Information Retrieval Research Topics for MS PhD

Information Retrieval  Research Topic ideas for MS, or Ph.D. Degree

I am sharing with you some of the research topics regarding Information Retrieval that you can choose for your research proposal for the thesis work of MS, or Ph.D. Degree.

  1. TREC-COVID: rationale and structure of an information retrieval shared task for COVID-19
  2. TREC-COVID: constructing a pandemic information retrieval test collection
  3. Generating clarifying questions for information retrieval
  4. A deep look into neural ranking models for information retrieval
  5. Expedient information retrieval system for web pages using the natural language modeling
  6. Private information retrieval with sublinear online time
  7. Replica wormhole and information retrieval in the SYK model coupled to Majorana chains
  8. Medical information retrieval systems for e-Health care records using fuzzy based machine learning model
  9. On the information leakage in private information retrieval systems
  10. On the storage cost of private information retrieval
  11. Focal elements of neural information retrieval models. An outlook through a reproducibility study
  12. An intelligent use of stemmer and morphology analysis for Arabic information retrieval
  13. Building a morpho-semantic knowledge graph for Arabic information retrieval
  14. Deep Reinforcement Learning for Information Retrieval: Fundamentals and Advances
  15. Co-search: Covid-19 information retrieval with semantic search, question answering, and abstractive summarization
  16. The capacity of private information retrieval from heterogeneous uncoded caching databases
  17. X-Secure T-Private Information Retrieval From MDS Coded Storage With Byzantine and Unresponsive Servers
  18. Information Retrieval: A Biomedical and Health Perspective
  19. Multi-agent architecture for information retrieval and intelligent monitoring by UAVs in known environments affected by catastrophes
  20. The Capacity of T-Private Information Retrieval With Private Side Information
  21. Deep learning: a recent computing platform for multimedia information retrieval
  22. On-the-fly information retrieval augmentation for language models
  23. Link prediction of scientific collaboration networks based on information retrieval
  24. New results on the storage-retrieval tradeoff in private information retrieval systems
  25. Source separation in ecoacoustics: A roadmap towards versatile soundscape information retrieval
  26. Information retrieval methodology for aiding scientific database search
  27. The capacity of single-server weakly-private information retrieval
  28. COVID-19 knowledge graph: accelerating information retrieval and discovery for scientific literature
  29. Capacity-achieving private information retrieval codes from MDS-coded databases with minimum message size
  30. The capacity of private information retrieval from uncoded storage constrained databases
  31. On the Asymptotic Capacity of X-Secure T-Private Information Retrieval With Graph-Based Replicated Storage
  32. Asymmetric leaky private information retrieval
  33. Knowledge and use of information retrieval tools by lawyers at Miyetti Law Abuja, Nigeria
  34. The role of coded side information in single-server private information retrieval
  35. Cluster-based information retrieval using pattern mining
  36. Semantically-enhanced information retrieval using multiple knowledge sources
  37. Private information retrieval through wiretap channel II: Privacy meets security
  38. Report on the first hipstir workshop on the future of information retrieval
  39. Evaluating Information Retrieval Systems for Kids
  40. Complex environment perception and positioning based visual information retrieval
  41. The Minimum Upload Cost of Symmetric Private Information Retrieval
  42. Researchers emotions after information retrieval from databases available through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank: Impacts of perceived self-efficacy
  43. Are datasets for information retrieval-based bug localization techniques trustworthy?
  44. A hybrid semantic query expansion approach for Arabic information retrieval
  45. Learning Better Representations for Neural Information Retrieval with Graph Information
  46. OpenMatch: An Open-Source Package for Information Retrieval
  47. Learning to Truncate Ranked Lists for Information Retrieval
  48. Brain–computer interface in the context of information retrieval systems in a library
  49. The role of Roman Urdu in multilingual information retrieval: A regional study
  50. A survey of tag clouds as tools for information retrieval and content representation
  51. Multi-Server Weakly-Private Information Retrieval
  52. DL-VSM based document indexing approach for information retrieval
  53. Report on the CHIIR 2019 Second Workshop on Evaluation of Personalisation in Information Retrieval (WEPIR 2019)
  54. FACTS-IR: fairness, accountability, confidentiality, transparency, and safety in information retrieval
  55. Recent Advances in Conversational Information Retrieval
  56. Information Retrieval in Conjunction With Deep Learning
  57. A Manifesto on Resource Re-Use in Interactive Information Retrieval
  58. Exploring Classic and Neural Lexical Translation Models for Information Retrieval: Interpretability, Effectiveness, and Efficiency Benefits
  59. Visualizing correlations among Parkinson biomedical data through information retrieval and machine learning techniques
  60. Information retrieval: a view from the Chinese IR community
  61. Effect of Debiasing on Information Retrieval
  62. Multi-value private information retrieval with colluding databases via trace functions
  63. Real-time information retrieval from Identity cards
  64. Improving exploratory information retrieval for neophytes: machine learning approach with feature analysis
  65. Bert for evidence retrieval and claim verification
  66. Using score distributions to compare statistical significance tests for information retrieval evaluation
  67. Evaluating sentence-level relevance feedback for high-recall information retrieval
  68. Effects of central tendency measures on term weighting in textual information retrieval
  69. Towards Practical Private Information Retrieval From MDS Array Codes
  70. Database search vs. information retrieval: a novel method for studying natural language querying of semi-structured data
  71. Automatic Duplicate Bug Report Detection using Information Retrieval-based versus Machine Learning-based Approaches
  72. Scholarly literature mining with information retrieval and natural language processing: Preface
  73. Transfer learning and information retrieval applied to fall detection
  74. Regulatory Compliance through Doc2Doc Information Retrieval: A case study in EU/UK legislation where text similarity has limitations
  75. A new similarity measure for vector space models in text classification and information retrieval
  76. Complementing lexical retrieval with semantic residual embedding
  77. Exploiting Neural Query Translation into Cross Lingual Information Retrieval
  78. Context-based Translation for the Out of Vocabulary Words Applied to Hindi-English Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval
  79. Neural models for information retrieval without labeled data
  80. A Comparative Analysis of System Features Used in the TREC-COVID Information Retrieval Challenge
  81. Can the application of certain music information retrieval methods contribute to the machine learning classification of electrocardiographic signals?
  82. Relational Visual-Textual Information Retrieval
  83. An Evaluation of Publicly Available Deep Learning Based Commercial Information Retrieval Systems to search Biomedical Articles related to COVID-19
