Software Testing Research Topics for MS PhD

Software Testing Research Topic ideas for MS, or Ph.D. Degree

I am sharing with you some of the research topics regarding Software Testing that you can choose for your research proposal for the thesis work of MS, or Ph.D. Degree.

Software Testing concepts overlapping with Artificial intelligence, Machine learning & Deep learning

  1. AI & Machine learning & Deep learning
  2. Usage of Machine Learning in Software Testing
  3. Machine learning techniques for software testing effort prediction
  4. Using Defect Prediction to Improve the Bug Detection Capability of Search-Based Software Testing
  5. On testing machine learning programs
  6. Monotonicity testing of machine learning models
  7. Applying Metamorphic Testing in Machine Learning Applications
  8. Structure-invariant testing for machine translation
  9. Testing machine learning based systems: a systematic mapping
  10. Automatic testing and improvement of machine translation
  11. Automatic Fairness Testing of Machine Learning Models
  12. Testing machine learning code using polyhedral region
  13. Effectiveness of dataset reduction in testing machine learning algorithms
  14. Effectiveness of dataset reduction in testing machine learning algorithms
  15. Determining Software Inter-Dependency Patterns for Integration Testing by applying Machine learning on Logs and Telemetry data
  16. Alternative Effort-optimal Model-based Strategy for State Machine Testing of IoT Systems
  17. On the Application of Machine Learning in Software Testing
  18. test augmentation of machine learning in judicial documents
  19. A Universal Machine-Learning-Based Automated Testing System for Consumer Electronic Products

Software Testing Research Topics

  1. Exploring the industry’s challenges in software testing: An empirical study
  2. Enhanced optimizer algorithm and its application to software testing
  3. LSTM-based deep learning for spatial-temporal software testing
  4. Crowdsourced software testing: A systematic literature review
  5. Crowdsourced Software Testing: A Timely Opportunity
  6. Seeding grammar in grammatical evolution to improve search-based software testing
  7. Machine learning techniques for software testing effort prediction
  8. How Can Software Testing be Improved by Analytics to Deliver Better Apps?
  9. DRIFT: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Functional Software Testing
  10. Model for teaching and training software testing in an agile context
  11. A sustainable software testing process for the Square Kilometre Array project
  12. Status report on software testing: Test-Comp 2021
  13. Systematic Software Testing of Critical Embedded Digital Devices in Nuclear Power Applications
  14. Software testing automation of VR-based systems with haptic interfaces
  15. Construction of a syllabus adhering to the teaching of software testing using agile practices
  16. Software testing ecosystems insights and research opportunities
  17. Optimal selection and release problem in software testing process: A continuous time stochastic control approach
  18. Usage of Machine Learning in Software Testing
  19. Teaching Software Testing in an Algorithms and Data Structures Course
  20. Search-Based Software Testing for Formal Software Verification–and Vice Versa
  21. Black-box approach for software testing based on fat-property
  22. Using Defect Prediction to Improve the Bug Detection Capability of Search-Based Software Testing
  23. vivaGen–a survival data set generator for software testing
  24. Teaching Practices of Software Testing in Programming Education
  25. A Comparison of Inquiry-Based Conceptual Feedback vs. Traditional Detailed Feedback Mechanisms in Software Testing Education: An Empirical Investigation
  26. Software Testing Automation: A Comparative Study on Productivity Rate of Open Source Automated Software Testing Tools For Smart Manufacturing
  27. Complex Software Testing Analysis using International Standards
  28. Automated Software Testing Technologies for Realistic Computer Graphics
  29. IV&V Software Testing as a Measure of Digital and Entrepreneurship Competence towards Quality Education of Skills for Future Work
  30. Framework for Reusable Test Case Generation in Software Systems Testing
  31. Assessing the maturity of software testing services using CMMI-SVC: An industrial case study
  32. A Preliminary Report on Hands-On and Cross-Course Activities in a College Software Testing Course
  33. Towards a Model of Testers’ Cognitive Processes: Software Testing as a Problem Solving Approach
  34. Artificial Intelligence Applied to Software Testing: A Literature Review
  35. Research on Standardization Technology of Software Testing Process Based on Workflow
  36. Software Testing
  37. Scientific Software Testing Goes Serverless: Creating and Invoking Metamorphic Functions
  38. Software Testing
  39. Metamorphic testing: a new approach for generating next test cases
  40. Software Operational Profile vs. Test Profile: Towards a better software testing strategy
  41. Intensify of Metrics with the Integration of Software Testing Compatibility
  42. Forecasting Completion Deadlines in Software Testing
  43. The application of Microsoft Solution Framework Software Testing using Neutrosophic Numbers
  44. Is It Worth Using Gamification on Software Testing Education? An Extended Experience Report in the Context of Undergraduate Students
  45. Investigating Software Testing Practices in Software Development Organizations: Sri Lankan Experience
  46. Application of software testing methodology based on quality criteria and expert assessments to mobile applications
  47. Application in Computer Software Testing Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology
  48. A Literature Review on Software Testing Techniques for Smartphone Applications
  49. Automation Software Testing to Evaluate the Performance of Business Enterprises and Higher Education Institutions
  50. Neural Networks and Search Landscapes for Software Testing
  51. Design of Blending Teaching Mode for Software Testing Course
  52. Selection of Waterfall and Agile Methodologies in Software Testing
  53. Basics of Software Testing Methods
  54. How Fuzzy Logic can be helpful in Software Testing?
  55. Software Testing Techniques & New Trends
  56. Using Augmented Genetic Algorithm for Search-Based Software Testing
  57. Automated Software Testing of Deep Neural Network Programs
  58. Comparative Analysis of Products for Testing Software
  59. Testing Education: A Survey on a Global Scale
  60. The Genetic Algorithm and Binary Search Technique in the Program Path Coverage for Improving Software Testing Using Big Data
  61. Hybrid Differential Software Testing
  62. NLP-assisted software testing: A systematic mapping of the literature
  64. Test Suite Optimization Using Chaotic Firefly Algorithm in Software Testing
  65. Design and Implementation of a Gamified Training System for Software Testing
  66. Development of Software Testing Techniques for Early Fault Detection
  67. Thoughts on Lean Software Testing
  68. A Software Testing Process Based in Gamification for Children With Down Syndrome
  69. Problematika testování a verifikace softwaru pro leteckou techniku: Methods of Software Testing and Verification for Airborne Systems
  71. A Comparison Study of Software Testing Activities in Agile Methods
  72. Artificial Intelligence Applied to Software Testing: A
  73. On testing machine learning programs
  74. Multiview Visualization of Software Testing Results
  75. Application of particle swarm optimisation for coverage estimation in software testing
  76. Testing Approaches for Web and Mobile Applications: An Overview
  77. A model based approach for software testing audit on software product quality.
  78. Specifying the Design Science Research Process: An Applied Case of Building a Software Testing Ontology
  79. Software Testing Techniques & Automation Tools
  80. Special section on testing and repair for software engineering technologies and applications
  81. Investigating Traditional Software Testing Methods for use with the Meta Attack Language
  82. Direct-Indirect Link Matrix: A Black Box Testing Technique for Component-Based Software
  83. Automating the Evaluation Process of Software Testing in Vehicles
  84. A cost-effective adaptive random testing algorithm for object-oriented software testing
  85. Design and development of framework for improvising software testing in cloud environment
  86. Towards a Model of Testers’ Cognitive Processes: A Problem Solving Approach for Software Testing
  87. Eliminating effects of Flakiness in Embedded Software Testing
  88. Bio-inspired computational intelligence and its application to software testing
  89. Adoption of Software Testing in Internet of Things: A Systematic Literature Mapping
  90. We are honored and excited to welcome you to Porto, Portugal for the 13th International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST) 2020 …
