Artificial Intelligence topics for presentation

Presentation topics related to Artificial Intelligence

1. GeoAI: Spatially explicit artificial intelligence techniques for geographic knowledge discovery and beyond
2. Artificial intelligence in ophthalmology: Evolutions in Asia
3. Artificial Intelligence-Based Emission Reduction Strategy for Limestone Forced Oxidation Flue Gas Desulfurization System
4. Artificial Intelligence Improves the Accuracy in Histologic Classification of Breast Lesions
5. Nanoinformatics: artificial intelligence and nanotechnology in the new decade
6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Assist Climate Change Monitoring
7. Artificial intelligence versus clinicians
8. Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Warfare: A Perfect Storm of Instability?
9. The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Tribology—A Perspective
10. Artificial intelligence algorithms for power allocation in high throughput satellites: A comparison
11. Artificial intelligence and human jobs
12. An artificial intelligence approach to prediction of corn yields under extreme weather conditions using satellite and meteorological data
13. Artificial intelligence–enabled POCUS in the COVID-19 ICU: a new spin on cardiac ultrasound
14. Artificial intelligence, culture and education
15. Artificial intelligence enabled distributed edge computing for Internet of Things applications
16. Principled artificial intelligence: Mapping consensus in ethical and rights-based approaches to principles for AI
17. AI: A Crowd-Sourced Criterion. A Commentary on Pei Wang’s Paper “On Defining Artificial Intelligence”
18. Cybertrust: From Explainable to Actionable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence
19. A kind of artificial intelligence model based on nature without statistic
20. An artificial intelligence-based Islamic FinTech model on Qardh-Al-Hasan for COVID 19 affected SMEs
21. Radiomics based on artificial intelligence in liver diseases: where are we?
22. Engineering psychology in the era of artificial intelligence
23. Artificial intelligence and the promise of uplifting echocardiography
24. Evaluation of the mechanism of the destruction of metals based on approaches of artificial intelligence and fractal analysis
25. Empirical investigation of factors influencing consumer intention to use an artificial intelligence-powered mobile application for weight loss and health management
26. Artificial intelligence in bone age assessment: accuracy and efficiency of a novel fully automated algorithm compared to the Greulich-Pyle method
27. Artificial intelligence and legal tech: Challenges to the rule of law
28. Artificial Intelligence and the dark side of management
29. Artificial intelligence as an important factor of sustainable and crisis-free economic growth
30. Principles of Quantum Artificial Intelligence: Quantum Problem Solving and Machine Learning
31. Intelligent manufacturing systems driven by artificial intelligence in industry 4.0
32. An innovative method for screening and evaluating the degree of diabetic retinopathy and drug treatment based on artificial intelligence algorithms
33. A proposed collaborative framework by using artificial intelligence-internet of things (AI-IoT) in COVID-19 pandemic situation for healthcare workers
34. Current applications of artificial intelligence for intraoperative decision support in surgery
35. Research on color of medical rehabilitation products based on embedded system and artificial intelligence
36. Artificial intelligence and the cardiologist: what you need to know for 2020
37. Integrated Intelligence: Combining Human and Artificial Intelligence for Competitive Advantage, Plus E-Book Inside (ePub, Mobi Oder Pdf)
38. Artificial intelligence to predict the BRAFV600E mutation in patients with thyroid cancer
39. Can autism be catered with artificial intelligence-assisted intervention technology? A comprehensive survey
40. Real time indoor positioning system for smart grid based on UWB and artificial intelligence techniques
41. Coverage of artificial intelligence and machine learning within academic literature, Canadian newspapers, and twitter tweets: The case of disabled people
42. Artificial intelligence using convolutional neural networks for real-time detection of early esophageal neoplasia in Barrett’s esophagus (with video)