  84. Touché: first shared task on argument retrieval
  85. Diversity and novelty in biomedical information retrieval
  86. The Case for Scrutable, Personal, Long-Term User Models for Information Retrieval
  87. Report on the 8th International Workshop on Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval (BIR 2019)
  88. Information retrieval with root-and rule-based terms
  89. Preliminary Investigation on Causality Information Retrieval
  90. Reformulating information retrieval from speech and text as a detection problem
  91. Deep Reinforced Query Reformulation for Information Retrieval
  92. Deep supervised hashing using quadratic spherical mutual information for efficient image retrieval
  93. Capacity-achieving private information retrieval scheme with a smaller sub-packetization
  94. Thesis Supervisor Recommendation with Representative Content and Information Retrieval
  95. Probability model of sensitive similarity measures in information retrieval
  96. Assessing the Impact of OCR Errors in Information Retrieval
  97. A framework for argument retrieval
  98. Quantum Private Information Retrieval for Quantum Messages
  99. A study on agent-based web searching and information retrieval
  100. Verifiable single-server private information retrieval from LWE with binary errors
  101. Pre-training tasks for embedding-based large-scale retrieval
  102. Enhancing the Capabilities of Solr Information Retrieval System: Arabic Language
  103. Efficiency implications of term weighting for passage retrieval
  104. Local self-attention over long text for efficient document retrieval
  105. Ir-Man: An Information Retrieval Framework for Marine Animal Necropsy Analysis
  106. An efficient topic modeling approach for text mining and information retrieval through K-means clustering
  107. Causality Detection for Causality-driven Adhoc Information Retrieval Task
  108. Spatial Information Retrieval in Digital Ecosystems: A Comprehensive Survey
  109. Information Iterative Retrieval of Internet of Things Communication Terminal Based on Symmetric Algorithm
  110. Preface to the 10th Workshop on Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval at ECIR 2020.
  111. Multilinguistic approach towards Information Retrieval System for Big Data
  112. Equivalence of Non-Perfect Secret Sharing and Symmetric Private Information Retrieval with General Access Structure
  113. Diagnosing bert with retrieval heuristics
  114. Information retrieval from modified Kuramoto network by resonant synchronization
  115. Information retrieval models for recommender systems
  116. A Novel Conceptual Weighting Model for Semantic Information Retrieval
  117. An Efficient Indexing and Searching Technique for Information Retrieval for Urdu Language
  118. Hybrid Model with Word2vector in Information Retrieval Ranking
  119. Tip of the Tongue Known-Item Retrieval: A Case Study in Movie Identification
  120. An Overview of Cross-Language Information Retrieval
  121. A New Design of Cache-aided Multiuser Private Information Retrieval with Uncoded Prefetching
  122. Social Network Analysis as a Tool for Data Analysis and Visualization in Information Behaviour and Interactive Information Retrieval Research
  123. String Processing and Information Retrieval: 27th International Symposium, SPIRE 2020, Orlando, FL, USA, October 13–15, 2020, Proceedings
  124. Medical Information Retrieval and Interpretation: A Question-Answer based Interaction Model
  125. Information retrieval and its sister disciplines
  126. MultiReQA: A Cross-Domain Evaluation for Retrieval Question Answering Models
  127. A Conceptual Framework for an Information Behavior Model Based on the Collaboration Perspective between User and System for Information Retrieval
  128. Information Retrieval Based on Knowledge-Enhanced Word Embedding Through Dialog: A Case Study
  129. An Innovative Information Retrieval Model Implementing Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
  130. Myscéal: An Experimental Interactive Lifelog Retrieval System for LSC’20
  131. Measuring the Effects of Summarization in Cluster-based Information Retrieval
  132. Massive-scale visual information retrieval towards city residential environment surveillance
  133. Information Retrieval-Based Question Answering System on Foods and Recipes
  134. Single-server Multi-message Private Information Retrieval with Side Information: the General Cases
  135. On single server private information retrieval in a coding theory perspective
  136. Onto-Semantic Indian Tourism Information Retrieval System
  137. Toward a fairer information retrieval system
  138. A Strategic Approach in Handling Information Retrieval Course for Attaining Course Outcomes–A Case Study
  139. A Graph-based approach to derive the geodesic distance on Statistical manifolds: Application to Multimedia Information Retrieval
  140. A Comparison of Retrieval Result Relevance Judgments Between American and Chinese Users
  141. Future of Textual Information Retrieval Systems
  142. Subject Approach to Information Retrieval with Special Reference to Bengali Documents: A Critical Study
  143. Adapting Google Translate using Dictionary and Word Embedding for Arabic-Indonesian Cross-lingual Information Retrieval
  144. Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval
  145. Disaster impact information retrieval using deep learning object detection in crowdsourced drone footage
  146. Open-retrieval conversational question answering
  147. Neural Matching and Importance Learning in Information Retrieval
  148. Appropriate Information Retrieval Tools for Efficient Data Searching
  149. Vocabulary Based Information Retrieval: A Look at CSR Reports by European Listed Companies
  150. Creating an Academic Conversational Agent for Dynamic Information Retrieval
  151. Survey of Query correction for Thai business-oriented information retrieval
  152. CIRCLE 2020-The First Joint Conference of the Information Retrieval Communities in Europe
  153. Analysis of Information Retrieval Teaching Against the Background of Big Data
  154. Hybrid query expansion using lexical resources and word embeddings for sentence retrieval in question answering
  155. Analysis on Semantic level Information Retrieval and Query Processing
  156. Applying semantic role labeling and spreading activation techniques for semantic information retrieval
  157. CMIR-NET: A deep learning based model for cross-modal retrieval in remote sensing
  158. Trends in the Use of Search Engines for Information Retrieval among Lecturers in Universities in Bauchi State, Nigeria.
  159. Reasoning on the relation: Enhancing visual representation for visual question answering and cross-modal retrieval
  160. Cloud assisted big data information retrieval system for critical data supervision in disaster regions
  161. Information Retrieval Systems for Interlibrary Exchange in the Web Environment
  162. An Ontology Based Approach for Information Retrieval in Agriculture
  163. Cross Language Information Retrieval for Accessing the English Web in Sinhala
  164. On Machine Learning and Knowledge Organization in Multimedia Information Retrieval
  165. Machine Learning-Based Information Retrieval System
  166. Accelerating substructure similarity search for formula retrieval
  167. Awareness and Utilization of Search Engines for Information Retrieval by Students of National Open University of Nigeria in Enugu Study Centre Library
  168. Fast Opinion Mining using Information Retrieval Techniques
  170. Indexing Techniques on Information Retrieval.
  171. The Effect of Queries and Search Result Quality on the Rate of Query Abandonment in Interactive Information Retrieval
  172. Similarity Measure Approaches Applied in Text Document Clustering for Information Retrieval
  173. Cache-Aided Multi-message Private Information Retrieval
  174. Information retrieval system for silte language using BM25 weighting
  175. Information Retrieval of Text Analogs Based on the CLAD Method
  176. Semantics Based Clustering through Cover-Kmeans with OntoVsm for Information Retrieval
  177. String Processing and Information Retrieval
  178. PROP: Pre-training with Representative Words Prediction for Ad-hoc Retrieval
  179. Information Retrieval in Data Mining with Soft Computing Algorithms
  180. Information Retrieval using Neural Networks
  181. Information Retrieval Behavior of Postgraduate Students of the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology, Sri Lanka.
  184. Knowledge-Based Information Retrieval System for Construction Industry: Applying Knowledge Management Concept in Small and Medium Enterprise
  185. Fundamental Information-Theoretic Limits of Distributed Information Retrieval and Processing
  186. Report of the First International Workshop on Semantic Indexing and Information Retrieval for Health from heterogeneous content types and languages (SIIRH) …
  187. Analysis of Cross Language Information Retrieval methods
  188. Criteria of information value in information retrieval: the context of Housing Corporation Risk Management
  189. Relevance of Semantic-Enriched in Information Retrieval Models
  190. Search Less, Research More: Improving Information Retrieval in the Face of COVID-19
  191. Luppar: Information Retrieval for Closed Text Document Collections
  192. Analysis of Vector Space Method in Information Retrieval for Smart Answering System
  193. Automatic Information Retrieval from Tweets: A Semantic Clustering Approach
  194. Website information retrieval of web database based on symmetric encryption algorithm
  195. Towards a Multi-Tier Index for Information Retrieval System
  196. Two LRL & Distractor Corpora from Web Information Retrieval and a Small Case Study in Language Identification without Training Corpora
  197. Measuring Technological Competition among Big Five Using Patent Data: A Systematic and Scalable Approach Based on Information Retrieval Technology
  198. Codes and Sequences for Information Retrieval and Stream Ciphers
  199. An approach to sheet music information retrieval
  200. Music Information Retrieval System based on Vector Space Model
  202. Using a Credibility Classifier to Improve Health-Related Information Retrieval
  203. Current trends in information retrieval systems: review of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy Boolean retrieval models
  204. Online Information Retrieval and Changes in the Restaurant Location: The Case Study of Seoul
  205. Experiments on Manual Thesaurus based Query Expansion for Ad-hoc Monolingual Gujarati Information Retrieval Tasks
  206. Natural Language Processing for Music Information Retrieval: Deep Analysis of Lyrics Structure and Content
  207. Effects of Information Retrieval and Coffee Shop’s Attributes on the Means of Repositioning
  208. A Note on a Relationship between Smooth Locally Decodable Codes and Private Information Retrieval
  209. Smart job searching system based on information retrieval techniques and similarity of fuzzy parameterized sets
  210. Evaluating Information Retrieval and Access Tasks: NTCIR’s Legacy of Research Impact
  211. Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval in the Medical Domain
