Research Topics Ideas of Analog and Digital Communication

Research Area: Analog and Digital Communication

1. Analog & Digital Communication:
2. Digital Communication through Online Learning in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities
3. Experimental Evaluation of Backpropagation-Based Background Compensation of TI-ADC with Application to Digital Communication Receivers
4. Introduction To Electronic Communication: Introduction to Communication
5. Analog vs Digital Radio-Over-Fiber: A Spectral Efficiency Debate From the SNR Perspective
6. Blind Modulo Analog-to-Digital Conversion
7. Analog and Digital Phase Modulation and Signal Transmission with Spin-Torque Nano-Oscillators
8. Things Analog and Digital
9. Communication-Efficient Split Learning Based on Analog Communication and Over the Air Aggregation
10. Analog-digital hybrid chaos-based long-haul coherent optical secure communication
11. Design and Implementation of 3-bit Flash Analog to Digital Converter for Low Power and High Speed Applications with New Ex-OR Based ROM Encoder
12. Research progress of time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters
15. Optimized Analog Multi-Band Carrierless Amplitude and Phase Modulation for Visible Light Communication-Based Internet of Things Systems
16. An Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications
17. Task-based analog-to-digital converters
18. Restrained Latency Universal Modulator Outlay Adaptive CORDIC Algorithm for Digital Communication
19. Encrypted physical layer communications using synchronized hyperchaotic maps
20. Near-Far Problem as a Function of Analog to Digital Converter Resolution in Software Defined Radio Tactical Network
21. Interfacing Digital and Analog Models for Fast Simulation and Virtual Prototyping.
22. Joint Analog and Digital Transceiver Design for Wideband Full Duplex MIMO Systems
23. JCR70: A low-complexity millimeter-wave proof-of-concept platform for a fully-digital SIMO joint communication-radar
24. A Review of Various Digital Modulation Schemes Used in Wireless Communications
25. Design of a Modified 8-bit Semiflash Analog to Digital Converter
26. Study of the Influence of Changing Signal Propagation Conditions in the Communication Channel on Bit Error Rate
27. Fast convergence algorithm for analog federated learning
28. Flexible piezoelectric sensor for podiatric applications with wireless communication
29. Performance Comparison of Various Digital Modulation Schemes based on Bit Error Rate under AWGN Channel
30. Photonic-Assisted Digital-to-Analog Conversion taking advantage of Low frequency technology
31. Fpga Implementation Of Digital Modulation Schemes Using Verilog Hdl
32. Review the Performance of Different Digital Modulation Techniques with Suitable Error Control Codes in Telehealth Services
33. The Development of Analog and Digital Trainer Base on Arduino Uno in Microprocessor Programming Subjects
34. 2 An Information-Theoretic Approach to Analog-to-Digital Compression
35. Joint design of communication and sensing for beyond 5G and 6G systems
36. Mitigation of nonlinearities in analog radio over fiber links using machine learning approach
37. Sandstorm effect on experimental optical camera communication
38. Wideband Anti-Jamming Based on Free Space Optical Communication and Photonic Signal Processing
39. About time: Syntactically-guided reasoning with analog and digital clocks
40. Realization of a secure visible light communication system via chaos synchronization
41. Analog and digital wireless video transmission: a survey
42. Photonic aided vector millimeter-wave signal generation without digital-to-analog converter
43. Architecting digital products and services
44. Full duplex radio/radar technology: The enabler for advanced joint communication and sensing
45. Design of 4-Bit Multiplexer-Based Encoder for Analog to Digital Converter
46. Parametric Variations in Analog-to-Digital Converters Using Different CMOS Technologies
47. On the performance of 1-bit adc in massive mimo communication systems
48. Discrete Communication Systems
49. Analog Sensing and Computing Systems with Low Power Consumption for Gesture Recognition
50. An Optical Analog-to-Digital Converter with Enhanced ENOB Based on MMI-Based Phase-Shift Quantization
51. Task-based analog-to-digital converters for bandlimited systems
52. The Home Learning Environment in the Digital Age—Associations Between Self-Reported “Analog” and “Digital” Home Learning Environment and Children’s …
53. Inter-Brain Synchrony and Innovation in a Zoom World Using Analog and Digital Manipulatives
54. A Multimode FPGA-based Modem with Embedded Σ-Δ Analog-to-Digital Converter for Software Defined Radio
55. Ultra-fast Two-bit All-Optical Analog to Digital Convertor Based on Surface Plasmons and Kerr-Type Nonlinear Cavity
56. An audio transmission system based on capacitive coupling intra-body communication
57. The Modular Integrated Stackable Layer–Analog System Environment Board Design for Experiential Learning of Embedded Systems.