43. Artificial intelligence products reshape accounting: time to re-train
44. How can endoscopists adapt and collaborate with artificial intelligence for early gastric cancer detection?
45. New interpretation of extracurricular activities via social networking sites: a case study of artificial intelligence learning at a secondary school in Hong Kong
46. An Artificial Intelligence-Based Collaboration Approach in Industrial IoT Manufacturing: Key Concepts, Architectural Extensions and Potential Applications
47. Learning from artificial intelligence and big data in health care
48. Development of Artificial Intelligence to Classify Quality of Transmission Shift Control Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
49. Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier in Kidney Biopsy Evaluation
50. Artificial intelligence in skin cancer diagnostics: the patients’ perspective
51. Hybrid email spam detection model using artificial intelligence
52. Artificial Intelligence for Rapid Meta-Analysis: Case Study on Ocular Toxicity of Hydroxychloroquine
53. Determining the place of artificial intelligence in civil law
54. Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Prediction of Organic Materials
55. Implementation of a face recognition system as experimental practices in an artificial intelligence and pattern recognition course
56. Artificial intelligence and health technology assessment: anticipating a new level of complexity
57. … organic matter from municipal wastewater at low cost using green synthesis nano iron extracted from black tea: Artificial intelligence with regression analysis
58. Artificial intelligence, chest radiographs, and radiology trainees: A powerful combination to enhance the future of radiologists?
59. An open-source, vender agnostic hardware and software pipeline for integration of artificial intelligence in radiology workflow
60. Next-generation artificial intelligence techniques for satellite data processing
61. An artificial intelligence approach to support knowledge management on the selection of creativity and innovation techniques
62. Yarn Tensile Properties Modeling Using Artificial Intelligence
63. Social media’s role in the perception of radiologists and artificial intelligence
64. Artificial Intelligence: In Banking A Mini-Review
65. QAAs: QoS provisioned artificial intelligence framework for AP selection in next-generation wireless networks
66. The Next Frontier in Pediatric Cardiology: Artificial Intelligence.
67. Artificial intelligence identifies inflammation and confirms fibroblast foci as prognostic tissue biomarkers in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
68. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 5G Network Security: Opportunities, advantages, and future research trends
69. Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Robotics
70. Transforming Management Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
71. On the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging of COVID-19
72. Artificial intelligence neural network based on intelligent diagnosis
73. Artificial intelligence applied to gastrointestinal diagnostics: a review
74. Introduction to the JAGI Special Issue “On Defining Artificial Intelligence”—Commentaries and Author’s Response
75. AI Forensics: Did the Artificial Intelligence System Do It? Why?
76. Impact of artificial intelligence research on politics of the European Union member states: The case study of Portugal
77. Integrating blockchain technology with artificial intelligence for cardiovascular medicine
78. Artificial intelligence based power consumption estimation of two-phase brushless DC motor according to FEA parametric simulation
79. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence-assisted surgical navigation: Technique and cadaveric feasibility study
80. Artificial intelligence for surface water quality monitoring and assessment: a systematic literature analysis
81. Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Intelligence: A Special Issue on Emerging Techniques and Their Applications
82. Artificial Intelligence Can’t Help with the COVID Pandemic. Or Can It?
83. Data Democracy: At the Nexus of Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, and Knowledge Engineering
84. Research of the best practices of artificial intelligence in the formation and development of personnel
85. Guest Editorial: Special issue on “Application of artificial intelligence in health research”
86. Artificial Intelligence: From Scientific Curiosity to Clinical Precocity?
87. DILI, HILI, RUCAM algorithm, and AI, the artificial intelligence: Provocative issues, progress, and proposals
88. Face detection in security monitoring based on artificial intelligence video retrieval technology
89. Artificial intelligence and the future art of medicine
90. Artificial Intelligence and Risk in Design
91. Artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare: a review and classification of current and near-future applications and their ethical and social impact
92. Artificial intelligence for diagnosis and grading of prostate cancer in biopsies: a population-based, diagnostic study
93. Research and practice on an artificial intelligence seismic interpretation mode based on the E&P Dream Cloud
94. The rise of artificial intelligence and robots in the 4th Industrial Revolution: implications for future South African job creation
95. Design and implementation path of intelligent transportation information system based on artificial intelligence technology
96. Utilizing artificial intelligence to determine bone mineral density via chest computed tomography
97. Improving Community Resiliency and Emergency Response With Artificial Intelligence
98. Design of optimal search engine using text summarization through artificial intelligence techniques