  91. Integrating Testing Throughout the CS Curriculum
  92. Eliminating effects of Flakiness in Embedded Software Testing: An industrial case study
  93. Improving Automated Software Testing while re-engineering legacy systems in the absence of documentation
  94. Testing relative to usage scope: revisiting software coverage criteria
  96. Test case minimization for regression testing by analyzing software performance using the novel method
  97. Investigating Multi and Many-Objective Metaheuristics to Support Software Integration Testing
  98. Linear regression with factor analysis in fault prediction of software
  99. Acceptance Testing for Software as a Service (SaaS).
  100. Mutation Testing-Based Evaluation Framework for Evaluating Software Clone Detection Tools
  101. Representative Load Testing in Continuous Software Engineering: Automation and Maintenance Support
  102. Leveraging metamorphic testing to automatically detect inconsistencies in code generator families
  103. The AIQ meta-testbed: pragmatically bridging academic AI testing and industrial Q needs
  104. Investigating Information System Testing Gamification with Time Restrictions on Testers’ Performance
  105. … use of fuzzy logic in evaluating an automated testing system. Testing is a key factor in improving software reliability. Popular automated testing systems and a …
  106. The importance of testing in the early stages of smart contract development life cycle
  107. Factors influencing effectiveness of testing applications in cloud using regression testing: a statistical analysis
  109. Generating tree inputs for testing using evolutionary computation techniques
  110. Bug! Falha! Bachi! Fallo! Défaut! 程序错误! What about Internationalization Testing in the Software Industry?
  111. How far we have come: testing decompilation correctness of C decompilers
  112. A Systematic Literature Mapping: risk-based testing in software development.
  113. TesCaV: An Approach for Learning Model-Based Testing and Coverage in Practice
  114. Performance mutation testing
  115. An improved crow search algorithm for test data generation using search-based mutation testing
  116. Artificial neural network based software fault detection and correction prediction models considering testing effort
  117. Cdst: A toolkit for testing cockpit display systems
  118. Study and definition of project attributes for selection of testing techniques for concurrent software
  119. A survey of compiler testing
  120. Load Testing Analyzer for Web Application
  121. Automatic support for the identification of infeasible testing requirements
  123. Model-Based Software Design and Testing in Blockchain Smart Contracts: A Systematic Literature Review
  124. A survey of context simulation for testing mobile context-aware applications
  125. Gamified Internet of Things Testing within a Virtual Learning Environment—towards the Interactive Simulation Game “IoTCityLab”
  126. Models in Graphical User Interface Testing: Study Design
  127. Unveiling Practitioners Awareness of Android Apps Regression Testing through an Expert Survey
  128. FPGA Software Security Testing Excitation Random Generation Based on SFMEA and SFTA
  129. A Distributed Sustainable Integrated Automated Testing Platform
  130. A multi objective binary bat approach for testcase selection in object oriented testing
  131. Higher income, larger loan? Monotonicity testing of machine learning models
  132. Comparative Analysis of Software Testing Tools
  133. Automation of Datamorphic Testing
  134. Vulnerability Coverage as an Adequacy Testing Criterion
  136. Using Relational Problems to Teach Property-Based Testing
  137. Can a chatbot support software engineers with load testing? Approach and experiences
  138. A Cost-Efficient Software Based Router and Traffic Generator for Simulation and Testing of IP Network
  139. Model-Based Testing of Car Engine Start/Stop Button Debouncer Model
  140. Automation in the game testing. Approaches and solutions
  141. Multi-objective Search for Model-based Testing
  142. A Case-based Approach for introducing Testing Tools and Principles
  143. Performance Testing Tools: A Comparative Study of QTP, Load Runner, Win Runner and JUnit
  144. Optimization of automated executions based on integration test configurations of embedded software
  145. Poster: Performance Testing Driven by Reinforcement Learning
  146. Deep learning library testing via effective model generation
  147. Poster: SONAR Testing–Novel Testing Approach Based on Operation Recording and Visualization
  148. Improving The Effectiveness of Automatically Generated Test Suites Using Metamorphic Testing
  149. Comparative review of the literature of automated testing tools
  150. Automated testing framework with browserstack integration
  151. Minha: large-scale distributed systems testing made practical
  152. Analysis on the adequacy of current acceptance criteria in developing scripts for automation testing
  153. Testing System for Corporation Productivity Improvement Department
  154. An integrated approach of class testing using firefly and moth flame optimization algorithm
  155. Systematic mapping study on combining model-based testing and behavior-driven development or testdriven development
  156. Pengujian Software Menggunakan Metode Boundary Value Analysis dan Decision Table Testing
  157. Testing, Model Checking and Static Analysis
  158. An Experimental Study on Applying Metamorphic Testing in Machine Learning Applications
  159. Towards characterizing adversarial defects of deep learning software from the lens of uncertainty
  160. Excellence in variant testing
  161. Testing Approaches for an Electricity Market Simulator
  162. Automatic Testing for Web Application Using HP-ALM Tool
  163. Pengujian Perangkat Lunak Sistem Informasi Peminjaman PlayStation dengan Teknik Boundary Value Analysis Menggunakan Metode Black Box Testing
  164. Influence of multiple hypothesis testing on reproducibility in neuroimaging research: A simulation study and Python-based software
  165. Binary Black Hole-Based Optimization For T-Way Testing
  166. Robustness inside out testing
  167. Information resources usability and split-testing features
  168. Mutation Testing: Algorithms and Applications
  169. K-harmonic Mean-Based Approach for Testing the Aspect-Oriented Systems
  170. Automation and evaluation of mutation testing for the new C++ standards
  171. Data-Driven Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing Prioritization
  172. Manual and Test Automation Strategies for the Application Testing Systems, Forms, Techniques
  173. Comparing the effectiveness of capture and replay against automatic input generation for Android graphical user interface testing