  212. Conformer-Kernel with Query Term Independence for Document Retrieval
  213. Extracting Cyber Threat Intelligence by Using Information Retrieval
  214. Information retrieval from hypermedia, with a navigable overview, at the end of primary school
  215. Conventional Description of a Human-Machine Interaction on a Collaborative Information Retrieval Task
  216. Deep Learning for Music Information Retrieval in Limited Data Scenarios.
  217. An efficient physic-based event detection algorithm inspired by music information retrieval
  218. Information-Theoretic Aspects of Quantum Private Information Retrieval
  219. Optimizing Semantic Information Retrieval by Labeling and Ontology
  220. Teaching library and information retrieval skills to academic administrators and support staff
  221. Web indexing and its usefulness in information management and retrieval process: A discussion
  222. End-to-End Contextualized Document Indexing and Retrieval with Neural Networks
  223. Enabling the Latent Semantic Analysis of Large-Scale Information Retrieval Datasets by Means of Out-of-Core Heterogeneous Systems
  224. Pattern retrieval on the game of go
  225. Impact of Social Media Usage on Information Retrieval Among Undergraduate Students in Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Ilorin
  226. The Effect of the Multi-Layer Text Summarization Model on the Efficiency and Relevancy of the Vector Space-based Information Retrieval
  227. Macaw: An extensible conversational information seeking platform
  228. Adaptive Retrieval Method of Legal Information based on Artificial Intelligence
  229. Efficient Retrieval Method of Malicious Information in Multimedia Big Data Network Based on Human-Computer Interaction
  230. An Efficient Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme for Private Information Retrieval in the Cloud
  231. 3rd International Workshop on EntitY Retrieval and lEarning (EYRE 2020)
  232. Language Models for Distributed Information Retrieval
  233. Weighted Split Frame Block: A Novel Joint Random Quantized Copyright Image Information Retrieval
  234. Developing a Framework for Interactive Information Retrieval of Digital Libraries Based on Bandura’s Social-Cognitive Theory
  235. Automated smoking cessation pattern development through information retrieval
  236. Deep Multimodal learning for Cross-Modal Retrieval: one model for all tasks
  237. Generation of Knowledge Base for Conversation Agent of Nusantara Culinary Tour From Free Text Using Information Retrieval
  238. Action-Centered Information Retrieval
  239. Multiclass Content-based Visual Information Retrieval using Multi Layer Perceptron and Convolution Neural Network: A Comparative Study
  240. Codes for distributed storage, private information retrieval and low-latency streaming
  241. Retrieval of complex images using visual saliency guided cognitive classification
  242. Gamification For Libraries: Improving information retrieval teaching through gamification
  243. A Study on Lemma vs Stem for Legal Information Retrieval Using R Tidyverse. IMS UniPD@ AILA 2020 Task
  244. IR Project Final Report: Translingual Information Retrieval Using WordNet and SYSTRAN
  245. Privacy and Security in Coded Computation and Cache-aided Information Retrieval
  246. Concept Based Intelligent Information Retrieval within Digital Library
  247. A content based image information retrieval and video thumbnail extraction framework using SOM
  248. Towards Legal Case Retrieval
  249. Puncturable Pseudorandom Sets and Private Information Retrieval with Polylogarithmic Bandwidth and Sublinear Time
  250. Content-Based Retrieval of Multimedia Information Using Multiple Similarity Indexes
  251. The effects of having lists of synonyms on the performance of Afaan Oromo Text Retrieval system
  253. Relevant Subsection Retrieval for Law Domain Question Answer System
  254. An approach based on Combination of Features for automatic news retrieval
  255. Consumer health information and question answering: helping consumers find answers to their health-related information needs
  256. A novel framework for retrieval of image using weighted edge matching algorithm
  257. The Ensemble MESH-Term Query Expansion Models Using Multiple LDA Topic Models and ANN Classifiers in Health Information Retrieval
  258. Query Performance Prediction for Multifield Document Retrieval
  259. Introduction to Information storage and Retrieval
  260. Deep Passage Retrieval Reranking based on Semantic Enhancement
  261. Semantic and NLP-Based Retrieval From Covid-19 Ontology
  262. Embedding Structure into HTML for More Precise Retrieval of Information, A Novel XML Schema
  263. From Information to Assistance
  264. A Study on Event-Oriented Text Retrieval with Deep Neural Network
  265. Query by Example for Cross-Lingual Event Retrieval
  266. Investigating the efficacy of music version retrieval systems for setlist identification
  267. Deep multi-view enhancement hashing for image retrieval
  268. Characterizing Voice-Based Proactive Information Retrieval in Social Interactions
  269. ReBoost: a retrieval-boosted sequence-to-sequence model for neural response generation
  270. Semantics-based key concepts identification for documents indexing and retrieval on the web
  271. Text-Based Image Retrieval Using Deep Learning
  272. Fine-grained Visual Textual Alignment for Cross-Modal Retrieval using Transformer Encoders
  273. Cross-Lingual Document Retrieval with Smooth Learning
  274. On the Replicability of Combining Word Embeddings and Retrieval Models
  275. Exploring pattern mining algorithms for hashtag retrieval problem
  276. Retrieval-based neural source code summarization
  277. Towards Explainable Retrieval Models for Precision Medicine Literature Search
  278. A Graph-based Relevance Matching Model for Ad-hoc Retrieval
  279. A Bag of Visual Words Model for Medical Image Retrieval
  280. A Novel Algorithm of Expansion Term Selection and Weight Assignment for Query Expansion of Chinese EMR Retrieval
  281. An Efficient Framework for Secure Image Archival and Retrieval System Using Multiple Secret Share Creation Scheme
  282. Variational Recurrent Sequence-to-Sequence Retrieval for Stepwise Illustration
  283. Keyphrase generation for scientific document retrieval
  284. Finding the Best of Both Worlds: Faster and More Robust Top-k Document Retrieval
  285. Improvement of Information Retrieval Systems
  287. Result Diversification in Clinical Case Reports Retrieval based on Main Finding
  288. Daytime sea surface temperature retrieval incorporating mid-wave imager measurements: algorithm development and validation
  289. An agricultural audio retrieval method based on inverted index of silence word
  290. Efficient weakly-supervised discrete hashing for large-scale social image retrieval
  291. Tree-Augmented Cross-Modal Encoding for Complex-Query Video Retrieval
  292. A knowledge-driven multimedia retrieval system based on semantics and deep features
  293. An Object-Oriented Probabilistic Logic for Information Retrieval
  294. Exploiting de-noising convolutional neural networks DnCNNs for an efficient watermarking scheme: a case for information retrieval
  295. Weakly-supervised semantic guided hashing for social image retrieval
  296. Approximate nearest neighbor negative contrastive learning for dense text retrieval
  297. Topic-enhanced knowledge-aware retrieval model for diverse relevance estimation
  298. Accurate information retrieval from large corpora: Non-extended Swahili monosyllabic verbs1
  299. Graph-based Hierarchical Relevance Matching Signals for Ad-hoc Retrieval
  300. Experiments in Lifelog Organisation and Retrieval at NTCIR
  301. Combining Bandits and Lexical Analysis for Document Retrieval in a Juridical Corpora
  302. A Two-Stage Clustering Method for Semantic Indexing in Peer-to-Peer Information Retrieval
  304. Penerapan Algoritma TF-IDF Vector Space Model (VSM) Pada Information Retrieval Terjemahan Al Quran Surat 1 Samai Dengan Surat 16 Berdasarkan Kesamaan …
  307. Information retrieval for Northern Sea Route (NSR) navigation: A statistical approach using the AIS and TOPAZ4 data
  308. Semantic Annotation and Retrieval of Parliamentary Content: A Case Study on the Spanish Congress of Deputies
  309. Untangling cost, effort, and load in information seeking and retrieval
  310. Research on the Retrieval Algorithm of Speech Keyword Based on DTW
  311. Document Retrieval Using Deep Learning
  312. Location sensitive image retrieval and tagging
  313. Web table extraction, retrieval, and augmentation: A survey
  314. Exploring Generative Adversarial Networks for Entity Search and Retrieval
  315. An Efficient Text-Based Image Retrieval Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Techniques
  316. Challenges in information seeking QA: Unanswerable questions and paragraph retrieval
  317. Realm: Retrieval-augmented language model pre-training
  318. Medical Literature Mining and Retrieval in a Conversational Setting
  319. ARQMath: A New Benchmark for Math-Aware CQA and Math Formula Retrieval
  320. HerCulB: content-based information extraction and retrieval for cultural heritage of the Balkans
  321. Retrieval Model and Classification Model for AILA2020
  322. Towards Large Scale Image Retrieval System Using Parallel Frameworks
  323. Image Retrieval with Data Augmentation of Sentence Labels Based on Paraphrasing
  324. Zero-shot neural retrieval via domain-targeted synthetic query generation
  325. Patch Relational Covariance Distance Similarity Approach for Image Ranking in Content-Based Image Retrieval
  326. Development of Fashion Product Retrieval and Recommendations Model Based on Deep Learning
  327. A comparison of question rewriting methods for conversational passage retrieval
  328. Interactive lifelog retrieval with vitrivr
  329. A systematic review on content-based video retrieval
  330. Dense passage retrieval for open-domain question answering
  331. Sparse, dense, and attentional representations for text retrieval
  332. UB ET at CheckThat! 2020: Exploring Ad hoc Retrieval Approaches in Verified Claims Retrieval
  333. Weakly-supervised video moment retrieval via semantic completion network
  334. Retrieval-augmented generation for knowledge-intensive nlp tasks
  335. Document Image Retrieval Based on Convolutional Neural Network