99. Mesoporous Mn-Doped Fe nanoparticle-modified reduced graphene oxide for ethyl violet elimination: Modeling and optimization using artificial intelligence
100. Use of artificial intelligence as business strategy in recruitment process and social perspective
101. Artificial Intelligence versus Human Intelligence: A New Technological Race
102. Using artificial intelligence to overcome over-indebtedness and fight poverty
103. Energy ratio of produced biodiesel in hydrodynamic cavitation reactor equipped with LabVIEW controller and artificial intelligence
104. Explainable artificial intelligence (xai) to enhance trust management in intrusion detection systems using decision tree model
105. The effect of artificial intelligence technologies on audit evidence
106. Artificial intelligence and fraud detection
107. Accurate diagnosis of colorectal cancer based on histopathology images using artificial intelligence
108. A Review on Different Kinds of Artificial Intelligence Solutions in TCM Syndrome Differentiation Application
109. Keratoconus-susceptibility gene identification by corneal thickness genome-wide association study and artificial intelligence IBM Watson
110. Response: Comment and Update on “Using Artificial Intelligence to Manage Thrombosis Research, Diagnosis, and Clinical Management”
111. Artificial Intelligence with Python: Your complete guide to building intelligent apps using Python 3. x
112. Artificial intelligence and human life: five lessons for radiology from the 737 MAX disasters
113. Proceedings from the First Global Artificial Intelligence in Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Summit
114. The impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning in radiation therapy: considerations for future curriculum enhancement
115. Innovative use of artificial intelligence and digital communication in acute stroke pathway in response to COVID-19
116. Identifying critical hotel cancellations using artificial intelligence
117. Delivering personalized medicine in retinal care: from artificial intelligence algorithms to clinical application
118. Intellectual Property Justification for Artificial Intelligence
119. Artificial Intelligence Trumps TAVI2-SCORE and CoreValve Score in Predicting 1-Year Mortality Post-Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
120. Role of artificial intelligence and vibrational spectroscopy in cancer diagnostics
121. Artificial Intelligence in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: Innovating Global Health Radiology
122. … carbon deposition on alumina supported cobalt catalyst during renewable hydrogen-rich syngas production by methane dry reforming using artificial intelligence …
123. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Politics: Should Political AI be Controlled?
124. Artificial intelligence: a private practice perspective
125. Research on the Relationship between Structural Hole Location, Knowledge Management and Cooperative Innovation Performance in Artificial Intelligence
126. Artistic reflection on artificial intelligence digital painting
127. The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the labour market: What do we know so far?
128. Artificial Intelligence System for Predicting the Price of the SIU8 Basic Asset of the SI-9.18 Option in the “Long Straddle” Strategy
129. Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination: Discriminating Against Discriminatory Systems
130. Vibration signals analysis by explainable artificial intelligence (xai) approach: Application on bearing faults diagnosis
131. Artificial intelligence in cardiac imaging with statistical atlases of cardiac anatomy
132. Artificial intelligence approaches using natural language processing to advance EHR-based clinical research
133. Task force report on artificial intelligence and emerging digital technologies
134. Exploring healthcare professionals’ understanding and experiences of artificial intelligence technology use in the delivery of healthcare: An integrative review
135. Sustainable Curriculum Planning for Artificial Intelligence Education: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective
136. Prediction of factor of safety for slope stability using advanced artificial intelligence techniques
137. Artificial intelligence prediction of the effect of rehabilitation in whiplash associated disorder
138. Whose Robot Is It Anyway?: Liability for Artificial-Intelligence-Based Robots
139. Knowledge representation with ontologies and semantic web technologies to promote augmented and artificial intelligence in systems engineering
140. Heart Failure Diagnosis, Readmission, and Mortality Prediction Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Models
141. Applications of artificial intelligence techniques in the petroleum industry
142. The problem of machine ethics in artificial intelligence
143. An Empirical Study of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Human Resource Functions
144. Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging and Its Application in Sonography for the Management of Liver Tumor
145. Comment and Update on “Using Artificial Intelligence to Manage Thrombosis Research, Diagnosis, and Clinical Management”
146. Artificial Intelligence Tools for Refining Lung Cancer Screening
147. Artificial Intelligence Based Optimization Techniques: A Review
148. Artificial intelligence density model for oxide glasses
149. Artificial Intelligence–The Big Picture
150. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Mengupas Rekayasa Kecerdasan Tiruan
151. Pendeteksian virus corona dalam gambar x-ray menggunakan algoritma artificial intelligence dengan deep learning python
152. Artificial intelligence-guided tissue analysis combined with immune infiltrate assessment predicts stage III colon cancer outcomes in PETACC08 study