  174. Statistical testing data generation for UAS
  175. Managing App Testing Device Clouds: Issues and Opportunities
  176. Model-based Test Suite Generation for Fault Localization using Search-based Mutation Testing Technique
  177. Testing
  178. Optimal decisions on software release and post-release testing: A unified approach
  179. Poster: Is Euclidean Distance the best Distance Measurement for Adaptive Random Testing?
  180. Software Framework for Testing of Automated Driving Systems in a Dynamic Traffic Environment
  181. MuHyb: A Proposed Mutation Testing Tool for Hybrid Mobile Applications
  182. What Are We Really Testing in Mutation Testing for Machine Learning? A Critical Reflection
  183. Junit framework for unit testing. pdf
  184. Testing consensus implementations using communication closure
  185. Control System for a Tensile-Testing Device Using Low-Cost Hardware and Open-Source Software.
  186. Crowdsourced requirements generation for automatic testing via knowledge graph
  187. Fuzzing: Hack, art, and science
  189. Mutation reduction in software mutation testing using firefly optimization algorithm
  190. Looking For Novelty in Search-based Software Product Line Testing
  191. An Effective Approach for Context Driven Testing in Practice—A Case Study
  192. Cats are not fish: Deep learning testing calls for out-of-distribution awareness
  193. A Literature Review of Critical Success Factors in Agile Testing Method of Software Development
  194. Testing adaptation policies for software components
  195. A Survey Paper, Test Cases Prioritization of Regression Testing
  196. Testing and fingerprinting the physical layer of wireless cards with software-defined radios
  197. Structure-invariant testing for machine translation
  198. An overview of the emerging JPEG Pleno standard, conformance testing and reference software
  199. Artificial Intelligence in Automated System for Web-Interfaces Visual Testing.
  200. Augmenting ant colony optimization with adaptive random testing to cover prime paths
  201. Versatile implementation of a hardware–software architecture for development and testing of brain–computer interfaces
  202. Implementation of an Open-Source Digital Image Correlation Software for Structural Testing
  203. Lodestone: A Streaming Approach to Behavior Modeling and Load Testing
  204. Actual Problems and Prospects of Testing Software Modules of Information Technologies
  205. Testing configurable software systems: the failure observation challenge
  206. The application perspective of mutatoin testing
  207. Model-Based Testing in Practice: An Industrial Case Study using GraphWalker
  208. The automated special software for component testing of the satellite communication station
  209. Continuous development and testing of access and usage control: a systematic literature review
  210. Testing machine learning based systems: a systematic mapping
  211. Software Batch Testing to Reduce Build Test Executions
  212. Real-world Independent Testing of e-ASPECTS Software (RITeS): statistical analysis plan
  213. Review of testing software. Selenium software
  214. Model-based exploration of the frontier of behaviours for deep learning system testing
  216. {PARTEMU}: Enabling Dynamic Analysis of Real-World TrustZone Software Using Emulation
  217. En-Route: on enabling resource usage testing for autonomous driving frameworks
  218. Projection-based runtime assertions for testing and debugging Quantum programs
  219. Beyond accuracy: Behavioral testing of NLP models with CheckList
  220. RIVER 2.0: an open-source testing framework using AI techniques
  221. Property-based testing: evaluating its applicability and effectiveness for AUTOSAR basic software
  222. Utilising CI environment for efficient and effective testing of NFRs
  223. A Study on The Application of ISO/IEC 17025 Software Accredited Testing Institute Using ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 and ISO/IEC 25023
  224. The testing methods in an application using deep learning
  225. Pengujian Software Aplikasi Perawatan Barang Miliki Negara Menggunakan Metode Black Box Testing Equivalence Partitions
  226. BOPcat software package for the construction and testing of tight-binding models and bond-order potentials
  227. Software-Supported Audits of Decision-Making Systems: Testing Google and Facebook’s Political Advertising Policies
  228. Leveraging combinatorial testing for safety-critical computer vision datasets
  229. AUTOCON-IoT: Automated and scalable online conformance testing for IoT applications
  230. Automatic testing and improvement of machine translation
  231. Automated System Testing for a Learning Management System
  233. Testing of games through software agents managed by artificial neural networks
  234. Efficient Code-based Software Product Line Regression Testing
  235. FuRong: fusing report of automated Android testing on multi-devices
  236. Experiences in Teaching and Learning Video Game Testing with Post-mortem Analysis in a Game Development Course
  237. Mathematical Software for Testing and Setting up the Induction Soldering Process
  238. Model-Based Testing of Read Only Graph Queries
  239. Analyzing using Software Defined Radios as Wireless Sensor Network Inspection and Testing Devices: An Internet of Things Penetration Testing Perspective
  240. On testing message-passing components
  241. Diversity of graph models and graph generators in mutation testing
  242. Echidna: effective, usable, and fast fuzzing for smart contracts
  243. Time-travel testing of Android apps
  244. Automated Blackbox and Whitebox Testing of RESTful APIs With EvoMaster
  245. Testing DNN-Based Path Planning Algorithms by Metamorphic Testing
  246. Revisiting Test Impact Analysis in Continuous Testing From the Perspective of Code Dependencies
  247. Testing the Population Administration Website Application Using the Black Box Testing Boundary Value Analysis Method
  248. Evaluation of the Automated Testing Framework: A Case Study
  249. Neural Network Classification for Improving Continuous Regression Testing
  250. Automatic Fairness Testing of Machine Learning Models
  251. Coverage Guided Multiple Base Choice Testing
  252. Extreme mutation testing in practice: An industrial case study
  253. Random testing for C and C++ compilers with YARPGen
  254. Real-world Independent Testing of e-ASPECTS Software (RITeS): Checklist for Statistical Analysis Plan
  255. Android Software for Testing in Audio and 2D User Interaction Environment
  256. Features and Behaviours Mapping In Model-based Testing in Software Product Line
  257. A study on the challenges of using robotics simulators for testing
  258. Machine learning testing: Survey, landscapes and horizons
  259. UpGrade: An Open Source Tool to Support A/B Testing in Educational Software
  260. Trajectory Tracking Controller Testing in Software in the Loop Environment
  261. Continuous Security Testing: A Case Study on Integrating Dynamic Security Testing Tools in CI/CD Pipelines
  262. GridTest: testing and metrics collection for Python
  263. Testing DNN image classifiers for confusion & bias errors
  264. Efficient Regression Testing of Software Product Lines by Reducing Redundant Test Executions
  265. DeepGini: prioritizing massive tests to enhance the robustness of deep neural networks
  266. Testing machine learning code using polyhedral region
  267. Design and Development of Android Performance Testing Tool
  268. UML Modeling and Black Box Testing Methods in the School Payment Information System
  269. AI-driven web API testing
  270. Framework for Automation of Cloud-Application Testing using Selenium (FACTS)
  271. Savior: Towards bug-driven hybrid testing
  272. An Approach for Development and Testing a Reliable Speedometer Software for Speed Competitions on Motorsport
  273. CPSDebug: a tool for explanation of failures in cyber-physical systems
  274. Effectiveness of dataset reduction in testing machine learning algorithms
  275. Design and Implementation of a Co-Simulation Framework for Testing of Automated Driving Systems
  276. Exploratory Datamorphic Testing of Classification Applications
  277. Drone Hardware And Software Development And Testing Quality Management
  278. SMRL: a metamorphic security testing tool for web systems
  279. A Structural Testing Model Using SDA Algorithm
  280. Usability testing essentials: ready, set… test!
  281. Software-in-the-Loop Testing of SSSC with Type-1 Controller Connected to SMIB
  282. Effective Security Assessments and Testing
  283. RestTestGen: automated black-box testing of RESTful APIs
  284. Experiences from Teaching Automated Testing with CrowdSorcerer
  285. DevOpRET: Continuous reliability testing in DevOps
  286. Cost Reduction Technique for Mutation Testing
  287. Is Exceptional Behavior Testing an Exception? An Empirical Assessment Using Java Automated Tests
  288. Assessing the effectiveness of input and output coverage criteria for testing quantum programs
  289. Practical Accuracy Estimation for Efficient Deep Neural Network Testing
  290. Generation and evaluation of software programs for delay testing of microprocessors
  291. Effectiveness of operational profile-based testing
  292. Automatic exploratory performance testing using a discriminator neural network
  293. Testing MapReduce program using Induction Method
  294. A testing technique for conflict-resolution facilities in software configurators
  295. Genetic algorithms for redundancy in interaction testing
  296. Testing of support tools for plagiarism detection
  298. Aplib: An Agent Programming Library for Testing Games
  299. CMS-Automation of Unified building and testing
  300. Performance testing on the shopee website in the pandemic period of COVID-19
  301. A Review on Fault Taxonomies for Web Testing
  302. Prioritizing versions for performance regression testing: The Pharo case
  303. Software-in-the-loop testing of a distributed optimal scheduling strategy for microgrids’ aggregators
  304. Effectiveness of dataset reduction in testing machine learning algorithms
  305. Testing Framework for Black-box AI Models
  306. A Comprehensive Analysis for Validation of AVISAR Object-Oriented Testing Tool
  307. DiLAD: A Distributed Layout Testing Framework for Android Applications
  308. Discovering discrepancies in numerical libraries
  309. > Towards Distributed Systems Testing in Cloud Environment
  310. An automated framework for continuous development and testing of access control systems
  311. Leveraging Existing Software Artifacts to Support Design, Development, and Testing of Mobile Applications
  312. Verification and testing of safety-critical airborne systems: A model-based methodology
  313. Functional test of the online Recognition of Work Experience and Learning Outcome System using black box testing
  314. Advances in automatic software verification: SV-COMP 2020
  315. A Technique for Parallel GUI Testing of Android Applications
  316. Simultaneously searching and solving multiple avoidable collisions for testing autonomous driving systems
  317. Ontology-driven Security Testing of Web Applications
  318. Determining Software Inter-Dependency Patterns for Integration Testing by applying Machine learning on Logs and Telemetry data
  319. COVIDStrategyCalculator: A standalone software to assess testing-and quarantine strategies for incoming travelers, contact person management and de-isolation