58. A Novel Analog Predistortion Linearizer Based on a Schottky diode for Communication Applications
59. Beam Pattern Synthesis of Analog Arrays
60. A 4GS/s 8‐bit time‐interleaved SAR ADC with an energy‐efficient architecture in 130 nm CMOS
61. RF Receiver Front-End and Pipelined Analog to Digital Chip Design
62. 28GHz Cooperative Digital Beamforming for 5G Advanced System on an SDR Platform
63. Performance Analysis of Crosstalk Subcarrier Multiplexing and Wave Division Multiplexing in Optical Communication System
64. Constrained Tensor Decomposition-Based Hybrid Beamforming for mmWave Massive MIMO-OFDM Communication Systems
65. Digital GoB-based Beamforming for 5G Communication Systems
66. A Low-Complexity MIMO Dual Function Radar Communication System via One-Bit Sampling
67. Transmit Beamforming for Communication and Self-Interference Cancellation in Full Duplex MIMO Systems: A Trade-Off Analysis
68. Experimental validation of a three‐dimensional modulation format for data transmission in RGB visible light communication systems
69. Ultra-low-latency, high-fidelity analog-to-digital-compression radio-over-fiber (ADX-RoF) for MIMO fronthaul in 5G and beyond
70. Bit Constrained Communication Receivers In Joint Radar Communications Systems
71. Effect of ADC parameters on neural network based chaotic optical communication
72. Upgrading an analog recovery loop for optimized decoding jointly to an increased data rate
73. Robust Analog DC Isolator for Cathodic Protection Applications
74. Digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation
76. Optical digital-to-analog converter for N-digit logic-based processing circuits
77. Lärarstudenters uppfattningar av övergången från analog till digital undervisning under Covid-19
78. A Taxonomical Review of Multiplexer Designs for Electronic Circuits & Devices
79. Realization of 8 x 4 Barrel shifter with 4-bit binary to Gray converter using FinFET for Low Power Digital Applications
80. Behavioral and hardware prototyping of an all digital transmitter
81. A Digital-Analog Hybrid System-on-Chip for Capacitive Sensor Measurement and Control
82. Wireless Audio Transmission Alignment System Using Microcontroller Free Space Laser Communication
83. Comparison of visual analog shade matching, a digital visual method with a cross-polarized light filter, and a spectrophotometer for dental color matching
84. Communication Protocols
86. Analog Least Mean Square Adaptive Filtering for Self-Interference Cancellation in Full Duplex Radios
87. Wearable Cardiovascular Monitoring System Design Using Human Body Communication
88. Optimization of a discrete multi-tone visible light communication system using a mixed-integer genetic algorithm
89. Evaluation and characterization of a reduced-bandwidth sampling system for predistorting broadband E-Band communication links
90. Improved sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter using time-stretching
91. A Simple Estimation Technique for Timing Skew Mismatch in Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converter Systems
92. Digital-assisted photonic analog wideband multipath self-interference cancellation
93. Giant Magnetoimpedance Receiver with A Double-Superheterodyne Topology for Magnetic Communication
94. Innovative teaching and learning strategies for materials engineering education
95. A ΔΣ-Modulation Feedforward Network for Non-Binary Analog-to-Digital Converters
