-Time, YOLO-Based Intelligent Surveillance and Monitoring System Using Jetson TX2
408. Countering Inconsistent Labelling by Google’s Vision API for Rotated Images
409. Towards Accurate Camouflaged Object Detection with Mixture Convolution and Interactive Fusion
410. Effectiveness of arbitrary transfer sets for data-free knowledge distillation
411. Accelerated High-Level Synthesis Feature Detection for FPGAs Using HiFlipVX
412. Supervised deep learning of elastic SRV distances on the shape space of curves
413. Evaluating GAN-Based Image Augmentation for Threat Detection in Large-Scale Xray Security Images
414. Where to Start Your Deep Learning
415. Real-Time Detection and Spatial Localization of Insulators for UAV Inspection Based on Binocular Stereo Vision
416. Excitation dropout: Encouraging plasticity in deep neural networks
417. The Edge Computing Cloud Architecture Based on 5G Network for Industrial Vision Detection
418. Estimating Galactic Distances From Images Using Self-supervised Representation Learning
419. Real-Time Hair Segmentation Using Mobile-Unet
420. Driving among Flatmobiles: Bird-Eye-View occupancy grids from a monocular camera for holistic trajectory planning
421. Attention-based context aggregation network for monocular depth estimation
422. A Large-Scale, Time-Synchronized Visible and Thermal Face Dataset
423. Identification of Suitable Contrast Enhancement Technique for Improving the Quality of Astrocytoma Histopathological Images.
424. Run-Time Monitoring of Machine Learning for Robotic Perception: A Survey of Emerging Trends
425. Prevalence and risk factor assessment of digital eye strain among children using online e-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: Digital eye strain among …
426. Pedestrian Detection: Unification of Global and Local Features
427. A comprehensive analysis of weakly-supervised semantic segmentation in different image domains
428. Deep learning assisted vision inspection of resistance spot welds
429. Identifying centres of interest in paintings using alignment and edge detection: Case studies on works by Luc Tuymans
430. Going deeper with image transformers
431. Spike-thrift: Towards energy-efficient deep spiking neural networks by limiting spiking activity via attention-guided compression
432. Adversarial feature distribution alignment for semi-supervised learning
433. G2d: Generate to detect anomaly
434. Anomaly Detection in Crowded Scenes Using Motion Influence Map and Convolutional Autoencoder
435. A study on attention-based LSTM for abnormal behavior recognition with variable pooling
436. Deep convolutional neural network based autonomous drone navigation
437. A survey on contrastive self-supervised learning
438. Independent Learning of Motion Parameters for Deep Visual Odometry
439. Image segmentation using deep learning: A survey
440. Using Interaction Protocols to Control Vision Systems
441. TGCN: Time Domain Graph Convolutional Network for Multiple Objects Tracking
442. A Survey on Crowd Counting Methods and Datasets
443. RGSR: A two-step lossy JPG image super-resolution based on noise reduction
444. Image processing effects on the deep face recognition system [J]
445. A weakly supervised consistency-based learning method for covid-19 segmentation in ct images
446. Improving Few-Shot Learning using Composite Rotation based Auxiliary Task
447. Investigating large-scale graphs for community detection
448. Estimating Galactic Distances From Images Using Self-supervised Representation Learning
449. Pig Breed Detection Using Faster R-CNN
450. A Vision-Based System For Non-Intrusive Posture Correction Notifications
451. Inception recurrent convolutional neural network for object recognition
452. A Meta-Q-Learning Approach to Discriminative Correlation Filter based Visual Tracking
453. SWD: Low-Compute Real-Time Object Detection Architecture
454. An empirical study of multi-scale object detection in high resolution UAV images
455. Vision Guided Robots. Calibration and Motion Correction
456. Deep-emotion: Facial expression recognition using attentional convolutional network
457. Single-Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Two-Step Spatiotemporal Deep Feature Fusion in a Complex Surveillance Scenario
458. A Focus-Measurement Based 3D Surface Reconstruction System for Dimensional Metrology
459. Image Pre-Processing Method of Machine Learning for Edge Detection with Image Signal Processor Enhancement
460. Distress Recognition in Unpaved Roads Using Unmanned Aerial Systems and Deep Learning Segmentation
461. Noise density range sensitive mean-median filter for impulse noise removal
462. A Novel Fusion of Deep Learning and Android Application for Real-Time Mango Fruits Disease Detection
463. Deep Gaussian Denoiser Epistemic Uncertainty and Decoupled Dual-Attention Fusion
464. Patient Emotion Recognition in Human Computer Interaction System Based on Machine Learning Method and Interactive Design Theory
465. Real-Time Hair Segmentation Using Mobile-Unet. Electronics 2021, 10, 99
466. Diagonal-kernel convolutional neural networks for image classification
467. Dense-Resolution Network for Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation
468. U2-ONet: A Two-Level Nested Octave U-Structure Network with a Multi-Scale Attention Mechanism for Moving Object Segmentation