  320. Reducing the maintenance effort for parameterization of representative load tests using annotations
  321. Unit Testing for USB Module Using Google Test Framework
  322. Testing numbs us to our loss of intellectual control
  324. ct-fuzz: Fuzzing for Timing Leaks
  325. What is Preemptive Testing and Why Should I Care?
  326. Test-driven development with mutation testing–an experimental study
  327. Stress testing SMT solvers via type-aware mutation
  328. Automated Visual Testing of Application User Interfaces Using Static Analysis of Screenshots
  329. Software testing without the oracle correctness assumption
  330. Learning-based controlled concurrency testing
  331. End-To-End Flight Software Development and Testing: Modularity, Transparency and Scalability Across Testbeds
  332. Specification-Driven Conformance Checking for Virtual/Silicon Devices using Mutation Testing
  333. Practical Mutation Testing at Scale
  335. Development and testing of a text messaging (SMS) monitoring software application for acute decompensated heart failure patients
  336. Evaluating the Optimized Mutation Analysis Approach in Context of Model-Based Testing
  337. Uncertainty-aware specification and analysis for hardware-in-the-loop testing of cyber-physical systems
  338. Is neuron coverage a meaningful measure for testing deep neural networks?
  339. Vulnerabilities mapping based on OWASP-SANS: a survey for static application security testing (SAST)
  340. Testing the Replenishment Model Strategy Using Software Tecnomatix Plant Simulation
  341. Metamorphic Robustness Testing of Google Translate
  342. Analysis of the Application of Virtual Simulation Software in Food Testing Technology Course with Atomic Absorption Spectrum1–Taking the Example of Determining …
  343. SiMut: Exploring Program Similarity to Support the Cost Reduction of Mutation Testing
  344. Assessing two graph-based algorithms in a modelbased testing platform for Java applications
  345. Data quality model-based testing of information systems: the use-case of E-scooters
  346. Software Automation for Bandwidth Testing of Keysight 3458A Digital Multimeter up to 200 kHz
  347. Does mutation testing improve testing practices?
  348. A Comparative Study on Combinatorial and Random Testing for Highly Configurable Systems
  349. DEMINER: test generation for high test coverage through mutant exploration
  350. Test Tools: an illusion of usability?
  351. Designing and Testing of Data Acquisition System for Satellite Using MIL-STD-1553
  352. ToCaMS–Workshop on Testing of Configurable and Multi-variant Systems
  353. Augmented Reality: a new way to build knowledge. Bibliometric analysis and apps testing
  354. Software Fault Insertion Testing for SIL Certification of Safety PLC-Based System
  355. Crowdsourced Software Testing: A Timely Opportunity. Engineering International, 8 (1), 25-30
  356. A Systematical Approach for “System Item Integration and Testing” in Context of ISO 26262
  357. Remote embedded devices test framework on the cloud
  358. Final integration and early testing of WEAVE: the next generation wide-field spectroscopy facility for the William Herschel Telescope
  359. Combining Evolutionary Mutation Testing with Random Selection
  360. VFSIE–Development and Testing Framework for Federated Science Instruments
  361. Research on Technologies of Vulnerability Mining and Penetration Testing for Satellite Communication Network
  362. Creating a Virtuous Cycle in Performance Testing at MongoDB
  363. Bayesian alternatives to null hypothesis significance testing in biomedical research: a non-technical introduction to Bayesian inference with JASP
  364. Blackbox Testing Model Boundary Value Of Mapping Taxonomy Applications and Data Analysis of Art and Artworks
  366. Metamorphic Testing for Plant Identification Mobile Applications Based on Test Contexts
  367. Deploying TESTAR to enable remote testing in an industrial CI pipeline: a case-based evaluation
  368. Adding security testing in DevOps software development with continuous integration and continuous delivery practices
  369. A Testing Tool for IoT Systems Operating with Limited Network Connectivity
  370. Selenium based Testing Systems for Analytical Data Generation of Website User Behavior
  371. Intermittently failing tests in the embedded systems domain
  372. Re: Pharmacogenetic Testing Options Relevant to Psychiatry in Canada
  373. Testing practices for infrastructure as code
  374. Web Accessibility Testing for Deaf: Requirements and Approaches for Automation
  375. Knowledge sharing and technological innovation capabilities of Chinese software SMEs
  376. Proof-of-concept of Model-based testing based on an UML-model of a water-level measurement system
  377. Decision Support for Combining Security Mechanisms using Exploratory Evolutionary Testing
  378. Mobile Testing: New Challenges and Perceived Difficulties From Developers of the Italian Industry
  379. Editorial for the special issue of STVR on the 10th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification, and Validation (ICST 2017)
  380. A Model-Based Security Testing Approach for Automotive Over-The-Air Updates
  381. MEMOTE for standardized genome-scale metabolic model testing
  382. Scenario Based Testing of Automated Driving Systems: A Literature Survey
  383. MT-EA4Cloud: A methodology for testing and optimising energy-aware cloud systems
  384. An exploration of effective fuzzing for side‐channel cache leakage
  385. Image-based Approaches for Automating GUI Testing of Interactive Web-based Applications
  386. Exposing bugs in JavaScript engines through test transplantation and differential testing
  387. Research and Application of Real-Time Database Integration Testing Method
  388. A control system for the ASTE Polarimeter: design and testing
  389. Patterns for Development of Safety-Critical Systems with Agile: Trace Safety Requirements and Perform Automated Testing
  391. Experimental Study of Keyword-Based Exploratory Testing
  392. Reducing the Cost of Mutation Testing with the Use of Primitive Arcs Concept
  393. Program State Abstraction for Feedback-Driven Fuzz Testing using Likely Invariants
  394. hW-inference: A heuristic approach to retrieve models through black box testing
  395. Penetration testing a civilian drone: Reverse engineering software in search for security vulnerabilities
  396. Dry panels supporting external quality assessment programs for next generation sequencing-based HIV drug resistance testing
  397. Prioritization of Test Cases with Varying Test Costs and Fault Severities for Certification Testing
  398. Symbolic partial-order execution for testing multi-threaded programs
  399. Research on the Software Testing Reliability Model
  400. The Need for New Guidelines and Training for Remote/Online Testing and Proctoring Due to COVID-19.
  401. Verifying and Testing Concurrent Programs using Constraint Solver based Approaches
  402. HardSnap: Leveraging Hardware Snapshotting for Embedded Systems Security Testing
  403. Virtual-Real Interaction Tests for Functional Testing of Smart Ships
  404. On the Large-scale Graph Data Processing for User Interface Testing in Big Data Science Projects
  405. Genetic algorithms applied to videogame testing
  406. Mutation Testing and Its Analysis on Web Applications for Defect Prevention and Performance Improvement
  407. Comparing Fault Detection Efficiencies of Adaptive Random Testing and Greedy Combinatorial Testing for Boolean-Specifications.
