Alpha Software Testing and Beta Software Testing With Examples, Advantages And Disadvantages

Alpha Software Testing and Beta Software Testing With Examples, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Alpha and Beta testing of software is a testing technique that is used to Test the Efficiency of Software and also use to remove bugs from the software.

Alpha Testing is used before the software is launch in the market. Beta testing is the opposite of alpha testing. Customers test the software and provide the Feedback about software. Feedback is very important for Beta testing. After passing the testing technique, the software is launch in the market for the user.

Alpha Testing

 Alpha Testing is one of the common software testing techniques that are used in software development. It is used to identify all issues and bugs in software before releasing of the software.

The black box and white box techniques are used in alpha testing. The test is performed in a lab environment or in the software house in the presence of a developer that notice issues in software. Alpha testing is not open to the market and the public.

When Alpha Testing?

 Alpha testing is a really important phase after the development of software because we not ensure that the functionality of the software is running properly and bugs are not involved in software, and software accepts inputs and gives expected output. Alpha testing also removes the error from the software.

The Procedure of Alpha testing

  • Cross Reference.
  • Introduction and objectives.
  • Alpha Test plan.
  • Alpha Test Execution.
  • Alpha Test Report.

Advantages of Alpha Testing

  • Reliability of software given at an early stage.
  • The user will get high-quality services and complete functionality.
  • The errors and bugs removed before the use of the software.

Disadvantages of Alpha testing

  • The in-depth function of the software is not tested because the software is still in the development stage.

Example of Alpha Testing

When a company like Microsoft and IBM launch the new operating system in the market so they apply the alpha testing phase on software. The team consists of high-level developer test the software in alpha testing.

Beta Testing

Beta testing is the 2nd phase of testing of software in which software is testing at the customer site. After the development of software, the software was provided to the user of the software, the user ensures that the important function of the software is running easily without bugs and crashes. The user provides feedback on software which is really important for beta testing.

When We Need beta testing?

After the alpha test of the software, it is essential to take the beta test of software because in beta test users ensure that the software running perfectly without crashes and the quality of the software

is good and in the market, it challenges its competitors.

Procedure for Beta Testing

  • Project planning:

In project planning first company sets the objectives through which the goals are achieved. The company assigns the rules through which goals are easy can be achieved.

  • Recruiting participants:

Beta testing is used for making a call for testers who use the incomplete version of the product and he provides the feedback about the software

  • The distributive different version of the product:

In beta testing the product is updated and provide to the beta users and beta users tell about their experience with the product

  • Collecting feedback:

When the beta user starts using the beta product the feedback is needed or gathered quickly as soon as which there are suggestions, general comments, bugs report and quotes.

  • Evaluating feedback:

When all the feedback is collected they are systematically reviewed so what should be improved in the product or what are the responsibilities of the users.

Advantages Of Beta Testing

  • Quality increased.
  • Performance increased.
  • Fix the problem before software releases into the market.
  • User test software and give feedback which is important for beta testing.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and create goodwill with the customer.

Disadvantages Of Beta Testing

If the user does not give feedback we can’t ensure that the software performs well.

The participation of beta users is a challenge.