Data Streaming Research Topics for MS and Ph.D Thesis

Data Streaming Research Topics for MS and Ph.DThesis.

1. Real-time streaming mobility analytics
2. Peer-to-peer live video streaming on the internet: issues, existing approaches, and challenges [peer-to-peer multimedia streaming]
3. A modular extensible visualization system architecture for culled prioritized data streaming
4. Event detection on Twitter by mapping unexpected changes in streaming data into a spatiotemporal lattice
5. Multidimensional skylines over streaming data
6. Building a Performance Model of Streaming Media Applications in Utility Data Center Environment.
7. A performance evaluation of machine learning-based streaming spam tweets detection
8. Streaming analysis in wireless sensor networks
9. AMVS-NDN: Adaptive mobile video streaming and sharing in wireless named data networking
10. Contrary to popular belief incremental discretization can be sound, computationally efficient and extremely useful for streaming data
11. Slipstream: scalable low-latency interactive perception on streaming data
12. Position summary: a streaming interface for real-time interprocess communication
13. A Survey: Outlier Detection in Streaming Data Using Clustering Approached
14. Multithreaded community monitoring for massive streaming graph data
15. Joint optimization of data-center selection and video-streaming distribution for crowdsourced live streaming in a geo-distributed cloud platform
16. A self-managing wide-area data streaming service using model-based online control
17. Probabilistic streaming tensor decomposition
18. Ssketch: An automated framework for streaming sketch-based analysis of big data on fpga
19. Adaptive cluster tendency visualization and anomaly detection for streaming data
20. Reasoning over streaming data in metric temporal datalog
21. Classification using streaming random forests
22. A framework of online learning with imbalanced streaming data
23. L1-subspace tracking for streaming data
24. A trust-region method for stochastic variational inference with applications to streaming data
25. Continuous outlier mining of streaming data in flink
26. Online internet traffic monitoring system using spark streaming
27. Streaming principal component analysis in noisy setting
28. On botnet detection with genetic programming under streaming data label budgets and class imbalance
29. Incremental Hierarchical Clustering driven Automatic Annotations for Unifying IoT Streaming Data.
30. Pca feature extraction for change detection in multidimensional unlabelled streaming data
31. Online clustering of distributed streaming data using belief propagation techniques
32. Hydra: high-performance data recording architecture for streaming media
33. Tracking structure of streaming social networks
34. Classifying evolving data streams using dynamic streaming random forests
35. Activity recognition based on streaming sensor data for assisted living in smart homes
36. Clawhmmer: A streaming hmmer-search implementatio
37. Privacy preservation in streaming data collection
38. Ensemble of sparse gaussian process experts for implicit surface mapping with streaming data
39. Streaming classification with emerging new class by class matrix sketching
40. Streaming twitter data analysis using spark for effective job search
41. Rdf-gen: Generating rdf from streaming and archival data
42. An efficient indexing approach for continuous spatial approximate keyword queries over geo-textual streaming data
43. Efficient and scalable on-demand data streaming using uep codes
44. Seamless streaming data delivery in cluster-based wireless sensor networks with mobile elements
45. Streaming in-patient BPM data to the cloud with a real-time monitoring system
46. Collaborative filtering on streaming data with interest-drifting
47. Soft vector processors with streaming pipelines
48. Buffer data-driven adaptation of mobile video streaming over heterogeneous wireless networks
49. Cloud resource scaling for time-bounded and unbounded big data streaming applications
50. Streaming QSplat: A viewer for networked visualization of large, dense models
51. Modeling progressive mesh streaming: Does data dependency matter?
52. PlanetSense: a real-time streaming and spatio-temporal analytics platform for gathering geo-spatial intelligence from open source data
53. Research issues in data provenance for streaming environments
54. A new algorithmic model for graph analysis of streaming data
55. Online and unsupervised anomaly detection for streaming data using an array of sliding windows and pdds
56. Streaming motions of galaxy clusters within 12 000 km s- 1—III. A standardized catalogue of Fundamental Plane data
57. RFC2326: Real time streaming protocol (RTSP)
58. On the Parzen kernel-based probability density function learning procedures over time-varying streaming data with applications to pattern classification