  408. Selective Regression Testing based on Big Data: Comparing Feature Extraction Techniques
  409. Using AI in Automated UI Localization Testing of a Mobile App
  410. Formal Verification, Testing, and Inspection for Intelligent Services
  411. Automated smoke testing with Selenium
  412. Defeating barriers for resource usage testing for autonomous driving frameworks
  413. Towards Better Static Analysis Security Testing Methodologies
  414. Predicate Testing Generation for Safety-critical Systems
  415. Using fuzzy logic in assessing of automated testing system
  416. Testing in DevOps
  417. Evaluating Testing Techniques in Highly-Configurable Systems: The Drupal Dataset
  418. ” Implementación del Nightwatch como una estrategia para Testing en las empresas de desarrollo de software
  419. Seeding Strategies for Multi-Objective Test Case Selection: An Application on Simulation-based Testing
  420. Challenges & opportunities in low-code testing
  421. A robustness testing approach for RESTful Web Services
  422. Architecture Based on Keyword Driven Testing with Domain Specific Language for a Testing System
  423. How to kill them all: an exploratory study on the impact of code observability on mutation testing
  425. Robust Automation Testing Tool for GUI Applications in Agile World—Faster to Market
  426. New Lessons in Gage Management: Don’t Overlook GR&R Testing
  427. The Threat to the Validity of Predictive Mutation Testing: The Impact of Uncovered Mutants
  428. A Design Method of Reusable Test Case Based on Exploratory Testing for E-Commerce Website
  429. Performance Testing Automation of Apache Qpid Messaging Libraries
  430. Putting Randomized Compiler Testing into Production (Experience Report)
  431. Determining How Much Testing is Enough: An Exploration of Progress in the Department of Defense Test and Evaluation Community
  432. Toward an Encoding Approach to Interaction-based Test Suite Minimization
  433. Model-Based Product-Line Regression Testing of Variants and Versions of Variants
  434. Using Metamorphic Testing to Evaluate DNN Coverage Criteria
  435. CrossASR: Efficient Differential Testing of Automatic Speech Recognition via Text-To-Speech
  436. One Engine to Fuzz’em All: Generic Language Processor Testing with Semantic Validation
  437. Verifying and Validating Ontologies: Used Approaches for a Top-domain Software Testing Ontology
  438. Automated Driving System Disengagement Analysis and Testing Recommendations
  439. MT-Teql: Evaluating and Augmenting Consistency of Text-to-SQL Models with Metamorphic Testing
  440. Abstractions and Algorithms for Specializing Dynamic Program Analysis and Random Fuzz Testing
  441. Software verification: 10th comparative evaluation (SV-COMP 2021)
  442. On the use of LSPIV-based free software programs for the monitoring of river: testing the PIVlab and the FUDAA-LSPIV with synthetic and real image sequences
  443. Testing smart contracts gets smarter
  444. Alternative Effort-optimal Model-based Strategy for State Machine Testing of IoT Systems
  445. SADT: Syntax-Aware Differential Testing of Certificate Validation in SSL/TLS Implementations
  446. Combinational metamorphic testing in integer vulnerabilities detection
  447. PatrIoT: IoT Automated Interoperability and Integration Testing Framework
  448. Unit testing platform to verify devs models
  449. A Comprehensive Literature Review of Penetration Testing & Its Applications
  450. Can Robots Improve Testing Capacity for SARS-CoV-2?
  451. A family of experiments to assess the impact of page object pattern in web test suite development
  452. Testing of Visuospatial Cognitive Functions in Virtual Reality Environment
  453. On the Application of Machine Learning in Software Testing
  454. AVRS: emulating AVR microcontrollers for reverse engineering and security testing
  455. Tooling for automated testing of cyber-physical system models
  456. Distributed Testing Teams
  457. Towards a testing approach for feature-based context-oriented programming systems
  458. Improved Mixed Neighborhood Tabu Search by Random Selection for Combinatorial Interaction Testing
  459. Automated Framework for API Testing
  460. A Black Box Tool for Robustness Testing of REST Services
  461. Property-Based Testing for Parameter Learning of Probabilistic Graphical Models
  462. A Fault Localization Approach Derived From Testing-based Formal Verification
  463. Converting Driving Scenario Framework for Testing Self-Driving Systems
  464. Assessing safety-critical systems from operational testing: A study on autonomous vehicles
  465. Functional Testing of Conflict Detection and Diagnosis Tools in Feature Model Configuration: A Test Suite Design
  466. On the Use of SMT Solvers in Model-Based Testing
  467. An Efficient Model Inference Algorithm for Learning-based Testing of Reactive Systems
  468. Constrained detecting arrays for fault localization in combinatorial testing
  469. Search-based Test Data Generation for Mutation Testing: a tool for Python programs
  470. SRS 2020 Annual Meeting Image Analysis Software Development and Testing Update
  471. An Experimental Study for Complete-IOCO Theory
  472. The motor testing system design based on SINAMICS S120 inverter
  473. diagnostic classification models: Models and model extensions, applications, software packages
  474. Software Testing
  475. Automated Testing of a Cyber Training Environment within an Agile Development Process
  476. Effective Concurrency Testing for Distributed Systems
  477. Structuring and presenting data for testing of automotive electronics to reduce effort during decision making
  478. Android App Testing: A Model for Generating Automated Lifecycle Tests
  479. Computed Tomography for Nondestructive Testing
  480. Model-Based Testing of Networked Applications
  481. Automatic Ex-Vivo Regression Testing of Microservices
  482. Seed Model Synthesis for Testing Model-Based Mutation Operators
  483. Automated Strong Mutation Testing of XACML Policies
  484. Automation of Tests and Comparative Analysis between Manual and Automated testing
  485. An Industrial Case Study on Fault Detection Effectiveness of Combinatorial Robustness Testing
  486. Developing and testing a new tool to foster wind energy sector industrial skills
  487. Optimization of Test Case Allocation Scheme in Program Partition Testing
  488. OggyBug: A Test Automation Tool in Chatbots
  489. Automated repair of feature interaction failures in automated driving systems
  490. Feature-Trace: an approach to generate operational profile and to support regression testing from BDD features
  491. Towards a Methodology for Acceptance Testing and Validation of Monitoring Bodyworn Devices
  492. Intelligent Strategies for Cloud Computing Risk Management and Testing
  493. A methodology for automated penetration testing of cloud applications
  494. Framework for Automation of Software Testing for Web Application in Cloud-(FASTEST) Web Application
  495. HyPhy 2.5—a customizable platform for evolutionary hypothesis testing using phylogenies
  496. Testing Strategies in an Agile Context
  497. Testing static analyses for precision and soundness
  498. Security Testing and Run-Time Monitoring
  499. Testing Chatbots with Charm
  500. An OSLC-based environment for system-level functional testing of ERTMS/ETCS controllers
  501. Analytical approaches to testing pathways linking greenspace to health: A scoping review of the empirical literature
  502. Automated Testing and Debugging for Big Data Analytics
  503. Improvement of Crowdsourced Software Testing Through Machine Learning Approaches
  504. Better Robustness Testing for Autonomy Systems
  505. Is Neuron Coverage a Meaningful Measure for Testing Deep Neural Networks?
  506. Lab-scale Models of Manufacturing Systems for Testing Real-time Simulation and Production Control Technologies
  507. What It Would Take to Use Mutation Testing inIndustry–A Study at Facebook
  508. Usability testing and the social analysis on online counselling system for recommendations in technical vocational schools
  509. P2IM: Scalable and hardware-independent firmware testing via automatic peripheral interface modeling
  510. Fostering the Diversity of Exploratory Testing in Web Applications
  511. Distributed Acquisition and Processing Network for Experimental Vibration Testing of Aero-Engine Structures
  512. Materials Testing Systems in Regulated Environments: What You Need to Know
  513. Coverage-Guided Testing for Scalable Virtual Prototype Verification
  514. Blackbox Testing Using Fuzzy Clustering Based on Boundary Value Analysis on The Text Opinion Mining Application in Traditional Culture Arts Presentation
  515. ObjSim: lightweight automatic patch prioritization via object similarity
  516. SNPInt-GPU: Tool for Epistasis Testing with Multiple Methods and GPU Acceleration.
  517. modglm: An R package for testing, interpreting, and displaying interactions in generalized linear models of discrete data
  518. Implementation of the simple domain-specific language for system testing in V-Model development lifecycle
  519. TauJud: test augmentation of machine learning in judicial documents
  520. EleMA: A reference simulation model architecture and interface standard for modeling and testing of electric vehicles
  521. Usability Testing in Kanban Agile Process for Club Management System
  522. Automated seed testing by 3D X-ray computed tomography
  523. Model-Based Testing of GUI Applications Featuring Dynamic Instanciation of Widgets
  524. Guided, Deep Testing of X. 509 Certificate Validation via Coverage Transfer Graphs
  525. Review of Testing by Analysis for Potential Implementation into AISI Standards
  526. A Heuristic Region-based Concurrency Bug Testing Approach
  527. Towards reducing the time needed for load testing
  528. Run Java Applications and Test Them In-Vivo Meantime
  529. Testing the usability of digital educational games for encouraging smoking cessation
  530. CDST: A Toolkit for Testing Cockpit Display Systems of Avionics
  531. Providing Validation Evidence for a Clinical-Science Module: Improving Testing Reliability with Quizzes
  532. On Testing Microservice Systems
  533. Performance analysis of SIIT implementations: Testing and improving the methodology
  534. On automation in software engineering
  535. Remote laboratory testing demonstration
  536. Testing Coverage Criteria for Deep Forests
  537. Impact of direct-to-consumer genetic testing on Australian clinical genetics services
  538. Automated testing to detect status data loss in android applications
  539. A Universal Machine-Learning-Based Automated Testing System for Consumer Electronic Products
  540. Developing and testing a new tool to foster wind energy sector industrial skills
  541. Critical mass: The rise of a touchscreen technology community for rodent cognitive testing
  542. Testing in Global Software Development–A Pattern Approach
  543. Data loss detector: automatically revealing data loss bugs in Android apps
  544. Penetration testing ROS
  545. Vibration Fatigue–Fem Analysis vs. Real Testing
  546. Fault-driven stress testing of distributed real-time systems based on UML models
  547. Testing of a Program to Automatically Analyze Students’ Concept Maps
  548. Testing the identification effectiveness of an unknown outbreak of the Infectious Diseases Seeker (IDS) using and comparing the novel coronavirus disease …
  549. Experience of the distance testing system development and operation
  550. Developing of Computerized Adaptive Testing to Measure Physics Higher Order Thinking Skills of Senior High School Students and Its Feasibility of Use.