  336. Image retrieval for complex queries using knowledge embedding
  337. Targeted attack for deep hashing based retrieval
  338. Online product search using gray level co-occurrence matrix, color moments, and histogram of oriented gradients for content based image retrieval
  339. A clustering-based adaptive Neighborhood Retrieval Visualizer
  340. Deep multimodal image-text embeddings for automatic cross-media retrieval
  341. Retrieval of Sea Surface Wind Fields Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
  342. Content-based image retrieval using color, shape and texture descriptors and features
  343. Mean-removed product quantization for large-scale image retrieval
  344. RepBERT: Contextualized Text Embeddings for First-Stage Retrieval
  345. Encoded summarization: summarizing documents into continuous vector space for legal case retrieval
  346. A Heterogeneous Geospatial Data Retrieval Method Using Knowledge Graph
  347. M-GCN: Multi-branch graph convolution network for 2D image-based on 3D model retrieval
  348. The Mediation Effect of Management Information Systems on the Relationship between Big Data Quality and Decision making Quality
  349. Leaving No Stone Unturned: Flexible Retrieval of Idiomatic Expressions from a Large Text Corpus
  350. How Context Affects Language Models’ Factual Predictions
  351. Capreolus: A Toolkit for End-to-End Neural Ad Hoc Retrieval
  352. Learning Contextualized Document Representations for Healthcare Answer Retrieval
  353. Content Retrieval Based on Prediction and Network Coding in Vehicular Named Data Networking
  354. Multi-task consistency-preserving adversarial hashing for cross-modal retrieval
  355. Cottontail DB: an open source database system for multimedia retrieval and analysis
  356. Augmented adversarial training for cross-modal retrieval
  357. Cord-19: The covid-19 open research dataset
  358. TAQE: tweet retrieval-based infrastructure damage assessment during disasters
  359. Development of a web-based system of automatic content retrieval database
  360. Learning a joint search and recommendation model from user-item interactions
  361. An interactive retrieval system for clinical trial studies with context-dependent protocol elements
  362. Investigating the Influence of Ads on User Search Performance, Behaviour, and Experience during Information Seeking
  363. Enabling secure cross-modal retrieval over encrypted heterogeneous IoT databases with collective matrix factorization
  364. Interactive video retrieval in the age of deep learning-detailed evaluation of vbs 2019
  365. Large-scale instance-level image retrieval
  366. Information theoretic limits for phase retrieval with subsampled Haar sensing matrices
  367. Relational Graph Embeddings for Table Retrieval
  368. Deep Cross-Modal Image–Voice Retrieval in Remote Sensing
  369. Deep Position-Aware Hashing for Semantic Continuous Image Retrieval
  370. Diagram Image Retrieval and Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities
  371. Rethinking query expansion for bert reranking
  372. A comprehensive analysis of healthcare big data management, analytics and scientific programming
  373. Intercomprehension in retrieval: User perspectives on six related scarce resource languages
  374. CS 5604: Information Storage and Retrieval-Webpages (WP) Team
  375. Multi-level correlation adversarial hashing for cross-modal retrieval
  376. Deep reinforcement hashing with redundancy elimination for effective image retrieval
  377. A stochastic treatment of learning to rank scoring functions
  378. Pre-training via paraphrasing
  379. SOLAR: second-order loss and attention for image retrieval
  380. Combining boolean and multimedia retrieval in vitrivr for large-scale video search
  381. Evaluating Multilingual Text Encoders for Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Retrieval
  382. Cross-modal retrieval via label category supervised matrix factorization hashing
  383. Experimental IR Meets Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Interaction
  384. A review of hashing methods for multimodal retrieval
  385. Transmission, refraction and dark-field retrieval in hard X-ray grating interferometry
  386. Retrieval Augmented Language Model Pre-Training
  387. Deep multiscale fusion hashing for cross-modal retrieval
  388. Unified binary generative adversarial network for image retrieval and compression
  389. Weakly-Supervised Open-Retrieval Conversational Question Answering
  390. Colbert: Efficient and effective passage search via contextualized late interaction over bert
  391. Fine-grained video-text retrieval with hierarchical graph reasoning
  392. Pyramid regional graph representation learning for content-based video retrieval
  393. Speaker-aware bert for multi-turn response selection in retrieval-based chatbots
  394. Dataset for WWW landing pages webobject retrieval performance evaluation
  395. ANTIQUE: A non-factoid question answering benchmark
  396. Guided Transformer: Leveraging Multiple External Sources for Representation Learning in Conversational Search
  397. In search of better science: on the epistemic costs of systematic reviews and the need for a pluralistic stance to literature search
  398. Caire-covid: A question answering and multi-document summarization system for covid-19 research
  399. Cross-modal Image Retrieval with Deep Mutual Information Maximization
  400. Block-based image matching for image retrieval
  401. Multi-modal transformer for video retrieval
  402. Ur2kid: Unifying retrieval, keypoint detection, and keypoint description without local correspondence supervision
  403. Retrieve Fast, Rerank Smart: Cooperative and Joint Approaches for Improved Cross-Modal Retrieval
  404. Real-time lexicon-free scene text retrieval
  405. Discriminative deep asymmetric supervised hashing for cross-modal retrieval
  406. THUIR at the NTCIR-15 Micro-activity Retrieval Task
  407. Experimental quantum reading with photon counting
  408. Learning low-dimensional embeddings of audio shingles for cross-version retrieval of classical music
  409. Color Image Retrieval Algorithm Fusing Color and Principal Curvatures Information
  410. Preference enhanced hybrid expertise retrieval system in community question answering services
  411. Social book search: the impact of the social web on book retrieval and recommendation
  412. TREC 2020 Podcasts Track Overview
  413. Investigation and Modelling of Quantum-like User Cognitive Behaviour in Information Access and Retrieval
  414. A Multi-level Rank Correlation Measure for Image Retrieval
  415. Adversarial Video Moment Retrieval by Jointly Modeling Ranking and Localization
  416. Transfer learning for arabic named entity recognition with deep neural networks
  417. Multi-task Retrieval for Knowledge-Intensive Tasks
  418. Satellite retrieval of aerosol combined with assimilated forecast
  419. Curriculum learning strategies for ir
  420. Robust Patient Information Embedding and Retrieval Mechanism for ECG Signals
  421. Baseline analysis of a conventional and virtual reality lifelog retrieval system
  422. ORCAS: 20 Million Clicked Query-Document Pairs for Analyzing Search
  423. The neural hype, justified! A recantation
  424. A scalable sub-graph regularization for efficient content based image retrieval with long-term relevance feedback enhancement
  425. Face detection in security monitoring based on artificial intelligence video retrieval technology
  426. Cross-Depicted Historical Motif Categorization and Retrieval with Deep Learning
  427. Deep-seated features histogram: A novel image retrieval method
  428. Argument Retrieval from Web
  429. Funding information in Web of Science: An updated overview
  430. Chatbot4QR: Interactive Query Refinement for Technical Question Retrieval
  431. An Approach for Image Search and Retrieval by Cluster-Based Indexing of Binary MKSIFT Codes
  432. Deep triplet neural networks with cluster-cca for audio-visual cross-modal retrieval
  433. Pairwise supervised hashing with Bernoulli variational auto-encoder and self-control gradient estimator
  434. Semantic-driven Interpretable Deep Multi-modal Hashing for Large-scale Multimedia Retrieval
  435. Moment retrieval via cross-modal interaction networks with query reconstruction
  436. Assessing ranking metrics in top-N recommendation
  437. Core progress in AI has stalled in some fields
  438. CaMR: Towards Connotation-aware Music Retrieval on Social Media with Visual Inputs
  439. Unsupervised deep hashing with node representation for image retrieval
  440. Bridging cognitive models and recommender systems
  441. Deep Graph Matching and Searching for Semantic Code Retrieval
  442. An efficient bi-layer content based image retrieval system
  443. Which academic search systems are suitable for systematic reviews or meta‐analyses? Evaluating retrieval qualities of Google Scholar, PubMed, and 26 other …
  444. Utilizing emerging knowledge to support medical argument retrieval
  445. Cord19sts: Covid-19 semantic textual similarity dataset
  446. FindCmd: A personalised command retrieval tool
  447. Overview of ImageCLEFtuberculosis 2020-automatic CT-based report generation
  448. Low-dose phase retrieval of biological specimens using cryo-electron ptychography
  449. Projection-based relevance model for table retrieval
  450. Introduction to special issue on eCommerce search and recommendation
  451. Leveraging passage-level cumulative gain for document ranking
  452. Covidex: Neural ranking models and keyword search infrastructure for the covid-19 open research dataset
  453. Leveraging code generation to improve code retrieval and summarization via dual learning
  454. Using content‐based image retrieval of dermoscopic images for interpretation and education: A pilot study
  455. An effective image retrieval system using machine learning and fuzzy c-means clustering approach
  456. Radiological image retrieval technique using multi-resolution texture and shape features
  457. Deep Centralized Cross-modal Retrieval
  458. Temporal Context Aggregation for Video Retrieval with Contrastive Learning
  459. Multiple writer retrieval systems based on language independent dissimilarity learning
  460. How the amount and spacing of retrieval practice affect the short-and long-term retention of mathematics knowledge