96. Analog Radio-over-Fiber-Aided Optical-Domain MIMO Signal Processing for High-Performance Low-Cost Radio Access Networks
97. Digital Algorithms for Quantized Analog Signal Processing
98. Optimal analog‐to‐digital transformation of fractional‐order Butterworth filter using binomial series expansion with Al‐Alaoui operator
99. Testing mixed application of analog and process bus environment in transformer differential protection
100. Dual-Gate Dual-Contact Integrated Silicon Based Organic Thin Film Transistor for Analog and Digital Applications
101. A survey on self-interference cancellation in mobile LTE-A/5G FDD transceivers
102. Power Line Communication Channel Modelling and System Design
104. A performance evaluation method suitable for characterizing wide types of analog filters
105. Robust Analog Beamforming for Periodic Broadcast V2V Communication
106. Energy-limited joint source–channel coding via analog pulse position modulation
107. Low-Density Parity-Check Coded Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Receiver Based on Analog Probabilistic Processing
108. Design Indoor FM Communication Based on SDR and GNU Radio Using Validated Spectrum Analyzer
109. Digital Signal Processing for Tremor Analysis in Laser Medical Instruments
110. The Rotoric Field Orientation Control Implementation for Induction Traction Motor on dSPACE 1104 DSP Board
111. A 1.8 V 5-bit Segmented Current Steering Digital-to-Analog Converter
112. A Study of Multi-Document Active Reading in Analog and Digital Environments
113. Bluetooth Communication Leveraging Ultra-Low Power Radio Design
114. Energy Harvesting via Analog-to-Digital Conversion
115. Design of time‐interleaved data acquisition system based on Network on Chip
116. Analog Joint Source-Channel Coding for Distributed Functional Compression using Deep Neural Networks
117. A Parameterizable Chisel Generator of Numerically Controlled Oscillators for Direct Digital Synthesis
118. Digital Networking in Home-Based Support of Older Adults in Rural Areas: Requirements for Digital Solutions
119. Spectrum sensing for cognitive VHF land mobile radio communication networks
120. A novel ADC-less analog demodulation scheme for NR-STAR-MQAM constellations
121. Digital Modulation and Pulse Shaping
122. Jerry Hermit: Deployment of Digital-to-Analog Converters
123. Design and comparative analysis of on-chip sigma delta ADC for signal processing applications
124. Design of Tunable Analog Filters using Memristive Crossbars
125. Digitalization and globalization in a turbulent world: Centrifugal and centripetal forces
126. Designing on Optical Wireless Communication for 5G Mobile Applications
127. Impact of Digital Strategy in Business for Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries
128. A Test Setup to Assess the Impact of EMI Produced by On-Board Electronics on the Quality of Radio Reception in Vehicles
129. Technique to Reduce PAPR Problem in Next-Generation Wireless Communication System
130. Analog light signal based opto-electronic ring-oscillator and tunable oscillation frequency
131. Large Antenna Array with Hybrid Beamforming System for 5G Outdoor Mobile Broadband Communication Deployments
132. Hybrid beamforming, user scheduling, and resource allocation for integrated terrestrial-satellite communication
133. Background Compensation of Static TI-ADC Nonlinearities in Coherent Optical Receivers
134. … “# Communication#(R) Evolution Changing Communication in a Digital Society”: DACH 21–Three-Country Conference on Communication Science (DGPuK, ÖGK …