59. Analytics on Fast Data: Main-Memory Database Systems versus Modern Streaming Systems.
60. SmartStream: towards byzantine resilient data streaming
61. QoE analysis of media streaming in wireless data networks
62. Enabling data transport between web services through alternative protocols and streaming
63. Stock market analysis from Twitter and news based on streaming big data infrastructure
64. Streaming H. 264 scalable video over data distribution service in a wireless environment
65. Performance of UMTS high speed downlink packet access for data streaming applications
66. Big sensor-generated data streaming using Kafka and Impala for data storage in Wireless Sensor Network for CO2 monitoring
67. Multi-window based ensemble learning for classification of imbalanced streaming data
68. An ontology-mediated analytics-aware approach to support monitoring and diagnostics of static and streaming data
69. Accelerating BIRCH for clustering large scale streaming data using CUDA dynamic parallelism
70. Video streaming into the mainstream
71. Citizenhelper: A streaming analytics system to mine citizen and web data for humanitarian organizations
72. Integrated input/output system for kernel data streaming
73. Faster fast: multicore acceleration of streaming financial data
74. The BEA streaming XQuery processor
75. PhishStorm: Detecting phishing with streaming analytics
76. Streaming k-means approximation.
77. Mining sequential patterns from temporal streaming data
78. Incremental fuzzy c-regression clustering from streaming data for local-model-network identification
79. Adaptive API for Real-Time Streaming Analytics as a Service
80. A toolkit for streaming process data analysis
81. A streaming PCA VLSI chip for neural data compression
82. History PCA: A new algorithm for streaming PCA
83. Streaming trend detection in twitter
84. On data wastage in viewport-dependent streaming
85. Streaming support for data intensive cloud-based sequence analysis
86. Improving Streaming Automatic Speech Recognition With Non-Streaming Model Distillation On Unsupervised Data
87. Performance evaluation of intrusion detection streaming transactions using apache kafka and spark streaming
88. FERNN: A fast and evolving recurrent neural network model for streaming data classification
89. Benchmarking modern distributed streaming platforms
90. Designing a streaming algorithm for outlier detection in data mining—An incrementa approach
91. A scalable framework for multilevel streaming data analytics using deep learning
92. Fastforward: High-throughput dual-radio streaming
93. Energy-efficient architecture for stride permutation on streaming data
94. Streaming remote sensing data processing for the future smart cities: state of the art and future challenges
95. The hierarchial data aggregation method in backbone traffic streaming analyzing to ensure digital systems information security
96. Streaming quotient filter: A near optimal approximate duplicate detection approach for data streams
97. Streaming potential collection and data processing techniques
98. Error metrics for learning reliable manifolds from streaming data
99. Efficient data migration to conserve energy in streaming media storage systems
100. Outlier detection in streaming data a research perspective
101. Real-time anomaly detection for streaming analytics
102. Real time activity recognition on streaming sensor data for smart environments
103. Adaptive estimation with change detection for streaming data
104. Rethinking visual analytics for streaming data applications
105. Autonomous data error detection and recovery in streaming applications
106. H. 264 video streaming with data-partitioning and growth codes
107. Hotstream: Efficient data streaming of complex patterns to multiple accelerating kernels
108. Outlier detection techniques over streaming data in data mining: A research perspective
109. Dynamic load balancing for ordered data-parallel regions in distributed streaming systems
110. Analyzing and predicting security event anomalies: Lessons learned from a large enterprise big data streaming analytics deployment