  461. CheckThat! at CLEF 2020: Enabling the Automatic Identification and Verification of Claims in Social Media
  462. Exorel: a Bayesian inverse retrieval framework for exoplanetary reflected light spectra
  463. Encrypted storage and retrieval in cloud storage applications
  464. Rapidly deploying a neural search engine for the covid-19 open research dataset: Preliminary thoughts and lessons learned
  465. Living labs for academic search at CLEF 2020
  466. Conversational search (dagstuhl seminar 19461)
  467. A new approach to descriptors generation for image retrieval by analyzing activations of deep neural network layers
  468. Multi-attention based semantic deep hashing for cross-modal retrieval
  469. Satellite retrieval of aerosol combined with assimilated forecast
  470. Image classification based on high-dimensional feature retrieval intelligent algorithm
  471. Ketamine disrupted storage but not retrieval of information in male rats and apomorphine counteracted its impairing effect
  472. Concurrent phase retrieval for imaging strain in nanocrystals
  473. Document ranking with a pretrained sequence-to-sequence model
  474. Multi-Label Sound Event Retrieval Using A Deep Learning-Based Siamese Structure With A Pairwise Presence Matrix
  475. The unfairness of popularity bias in music recommendation: A reproducibility study
  476. Research and Implementation of Multi-modal Video Retrieval System Based on Deep Learning
  477. Retrieval of a well-established skill is resistant to distraction: evidence from an implicit probabilistic sequence learning task
  478. A Robust Feature Descriptor for Biomedical Image Retrieval
  479. CSRN: Collaborative Sequential Recommendation Networks for News Retrieval
  480. Attention boosted bilinear pooling for remote sensing image retrieval
  481. From MAXSCORE to Block-Max Wand: The Story of How Lucene Significantly Improved Query Evaluation Performance
  482. Word sense disambiguation: A comprehensive knowledge exploitation framework
  483. The Benefits of Side Information for Structured Phase Retrieval
  484. Scalable multi-label canonical correlation analysis for cross-modal retrieval
  485. PFAN++: Bi-Directional Image-Text retrieval with position focused attention network
  486. High-order nonlocal Hashing for unsupervised cross-modal retrieval
  487. An enhanced opinion retrieval approach via implicit feature identification
  488. An Improved Retrieval Method for Multi-Transaction Mode Consortium Blockchain
  489. Unsupervised Trademark Retrieval Method Based on Attention Mechanism
  490. Joint learning based deep supervised hashing for large-scale image retrieval
  491. Image retrieval using the intensity variation descriptor
  492. On-Line Retrieval of Health Information Based on Language Complexity, Information Customization and Information Quality
  493. On Semantic Similarity in Video Retrieval
  494. Visual saliency guided complex image retrieval
  495. Unsupervised alignment-based iterative evidence retrieval for multi-hop question answering
  496. Do Neural Ranking Models Intensify Gender Bias?
  497. Robust Unsupervised Cross-modal Hashing for Multimedia Retrieval
  498. Evesense: what can you sense from twitter?
  499. Dgl-ke: Training knowledge graph embeddings at scale
  500. Multi-Turn Response Selection in Retrieval Based Chatbots with Hierarchical Residual Matching Network
  501. Analysis of Entropy Associated with Information Storage and Its Retrieval
  502. Improved Deep Classwise Hashing With Centers Similarity Learning for Image Retrieval
  503. A Post-Analysis of Query Reformulation Methods for Clinical Trials Retrieval
  504. One word at a time: adversarial attacks on retrieval models
  505. The effect of content-equivalent near-duplicates on the evaluation of search engines
  506. The MuTube Dataset for Music Listening History Retrieval and Recommendation System
  507. Fold-LTR-TCP: protein fold recognition based on triadic closure principle
  508. Evaluation of cnn-based automatic music tagging models
  509. Zero-shot sketch-based image retrieval via graph convolution network
  510. An Efficient Content-Based Image Retrieval System for the Diagnosis of Lung Diseases
  511. Bow image retrieval method based on SSD target detection
  512. Multimodal Latent Semantic Alignment for Automated Prostate Tissue Classification and Retrieval
  513. EARL: Speedup Transformer-based Rankers with Pre-computed Representation
  514. Adversarial Training for Code Retrieval with Question-Description Relevance Regularization
  515. A lightweight environment for learning experimental IR research practices
  516. Argument Retrieval Using Deep Neural Ranking Models
  517. Shared tasks on authorship analysis at pan 2020
  518. How long can you hold the filler: maintenance and retrieval
  520. Bridging East and West: An Integration of TCM and Western Medicine in Medical Text Mining
  521. Improving Zero-Shot Entity Retrieval through Effective Dense Representations
  522. BioASQ at CLEF2020: large-scale biomedical semantic indexing and question answering
  523. AI-Based Semantic Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval for Social Media on Smartphones. Information 2021, 12, 43
  524. Characteristics of Dataset Retrieval Sessions: Experiences from a Real-Life Digital Library
  525. Deep hash learning for remote sensing image retrieval
  526. Data Augmentation for Retrieval-and Generation-Based Dialog Systems
  527. Rapid review methods more challenging during COVID-19: commentary with a focus on 8 knowledge synthesis steps
  528. Analysis of effective paratextual elements to improving fiction retrieval by structural equation modeling
  529. Combining Filter Bank and KSH for Image Retrieval in Bone Scintigraphy
  530. Artwork Information Embedding Framework for Multi-source Ukiyo-e Record Retrieval
  531. Keyword extraction: Issues and methods
  532. A Convolutional Neural Network-Based Patent Image Retrieval Method for Design Ideation
  533. Ontological Structure-Based Retrieval System for Tamil
  534. Alpha/beta power decreases during episodic memory formation predict the magnitude of alpha/beta power decreases during subsequent retrieval
  535. Enhanced of Attendance Records Technology used Geospatial Retrieval based on Crossing Number
  536. Exploring deep learning for view-based 3D model retrieval
  537. Representation separation adversarial networks for cross-modal retrieval
  538. Exploring term expansion for task-based retrieval at the TREC-COVID track
  539. Design and Application of Multidimensional Analysis System for Medical Literature Retrieval
  540. A Semantic Retrieval System for Extracting Relationships from Biological Corpus
  541. The BOW image retrieval algorithm based on the longest common word string constraint
  542. The efficient fast-response content-based image retrieval using spark and MapReduce model framework
  543. OPPR: An Outsourcing Privacy-Preserving JPEG Image Retrieval Scheme with Local Histograms in Cloud Environment
  544. Video-based recipe retrieval
  545. Exact asymptotics for phase retrieval and compressed sensing with random generative priors
  546. Deep code operation network for multi-label image retrieval
  547. Data Collection, Storage, and Retrieval
  548. A Review on Various Content Based Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
  549. Coverless steganography based on image retrieval of DenseNet features and DWT sequence mapping
  550. Tailored retrieval of health information from the web for facilitating communication and empowerment of elderly people
  551. Visualization method of sound effect retrieval based on UMAP
  552. Deep multilevel similarity hashing with fine-grained features for multi-label image retrieval
  553. Interactive faceted query suggestion for exploratory search: Whole‐session effectiveness and interaction engagement
  554. Memory Enhanced Embedding Learning for Cross-Modal Video-Text Retrieval
  555. Top-rank: a topicalpostionrank for extraction and classification of keyphrases in text
  556. Comparative analysis of image retrieval techniques in cyberspace
  557. Deep Image Retrieval: A Survey
  558. Score level fusion for improving writer retrieval in handwritten document databases
  559. An encrypted speech retrieval algorithm based on Chirp-Z transform and perceptual hashing second feature extraction
  560. Image Retrieval Algorithm Based on Deep Learning
  561. Arcov-19: The first arabic covid-19 twitter dataset with propagation networks
  562. User Modeling Towards Stateful Learning to Rank
  563. Humans Optional? Automatic Large-Scale Test Collections for Entity, Passage, and Entity-Passage Retrieval
  564. Keyphrase extraction as sequence labeling using contextualized embeddings
  565. Content-based Image Retrieval and the Semantic Gap in the Deep Learning Era
  566. Multilingual Evidence Retrieval and Fact Verification to Combat Global Disinformation: The Power of Polyglotism
  567. Modality-specific matrix factorization hashing for cross-modal retrieval
  568. Web of scholars: A scholar knowledge graph
  569. Spaced Retrieval and Episodic Memory Training in Alzheimer’s Disease
  570. Solving phase retrieval with a learned reference
  571. Network text analysis: A two-way classification approach
  572. Fine-Grained Instance-Level Sketch-Based Video Retrieval
  573. HDMFH: Hypergraph based discrete matrix factorization hashing for multimodal retrieval
  574. Deep code comment generation with hybrid lexical and syntactical information
  575. Coupled Bi-Orientation Octet Pattern for Medical Image Retrieval
  576. Connecting Images through Time and Sources: Introducing Low-data, Heterogeneous Instance Retrieval
  577. A survey of autoencoder-based recommender systems
  578. Memory-Based Deep Neural Attention (mDNA) for Cognitive Multi-Turn Response Retrieval in Task-Oriented Chatbots
  579. Modeling personalized item frequency information for next-basket recommendation
  580. Molecular structure retrieval directly from laboratory-frame photoelectron spectra in laser-induced electron diffraction
  581. Requirements Dependency Extraction by Integrating Active Learning with Ontology-Based Retrieval
  582. SLEDGE: A simple yet effective baseline for coronavirus scientific knowledge search
  583. Informational, transactional, and navigational need of information: relevance of search intention in search engine advertising