  551. AMADEUS: towards the AutoMAteD secUrity teSting
  552. HW_TEST, a program for comprehensive HARDY-WEINBERG equilibrium testing
  553. Full latent growth and its use in PLS-SEM: Testing moderating relationships
  554. Analytical Techniques for Testing: Optimal Distribution of Testing Resources Between Different System Levels
  555. A Language for Autonomous Vehicles Testing Oracles
  556. Double Cycle Hybrid Testing of Hybrid Distributed IoT System
  557. Localizing software performance regressions in web applications by comparing execution timelines
  558. Testing Web Service Compositions: Approaches, Methodology and Automation
  559. Testing Robotic Systems: A New Battlefield!
  560. Learning input tokens for effective fuzzing
  561. Asserting Functional Equivalence between C Code and SCADE Models in Code-to-Model Transformations
  562. Non-destructive testing and Finite Element Method integrated procedure for heritage diagnosis: The Seville Cathedral case study
  563. Improving regression testing efficiency and reliability via test-suite transformations
  564. Design and Development of mini Universal Testing Machine (mini UTM)
  565. Design of integrated performance testing equipment for ranging/irradiator
  566. Practical use of Windows data collector process and testing analysis
  567. CoCoNuT: Combining context-aware neural translation models using ensemble for program repair
  568. Security testing of second order permission re-delegation vulnerabilities in Android apps
  569. Experimental modal analysis of nonlinear systems by using response-controlled stepped-sine testing
  570. Evaluation of open source static analysis security testing (SAST) tools for c
  571. Testing Antivirus in Linux: An Investigation on the Effectiveness of Solutions Available for Desktop Computers
  572. Anxiety and hemodynamic reactivity during cardiac stress testing: The role of gender and age in myocardial ischemia
  573. Relocatable addressing model for symbolic execution
  574. Non-Destructive Testing of GFRP-Wrapped Reinforced-Concrete Slabs
  575. Agile development technology of test application program suitable for semiconductor device testing
  576. Sandbox: A Secured Testing Framework for Applications
  577. Running symbolic execution forever
  578. Do memories haunt you? An automated black box testing approach for detecting memory leaks in android apps
  579. A reference test setup and comparison between different HPEM testing schemes
  580. Whole-Genome Assembly of Yersinia pestis 231, the Russian Reference Strain for Testing Plague Vaccine Protection
  581. A Study on Testing Autonomous Driving Systems
  582. Grammar-based testing for little languages: an experience report with student compilers
  583. Usability testing of mobile flipboard application on both non-users and novice users
  584. Finding minimum locating arrays using a CSP solver
  585. Documentation-Guided Fuzzing for Testing Deep Learning API Functions
  586. A framework for testing large-scale distributed soil erosion and sediment delivery models: Dealing with uncertainty in models and the observational data
  587. Analysis, Integration and Testing the Component Based Adoption Techniques During Runtime Configuration
  588. A point-of-care testing sensor based on fluorescent nanoclusters for rapid detection of septicemia in children
  589. Smartphone-based self-testing of covid-19 using breathing sounds
  590. Optimized Fuzzy Hierarchical Clustering based Automated Test case generation for Improving Regression Testing on Mobile Apps
  591. Smartphone-Based Automated Non-Destructive Testing Devices
  592. Commissioning of L1Calo Phase I Upgrade at ATLAS: development and testing of eFEX and FTM modules
  593. An approach to security testing in the context of smart power grids
  594. Development and Application of a New Triaxial Testing System for Subzero Rocks
  595. Testing Campus-Class-Technology Theory in Student Engagement: A Large Sample Path Analysis
  596. Net benefit analysis of Visual Regression Testing in a Continuous integration environment: An industrial Case study
  597. Closing the RISC-V Compliance Gap: Looking from the Negative Testing Side*
  598. DAPT: A Package Enabling Distributed Automated Parameter Testing
  599. A Modified Artificial Bee Colony Based Test Suite Generation Strategy for Uniform T-Way Testing
  600. Research on Testing System for an Intelligent and Connected Vehicle
  601. Exploring Application of Knowledge Space Theory in Accessibility Testing
  602. Research and Application of Relay Protection Testing Method in the Intelligent Substation
  603. Development of an application to simulate a blood and plasma testing device
  604. Experience in Automated Functional and Load Testing in the Life Cycle of the Mission-critical System
  605. Performance of the VITEK® 2 advanced expert system™ for the validation of antimicrobial susceptibility testing results
  606. Security Assessment and Testing
  607. Defining suitable testing levels, methods and practices for an agile web application project
  608. Regression Testing in Era of Internet of Things and Machine Learning
  609. Floating Point Accuracy Testing in Deep Neural Network Computations via Hypothesis Testing
  610. A Study on the Use of Exploraroty Testing in College Game Development Projects
  611. Testing, checking, linting
  612. A new dynamic direct shear testing device on rock joints
  613. Property-based testing of ERC-20 smart contracts
  614. Measuring MC/DC Coverage and Boolean Fault Severity of Object-Oriented Programs Using Concolic Testing
  615. Empirical study of Team Usability Testing: a laboratory experiment
  616. SISO Space Reference FOM-Tools and Testing
  617. Computer aided testing of materials through interfacing device
  618. Pooling of SARS-CoV-2 samples to increase molecular testing throughput
  619. Affordable Virtual Reality Setup for Educational Aerospace Robotics Simulation and Testing
  620. Automated Requirements-Based Testing of Black-Box Reactive Systems
  621. Ethical Testing in the Real World: Evaluating Physical Testing of Adversarial Machine Learning
  622. Testing and optimization of Recurrent Signal Processor
  623. Usage of simulation software for differential protection testing
  624. A Concept of an Attack Model for a Model-Based Security Testing Framework
  625. Automated molecular testing of saliva for SARS-COV-2 detection
  626. End-to-end testing on Web Experience Management Platform
  627. Determining the existence and strength of teen dating violence policy: testing a comparative state internal determinants model
  628. The Process of Maintenance and Assessment of The Universal Testing Material Machine H50KS
  629. Testing mediation via indirect effects in PLS-SEM: A social networking site illustration
  630. Low performance of rapid antigen detection test as frontline testing for COVID-19 diagnosis
  631. Graphic Augmented Defect Recognition for Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing on Tubular TKY Joints