111. Spell: Streaming parsing of system event logs
112. A tree-based forward digest protocol to verify data integrity in distributed media streaming
113. Resilient peer-to-peer streaming
114. The Open Source DataTurbine Initiative: Streaming data middleware for environmental observing systems
115. Real-time creation of bitmap indexes on streaming network data
116. Streaming multigrid for gradient-domain operations on large images
117. On streaming consistency of big data stream processing in heterogenous clutsers
118. Robust distributed query processing for streaming data
119. Automated real-time analysis of streaming big and dense data on reconfigurable platforms
120. A shared execution strategy for multiple pattern mining requests over streaming data
121. Real-time, personalized anomaly detection in streaming data for wearable healthcare devices
122. Advances in methods and techniques for processing streaming big data in datacentre clouds
123. Detecting irregular patterns in iot streaming data for fall detection
124. Energy-Efficient Multicast tree construction protocol for real-time data streaming in WSNs
125. LOFS: a library of online streaming feature selection
126. A real-time streaming memory controller
127. Nonparametric density estimation of streaming data using orthogonal series
128. Feedback-based real-time streaming over WiMax
129. Survey on streaming data computing system
130. Using the graphics processor unit to realize data streaming operations
131. SRBench: a streaming RDF/SPARQL benchmark
132. An edge-focused model for distributed streaming data applications
133. Management of Streaming Body Sensor Data for Medical Information Systems.
134. Board-level functional fault identification using streaming data
135. [BOOK][B] Using flume: flexible, scalable, and reliable data streaming
136. Nvstream: Accelerating hpc workflows with nvram-based transport for streaming objects
137. Densest subgraph in streaming and mapreduce
138. Deep SOMs for automated feature extraction and classification from big data streaming
139. Positive-unlabeled learning in streaming networks
140. Anomaly detection in streaming sensor data
141. Applying temporal dependence to detect changes in streaming data
142. GROOT: a real-time streaming system of high-fidelity volumetric videos
143. Stochastic optimization from distributed streaming data in rate-limited networks
144. On the runtime-efficacy trade-off of anomaly detection techniques for real-time streaming data
145. Streaming data from a smartphone application: a new approach to mapping health during travel
146. Fast Piecewise Polynomial Fitting of Time-Series Data for Streaming Computing
147. Cross-layer optimization protocol for guaranteed data streaming over Wireless Body Area Networks
148. The VLTI real-time reflective memory data streaming and recording system
149. Analytics Everywhere for streaming IoT data
150. A comparative study of distributed tools for analyzing streaming data
151. Assessing the trustworthiness of streaming data
152. Using machine learning for unsupervised maritime waypoint discovery from streaming AIS data
153. A spreadsheet model for handling streaming data
154. Real-time earthquake intensity estimation using streaming data analysis of social and physical sensors
155. Online Residual Quantization via Streaming Data Correlation Preserving
156. Architectures for streaming data processing in sensor networks
157. Scalable and Efficient Data Streaming Algorithms for Detecting Common Content in Internet Traffic
158. Self-attention network for session-based recommendation with streaming data input
159. Streaming big data with self-adjusting computation
160. Clustering of streaming time series is meaningless
161. Streaming, multi-screens and YouTube: The new (unsustainable) ways of watching in the home
162. Autonomic streaming pipeline for scientific workflows
163. Adaptive processing of spatial-keyword data over a distributed streaming cluster
164. PhysOnline: an open source machine learning pipeline for real-time analysis of streaming physiological waveform
