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apriori candidates generations, self-joining and apriori pruning principle.

In this tutorial, we will try to answer the following questions;

  1. What are Apriori candidates generations?
  2. What is self-joining?
  3. what is Apriori pruning principle?

Apriori Candidates generation:

Candidates can be generated by the self joining and Apriori pruning principles.

Step 1:


Example of self-joining

V W X Y ZX={V W X,    V W Y,    V X Y,    V X Z,    W X Y}Self-joining = * XV  W X Y from V W X and V W YV X  Y  Z from V X Y and V X Z

So frequent candidates are V  W X Y  and V X  Y  Z

Step 2: 

Apriori pruning principle:

Example of Apriori pruning principle

V W X Y ZX={V W X,    V W Y,    V X Y,    V X Z,    W X YAccording to Apriori Pruning principle V X Y Z is removed because V Y Z is not in X. 

So frequent candidate is V W X Y

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