469. Anonymous Person Tracking Across Multiple Camera Using Color Histogram and Body Pose Estimation
470. On-line three-dimensional coordinate measurement of dynamic binocular stereo vision based on rotating camera in large FOV
471. Image Compression and Reconstruction Using Encoder–Decoder Convolutional Neural Network
472. Extracting Effective Image Attributes with Refined Universal Detection
473. Self-supervised training for blind multi-frame video denoising
474. On the Tightness of Semidefinite Relaxations for Rotation Estimation
475. Poly Scale Space Technique for Feature Extraction in Lip Reading: A New Strategy
476. Influence of phosphate concentration on amine, amide, and hydroxyl CEST contrast
477. Controlling biases and diversity in diverse image-to-image translation
478. A New Feature Fusion Network for Student Behavior Recognition in Education
479. Localizing License Plates in Real Time with RetinaNet Object Detector
480. Application of a Vision-Based Single Target on Robot Positioning System
481. A predictive machine learning application in agriculture: Cassava disease detection and classification with imbalanced dataset using convolutional neural …
482. Threat Detection in Social Media Images Using the Inception-v3 Model
483. Augmenting Crop Detection for Precision Agriculture with Deep Visual Transfer Learning—A Case Study of Bale Detection
484. Evolving Smooth Manifolds of Arbitrary Codimen-sion in Rn
485. A Unified Learning Approach for Hand Gesture Recognition and Fingertip Detection
486. CNN-Based RGB-D Salient Object Detection: Learn, Select, and Fuse
487. A multi-platform comparison of local feature description methods
488. Smart Vehicle Tracker for Parking System
489. Knowledge distillation for incremental learning in semantic segmentation
490. MSLp: Deep Superresolution for Meteorological Satellite Image
491. Improving Object Detection Quality by Incorporating Global Contexts via Self-Attention
492. Self-Supervised Pretraining of 3D Features on any Point-Cloud
493. Beyond covariance: Sice and kernel based visual feature representation
494. Attention-based VGG-16 model for COVID-19 chest X-ray image classification
495. High-performance large-scale image recognition without normalization
496. Learning data augmentation with online bilevel optimization for image classification
498. Cobot User Frame Calibration: Evaluation and Comparison between Positioning Repeatability Performances Achieved by Traditional and Vision-Based Methods
499. A Survey of Image Enhancement and Object Detection Methods
500. Multi-object Tracking with a Hierarchical Single-branch Network
501. A Hybrid Approach Based on Lp1 Norm-Based Filters and Normalized Cut Segmentation for Salient Object Detection
502. Skin Lesion Classification Using Deep Learning
503. S-VVAD: Visual Voice Activity Detection by Motion Segmentation
504. Spatio-temporal attention on manifold space for 3D human action recognition
505. Mixup Without Hesitation
506. Deep learning for real-time semantic segmentation: Application in ultrasound imaging
507. Self-supervised monocular depth estimation with direct methods
508. Small object detection using context and attention
509. Resolution invariant person reid based on feature transformation and self-weighted attention
510. Deep learning enables accurate diagnosis of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) with CT images
511. Steel bridge corrosion inspection with combined vision and thermographic images
512. Instance Segmentation for Direct Measurements of Satellites in Metal Powders and Automated Microstructural Characterization from Image Data
513. Minimal solution for estimating fundamental matrix under planar motion
514. Component-level Script Classification Benchmark with CNN on AUTNT Dataset
515. Jaa-net: Joint facial action unit detection and face alignment via adaptive attention
516. Machine Learning Techniques for Predicting Crop Production in India
517. Introduction to Natural Language Processing
518. Structured Scene Memory for Vision-Language Navigation
519. Comparison-Based Study to Predict Breast Cancer: A Survey
520. Aadhaar-Based Authentication and Authorization Scheme for Remote Healthcare Monitoring
521. Nonlinear Approximation and (Deep) ReLU Networks
522. A Workflow Allocation Strategy Under Precedence Constraints for IaaS Cloud Environment
523. Person Identification Using Histogram of Gradient and Support Vector Machine on GEI
524. Adaptive streaming of 360-degree videos with reinforcement learning
525. Video Tagging and Recommender System Using Deep Learning
526. Scale variance minimization for unsupervised domain adaptation in image segmentation
527. Convolutional Elman Jordan Neural Network for Reconstruction and Classification Using Attention Window
528. Channel Capacity in Psychovisual Deep-Nets: Gaussianization Versus Kozachenko-Leonenko
529. Assessing the Viability of Visual Vibrometry for Use in Structural Engineering
530. A Deep Learning-Based Hotel Image Classifier for Online Travel Agencies
531. UVCE-IIITT@ DravidianLangTech-EACL2021: Tamil Troll Meme Classification: You need to Pay more Attention
532. Through-Wall Human Pose Reconstruction via UWB MIMO Radar and 3D CNN
533. Novel Assessments of Technical and Nontechnical Cardiac Surgery Quality: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study
534. Biologically inspired visual computing: the state of the art