165. Evolving GP classifiers for streaming data tasks with concept change and label budgets: A benchmarking study
166. Source vs data-driven approach for live p2p streaming
167. Compactmap: A mental map preserving visual interface for streaming text data
168. A novel streaming data clustering algorithm based on fitness proportionate sharing
169. LISP Optimisation of Mobile Data Streaming in Connected Societies
170. Feasibility analysis of AsterixDB and Spark streaming with Cassandra for stream-based processing
171. Data analysis on video streaming QoE over mobile networks
172. Gp under streaming data constraints: a case for pareto archiving?
173. On-line clustering for real-time topic detection in social media streaming data
174. A simple sketching algorithm for entropy estimation over streaming data
175. Senska–towards an enterprise streaming benchmark
176. A payment-based incentive and service differentiation mechanism for peer-to-peer streaming broadcast
177. The open source dataturbine initiative: empowering the scientific community with streaming data middleware
178. Streaming algorithms for robust, real-time detection of ddos attacks
179. Evaluation of recommender systems in streaming environments
180. An analytical model for progressive mesh streaming
181. Scene understanding for real time processing of queries over big data streaming video
182. The world beyond batch: Streaming 101
183. Streaming big data analysis for real-time sentiment based targeted advertising
184. Towards securing data delivery in peer-to-peer streaming
185. A payment-based incentive and service differentiation scheme for peer-to-peer streaming broadcast
186. Simulation and reconstruction of free-streaming data in CBM
187. Energy management using buffer memory for streaming data
188. Streaming tables: Native support to streaming data in dbmss
189. A data and query model for streaming geospatial image data
190. Massive streaming PMU data modelling and analytics in smart grid state evaluation based on multiple high-dimensional covariance test
191. FEC performance in multimedia streaming
192. SLD revolution: A cheaper, faster yet more accurate streaming linked data framework
193. High rate video streaming steganography
194. A comparative analysis of traditional and deep learning-based anomaly detection methods for streaming data
195. Evaluation of highly available cloud streaming systems for performance and price
196. A seamless quality-driven multi-hop data delivery scheme for video streaming in urban VANET scenarios
197. Forecasting significant societal events using the embers streaming predictive analytics system
198. Streaming data analytics via message passing with application to graph algorithms
199. P2P streaming systems: a survey and experiments
200. A streaming approach to reveal crowded events from cellular data
201. A spatial hierarchical compression method for 3D streaming animation
202. High-content screening images streaming analysis using the STriGen methodology
203. Engineering web maps with gradual content zoom based on streaming vector data
204. Learning mixture of gaussians with streaming data
205. Frequency-dependent streaming potentials
206. Streaming alarm data analytics for mobile service providers
207. Streaming service provisioning in IoT-based healthcare: An integrated edge-cloud perspective
208. Streaming Pressure Sensor Data for Cloud Processing
209. On the interpretation of streaming potential data in nonaqueous media
210. “Now Playing. You”: Big Data and the Production of Music Streaming Space.
211. High-content screening images streaming analysis using the STriGen methodology
212. Statistically optimal dynamic power management for streaming data
213. Probabilistic reasoning for streaming anomaly detection
214. A dynamic compression technique for streaming kinect-based Point Cloud data
215. A formal actor-based model for streaming the future
216. Hotstream: Efficient data streaming of complex patterns to multiple accelerating kernels
217. Analyzing and predicting security event anomalies: Lessons learned from a large enterprise big data streaming analytics deployment