135. Optimal PAM Order for Wireline Communication
136. Data Communication Through Single-Board Computers
137. Innovative Device for Enhancing Deaf-Mute Persons Communication Possibilities
138. Blind Equalization Algorithms Applied to Dispersion Compensation in POLMUX Coherent Optical Communication System
139. A Foreground Calibration for M-Channel Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters Based on Genetic Algorithm
140. Design of an auto adaption unit for reconfigurable analog to digital converters
141. Advertising Management in a Digital Environment: Text and Cases
142. The Analog: Beyond Normativity and Non-Normativity
143. Layout Test Structures for Custom Analog Blocks
144. A software and hardware design scheme of intelligent valve positioner
145. A Study on Development of CNTFET Based Analog and Digital Circuits
146. Frequency Synthesizers and Their Applications in Signal Processing
147. Hybrid Beamforming for Multi-carrier Dual-Function Radar-Communication System
148. Realization and Comparative Analysis of Thermometer Code Based 4-Bit Encoder Using 18 nm FinFET Technology for Analog to Digital Converters
149. … compensation and link margin analysis of 112-Gbps circular-polarization division multiplexed fiber optic communication system using a digital coherent receiver over …
150. Impact of gate-on-source misalignment on the analog and digital performance of tunnel FET
151. Hybrid Precoding for mmWave V2X Doubly-Selective Multiuser MIMO Systems
152. Adaptable RF/Analog Transmit Leakage Canceller for Simultaneous Transmit/Receive Applications
153. Methods for Improving the Quality of Video Information
154. Passive Beamforming Design and Channel Estimation for IRS Communication System with Few-Bit ADCs
155. Design and Implementation of Indoor Visible Light Communication System based on High Order PAM
156. An ultra-fast optical analog-to-digital converter using nonlinear X-shaped photonic crystal ring resonators
157. Optimal tag selection scheme for a backscatter communication system over the independent but not necessarily identically distributed Rayleigh fading channels
158. Fully digital background calibration of channel mismatches in time-interleaved ADCs using recursive least square algorithm
159. Harmonious Coexistence of IEEE 802.11 af Wireless LAN and Digital TV
160. Sample and Hold Circuit with Clock Boosting
161. Digital multitasking problem in modern universities educational process-review
162. Ultrasound-on-chip platform for medical imaging, analysis, and collective intelligence
163. Analog cancellation in atsc 3.0 for enabling inter-tower communications network
164. Photonic scheme for developing Manchester-coded data using laser-based Kerr switch
165. Image Compression Techniques for Medical Science Image: Survey and Discussion
166. A New 4D Hyperchaotic System and Its Analog and Digital Implementation
167. Internet of things and cloud computing‐based energy management system for demand side management in smart grid
168. 5G beamforming techniques for the coverage of intended directions in modern wireless communication: In-depth review
169. Digital signal processing of communication signals with Python: DPD
170. A Radically Media-archaeological Approach
171. Research on a high-precision and high-resolution seismic wave signal acquisition system
172. High-fidelity indoor MIMO radio access for 5G and beyond based on legacy multimode fiber and real-time analog-to-digital-compression