  584. Human information interaction and the cognitive predicting theory of trust
  585. BiOnt: deep learning using multiple biomedical ontologies for relation extraction
  586. Assessing the Impact of OCR Quality on Downstream NLP Tasks.
  587. Introducing the CLEF 2020 HIPE shared task: Named entity recognition and linking on historical newspapers
  588. The 3 International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Texts: Text2Story 2020
  589. Current Limitations of Language Models: What You Need is Retrieval
  590. Combining Jigsaws, Rule-Based Learning, and Retrieval Practice Improves IUPAC Nomenclature Competence
  591. DAKE: Document-Level Attention for Keyphrase Extraction
  592. Deep learning for fast bronze inscription image retrieval
  593. Conditional Image Retrieval
  594. Retrieval-induced forgetting in a social task
  595. Focused Clinical Query Understanding and Retrieval of Medical Snippets powered through a Healthcare Knowledge Graph
  596. Keyframes retrieval for robust long-term visual localization in changing conditions
  597. An AES-based secure image retrieval scheme using random mapping and BOW in cloud computing
  598. Retrieval of aboveground crop nitrogen content with a hybrid machine learning method
  599. Testing two retrieval strategies to enhance eyewitness memory: Category and location clustering recall.
  600. A Knowledge Graph-based System for Retrieval of Lifelog Data
  601. Learning to Detect Relevant Contexts and Knowledge for Response Selection in Retrieval-based Dialogue Systems
  602. Testing and transfer: Retrieval practice effects across test formats in English vocabulary learning in school
  603. An Experiment in Interactive Retrieval for the Lifelog Moment Retrieval Task at ImageCLEFlifelog2020
  604. An effective retrieval method for 3D models in plastic injection molding for process reuse
  605. Fine-grained correlation analysis for medical image retrieval
  606. AI-Based Semantic Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval for Social Media on Smartphones
  607. Graphic method for retrieval of quantitative data from computer-mapped qualitative information, with a NASA video as an example
  608. Supporting interoperability between open-source search engines with the common index file format
  609. Semantic-Based Image Retrieval Using Balanced Clustering Tree
  610. X-MIRAD: EXplainable Medical Image Retrieval and Anomaly Detection
  611. Deep attention based music genre classification
  612. A Novel Framework for Video Retrieval Algorithm Evaluations and Methods for Effective Context-Aware Video Content Retrial Method on Cloud
  613. Methods for computing legal document similarity: A comparative study
  614. Priya Velayutham, Subramaniyaswamy V, Medical information retrieval systems for e-Health care records using fuzzy based machine learning model
  615. Learning Visual Features from Product Title for Image Retrieval
  616. A Context-independent Representation of Task
  617. SparTerm: Learning Term-based Sparse Representation for Fast Text Retrieval
  618. Application of Content-Based Image Retrieval in Medical Image Acquisition
  619. Early detection of rumours on twitter via stance transfer learning
  620. Deep Hash Remote Sensing Image Retrieval with Hard Probability Sampling
  621. Remember to Forget: Does Strategic Retrieval from the List Before the Last Enable Forgetting of the Most Recent Information
  622. Improving sound retrieval in large collaborative collections
  623. Design and analysis of intelligent retrieval system for drilling data and completion data based on cloud platform
  624. A novel content-based image retrieval approach for classification using GLCM features and texture fused LBP variants
  625. VGCN-BERT: augmenting BERT with graph embedding for text classification
  626. Retrieval practice and retention of course content in a middle school science classroom
  627. Region of interest-based image retrieval techniques: a review
  628. Identifying breakthrough scientific papers
  629. Recent developments of content-based image retrieval (CBIR)
  630. PreFace: Faceted Retrieval of Prerequisites Using Domain-Specific Knowledge Bases
  631. Modeling User Behavior for Vertical Search: Images, Apps and Products
  632. Text Mining-based Research on Aircraft Faults Classification and Retrieval Model
  633. REL: An entity linker standing on the shoulders of giants
  634. Similarity and diversity induced paired projection for cross-modal retrieval
  635. IDHashGAN: Deep Hashing with Generative Adversarial Nets for Incomplete Data Retrieval
  636. Implementation of a real-time psychosis risk detection and alerting system based on electronic health records using CogStack
  637. User insights on diversity in music recommendation lists
  638. A deep recurrent survival model for unbiased ranking
  639. Similarity-preserving hash for content-based audio retrieval using unsupervised deep neural networks
  640. Design and Implementation of an Interactive Streaming Platform for Supporting Instant Retrieval of Product Information in Product Placement Advertisement
  641. Bibliography and research manual of the history of mathematics
  642. The impact of depression and anxiety on speed of academic performance and retrieval fluency in postsecondary students
  643. ProphetNet-Ads: A Looking Ahead Strategy for Generative Retrieval Models in Sponsored Search Engine
  644. Cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation over the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex cancels out the cost of selective retrieval on subsequent analogical …
  645. A Study of Current Trends Writer Identification in Large-scale Across Three World Major Languages with Retrieval Approaches
  646. Image Retrieval Using Data Mining Technique
  647. Learning Binary Semantic Embedding for Histology Image Classification and Retrieval
  649. 1d/2d deep CNNs vs. temporal feature integration for general audio classification
  650. Medlinker: Medical entity linking with neural representations and dictionary matching
  651. Image Retrieval using Bag-of-Features for Lung Cancer Classification
  652. Expansion via prediction of importance with contextualization
  653. Editorial for the special issue “Soil moisture retrieval using radar remote sensing sensors”
  654. A Metacognitive Retrieval Practice Intervention to Improve Undergraduates’ Monitoring and Control Processes and Use of Performance Feedback for Classroom …
  655. Approximation of Response Knowledge Retrieval in Knowledge-grounded Dialogue Generation
  656. Are the code snippets what we are searching for? a benchmark and an empirical study on code search with natural-language queries