218. Self-organizing fuzzy inference ensemble system for big streaming data classification
219. Energy-Efficient Multicast tree construction protocol for real-time data streaming in WSNs
220. EPF: A general framework for supporting continuous top-k queries over streaming data
221. A streaming multi-threaded model
222. [BOOK][B] Streaming architecture: new designs using Apache Kafka and MapR streams
223. Acotes project: Advanced compiler technologies for embedded streaming
224. Unified analysis of streaming news
225. Is Backlist the New Frontlist?: Large-scale data analysis of bestseller book consumption in streaming services
226. Efficient streaming mass spatio-temporal vehicle data access in urban sensor networks based on Apache Storm
227. Interval forecasts based on regression trees for streaming data
228. Streaming knowledge bases
229. An approach for streaming data feature extraction based on discrete cosine transform and particle swarm optimization
230. Modeless streaming synchrophasor data recovery in nonlinear systems
231. Using the graphics processor unit to realize data streaming operations
232. Resource-efficient delivery of on-demand streaming data using UEP codes
233. Neural memory streaming recommender networks with adversarial training
234. MMC03-4: On the Optimal Scheduling for Media Streaming in Data-driven Overlay Networks
235. Online prediction of streaming sensor data
236. Systematic literature review on the anonymization of high dimensional streaming datasets for health data sharing
237. Feature-preserved sampling over streaming data
238. Adahash: hashing-based scalable, adaptive hierarchical clustering of streaming data on mapreduce frameworks
239. Streaming multimedia data with adaptive QoS characteristics
240. [BOOK][B] Using flume: flexible, scalable, and reliable data streaming
241. Streaming parallel variational Bayesian supervised factor analysis for adaptive soft sensor modeling with big process data
242. Using text mining to uncover students’ technology-related problems in live video streaming
243. Processing Cassandra datasets with Hadoop-streaming based approaches
244. Toward autonomic grids: Analyzing the job flow with affinity streaming
245. End-to-end security in the presence of intelligent data adapting proxies: The case of authenticating transcoded streaming media
246. Efficiently maintaining the performance of an ensemble classifier in streaming data
247. Regression trees for streaming data with local performance guarantees
248. Deep SOMs for automated feature extraction and classification from big data streaming
249. Streaming and 3D mapping of AGRI-data on mobile devices
250. A streaming-based network monitoring and threat detection system
251. Tempe: an interactive data science environment for exploration of temporal and streaming data
252. Distributed streaming data processing in IoT systems using multi-agent software architecture
253. Real time streaming data storage and processing using storm and analytics with Hive
254. Parallel data streaming analytics in the context of internet of things
255. Probabilistic trust aware data replica placement strategy for online video streaming applications in vehicular delay tolerant networks
256. Performance evaluation of high definition video streaming over mobile ad hoc networks
257. Emergency related video streaming in VANET using network coding
258. A hierarchical memory network-based approach to uncertain streaming data
259. Cross-layer optimization protocol for guaranteed data streaming over Wireless Body Area Networks
260. Knn-based approximate outlier detection algorithm over iot streaming data
261. The VLTI real-time reflective memory data streaming and recording system
262. NetMedia: Synchronized streaming of multimedia presentations in distributed environments
263. GnuStream: a P2P media streaming system prototype
264. Streaming software analytics
265. Real-time outlier detection over streaming data
266. Method for visual detection of similarities in medical streaming data
267. Case study: Integrating IoT, streaming analytics and machine learning to improve intelligent diabetes management system