  632. How many familial relationship testing results could be wrong?
  633. Digital BOPE Testing–A Case Study Leading to Improved Technical Assurance While Reducing Time Requirements and Cost in Onshore Drilling Operations
  634. A paradigm of automatic ICT testing system development in practice
  635. Matching & Testing of Turbocharger Based on FSC Racing Engine
  636. Closing the Wearable Gap-Part VII: A Retrospective of Stretch Sensor Tool Kit Development for Benchmark Testing
  637. Physics-of-failure and computer-aided simulation fusion approach with a software system for electronics reliability analysis
  638. A new analysis of the factors influencing the philosophy of value creation; the empirical testing of contingency theory
  639. Construction of intelligent testing system for electronic components
  640. Improving Engagement Assessment in Gameplay Testing Sessions using IoT Sensors
  641. Adapting to disruption of research during the COVID-19 pandemic while testing nonpharmacological approaches to pain management
  642. Flexible Combinatorial Interaction Testing
  643. Unique approach to quality assurance in viscoelastic testing
  644. A database of laboratory analogue models of caldera collapse testing the role of inherited structures
  645. Commercial filament testing for use in 3D printed phantoms
  646. Testing the applicability of dendrochemistry using X-ray fluorescence to trace environmental contamination at a glassworks site
  647. A Differential Testing Approach for Evaluating Abstract Syntax Tree Mapping Algorithms
  648. Features of Thermal Nondestructive Testing of Impact Damage to Products Made of Polymer Composite Materials
  649. Testing Encyclopedias in Production
  650. Kaya: A Testing Framework for Blockchain-based Decentralized Applications
  651. Innovative and rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing systems
  652. Fast Delivery, Continuously Build, Testing and Deployment with DevOps Pipeline Techniques on Cloud
  653. Frequency of testing for COVID 19 infection and the presence of higher number of available beds per country predict outcomes with the infection, not the GDP of the …
  654. DigiCAV: A platform for simulation augmented physical testing of connected autonomous vehicle technologies
  655. Fly-by-Pi: Open source closed-loop control for geotechnical centrifuge testing applications
  656. of the Thesis: Automated testing with wireless communication in digitalised
  657. Ultrasonic pitch and catch technique for non-destructive testing of reinforced concrete slabs
  658. Vibration testing for dynamic properties of building floors
  659. Deep Reinforcement Learning for Black-Box Testing of Android Apps
  660. Observation Tree Approach: Active Learning Relying on Testing
  661. Ethnographic Upscaling: Exploring and Testing Hypotheses Drawn from In-depth Ethnographic Findings in Spatially Continuous Cases
  662. Testing, testing…
  663. An Approach of Usability Testing for Web User Interface Through Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) Models
  664. Deficient testing databases: a reliability-driven evaluation of privacy models providing a trade-off between data integrity and re-identification risk
  665. Testing prospective effects in longitudinal research: Comparing seven competing cross-lagged models.
  666. Virtual-Real Interaction Testing for Functions of Intelligent Ships
  667. Software engineering
  668. Pandora: A Cyber Range Environment for the Safe Testing and Deployment of Autonomous Cyber Attack Tools
  669. Testing the Kerr Black Hole Hypothesis with GX 339–4 by a Combined Analysis of Its Thermal Spectrum and Reflection Features
  670. Bridging a Gap in SAR-ATR: Training on Fully Synthetic and Testing on Measured Data
  671. A Methodology for Verification Testing of Data Evidence in Mobile Forensics
  672. In Silico Study on Testing Antidiabetic Compounds Candidate from Azaphilone Mold Monascus sp.
  673. An algorithm for detecting SQL injection vulnerability using black-box testing
  674. A flexible virtual environment for autonomous driving agent-human interaction testing
  675. A Universal Machine-Learning-Based Automated Testing System for Consumer Electronic Products. Electronics 2021, 10, 136
  676. Acoustic Performance Testing of CBA Concrete
  677. Patch based vulnerability matching for binary programs
  678. Test Case Minimization for Regression Testing of Composite Service Based on Modification Impact Analysis
  679. Testing a file carving tool using realistic datasets generated with openness by a user level file system
  681. Adaptive Test Feedback Loop: A Modeling Approach for Checking Side Effects during Test Execution in Advised Explorative Testing
  682. The new soaking test approach for testing the SONiC network testbed
  683. Hardness Testing Changes with the Times
  684. Checking Security Properties of Cloud Service REST APIs
  685. 3D EM Simulation Environment for Development, Testing, and Functioning of Internet of Things
  686. Continuous Integration in Automation Testing
  687. A Search-Based Testing Framework for Deep Neural Networks of Source Code Embedding
  688. Patch testing in New Zealand: Barriers to evidence‐based care
  689. Terrestrial testing of multi-agent, relative guidance, navigation, and control algorithms
  690. Scaling Test Case Generation For Expressive Decision Tables
  691. Testing whether ensemble modelling is advantageous for maximising predictive performance of species distribution models
  692. New perspectives on statistical data analysis: challenges and possibilities of digitalization for hypothesis testing in quantitative research
  693. Repeatable Simulation for Highly Automated Driving Development and Testing
  694. Testing Recognition of Computer-generated Icons
  695. The mathematical strategy that could transform coronavirus testing
  696. Electrical testing of small-series multi-chip microcircuit samples combining Wire Bond and Flip-Chip technologies
  697. Towards a Scalable and Flexible Simulation and Testing Environment Toolbox for Intelligent Microgrid Control
  698. Protocol development, validation, and troubleshooting of in-situ fiber optic bathless dissolution system (FODS) for a pharmaceutical drug testing
  699. Feasibility of virtual telehealth cochlear-implant testing
  700. Combining Dynamic Symbolic Execution, Machine Learning and Search-Based Testing to Automatically Generate Test Cases for Classes
  701. PolySTest: Robust statistical testing of proteomics data with missing values improves detection of biologically relevant features
  702. Testing
  703. The state of the art of testing standards for integrated robotic systems
  704. Onset detection of ultrasonic signals for the testing of concrete foundation piles by coupled continuous wavelet transform and machine learning algorithms
  705. Mechanical testing ontology for digital-twins: A roadmap based on EMMO
  706. Automated classification of actions in bug reports of mobile apps
  707. SKI: A new agile framework that supports DevOps, continuous delivery, and lean hypothesis testing
  708. TimelyRep: Timing deterministic replay for Android web applications
  709. Testing Self Driving Cars with Game Development Tools
  710. Evaluating the impacts of machine learning to the future of A/B testing
  711. Seed Model Synthesis for Testing Model-Based Mutation Operators
  712. Technical standards for respiratory oscillometry
  713. Research on Optical Performance Testing of Deck-embedded Lamps
  714. Firmware development and testing of semi-invasive multichannel esophageal ECG recorder for 3D mapping of electrical heart activity
  716. Assessing Cognitive Demand Testing Methods for Voice-Based Infotainment Systems
  717. Hardware-in-the-loop Model-based Testing of a Motor Relay with Secondary Injection
  718. Measurement Invariance Testing in Counseling
  719. SmartFuzz: An automated smart fuzzing approach for testing SmartThings apps
  720. An ultraportable and versatile point-of-care DNA testing platform
  721. Modes of automated driving system scenario testing: Experience report and recommendations
  722. Testing exoplanet evaporation with multitransiting systems
  723. Visual vs. Tactile Reaction Testing Demonstrates Problems with Online Cognitive Testing
  724. Development of a high-throughput SARS-CoV-2 antibody testing pathway using dried blood spot specimens
  725. System Integration Testing for Unintended Behaviors in Flight-Critical Aerospace Applications
  726. Validation Testing of Autonomous Learning Systems
  727. Automatic Generation of Challenging Road Networks for ALKS Testing based on Bezier Curves and Search
  728. Group testing for severe acute respiratory syndrome–coronavirus 2 to enable rapid scale-up of testing and real-time surveillance of incidence
  729. Continued Development and Flight Testing of a Long-Endurance Solar-Powered Unmanned Aircraft: UIUC-TUM Solar Flyer
  730. The SPLICE Project: Safe and Precise Landing Technology Development and Testing
  731. Application of digital image correlation method for road and railway material testing
  732. Chest CT vs. Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing for COVID Diagnosis
  733. Testing the residential daylight score: Comparing climate-based daylighting metrics for 2444 individual dwelling units in temperate climates