  657. Density-Based Top-K Spatial Textual Clusters Retrieval
  658. Investigating Reading Behavior in Fine-grained Relevance Judgment
  659. Converse for multi-server single-message PIR with side information
  660. Copula Guided Neural Topic Modelling for Short Texts
  661. Retrieval of multiple scattering contrast from x-ray analyzer-based imaging
  662. Leveraging passage retrieval with generative models for open domain question answering
  663. Considering Human Perception and Memory in Interactive Multimedia Retrieval Evaluations
  664. Read, Attend, and Exclude: Multi-Choice Reading Comprehension by Mimicking Human Reasoning Process
  665. Developing a Korean QA Chatbot for a Medical Domain Using a Multi-step Retrieval Approach
  666. Expert classification and retrieval
  667. Starting Conversations with Search Engines-Interfaces that Elicit Natural Language Queries
  668. Content Based Image Retrieval on Natural and Artificial Images
  669. A Cross-language Music Retrieval Method by Using Misheard Lyrics
  670. Non-neural Structured Prediction for Event Detection from News in Indian Languages
  671. Efficient tree-structured categorical retrieval
  672. Implementation and Evaluation of a Retrieval-based Chinese Humor Chatbot.
  673. Flexible fashion product retrieval using multimodality-based deep learning
  674. Acute psychosocial stress during retrieval impairs pattern separation processes on an episodic memory task
  675. Application of content based image retrieval in digital image search system
  676. Query resolution for conversational search with limited supervision
  677. Complete phase retrieval of photoelectron wavepackets
  678. Image-to-Image Retrieval by Learning Similarity between Scene Graphs
  679. Biochemical constraint compatible address design for fuzzy retrieval of images in DNA Storage
  680. Fabric Retrieval Based on Multi-task Learning
  681. Deep Retrieval: An End-to-End Learnable Structure Model for Large-Scale Recommendations
  682. Crowd worker strategies in relevance judgment tasks
  683. Towards Multimodal Data Retrieval in Remote Sensing
  684. Sketch-based Image Retrieval Method
  685. Kloos: Kl divergence-based out-of-scope intent detection in human-to-machine conversations
  686. Analyzing and Learning from User Interactions for Search Clarification
  687. Hybrid First-stage Retrieval Models for Biomedical Literature
  688. Offline evaluation options for recommender systems
  689. Age differences in the persistence of part-list cuing impairment: The role of retrieval inhibition and strategy disruption
  690. Robust and Secure Cache-aided Private Linear Function Retrieval from Coded Servers
  691. Fast Retrieval Method of Image Data Based on Learning to Hash
  692. Search Result Explanations Improve Efficiency and Trust
  694. Domain-independent extraction of scientific concepts from research articles
  695. Land surface temperature retrieval from Landsat 5, 7, and 8 over rural areas: assessment of different retrieval algorithms and emissivity models and toolbox …
  696. Attend to Chords: Improving Harmonic Analysis of Symbolic Music Using Transformer-Based Models
  697. A large-scale annotated mechanical components benchmark for classification and retrieval tasks with deep neural networks
  698. Subgraph nomination: Query by Example Subgraph Retrieval in Networks
  700. Information needs and retrieval habits of children in the District central libraries in Tamil Nadu
  701. A classification on different aspects of user modelling in personalized web search
  702. Not all roads lead to Rome: Pitch representation and model architecture for automatic harmonic analysis
  703. Task-oriented specialization techniques for entity retrieval
  704. Binary Codes Based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Clustering and Retrieval
  705. Secure content-based image retrieval in the cloud with key confidentiality
  706. Event Detection from News in Indian Languages Using Similarity Based Pattern Finding Approach
  707. Generating Images Instead of Retrieving Them: Relevance Feedback on Generative Adversarial Networks
  708. SUPERSEDED-Search strategy for retrieval of references on stroke healthcare in MEDLINE Ovid
  709. RocketQA: An Optimized Training Approach to Dense Passage Retrieval for Open-Domain Question Answering
  710. Robust and Secure Cache-aided Private Linear Function Retrieval from Coded Servers
  711. Fast Retrieval Method of Image Data Based on Learning to Hash
  712. Search Result Explanations Improve Efficiency and Trust
  714. Domain-independent extraction of scientific concepts from research articles
  715. Land surface temperature retrieval from Landsat 5, 7, and 8 over rural areas: assessment of different retrieval algorithms and emissivity models and toolbox …
  716. Attend to Chords: Improving Harmonic Analysis of Symbolic Music Using Transformer-Based Models
  717. A large-scale annotated mechanical components benchmark for classification and retrieval tasks with deep neural networks
  718. Subgraph nomination: Query by Example Subgraph Retrieval in Networks
  720. Information needs and retrieval habits of children in the District central libraries in Tamil Nadu
  721. A classification on different aspects of user modelling in personalized web search
  722. Not all roads lead to Rome: Pitch representation and model architecture for automatic harmonic analysis
  723. Task-oriented specialization techniques for entity retrieval
  724. Binary Codes Based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Clustering and Retrieval
  725. Secure content-based image retrieval in the cloud with key confidentiality
  726. Event Detection from News in Indian Languages Using Similarity Based Pattern Finding Approach
  727. Generating Images Instead of Retrieving Them: Relevance Feedback on Generative Adversarial Networks
  728. SUPERSEDED-Search strategy for retrieval of references on stroke healthcare in MEDLINE Ovid
  729. RocketQA: An Optimized Training Approach to Dense Passage Retrieval for Open-Domain Question Answering
  730. Map Metadata: the Basis of the Retrieval System of Digital Collections
  731. Extremely adaptive image retrieval scheme employing an optimized wavelet technique intended for characterization maps
  732. Distribution consistency loss for large-scale remote sensing image retrieval
  733. Intelligent design technology of automobile inspection tool based on 3D MBD model intelligent retrieval
  734. Determining patent filing targets based on patent cost retrieval from Patent Examination Data System
  735. Effects of distributed retrieval practice over a semester: Cumulative tests as a way to facilitate second language vocabulary learning
  736. Design of a document retrieval system using Transformer-based models and a domain specific ontology
  737. Multi-components system for automatic arabic diacritization
  738. Effects of age on goal-dependent modulation of episodic memory retrieval
  739. Understanding depression from psycholinguistic patterns in social media texts
  740. An image retrieval scheme based on block level hybrid dct-svd fused features
  741. Multimedia Contents Retrieval based on 12-Mood Vector
  742. An Ensemble of Generation-and Retrieval-Based Image Captioning With Dual Generator Generative Adversarial Network
  743. Binding and retrieval in action control (BRAC)
  744. Offline evaluation without gain
  745. Style Image Retrieval for Improving Material Translation Using Neural Style Transfer
  746. A Post Dynamic Clustering Approach for Classification-based Image Retrieval
  747. Frame-wise Cross-modal Match for Video Moment Retrieval
  748. Towards an operational Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) retrieval product
  749. What If Bots Feel Moods?
  750. Self-Attention and Adversary Guided Hashing Network for Cross-Modal Retrieval
  751. HMM based Semantic Image Retrieval System for Content Sharing Sites
  752. Information retrieval for security reports using behavior of cyber attacker
  753. A survey on computational propaganda detection
  754. Unsupervised Deep Imputed Hashing for Partial Cross-modal Retrieval
  755. Neural Query-Biased Abstractive Summarization Using Copying Mechanism
  756. Rethinking the local similarity in content-based image retrieval
  757. Image Retrieval using SPIHT and SVM Method with Data Mining Techniques
  758. Analysis of human brain by magnetic resonance imaging using content-based image retrieval
  759. Real-world Cross-modal Retrieval via Sequential Learning
  760. FIRE 2020 EDNIL Track: Event Detection from News in Indian Languages
  761. A hierarchical model for data-to-text generation
  762. Covid-19 knowledge graph: accelerating information retrieval and discovery for scientific
  763. Recognition of emotion in music based on deep convolutional neural network
  764. Massive picture retrieval system based on big data image mining
  765. Retrieval and analysis of the strongest mixed layer in the troposphere
  766. Formal concept analysis: from knowledge discovery to knowledge processing
  767. … , or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, without the prior …