268. Hardware-based systems for partial sorting of streaming data
269. Private (t, n) threshold searching on streaming data
270. Episodic memory reader: Learning what to remember for question answering from streaming data
271. Streaming FDR calculation for protein identification
272. A multi-tier stacked ensemble algorithm to reduce the regret of incremental learning for streaming data
273. Streaming data transmission in the moderate deviations and central limit regimes
274. From sensor data streams to linked streaming data: a survey of main approaches
275. Scalable resilient media streaming
276. Application of stochastic hybrid systems in power management of streaming data
277. Sentiment analysis on twitter streaming data
278. Scalable and Efficient Data Streaming Algorithms for Detecting Common Content in Internet Traffic
279. Streaming analytics processing in manufacturing performance monitoring and prediction
280. Real-time anomaly detection and classification in streaming PMU data
281. A semantic data model for the interpretion of environmental streaming data
282. 3D streaming based on multi-LOD models for networked collaborative design
283. Rs-forest: A rapid density estimator for streaming anomaly detection
284. Scene understanding for real time processing of queries over big data streaming video
285. LISP Optimisation of Mobile Data Streaming in Connected Societies
286. Hiding data in multimedia streaming over networks
287. The architecture design of streaming media applications for Android OS
288. High performance streaming telemetry in optical transport networks
289. Measurement and analysis of a streaming media workload.
290. Lambdastream–a data transport protocol for streaming network-intensive applications over photonic networks
291. Live-streaming in delay tolerant networks
292. XTREAM: An efficient multi-query evaluation on streaming XML data
293. Integrating a stream processing engine and databases for persistent streaming data management
294. Optimizing the throughput of data-driven based streaming in heterogeneous overlay network
295. Erasure coding for real-time streaming
296. Online wavelet-based density estimation for non-stationary streaming data
297. k-Means for Streaming and Distributed Big Sparse Data
298. A fast two-stage algorithm for non-negative matrix factorization in streaming data
299. Database-support for continuous prediction queries over streaming data
300. Reconfigurable streaming for the mobile edge
301. Query processing for streaming sensor data
302. A 3d tele-immersion streaming approach using skeleton-based prediction
303. Slamcast: Large-scale, real-time 3d reconstruction and streaming for immersive multi-client live telepresence
304. Streaming authenticated data structures: Abstraction and implementation
305. Dynamic power management for streaming data
306. Streaming computations with a loquacious prover
307. On maximum coverage in the streaming model & application to multi-topic blog-watch
308. Massive streaming data analytics: a graph-based approach
309. Measuring the capacity of a streaming media server in a utility data center environment
310. Supporting fault-tolerance in streaming grid applications
311. Event processing and real-time monitoring over streaming traffic data
312. Semi-streaming quantization for remote sensing data
313. Streaming algorithms for halo finders
314. Memory efficient experience replay for streaming learning
315. Pilot-streaming: A stream processing framework for high-performance computing
316. XQuery streaming à la carte
317. Packet loss recovery for streaming video
318. Differentially private streaming to untrusted edge servers in intelligent transportation system
319. Development of an HL7 interface engine, based on tree structure and streaming algorithm, for large-size messages which include image data
320. Pipes: A multi-threaded publish-subscribe architecture for continuous queries over streaming data sources
321. Streaming algorithms for identification pathogens and antibiotic resistance potential from real-time MinION™ sequencing
322. Architecture of the data aggregation and streaming system for the European Spallation Source neutron instrument suite
323. On the memory required to compute functions of streaming data
324. S-isomap++: multi manifold learning from streaming data
325. Auto-parallelizing stateful distributed streaming applications
326. Streaming data analysis using apache cassandra and zeppelin
327. A real time processing and streaming of wireless network data using storm
328. Cloudet: A cloud-driven visual cognition of large streaming data
329. Can exclusive clustering on streaming data be achieved?
330. Low delay MPEG DASH streaming over the WebRTC data channel
331. A self-managing wide-area data streaming service
332. Implementation of UAV for environment monitoring of a Smart City with an airspace regulation by AIXM-format data streaming
333. Mobile data offloading system for video streaming services over SDN-enabled wireless networks
334. 6lowpan stack model configuration for iot streaming data transmission over coap
335. Towards exploratory visualization of multivariate streaming data
336. An efficient method of building an ensemble of classifiers in streaming data
337. Overview of robust video streaming with network coding
338. Concept drifting detection on noisy streaming data in random ensemble decision trees
339. Management of real-time streaming data Grid services
340. htsget: a protocol for securely streaming genomic data
341. From Dipsy-Doodle to Streaming Motions: Changes in Representation in the Analysis of Visual Scientific Data
342. Management of multimedia data for streaming on a distributed e-learning system
343. A fast learning method for streaming and randomly ordered multi-class data chunks by using one-pass-throw-away class-wise learning concept
344. Video streaming: H. 264 and the Internet of Things
345. Stochastic approximation and memory-limited subspace tracking for Poisson streaming data