173. Fault Organized Decoders Using Analog VLSI Implementations-A Survey
174. 5G mm-wave over-the-air measurements of an agile multi-beam front-end
175. Digitalization Strategy and Convergence of Media Adaptation in the Digital Era (case study on TVRI Yogyakarta)
176. Photonic digital‐to‐analog converter based on spectral encoding
177. Research on servo motor motion control system based on Beckhoff PLC
178. Analysis and impact of digital modulation techniques on LTE over fibre for 5G systems applications.
179. Millimeter-wave Communication and Radar Sensing—Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions
180. Full Duplex Physical and MAC Layer-Based Underwater Wireless Communication Systems and Protocols: Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Directions
181. Sub-Nyquist Wideband Spectrum Sensing Based on Analog to Information Converter for Cognitive Radio
182. A Typical Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for EMA Used for UAV and Guided Missile
183. Residential smart plug with bluetooth communication
184. A Reconfigurable Variable Resolution Digital Architecture for Diverse Analog to Digital Converters
185. Analog Beamforming With Antenna Selection For Large-Scale Antenna Arrays
186. System modeling for 5G integrated digital transmitters
187. Design and characterization of a sun sensor for the SSETI-ESEO project
189. HoloCast+: Hybrid Digital-Analog Transmission for Graceful Point Cloud Delivery with Graph Fourier Transform
190. Dynamic Hyperchaotic Key Generation Using Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing-based Visible Light Communication Networks
191. A system for controlling vocal communication networks
192. CMOS Analog IC Design for 5G and Beyond
193. FPGA-based Implementation of IIR Filter for Real-Time Noise Reduction in Signal
194. Simulating a Communication System
195. Design and implementation of digital controller for DC-DC boost converter
196. A Hybrid Beamforming-Based Transceiver with Antenna in Package for Millimeter-Wave Small Cell
198. Intelligent Wireless Ultrasonic Device for Damage Detection of Metallic Structures
199. Adaptive Filter Design for Simultaneous In-band Full-duplex Communication and Radar
200. F2: Pushing the Frontiers in Accuracy for Data Converters and Analog Circuits
201. Research on high precision ADC test based on modular hardware
202. “Visual Expressiveness” in Camera-Based Research and Communication
203. Experiment 04: Pulse Transmission and Eye Diagrams
204. Hybrid beamforming analysis based on MIMO channel measurements at 28 GHz
205. Near-field communication in biomedical applications
206. Millimeter Wave MIMO Channel Estimation with 1-bit Spatial Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters
207. New Media and New Journalism: Discussions on Digital Journalism
209. Physical principles of work and basic features of Universal Software Radio Peripheral
210. Design, Implementation, Comparison, and Performance analysis between Analog Butterworth and Chebyshev-I Low Pass Filter Using Approximation, Python and …
211. OpenSerDes: An Open Source Process-Portable All-Digital Serial Link
212. A Brief Survey And Investigation Of Hybrid Beamforming For Millimeter Waves In 5G Massive MIMO Systems
213. Readout for simple and precise analog acoustic impact initialization
214. Soft-Demapping for Short Reach Optical Communication: A Comparison of Deep Neural Networks and Volterra Series
215. A detailed introduction of different beamforming techniques used in 5G
216. Iterative geometric mean decomposition based secure hybrid precoder design for mmWave massive MIMO communication systems
217. A 122-168GHz Radar/Communication Fusion-Mode Transceiver with 30GHz Chirp Bandwidth, 13dBm Psat, and 8.3 dBm OP1dB in 28nm CMOS
218. 14.7 An Adaptive Analog Temperature-Healing Low-Power 17.7-to-19.2 GHz RX Front-End with±0.005 dB/° C Gain Variation,< 1.6 dB NF Variation, and< 2.2 dB …
219. Millimeter-Wave Full Duplex Radios: New Challenges and Techniques
220. Phase-frequency jointly quantizing method for cost-effective all-optical analog-to-digital conversion
221. A Low Cost IoT Enabled Device for the Monitoring, Recording and Communication of Physiological Signals.
222. A 32 Gb/s CMOS Receiver with Analog Carrier Recovery and Synchronous QPSK Demodulation
223. Fast steering mirror implementation for reduction of focal-spot wander in a long-distance free-space optical communication link
224. Receiver Energy Efficiency and Transmission Latency Analysis of Outage-Constrained Differential PSK With a Finite Resolution ADC
225. Distance education during the COVID-19 pandemic: Development features
226. System Model and Fundamental Knowledge
227. Design and Implementation of Optimized LDPC for SDR Applications
228. Federated learning over wireless device-to-device networks: Algorithms and convergence analysis
229. Integrated Design of Low Complexity RSS Based Visible Light Indoor Positioning and Power-Line Communication System for Smart Hospitals
230. Assembly‐Type Wireless Communication Patch for Miniaturized Flexible Wearable Sensors
231. Fabrication process for superconducting digital circuits
232. IMS2021 Panel Sessions
233. Design of Torque Signal Acquisition System for Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Robot
234. Revitalisasi Komunikasi Analog di Komunitas Keluarga Muda Indonesia
235. Design of a 1-bit switched-capacitor digital-to-analog converter for a level-crossing analog-to-digital converter
236. How Digital Food Affects Our Analog Lives: The Impact of Food Photography on Healthy Eating Behavior
237. WIDE: Physical-Level CTC via Digital Emulation
238. The main technical solutions for the creation of an automated control system for the technological process of thermal vortex enrichment
239. Engineering Communication
240. Direct Path Interference Suppression Requirements for Bistatic Backscatter Communication System

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