535. A Robust Surf-Based Online Human Tracking Algorithm Using Adaptive Object Model
536. Attention based pruning for shift networks
537. Rectifying pseudo label learning via uncertainty estimation for domain adaptive semantic segmentation
538. Hexacopter design for carrying payload for warehouse applications
539. Implementation of Recommender System Using Neural Networks and Deep Learning
540. A multi-scale and multi-level feature aggregation network for crowd counting
541. Foodborne Disease Outbreak Prediction Using Deep Learning
542. LRA-Net: local region attention network for 3D point cloud completion
543. Partial Domain Adaptation Using Selective Representation Learning For Class-Weight Computation
544. Estimating Body Pose from A Single Image
545. Hybrid Feature Selection Method for Predicting the Kidney Disease Membranous Nephropathy
546. Prognosis of Breast Cancer by Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms Using Modified Bootstrap Aggregating
547. Robust local binary descriptor in rotation change using polar location
548. A Multimodal Biometric System Based on Finger Knuckle Print, Fingerprint, and Palmprint Traits
549. Efficientps: Efficient panoptic segmentation
550. ShadingNet: image intrinsics by fine-grained shading decomposition
551. Perception of Plant Diseases in Color Images Through Adaboost
552. Data Mining in Cloud Computing: Survey
553. Artificial Neural Network Analysis for Predicting Spatial Patterns of Urbanization in India
554. Navier–Stokes-Based Image Inpainting for Restoration of Missing Data Due to Clouds
555. An Attribute-Based Break-Glass Access Control Framework for Medical Emergencies
556. Detection of Life Threatening ECG Arrhythmias Using Morphological Patterns and Wavelet Transform Method
557. Improvement of Identity Recognition with Occlusion Detection-Based Feature Selection
558. Generative Video Compression as Hierarchical Variational Inference
559. SLiKER: Sparse loss induced kernel ensemble regression
560. Is Space-Time Attention All You Need for Video Understanding?
561. Cityguide: A seamless indoor-outdoor wayfinding system for people with vision impairments
562. An Efficient Multimodal Biometric System Integrated with Liveness Detection Technique
563. Microscopic brain tumor detection and classification using 3D CNN and feature selection architecture
564. A Survey of Brain-Inspired Intelligent Robots: Integration of Vision, Decision, Motion Control, and Musculoskeletal Systems
565. Scale selection
566. Automated detection and classification of spilled loads on freeways based on improved YOLO network
567. Information Granules and Granular Computing
568. DAN : Breast Cancer Classification from High-Resolution Histology Images Using Deep Attention Network
569. Image Segmentation of MR Images with Multi-directional Region Growing Algorithm
570. Satellite Radar Interferometry for DEM Generation Using Sentinel-1A Imagery
571. On the Effect of Training Convolution Neural Network for Millimeter-Wave Radar-Based Hand Gesture Recognition
572. Synthetic Vision for Virtual Character Guidance
573. Evaluation of AOMDV Routing Protocol for Optimum Transmitted Power in a Designed Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Network
574. Evaluation metrics for conditional image generation
575. Image Inpainting Using Double Discriminator Generative Adversarial Networks
576. Crowd counting method based on the self-attention residual network
577. Cyber Espionage—An Ethical Analysis
578. Analysis of Gait and Face Biometric Traits from CCTV Streams for Forensics
579. A facial expression recognition model using hybrid feature selection and support vector machines
580. Predicting the Big-Five Personality Traits from Handwriting
581. Image engineering
582. Learning efficient text-to-image synthesis via interstage cross-sample similarity distillation
583. Faster and Secured Web Services Communication Using Modified IDEA and Custom-Level Security
584. Improved Image Deblurring Using GANs
585. Hand-Based Person Identification using Global and Part-Aware Deep Feature Representation Learning
586. Identification for Recycling Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Plastic Bottles by Polarization Vision
587. Holistic filter pruning for efficient deep neural networks
588. Vision-based vehicle speed estimation: A survey
589. Learning Temporal Dynamics from Cycles in Narrated Video
590. Analysis of MRI Image Compression Using Compressive Sensing
591. Analysis of PQ Disturbances in Renewable Grid Integration System Using Non-parametric Spectral Estimation Approach
592. A Porcine Abdomen Cutting Robot System Using Binocular Vision Techniques Based on Kernel Principal Component Analysis
593. Arc Length method for extracting crack pattern characteristics
594. AF-EMS Detector: Improve the Multi-Scale Detection Performance of the Anchor-Free Detector
595. A Transfer Learning Approach for Drowsiness Detection from EEG Signals
596. Deep audio-visual learning: A survey
597. MAFNet: Multi-style attention fusion network for salient object detection
598. HAVANA: Hierarchical and Variation-Normalized Autoencoder for Person Re-identification
599. An Empirical Comparison of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) Measures
600. An enhanced 3DCNN-ConvLSTM for spatiotemporal multimedia data analysis

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