346. Distributed Supervised Sentiment Analysis of Tweets: Integrating Machine Learning and Streaming Analytics for Big Data Challenges in Communication and …
347. Streaming satellite data to cloud workflows for on-demand computing of environmental data products
348. Autonomic data streaming for high-performance scientific applications
349. Range-Net: A High Precision Streaming SVD for Big Data Applications
350. Properties of a GP active learning framework for streaming data with class imbalance
351. Towards a streaming model for nested data parallelism
352. Push-to-pull peer-to-peer live streaming
353. Bundle streaming service: design, implementation and performance evaluation
354. Transmission of streaming data over an EGPRS wireless network
355. Parallel collaborative filtering for streaming data
356. Packed-Memory Quadtree: A cache-oblivious data structure for visual exploration of streaming spatiotemporal big data
357. Fighting attacks in p2p live streaming. simpler is better
358. Recognizing long-form speech using streaming end-to-end models
359. Streaming graphics
360. Micro-batching growing neural gas for clustering data streams using spark streaming
361. An improved algorithm of decision trees for streaming data based on VFDT
362. Double decomposition and optimal combination ensemble learning approach for interval-valued AQI forecasting using streaming data
363. Low-power buffer management for streaming data
364. Interactive remote large-scale data visualization via prioritized multi-resolution streaming
365. Streaming prediction-error filters
366. Rt-dbscan: Real-time parallel clustering of spatio-temporal data using spark-streaming
367. Integration of streaming services and TCP data transmission in the Internet
368. Creating streaming iterative soft clustering algorithms
369. Predicting user-perceived quality ratings from streaming media data
370. Online and Offline Analysis of Streaming Data
371. Sketching and streaming algorithms for processing massive data
372. Horizontal and vertical integration/segregation in auditory streaming: a voice separation algorithm for symbolic musical data
373. Streaming visualization for collaborative environments
374. On discovery of traveling companions from streaming trajectories
375. Verifying data integrity in peer-to-peer media streaming
376. Automated Bayesian quality control of streaming rain gauge data
377. Adaptive join operators for result rate optimization on streaming inputs
378. Auto-Pipe: Streaming applications on architecturally diverse systems
379. A stepwise auto-profiling method for performance optimization of streaming applications
380. Millimeter-wave-based fiber-wireless bridge system for 8K UHD video streaming and gigabit ethernet data connectivity
381. Enabling adaptive high-frame-rate video streaming in mobile cloud gaming applications
382. Processing billions of RDF triples on a single machine using streaming and sorting
383. Streaming recommender systems
384. A review of http live streaming
385. Greenbag: Energy-efficient bandwidth aggregation for real-time streaming in heterogeneous mobile wireless networks
386. Streaming remote sensing data processing for the future smart cities: state of the art and future challenges
387. Building streaming GIScience from context, theory, and intelligence
388. Feedback-control & queueing theory-based resource management for streaming applications
389. Modeling and simulating apache spark streaming applications
390. Configurable hardware-based streaming architecture using online programmable-blocks
391. Temporal geo-social personalized search over streaming data
392. Bluestreaming: towards power-efficient internet p2p streaming to mobile devices
393. A spark-based big data analysis framework for real-time sentiment prediction on streaming data
394. Real-Time Data Streaming and Storing Structure for the LHD’s Fusion Plasma Experiments
395. Data-rate-aware FPGA-based acceleration framework for streaming applications
396. An edge-fog-cloud architecture of streaming analytics for internet of things applications
397. Mining streaming emerging patterns from streaming data
398. A lidar streaming architecture for mobile robotics with application to 3d structure characterization
399. Real-time sentiment prediction on streaming social network data using in-memory processing
400. A streaming clustering approach using a heterogeneous system for big data analysis
401. Efficient and scalable continuous skyline monitoring in two-tier streaming settings
402. An Efficient Anomaly Detection Framework for Electromagnetic Streaming Data
403. A non-intrusive approach for 2d platform game design analysis based on provenance data extracted from game streaming
404. Real-time PM10 concentration prediction LSTM model based on IoT streaming sensor data
405. Finding longest increasing and common subsequences in streaming data
406. Cache-friendly progressive data streaming with variable-scale data structures
407. A cross-layer QoS-aware optimization protocol for guaranteed data streaming over wireless body area networks
408. Unsupervised streaming feature selection in social media
409. A framework to visualize temporal behavioral relationships in streaming multivariate data
410. Quality of data delivery in peer-to-peer video streaming
411. Approximation and streaming algorithms for histogram construction problems
412. PARASOL: a hybrid approximation approach for scalable frequent itemset mining in streaming data
413. A framework for real-time volume visualization of streaming scattered data
414. Interfacial charge of organic thin films characterized by streaming potential and streaming current measurements
415. Heterogeneous environment aware streaming graph partitioning
416. A streaming data anomaly detection analytic engine for mobile network management
417. Distributed stochastic algorithms for high-rate streaming principal component analysis
418. I/o streaming evaluation of batch queries for data-intensive computational turbulence
419. Streaming chunk incremental learning for class-wise data stream classification with fast learning speed and low structural complexity