  734. Open geospatial software and data: A review of the current state and a perspective into the future
  735. Using tabular notation to support model based testing: A practical experience using STTSpec and Spec Explorer
  736. Unblind your apps: Predicting natural-language labels for mobile GUI components by deep learning
  737. A Review of Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment in Cloud Environment
  738. Towards FAIR principles for research software
  741. Observability and Controllability in Scenario-based Integration Testing of Time-Constrained Distributed Systems
  742. Hybrid Simulation Framework for Multi-hazard Testing
  743. Performance-based Comparative Analysis of OpenSource Vulnerability Testing Tools for WebDatabase Applications
  744. Local Language Testing: Design, Implementation, and Development
  745. RegularMutator: A Mutation Testing Tool for Solidity Smart Contracts
  746. Synthesizing Traffic Scenarios from Formal Specifications for Testing Automated Vehicles
  747. The Sociopolitics of English Language Testing
  748. Testing and analysis of additively manufactured stainless steel CHS in compression
  749. Data mining technology of computer testing system for intelligent machining
  751. Testing archaeological mail armour in a virtual environment: 3rd century BC to 10th century AD
  752. Testing Signal Processing Techniques for Digital VHF/UHF Transceiver in High-level SDR Programming Environment
  753. Supplemental file to the Language Testing paper “An eye-tracking study of attention to visual cues in L2 listening tests”
  754. Testing ERP and MES with Digital Twins
  755. Testing performance of RaspberryPi as IDS using SNORT
  756. Towards Flexible Security Testing of OT Devices
  757. 5G Packet Core Testing Strategies
  758. Local language testing: Design, implementation, and development
  759. System Architecture Modularity for Facilitated Testing and Resiliency for Humanoid Robotics
  760. Model-In-the-Loop Testing of Control Systems and Path Planner Algorithms for QuadRotor UAVs
  761. Automated Vulnerability Testing via Executable Attack Graphs
  762. Cardiovascular health and mitochondrial function: testing an association
  763. Real-time PCR, the best approaches for rapid testing for Mycobacterium chimaera detection in heater cooler units and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
  764. Remote teaching and supervision of graduate scholars in the unprecedented and testing times
  765. V0ltpwn: Attacking x86 processor integrity from software
  766. Testing, tracing and isolation in compartmental models
  767. Digital Experimentation and Startup Performance: Evidence from A/B Testing
  768. Out-Of-Step Protection Modeling for Playback and Real-Time Testing
  769. Camera testing technique for auto recognition
  770. Design, Construction and Testing of Portable Systems for Temperature, Humidity and Ammonia Monitoring of Chicken Coop
  771. Testing and validating AnTraGoS algorithms with impact beating spatters
  772. Scalable Electric-Motor-in-the-Loop Testing for Vehicle Powertrains
  773. WEIZZ: Automatic grey-box fuzzing for structured binary formats
  774. Using Bayes factor hypothesis testing in neuroscience to establish evidence of absence
  775. Drop-weight impact testing for the study of energy absorption in automobile crash boxes made of composite material
  776. Automatic monitoring of service reliability for web applications: a simulation‐based approach
  777. Performance-based Comparative Analysis of Open Source Vulnerability Testing Tools for Web Database Applications
  778. Development and testing of a conveyor for detecting various types of vehicles when transporting agricultural products from the field
  779. Bridge Load Testing: State-of-the-Practice
  780. Design, Testing and Field Deployment of an Online Sand Sampling and Particle Size Analysis Package
  781. Who am I? Testing I3S Contour on the facial mask of the Western polecat (Mustela putorius).
  782. Reliability Simulation Research for Nondestructive Ultrasonic Structure Testing Based on In Situ Influential Factors
  783. Virtual Simulation and Testing Platform for Self-Driving Cars
  784. Research and Design of Vehicle Simulation Subsystem of Testing Platform for CBTC System Based
  785. Non-destructive testing and evaluation of composite materials/structures: A state-of-the-art review
  786. Docker Image Selenium Test: A proof of concept for automating testing
  787. Detection and Testing of Dependencies Between Input and Output Data in the Implementation of Multi-Digit Algorithms in a Parallel Computational Model
  788. A Dissertation on the Testing Approaches of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems
  789. Quality assurance practices for point of care testing programs: Recommendations by the canadian society of clinical chemists point of care testing interest group
  790. HDSI: High dimensional selection with interactions algorithm on feature selection and testing
  791. MET: a Java package for fast molecule equivalence testing
  792. How to establish an academic SARS-CoV-2 testing laboratory
  793. Design and experimental testing of a control system for a morphing wing model actuated with miniature BLDC motors
  794. Designing and testing the employees performance management model: An integrated approach in Iran’s state-owned banks
  795. Development and Performance Testing of the Automated Building Energy Management System with IoT (ABEMS-IoT) Case Study: Big-Scale Automobile Factory
  796. Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Simulator and Data-logger for In-Vehicle Infotainment Testing
  797. Do links between personality and life outcomes generalize? Testing the robustness of trait–outcome associations across gender, age, ethnicity, and analytic …
  798. Changing the design of a synchronous motor after testing
  799. Routine testing for hyposplenism in a lupus clinic diagnoses; new cases and opportunities for intervention
  800. Testing Alertness of Emergency Physicians: A Novel Quantitative Measure of Alertness and Implications for Worker and Patient Care
  801. Thermal design, analysis, and testing of the first Turkish 3U communication CubeSat in low earth orbit
  802. Security Testing in Safety-Critical Networks
  803. Applying visual optical methods of non-destructive testing while diagnosing metal structures of mine hoisting plants
  804. Virtual Testing of Counterbalance Forklift Trucks: Implementation and Experimental Validation of a Numerical Multibody Model
  805. Testing Our Assumptions: Preliminary Results from the Data Curation Network
  806. Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering: High throughput catalyst testing—HTCT
  807. Testing the efficacy of the economic policy uncertainty index on tourism demand in USMCA: Theory and evidence
  808. Normality Testing for Vectors on Perceptron Layers
  809. Breaking hypothesis testing for failure rates
  810. Property-Based Testing for Parameter Learning of Probabilistic Graphical Models
  811. Penetration Testing Artificial Intelligence
  812. Usability Testing of Educational Computer Games on the Topic” Safe Internet”.
  813. Symbolic Testing for C and Rust
  814. Experimental Design, Instrumentation, and Testing of a Laboratory-Scale Test Rig for Torsional Vibrations—The Next Generation
  815. Digital neurocognitive testing
  816. Experimental testing and numerical modeling approach of punch tests on Kevlar 29 composites
  817. Hypothesis Testing
  818. Testing the performance of the Milankovi\’c telescope
  819. Pooled testing with replication as a mass testing strategy for the COVID-19 pandemics
  821. Motorized testing framework for a computer vision application
  822. An Empirical Evaluation for Object Initialization of Member Variables in Unit Testing
  824. Evaluation of ultra-rapid susceptibility testing of ceftolozane-tazobactam by a flow cytometry assay directly from positive blood cultures
  825. A new user specific multiple testing method for business applications: the SiMaFlex procedure
  826. A deep cnn ensemble framework for efficient ddos attack detection in software defined networks
  827. PCB Design for EMC Testing
  828. Dynamic boundary of floating platform and its influence on the deepwater testing tube
  829. EMC Characteristics of Helical Antennas used in Automotive Testing
  830. Design, manufacturing and testing of a prototype two-stroke engine with rhombic drive mechanism
  831. Increasing pediatric HIV testing positivity rates through focused testing in high-yield points of service in health facilities—Nigeria, 2016-2017
  832. A Formal Model-Based Testing Framework for Validating an IoT Solution for Blockchain-based Vehicles Communication.
  833. Thyroid cytology smear slides: An untapped resource for ThyroSeq testing
  834. Guest Editorial: Recent Advances in Non-destructive Testing Methods
  835. A Novel Method for High Temperature Fatigue Testing of Nickel Superalloy Turbine Blades with Additional NDT Diagnostics
  836. User-adaptable Natural Language Generation for Regression Testing within the Finance Domain.
  837. Putting Randomized Compiler Testing into Production (Artifact)
  838. PerpLE: Improving the Speed and Effectiveness of Memory Consistency Testing

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