  768. Asymmetric Correlation Quantization Hashing for Cross-modal Retrieval
  769. Deep cross-platform product matching in e-commerce
  770. An Analysis of Two Novel and Efficient Deep Learning Models for Fast and Accurate Image Retrieval.
  771. Records storage and retrieval in Bushenyi District Local Government
  772. Graph Regularized Hierarchical Diffusion Process With Relevance Feedback for Medical Image Retrieval
  773. Towards Scalable Retrieval of Human Motion Episodes
  774. Episodic memory retrieval success is associated with rapid replay of episode content
  775. A Multilingual Approach for Unsupervised Search Task Identification
  776. Efficient Road Safety Data Retrieval in VNDN
  777. Cross-modal scene graph matching for relationship-aware image-text retrieval
  778. Sketch-Based Image Retrieval with Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Hierarchical Centroid Methods
  779. Ontology-Based Semantic Retrieval for Durian Pests and Diseases Control System
  780. An Enhanced WordNet Query Expansion Approach for Ontology Based Information Retrieval System
  781. A review of image retrieval based on ontology model
  782. Optical storage and retrieval of arbitrary pulse shapes
  783. Examination on Key Technologies of Segmentation and Retrieval in Medical Image Processing.
  784. Mitigating False-Negative Contexts in Multi-document QuestionAnswering with Retrieval Marginalization
  785. Hepatitis C elimination in the Netherlands (CELINE): study protocol for nationwide retrieval of lost to follow-up patients with chronic hepatitis C
  786. MTD: A Multimodal Dataset of Musical Themes for MIR Research
  787. Effect of Gender on Lecturers’ Submission and Retrieval of Research Output in Institutional Repositories in Private Universities in Southern Nigeria
  788. Content-based multi-source encrypted image retrieval in clouds with privacy preservation
  789. Intercomparison of MAX-DOAS vertical profile retrieval algorithms: studies on field data from the CINDI-2 campaign
  790. Deep Learning for Image Search and Retrieval in Large Remote Sensing Archives
  791. Beyond modelling: understanding mental disorders in online social media
  792. Asymmetric Supervised Consistent and Specific Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
  793. Text-Image-Video Summary Generation Using Joint Integer Linear Programming
  794. Deep metric learning-based image retrieval system for chest radiograph and its clinical applications in COVID-19
  795. Doubly-stochastic mining for heterogeneous retrieval
  796. ComMA@ FIRE 2020: Exploring Multilingual Joint Training across different Classification Tasks
  797. Applying FP_ILM to the retrieval of geometry-dependent effective Lambertian equivalent reflectivity (GE_LER) daily maps from UVN satellite measurements
  798. Intelligent Response Retrieval for Semantically Similar Querying Using a Chatbot
  799. A Deep Learning Approach to Improve the Retrieval of Temperature and Humidity Profiles From a Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer
  800. A Cyber Security Data Triage Operation Retrieval System
  801. Esam: Discriminative domain adaptation with non-displayed items to improve long-tail performance
  802. Multi-granular angle description for plant leaf classification and retrieval based on quotient space
  803. A hybrid approach towards content-based image retrieval for colored images using enhanced first type of pessimistic covering based lower approximation multi …
  804. VIPR: vectorial implementation of phase retrieval for fast and accurate microscopic pixel-wise pupil estimation
  805. Dynamic internal states shape memory retrieval
  806. Utilizing Axiomatic Perturbations to Guide Neural Ranking Models
  807. Investigating Reference Dependence Effects on User Search Interaction and Satisfaction: A Behavioral Economics Perspective
  808. Testing the convergent retrieval learning theory of testing effects
  809. Knowledge discovery, knowledge engineering and knowledge management
  810. Improving Neural Chinese Word Segmentation with Lexicon-enhanced Adaptive Attention
  811. Consumer health information needs: A systematic review of measures
  812. Semantic Video Retrieval using Deep Learning Techniques
  813. Sampling Bias Due to Near-Duplicates in Learning to Rank
  814. Index Broker for Distributed Text Retrieval Systems on the Internet
  815. Random Negative Sampling and Uncertainty Sampling in Active Learning Improves Clinical Drug Safety Drug-Drug Interaction Information Retrieval
  816. Efficient document re-ranking for transformers by precomputing term representations
  817. Aerosol Retrieval from Space–How does Geometry of Acquisition Impact our Ability to Characterize Aerosol Properties
  818. A New Content-Based Image Retrieval System Using Deep Visual Features
  819. An efficient physic-based event detection algorithm inspired by music information retrieval
  820. Cross-domain representation learning by domain-migration generative adversarial network for sketch based image retrieval
  821. Semantics-Consistent Representation Learning for Remote Sensing Image-Voice Retrieval
  822. Supporting Named Entity Recognition and Document Classification for Effective Text Retrieval
  823. Domain Adaptation via Context Prediction for Engineering Diagram Search
  824. Combined global and local semantic feature–based image retrieval analysis with interactive feedback
  825. Effects of age differences in memory formation on neural mechanisms of consolidation and retrieval
  826. Hadamard wirtinger flow for sparse phase retrieval
  827. Dstc8-avsd: Multimodal semantic transformer network with retrieval style word generator
  828. Color lens-free imaging using multi-wavelength illumination based phase retrieval
  829. The Role of Domain Knowledge in Search as Learning
  830. Video retrieval based on the similarity of human poses
  831. UB at FIRE 2020 Precedent and Statute Retrieval
  832. ECOM’20: The SIGIR 2020 Workshop on eCommerce
  833. An Interface for Agent Supported Conversational Search
  834. Content-Based Retrieval in Cloud Image Repositories
  835. Sea Ice and Atmospheric Parameter Retrieval From Satellite Microwave Radiometers: Synergy of AMSR2 and SMOS Compared With the CIMR Candidate Mission
  836. On repetitiveness measures of Thue-Morse words
  837. Flexible multi-modal hashing for scalable multimedia retrieval
  838. Comparing and combining retrieval practice and concept mapping.
  839. Spotify at the TREC 2020 Podcasts Track: Segment Retrieval
  840. Retrieval Based Chatbot on Tarumanagara University With Multilayer Perceptron
  841. Towards a tool for visual link retrieval and knowledge discovery in painting datasets
  842. Composed query image retrieval using locally bounded features
  843. Wireless Image Retrieval at the Edge
  844. User Testing to Improve Retrieval and Comprehension of Information in Guidelines to Improve Medicines Safety
  845. Multi-modal reasoning graph for scene-text based fine-grained image classification and retrieval
  846. Retrieval of Metop-A/IASI N2O Profiles and Validation with NDACC FTIR Data
  847. CHEF: Cross-modal Hierarchical Embeddings for Food Domain Retrieval
  848. Towards a Better Contextualization of Web Contents via Entity-Level Analytics
  849. Efficient secure data retrieval on cloud using multi-stage authentication and optimized blowfish algorithm
  850. A deep community based approach for large scale content based X-ray image retrieval
  851. Relevance Feedback-based Image Retrieval using Particle Swarm Optimization
  852. ACMNet: Adaptive confidence matching network for human behavior analysis via cross-modal retrieval
  853. Fact retrieval or compacted counting in arithmetic—A neurophysiological investigation of two hypotheses.
  854. Progress in sea surface current retrieval from spaceborne SAR measurements
  855. Divided attention at encoding or retrieval interferes with emotionally enhanced memory for words
  856. Controlling fairness and bias in dynamic learning-to-rank
  857. Multiple discrimination and pairwise CNN for view-based 3D object retrieval
  858. Should we consider the users in contextual music auto-tagging models?
  859. Examining the Neural Basis of Congruent and Incongruent Configural Contexts during Associative Retrieval
  860. Neural and Behavioral Dissociations in Aphasic Verb Retrieval
  861. MVCNN++: Computer-Aided Design Model Shape Classification and Retrieval Using Multi-View Convolutional Neural Networks
  862. Aurora Image Classification and Retrieval Method Based on Deep Hashing Algorithm
  863. A circular diffusion model of continuous-outcome source memory retrieval: Contrasting continuous and threshold accounts
  864. Optimizing exoplanet atmosphere retrieval using unsupervised machine-learning classification
  865. LifeCLEF 2020 teaser: biodiversity identification and prediction challenges
  866. Similarity-based unsupervised deep transfer learning for remote sensing image retrieval
  867. Retrieval of aerosol optical thickness and surface parameters based on multi-spectral and multi-viewing space-borne measurements
  868. Multi-Message Private Information Retrieval from Coded Databases
  869. Estimating personalization using topical user profile
  870. An Approach to Extract New Keywords From Radical Groups in Social Networks
  871. Dual-level Semantic Transfer Deep Hashing for Efficient Social Image Retrieval
  872. S-SBIR: Style augmented sketch based image retrieval
  873. Soil Moisture Retrieval Model Design with Multispectral and Infrared Images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Convolutional Neural Network
  874. RISA-Net: Rotation-Invariant Structure-Aware Network for Fine-Grained 3D Shape Retrieval
  875. Moving in time: Computational analysis of microtiming in maracatu de baque solto
  876. Overview of the HASOC Track at FIRE 2020: Hate Speech and Offensive Language Identification in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, English and German
  877. Geographic Routing and Addressing Scheme for Multi-Source Data Retrieval
  878. Multilabel remote sensing image retrieval based on fully convolutional network
  879. Efficient image retrieval by fuzzy rules from boosting and metaheuristic
  880. Implementation of dynamic snow density within GlobSnow snow water equivalent retrieval methodology
  881. Self-Reference Effect Induced by Self-Cues Presented During Retrieval

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