420. Resource-aware kernel density estimators over streaming data
421. Data streaming architecture for visualizing cryptocurrency temporal data
422. Real-time management of multimodal streaming data for monitoring of epileptic patients
423. Sentiment analysis on twitter using streaming API
424. Transformation-based streaming workflow allocation on geo-distributed datacenters for streaming big data processing
425. Performance database: capturing data for optimizing distributed streaming workflows
426. Statistical data mining of streaming motion data for fall detection in assistive environments
427. Simultaneous incremental matrix factorization for streaming recommender systems
428. A summary of formats for streaming and storing music-related movement and gesture data
429. A research survey on large XML data: Streaming, selectivity estimation and parallelism
430. Streaming service provisioning in IoT-based healthcare: An integrated edge-cloud perspective
431. A statistical approach for clustering in streaming data.
432. On scheduling video streaming data in the HDR system
433. Assessing and improving sensors data quality in streaming context
434. Predicting over-indebtedness on batch and streaming data
435. Robust on-line streaming clustering
436. Multi-model Z-compression for high speed data streaming and low-power wireless sensor networks
437. Streaming meshes
438. Panel: the need of formats for streaming and storing music-related movement and gesture data
439. A distributed rule engine for streaming big data
440. Scalable mobile data streaming with trajectory preserving partitioning
441. Extending the FairRoot framework to allow for simulation and reconstruction of free streaming data
442. Analysis of a CDN–P2P hybrid architecture for cost-effective streaming media distribution
443. Region of interest–based segmented tiled adaptive streaming using head-mounted display tracking sensing data
444. Reliable data streaming over delay tolerant networks
445. Streaming pattern discovery in multiple time-series
446. Efficient 3-d scene analysis from streaming data
447. Supporting self-adaptation in streaming data mining applications
448. pClass: an effective classifier for streaming examples
449. Distributed and streaming linear programming in low dimensions
450. Streaming spectral clustering
451. Tight lower bounds for query processing on streaming and external memory data
452. Data mining approach to temporal debugging of embedded streaming applications
453. Research on Data Sharing Architecture for Ecological Monitoring Using Iot Streaming Data
454. Lightweight streaming protocol (LSP)
455. Predicting object trajectories from high-speed streaming data
456. Multirate media streaming using network coding
457. Motion vector encryption in multimedia streaming
458. Scientific workflow design 2.0: Demonstrating streaming data collections in Kepler
459. Tight lower bounds for query processing on streaming and external memory data
460. A TTL-based approach for data aggregation in geo-distributed streaming analytics
461. Nephele streaming: stream processing under QoS constraints at scale
462. On the application of GP to streaming data classification tasks with label budgets
463. Real-time streaming data analysis using a three-way classification method for sentimental analysis
464. The EMBERS architecture for streaming predictive analytics
465. Incremental blocking for entity resolution over web streaming data
466. Computational graph analytics for massive streaming data
467. Real-time and parallel semantic translation technique for large-scale streaming sensor data in an IoT environment
468. Streaming RAID: a disk array management system for video files
469. AlertMix: A Big Data platform for multi-source streaming data
470. Evolving local means methods for clustering of streaming data
471. Streaming 3D geometry data over lossy communication channels
472. Active learning for streaming networked data
473. Towards mobile data streaming in service oriented architecture
474. Querying Streaming Geospatial Image Data: The GeoStreams Project.
475. Toward systematical data scheduling for layered streaming in peer-to-peer networks: Can we go farther?
476. Will IPTV ride the peer-to-peer stream?[Peer-to-Peer Multimedia Streaming]
477. Privately detecting bursts in streaming, distributed time series data
478. FAIMUSS: Flexible Data Transformation to RDF from Multiple Streaming Sources.
479. Protocol for Streaming Data from an RFID Sensor Network
480. Fast learning and testing for imbalanced multi-class changes in streaming data by dynamic multi-stratum network

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